reisner magazine, special edition 2-09 (July 2009


reisner magazine, special edition 2-09 (July 2009



Special Edition

Epsilon –

The Innovative System Concept

by Reisner AG






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The Innovative System

Concept by Reisner AG

Even if the individual components

are already available on

the market, it is the system that

provides you with the optimal

benefits. It combines high quality

elements carefully designed and

tested by Reisner AG so that each

individual component is able to

fully unfold its strengths within

the overall system. At the same

time, it remains flexible enough for

integration into a large number of

conceivable operating situations.

After complex and extensive

development work and an intensive

testing phase, Reisner AG is

proud to present “Epsilon“ or “ε“

for short. This pioneering system

concept already yields enormous

energy savings for satisfied

customers, reduces operating costs

to an unprecedented low level,

and sets new standards in handling

as well as maintenance.

Epsilon: Standard for quality

The unusual name “Epsilon“

Reisner AG dubbed its innovation

ready to be launched on the market

has a history...a long history: More

than 15 years ago, the company

Reisner AG set a milestone in terms

of objectivity and transparency,

and effectively introduced the

coefficient of performance from

physics, denoted by the Greek letter

“ε“ (epsilon), to the public debate

concerning refrigeration systems.

This coefficient supplies information

about the cooling or refrigeration

capacity of a system generated with a

certain amount of electrical energy.

The greater the coefficient of

performance, the more efficient the

cooling system. Optimizing just a

few components does not result in

excellent values. Reisner AG made

this clear when the unabashed use

of “turbo compressors“

became more


starting in

2007, advertised


part with



Any promising,

innovative component can unfold its

strengths only within an harmonious

total system.

The Customization to the requirements

of the operator is decisive

factor. This is where the core

competence of Reisner AG has

now been applied to design highly

efficient cooling systems based on

the tried and tested as well as the




radial bearing

εnew for systems tailor-made for any bearing system with digital bearing


sensors keeps the rotor shaft always

at its position and reliably centers

Turbo? Epsilon!

it – even at 48,000 rotations

The Reisner Epsilon compressor per minute. This eliminates

with magnetic bearing, also known friction losses. The compressor

as turbo or the turbocor compressor, performance is continuously

is here the centerpiece of the Epsilon regulated through the rpm and can

systems. The designation “Epsilon“ be adapted directly to all changes

was deliberately selected by Reisner in the cooling load – contrary

AG for the compressor as well as to most screw compressors

for the overall system to signify its that significantly reduce their

integrative approach.

performance figure when lowering

The company combines the output. With only 2 ampere, the

compressor with other, new com- compressor requires almost no

ponents and a control technology starting current.

that translates its favorable properties

into actual financial benefits. The Oil-free system

compressor is made by Danfoss Thanks to its non-contact

Turbocor Compressors, Inc. with magnetic bearing, the Epsilon

headquarters in Tallahassee, USA, compressor does not require any

and functions based on the turbine lubricating oil. This yields a variety


of advantages for the entire system.

It suctions the gas axially and For example, no oil-related heat

expels it radially. Unlike conventional losses occur on the heat exchanger

piston or screw compressors, surfaces.

it achieves a dynamic pressure

If a traditional compressor

increase due to the acceleration in is installed, the cooling system

the fan-like impeller wheel. It also requires an oil management system.

features magnetic bearings: its rotor This is a cost saved with the oil-

shaft turns within a magnetic field free Epsilon system. Money is also

completely contact-free. A complex

not spent on oil disposal. Since no

old oil has to be recycled

or treated for disposal, the

environmental impact is

significantly less. Finally, new

evaporator technologies

are not even possible unless

the system is oil-free – with

Sensor ring Rear radial

decisive subsequent financial



Ring sensor Motor Axial bearing






Vario and Epsilon:

Strong partners

for maximum energy savings

The theoretical coefficient of

performance of a cooling machine is


calculated with the equation

evaporation temperature T0

ε condensation temperature Tc – evaporation temperature T0

Variable speed control: Extremely economical

operation, lossless / gaining partial load operation,

and especially well-suited for large air conditioning


Magnetic bearing: Hardly any friction losses,

no surface wear and therefore longer service life.

