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Soothing Balm

of Wisdom

Photos: Dolnapa Ram-Indra

Words: Sarita Urupongsa

Thai traditional medicine

is steeped in wisdom

and brewed from

valuable knowledge

nurtured from the old

days. Produced from

local herbs, traditional

remedies come in the form

of mentholated rubs or

inhalers and reflects a way

of life that’s essentially

Thai. Balms are rubbed

onto bruises or aromatic

powders are sniffed to

deliver heady respite.

To understand

this fondness for the

remedies, you have to

visit these traditional

products at Baan

Mowaan. Tucked in the

vibrant area of the Giant

Swing monument in

Bangkok, the colonialstyle

building originally

belonged to Waan

Rodmuang, a Thai

traditional doctor who

practised during the

reign of King Rama VI in

the early 20th century.

Embracing Western

medical practices,

“Mo Waan” (mo is

doctor in Thai) took

medical knowledge and

equipment from the West

and developed unique

medicinal remedies.

The creation of his

own medicines became

an alternative to the

Western ones.

This includes Mo

Waan’s traditional “Ya

Hom,” offered in 4

recipes whose origins

date back hundreds of

years. Ya Hom, or Thai

fragrant or aromatic

medicine, are herbal

mixtures whose formulas

are from inherited

knowledge and ancestral

wisdom passed on to

his descendants. As

one of Mo Waan’s most

well-known medical

remedies, Ya Hom is

widely recognised for its

holistic health benefits

which help balance

blood circulation and

re-energise the body.

It comes with its own

unique scent that’s

not found in modern

medicine and comes in

lozenges or tablets made

by hand.

Despite its great

advantage in using local

ingredients, Ya Hom’s

popularity diminished as

the use of the traditional

remedy became viewed

as outdated. However,

with the determination of

the younger generation,

Mo Waan’s greatgrandchildren,

it has

brought back the legacy

and recipes of Ya Hom

in order to preserve

past wisdom.

Medicine varieties

spread throughout the

building of Baan Mo

Waan for visitors to

purchase. The stylish

packaging with classic

touches shows that

the inspiration comes

from the vintage

medicine bottles or the

colour scheme of Mo

Waan’s house. In the

hall, arrangements of

different medicines,

from Ya Hom and

other alternative

medicines can be seen.

Ointments effective in

relaxing muscles are

a popular choice. Now

an improved version of

a muscle-relaxant oil,

the ointment is mixed

with authentic natural

beeswax and ensures

that the medicine stays

longer on the skin. With

its cooling properties,

the ointment is perfect

for treating aches and

strained muscles as well

as reducing the pain in

bones and joints.

Mo Waan’s pharmacy

is highly regarded as

being a practical option

and accessible for

whatever ails you. In this

Sino-Portuguese quarter,

various traditional

items that are tokens

of past memories also

scatter throughout.

Baan Mowaan is also a

store of amazing stories

on cherished herbal

remedies and a chance to

learn about its authentic

production using

traditional tools.


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