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is about


Built on Evidence Pages 3-4

Supporting Strong Families

& Safe Children Pages 5-6

Engaging the Community Pages 7-8

Message from President

Prevention is about all of us.

Our talented team has crisscrossed North

Carolina with the message that while parenting

is hard, with strong support systems and

safe, stable, nurturing relationships and

environments, children can thrive and grow up

to be healthy, productive adults.

Did you know?

The state of North Carolina only invests about

$2 million annually to prevent child abuse and


Yet, the effects of child maltreatment cost our

state over $2 billion annually in downstream

expenses in our educational, criminal justice,

social services, and health care systems.

Our state needs to invest upstream to build a

healthier NC. And, prevention takes all of us.

We have so many engaged communities across

the state — from Murphy to Manteo, from

Asheville to Wilmington, and from Robeson

to Halifax. We have met local agency leaders,

politicians, business owners, pediatricians,

educators, first responders, law enforcement,

parents, grandparents, and children. They

all understand the importance of investing

upstream in prevention and want to be a part

of the solution.

This spirit and drive are why we remain so

optimistic about our work in prevention.

Since we know that adverse childhood

experiences (ACEs) are directly correlated to

the leading diseases plaguing our country, we

are focused on population-level, public health

approaches to preventing child abuse and


How do we do that?

We go upstream.

We build the foundation for healthy childhoods

by training and coaching professionals who

provide evidence-based parenting education

across the state. We educate business leaders,

civic groups, and family-serving professionals

about ACEs and the Protective Factors that

are proven to prevent child abuse and neglect.

We catalyze positive change by helping

communities organize to support prevention

plans locally. Providing safe, stable, and

nurturing families and environments for NC’s

kids is About All of Us!

We invite you to learn about our impact this

year in the following pages of this annual

report. We also invite you to come with us. Pick

up whatever tools you might have, be it time,

talent and/or treasure, and join us upstream.

Sharon Hirsch

Our work to raise awareness,

change social norms, foster policy

that supports prevention, and

our investment in evidence-based

programs works to prevent abuse and

neglect -- having a positive impact on

our hearts and our pocketbooks.

2 PreventChildAbuseNC.org

Built on Evidence


PCANC provides training, coaching, and support to parenting education professionals based

on implementation science and best practices. Implementation science emerged out of a body

of research compiled by the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN). Our work is

grounded in science and has impacted our network agencies this year in the following ways:

100% of the participants in the Incredible Years Skill Day reported an increase in knowledge

regarding how to collaboratively set up an effective role practice.

Statistically significant changes were found for family functioning/resiliency, social emotional

support, concrete support, nurturing and attachment, and three of five subscales for Child

Development/Knowledge of Parenting.

Circle evaluation: 482 parents/caregivers completed the Protective Factors Survey. Analyses of

protective factors indicate an overall positive impact of Circle of Parents, increasing the health

and well-being of children and families.

A few participants’ comments:

“Love the four steps to role play practice, steps are very helpful”

“Amazing Job!”

100% of the participants in the Circle of Parents Skill Day reported an increase in knowledge

about supporting parent leadership.

A few participants’ comments:

“I really liked how we were able to practice skills we talked about as well as being able to hear

what other groups are doing.”

“Great training, really great instructors. Very enjoyable and fun. Thanks.”

PreventChildAbuseNC.org 3

Built on Evidence


Research shows that when the type of coaching and training we provide for professionals

to support parents is present it yields 95% fidelity to the model compared to only 5% when

coaching is not present and ongoing.

This work is financially supported by a funding partnership between the NC Division of Social

Services and The Duke Endowment. This joint commitment to assuring that programs receive the

vital implementation support required to achieve strong outcomes is foundational to our work. At

the end of May, the Coordinator’s Learning Collaborative convened with these outcomes:

• Participants increased their knowledge and understanding of the program-specific fidelity tool.

• Participants performed at least one observation using the program fidelity tool.

• Participants learned about and practiced giving feedback and setting goals with the identified staff

regarding effective implementation.

• Participants gained a wider understanding of implementation science and how the fidelity

assessment driver impacts and is connected to other drivers.







