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Holidaying In

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Out And About In Lumut



Relaxing At Teluk Senangin



The Leaning Tower Of Teluk




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Escape To A World Of Travel And Adventure

Fish & Feast

@ Swiss-Garden

Damai Laut


Mangrove Walk

Pasir Panjang

Turtle Sanctuary

Temple Of The

Giants (Sitiawan)

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Dear friends,

If you are reading Escapy, your heart is looking for adventure. The

explorer in you wants to go places, see new things, live new experiences,

and have fun. This issue is certainly for you especially if you

are in Malaysia and wondering where to go.

The Manjung District in Perak is one place that many a holiday

maker overlook. Old historical towns like Sitiawan and Teluk Intan

are usually given a miss as most travellers will go straight to Lumut,

hop on a ferry to Pangkor Island; thus why Lumut is known as the

gateway to Pangkor Island.

In this issue we look at some of the attractions in Manjung and

why one should spare a few days and explore the area.

Thank you for reading Escapy and do share Escapy with your



Phil Foo

Editor in Chief



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Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,

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Contact: 016 202 2635



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Lumut Waterfront

Out & About

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Leaning Tower Of

Teluk Intan

Lumut Mangrove


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Teluk Senangin


Temple Of Giants

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Segari Turtle


Page: 46

Fun at Swiss-Garden

Beach Resort

Damai Laut

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Selangor International


Arts Festival 2017

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Jaybird Wireless

Sport Headphones

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Fish & Feast @


Damai Laut Lumut

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Discover Stories of

Castles in Movies

You Love

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Coleman Instant


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Restaurant Kopi

Aik Hooi

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Temporary Closure

Of Bukit Broga

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Victorinox Swiss-

Tool Pocket Tools

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Catalyst Case

For Apple Watch


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Travel Digest


Lumut Waterfront

Out And About


Lumut is home to the Royal

Malaysian Navy.

Lumut in Perak, Malaysia; is a coastal town and a

gateway to holiday and sports fishing spots such as the

Sembilan Islands (Nine Islands), Jarak Island, and Pangkor

Island; a holiday destination. Being a gateway it

has for long acted as a transit point but there are places

that one can visit in Lumut itself.


Ferry Terminal

The Lumut Waterfront is a little town where the

ferry terminal to Pangkor Island is located. It is

here that visitors to Pangkor Island board ferries

that take them to Pangkor Island. But there

is more to do here.


Shopping & Walking About

The Lumut Waterfront is a good place to shop

for seafood based titbits and produce such as

dried squid, satay fish, dried shrimps, salted

fish, etc. of which it is famous for. There are

also shops that sell beach fun products, souvenirs,

mobile devices, and general groceries.

Family Fun Along The Water’

Along the water’s edge of Lumut Waterfront

are various parks where one can go to with the

family for a picnic, or to just sit back and relax;

taking in the laid back atmosphere of the town.

There are play grounds with swings, slides, etc.

at these parks for children to play at.

> Lumut jetty area.

s Edge




Those who enjoy photography will have a field

day photographing structures, sculptures, wildlife,

boats, etc. Along the water’s edge. There

is also a large old Navy ship called KD Rahmat

that has been docked there for years.

> A pigeon shot at the Lumut Waterfront while

having lunch.

This ship (KD Rahmat) is a maritime

museum called the KD Rahmat Maritime

Museum, that visitors can visit.

It also gives the area character and

makes for good photos. Lumut is not

just any coastal town. It is also home

to one of Malaysia’s Navy bases..



Anglers that live around the area

frequent this place with hopes of

catching some fish and crabs. On

one of my trips to Lumut I chanced

upon a family fishing for crabs

along the rocky banks. They were

fishing crabs with fishing rod and

lines (not crab pots).


Getting To Lumut

Click For Google Maps

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Travel Digest


Lumut Mangrove Park

Spending Time With Nature

Mangroves are essential habitats to a variety

of animals such as crabs, mudskippers,

certain birds, etc. When visiting Lumut Waterfront

town (jetty to Pangkor Island) one can stop

to check out the Lumut Mangrove Park that is

not far from the town. It is visible from the main



Observing Nature

A wooden walkway takes you into the mangrove.

The walkway leads all the way to the muddy

banks of the Lumut River where monitor lizards,

mudskippers, crabs, etc. The walk to the river

takes about 20 to 25 minutes. There is also a

hanging bridge there. During my visit, parts of

the walkway was closed for maintenance.


As you walk do observe the live going

on around you. There are lots of crabs

on the muddy mangrove grounds. They

are easily spooked too. One will have to

walk slowly to be able to observe them.

The crabs here are mainly tree climbing

crabs. They move about slowly until

they sense someone nearby, then they

scuttle off into a crab hole nearby. These

crab are colourful too with colourful dots

on their shell and colourful claws that

are mainly in red.




There are lots of birds at the

area. I saw magpies and

lots of pigeons. I also heard

what sounded like a knocking

sound. Perhaps the sound of

a woodpecker pecking on a

tree. I am certain that there

are more birds to watch but

not on my visit.


