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Fah Thai Magazine Sep/Oct 2017

"FAH THAI" is the in-flight magazine of Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited and is edited and published by MPMI Group Ltd.


KING’S FAREWELL with spray primer before being painted. “For me, it’s the greatest honour to have an opportunity to serve His Majesty in this farewell,” said Mr. Prasopsuk. Opposite The Phra Maha Phichai Ratcharot is repaired with gold plating and glass decorations, to make sure it is ready to convey the remains of King Bhumibol to Phra Merumas. THE PHRA KOSA CHAN AND PHRA HEEP CHAN The Phra Kosa Chan royal urn and the Phra Heep Chan royal coffin are the closest elements to the monarch’s body in the royal cremation ceremony. Inside the main busabok, the Phra Kosa Chan was placed atop the royal coffin, which in turn is placed on the royal funeral pyre. Both the Phra Kosa Chan and Phra Heep Chan are traditionally made of mai chan hom, known commonly as kalamet, a fragrant and auspicious tree from Kui Buri National Park in Prachuap Khiri Khan, 280km south of Bangkok. Clockwise from Top The creation of Phra Kosa Chan royal urn and Phra Heep Chan royal coffin was scheduled to complete by the end of August. A total of 33,332 small pieces of carved wood were assembled together to create an exquisite design for the royal urn (Phra Heep Chan). Both Phra Kosa Chan and Phra Heep Chan feature the design of intertwined sprays adorning Garuda, Vishnu’s carrier. The statue of Garuda, Vishnu’s carrier, will be placed on the third-layer base of the principal busabok. The statue of Indra, one of the four Brahmin deities to be placed on the fourthlayer base of the principal busabok. The framework of the Phra Kosa Chan was made of iron rods with wire mesh stretched between them. Both Phra Kosa Chan and Phra Heep Chan are made of little pieces of carved wood assembled together on the framework, creating dimensional images. Traditionally, the main design usually features lotus petals. However, the Phra Kosa Chan for King Bhumibol mainly features the design of intertwined sprays adorning Garuda, the carrier for Vishnu. Phichit Nim-ngarm, a senior artist from the Office of Traditional Arts, said more than 10 traditional artists and some 80 volunteers have carried out the work. The volunteers had to go through a test to evaluate the kind of work that fits them best. For Mr. Phichit, this is the fifth cremation ceremony he has been involved with. 36 37

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