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Alongside (Prime Minister)

Bill English, I proudly

announced on Tuesday

(August 29, 2017),

National’s Parents and Newborns

Package which gives more support

to young New Zealand families – in

addition to the extra $26 per week on

average that we are putting into $1.3

million Working Families’ pockets.

Delivering more to Kiwi families

is only possible because of National’s

strong economic plan to keep

growing our economy.

So, what are we doing?

Progressive measures

First, we are progressively extending

Paid Parental Leave to 22 weeks

over two years. From July 1, 2018,

Paid Parental Leave will extend to

20 weeks giving new parents more



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precious time at home with their little


Second, we are adding flexibility

to the system; so, both parents can

take some of the 22 weeks off at the

same time, and enjoy time at home

together with their baby.

We know how important that time

together is for both parents of new

and growing families. Our policy will

ensure that both parents can spend

more time supporting each other and

bonding with their babies in those

special (but stressful!) early months.



Third, we know that a mother’s

health is vital not just for herself, but

for her baby and her family.

Family matters

That is why, we are supporting

pregnant women and new mothers

to take care of their own health by

offering them one free dental course

during pregnancy and up to their

baby’s first birthday.

Fourth, National believes that all

New Zealanders deserve the chance

to have a family.

That is why a new National government

will give more New Zealand

families a chance to have a baby

by providing a third free IVF cycle,

and speeding up access to fertility

treatment for eligible couples.

I am proud to be part of a strong

National team led by Bill English that

is backing New Zealand families.

Paula Bennett is Deputy Prime

Minister of New Zealand. She

is also Minister of Police, State

Services, Tourism and Women.

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People’s Party promises right to self-defence

Venkat Raman

All New Zealanders

should have the right to

self-defence to ward off

offenders, New Zealand

People’s Party Leader Roshan

Nauhria has said.

“The only way to put some fear

into those offenders who attack retail

operators including diaries, liquor

shops, petrol stations and others is

to allow them the power to defend

themselves. Our Party does not

accept the government propaganda

that crime is on the decline in New

Zealand. To say so is highly irresponsible,”

he told Indian Newslink.

Mr Nauhria said that even

teenagers are not afraid of the Police

because they know that the Police are


Amending the Statute

“Why should retailers and

Roshan Nauhria

common people be afraid of being

invaded during day or night, at shops

or homes or public places? If we

become a part of the next government,

we will amend the Crimes Act

and make self-defence legal. Every

resident in this country has the right

to safety and if that safety can come

from their own actions, so be it,” he


Mr Nauhria said that one of the

primary objectives of his Party is to

eradicate crime and establish law and


“Too many offenders are getting

away with murders and violent

attacks on innocent people who about

making a living. It is time to say,

‘enough is enough,’ and allow people

their right to safety,” he said.

System failure

Mr Nauhria said that neither he nor

his Party was advocating vigilantism.

“We will also deal with gangs,

put in place a long period of

rehabilitation of young offenders and

tighten home detention rules. Our

legal system has failed us and it is

time to look at crime with effective

solutions,” he said.

Robust Right

Sometime ago, Lech Beltowski, a

medical practitioner and spokesman

for Sporting Shooters’ Association

of New Zealand said that a robust

right of self defence (together with

reasonable and legal access to the

means of self-defence) strengthens

and reaffirms the basic and historical

philosophy that citizens have a moral

and legal right to defend themselves

against criminal attack.

“It demonstrates that government

is democratic and trusts its citizens.

It also demonstrates a pragmatic

acceptance by the authorities that

there will always be a small minority

of dangerous criminals or deranged

individuals roaming free in our

society and that in reality the State is

unable to protect the ordinary citizen

and their property from such people,”

he said, writing on the website of

Working Families Pockets get another filling

Paula Bennett

Sensible Sentencing Trust website.

No discrimination

An individual’s right of legal self

defence is based on the same law that

police use to justify carrying firearms

and the use of deadly force, he said.

“The relevant section (48) of the

NZ Crimes Act (Defence Against

Assault) states, ‘Everyone is justified

in using, in defence of himself

or another, such force as, in the

circumstances as he believes them to

be, it is reasonable to use.’ Note that

this applies to everyone and nothing

in the Act gives police greater

rights or gives grounds for them to

discriminate against the self-defence

needs of ordinary citizens.”

Prior to the 2014 general election,

then ACT Leader Jamie Whyte had

said that shopkeepers should be free

to keep guns under their counter, but

former Prime Minister John Key has

dismissed the proposal, describing it

as “dangerous.”

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General Election 2017

Fifth in a series of Six Parts

Voting is not just a right; it is a responsibility

For Vanisa Dhiru, there is no

question that she will be voting in

the coming election.

“It’s up to all of us to have a

say in how our country is run - and you

get your say by voting,” she said.

Voting starts soon in the 2017 General

Election, when New Zealanders will

choose who will represent them in

Parliament for the next three years.

Election day is September 23, but

people can vote anytime from September


Vanisa Dhiru

Vanisa Dhiru, who is of Indian

descent, was born in New Zealand and

lives in Wellington where she works as a

consultant. She is also the Vice-President

of the National Council of Women NZ

and takes pride in the fact that New

Zealand was the first country to give

women the vote in 1893.

“124 years ago, a bunch of great

leaders pushed for women to have their

right to vote, which meant everyone had

that right to have their say. For that, we

should be both thankful and willing to

take part.”

Ms Dhiru said that she has been

enrolled ever since she was able to vote

and has taken part in every election since

she was 18.

“I have taken my time to review the

issues and policies of all the parties, and

I want to make an informed vote. After

looking over the policy statements, it’s

fairly easy to see who I will be voting


Kaliappa Chetty

It is a similar story with Kaliappa

Chetty, a Fijian Indian who moved to

New Zealand 14 years ago. The Auckland

accountant says that he is enrolled

because he is a responsible citizen, and

that it is important to vote so that an

accountable government can be elected.

Like Ms Dhiru, he has also been looking

at what the various parties and candidates

stand for.

“It’s easy to access information on the

parties’ policies and record in Government,”

he says.

Viraf Todywalla

Aucklander Viraf Todywalla is having a

harder job deciding which of the parties

he wants to vote for, but he will make a

decision and vote in the election.

He says it is what all responsible

citizens should do.

“Everybody should vote, and if you do

not vote, you should not complain later,”

he said.

Electoral Commission Chief Electoral

Officer Alicia Wright said that there are

many ways to find out more about the

candidates and parties contesting the


“Talk to your family and friends, look

at the party websites, tune into the news,

or go along to a local candidate meeting.

You will quickly get an idea of what the

parties and candidates stand for,” she said.

Online tools

Voters can also use online tools like

Policy, Vote Compass and On the Fence

to work out which political parties match

their own views on issues like health,

education, roads and tax.

“Think about what is important to you

in your everyday lives - that will help you

decide who to vote for,” Ms Wright said.

Mixed Member Proportional

New Zealand has a proportional voting

system called MMP, or Mixed Member


Ms Wright said that the key thing to

know about MMP is that every voter has

two votes, one for the political party they

want to be in Government, and one for

the candidate they want to represent their

local area. These are called the party vote

and the electorate vote.

“When you go into a voting place,

you will be given one ballot paper. On

one side is a list of political parties to

choose from, and on the other side is a

list of people standing for election as the

local Member of Parliament (MP). Put

one tick beside the party you choose, and

one tick beside the candidate you want

to be your MP. That is it - two ticks and

you are done,” Ms Wright said. Political

parties with a bigger share of the party

vote will get more seats in Parliament and

coalitions are usually needed to form a


More information on voting under

MMP can be found at

nz in several languages, including Hindi

and Gujarati.

Need to enrol

People need to enrol before they can

vote in the election. To be eligible to

enrol and vote, a person must be 18 years

old or older, a New Zealand citizen or

permanent resident, and have lived in

New Zealand continuously for one year or

more at some time of their life.

They can enrol or update their details –

including a change of address - by filling

in an enrolment form. Forms are available

at and at PostShops.

People can also ask for a form to be sent

to them by calling 800 36 76 56, or by

texting their name and address to 3676.

Voting starts on September 11, when

advance voting places open and goes

right through until election day on

September 23. To find a nearby voting

place go to or call


“If you are worried about voting,

remember our voting place staff can help

you on the day you go to vote. Your vote

is important, so make sure your voice is

heard in 2017,” Ms Wright said.

Bill English and National are building on

the successes of the last few years with

a clear plan to keep delivering more

for all New Zealanders and ensure

everyone has the chance to succeed.

We need to maintain our focus on growing the economy so we can continue to create

more jobs and higher incomes and provide support for hard-working families.

We will continue to invest heavily in infrastructure for our growing country and

continue record investments in public services that are delivering 10% more police

staff across New Zealand, a much-needed pay rise for 50,000 care and support

workers, more life-saving drugs and bowel screening, more classrooms

and more special needs support.

Sticking to National’s strong, consistent economic plan

is the only way we can do more for you and your family.

Authorised by G Hamilton, 41 Pipitea St, Wellington.


Misinformation dampens concept of Water Tax

Thakur Ranjit Singh

Disinformation and misinformation

on Labour Party’s Water Policy

shows why it is so urgent for New

Zealand’s education system to

strengthen its third ‘R’, Arithmetic in particular

and Mathematics in general.

It appears that many political leaders, journalists

and media commentators are grossly

misinformed, without the ability to differentiate

between a litre (just one litre) and cubic metre

(1000 litres) of water.

