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Hop on the Hill Country Beer Trail The craft beer movement has been rapidly gaining ground, and the cities and towns throughout Texas have been steadily building a solid network of breweries and brewpubs that encourage tourism and inspire beer culture. The Texas Hill Country has long been known as a wine destination, and is now being recognized as a hotspot for award-wining artisanal breweries. With dozens of new and established beer-centric businesses dotting its winding roads, hitting a few breweries in the Hill Country is a definite must on your to-do list. The appeal of the Hill Country is apparent and craft brewers have flocked to this beautiful area, rich in heritage and abundant in local resources, to build their businesses. Breweries take full advantage of the Hill Country’s most alluring assets—its sweeping vistas and quaint towns full of opportunities to explore, shop or simply relax—to build an experience for their visitors to enjoy. The breweries here are small businesses, and are primarily independent and family owned. From taproom to brewhouse, you’ll notice moms, dads, sisters and brothers all pitching in to make it work. They provide an easy going, family friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy a cold brew while chatting with the locals or watching a show-stopping sunset. The beers themselves are lovingly hand-crafted from beginning to end, using artisanal and often locally sourced ingredients. Brewers blend innovative beer-making techniques with traditional ingredients to provide tasty ales and lagers that have captured the attention of the rest of the state. The Hill Country encompasses thousands of square miles of rolling hills, scenic drives and legendary towns, and that is why local businesses and visitor centers have established “beer trails” to help guide visitors across the countryside, suggesting routes to help maximize the brewery touring experience. Whether doing a self-guided tour or signing up for an all-inclusive bus tour, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to explore all that Hill Country breweries have to offer. However you choose to get there, your Hill Country beer trail experience will be as unique and interesting as the Hill Country itself.

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