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September 2017 Light

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Professional Letter from Staff, Temple Board Emanuel’s & Group President, Contacts Jessica Manelis There are so many reasons why I love being Jewish. Not only is my heritage rich with history and tradition that can be traced back for thousands of years (I am a Kohen), the food is pretty awesome, too. But for me, most importantly and personally, are the many opportunities I, as a Jew, have for self-reflection. Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect, and even if you’re pretty close, there’s always room for improvement. As the seasons change, the weather starts to cool, and we transition from vacation mode to ugh-I-have-to-go-back-toadulting mode, I think it is only fitting that this is when the High Holy Days fall. It’s the perfect time for introspection and change. Ask yourself … have you been a good Wife? Husband? Parent? Daughter? Son? Friend? Have you been Fair? Honest? Kind? Giving? Could you have done more? Could you have been better? This year, as we prepare for the High Holy Days, I am challenging you. Whether it’s something every week or something every month, dig deep and find something that you can do a little bit better. Nothing changes if nothing changes. I look forward to seeing you during the High Holy Days. Shanah Tovah Jessica Manelis A Note about our LGBTQ+ Initiative from Jessica Manelis Temple Emanuel will be a leader in South Jersey and Reform Judaism as a vibrant, thriving and engaging congregation. We will continue to honor our heritage by providing a place that nurtures a cohesive community and fosters our relationship with God, Torah and Israel. Our collective commitment will ensure that we pass along a Temple Emanuel home, relevant to our future generations, with the same love, devotion and faith that our past generations did for all of us. We will continue to strengthen our congregation by providing an ongoing invitation to those seeking a home for their Jewish journey and help them to express their Jewish identity. Each person entering our space is an integral part of the Temple Emanuel fabric. We are proud to say that however someone defines family they will find a Jewish connection at Temple Emanuel. I fully stand behind this vision and I am proud that Temple Emanuel has always been at the forefront of bringing awareness of current topics to our community, such as women’s health, mental health and special needs. And, I’ve been proud to be a part of it. With respect not only to our vision, but our mission and core values, this year will be no different. Spear headed by our Inclusion Committee, chaired by Deb Berger and Felice Friedman, the coming year will bring programming and events that showcases how TE is involved in the LGBTQ+ community. I’m excited for what’s in store and I hope you not only join us, but get involved. Look for more information in the coming weeks about events throughout the year. For more information on this initiative, to join the Inclusion Committee and other ways to get involved contact Deb Berger at 2

A Hineni Moment On Rosh Hashanah we read in Genesis 22:1, that when God put Abraham to the test of offering up his son Isaac, Abraham answered to God: Hineni—Here I Am. This didn’t mean “Here I Am” by being physically present, but “Here I Am”, emotionally and spiritually. As we approach a new year, think of it as a Hineni moment. . As you go through your day, can you truly say “Hineni” or are you just physically present. When spending time with your families are these Hineni moments? It’s a time to reaffirm our emotional and spiritual attachment to our loved ones including our TE Community. When it comes to time with your loved ones is it Hineni or just physical? When you walk into TE is it a Hineni moment or are you just physically here? Let’s resolve that for the upcoming year…when asked to help someone in need respond Hineni. When asked to volunteer at TE, respond Hineni. When asked to support the sacred work of TE, respond Hineni. When your child asks for help with homework, respond Hineni. And when a loved one simply wants to spend time with you respond Hineni. On behalf of my wife Shari, my children Adam and Emily, we wish you a happy, healthy and wonderful year and may your 5778 be filled with Hineni moments. Our B’nai Mitzvah Marc Rothstein, Executive Director Alex Dreyer son of Fara & Joseph Dreyer - September 16, 2017 Alex attends Beck Middle School. He is an excellent student and was identified as student of the month. Alex loves soccer and sports in general. He is a great big brother to his sister, Sydney, and his dog, Mia. Alex is excited to become Bar Mitzvah and looking forward to becoming an adult. He is also looking forward to seeing his many friends and relatives. Alex’s Mitzvah is volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey. The entire family is volunteering and contributing to families in need that are staying with their children as they receive treatment from our area hospitals. We have been involved with the charity with donations and fundraising efforts to help support these families in need for some time now. Alex is currently on two soccer teams his school team at Beck and The Cherry Hill FC Dynamos. In addition he plays Flag Football and runs track. Alex’s Favorite team is the Philadelphia Union and he’s not shy to tell you his favorite players are Chris Pontius and Christian Pulisic. Alex had a great summer at the JCC summer camps attending Chaverim travel camp. We are all very proud of Alex for continuing his religious studies and are excited to see what the future holds. Not Pictured Darren Trinetto son of Sharon Trinetto - August 31, 2017 Josh Weiss son of Sondra & Neil Weiss- September 9, 2017 Josh Seidman son of Wendy & Jay Seidman - September 16, 2017 Remarks from Marc Our B’nai Mitzvah techerryhill @techerryhill 3

August 2017 Light
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