Learning basic Measures

When Labour Government comes into

power in a month’s time, it should have special

Arithmetic classes for journalists and a few

elderly political leaders, to ensure that they do

not make a laughing stock of themselves. As a

first lesson, they need to know the difference

between a litre and a cubic metre of water.

A litre of milk uses some 960 litres of water

to produce. At Labour’s proposed tax of 1 cent

per cubic metre (1000 litres of water) this will

cost less than a cent per litre. So, what is the

issues here? Where do they get their figures


No wonder, National Government should

have invested in mathematics teachers, so that

politicians and the public can grasp simple


And the Beehive needs to conduct

Mathematics classes for Parliamentarians, so

that people like Winston Peters and Primary

Industries Minister Nathan Guy are better

informed and enlightened on intelligent water

debate and modes of measuring volume.

Even this giant, 18 Kgs Cabbage would not suffer a cent

of Water Tax (Picture supplied by author)

Minister ignorant

Mr Guy made a spectacle of himself when he

could not differentiate and distinguish between

a litre and a cubit metre of water. He said that it

took 900 litres of water to make a bottle of wine,

and a 10c per litre charge would add $75 to a

bottle’s price. He does not even appear to have

facts as a Minster to credibly debate an issue.

Labour’s MP and Environment spokesperson

David Parker corrected Mr Guy, pointing out that

Labour would charge by the cubic metre and not

by litre. Hence, a tax of 1 cent per cubic metre

would therefore lift the cost of a 750ml bottle of

sauvignon Blanc by less than 1 cent.

Those politicians, radio talk back journalists

and misinformed DJs at radio stations, not

comprehending simple mathematics need to

distinguish water measures between a litre and

cubic metre.

Farms Taxation

Under farms taxation, you pay only one cent

for 5 x 44 gallons (204 litres) drums of water

(1000 litres). For a cabbage to cost $18 each,

it needs to take 8800 of 44-gallon drums or

1,800,000 litres (yes, 1.8 million litres) of water

to grow. That can fill a few swimming pools.

Mr Parker said that Labour Party was

proposing charging 1 or 2 cents for each 1000

litres farmers use - but the details are yet to be

hammered out with those involved. He said

erroneous claims that such levies would equate

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to $50,000 a farm are rubbish.

“It would be about $100 million across the

whole of the country for a year,” Mr Parker told

Q+A on TVNZ.

Perhaps Winston Peters can tell us which

thirsty cabbage would need a few swimming

pools of water to grow.

Mr Parker said that NZ First’s cabbage

example was “amusing” and at a million litres of

irrigation, it would indeed make one extremely

watery cabbage.

Thakur Ranjit Singh is a Political Observer

and Media Commentator. He runs ‘Fiji Pundit,’

his Blog that covers a variety of subjects.

He lives in Auckland.

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Reality is what people tell you, not the government

Priyanca Radhakrishnan


DIY Cardholder


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your local Resene ColorShop!

Labour will build a fairer system

that fixes the housing,

health, education and safety

crises – We have done it

before and we will do it again.

We are less than a month away

from the general election and things

are getting exciting!

In the Maungakiekie electorate,

where I am contesting as a Labour

candidate, I see the Party getting

support from the wealthier suburbs –

areas that are not traditionally red.

Many tell me that they will be

voting Labour this year because it is

about time we had a government that

will fix the housing crisis and ensure

that the Health, Education and Police

sectors are adequately funded so that

they will work well.

Untimely waits and deaths

The Health sector has seen

cumulative funding cuts in real terms

of $2.3 billion.

As a result, patients at hospital Accident

and Emergency Departments

are being told to go elsewhere or face

an eight-hour wait.

People are dying on surgery waiting

lists. Young people are missing

out on mental health care and New

Zealand tops the developed world in

youth suicide statistics.

Doctors, nurses, teachers, principals

and police officers are stretched

to breaking point. They are all being

told to do more with less.

Eventually, we will get to a place

where standards will start to slip –

and it will not be the fault of those on

the front line.

Abolishing National Standards

Speaking of standards, Labour in

government will abolish National


Here is why.

Last week, I visited schools in the

Maungakiekie electorate along with

Labour’s Education spokesperson

Chris Hipkins.

Teachers are struggling with 60 to

80 hour-weeks and much of that time

is spent on administrative tasks that

takes them away from their actual

job, which is to teach our children.

National Standards were

introduced in 2010 as a tool to

assist parents and teachers monitor

the performance of Year 1 to Year

8 pupils in Reading, Writing and


Sadly, principals, teachers and

parents have serious concerns about


Uneven measurement

National Standards are neither

national nor standard – they are

applied differently between schools

and are not consistent.

They also do not measure progress.

One of the Principals told us about

students who make huge progress

in reading and writing but are still

behind the standard at which they



Paint 10L

should be at their age.

National Standards do not

recognise that children have different

starting points.

Using National Standards, parents

are told that their child is not doing

well enough – they are not told that

the child is doing so much better now

than he or she used to do.

That leaves children feeling

that they are not good enough,

parents thinking that their child

is under-performing and teachers

feeling frustrated because they know

the truth.

Housing crisis

The main issue that people talk

to me about on the campaign trail

is unsurprisingly, the housing crisis.

The next Labour government will

make it a priority to fix it.

We will build affordable houses on

a large scale, addressing speculation

(including foreign speculation) to

level the playing field for first-homebuyers

and support those in need by

stopping this government state house

sell off.

We have done it before and we will

do it again.

After nine years of National

government, home ownership is the

worst it has been in 60 years. My

generation is locked out of owning

a home unless their parents are in a

position to help.

About 41,000 people are now

homeless, based on the government’s

own definition of homelessness. We

have entire families living in cars






0800 RESENE (737 363)

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and garages, and children studying

in them by torchlight. Families are

forced to move out of Auckland

because the city is just expensive to

live in. in my parents’ generation the

average house price was three times

higher than the average income. Now

it is ten times higher.

False government propaganda

Yet, the government will tell you

that the economy is strong.

They will tell you that they have

shown a surplus this year.

What they do not say is that it is at

the expense of investing in housing,

health, education and safety. Growing

the economy is important – but it

is equally important that a strong

economy results in a better life for


National has had nine years in

government and yet we are tracking


This election is Labour’s chance to

rebuild a fairer country for all of us

–and a better future for our children.

Finally, if you live in the

suburbs of One Tree Hill, Onehunga,

Ellerslie, Mt Wellington, Tāmaki

or Panmure, you belong to the

Maungakiekie electorate.

I am asking for two ticks – to be

the next MP for Maungakiekie and

for a strong Labour-led government.

Priyanca Radhakrishnan is

Labour Party’s candidate at the

Maungakiekie Constituency in the

general election scheduled to be

held on Saturday, September 23,


Governor General issues writ for General Election

Pilot project

for disengaged

young people

Louise Upston

We have announced a new

pilot for supporting disengaged

young people and help them

to stay in education longer and

achieve better outcomes in life.

The rollout of the new model for delivering

learning support will provide more accessible

and flexible support to young people to help

them realise their full potential. We will be

piloting new local responses to better meet the

needs of young people at risk of not achieving

in education.

Funding alternate education

Young people aged between 13 and 16 who

are alienated from mainstream schooling often

end up enrolled in alternative education or

activity centres.

The Education Ministry funds schools to

provide 1888 places in alternative education

and 280 activity centre places across the

country each year.

The pilot will be carried out at five Communities

of Learning to help test the model that

will be made available to all schools.

We have stressed that alternative education

contracts are in place until December 2018

while the pilot is underway and all young

people currently in alternative education and

activity centres would continue to be supported.

Louise Upston is Associate Minister of

Education of New Zealand

Supplied Content

Governor-General Dame Patsy

Reddy has given the go-ahead for this

year’s General Election to be held,

signing the writ directing the Electoral

Commission to conduct the General Election on

23 September 2017.

Constitutional step

Chief Electoral Officer Alicia Wright said that

the writ was handed over to the Board of the

Electoral Commission at Government House in

Wellington this morning.

“The issue of the writ is a key constitutional

step in the election process. It sets out the dates

for candidate nominations to close, election day,

and the date the writ must be returned showing

the successful electoral candidates,” she said.

Under the Electoral Act, the writ must be

issued within seven days of the dissolution of


Important dates

The Electoral Commission must return the

writ with the names of the successful electorate

candidates to the Clerk of the House of Repre-

Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy with Alicia Wright

sentatives within 50 days of its issue, by October

12, 2017 if no application for a recount is received.

A full list of parties and candidates is now

available at

Other key events triggered by the issuing of the

writ are (a) The Electoral Rolls close for printing

and (b) All voters enrolled after this date cast

special declaration votes.

Candidate and party television and radio

advertising can start now.

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Sound education for Kelston people

Bala Beeram

National understands

the issues that are core

to Kelston families

and our recent policy

announcements are showing that

we are investing to secure their


Kelston families that I talk to

want to see a New Zealand where

their children can get world-class


Our four-part $359 million education

package was announced

at the Campaign launch in

Henderson, Auckland on August

27. The package will see more

children gaining the skills they

need to excel on the world stage.

Second Language

Firstly, a re-elected National

Government will provide every

primary student the opportunity to

learn a second language. At least

10 languages will be available

following consultation with

communities. Mandarin, French,

Spanish, Japanese, and Korean

are likely to be included, along

with Te Reo and Sign Language.

Learning a second language has

a positive effect on other parts of

children’s learning and this opportunity

will lay the groundwork for

more young Kiwis to represent

New Zealand across the world.