Rockingham Person








Watauga Wilkes



Yadkin Forsyth















Madison Yancey



Iredell Davidson



Randolph Chatham Wake







Haywood Buncom

Pitt Beaufort



Rutherford Lincoln


Cabarrus Montgomery Lee











Wayne Lenoir


Macon Transylvania






Richmond Hoke









Program Implementation Support

Circle of Parents

Incredible Years

Strengthening Families

Prevention Network

Member Sites








Sites were surveyed about the impact of receiving implementation support:




Updated 9.30.2013

of the respondents reported that their overall adherence to model fidelity

improved as a result of implementation support.

of respondents reported making progress toward and/or achieving

implementation goals as a result of implementation support.

of respondents reported being more effective at implementing Circle

of Parents, Incredible Years Parent Preschool or School Age and/or the

Strengthening Families Program 6-11 as a result of implementation support.

S:\PCANC Supported Programs \Program Site Map Color 9.30 .2013 Footprint

4 PreventChildAbuseNC.org

PreventChildAbuseNC.org 5

Supporting Strong Families & Safe Children






Our very own Melea Rose-Waters, Parent and

Community Engagement Manager, has taught

“Bringing the Protective Factors Framework to Life

in Your Work” training in five NC communities. This

training runs concurrently with building a Community

Child Abuse Prevention Plan. There are a total of seven

trainings, five addressing each of the five Protective

Factors, an Introduction to the Protective Factors

Framework, and Moving from Knowledge to Action.

Protective Factors are conditions in families and

communities that, when present, increase the health

and well-being of children and families. These

attributes serve as buffers, helping parents find

resources, support, or coping strategies that allow

them to parent effectively, even under stress. Research

has shown that the Protective Factors are linked to a

lower incidence of child abuse and neglect.

Use your thumb to remember Social

& Emotional Competence because a

“thumbs up” is one of the first ways we

learn to communicate our emotions.

Your Index Finger represents Knowledge

of Parenting and Child Development

because you are your child’s 1st teacher.

Your Middle Finger can help you

remember Social Connections because

it should never stand alone! We all need

positive social networks.

Your Ring Finger stands for Parental

Resilience because your first commitment

must be to yourself in order to be strong

for others.

Your Pinky Finger signifies Concrete

Support because it is the smallest finger

and reminds us that we all need help


Protective Factors Training Feedback:

“Great training so far!”

“The energy and desire to really make a difference was evident!”

“Encouraging without feeling pressured.”

6 PreventChildAbuseNC.org


PCANC’s 2017 Learning & Leadership Summit: Educate, Activate, and Engage welcomed about 400

child welfare and prevention specialists from across the state. The keynote speakers and workshops

were highly engaging and informative on Adverse Childhood Experiences and Protective Factors

and, most importantly, what can be done to prevent abuse and neglect from ever happening. Keynote

speaker, James Redford, director of the documentary, Resilience, discussed that while toxic stress can

trigger hormones that wreak havoc on the brains and bodies of children that may lead to greater risk

for disease, poor education outcomes, and early death, there is hope. The hope is in the cutting-edge

science and evidence-based programs and therapies that protect children from the effects of toxic stress.

The 2017 Summit offered two tracks, one for administrators and decision-makers, and one for

professionals working directly with families and children. It provided an opportunity to bring this

diverse group of prevention partners to the table to enhance practice and leadership skills in areas

that included:

• Protective Factors Framework

• Implementation of evidence-based programs to improve outcomes for children and families

• Utilizing research and data to inform practice

• Educating the public, leaders, and decision-makers about child well-being and its influence

on communities

• Leadership development (parent and professional)

• Secondary traumatic stress, prevention, and care

• Primary and secondary prevention

• Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study

• Agency and program sustainability

The Summit enhanced understanding and awareness of

state efforts, linked them to community-based prevention

strategies, and built collaborative prevention efforts across

North Carolina. We are grateful for the financial support

from the NC Division of Social Services which makes a quality

program possible.