There are also monkeys (long tail

macaques) that hang about it the

mangrove. While they may be cute,

they are wild animals and the ones

here are not afraid of humans. They

even try to snatch things off anyone

who is not careful.

This behaviour is usually developed

overtime as they become accustomed

to receiving food and handouts

from people. In time they start

expecting food and handouts from

people who are around. Sometime

they can become aggressive should

they not receive handouts. The best

thing to do is to not make eye contact

with the aggressive ones and

slowly back off.

One thing I would like to emphasize

here is to “stop feeding monkeys.” It

causes them more harm than good.


Things To Bring

A camera is a must especially one with good

zooming capabilities should one enjoy taking

photos of wildlife. Other things to bring are

drinking water and insect repellent as there

are mosquitoes there, hungry for blood. Do no

bring food as the monkeys will most certainly

want some and may attack.

> Lots of pigeons hanging about the area.

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Travel Digest


Temple Of The Giants

Have you seen giants by the beach

looking out to sea? What about giant

deities by the beach looking out to sea?

The Tua Pek Kong Temple in Sitiawan,

Perak, Malaysia is where giant statues

of deities sit by the beach and look out

to sea.


Well Maintained

This temple is said to be over a hundred years

old yet it does not look its age; perhaps they

found the fountain of youth. The temple is well

maintained thanks to the donations of those

who come to worship and or visit.


Giants By

The Sea

Upon arriving at the temple one will see tall walls

surrounding the temple. It looks like a fort protecting

all that is within it. As one arrives head

towards the parking area one will see huge statues

of deities such as Guanyin, a giant tiger,

and right in the middle sitting on a throne is the

statue of Tua Pek Kong.

Smaller statues of monkeys and worshippers

stand at the outside of the wall as if paying homage

to these deities. The inside sits a dragon

tunnel, pagodas, and more statues of deities.





This temple sits on a

muddy beach. Crabs

roam about the muddy

beach going about

their day to day activities,

scattering only

when some human

(the likes of me) come

by to observe them,

scaring them back into

their holes.

Good For Photos

Imagine photographing giants that have landed

on earth. Of course these are made of less organic

materials and they do not move. These

giant statues make for good photos. After photographing

these giants, one can also head to

the muddy beach and photograph the crabs,

mud skippers, and sea birds.

^ A huge tiger statue.


Do Visit These Giants

Whether one goes there to worship or to visit

or both, the Tua Pek Kong temple certainly is

an attraction that one must go to when one is

in Sitiawan or Lumut. The temple is about 16

kilometres away from Lumut Waterfront.

> I always feel like somebody’s watching me...

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Travel Digest


Leaning Tower

Of Teluk Intan

Many would have heard

of the Leaning Tower Of

Pisa. Many would have

gone there too. But not

many know that there is

a leaning tower in Malaysia.

This leaning tower sits

at the main square of the

Teluk Intan town, a coastal

town in Perak, Malaysia.

It is the Leaning Tower Of

Teluk Intan.


Some History

The tower was built back as a water tank and

storehouse back in 1885 under the guidance

of contractor and philanthropist, Leong Choon

Chong. This pagoda tower became a landmark

and a meeting place for the people here.


History On The


During World War II (1941 to 1945) the British

wanted to demolish the tower as they were afraid

that the Japanese would use it as a bombing

landmark but due to the protests of the locals

that didn’t happen. Later on the Japanese took

over the tower and it became a watch tower. It

was damaged during the war and was rebuilt.


The Tower

The Leaning Tower Of Teluk Intan is in a way,

magical. From the outside the tower looks like

a wooden pagoda (made of chengal wood; a

type of tropical hardwood) with 8 floors. Once

inside one will realize that it only has 3 floors

and the walls are made of bricks, with the water

tank sitting right above. It is 25.5 metres tall, 13

metres in diameter tapering to 8.1m.


The Lean

The Leaning Tower Of Teluk Intan tilts southwest

towards the town centre. This is due to the

soft soil that it was built on having to bear the

weight of the tower and the water tank (stores

about 20,000 litre of water). Being heavier on

the top, the tower slowly tilted. A major flood

happened somewhere in the 1880s (between

1889 to 1895) and that softened the ground

even more.

Studies and work carried out in the mid 1990s

by a local university (University Sains Malaysia)

confirmed that the tower is in no danger

of falling and is safe for visitors to walk in and

have a look at the inside.

> View of the tower from the entranc




Winding stairway to the top.



The Clock

The clock of this leaning tower was

purchased from a British clock maker

in London; J.W. Benson Ltd. nine

years after it was built. The locals

came together and donated money

to purchase this clock that still works

chiming every 15 minutes.

^ Some history of the tower near the entrance.

The Tower Today

The Leaning Tower Of Teluk Intan has since

been recognized as a National Heritage and it

attracts plenty of visitors. On its walls are old

photos that share some of the history and major

events that happened around Teluk Intan.

