Fearless Living in Troubled Times: Finding Hope in the Promise of Christ s Return (Michael Youssef)

How Can I Live Out My Faith Amid a World in Distress? Imagine a life of peace and purpose in the face of global disasters, increasing persecution, and economic instability. Is it really possible to live fearlessly in such troubled times? Dr. Michael Youssef points to the first-century church, guiding you through the practical wisdom and powerful hope found in 1 and 2 Thessalonians—Paul s letters to believers who lived in a hostile world. Through these chapters, you will discover how to...experience a productive, God-honoring life now, while also looking toward eternityovercome the fear of criticism, affliction, and even death with the right perspectiveunderstand the true nature of the end times, and what you can expect in the future Explore what it means to be part of God s family in a day when people desperately need to see your unwavering faith.

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