Improving Mathematical skills

Secondly, we will improve the

Mathematics skills of primary

school students by upskilling

teachers, providing additional

resources like digital apps, and

delivering more support for students

who need it. New Zealand’s

economy is booming and our

need for engineers, scientists,

and innovators will only grow.

Improving the maths skills of

young people today, will benefit

New Zealand in the future.

Thirdly, we will invest to create

more digital opportunities, with

Digital Academies and Digital

Internships to give Year 12 and

Year 13 students practical, workbased

learning opportunities that

are a springboard into careers in

the IT sector.

Extending National Standards

Lastly, we understand that

parents expect to see the progress

their children are making at

school. That is why a re-elected

National Government will extend

National Standards to provide

more detailed information about

how our young people are

progressing right throughout the

year – information that can be

accessed immediately online by

children and their parents.

Our teachers and schools work

so hard to create opportunities for

our children and these measures

will help more of our kids reach

their potential.

Better Infrastructure

Kelston voters have expressed

the need for investment in infrastructure.

National is the party

of infrastructure and I am proud

to see more projects announced

to drive Auckland’s economic


Academy for young offenders

As your local MP, I will

advocate hard for more transport

investment in the West.

Many Kelston families and

business owners are concerned

about youth crime and the effect

that a select few violent young

offenders are having on our


We have announced that a

re-elected National Government

will establish a Junior Training

Academy based at the Waiouru,

run by the Defence Force to see

about 50 of our most violent

young offenders per year given

the opportunity to turn their lives


A Party Vote for National will

re-elect a Government devoted to

delivering for New Zealanders,

with real solutions for Kiwi





Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

Manukau East


Katrina Bungard






Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, 1/131Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.

Authorised by KBungard, 107Great South Rd,Greenlane.

Authorised by ALoheni, 107Great South Rd,Greenlane.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi


Katrina Bungard


We have failed in every student test in nine years

Anil Sharma


New Zealand’s immigration

system is broken. There is

no doubt about it. And it is

high time for reassessment.

As an educationist and Party

Secretary of New Zealand People’s

Party, one of the biggest issues that I

see facing international students is the

current immigration policy.

In recent years, the difficulty

confronted by international students

and the way the current government

is handling the students after they

have completed their tertiary studies is

getting more and more bad reviews in

the international press.

Shameful bottlenecks

Private sector visa caps, explanations

from employers about hiring non-New

Zealanders, employer unwillingness,

WINZ-related formalities, unfamiliarity

with the process, and costs rank as the

most apparent barriers to hiring foreign

national students.

In the case of international students

who emerge from a world-class education

system provided by New Zealand,

the challenges associated with finding

a job in the country after graduation

and post-graduation courses are

exacerbated by the difficulty thousands

each year face, in finding an employer

that is open to hiring non-New Zealand


I have heard students come to our

Party office in distress at the end of

their visa period complaining that their

interviews almost always end with,

“We would love to hire you, but you

are not a New Zealander.”

Some argue that foreign students are

a threat to the New Zealand workforce.

But my question is, Why? What is it

Jenny Salesa - Speaking Out for You


for Manukau East

Party Vote

Vote 11 -23 September

Vote SALESA, Party Vote LABOUR

that is making us make it so difficult for

them to live and work here?

Leader’s comments

Quoting our Party Leader Roshan

Nauhria, “Preventing international

students from working in New Zealand

will not help our country. Creating

barriers for them to be absorbed in the

work force will not be a good sign. It

will harm them. Encouraging employers

to hire foreign nationals overseas,

rather than in New Zealand, will push

capital from New Zealand to locations

where the foreign talent is hired. We

are wasting our resources. Look at it

this way: New Zealand colleges and

universities spend four solid years

teaching, influencing and cultivating the

intellect of thousands of international

students who choose to study here, but

the country does not actively harness

and embrace their talents. By making

it difficult for these students to become

part of the workforce, New Zealand

NZPP will streamline Work Visas for students

And make the system easier, simpler and transparent

The New Zealand People’s

Party (NZPP) will make

the ‘Pathway to Residence’

programme automatic and less

cumbersome if it is a part of the new

government after the general election

on September 23, 2017, its leader

Roshan Nauhria has said.

“The current system allows for

irregularities and improper screening

of students’ applications, leading to

unhealthy practices. Immigration

New Zealand (INZ) advises students

to apply for work after study. NZPP

Roshan Nauhria

will encourage all students who want

to live and work in New Zealand to

obtain work permits automatically.

All students who are already in New

Zealand as on September 23, 2017 will

be provided with Work Visas, valid up

to one year to enable them to get jobs,”

he said speaking to Indian Newslink

at his Party Office on Saturday, August

26, 2017.

Quality Courses only

Mr Nauhria said, “An international

student spends on an average $40,000

a year mainly because the system

promises the Pathway to Work and then

Authorised by Andrew Kirton, 160 Wills Street, Wellington. 04 384 7649

loses out on much-needed revenue.

They will provide their managerial and

development expertise to organisations

abroad. They will pay taxes abroad.

Does this country really want to let

someone with their trained skills,

educational background and earning

potential go?”

Foreign students are more likely to

obtain higher-paying jobs, consequently

paying more in taxes. But why stop


New Zealand tertiary education

students for advanced degrees pay

over $20,000 per year, per course, contributing

significantly to tax revenues.

Promises by New Zealand government

are being broken.

Moral responsibility

New Zealand is known for its

honesty and integrity and currently

our ethics in honouring our word is

questioned. We are sending a mixed

message across.

Residence. Our Party in government

will ensure that all education providers

conform to quality courses run as per

the curriculum and prepare them to be

successful in their careers. We should

ensure that we have only genuine and

quality private institutions,” he said.

Training for all unemployed

Mr Nauhria said that New Zealand

has severe shortage of skilled people

such as truck drivers, carpenters, electricians,

plumbers, hairdressers and hair

stylists (to name a few) and that those

people who are currently unemployed

should be trained for these jobs.

Jenny Salesa

Every person in New Zealand should have

a warm, dry, healthy home to live.

That is where our children should be

growing up, our working families and

our seniors should be living – not in overcrowded

rooms or in leaky, mouldy homes or cars.

I have been deeply distressed during my term

in Parliament at the conditions in which many

South and West Auckland people are being forced

to live. More and more working families cannot

access this basic human right to a secure roof over

their heads.

For a second winter in a row, Te Puea Marae

has had to open its doors to make sure that there

are warm beds and social services to support

homeless families.

Build more houses

As New Zealanders, we do have real choices

and we can make the right ones.

We do not have to accept Auckland’s housing

crisis or the huge levels of homelessness, as the

current Government has done, or that our young

families can never own their own home.

Labour’s commitment is that we will house the

homeless. We have for a long time now proposed

that the better plan for New Zealand is to stop

selling State houses and to build more State

houses, while making sure that we have enough

healthy and secure emergency beds.

Checking out speculators

Home ownership must be made possible again

and we could achieve this by building more

homes, by banning foreign speculators, by taxing

property speculators who flick on houses at large

profits within five years and by creating a level

playing field for local, first home buyers.

Close to my heart is the need to take serious

action to end homelessness and to make sure

rental housing is healthy.

It is simply unacceptable that over 40,000 New

Zealanders are homeless.

No more people should die or contract lifelong

illnesses because their home is cold, damp and


By attracting and inviting students to

come here, we have a moral responsibility

towards seeing them through the

process, not extract money and then

desert them like they are some excess

baggage for our economy.

We, at New Zealand People’s

Party, will ensure that this process is

completed smoothly.

We want to provide a rational solution

to integrate people like these into

the New Zealand workforce instead

of opening the sphere for increased

competition by pushing them out to

other countries.

If New Zealand People’s

Party comes in as government, we will

simplify the visa process and make it

transparent as well for the students to

learn, work and live in New Zealand

and bring back the country’s right name

and policy gone wrong.

Anil Sharma is Secretary of New

Zealand People’s Party.

“They should be trained only in

government-run institutions either free

or at subsidised fees. Proper training

will enable them to become qualified in

vocations that are in high demand and

well paid. We will have an effective

three-way partnership between the government,

education institutions and the

education agents overseas. We will put

in place systems and procedures with

proper checks and balances,” he said.

Mr Nauhria mentioned several other

measures to improve the immigration

regime, which appear elsewhere in this

issue. -Venkat Raman

Moulded homes and cars are no places to stay

has mould. New Zealand will be a stronger

country, a better country, when everyone has a

decent place to live.

A better, fairer plan for New Zealand is: stop

selling state houses; build more affordable homes

and state houses; make sure we have enough

healthy, warm, dry homes and emergency beds.

KiwiBuild Programme

I am excited about our ambitious KiwiBuild

programme, which would build 100,000 high

quality, affordable homes over 10 years and half

of those would be in Auckland.

New Zealand is facing skills shortages in construction

and allied industries, yet this ambitious

home building programme will require a larger

workforce – KiwiBuild is projected to create 5000

new jobs at its peak.

Under Labour, we will implement a Dole for

Apprenticeships scheme and subsidise employers

to take on 4000 young people for on-the-job


Free Education

Free post-school education would further support

growing a skilled workforce. It became clear

during our Future of Work Commission research

that this is the way to support tens of thousands

more people to learn and to upskill in all fields,

including building and construction.

It is important to make sure that our social

housing sector works properly.

We should make Housing New Zealand into a

public service, to put people first before profits

and not to continue to milk this social service for

a dividend.

It is essential that all rental homes are warm,

dry and healthy and the government can choose

to set the parameters for this by setting basic

standards for rental properties standards in:

insulation, heating, ventilation, draught stopping,

and drainage.