93% of participants in the

Learning & Leadership Summit

reported increased knowledge in

Summit subject matter as a result

of participating in the Summit

95% of participants in the

Learning & Leadership Summit

reported satisfaction with the


PreventChildAbuseNC.org 7

Engaging the Community


We know that prevention happens locally

in communities where children and families

thrive! PCANC is piloting five Community

Child Abuse Prevention Plans around the state.

The first has been developed in Cumberland


The purpose of these is to build safe, stable,

nurturing relationships and environments for

children in every NC community to prevent

abuse and neglect. Each county should

develop and review their plan every five years

to assess success and adapt strategies based

on evaluation of their plans and evidencebased

and proven practices. All plans are

informed by the Centers for Disease Control

and Prevention’s (CDC) Essentials for

Childhood and the Strengthening Families

Protective Factors Frameworks. Our goal is that

all 100 counties will build plans that engage

their communities, are built on evidence, and

support strong families and safe children.

from Public Health, Social Services, Public

Schools, early childhood development

community, law enforcement, courts,

child advocates, businesses, parents,

medical community, and additional

groups as appropriate. We recommend

that representation from community child

protection teams and child fatality prevention

teams be the core of the team. It is vital that

every effort be made to assure parents are

represented as equal members of the planning


Plans presented to county Board of

Commissioners include strategies and

measures based on the Pathways to Gradelevel

Reading initiative. Progress is reported

annually in April during Child Abuse

Prevention Month.

Planning team members include leadership

8 PreventChildAbuseNC.org


“If you can get the science

into the hands of the

general population they will

invent very wise actions.”



– Laura Porter,

Co-Founder of ACE Interface, LLC

PCANC was so pleased with how the

Resilience screening at our Summit catalyzed

the audience into action, that we bought the

rights to screen the film. Since then, we have

been allowing intentional audiences to discuss

how to use this succinct one-hour, powerful,

explanation of adverse childhood experiences,

the dose-response to long-term health

outcomes, and how communities can help

build resilience in our children.

The tagline to Resilience is one that resonates

with all who have viewed this film, “The

Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope.”

Be on the lookout for public screenings by

following PCANC on social media:



▲ First Lady of North Carolina, Kristin Cooper, with PCANC Staff.

This year we were thrilled by a 121% increase

in organizations participating in Pinwheels for


11,724 organizations and individuals received

a Child Abuse Prevention Month packet with

tips and resources for planning and implementing

public awareness campaigns in local communities!

We welcomed some NC notables at our planting

ceremonies, including Department of Health and

Human Services Secretary Mandy Cohen and First

Lady of North Carolina Kristin Cooper at one of

NC’s largest pinwheel gardens at the Division of

Public Health in Raleigh. Governor and Mrs. Cooper

also planted a garden at the Executive Mansion.

PreventChildAbuseNC.org 9

PCANC by the Numbers

30,005 Professional educators

served through our online

education tools and live trainings.

52 Agencies, representing all

regions of our state, received

PCANC’s Implementation Support.


Memberships/Dues $103,265

Foundations/Grants $588,549

Earned Income $43,729

Contributions $195,157

Trainings/Conferences $73,354

Contracts $608,498






29,301 Child-serving professionals

completed our free web-based

course, Recognizing and Responding

to Suspicions of Child Maltreatment.

1,059,016 Social media

impressions made.






