Global Reggae Charts - Issue #4 / August 2017


Inside you can find the latest reggae album and single charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.

issue # 4 | august 2017

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Samory I

global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017

global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017



Welcome to a new edition of the Global Reggae Charts! The past voting period has been the first

using our updated voting mechanism which I explained last month. Our voter base now consists

of radio hosts and professional curators from a variety of media outlets. If you meet the qualifying

criteria - a detailed version of which you can find on our website at -

you can register and become a voter yourself. We feel confident that our system is fairly robust by

now, so the next step is to grow our international voter base in order to make the charts ever more


Over the last months, I mainly used this space to explain our system and the ongoing tweaks we

implemented on that end. This time around, let‘s talk about our ezine.

Besides the charts themselves, we always feature some of our voters. We want to give you a better

idea of who the people from around the globe are that put their time and effort into reggae and

dancehall. While they are usually in the background, we think they deserve some spotlight - and

the Global Reggae Charts are the perfect platform to provide it. We also feature an artist in every

edition. After all, the artists are the heart and soul of any music scene and reggae isn‘t an exception.

But since we don‘t intend to build a new reggae media outlet - our media partners and several

others do an excellent job at this already! - we try to take more of an industry perspective.

We have several other ideas how to make the magazine more interesting going forward. We are

thinking about topics that aren‘t usually covered in most reggae publications. But in order to make

any decisions, we would love to learn a bit more about you, the readers. Thus, we‘ve created a

very brief reader poll. You can find it at and we would really appreciate it

if you‘d take three minutes and fill it out!

A final word on our media partners: We are very glad that some of the biggest brands in reggae

media are interested in the Global Reggae Charts and frequently cover them. We want to create a

useful resource for the global reggae community. And reaching this community is critical for the

quality of the charts themselves! The more people know the charts, the more relevant they become

- which makes it more important for voters to participate, which in turn makes the charts more

robust and, frankly, better.

Thus, if you have an audience - be it in writing, radio, podcasting, video or TV even (that would be

awesome!) - which is interested in reggae music and would like to feature our charts, just drop us

a line. We‘ll get back to you right away so we can discuss how we can make it as simple as possible

for you to publish the charts (or about them).



Thomas Euler is founder of the German reggae & dancehall blogazine // feedback:


global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017

Album single Charts | top 20


Ending 31/07/2017

Contributing voters: 55


# LM 2M PK Mo Artist Song Label

1 1 - 1 2 Damian Marley Medication feat. Stephen Marley Universal

↑ 2 4 6 2 3 Chronixx Skanking Sweet Virgin

3 2 - 2 2 Kabaka Pyramid Can‘t Breathe Ghetto Youths International

↑ 4 8 3 3 3 Protoje Blood Money Mr Bongo

5 5 - 5 2 Nattali Rize Rebel Frequency Baco

↑ 6 11 4 4 3 Morgan Heritage

We Are feat. Kabaka Pyramid &

Dre Island

Cool To Be Conscious

↑ 7 12 8 7 3 Hempress Sativa Rock It Ina Dance Conquering Lion

↑ 8 13 11 2 4 Havana meets Kingston

Carnival feat. Solis & Randy



9 - - 7 2 Collie Buddz Good Life Harper Digital

+ 10 - - 10 1 Jesse Royal Always Be Around Easy Star

11 10 10 10 4 Hempress Sativa Fight For Your Rights Conquering Lion

12 3 16 3 3 Csavi War Chant Joy Achinech

+ 13 - - 13 1 Estelle Love Like Ours feat. Tarrus Riley VP

14 6 9 1 4 Talisman Relijan Sugar Shack

15 - 17 4 3 Samory I Rasta Nuh Gangsta Rorystonelove / Black Dub

+ 16 - - 16 1 Mortimer This Feeling Royal Order Music

17 16 14 14 3 Chronixx Majesty Virgin

+ 18 - - 18 1 Romain Virgo Now Maximum Sound

+ 19 - - 19 1 Chronixx Ghetto Paradise Virgin

20 9 7 7 3 Chronixx Likes Virgin

Chronixx Csavi Hempress Sativa Estelle



Morgan Heritage Damian Marley Samory I Chronixx Jesse Royal Kabaka Pyramid

global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017 2

Album Charts | top 10


Ending 31/07/2017

Contributing voters: 44


# LM 2M PK Mo Artist Album Label

+ 1 - - 1 1 Chronixx Chronology Virgin

+ 2 - - 1 1 Rorystonelove Black Gold feat. Samory I Rorystonelove / Black Dub

+ 3 - - 3 1 Damian Marley Stony Hill Republic

↑ 4 5 4 2 Mark Wonder Dragon Slayer Irie Ites

↑ 5 7 2 2 4 Inna De Yard The Soul of Jamaica Wagram / Chapter Two

6 2 - 2 2 Morgan Heritage Avrakedabra Cool To Be Conscious

↑ 7 8 1 1 4 Nattali Rize Rebel Frequency Baco

+ 8 - - 8 1 Courtney John Ecosystem Fiwi Music / Soul Man

+ 9 - - 9 1 Perfect Giddimani Live My Life Again Giddimani

10 6 8 2 4 Spiritual Awakening VP

Perfect Giddimani

Courtney John

Morgan Heritage

Samory I

Damian Marley

# = this month’s position on the chart LM = last month’s position on the chart 2M = position two months ago

PK = peak position MO = months on the chart ↑= signifies upward movement + = new entry