This will ensure people who live in rental

accommodation stay healthier.

For additional reading, please visit http://www.

Jenny Salesa is elected Member of Parliament

from Manukau East and Labour Party’s

Spokesperson for Skills and Training.




Home Ownership

Fair Immigration

Safe Communities



Authorised by A.Sharma, 258 Balmoral Road, Sandringham Auckland, 09 846 8059



Mood for change is building around us

Michael Wood

We are all lucky to live in this country.

It is a fundamentally good place with many

natural advantages.

New Zealand’s geographic isolation and

relatively small population mean that we simply don’t face the

problems that many parts of the world do, while our long-standing

traditions of parliamentary democracy and respect for human

rights are the envy of those who live in less free societies.

No complacency

But none of these means we should ever

be complacent. We can and always should

strive to make our country even better.

The Labour Party of which I am a proud

member, has a 100-year history of leading

progressive change and always asking

‘What can we do to make New Zealand an

even better place’?

And as we approach the end of nine

years of National government, there is

much to be done.

We all know that there is a desperate

need for action on housing. With house

prices in Auckland still over one million

dollars in most suburbs and exploding

homelessness, our current policies are

clearly failing.

Good House test

For Labour, decent housing for all

families is a priority.

We will roll our sleeves up and build

affordable homes that young first-home

buyers are crying out for through our

KiwiBuild plan which will create 100,000

affordable homes over ten years.

We will stop non-resident speculators

from buying existing houses and pushing

the price up for residents, and we will

extend the Brightline test to five years so

that those trading houses for profit pay a

fair share of tax.

With the right investments in transport,

we also have the opportunity to get people

and freight moving in New Zealand.

Moving people and goods

Our cities are congested and many of

our regional roads have become run-down.

Labour’s transport plan is ambitious. It

will not involve spending more than the

current government, but it will involve

using the money better.

In Auckland and our other cities, we will

invest decisively in high quality, 21st Century

public transport.

Golden Triangle

A Labour government will deliver Light

Rail to the airport and the north-west, bus

rapid transit from east Auckland to the airport,

and in time light rail to the north shore. This

will create a linked-up transport network that

helps people to move in our biggest city. In

our regions, we will invest in run-down roads

and create an efficient commuter rail service

for the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga.

In our communities, we need action to

ensure that people can feel safe in their homes,

on the streets, and at work. Labour’s plan for

1000 new community based police officers

will mean that there are more police on the

street to prevent and solve crimes.

Crime Victim support

We will ensure that victims of crime are

It’s easy to do

business with


Talk to us today.


better supported, and that we take action to

stop crime in the first place by getting our

young people into meaningful work.

As Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern makes

her way around New Zealand, there is a huge

feeling of optimism building.

I have known Jacinda for a long time, and

the positive public persona she projects is

utterly authentic. She spends little time criticising

the government and other parties, and

is more interested in finding positive solutions

to deal with our problems and maximise New

Zealand’s opportunities.

People are ready for some new ideas and


Labour is ready to serve.

We have the ideas, we have the Leader.

New Zealand – let’s do this!

Michael Wood is elected Member of

Parliament from Mt Roskill and Labour

Party’s Spokesman for Transport and

Ethnic Communities.

Contact Labour’s

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12/04/17 11:15 AM

EthnicCommunities Team



Phone 09 373 3332

Address 85 Grafton Rd, Auckland NZ 1010

Michael Wood MP

Spokesperson for

Ethnic Communities

Jacinda Ardern MP

Labour Leader

Authorised by Jacinda Ardern MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington


Sound economic plans

benefit all New Zealanders




Singh Bakshi

In the lead-up to the election,

the Treasury opened the

Government’s books last


It confirmed that our economy

is in good shape and is one

of the fastest growing in the

developed world.

There is also good news for

wage earners and families with

the Treasury expecting lower

unemployment, stronger wage

growth, and lower inflation.

The dividends of growth have

allowed us to formulate wellthought-out

policies to deliver

for New Zealanders.

Positive boost

Our Family Incomes Package

will provide a positive boost to

families on April 1 next year.

It will deliver an average of

$26 a week to more than 1.3

million working families. It

will also benefit about 750,000

superannuitants, with a couple

in retirement up to $13 better off

a week.

We are also on track to provide

a further Family Incomes

Package in 2020.

Over the next four years, we

are committing $32.5 billion

to infrastructure investments,

$7 billion to improve public

services, and reducing public

debt as a share of GDP.

Just last week, we announced

several new initiatives. They

include a $1 billion hospital

for Dunedin and $10 billion

for 10 new Roads of National

Significance to support a

growing economy and make our

roads safer.

There would be cheap GP

visits for 600,000 more low income

New Zealanders meaning

that 2.5 million Kiwis will have

access to free or very cheap GP


Ambitious trade policy

Our ambitious trade policy

aims to unlock markets with 2.5

billion new consumers for the

benefit of large and small exporters

and their workers in every

region of New Zealand. And we

are investing in $120 million in a

Christchurch Arena.

It is only through a strong

and growing economy that we

will continue to grow jobs, lift

after-tax wages, and provide a

safety net for those in need.

This is what sets National


The 2017 Election campaign

has been notable for the absence

of economic policy from

opposition parties, who seem to

be assuming economic growth

just happens.

We know that it takes hard

work and careful management.

That is why a vote for

National on September 23, 2017

is a vote for three more years of

a sound economic plan that is

delivering for Kiwis.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi has

been Member of Parliament

since November 2008. He has his

Out-of-Parliament Office in Papatoetoe,

which is the Manukau

East Constituency.



Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

National List MP based in

Manukau East






1/131Kolmar Road,

Papatoetoe, Auckland

09 278 9302

09 278 2143




Funded by the ParliamentaryServiceand authorised by

Kanwaljit Singh BakshiMP, 1/131Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe

Authorised by BBeeram,

107 Great South Rd, Greenlane



Cash for trash will make New Zealand greener

Denise Roche

This has four key components:

Introducing refunds on

drinking containers.

Banning the use of single-use

plastic bags by 2020.

Reducing plastic packaging and


Commit to a zero waste Aotearoa.

We want to work with communities

all over New Zealand to turn trash into

cash, which will clean up our beaches

and reduce the amount of plastic harming

our oceans, birds and marine life.

One of the main reasons that people

come to New Zealand to live, work,

New Zealand First has

placed sitting Member

of Parliament Tenth on

its List announced on

Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

He is just one place up from

the previous election in 2014 – an

endorsement of his performance by

the echelons in his Party, particularly

Winston Peters.

Loyal worker

The finest attribute of Mr Bindra

is his loyalty to the Party when it

recorded its worst performance in its

electoral history in the November 2008

general election.

study and visit is because of the beauty

of our environments.

But imagine taking a relative who has

travelled all the way from India or the

United States of America to a beautiful

beach or park - only to find it polluted

with litter - plastic straws, plastic bags,

glass bottles.

Refunds on drink containers

Introducing refunds on drinking containers

is a common-sense idea that has

worked overseas to reduce the amount

of empty drink containers littering the

ground and the amount going to landfill.

Rather than ending up being wasted at a

landfill or cluttering up our oceans and

beaches, we can turn trash to cash by

adding a 10c container deposit for bottles

and cans.

This will make them more likely to be

Raj isthe founder and Principal of aSouth Auckland based

lawfirm who wants to sharehis professional success by giving

his community avoice and representing them in Parliament

through his work with the Green Party.

He is passionateabout policy, law, effectivecommunication

and leadership,education and immigration.

Rajoften offers legal education seminars to communities.

recycled by adding a value to them - and

help fund community clean-up groups at

the same time.

Ban on plastic bags

We will ban single-use plastic bags

by 2020 - the end of our first term in


India led the world in 2012 by

banning the production of lightweight

plastic bags.

Because the people of India know

what the Chinese, Italian, French and

other countries already know - that

plastic bags are bad for the environment,

dangerous to animals and are a threat to

a clean food supply.

We will start by with a 20-cent plastic

bag levy immediately in government

with 15 cents going to community

groups to fund clean-ups and 5 cents

going to research and development into


Unnecessary packaging

There is too much unnecessary

packaging in our grocery shelves.

As the Green Party Waste Spokesperson.

I have been sent so many stories

of things like a single apple wrapped in

airtight plastic packaging.

Plastic cups, plates and other

disposable plastics are also completely

unnecessary when we have much more

sustainable alternatives available.

We will declare them a priority

product and bring them under mandatory

product stewardship - meaning that we

set targets for reduction and price the

cost of their disposal and recycling.

This will reflect what the actual cost of

the product is - on our environments

At Number 10, Mahesh Bindra improves his chance

Supplied Content

Mahesh Bindra

Raj Singh


Manukau East

Authorised by Gwen Shaw, Level 1, 17 Garrett Street, Wellington

“I believe in the policies and

programmes of New Zealand First

Party and I have been its loyal worker

and supporter for more than 15 years.

Political fortunes may change but I

am not the one to jump ship during a

political storm. New Zealand First is a

great Party of ideals and principles and

those are dear to me as well,” he said.

Impressive record

Mr Bindra entered parliament in

2014. A former Corrections Officer

with the Department of Corrections,

he holds a BA (Hons) degree in

Political Science and Psychology.

He is New Zealand First Party’s

Spokesperson for Corrections, Customs,

Land Information New Zealand

(LINZ) and Ethnic Affairs.

“Mahesh Bindra’s experience

has played an important role in the

New Zealand First caucus and in

Parliament for the past three years.

