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AMHS-HPE 2016-2017


FINANCE & HUMAN RESOURCE COMMITTEE REPORT The Finance & Human Resource Committee (FHRC) has focused on some significant and important issues within the year, such as the legal engagement with respect to the Regional Back Office, the risk register, the drafting of a contract to formally and legally engage with the RBO. Additionally, the H.R. duties of the Committee ensured that there was a very thorough performance review completed on the Chief Executive Officer. Regional Back Office The FHRC work plan addressed critical areas and issues, such as the development and distribution of a draft contract for the Regional Back Office services that will be legally operated by Addictions and Mental Health Services – Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington that was a result of a very thorough Risk Register that the Finance & H.R. Committee recommended to the Board through our appointed Corporate lawyer. 8-230-3 Community Financial Policy The FHRC formally adopted the new 2015 Community Finance Policies set out by the SELHIN and incorporated them into the new Governance Policy Manual last year. The C.E.O. and Finance staff completed the mandatory training day that the SELHIN hosts once a year. AMHS-HPE complies with the policies. C.E.O. Evaluation and Performance Agreement The FHRC developed and performed a formal and comprehensive Performance Evaluation with respect to the C.E.O. including seeking and receiving stakeholder feedback from the community and the SELHIN. The C.E.O. met or exceeded all of the necessary requirements contained within the Performance Agreement as per the stipulation in our Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA) with the SELHIN. This occurred simultaneously with the annual Performance Evaluation and the timeline outlined within the recently received M-SAA contract. The C.E.O. was granted the appropriate and agreed-upon increase as per the document. Financial Landscape There were a number of items that influenced both the financial and human resources landscape of AMHS-HPE throughout the fiscal year including but not limited to; a) Regional Back Office b) Full transference of our Finance department to AMHS-KFLA within the last quarter of the fiscal year c) Numerous one-time funding allocations and reallocations d) New 24/7 Supportive Housing funding e) New permanent (2 FTE) supportive housing and rent supplement funding f) Emergency funding for Belleville housing crisis g) New permanent Psychotherapy funding h) D,E,F,G all translated into new human resources 9