1 year ago

How to Improve Your App's Design and Gain More Users?

Good app design strives for Homogeneity, Hierarchy and Aesthetics throughout the app. If you want your app to grab maximum eyeballs take note of these design guidelines. | Web:

Symmetry • Do you

Symmetry • Do you know, a person's eyes take only 2.6 seconds to land on a specific part of a webpage or application. Use those seconds well! • Based on what they've seen, they will make an opinion about your application. • Let important information take dominance over other things by contrasting size, colors, and shapes. • Keeping your app pages symmetrical in terms of designs, so that it's simple and easy to read.

Aesthetics • The overall look and feel of the app is decisive. • Don't blindly follow the trends. • Brand differentiation is a more pressing matter than keeping up with the latest trends. • Good aesthetics can have lot of different styles. What are those?

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