As a radio DJ and/or music director

vote once a month!


global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017




global reggae charts

featured voter


In this edition of the magazine we talk to Vitowar,

who presents his radio show on Radio Popolare

Network since 1988.

Global Reggae Charts: Can you please introduce

yourself and your radio show!

Vitowar: I was born in 1962 and in 1986 I started to

work in the reggae scene in Milan, the city where I’m

living. I was promoting reggae events and I organized

various reggae nights, mostly at Leoncavallo, the

biggest community center in Milan.

In 1988 I was approached by Paolo Minella, a radio

host at Popolare Network FM station, to host/organize

a reggae radio show every Sunday night.

Since almost 30 years, Vitowar is live and direct

every Sunday night with REGGAE RADIO STATION

ITALY on Popolare Network. The show quickly became

a reference point of the reggae scene in Italy with

charts, pre-release records from Jamaica, interviews

and international guests.

GRC: Someone once told me that you are the veteran

of the Italian reggae radio scene. How would you

describe your position and stand?

V: I don’t like the word “veteran” so much because I

never fought a war.

I believe “pioneer” describes me better.

For sure I belong to the first generation of reggae

fans in Italy, the ones who were attracted by the

sound but also by the political and spiritual message

of this music as a way to escape the boring reality of

the Italian society in the late 70s / early 80s.

That’s what Reggae Radio Station has always been

trying to promote and nowadays it’s the longest running

radio show in Italy, nobody else has lasted for

30 years on Italian airwaves.

GRC: What made you fall in love with reggae music

and how did you end up in the radio?

V: My first contact with reggae was when I bought

the Exodus LP from Bob Marley and The Wailers.

Soon after, I was blessed to see the King of Reggae

live on stage in Milan in June 1980, probably the

biggest concert he ever had in front of an audience

of 100k people. That night I fell in love with reggae


The reggae events I organize, the concerts, the radio

show are a direct consequence of my passion which

is still alive and burning.

GRC: Are you involved with the reggae business outside

of the radio as well?

V: I have always tried to promote Italian reggae artists,

I started to organize concerts with the first wave

of Italian bands such as Africa Unite, Different Stylee,

Pitura Freska, Sud Sound System. Nowadays I still

push the Italian scene with bands like Mellow Mood,

Train To Roots, David Lion, Raphael and many others.

I have always believed promoting local artists is

the best way to grow the reggae scene in Italy and

increase awareness of the true message of reggae

music. Some of my events really became a classic reference

point for the Italian reggae scene, especially

global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017 4

global reggae charts

featured voter

the Reggae Radio Station Summer Festival which I

organize every year at Circolo Magnolia in Milan. This

year it will be the 10th edition and we will also welcome

Alborosie, a dear friend of my radio show.

GRC: What spectrum of music do you play in your

show and which artists have you found most inspiring


V: The radio show always tries to let the listeners discover

new artists and new styles of reggae coming

from Jamaica, but I also push reggae music from

other countries with a special attention to the Italian

reggae scene.

I am still very emotionally attached to my favorite

bands like Misty In Roots and Black Uhuru, that was

the reggae music I grew up with. However nowadays

I like a lot of new artists such as Chronixx and Protoje,

without forgetting the reggae greats such as

Damian Marley, Anthony B, Capleton, Sizzla.

On my radio show I like to play all reggae music

except homophobic tunes, those tunes will never

find a space in my selection.

GRC: Thank you, Vitowar!

V: Big respect and many thanks to Global Reggae

Charts for your attention and your time!

short FACTS

Station: Radio Popolare Network

Location: Milan

Show: Reggae Radio Station Italy

Host: Vitowar

On air: Sunday 23:45 to 06:15 CEST (UTC-2)

Vitowar‘s Top 10 Singles

Collie Buddz -

Good Life

Chronixx -

Skanking Sweet

Damian Marley -

Medication feat.

Stephen Marley

Estelle -

Love Like Ours feat.

