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Overtaken by Grace: How Intimacy with God Brings Hope, Healing, and Miracles (Debbie Milam)

Are you weary, wounded, or worried? Does grief weigh heavy? Do burdens feel too great to bear? Then you are perfectly positioned for a miraculous move of God. Overtaken by Grace is a transparent read, grounded in scripture and alive with hope. It depicts how God epically shows up and shows off and gives you the tools to experience His hope, healing, and miracles. Join Author Debbie Milam as she guides you on an adventure, diving deep into the bible to see what it says about: God s Presence in Our Lives God s Love in Our Relationships God s Peace in Our Emotions God s Power in His Word God s Joy in Our Gratitude God s Hand in the Miraculous Haven’t you struggled long enough. God is waiting with open arms for you to let go and be overtaken by His grace. He is inviting you on the undertaking of a lifetime. His invitation is for a deeper, more love-infused walk than you can imagine. He knows how much you hurt, He sees your tears and knows your fears. Then His Word whispers, “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.�? (Isaiah 41:10, NLT) So I have a question for you, are you ready to deepen your intimacy with God, to get to know Him as your healer, hope giver, burden bearer, wise counselor, and miracle maker. Are you willing to be embraced by grace, overtaken by love, and bathed in peace. Then read this book and get inspired to build your faith, deepen your relationship with God, and experience more of His blessings. Let Debbie Milam’s testimony of the Lord’s miraculous power expand your vision of what is possible. And as Matthew 19:26 declares, “With God all things are possible�? (KJV). Overtaken by Grace is a beautifully written portrayal of the very nature of God a must-read for anyone struggling to find hope and light in the midst of despair and darkness. An added bonus is the Bible study for each chapter, making this book a perfect tool for small groups as well as personal study.   -Mary Southerland, Cofounder of Girlfriends in God and author of Hope in the Midst of Depression. Overtaken by Grace will take your faith to deeper levels and  inspire you to see every part of life as a miracle. It is a refreshing read, using imagery that causes all of your senses to come alive in the presence of our heavenly Father. -Suzanne Marcellus, Author of Developing the Fruit of the Spirit A Journey through the Heart of Christ

Overtaken by Grace: How Intimacy with God Brings Hope, Healing, and Miracles (Debbie