The tower no longer functions as a water storage

tower although the tank still sits at the top



Visiting This Tower

Is A Must

Should you be in Lumut, Sitiawan, Teluk Intan,

etc. a visit to this iconic tower is a must. Here

are some additional information:


Mondays - Fridays: 9am to 5pm

Weekends & Public Holidays: 9am to 6pm


Lot 1&2, Komplex Menara Condong, Jalan

Bandar, Pekan Teluk Intan, 36000 Teluk Intan,

Perak, Malaysia

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Travel Digest


Teluk Senangin B

^ The lovely Teluk Senangin Beach.



Looking for a lovely beach to get away to when in Lumut?

There is a rather secluded beach called Teluk Senangin

Beach that is popular with the locals but not well known

enough to pull throngs of visitors from out of state or town.

It is about 27.2 kilometres from the Lumut Waterfront (jetty

to Pangkor) and about 10.6 kilometres from Swiss-Garden

Beach Resort Damai Laut. The Teluk Senangin Beach is

certainly a beach to visit when one is in the area.


Great Place For A Picnic

The Teluk Senangin Beach is a beach with soft

sand and waters that are good for swimming

in or playing in. The waters are generally safe

with small waves (different conditions during

the monsoon seasons) and they certainly look

inviting although clarity is rather average. This

beach is certainly a good beach to picnic at under

the trees.

Staying Over

One can opt to stay at the beach as there are

homestays and resorts by the beach offering

accommodation to those who want to spend

more time here. There are also food stalls and

shops selling beach items like balls, kites, etc.

, as well as basic amenities such as toilets and



Do Take Note

Should you decide to visit during the month of

Ramadan do note that most of the shops will be

closed during the day.

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Travel Digest


Segari Turtle



One of the places to visit

is the Segari Turtle Sanctuary

in Lumut. It is located at a remote

beach in Pasir Panjang.

Here the sanctuary under the

Fisheries Department, focuses

on conservation with the

aim of preventing them from

going extinct and improving

their population.

Here visitors can learn about

turtles, the various species,

their habitat, issues that they

are facing and that are driving

them towards extinction, and

what the turtle sanctuary is

doing to help conserve them.

The Segari Turtle Sanctuary monitors the

beaches especially during the season when

turtles come up to lay eggs. The eggs are collected

and moved to a hatchery where they can

hatch safely away from ants, monitor lizards,

and people that collect eggs to be eaten and

sold at the market as food.


After hatching the hatchlings are placed into

pools to improve their survival rates as many

turtles perish out at sea being eaten by predators,

or having eat wrong things like plastics,

and also due to the harsh environment. As

these turtles grow they are transferred into different

pools until they are ready to be released

back into the sea.


^ Educational boards teaches visitors about turtles.

A Must Visit

The Segari Turtle Sanctuary is a place one must

visit when one is in Lumut. One thing though is that

mobile services seem to be a problem around the

area and Google Maps may not work. So, it is best

to study the map carefully before heading there.

Also, do bring along drinking water should you decide

to spend a longer period of time there.

Operation Hours

Mondays to Sundays:

10am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 5pm.


10am to 12pm and 2.30pm to 5pm

Admission is free.

Click For Google Maps

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Swiss-Garden Be

Damai Laut

Place Of Fun & T


ach Resort


Shot of the waterfall at night.

Holidays and vacations are

taken to help get one’s mind

off the daily grind. But holidays

are not just about sitting back,

letting one’s hair down, and

do nothing, although doing

so can make for an excellent

holiday too. Fun recreational

activities help create better

memories too, adding plenty

of fun and excitement to one’s

holiday. Swiss-Garden Beach

Resort Damai Laut offers lots

of fun things to do.



Swiss-Garden Beach Resort

Damai Laut is a family friendly

holiday destination with plenty

of activities for all in the family.

While parents sit back and

read books or do more adventurous

activities like riding an

ATV, or jungle trekking; children

can hangout at the Kids

Club, paint batik, etc.

Here are some fun activities

that can be had.

Waterfalls at the pool.

Fun @The Po



Swimming pools are lots of

fun and the pool at Swiss-

Garden Beach Resort Damai

Laut is designed for fun. It is

designed in a way that allows

for children and adults to have

fun. It is of non-geometrical

or irregular shape and has a

waterfall at one section, with

a small bridge that one can

swim under.

This allows for a more adventurous swim that

perhaps appeal to children, as they go swimming

under the bridge amongst the two pools,

and go “dolphining” under the splashes of the



^ Having fun in the pool amongst the faux rocks.


Fun @The

Kid's Clu

No family resort is complete without a Kid’s

Club. It is here where children can have lots of

fun in a safe environment. The Kid’s Club here

at the Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut

offers activities for younger children and teens.


Those who love arcade machines will have a

field day feeding coins to these machines here.

All time favourite games like street fighter and

various shooting games are available. Should

one prefer a quieter game on a large table;

snooker is an option.


^ Snooker, a fun and challenging game.


Batik painting is a fun way to

help children (and adults) exercise

their creative side even

when on holidays and is available

here at the Kids Club with

a few designs to choose from.

But should one decide to just

do colouring or painting rocks

instead of batik, that can be

done too.

Available here at the Kid’s

Club other than batik and rock

painting are keychain painting,

t-shirt painting, mug painting,

and sand art.


Should children prefer to relax and not do much

they can sit back and watch cartoons here in

the comfort of an air-conditioned room.