His insights into the ethnic makeup

of New Zealand and his practical and

pragmatic policy solutions that address

the stresses faced by immigrants have

been greatly appreciated,” Mr Peters


Important Party now

New Zealand First has been polling

well as a ‘Tier Two’ Party and if the

current mood of the people is any

indication, it should have sufficient

Caring for the future

elevates Party values

Raj Singh

Throughout the election campaign, I

have had a chance to connect with

many communities across New

Zealand, particularly in my own home

in South Auckland.

One thing that has come across clearly,

whether I am out at a community center or a

Mosque or a shopping mall is that Green values

align so well with many of the things that

everyday New Zealanders care about.

Concerning issues

When I talk to people, they tell me that

they are concerned about having safe drinking

water, about poverty in New Zealand and about

the state of New Zealand’s environment. The

Green Party is committed to tackling the issues

that matter for our future: climate change,

poverty and clean rivers.

We are the only Party in New Zealand that

has the track record, the values, the ideas and

the vision to make these happen.

Climate Challenge

Climate change is the number one challenge

that confronts our planet.

Businesses from all over Aotearoa are

already doing the right thing and taking action

- but they need a government that is committed

to supporting real climate action.

The Green Party will commit to real climate

action with a commitment to Zero Carbon

Aotearoa by 2050.

New Zealand led the world in votes for

women and in going nuclear free.

We can and should lead the world in

showing what this looks like; a thriving society

with well-paying, secure jobs fueled by clean



and communities and assist in the

development of alternatives.

Zero Waste by 2050

Last but not the least, we are

committed to a Zero Waste Aotearoa by

2050, the same year we have committed

to going carbon neutral.

This means there will be zero-waste

going to landfill with everything being

recycled or reused or repurposed to

something else.

This will involve transforming the

way we do things - but the Green Party

has never been afraid of doing whatever

it takes to protect our environment and


Dennis Roche is Member of Parliament

on Greens’ List and the Party’s

Immigration and Ethnic Communities


seats to hold the bargaining chip and

have a definite say in the formation

of the next government. With Labour

and National running a close race, and

with Mr Peters upset with National on

his superannuation issue, it would be

speculative now to specify which way

he would move after the results are out

on September 23, 2017.

However, it would be ‘no bet’ for

those who have known Mr Peters, for

he keeps his political cards close to his

chest. They also know that neither the

man nor his Party can be written off

by any one, especially by his political

opponents and an adverse media

New Zealanders sleeping in warm, energy-efficient

and healthy homes connected by

modern public transport.

Credible Plan

We have a credible plan to clean up our

dirty rivers and guarantee access to clean, safe

water. We will charge water bottlers, who make

enormous profits from our water, fairly and

redistribute the funding back to iwi and local

government. The money will be used by them

to clean up our polluted rivers and guarantee

clean, safe drinking water.

We are the only Party that is committed to

ending poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We have a poverty-busting plan which will

ensure that people who need income support

get what they need to make ends meet and


Good Governance

A decent government does not use the

threat of poverty as a weapon against its own

people, and with the Greens at the heart of a

progressive government we will put a stop to it.

Ending poverty also means reducing crime and

making our communities safer.

Poverty is one of the main drivers of crime in

our country and along with our plan to invest in

community policing and in creating well-paid,

secure clean energy jobs; this will make our

communities more prosperous and safer.

The Green Party stands ready to provide a

green heart and a green backbone in the next

progressive government.

If you like what we stand for, we need your

support now more than ever.

Raj (Pardeep) Singh is a Barrister & Solicitor

by profession. He is Green Party’s Candidate

in Manukau East in the forthcoming

general election on September 23, 2017



One-in-Three bias distances

second-tier parties


Sanity must prevail on

immigration sooner than later

Winston Peters

The old parties persisting with

mass immigration between

53,000 and 73,000 is utter


The old parties’ plans for housing

and infrastructure do not even cater for

the people who will climb off the planes

at Mangere on an annual basis.

They are not even building houses

and infrastructure for mass immigration

above 50,000, let alone catering for

the existing needs of the New Zealand

population already here.

Optimism and dishonesty

Sooner or later, sanity has got to

prevail but any parties promising

to have a policy on housing, health,

education and infrastructure without

seriously carving back the inflated

demand of mass immigration is just

being dishonest with the New Zealand


When will they tell New Zealanders

how they will cope with incoming

demand for infrastructure and housing

whilst they deal with the tens of

thousands of homeless already in New

Zealand? For Auckland alone, it means

in excess of 40,000 more cars on the

motorway every year.

The reason for this unprecedented

degree of optimism combined with

dishonesty is that these other parties

should first admit that their stance on

defending mass immigration has been

so bad for New Zealand.

Fraud destroys education image

More than a third of decisions in

May this year concerning Philippines

students applying to study in New

Zealand were uncovered as fraudulent.

Of 720 decisions Immigration New

Zealand made in Manila, a total of

224 were found to have fraudulent


Immigration Minister Michael

Woodhouse paints this as a positive

of Immigration New Zealand doing a

great job investigating the problem.

Philippines to China and India

But this figure will only be the tip of

the iceberg; the corruption and fraud

begins in the Philippines and elsewhere,

and then continues in New Zealand

with students being exploited and

ripped off as they try to get residency

here. Other information that New Zealand

First obtained from the Ministry of

Business, Innovation and Employment

reveals that in March this year, three

offices in China identified 73 cases of

fraudulent documentation.

Also, between May 1, 2016, and

May 19, 2017, a total of 261 Indian

nationals were deported from New


These are only the cases that have

been identified.

Mr Woodhouse says that the

Labour Inspectorate does a great job

investigating here in New Zealand but

he does not say that there are only the

pitiful number of 54 officers for the

entire country and that a record 226,000

work visas were issued to people from

overseas in the past year.

Thousands of them are students who

are being exploited but are too afraid

to come forward for fear of losing their

visas and having to leave the country.

Winston Peters is elected Member

of Parliament from Northland and

Leader of New Zealand First Party

Winston Peters

New Zealand First is

disappointed that both

TVNZ and TV3 have again

allowed themselves to be

pushed into the “old school” First-Past-

The-Post mode at election time.

Their decision-making on election

debate participants reflects the fact that

they have been heaved to stick with the

past, despite MMP being here for 21


Both have been bullied into running

televised debates with only the two old

parties, Labour and National.

Contrast that with the UK elections

and the BBC telling Prime Minister

Theresa May that they were going

to hold a multi-party leaders’ debate

whether she turned up or not.

How can it be fair that a procession

of Labour Party leaders is able to force

television into doing things the old

parties’ way?

The voices of the parties that would

challenge both Labour and National

are being shut out, especially around

issues they have both failed on, for

example, the housing crisis and mass


On TV3 debates

New Zealand First confirmed that we

would take part in the TV3 debate with

leaders of the four parties in Parliament

over the 5% per cent threshold on

September 13.

However, National refused to take part

in it. Instead of going ahead, regardless of

Prime Minister Bill English turning up or

not, TV3 cancelled it. Why?

Mr English clearly is shying away

from confronting us head-on as much

as possible.

Immigration Minister Michael

Woodhouse refused to debate me on

immigration one-to-one on TV3, not

once but twice.

We give a bouquet to TV3 for trying

to get this off the ground as mass

immigration has wrought so much

havoc in this country – as those waiting

for surgery and parents of kids doing

their lessons in corridors will know.

It is an important topic in which the

National government should be asked

the hard questions– head-to-head by

the party that has stood for putting New

Zealanders First and common-sense

immigration for decades.

Unacceptable terms

The four-party TV3 debate (September

13) was eventually cancelled

after National’s refusal. We learned this

about two weeks ago.

We had declined to take part in the

TV3 debate last weekend, that excluded

Labour and National, and was solely for

‘other parties’.

In all the confusion and having to

prepare one’s own campaign diary, I am

continuing my campaign in the North

rather than spending three-quarters

of the day travelling to Auckland

and back, particularly as Labour and

National are not turning up.

Winston Peters is elected Member

of Parliament from Northland and

Leader of New Zealand First Party.







Authorised by A. Martin, 13 Brown Road, Warkworth

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The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

ISSUE 376 | SEPTEMBER 1, 2017

In plain English, ardent efforts matter

If you are not a biased political observer,

not a turncoat who swore by

a Party until yesterday and became

an ardent supporter of an erstwhile

arch-rival today, not a person who wears

I-know-everything attitude and finally,

not a hypocrite who unabashedly brings

implied racism in supporting a candidate,

you will like Jacinda Ardern.

The same could be said of Bill

English, Winson Peters, James Shaw,

David Seymour and all others including

Roshan Nauhria.

Labour’s new Leader cannot be discarded

as ‘an inexperienced, inane and

ignorant person,’ for everyone has the

right, in a democracy, to opportunity – of

leading a nation and a Party, steering the

destiny of people.

The rise of Ms Ardern has been


We did meet her as a part of her

day-long meetings with journalists in

Auckland last fortnight. There is never

such a thing as an ‘exclusive interview’

with a Leader during the election season.

You can at best get a glimpse of the person’s

trait or his or her lighter moment.

Leaders do not announce policies and

programmes in private conversations.

They go live on national television or

radio. To that extent individual meetings

are no more than exchange of pleasantries

and repeat of platitudes.

Good attributes

One of the finest attributes of Ms

Ardern that has surfaced over the past

four weeks is her focus on the election

campaign. To that end, she is spending

energy in articulating policies, shifting

priorities and meeting people, rather than

dissipating it on criticising her political

adversaries. There is a certain charm

in her leadership qualities that does not

come by experience- but by nature and

social disposition.