Revenue FY 16-17

FY 16-17













Earned Income


Earned Income








Expenses FY 16-17

FY 16-17





Management $141,942

Programs/Services $1,366,320

Fundraising $77,685







10 PreventChildAbuseNC.org

PreventChildAbuseNC.org 11

12 PreventChildAbuseNC.org


Sharon Hirsch

President and CEO

Sue Gilbertson

Implementation Support Specialist

Suzanne Metcalf

Director of Civic Education and Engagement

Christy Bradsher

Director of Finance and Administration

Muffy Grant

Director of Development

Stephanie Pavlis

Director of Implementation Support

Karla Buitrago

Director of Prevention

Monica R. Hicks

Senior Implementation Support Specialist

Natalie Pillay

Business Operations Specialist

Stacey Cunningham

Implementation Support Specialist

Eric Canino

Implementation Support Specialist

Melea Rose-Waters

Parent and Community Engagement Manager

Abel De Luna

Implementation Support Specialist

Dawn LeBlanc

Administrative Assistant

Theresa Ryan

Technology Support Specialist

Kris Demers

Communications Coordinator

Virginia (Ginny) Liverance

Administrative Assistant

Kathy Smith

Senior Implementation Support Specialist

Board of Directors

Jesica Averhart


Zeke Bridges


Paula Henderson

Jed Hysong

Vice Chair

Thomas Moore

Michael Olander

McLean D. Pollack


Kathy Pope


Past Chair

Rosie Allen Ryan

Vaughn Reynolds Joel Rosch Tommy Schenk

PreventChildAbuseNC.org preventchildabusenc.org 13

Pinwheel Society

14 PreventChildAbuseNC.org

Heroes for Strong Families $25k+

ChildTrust Foundation

The Duke Endowment

Lorance Lisle Foundation

North Carolina Division of Social Services

Oak Foundation

Art & Kathy Pope

John William Pope Foundation

Champions for Strong Families $10k+

Jed Hysong

Kappa Delta Eta Psi

Kappa Delta Zeta Omicron


Protectors of Strong Families $5K+

Bertsch Family Charitable Foundation

Golden Corral Corporation

Kappa Delta Eta Chi

Kappa Delta Gamma Sigma

KDI Capital Partners

Shanahan, Kieran & Tina

Square 1 Bank

Alan & Diane Stephens

Variety Wholesalers

Advocates for Strong Families $2.5K+

Day, John & Debbie

Duke Health

Kanki Japanese House of Steaks

Noel Family Fund

United Way of the Greater Triangle

Promoters of Strong Families $500+


Bridges, Zeke & Grace

Cansler Collaborative Resources, Inc.

CFC National Capital Area

Coble, Paul

Cowan, R. Douglas & Patricia

Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Fox, Sheldon & Debbie

Henderson, Paula

Kamath, Prabhakar

Mabry, Rhett

Mattocks, Carol J.

Mattson, Mark & Gerri

McCarthy, Kristin Hough

MG Capital Maintenance, Inc.

Moore, Thomas Franklin & Jessica

National Christian Foundation

Network For Good

Northington, Joseph

O’Quinn Stephen

PCA America

Pollock, McLean D.

Pendleton, Gary H.

Raghavan, N.

Raymond, Ann Marie

Reynolds, Vaughn

Robbins, Larry

Robblee, Clay

Rosch, Joel

Ryan Allen, Rosemarie

Ryan, J. Taylor

Schenck, Thomas A.

Shanahan Law Group

Skinner, Robert & Canzella

State Employees Combined Campaign

The Redwoods Group Foundation

Thompson, Roy

Wilson, Charles

Supporters of Strong Families $1+

Admay, Thomas & Catherine

Ahearn, Ellen

Allen, Charles W.

Amazon Smiles

Anderson, Beverly Ryan

Anthony, April

Apostolico, Thomas


Averhart, Jesica

Balfour Beatty Construction, LLC

Barkley, Carol

Barksdale, Henrietta C.

Barron, Katherine

Benesh, Jan

Benevity, Inc.

Benson, Jeff

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NC

Boffa, Laura

Bogard, Rhonda R.

Bohm, David

Borne, Darrell

Bradley, Mike

Bradsher, Christy EMP

Brandon, Paul D & Kimberly P.

Bray, Deborah

Brown, Chris & Meredith

Brown, Rick

Brown, Teresa Truitt

Buckley, Barbara

Bullard, Madison E.

Bullock, Graham D.

Burlock, Jeanette

Burton, Amy

Cabaniss, Chris

Campbell, Erin

Carey, Barbara & James

Carroll, Melissa

CFC - Greater NC Area

Chamberlin, Thomas

Chang, James

Cherry Bekaert LLP

Clark, Virginia L.