Fun Fishing

Being a beach resort fishing is

certainly something one can

do. One can fish off the beach

(away from the main public

area) or opt to fish at the private

jetty. Personally I prefer

to fish at the private jetty as it

is quieter and the river mouth

it sits in is where fishes swim in

and out of the river. For baits,

squid can be purchased at the

resort to be used as baits.


Another reason why I prefer

fishing here at the jetty is because

it is quiet and away from

the crowd... in another words,

peace and tranquility.


Great Place For...

Picking Clams

The beach here is famous for

clams. With a bucket in hand,

one can go about picking

clams. These clams can be

boiled and eaten. Should you

decide to do so, do wash them

well as they live in the sandy

bottom of the beach and thus

contain bits of sand. Clams

can also be used as bait for



Fun Horse Riding

Should one want to experience riding a horse on

a beach, horse riding is available at the beach.

Put on a helmet for safety and be on your way

(with a guide holding on of course). Should you

decide to do horse riding or any other activity

that requires one to wear a helmet that is shared

by many; bring along a shower cap for hygiene

purpose. Put on the shower cap before putting

on the helmet.


Fun Archery

Perhaps one has harboured dreams of becoming

Robin Hood. Fulfil those dreams here and

try your hand at archery; taking aim and shooting

at hay target boards. There are bows and

arrows to cater for younger teens and adults.


Archery can be a dangerous activity and as

such; do follow the instructions of the instructors

and adhere to the rules to ensure any untoward

accidents are avoided.


Fun Rides


ATV Thrills

For those that want more excitement, a ride on

an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) will feed that want.

The ride goes through a designated track. Handling

the ATV is in itself is a fun and exciting

experience, drifting about the sand (or rather

losing control) and trying to go in a straight line.

ATV rides are plenty of fun and something

that I highly recommend. Note too that

it can be dangerous and ATVs are real

vehicles and must be handled with care.

Obey all instructions given and stick to

the route for safety reasons.ine.


Jet Ski Rides

After zipping about on land

in an ATV, why not zip about

on water. Jet Skis are lots of

fun. They are like ATVs but on

water. They are fast on water

too allowing one to enjoy

the wind in one’s face as well

as splashes of water. As with

all crafts that goes fast; it is

important to adhere to safety



Banana Boat


Another thrilling fast ride is

one on a banana boat being

towed by a motorboat. Hold

on tight as the banana boat

zips on the water going over

waves creating a bouncy thrilling

fun ride as one gets wet

from splashes of seawater. It

is a ride one must experience

to feel the thrill and exhilaration

of a boat that is named

after a fruit.



If speed is not your thing perhaps canoeing will

be. Canoeing about Remis Beach (the beach

that the resort is built on) is fun. One gets to

takes one’s time and slowly row about the area.

Another fun thing that I like to do when canoeing

and kayaking is to chase and ride the waves

back to shore.


Island Hopping

Island hopping is one of the must do activities

when one visits a beach resort such as

the Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut.

Exploring some of the islands around the area

having fun and shooting photos is a good way

to capture the moments.



Snorkelling too is lots of fun exploring the underwater

world around the waters off Lumut. That said, Lumut

in itself is not famous for snorkelling but certain

places nearer to Pangkor Island allows for snorkelling

with good visibility.


Visit Pangkor

Or if being in water is something you do not want to

do or have already done, why not take a boat ride to

Pangkor Island and just spend a few hours visiting

the area. Pangkor Island is famous for its sea produce

such as dried fish, squid, etc. It also has attractions

like the Dutch Fort, Tiger Rock or Historic Rock

(Batu Bersurat), boat building ship yard, etc.

Relax & Rejuvenate

After doing all these fun filled adventurous activities,

perhaps it is time to relax and rejuvenate. One can

do so at the Samsara Spa. The Samsara Spa offers

pampering massages, various treatments such

as body wraps, facial and nail care, etc.; wonderful

ways to bring peace and calm to one’s soul.



Holidaying at a beach resort is not all about getting

wet in seawater and getting sand on your feet. The

Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut has a golf

course too called the Damai Laut Golf And Country


This championship golf course is designed by

Ronald W. Fream offering golfers from beginners

to pros 18 challenging holes with a wide

range of playing lengths, from more than 6600m

scaling down through four sets of teeing positions

to about 4800m.


Click For Brochure

There are lots more fun and adventure to be

had at the Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai

Laut in Lumut; and thus why we keep returning

for holidays. There are just so much to do and

see. If you’re planning a trip to Lumut in Perak,

Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut

is certainly one resort consider spending your

holidays at.

Click Here to read a previous article on Swiss-

Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut.

Click For Google Maps

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Fish &

Swiss-Garden Beach



Resort Damai Laut


Superb Dining


It is nice to dine in beautifully decorated

and luxurious restaurants

once in a while when one is on a

holiday. And when we dine is such

places, the ambience of the place

add points to the experience.

What if you want something really

special and away from the crowd?