Although political leaders repeat their

party briefs at every interview, there was

an innate passion in Ms Ardern towards

New Zealand and New Zealanders – the

passion that she shares with her political

counterparts and rivals. The goal is the

same but the approach is different.

Priority Issues

Contrary to what is written and spoken,

her priorities are well defined and

orchestrated in order of their importance.

And Immigration is not one of them.

Children’s welfare, including alleviating

child poverty, providing them good

education and ensuring their good health

come first and it would be no surprise if

she takes a Ministry for Children as one

of her portfolios if she becomes the next

Prime Minister.

Enhancing economic growth, lifting

productivity, improving health and

education are also among the issues that

occupy her mind and time.

Indeed, Bill English would do the

same if he returns as the Prime Minister;

so would Winston Peters, if he has an

opportunity to lead the country.

Challenge to Democracy

The biggest challenge to democracy

comes neither from above nor below but

from within, from the voters themselves.

Greek Philosopher Plato’s great worry

about democracy, that citizens would live

from day-to-day, indulging the pleasure

of the moment, has proved prescient.

Democratic governments got into the

habit of running big structural deficits

as a matter of course, borrowing to

give voters what they wanted in the

short term, while neglecting long-term


Whether we admit or not, the New

Zealand economy on such a precipice.

Voters alone can sustain Democracy

As Politicians appeal to the

people of this country to give

their ‘Party Vote,’ it means two

distinct things- that they want

you to vote for their Party if not for their

candidate – and more importantly, they

want you to vote.

American novelist Louis L’ Amour was

right when he said, “To make democracy

work, we must be a nation of participants,

not simply observers. One who does not

vote has no right to complain.”

New Zealand under threat

For more than 100 years, New Zealand

politics was robust, with people exercising

great vigilance over people who govern

them and those who oversee such governance.

People were supreme and hence

political philosophies that were central to

political parties did not matter. Everyone

had to comply with minimum standards

of honesty, integrity and transparency.

Developments of the past few years

would seem to cast a doubt on New

Zealand and its ability to sustain such

democratic ideals. True, we are still high

on the ‘Clean List’ of countries perceived

as the ‘least corrupt.’ However, that is just


It is true that democracies are on

average richer than non-democracies, are

less likely to go to war and have a better

record of fighting corruption.

More fundamentally, democracy lets

people speak their minds and shape their

own and their children’s futures. That so

many people in so many different parts

of the world are prepared to risk so much

for this idea is testimony to its enduring


Tough times ahead

As an Economist Essay mentioned,

democracy is going through a difficult


“Where autocrats have been driven

out of office, their opponents have mostly

failed to create viable democratic regimes.

Even in established democracies, flaws

in the system have become worryingly

visible and disillusion with politics is

rife. Yet just a few years ago democracy

looked as though it would dominate the


In the second half of the 20th century,

democracies had taken root in the most

difficult circumstances possible – in

Germany, which had been traumatised by

Nazism, in India, which had the world’s

largest population of poor people, and,

in the 1990s, in South Africa, which had

been disfigured by apartheid.

People elect representatives who pull

the levers of national power for a fixed

period. But this arrangement is now under

assault from both above and below.

The survival of a democracy depends

not on its leadership, but on its people and

the way in which those people demonstrate

their power in choosing the people

and their Party to govern them.

Voting therefore is a must; it is the only

weapon that we have to strike at erring


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Nothing lasts forever,

especially in politics

“It is time to call it a day,” says United Future Leader

Peter Dunne

The current political environment

is extremely volatile and


However, I have concluded,

based on recent polling, and other

soundings I have been taking over the

last few weeks, that, the volatility and

uncertainty notwithstanding, there is

now a mood amongst Ohariu voters

for a change of MP, which is unlikely

to alter.

Change imminent

This shift in voter sentiment is quite

at variance with polling and other data

I have seen throughout the year, upon

which I had based my earlier decision

to seek re-election for a 12th term as

MP for Ohariu.

While I am naturally extremely

disappointed after 33 years of service

at this apparent change of feeling, I

recognise and understand it, and respect

absolutely the electorate’s prerogative

to feel that way.

I have therefore decided that it

is time for me to stand aside, so the

people of Ohariu can elect a new

electorate MP.

Consequently, after much consideration

and discussion with those closest to

me, I am announcing today that I will

not be putting forward my nomination

for election to the next Parliament.

Temporary privilege

I do so with considerable reluctance,

but I have always understood that

Sree Nampally

Home ownership has become

an impossible dream for

almost everyone.

Owning a home in New

Zealand is an aspiration for many, and

it will get even harder over the next

decade. The much-quoted figure about

the age of first-home buyers now being

nearly 40 is not true. In fact, even 50-60

years olds including British migrants

who, like their Indian and Chinese

counterparts, love to buy their own

homes but cannot afford.

An Indian example

A young lady spoke to me about

her main concerns and she is only one

of many dispirited young people. A

38-year-old from India, she moved to

New Zealand with her husband who

is highly educated with an advanced

tertiary degree. Their combined salary is

around the national average.

She said, “I would love nothing more

than to own a house, but it is in a fantasy

world. I am paying about $600 a week

in rent. Even if I manage to save $500 a

month, or $6000 a year, it would take 10

years to save $60,000; but by then, even

this amount many not be sufficient to

place as deposit for raising a home loan.

holding public office is a temporary

privilege granted by the people, and can

never be taken for granted.

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving

the Ohariu electorate in its various

forms since 1984. I thank my constituents,

my supporters, my Party, and all

those staff members who have worked

so loyally and professionally alongside

me over the years, but above all, I pay

huge thanks to my wife Jennifer, my

sons, James and Alastair, raised in the

heat of politics, and my entire family

for their loyal support, patience and

encouragement for so long.

I am especially proud to have worked

alongside successive National- and

Labour-led Governments in the collaborative

environment of MMP, and to

have had the privilege of serving as first

an Under-Secretary and then a Minister

under seven different Prime Ministers

for just on fifteen years.

Successful initiatives

I am very proud of the many

changes I have been able to make in my

portfolios over the years to make New

Zealand a better place in which to live

and raise a family.

Over the last three years alone, I have

been very pleased to lead the work to

modernise New Zealand’s drug policy

towards a stronger health focus; and

to make fluoridation of drinking water

more widespread.

I was delighted to establish Fire and

Emergency New Zealand which unified

our urban and rural fire services in the

biggest reform of our fire services in

70 years.

I was also very pleased to have been

able to bring back 10-year passports.

With NZPP in the House,

you could get a home

She said, “I try not to think about

it too much, because it is depressing.

At the moment I am paying off my

landlord’s deposit and he is making

profit on top of that.”

It is frustrating, but most people are in

the same boat.

This sort of situation is a total loselose

for our economy. We need to retain

our appeal despite comparably high

prices; the salaries need to be higher and

interest rates a bit lower. The current

government is just struggling with these


NZPP Plan of Action

The New Zealand People’s Party

(NZPP) is here with an organised plan

of action.

Through its First Home buyers

scheme, NZPP will help young and old

people alike on to the property ladder.

For Auckland:

Average house price $800,000

Deposit money needed: 20% -


Loan to be provided - $100,000

(Interest-free for five years)

For the rest of the country, the deposit

amount would be $60,000.

I am in a similar situation. My husband

and I are hard-working taxpayers.

It is terrible that the Government has

not been able to do anything for people

like us.

Increasing supply

Bringing house prices down, on the

other hand, is much easier: we just have


The D5 group of the world’s most

digitally advanced nations meets in

New Zealand early next year.

Having overseen New Zealand

help form the D5 group in 2014, I will

be very sorry not to be chairing that


Lastly, I have enjoyed being part of

the continuing drive to make the taonga

of the National Library and the National

Archives more widely available to all

New Zealanders.

Ohariu has been a very large part of

my life. I have lived continuously in the

area for more than forty years. Jennifer

and I raised our family in Ohariu.

It is our home. Working for the

community and its people over the

last 33 years has, at all times, been an

absolute delight. I will miss hugely

that direct engagement with so many

aspects of the life of our community,

and I will never forget the huge honour

Ohariu gave me by electing me, first as

a young 30-year-old, and then for the

next ten elections after that.

But good things cannot last forever.

Now it is time for me to put all that

behind me, take the election hoardings

down, say goodbye to Parliament

without bitterness or regret, and get on

with life.

Finally, my thanks and best wishes

for the future go to Brett Hudson MP,

National’s List MP based in Ohariu,

for the support he has shown me

throughout this year.

Peter Dunne is Interior Minister of

New Zealand and an elected Member

of Parliament from the Ohariu

Constituency in South Island.

to increase the supply. Commercial

developers must be freed up to supply

the tremendous demand, in places where

it really exists.

I strongly feel that unless something

does not dramatically change, it is

possible that first-time buyers may never

enjoy the sense of security and community

that New Zealanders associate with

home-ownership. Some will move out

of the country. Others will rent for life.

A grim, dark future.

We want to bring in a change and

make our voices heard, and we can only

do this if we have a representing party

of the people in the government.

That is the main purpose of our policy


We have decided to prioritise the real

problems that will decide the future of

our country, not wait till the situation


We need to create more changes and

our plans are already in place.

And for this we need your vote – your

Party Vote.

We appeal for your support to get

New Zealand People’s Party its place

in the coming Election to form the next


Vote for NZPP. Vote for Change.