Clement, Jenifer & David

Coates, Jessica

Cobb, Britt & Ann

Collier, April

Connell, Cayce

Cook, Carl & Linda

Cooper, Stewart

Cox, Jane

Creadick, Jennifer

Crouse, Amy

Culb, Patricia

Cunningham, Stacey

Dailey, John W. & Mary T.

Davis, Catherine & Michael

Davis, Lynette

Dedesma, Ronit

DeMaria, Laura

Demers, Kristie E.

Dilworth, Andrew

Draper, Whitney

Dunlap, Susan

Edelman, Isabel

Edwards, Teressa

Ellis, John

Ellis, Virginia

Feldman, Pamela

Fish, Peter & Barbara

Fitzgerald, Patrick & Amy

Foster, Sharon

Freedman, Janice A.

Ganesh, Loganayaki

GFWC of NC, Inc.

Gibson, Barbara & Pryor

Gilbertson, Susan

Goad, Elizabeth

Gooden, Carolyn

Gopalan, Srimathy

Gopalarathnam, Apsara

Gopalarathnam, Ashok

Grant, Cecile

Grant, Mary

Griffin, Kenneth & Barbara

Gunter, Keith

Gunter, Rita L.

Hall, Rebecca

Harris, Gerald

Harris, Jennifer

Harris, Julia Juanita

Hedgpeth, Ingram & Marilyn

Herman-Giddens, Dr. Marcia

HighRise Repair, Inc.

Hirsch, Nancy

Hirsch, Sharon

Holbrook, Kerry

Holmes, Alexander & Charlotte

Holsten, Elizabeth

Hudgins, Daniel & Ann McKown

IBM Employee Services Center


Ivey, Lyndee

Jackson, Barbara

Jackson, Kathryn

Jannicelli, Michael

JC Penney - Change for Better Campaign

Jenny Doyle, Esq.

Joann D. Kacani TTEE

Jones, Carol E.

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Kahai, Jugta

Kangkolo, Tonya

Karuppoor, Srinand

Keenan, Mary Jo

Keeney, Elizabeth M.

Keith, Charles Edward II

Kelso, Victoria

King, Gail

Kirby, Laura & Matthew

Kiwanis Club of Southport Oak Island

Langson, Seth

Lee, Robert & Grace

Lennon, George & Betty Anne

Lenovo Employees Care

Leonard, Rich

Levine, Eli

Linnane, Enda

Linnane, John

Lovejoy, Elizabeth

Markley, Deborah

Martin, Mary

Matteson, Ann W.

McCabe, Molly

McCorkle, Wendy

McGovern, Ryan

McGrath, John & Tarah

McKeon, Maureen

McKiernan, Claire

McRae, Robert & Jacqueline

Metcalf, Suzanne

Momsen-Hudson, Deborah & Tyler

Moore, Tom

Mosley, Anna

Muralidharan, Priya

Muruganandam, Subathra

Muthukumar, Manjula

Nagaraj, Gautam

Nandam, Pradeep

Neblett, Mort & Judith

Neely, Charles B., Jr.

Network For Good

Nieweg, Dorothy L.

Ohl, Ryan

Orr, Robert F.

Paragon Commerical Bank

Parkins, Kathryn

Partin, Joe & Zeke

Pate, Prayson & Jane Harris

Pavlis, Stephanie

Peddapalli, Vijay


Pinter, Misti

Pipkin, Marjorie A.

Poe, Patricia F.

Polavaram, Raj, Dr.

Pollock, Hoke

Poole, James & Lillian

Powell, Kathy

Pritchett, Caroline

Proffitt, Joshua

Pygott, Donna

Raleigh/Durham Alum Assoc of

Kappa Delta Sorority

Ramanamurthy, Jayanty

Ramanarayanan, A.

Ramanarayanan, Dee

Reich, Dindy

Renganathan, Gayatri

Riddick, Angela

Riggan, Sylvia

Rosch, Joel

Rose-Waters, Melea

Rubiera, Margaret

Ryan, Theresa

Sabino, Priscilla R.