Tarrus Riley

Monkey Marc -

No Surrender

Nattali Rize -

Rebel Frequency

Shaggy -


feat. Romain Virgo

Sizzla -

I‘m Yours

Sud Sound System -

Mystical Sound

Ward 21 -



global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017

featured artist

Samory I

global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017 8

global reggae charts

featured artist


We are living in times marked by speed. We are

always-on, the 24-hour news cycle is shaping our

perception of the world around us and ever-louder

content from all domains is trying to get our attention

at all times. This development hasn’t stopped

from music. Streaming services in combination with

smartphones have made huge parts of mankind’s

collective music library accessible at all times and

places. Slowly but surely, the now dominant form of

music distribution and consumption is influencing

artists’ production and release processes.

Famously, Drake chose to call its latest release

“More Life” a playlist, not an album. Instant audience

feedback, in the form of data provided by the

streaming services, influences marketing decisions.

When Atlanta rapper Future released his album by

the same name, the artist’s team quickly realized that

Mask Off was the most popular song among fans -

not the originally intended-as-single Draco. So, they

changed course and started promoting Mask Off on

the fly, including the production of a video. And the

creative process also changes due to the possibilities

that come with the fully digitized music world: Kanye

West, for instance, continued to make changes to his

2016 album Life Of Pablo even after its release on


All this illustrates: The music world, too, operates at

a faster speed these days. For the most part, that is.

Because every once in a while, you’ll find a project

that runs counter to the broad trend line (as it turns

out, those projects apparently tend to do well around

here at the Global Reggae Charts). Samory I’s debut

album Black Gold falls in this category of rarities.

Let’s dub them Slow Music. Similar to the principles

of the Slow Food movement (and other subsequent

Slow Living derivatives), Black Gold was given plenty

of time to grow and ripen.

The Wikipedia page on Slow Living states:

“People every day are constantly living at a fast pace

which is making them feel like their lives are chaotic

but with slow living they end up taking a step back

and start enjoying life being conscious of sensory


Even though I wouldn’t describe Black Gold as “profuse”,

at least not when it comes to its production, it

does indeed provide a lot of sensory enjoyment to

the listener. It is an organic album that’s full of analogue

musical goodness with a deep, rootsy vibe that

is reminiscent of a bygone era. On the LP’s 13 tracks,

the 27-year old Samory I creates a dense reggae

experience that isn’t beholden to today’s common

genre aesthetics - but is very current nonetheless.

This quality has a lot to do with the team that

Samory I assembled for the project. The production

was lead by Rory “Stone Love” Gilligan aka RoryStoneLove

(on whose BlackDub Music label the album is

released as well). Together, they made sure to work

with renowned musicians, for example Kirk Bennett

who provides his distinct drum play, legendary Saxophonist

Dean Fraser and one of the last performances

of the late Nambo Robinson on the trombone.

On the engineering side, too, the project gathered

notable talent. AnchorStudios’ Delroy “Fatta”


global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017

Pottinger - who worked with Jimmy Cliff, Third World,

and The Fugees among others - Rommel Marshall of

Grafton Studios, and veteran reggae and dancehall

engineer Rohan Dwyer all put their hands on the

faders besides Rory.

Putting an ambitious production like this together

takes time, of course. And time it took for Black Gold

to come together. Samory’s debut has been in the

making since at least 2013 when word of it emerged

for the first time. There is some hard proof that the

time wasn’t just spent doing other stuff but actually

went into the album. When the song African Queen

was released in December 2014, it was supposed to

be the first single from the album (the song eventually

didn’t make the cut though). In the high-speed

days of modern music, working four years on an

album is an oddity.

the moment. But all too often, the saying soon ripe,

soon rotten is a fitting description of its half life period.

I’m quite confident that Black Gold will still taste

great years from now.

It remains to be seen if Samory will stick with the

slow approach. If he does, it’s going to be fascinating

to watch his career trajectory. Conventional wisdom

holds that artists need to release constantly in order

to stay relevant to the fans. Now, reggae isn’t just

any music and Samory I apparently not uber-interested

in conventions. Slow Music might find particularly

fertile grounds in reggae. It’s something to

watch. And be ambiguous about. As a Samory fan,

I’d certainly like as much music from him as possible.

But as a fan of well-crafted music with the potential

to stand the test of time, a trend towards more Slow

Music would be terrific as well.

But it fits Samory I. It’s quite in-line with his general

philosophy. In a recent interview with Gibbo, he

said: “The old school way of living is the best way of

living”. As it turns out, the millennial rastaman isn’t

only a fan of many things vintage but also critical of

our digital society - which, he argues, replaces real

human interactions - and is a proponent of a decelerated

lifestyle. In the case of Black Gold, taking the

Slow Music approach paid off. As with food, music

of the fast variety can be quite tasty and fun when in

title: Samory I - Black Gold

label: Black Dub Music

release date: 14|07|2017

global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017


global reggae charts





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global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017

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global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017

global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017

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