Oil-free operation: Problems due to dirt and

acids are eliminated, cost savings through the

elimination of waste oil and oil management


Measuring and Control System: Efficient

operating checks and monitoring guaranteed


Noise: With only 70 db (A) (speaking volume),

it emits only a fraction of the noise of a screw

compressor with hardly any vibration.

Dimension and weight: Base area reduced

by 50%, operating weight only 120 kg compared

with more than 1,000 kg of screw compressors.

R134a: Completely optimized for the refrigerant

R134a safe for long-term use.

Eco-efficiency: Energy savings reduce greenhouse

gas emissions, oil-free operation offers

additional environmental benefits.

Starting current: Compressor starts with

only 2 A.


The equation indicates that the

condensation temperature must be

kept as low as possible to optimally

raise the efficiency of the cooling


Faced with this basic fact, Reisner

AG developed the unique concept

of variable condensation, the Reisner

Vario technology, as early as 2005.

Compared with conventional

systems, Reisner Vario systems

are able to significantly lower the

condensation temperatures analog

to the here common, lower outside

temperatures, which by itself yields

an electrical energy savings of up

to 40%. The Epsilon compressor

exhausts the possibilities of this

technology to the fullest extent by

enabling condensation temperatures

of up to 20 °C. The result is that

energy consumption and operating

costs drop drastically once more.


Epsilon Compressor Advantages Reisner Epsilon System Benefits

Vario combination: Epsilon systems achieve

especially low condensation temperatures and exhaust

the advantages of the tried and tested Reisner Vario

technology to the fullest extent possible.

Combination with new types of evaporator

s ys tem s : A new type of evaporator can be used in

Epsilon systems due to the oil-free operation. Higher

evaporation temperatures significantly increase the

coefficient of performance. Since the evaporator

is quickly cleaned, the entire Epsilon system is also

extremely easy to maintain.

Reisner control combination: Reisner AG uses a

sophisticated switching cabinet and control concept

based on the Vario technology for its Epsilon systems.

The touchpanel depicts all parameters of the Siemens/

Reisner PLC for a quick and reliable efficiency

assessment at a glance.

Large heat exchanger combination: All cooling

surfaces of evaporators and condensers are

specifically designed to meet the demands of new

climate conditions. This is a special feature of Reisner

Epsilon systems. The improved heat exchange benefits

the system efficiency tremendously.

Reisner design combination: As with all Reisner

systems and machines, the Epsilon systems are also

characterized by clever design features allowing

easy access to all components and modules for

maintenance purposes.

Practical and economical:

Epsilon technology

with new evaporator

Reisner AG also combines the

Epsilon displacement compressor

with a completely new type of

evaporator that can only be used in

Top in partial load operation

By integrating the stepless control of the Epsilon

compressor into the Reisner control it is possible to

adapt the machine performance exactly to the actual

cooling requirement of the operator. This is especially

advantageous if the demand frequently fluctuates.

These load fluctuations are very pronounced when air

conditioning buildings: Only rarely must the cooling

system run at full load in these cases. While traditional

comparisons of the performance coefficient are based

on full-load operation, the ESEER (European Seasonal

Energy Efficiency Ratio) specifically addresses the

partial load operation of the cooling system.



Cold water

Refrigerant R134a

Operating voltage: 400 V/50 Hz · Max. operating current: 145 A

oil-free systems. The refrigerant does

not circulate – as it is usually the case

– through the pipe bundles of the

evaporator. Instead, it evaporates

inside the jacket tube. Cooling water

flows through the bundle tube pipes

instead. This results in a significantly

more efficient heat exchange and



Power consumption

Current consumption

higher evaporation temperatures,

which, as evidenced by the

coefficient of performance equation,

increases the system efficiency as

well as lowers the condensation

temperatures. Its ease of

maintenance is another advantage of

this type of evaporator. The bundle

tubes are easily accessed

and can be cleaned quite

nicely on the inside using

a boiler pipe brush – for

optimal heat transfer and

long-term reliable system


εRefrigerant in jacket,

water in the bundle tubes:

Reisner Epsilon systems can

be equipped with evaporators

offering significant advantages.