We had a wonderful dining experience

at the Swiss-Garden Beach

Resort Damai Laut in Lumut, Perak



Away From The


Being an angler I tend to look out

for places to go fishing at especially

when I am on holiday. On my

recent visit to the Swiss-Garden

Beach Resort Damai Laut with

my family, special arrangements

were made and I had the opportunity

to dine and fish at the resort’s

private jetty; and yes, we dined in

private too.

Safe & Secure

The private jetty of the resort is used to send

guests of the resort to Pangkor Island. It is a

wooden floating platform linked to land by a

concrete bridge. It has railings along its sides

except for the areas where the boats are secured

to. This helps keep people from falling

over and into the river.



Nice Place For Fun


Being a jetty it is a safe and fun

place to do some fun fishing. We

caught a good number of fishes

such as scads and threadfin

breams on apollo rigs. I used one

of them as live-bait but missed the

incoming tide (best tide to fish).

The best time to fish is when the

tide comes in. This brings more

fish such as barramundis into the

river. They swim past the jetty as

they make their way back in.


Dining Like VIPs

Want to feel like a VIP? We

certainly did feel like VIPs as

we dined at the jetty while

our fishing rods waited for a

fish to bite. We were the only

ones there apart from the F&B

staffs, the chef, and security.

The jetty was decorated with

lanterns that created a warm

romantic atmosphere.

The chef cooked on site preparing

awesome Italian cuisine

that we ordered earlier.

We were given cold towels

to cool off as dinner started

to be served beginning with

a tasty mushroom room soup

in a bun, followed by the main

course, and ending with dessert.


Superb Dining Experie


Everything served was delicious

and the atmosphere of

the jetty, the special feeling

one gets when being pampered

in a place away from

the crowd makes the experience

so very good, I cannot

find words good enough to

explain. It is the best dining

experience ever. Should you

visit the Swiss-Garden Beach

Resort, Damai Laut; I highly

recommend this dining experience

called “Fish & Feast”

especially when you want to

impress that special someone.

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Restaurant Kopi Aik Hooi

Tucked away from the busy Lumut Waterfront

town is a little known coffee shop called

Restaurant Kopi Aik Hooi, a place frequent by

the locals. We chanced upon it on our way out

of the Lumut Waterfront Town and decided to

stop for a meal although we just had one at the




Basic But Tasty

The food here is basic but tasty. I enjoyed a

lovely bowl of curry laksa (a curry noodle dish)

that has beans, barbecued pork strips, and tofu

cooked in rich soupy curry. We also had a bowl

of noodles with shredded chicken in soup that

this place is famous for. While these are delicious,

the winner (to me personally) is...



Otak-otak is a local delicacy made

of chili, curry, fish, etc. wrapped

in a leaf. Otak-otak is rather common

these days; mostly wrapped

in a palm leaf, and barbecued. I

prefer the original steamed Nyonya

type but these days they are

hard to come by. Restaurant Kopi

Aik Hooi is one place where one

can find the original Teochew style

otak-otak that is also steamed,

and the taste is heavenly.

What I like about the otak-otak

here is that it is cooked with big

chunks of fish, a tasty concoction

of curry, chili, and herbs, but

a special leaf gives it a very fragrant

flavour. The otak-otak here

is rather spicy. For those unable

to handle spicy food prepare a

glass of water before digging in.

Restaurant Kopi Aik Hooi has

more to offer other than those stated.

They also have packed nasi

lemak (fragrant rice with chili),

economy fried beehoon (vermicelli),

noodles, dumpling noodles

(wantan noodles), porridge,

prawn noodles, etc. Do drop by

for a meal should you be in Lumut



Open daily except on Fridays

Time: 6.30am to 12.30 noon

None halal

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Travel News


The 3rd Selangor

International Indigenous

Arts Festival 2017;

Cultivating The City

Tourism Selangor collaborates with Asian

Indigenous People Pacts (AIPP) for the 3rd

Selangor International Indigenous Arts

Festival 2017

Tourism Selangor has teamed up for the very

first time with Asian Indigenous People Pacts

(AIPP) to organise the 3rd annual event of Selangor

International Indigenous Arts Festival

2017 (SIIAF) on 5-6 August 2017, held at National

Botanical Garden, Shah Alam.


With this year’s theme ‘Cultivating The City’, the

festival also welcomes indigenous tribes from

countries such as the Philippines, Bangladesh,

Vietnam and Indonesia while accompanied by local

tribes from Selangor, Kelantan, Johor and Perak.

The festival takes place at the same official venue

National Botanical Garden, Shah Alam, where it

first debuted in 2015. The weekend festival features

an array of tribal and cultural performances

with a mission to accomplish its objectives. It

hopes to introduce and educate the public on the

culture and heritage of the indigenous people and

to create Selangor as a tourist hub for indigenous


“Since the first SIIAF 2015, we want to keep educating

the public on the indigenous people that

we share the state of Selangor with, along with

other tribes of Malaysia,” said YB Puan Elizabeth

Wong, Chairperson of Standing Committee, Tourism,

Consumer Affairs & Environment of Selangor.

She added that while the indigenous tribe may be a small

community, their historical ties to the land are deep-rooted

and they present the way of life that was once dominant

in the world. “Indigenous tribes are the gems of Selangor

and their importance to the state cannot be overlooked.