Schaefer, Kristine & Daniel

Schewel, Stephen

Schowen, Richard & Katherine

Seawell, Frances

Sherron, Megan

Sloop, Sally

Smith, Kevin & Robynne

Smith, Linnea

Smith, Margaret

Smith, Sidney

Sorhagen, Anne

Southern Deli Holdings, LLC

Sridharan, Nambi

Srinivasan, Akhila

Srinivasan, Kumar

St. Peter Lutheran Church

Steeneck, Regina

Steward, Pamela Forsythe

Strickland, B. Wayne and Mary E.

Strunk, Raymond & Nancy

Tadych, Michael

Taverna, Ania Difranco

Thacker, Sarah

Thunes, Christopher

Thurmond, Sandra

Tucker, Jane

Tursam, Ben

UNC Chapel Hill College Republicans

& Young Democrats

Urbaniak, Martha & James

Vadlamani, Girija

Vail, Nicholas

Wadley, Jenni

Wake Forest Woman’s Club

Wakely, Lindsey

Warren, Linda

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Wells, Jeff

Whitlow, Wendy

Wilkes, Nancy

Wilkins, Emily & William

Williams, Jane P.

Willman, Kelly Craddock

Wilson, Cheryl

Wilson, Nellie

Wolff, Nikolay

Wood, Judith

Woodruff, William

Wyrick, Linda

Yates, James & Marlena

Yopp, Albert

York, Smedes

YourCause, LLC for PricewaterHouseCoopers

Zappia, Joseph & Deborah

Zinnecker, Timothy

PreventChildAbuseNC.org 15

Hello & Farewell

PCANC expresses our deepest gratitude for the service of Katherine Vail “Kathy” Pope, Board Chair for the four

years she served in this capacity. Kathy is a Hero for NC’s children. She has given tirelessly of her time,

talent, and treasure to promote upstream solutions to prevent child abuse and neglect before it ever

happens. Kathy has been a source of joy and excitement around our work. Her ability to share our

story in compelling ways inspires others to action. We are so grateful for her service, but even more

grateful that although she is passing the chair baton on to her friend and colleague, Jesica Averhart,

she will continue to be a partner for prevention on our Board of Directors and will leave her positive mark on NC’s

kids for generations to come through the Katherine Vail Pope Endowment for PCANC!

We are thrilled to welcome Jesica Averhart as new Board chair.

Get to know Jes through this Q&A:

Where is your favorite place to be?

Home. I love early Saturday mornings. Coffee brewing,

a quiet house, the sun’s rays coming in through my

windows, reading, waiting for my son to wake up.

LOVE IT. My favorite “other” space.... Sitges, Spain!

Why do you give to PCANC?

I had a lovely childhood because my single mom had

intentional and invested support systems around her. I

think all families should have easy access to evidence

based support systems; it’s proven to lead to strong,

happy, healthy families.... PCANC does it better than

anyone else.

What are three words to describe what PCANC means

to you?

Hope, Change Agents, Thought-leadership

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Spending time with my Grandpa. He was a successful

businessman but an industrious farm-boy at heart...I

learned how to build a birdhouses and tables, use

a chainsaw, drive a tractor, build a fire, split wood,

appreciate the constellations and our place in the

world, and earn the respect of others by having a

strong character. I light up at every memory I have of

our time together.

Why do you think

preventing child abuse is


Every single member of a

community is responsible

for its children. 100%.

We must protect those

that literally and legally

can’t protect themselves.

Breaking cycles and

securing our kids’ potential

▲ Jesica with her son, Tre’.

(and frankly right) to be

happy, productive adults is what this is about.

Work: Please tell us about your current work position

I am the Executive Director of Leadership Triangle. I work

to build leadership capacity for the Triangle. Dream Job!

Home Life: Where do you live / who do you live with

I live in a charming loft in Downtown Durham. It’s

like living in Durham’s Living Room...so much happens

around me every day. I share that space with my 15 year

old son Tre’.

What are one or two of your greatest accomplishments?

Raising my kiddo. Being a parent is easily the single

GREATEST Joy of my life. Pales in comparison to my

career accomplishments of which I’m also proud.

3716 National Drive, Suite 118 | Raleigh, NC 27612


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