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AMHS-HPE 2016-2017



QUALITY IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE REPORT The Quality Improvement Committee has met four times within the year. The agendas reflected the work plan of the committee which was derived from the Board’s 2017 Strategic Plan. Quality Improvement is an integral part of both the short and long term strategies. A great deal of energy and resources were afforded to consultation processes aimed directly at specific audiences in order that we hear at least the high level issues, wants, needs, experiences, and status. All of this is to further the work of this Committee to continually strive to improve Quality. Following are the areas that the QIC concentrated on throughout the year including; OPOC The Ontario Perception of Care tool will be mandated across the province. AMHS-HPE will be rolling out this new client measurement tool throughout the Hastings and Prince Edward counties through the use of Ipads. The information will provide relevant and current information directly from the clients as they are receiving services. This promises to be an excellent information source to leadership, management, staff and importantly this Committee. We look forward to the first set of results as we move forward in the fall. Family & Caregiver Support Network The Family & Caregiver Support Network has been working over the past several months with Leadership staff and has developed a written agreement as well as new Terms of Reference for and with the members. The group has grown and the direction has shifted significantly from its roots. The importance of this group is that the Strategic Alliance requires that all three AMH organizations have input from Clients, Family and Caregivers and that there is some form of local process that incorporates the input and feedback to the local agency as well as the Strategic Alliance. The FCSN will soon have their own space/office area at our new Victoria Street location as well as access to further resources such as our Communications Lead. This year one of the FCSN members was able to access a bursary to attend the AMHO Annual Conference. Client Satisfaction & Appreciative Inquiry Results This year the QIC used two different methods to consult and engage with clients. We remain with our Client Satisfaction survey. The yearend report is forthcoming and will include our residential addictions results. The results are exceedingly strong in all areas. Additionally, the Quality Improvement Committee held multiple facilitated appreciative inquiry engagement sessions with clients in an effort to seek their on-going experiences with the resources of AMHS-HPE. This was an extremely insightful exercise that greatly assisted the Board during the development of the organizations strategic planning. Clients did express appreciation for being able to attend the focus groups, “where it is face to face and you are able to speak”. One client summed it up nicely: “I am so thankful that AMHS is doing this. I think it’s great to include the service recipients for mental health. I really appreciate the opportunity.” The focus groups rested with approximately 12 suggestions, recommendations. The following is a couple that pertain explicitly to the Board’s Strategic Plan. 1. There is a distinct lack of good housing for people on limited incomes throughout the two counties. People end up couch surfing or moving from one place to another to find the cheapest rent. In Prince Edward County, the tourist industry has resulted in housing being bought up and rented out at exorbitant rates, leaving little for low income folks. Some people talked about leaving the county to find housing elsewhere. In most areas, there are years long wait periods for subsidized housing. AMHS traditionally has been a leader in developing housing and this needs to continue. continued on next page 15