We want to keep this heritage alive and hope to create

Selangor as a tourist hub for the indigenous culture.”


The event is also jointly organised by several other

partners of Tourism Selangor including, FAMA Selangor,

Jaringan Orang Asal Se-Malaysia (JOAS),

Selangor Orang Asli Land Task Force (BBTOAS),

Selangor Standco of Culture and Malindo Air.

Suitable for families, visitors will be exposed to the

lives of the indigenous tribes as well as a variety

of fun and games. Cultural performances, arts &

crafts and delectable traditional foods make part

of the programme. Other interesting programmes

and activities include local fruits fiesta, face painting,

communal cooking, traditional dance seminar,

photography competition and also an exhibition

on traditional tribal homes of the Mah Meri,

Semai and Temuan people. The programme was

thoughtfully planned to engage the public and encourage

their participation while learning about

the culture and heritage of the indigenous people.

“Selangor is very rich in its culture and heritage. One of

the indigenous tribe, Mah Meri is one of our main attractions

in Carey Island and has been featured by The Lonely

Planet as Top Choice village in Selangor to visit. This is

indeed a stepping stone for Selangor to highlight our tribal

cultural village to the rest of the world,” said Puan Noorul

Ashikin Mohd. Din, General Manager, Tourism Selangor.


With the aim of drawing 7000 visitors to the two

day event this year, apart from the appearances

and cultural performances is the unveiling of the

newest traditional home of the Semai tribe build

at the event venue. There will also be food trucks

serving food and drinks for visitors and a photo

contest to win prizes.

Tourism Selangor Sdn Bhd

Lot P7, Jalan Indah 14/12, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam,

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 603 5513 2000 Fax: 603 5513 6268


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Discover Stories

Visit stunning, historical m

special promotional fare

Castles are always featured in fairy tales

and fantasy movies, and recent fairy tale blockbusters

have undoubtedly inspired Malaysians

to travel to movie set castles across Europe. If

castle jaunting is on your agenda this summer,

here is a list of popular castles for movie fans,

courtesy of British Airways. All destinations can

be reached easily from the airline’s base at London


of Castles in Movies You Love

ovie set castles with British Airways’ fantastic

(Image Credit: Glen Bowman)


Travellers from Malaysia can now fly to the UK,

Europe, USA, Canada and Latin America on great

return fares across all cabins, from just RM2,974*.

Ticket is available for booking on on or before

17 August, or at the upcoming Johore MATTA

Fair and KL MITM Fair, for flights departing Malaysia

on or before 31 March 2018.

Vivian Tan-Loh, British Airways’ country manager

for Malaysia, said, “There are many historical

castles in Europe that have become popular since

being featured in Hollywood blockbusters. Malaysians

can now take advantage of our special promotional

fares to visit these castles and trace the

footsteps of their favourite heroes and heroines.”


Pembroke Castle in Wales

(Image Credit: Glen Bowman)

Pembroke Castle is the backdrop of the 2016 romantic

blockbuster “Me before You” and where William told Louisa:

“When I was a kid, this used to be my favourite place

in the whole world.” Visitors can stroll along the riverbank

and take in the glorious view of the castle. Not only is the

majestic castle a beautiful backdrop for the movie, as the

birthplace of King Henry VII, it also has a rich history and

strong royal connections. (Image Credit: Glen Bowman)

How to get here: Fly to London on British Airways’ special

return fares starting from MYR2,974*. Take a bus from

London’s Victoria Coach Station to Pembroke Castle.

Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, UK

Alnwick Castle was featured as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft

and Wizardry in the first two Harry Potter movies. Harry

Potter fans should not miss visiting the site where the

famous broomstick training sessions took place within the

castle. Remember to head to the Knight’s Quest to pick up

a free time-slot ticket on arrival. The tickets tend to run out

very early in the day particularly during the summer.


If you are not a Harry Potter fan, you will be pleased

to know that the castle also served as the magnificent

Brancaster Castle in Downton Abbey’s 2015

Christmas special. It was here that the Crawley

family ushered in the New Year.

How to get here: Fly to London on British Airways’

special return fares starting from MYR2,974*. Take

a train from London to Newcastle and take the X15

or X18 buses from Haymarket bus station.

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

Arthur’s Seat is the main peak of the group of hills in Edinburgh,

Scotland, which form most of Holyrood Park. The

two characters Em and Dex from the romantic movie One

Day climbed the Arthur’s Seat and resolved to meet again

every year on St Swithin’s Day. The breathtaking view from

this location covers the historical city as well as the iconic

Edinburgh Castle.


If weather permits, you can picnic at Arthur’s Seat

after which you may take a leisure walk back to

town and visit the most popular tourist attraction in

Scotland -- Edinburgh Castle. The castle is known

for housing the Honours of Scotland, Britain’s oldest

crown jewels. The firing of the One O’clock

Gun is also an event not to be missed.

How to get here: British Airways offers a special allinclusive

fare to Edinburgh from just MYR3,341.*

Once in Edinburgh, take the train to Waverley station.

