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Nanocapsules Phase Change Material for Versatile

Thermal Energy Storage Medium

Prof Dr. Mohd Zobir Hussein


Usefulness &





• Encapsulated phase change material (PCM) into nano-sized copolymer

shells by one-step miniemulsion in-situ polymerization method

• Can produce nanocapsules in the powder and paste form

• To overcome the liquid leakage and low thermal conductivity problems,

thus increase it ability to be used as thermal energy storage material

• Able to reduce energy consumption Maintain internal building comfort

which finally reduce the energy usage

• Simple production method and easy to up-scale

• The technology is the first in Malaysia

• Non-hazardous nanocapsules - thus provide safety to consumers

• Proven compatible with building material (especially gypsum).

• Smart building, food packaging industry, textile industries, medical,

electronic, solar panel, painting industry

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