Sree Nampally is a Candidate of

the New Zealand People’s Party

in the ensuing General Election on

September 23, 2017


NZ Fashion Tech becomes Feroz Ali acquisition

Supplied Content

New Zealand is back on

the radar for entrepreneur

and tertiary education

heavyweight Feroz Ali,

who moved to Canada two years ago

to launch an international education

company, Asia Pacific Education


Mr Ali has just acquired ‘NZ

Fashion Tech,’ an award-winning

fashion and garment technology

college which delivers training to

more than 200 students each year at

its three campuses.

Expanding horizons

NZ Fashion Tech is a Category One

provider (highest NZQA ranking), and

is the first New Zealand acquisition

for APEDU, whose portfolio already

includes top Canadian tertiary

education providers Canadian

Tourism College, CG Masters School

of 3D Animation & VFX, and Sterling


A leader in vocational training for

the fashion industry, NZ Fashion Tech

graduates can be found at the forefront

of the fashion field, both here and


“NZ Fashion Tech has been around

longer than many schools in New

Zealand and is an amazing example of

a small private training establishment

(PTE) punching above its weight.

It is a school that prides itself on

always staying relevant to the fashion

industry, and the calibre of training it

delivers is exceptional,” Mr Ali said.

PM’s Scholarship

He said that for the fourth year

in succession, the College has been

awarded the Prime Minister’s Scholarship

for Asia.

“This is unprecedented, thanks to

this scholarship, 15 of our students

are currently spending six weeks in

India learning about the apparel and

Indian Advisor wins two Immigration Awards

Venkat Raman

Auckland based Immigration

Advisor Arunima Dhingra was

honoured with two Awards at the

Annual Awards Ceremony of the

New Zealand Association for Migration and

Investment (NZAMI) held at Eden Park in

Auckland on August 18, 2017.

She is Director and Fully Licensed Immigration

Advisor at Aims Global Education

and Immigration Services Limited.

Ms Dhingra won the ‘Immigration

Advisor or Lawyer of the Year Award’ and

the ‘Community Outreach Award’ at the

Ceremony attended by NZAMI members,

immigration advisors, lawyers, consultants

and businesspersons.

Learn English with us

Englishƒorwork and everyday liƒe



to contact your local centre

Arunima Dhingra with her Award

(Picture Supplied)


Feroz Ali- Returns home to promote honest


textile industry. It is a life-changing

opportunity for them,” he said.

Fashion Week coming up

Another highlight on the NZ

Fashion Tech calendar is the ongoing

New Zealand Fashion Week (August

28 to September 3, 2017) at which 16

of students of the College showcased

their silk creations at the highly-anticipated

Resene Designer Runway event.

It is the ultimate kick-start to a

budding fashion designer’s career.

“These kinds of events, and this

kind of industry recognition, is what

gives our graduates the leading edge

in this highly competitive industry,”

Mr Ali said.

In addition to NZ Fashion Tech,

plans are in the pipeline for further

APEDU acquisitions in New Zealand.

Mr Ali said that New Zealand will

always be his home and that he knows

best the private tertiary sector.

About Feroz Ali

Mr Ali is a highly respected leader

in the private education sector in New

Zealand, Canada and other countries.

He founded New Zealand Career Col-

Project for Fuji Xerox - Winner Versant in


lege (NZCC) in 2004, and after a decade

of highly successful operations,

sold it to Academic Colleges Group

(ACG), before being appointed to the

role of Divisional Chief Executive of

ACG Tertiary Division.

He was instrumental in ACG’s

acquisition of NZMA and the New

Zealand School of Tourism, helping

in the growth the newly-formed ACG

Tertiary & Careers Group to over

6000 students. It became the largest

funded PTE in New Zealand within

the first 12 months.

He was also part of the executive

team involved in the sale of ACG to

Pacific Equity Partners (PEP) in 2015.

Significant achievements

Mr Ali has chaired the peak body

group ‘Independent Tertiary Institutions’

(now Quality Tertiary Institutions),

and has worked closely with

Education New Zealand to help lift

industry and institutional performance

and contribute to the development of

an international education strategy for

New Zealand.

In Canada, he serves on the Board

Ms Dhingra is one of the earliest to obtain a

full Immigration License when the Licensing

regime came into force on May 4, 2009.

She has been a regular contributor to Indian

Newslink since 2008. She is a strong advocate of

transparency and accountability, based on which

her immigration practice has grown to become

one of the finest in Auckland.

ANZ Bank sponsored three awards – Migrant

of the Year, Community Outreach, and Hall of

Fame of the NZAMI Awards Programme.

Migrant of the Year

Founder and principal of North Auckland’s

Albany School of Music, Grace Dong Liu was

named ‘Migrant of the Year’ at the Awards


Dr Oliver Hartwich, Executive Director

of the New Zealand Initiative and Jack Hou,

designers ltd

architectural designer.

64 edgewater drive, pakuranga, auckland 2010.

Contact: 09 5772171 /021 687162



our strengths

member of ADNZ -recognised professional body

well equipped &established with good reputation

overall personal service

technical competency &professional experience.

NZ Fashion Tech-Runner-Up and People’s


of Directors for the BC Council

for International Education by the

Ministry of Advanced Education.

For Mr Ali, reinvesting in New

Zealand is an opportunity to share his

enthusiasm, passion and expertise,

and help shape the future of New

Zealand’s tertiary education sector.

“I am delighted to be bringing the

knowledge that I acquired in Canada

back home. I am here to do things

slightly differently – to shake things

up a little!” he said.

Editor’s Note: Indian Newslink

has been proud to be associated

with Feroz Ali since 2004 when

he established the New Zealand

Career College (NZCC), which

was the Sponsor of the ‘Business

Excellence in Business with India’

Category of the Indian Newslink

Indian Business Awards from 2011

to 2015, when he left for Canada.

We look forward to working with

him in promoting his interests in

the education sector, in which he is

known for his honesty, integrity and

high standards of professionalism.

ANZ Bank’s Head of Migrant, Asian

Retail and Business Banking Auckland

presented the Award to Ms Liu, who

migrated from China with her husband

and son in 2013.

NZAMI Chair June Ranson said that

Ms Dong Liu was chosen for this Award

because, in a short time since gaining

residency, she built a school that will help

thousands of young New Zealanders

develop their musical abilities and

enhance the quality of New Zealand’s

accomplishments in the field of music.

The Winners

The Awards ceremony followed the

NZAMI Annual Conference.

Full list of winners:

Grace Dong Liu: International

musician, Founder and Principal of the

Albany School of Music, Albany –

‘Migrant of the Year’ Award

Arunima Dhingra: AIMS Global

Immigration and Education Services,

Epsom, Auckland – ‘Immigration

Advisor or Lawyer of the Year Award’

Arunima Dhingra: AIMS Global

Immigration and Education Services,

Epsom, Auckland – ‘Community

Outreach Award’

David Ryken: Ryken and Associates,

Auckland City – Inducted into ‘Hall of


June Ranson: Woburn International,

Wellington – ‘Service Award’

Our Business Awards Sponsor

Aims Global Education and Immigration

Services Limited is the Sponsor of

the ‘Best Accountant of Year’ category of

the Tenth Annual Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards 2017 jointly with The

Fund Master, a mortgage and insurance

brokerage firm based in Auckland.

Ms Dhingra’s article on the changes

to Immigration Policy that came into

effect on August 28, 2017 appears under

Businesslink in this issue.


Wellington firm

helps to rebuild

Fiji school

Losirene Lacanivalu

From Fiji Sun

Improving education and making

it accessible is the priority of the

Fijian Government, Fiji’s Prime

Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has


Inaugurating a classroom block at

Rampur Primary School in Navua

on August 26, 2017, he said that

improving facilities, freeing parents

of financial burden, higher pay to

teachers, improving quality of teaching

and learning are all part of his government’s


“As a part of the education reform,

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum

has been holding roadshows,

which have helped to belie rumours


Frank Bainimarama with Narendra Rao at

the Rampur Primary School in Navua on

August 26.

(Picture for Fiji Sun by Vilimoni Vaganalau)

and remove misinformation, leading

to teachers’ support of our reforms,”

he said.

Classroom to Drawing Room

Mr Bainimarama appealed to the

Navua community to make their

homes an extension of the classroom.

“Do not just leave it to the teachers,

work with the teachers and make your

home an extension of the classroom.

Get engaged with your child’s lessons

and homework,” he said and added

that students have great potential and

deserve happy adult lives.

New Zealand firm donation

Head Teacher Narendra Rao

said that the construction cost

of F$256,000 was met through

contribution of the Fijian Government

(F$219,000) and the John Macdonald

family of RC Macdonald in New

Zealand (F$37,000).

“There has been a steady increase

in enrolments and we expect more

next year. The total number of

students is now 900,” Mr Rao said.

Mr Macdonald, who was present at

the event, said that he was honoured

to witness the hard work and effort

put into the construction of the


Natural disasters

He said that New Zealand and Fiji

have in recent times faced natural

disasters and that following the earthquakes

in New Zealand, people from

around the world had offered support

in different ways.

“Earthquake effects in New

Zealand inspired my family to support

a community in Fiji after the Tropical

Cyclone Winston that caused largescale

devastation in many parts of

Fiji in February 2016. I am thankful

to Vishwa Reddy (not identified),

who guided my family in this School

project, apart from giving his time to

facilitate support,” he said.

Mr Macdonald said that with the

population increasing rapidly in

Navua, there is a great need for more


“But for now, we continue with

the tradition of the school established

75 years ago when the Rampur

Education Society secured this land.

It is a fine example of communities

coming together for the common

good,” he said.