The fact that the system primarily delivers only

between 25% and 75% of the rated output is taken

into consideration here. To determine the ESEER value,

the performance coefficients for operating at full load

(EERA), at 75% (EERB), 50% (EERC), and 25% (EERD)

of the rated output are logged and weighted based on

their distribution across annual operating hours.

The ESEER values of Epsilon systems are indeed

impressive. Specifically when it comes to partial loads

of 50%, which at 41% are weighted most heavily in the

ESEER distribution, a Reisner sample system convinces

with a COP value of more than 9.87 compared with

5.10 at full load. The total value is affected positively

according to the weighting and amounts to 8.47.

COP value Analysis Factor

kW On °C Off °C On °C kW A W/W for ESEER

300 (100 %) 15,2 12,0 30,0 58,8 92,2 5,10 EERA 3%

225 (75 %) 14,4 12,0 26,0 32,3 48,4 6,97 EERB 33 %

150 (50 %) 13,6 12,0 22,0 16,4 22,6 9,15 EERC 41 %

75 (25 %) 12,8 12,0 18,0 7,6 10,8 9,87 EERD 23 %

8,47 ESEER 100 %

Water volume flow

Evaporator: 80 m³/h · Condenser: 65 m³/h



From Us

“The Time

Is Ripe!“


with Klaus Reisner

reisner magazine

spoke to the founder

and chairman of

Reisner AG, Dipl.-

Ing. Klaus Reisner,

about the new Epsilon systems, the

COPs, and his clear statements on

the subject.

Mr. Reisner, you are now

launching the first Reisner systems

on the market with great success.

These new systems implement the

Epsilon compressor also known as

Turbocor compressor. It was only in

2006 when you displayed a critical

view concerning this technology …

No, it was not the technology

I criticized. However, we found out

in 2006 that this kind of compressor

was more and more presented as

a guarantee for top performance

figures without taking into account

the necessary additional equipment.

Besides, the COP terminology was

in part used and applied completely

incorrectly. This has basically eroded

the informational content of this

otherwise valuable parameter.

Properly used, the technology

offers great benefits from which our

customers profit sustainably.

How do you make sure this is

really the case?

We allowed ourselves sufficient

time. Over the past three years,

we subjected Epsilon systems to an

intensive testing and trial operation

phase. We

checked the


itself as well

as the other

compo nents

for every

minute detail

under always


conditions. We simu lated all

kinds of possible operating situations

and requirements.

This allowed us to collect

valuable experience-based values

and precise data. We also cooperate

closely with the compressor

manufacturer Danfoss Turbocor Inc.

in the U.S. Some of our staff has

completed intensive training there.

Now is the time for the great market

launch of our Epsilon technology.

Customers can be sure that the

systems we plan together with

them meet and often exceed their


Which customers would benefit

most from the Epsilon technology?

Actually, we have the right

Epsilon solution for every operator.

Use in medium and larger

performance ranges seems to be the

most beneficial, especially where

performance demands are subject

to frequent fluctuations.

Advantages are here the result

of the precisely customized design.

To what extent are your own

developments integrated into the

Epsilon concept?

Our experiences with variable

condensation, which we developed,

has been excellent for many years.

Compact and powerful – thanks to a sophisticated

control and regulating concept, the Epsilon technology

fully develops its strength in this system.

Our vario systems are able to

work with lower c ondensation

temperatures than the usual 49 °C

based on an outside temperature

of 32 °C. We perfected this principle

even further with the help of

the Epsilon compressor. It makes it

possible to lower the emperature

down to 25 °C. The lower the con -

densation temperature, the higher

the coefficientof performance. Clear

and unambiguous evidence of the

outstanding efficiency of Vario

Epsilon systems.

The “coefficient of

performance“ topic seems

of special concern to you.

