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Fah Thai Magazine Sep/Oct 2017

"FAH THAI" is the in-flight magazine of Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited and is edited and published by MPMI Group Ltd.


HAPPENINGS THAILAND PATTAYA / TRAT SPOTLIGHT À La Campagne Architectural features like stone buildings and vaulted ceilings may be more common in Europe but a stroll through Pattaya’s À La Campagne transports you to a rural village that’s usually found on the other side of the world. Now in the middle of Pattaya, the À La Campagne complex features a variety of dining options that evoke the charm of a village with its greenery and flora in the relaxing ambience of its beautiful gardens. At Som Tam Villa, a great selection of eateries await discovery, including a special treat for Isaan food lovers. Tea Factory & More is another spot to pair a tea selection with a favourite freshly baked patisserie. Also Le Rouge, a wine and cocktail bar decorated in a vintage European style., +66 (0) 38 255 869 LATEX LAND For museum buffs out there, here’s an interesting concept in Pattaya that will give you a good overview of rubber and its products. This substance has played a big role in the lives of humans yet little is known about it. Now there’s a chance to know more at Rubberland, Asia’s first interactive rubber edutainment museum, complete with creative and interactive media. You won’t find pedantic presentations in the museum. Instead, four welldesigned rubber zones and themes can be explored, namely, the Plantation, the Factory, Rubber in Life and Rubber Fantasy. Not only you will gain insights into Thailand’s key economic crop, but you will also have a fantastic ‘rubbery’ experience you won’t find elsewhere., +66 (0) 38 413 490-5 PARK LOVES ART Explore a new and trendy art park in Pattaya where a leisurely walk around the park means discovering hundreds of lovethemed sculptures and installations designed and created by professional artists. At the Love Art Park, all the artwork reflects the beauty and sentiment of the human body with a slice of humour, wit and eroticism. Consider the fun of exploring the park, taking pictures of the entertaining sculptures or even stimulating your imagination with all the creative art., +66 (0) 38 237 710 100

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