Château de Chambord in Loire Valley,


Château de Chambord has become the hottest must-see

castle in Europe following the release of the latest Beauty

and the Beast movie. After a visit, fairy tale movie animator

Glen Keane found the Château de Chambord to be the

perfect castle for the Beast.


A 16th-century royal hunting lodge built in French

Renaissance style, Château de Chambord is one

of the biggest castles in France. True to its depiction

in the film, the castle, with 426 rooms, 282

chimneys and 77 staircases is easy to get lost in!

How to get here: Travellers can fly from Kuala Lumpur

to Paris via London on British Airways starting

with fares from just MYR2,823*. To reach Château

de Chambord, you can take the train from Paris’

Austerlitz station to the Blois Chambord station.

Belvedere Castle, New York City

Believe it or not, there is a castle right in the heart of New

York City! The beautiful Belvedere Castle, located in the

middle of Central Park, is the secret hideout of Gargamel,

the evil wizard in Smurfs movies. If you or your children are

Smurfs fans, the Belvedere Castle would be a perfect summer

tour destination!

Don’t forget to visit the bridge located near The

Fifth Avenue and 59th Street. There is a small waterfall

on the lower right side where the Smurfs’

world crosses ours, according to the movie!

How to get here: British Airways is offering special

all-inclusive fares to New York City from Kuala

Lumpur from just MYR5,183*

British Airways flies daily from Kuala Lumpur to

London Heathrow using the latest and most technologically-advanced

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

The 787-9 offers a smoother ride than any other

aircraft, thanks to the built-in sensors that counter

the effects of turbulence and reduce nausea for

customers who suffer from motion sickness. With

lower cabin air pressure than traditional aircraft,

customers will notice increased amounts of oxygen

and moisture in the cabin air, which help to

reduce the effects of jet-lag and dry eyes.

For bookings and more promotion information,

please visit

*Terms and Conditions apply

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The Selangor State Government through the Selangor

Economic Action Council (MTES) which met on 17

August 2017 decided to temporarily shut down all recreational

and tourism activities at Bukit Broga starting


This is due to mitigation or rehabilitation works that will

be implemented at Broga Hill immediately by the Public

Works Department as a result of deforestation and land

clearing activities on 143 acres of Bukit Broga government


”This step (closing) is necessary to ensure the safety

of climbing and recreating activities by visitors at Bukit

Broga, avoiding any untoward incidents that may occur

as a result of the clearing of the land,” said Mrs.

Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping, Chairman of the Tourism,

Environment, Technology and Environment Committee

Green and Consumer Affairs Department of Selangor

when met at the Bukit Broga Temporary Closure press

conference today.

YB Elizabeth Wong at the Temporary Closure of Broga Hill press


The temporary closure period is depended on the time

needed for the completion of work to be fully carried out

by the Public Works Department. It involves the construction

of drainage for rainwater so as not to directly

affect the integrity of the soil and slope.

Apart from that, the Selangor State Government has

also considered the proposed upgrading of an existing

road to Bukit Broga and landscape beautification works

to be implemented by the District and Land Office of

Hulu Langat and the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj).

The Selangor Economic Action Council (MTES) meeting

also agreed that Bukit Broga was gazetted as a

Recreational Area under Section 62 of the National

Land Code with the State Secretary as Controlling Officer

and maintained by the Kajang Municipal Council


At the same time, the 31-acre Sakai Land Fruit Trees

and Sakai Dusun land lots, as noted on the 18083 Certified

Plan, are retained for Orang Asli communities.

The closing decision was taken after considering all

available options in line with the Selangor People’s

Care Initiative, and is the best solution for all parties.

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Jaybird Wireless Sport Hea

Brings Better Sound and Fit for All – N




Jaybird today announced the

availability of the X3 and FREE-

DOM buds to Malaysian enthusiasts

in an adrenaline filled event

by Funsportz Sdn. Bhd. – the exclusive

importer and distributor

of Jaybird. These next gen wireless

in-ear buds don’t require a

headphone jack, are sweat proof,

Bluetooth® 4.1 and offer a universal

secure sport fit with improved

sound and customizable audio


Jaybird wireless sports buds brings music to

your workout in a whole new way, inspiring you

to take on the gym like you’re taking on the

world – from running to rock climbing, the gym

to the trails, Jaybird will have you owning your

day and your playlist.

“While the world has recently been talking

about the disappearing headphone jack, Jaybird

has been focused on designing superior

wireless experiences for more than a decade,”

said KP Sim, Country Manager of Logitech Malaysia,

Singapore, Philippines & Brunei, and

brand owner of Jaybird. “Jaybird headphones

deliver supreme audio quality and secure sport

fit, so you have the ultimate wireless accessory

to your active life.”


X3 Sport Bluetooth Headphones

brings larger sound,

thanks to an enhanced 6mm

driver, as well as smaller size,

making it the first in the X-Series

to be helmet compatible.

The redesigned enhancedcomfort

ear fins and selection

of ear tips provide a universal

snug secure sport fit during

the toughest of workouts. And

thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity,

you can now pair

two sets of X3 headphones to

one device and even pair your

X3s to two devices simultaneously.