Have you now found a patent

remedy for performance values?

We are careful when it comes

to patent remedies. But we are

also always completely convinced

of any technology we praise and

defend. Of course, this never

means that we consider development

of this technology impossible.

We do research and continue to

make improvements. By now, we

have implemented large reference

projects that help us with carrying

out long-term studies

Thank you, Mr. Reisner,

for your time.

From Us

Cold brine,

half the power


Epsilon reference

at Evonik Röhm GmbH

Absolute operating

reliability is crucial when

different consumers

are connected to one

refrigeration network. Reisner AG

commissioned by Evonik Röhm

GmbH, Darmstadt, has proven

that a high cooling demand is not

necessarily associated with high

investment and operating costs.

Chemical and plastic products

are produced under the roof of

Evonik Röhm GmbH at the Darmstadt

location. The energy plants of

Evonik Röhm GmbH are responsible

for ensuring that the complex

has sufficient steam, compressed

air, cooling water, and brine at

its disposal. For example, three

operations are supplied via one brine

circuit. To supply the cooling brine,

the energy plants used a system with

reciprocating piston compressors

until the end of 2008. When a

compressor finally failed, it was time

for a new solution. Project manager

Irene Faber remembers: “Reisner

AG convinced us with an energy-

saving concept and their competent


High demands, reliable solution

The requirements were

demanding. Approx. 20 m³ of

brine were to be cooled to the low

temperature of –5 °C.

Irene Faber,

project manager at Evonik Röhm GmbH, in front of

the switching cabinet of the Reisner Epsilon system

The required

cooling output

was 300 kW

– enough to

cover peak

loads during

the summer.

This required

planning for

an additional

reserve of 50%.

The decision in favor of Epsilon

was finally made because operating

costs could be kept so much lower

than with other systems.

The favorable values for partial

load operation played a major role

with this project since the system

is hardly ever run at full load. In the

end, the project partner selected

a combination of three Epsilon

compressors, each with an output

of 150 kW. Two compressors always

deliver the required performance,

one compressor is the backup for

the system.

Container as machine room

The entire refrigeration machine

is housed in one single container

located between the production

buildings. The machine room

was subsequently used for other

purposes. As demanded by current

accident prevention rules and

regulations, the Reisner container is

equipped with a gas detection and

warning system and a linked forced

air ventilation system. The low-noise

Epsilon system cannot be heard outside

of the optimally sound- insulated

container. This was a completely

new experience for Irene Faber. “It is

now possible to hold a conversation

while the system is running, even inside

of the container.“

Perfect timing

The comprehensive project was

completed with a lead time of four

months. All Evonik Röhm GmbH had

to do after the container arrived was

to install and connect the cooling

water and electrical lines.

Irene Faber reports: “As soon as

the container was in place, we just

made the final connections.“ The

The Reisner Epsilon system at its location

between the Evonik production buildings.

On the left: production connections

timing was perfect. Final program

adjustments were made while the

system was running, which was not

a problem due to the detailed and

thorough preparations. The system

is now a reliable part of the Evonik

Röhm energy supply.

Irene Faber concludes:

“We are very pleased so far with

the operation – especially with the



From us



This special edition

only provides you

with an overview over

what the Epsilon technology

of Reisner AG

comprises and what

your benefits for using

such a system would be. The primary

advantage for you is that each

Reisner system is a one- of-a-kind


Information and

consulting free to your

location, send a fax to:

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make a personal appointment for a


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meet your production requirements.

We would like to provide you with

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remote diagnostics

How the Reisner remote maintenance system


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Meaningful solutions of the Reisner water


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Reisner heat recovery

Using waste heat, reducing energy consumption

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Reisner conditioning cell

Plastic conditioning, practical and safe

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Clean cooling water,

safe production

Technical article concerning filter technology

i s s u e s

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The coefficient of performance –

Advertising hype or quality seal?

Technical article concerning the optimization

of the coefficient of performance

the opportunity to experience

this new development in person

and discuss with you how Epsilon

can optimize your operating


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