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GEOGRAPHY Year 7 Volcano

GEOGRAPHY Year 7 Volcano Models Year 7 have been learning all about volcanoes in Geography and we were lucky enough to be given the chance to make our own volcano for homework! The creativity was amazing and there were so many different materials used to build the masterpieces. Some were made of plaster, some were made out of clay, there was even an eye-catching Lego volcano and one made out of a plastic bag! Everyone had clearly put a lot of thought and time into their creations. Some people researched the landscape of a volcano and painted their work to match. The big day finally arrived, it was time to see how the volcanoes would erupt! There were two main ways of causing an eruption. Some people mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda together and some people used Coke and Mentos mints. Both worked brilliantly and within minutes there were volcanoes erupting everywhere. I really enjoyed this homework and felt it really helped me to understand the geography of volcanoes. Eloise Carey 7S My Geography Trip to Jubilee Park On Wednesday the 14th of October the whole of year 8 went to Jubilee park two classes at a time. I went in the morning with 8F. We went in 4 groups of around 14 and within that we had 4 smaller groups of 3 or 4 to take the measurements in. We assigned each person in our small groups a job such as how much the sky was covered with clouds or how fast the wind was going. It was really fun as we were allowed are phones to use weather apps for example wind compass which measured how fast the wind was going or what direction it was coming from. I really liked this and was chatting with my teacher when we were walking. We used different weather equipment to measure different things. We used an anemometer to measure how fast the wind was going or we used bubbles to see what the wind direction was. Overall this was a very good trip and I would do it again if I had the opportunity to. GCSE Trip to Shropshire 52 Year 10 geographers and 4 staff members have spent three days at the beautiful Long Mynd in Shropshire collecting river data for their controlled assessments. The girls worked hard and demonstrated brilliant team work skills. They remained in high spirits despite the weather and we’ve all had a lot of fun. Mia Fitch 8S 35

BACK IN TUDOR TIMES WITH HISTORIAN LUCY WORSLEY Last March, we were very excited to be able to welcome TV historian and writer Lucy Worsley to Bromley High. Lucy talked to girls in Year 7 about the less well known side of life in the Tudor era, the setting for her first book for young readers, “Eliza Rose.” Lucy is Chief Curator of the Historic Royal Palaces and has written books and presented television documentaries on such diverse and fascinating topics as murder, dancing and the home through the ages. Most recently she presented “Empire of the Tsars: Romanov Russia with Lucy Worsley” for the BBC. Lucy is not doing a schools tour, but we were fortunate to be chosen for one special event before she appears on the festival circuit. She is a lively and engaging personality and enthused the girls about history. Scarlett O’Keefe was chosen to be appear in a film being dressed as a Tudor queen by Lucy herself, which will be seen at literary festivals around the country. “Eliza Rose” tells the story of a young girl at the treacherous court of Henry VIII, where her cousin, Katherine Howard, becomes his fifth Queen, and we were very lucky to have advance copies available. Year 7 were captivated by Lucy Worsley as she talked to them about ‘Eliza Rose’, signing copies for them too. Earlier Lucy had transported Year 7 back to Tudor times with a chance for a lucky girl to dress up as a Tudor queen assisted by her ‘hand maidens’. This provoked much hilarity amongst those watching. The morning was rounded off with a picture quiz on Tudor artefacts, at which the girls proved surprisingly skilled, although the ear wax scraper proved rather challenging! Finally a book reading by Lucy was a great start to Bromley High’s World Book Day. Ms Lewis Head of History and Government and Politics 36

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