The redesigned eight-hour

battery means you can enjoy

more music on a single

charge, and the new in-line

remote makes it even easier

to control your music and

calls. Voice Prompts let you

know when you’re successfully

paired and connected, or

whether your X3 headphones

are turned on or off. And with

the Jaybird App, you can now

customize your sound settings

to the way you want to

hear your music. Your custom

sound profile is then saved

on your X3 headphones, so

no matter what music device

they’re paired with or which

music service you use, they’ll

always be tailored to let you

train harder and push farther.

No more complaints or continually

readjusting audio options

when switching music

devices – you’re now in control.



Key features Jaybird X3 Sports

Bluetooth® Headphones

Micro-sized, securely fitting,

sweat-proof sports Bluetooth

headphones with customised


• 8 hours play time* for all

day use

• Super-secure comfortable


• Jaybird app for full control

of your sound profile

* May vary according to your

use and device.

Freedom Wireless Bluetooth®

Buds headphones combine

sophisticated style, incredible

sound and increased comfort

in the smallest, most advanced

wireless ear buds ever

designed, rivalling anything in

the wired world.


Take your tunes to the streets

with a sweat-proof, versatile,

low impact universal Bluetooth

in-ear design that is so small

and comfortable, you almost

forget you’re wearing them.

On-the-go charging provides

truly infinite battery life, with 4

hours on the buds + 4 hours

on the included charging clip.

You’ll never miss a beat —

and you can listen while you

charge! Use the Jaybird App to

customize your sound settings

and save them to your buds.


Key features Jaybird Freedom Wireless Blueto


oth® Headphones

• Wireless music and calls

with micro-sized sports

Bluetooth headphones.

• 8 hours play time and onthe-go


• Sweat-proof

• Comfortable, secure fit

• Jaybird App to customize

and save your sound set




Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport Headphones is available

in Malaysia for RM669.00 (incl GST). The

wireless headphones will be available in four

colors: Blackout (Black), Sparta (White), Roadrash

(Red) and Alpha (Green).

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones is available

in Malaysia for RM699.00 (incl GST). The

buds come in four fresh colors: Carbon (Black),

Gold, Blaze (Red) and Ocean (Blue).

About Jaybird

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Established in 2006, Jaybird is an

active lifestyle consumer electronics

brand based in Salt Lake City,

Utah, owned by Logitech. Jaybird

makes premium market leading

sports tech products to inspire people

to be active and empower them

to improve their lives. Jaybird has

pioneered the sports Bluetooth®

headphone market in the US. Jaybird

is obsessed with delivering insanely

great sound that goes with

you throughout your day.

For more information, please visit



Coleman Instant Shelter

This shelter fits perfectly into a parking space and it takes

just about three minutes and three steps to set up 128 sq.

ft. of shade. The telescoping poles are easy to extend into

place thanks to the pinch-free Comfort Grip technology

and large feet that are big enough to stand on while you set

up the shelter. Once it’s up, the UVGuard material offers

50+ UPF protection from the sun’s dangerous rays. When

the fun’s done, the frame folds down for compact storage.


Note: May not be available in certain market


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Victorinox SwissTool

Pocket Tools

For the ultimate multi-tool that you can take with you everywhere

you go, look no further than the SwissTool. No

other tool enables you to do so much from such a small

package. Every tool is accessible from the outside for ultimate

convenience; and every tool locks into place with its

own spring and lock for ultimate precision. It’s the ultimate

expression of the Swiss Army Knife DNA.

Note: May not be available in certain market


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Catalyst Case For Apple

Watch (42mm)

Itroducing the first of its kind, a fully functional, award winning,

waterproof case for Apple watch. Now you can take

your Apple Watch with you everywhere.


IP-68 Waterproof: Every unit tested 5ATM (50m / 165ft)*

Drop protection: Designed to meet MIL-SPEC 810G for


Ultra slim profile compliments Apple’s sleek design

Exposed face for direct access to the touchscreen

Features the signature Catalyst rotating crown dial that

adds a pop of stylized color to perfectly accent your watch

and Catalyst waterproof case.

All features fully functional including heart rate sensors,

charging dock, microphone and speaker

Comes with a premium silicone wrist strap

Note: May not be available in certain market

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True sound acoustic membranes

Materials designed to be compatible with outdoor

use and in seawater

Spare parts included: Inside the Apple Watch dummy

is one spare side button and two spare screws.

Housing Dimensions: 53mm x 44.4mm x 13.5mm

(2.1” x 1.7” x 0.5”)

Case Weight: 35g (1.2oz)

Compatible with 42mm Apple Watch - Original and

Series 1




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• Layered hoodie made from different

materials combined with different

thickness to maximize comfort

level and functionality when

wearing it.

• Cool piece of neck guard with

Snow Camo print to give wearer

full protection from the hot and

cold weather.

• Fast drying material absorb and

disperse moisture quickly for a dry

and comfortable wear.

• UV Protection fabric (UPF 40).

• Material with deodorant function

– reduction / neutralized odor


• Finger hole cut out on sleeve

with silicone dot for anti-slip grip.

Colours: Grey, Green, Snow Camo

Sizes: M, L, XL.

For more information please visit

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