The above story, edited by

Karalaini Waqanidrola, has been

reproduced here with the pictures

by Special Arrangement with Fiji





With changes galore, INZ looks for skilled migrants

Arunima Dhingra

Immigration has been at the forefront

of government policy development

and change over the past few months.

Being an election year, it is perhaps

one of the most divisive and controversial

campaign issues for all political parties.

The government has announced major

changes to immigration policy within

the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) for

Residence and the Essential Skills Work

Visa Category. These changes came into

effect on August 28, 2017.

As a Licensed Immigration Advisor,

it is my duty to provide people with a

breakdown of the changes and explain

how they may affect them.

Policy Overview

Here is an overview of what has


SMC has undergone a complete overhaul,

resulting in a new points calculator.

Here is a brief breakdown:

Introduced two remuneration thresholds

in order to be eligible for Residence under

the SMC Category

Salary at or above $23.49 per hour,

equating to $48,859 per year for jobs at

ANZSCO skill levels 1, 2 and 3

Salary at or above $35.24 per hour,

equating to $73,299 per year for job at

any ANZSCO level or no ANZSCO


Bonus 20 points for high salary at

or above $46.98 per hour, equating to

$97,718 per year.

More points available for skilled work

experience only

Bonus 10 points for skilled work

experience of 12 months or more in New


Points for recognised level 9 or 10

post-graduate qualifications (Master’s

degrees, Doctorate) increased to 70


30 Points now for people aged 20 – 39


Points for partners’ qualifications

is only awarded if the qualification is

recognised level 7 or higher.

Points Removed

Points no longer available for:

employment, work experience and

qualifications in identified future growth

areas; qualifications in areas of absolute

skills shortage and for close family in

New Zealand.

Essential Skills Category

Essential Skills work visa category has

also undergone significant changes and

below is the brief overview:

Introduction of remuneration bands to

help assess the skill level of employment

offered to Essential Skills visa applicants

The skill band determines the maximum

visa length and whether your partner

or dependent children will be able to apply

for visas on the basis of their relationship

Note: After three years, lower-skilled

workers will need to spend 12 consecutive

months outside New Zealand before they

can be granted a further Essential Skills

visa to undertake lower-skilled work.

Partners and children of Essential Skills

workers in lower-skilled employment

can stay in New Zealand for existing visa

holders if they already hold a visa based

on their relationship.

Essential Skills visa holders who are

undertaking lower-skilled work and previously

held a student visa can support visas

for their partner or dependent children if

(a) they held a student visa which allowed

them to support a partner for a work visa

or a dependent child for a student visa (b)

they held a post-study work visa based on

that student visa, and (c) they supported

their partner or dependent child for a visa

based on their relationship while holding a

post-study work visa.

These are major changes that will most

definitely have flow-on effects across multiple

industries especially farming, retail,

hospitality and healthcare. However, for

any change to take place, there will always

be a rough transition period.

Attracting high skills

The government’s goal seems to be

clear – attract migrant workers with high

levels of skill and experience, who may

not necessarily have a formal qualification

but have much more work and life experience,

and therefore earn higher salaries

and bring in migrants to fill important skill


However, though the intention may

be positive, and may in fact change the

face of immigration in New Zealand in

a positive way in the next five years, the

Jonathan Curr, our envoy to Fiji

Career diplomat Jonathan Curr has

appointed High Commissioner

to Fiji.

The Fiji-New Zealand relationship has

warmed since 2014, with the reciprocal

visits of former Prime Minister John Key

and Prime Minister Bainimarama in 2016

a significant milestone.

New Zealand’s bilateral engagement

with Fiji continues to grow in terms of

two-way trade, tourism, defence and

Jonathan Curr

(Photo Courtesy: Radio New Zealand)

development. New Zealanders travel to

Fiji in increasing numbers to enjoy the

way in which these changes were brought

in was problematic to say the least.

My hope is that the to-be government

is willing to patch up the gaps in these

changes as they come to light, to ensure

that our country continues to be seen as a

desirable migrant destination.

Justified shift

I believe this is a justified shift but

whether it will have the desired impact or

effect, and whether it will in fact meet all

its intended objectives, is something that

only time will tell.

Arunima Dhingra is Director and a

Fully Licensed Immigration Advisor at

Aims Global Education and Immigration

Services. She won two Awards at

the Annual New Zealand Association

for Migration and Investment (NZAMI)

Annual Awards last fortnight as

reported under Educationlink in this

issue. Aims Global Education and Immigration

Services is the joint sponsor

with ‘The Fund Master,’ of the ‘Best

Accountant of the Year’ Category of the

Tenth Annual Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards.

sun and sea, and Fiji is our largest trade

relationship in the Pacific.

We also have close defence links in the

Pacific and in international deployments.

Mr Curr is currently Ambassador to the

Republic of Turkey, cross-accredited to the

State of Israel, the Hashemite Kingdom

of Jordan, Georgia, and the Republic of


He has also served at the New Zealand

Embassy in Cairo and the New Zealand

High Commission in Nuku’alofa.






This makes us both


100% NZ


Being extraordinary is simple. It’s taking

the time to get to know your business, how

it works, what’s important to you and finding

the right solution, no strings attached,

to make sure you’re covered… during the

good times and the bad.

Extraordinary comes easy when you’re

100% New Zealand owned, completely independent

and have strong ties with local

businesses and the community.

So get extraordinary and call

PIC Insurance Brokers today.

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New delivery service takes the tall call

Supplied Content

After less than a year in

operation, LazyAz is

taking on global brands in the

delivery services and digital

marketplace arena.

The New Zealand owned and

operated start-up has just launched a

new update integrating its retail partners’

menus and stock lists directly into the


Customers no longer need to search

for products or pricing on a third-party

website. They can now order food,

flowers, gifts, groceries, clothing and

services for most retail partners directly

through the App.

Delivery within CBD

Founder Aryaman Taore said that

there was a gap in the market, filled by

his company.

Supplied Content

The Commerce Commission

has warned GlaxoSmithKline

Consumer Healthcare New

Zealand Limited (GSK) and AFT

Pharmaceuticals Limited (AFT) that

the companies’ product packaging

and marketing representations for

some Voltaren, Panadol and Maxiclear

products were likely to have breached

the Fair-Trading Act.

Twin Products

The Commission investigated a

range of Voltaren, Panadol and Maxiclear

‘twin products’ which contained

Aryaman Taore

(Photo supplied)

“Consumers are thirsty for on demand

services where they can order online

and enjoy rapid delivery. They want to

support a Kiwi-owned marketplace and

delivery service that is on par with the

the same active ingredients but were

marketed and packaged differently.

Under the Fair-Trading Act, traders

are prohibited from making false or

misleading representations about the

nature, characteristics and suitability of

their products.

In these cases, the products claimed

to treat specific ailments like osteoarthritis,

back and neck pain, or sinus

pain and congestion. However, they

were no more effective as a treatment

for the specified condition than the

other product in each product pair.

Satisfactory changes

world’s best,” he said.

The LazyAz app combines the reliability

and familiarity of local stores and

eateries with the convenience of online

shopping and within-the-hour delivery

anywhere in the Auckland CBD.

Retail Partnerships

The company has established more

than 150 retail partnerships with wellknown

brands including Sal’s Pizza,

Habitual Fix and Pita Pit, alongside many

locally owned stores.

Further services include picking up

forgotten items, collecting dry cleaning,

delivering parcels and documents, and

dropping off items for repair.

“We are focused on doing two things

extremely well: understanding how

people live today and doing everything

we can to make their life easier and more

convenient,” Mr Taore said.

“The products in each pair had

the same active ingredients but were

packaged and marketed for different

therapeutic purposes. We concluded

that consumers were likely to think

that the products were different and

treated separate specified ailments,”

Commissioner Anna Rawlings said.

“We are satisfied with the changes

the companies have made, or are in the

process of making, in response to our

concerns. This includes to their product

ranges, packaging and websites. This

will help consumers to use the information

on the box to make informed

What started as a 17-year-old’s bright

idea has grown into a rapidly growing

business, with over 6000 app users to

date. The venture was self-funded on a

modest $1750 of initial capital, partly Mr

Taore’s personal savings and partly from

his parents.

A hugely successful crowdfunding

campaign in late 2016 saw LazyAz raise

$240,000 in equity capital to develop

and implement its strategic growth plan.

The business team aims to grow its

user base in Auckland, then to expand to

Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and


Fundraising Campaign

LazyAz is now preparing for a twostage

fundraising campaign in late 2017 to

raise further capital for the expansion.

First, LazyAz will run a small internal

bridging round that individuals can be a

Warnings over Voltaren, Panadol and Maxiclear

choices about the products they need,

which is especially important when it

comes to healthcare products.”

The Commission will not be taking

further action against the companies at

this time but expects both to ensure that

their products and packaging comply

with the law. The Commission will

take the warnings into account if the

companies engage in similar conduct

in future.


The GSK twin products were

Voltaren Emulgel / Voltaren Osteo Gel;

Panadol Osteo Caplets / Panadol Back

part, before running another larger scale

crowdfunding campaign.

Currently, about 40% of revenue is

from app users (delivery charge and

commission on sales) and 60% from

acting as a third-party delivery service for

LazyAz’s partners.

The business is focused on increasing

the app users’ revenue and expects the

update will play a major part. Additional

revenue comes from interest on payments,

and advertising revenue from both the app

and the delivery vehicles.

“LazyAz’s model supports local businesses

by providing them with an online

platform and delivery service which helps

increase sales and allows them to compete

with global companies. I am proud to be

a Kiwi business owner supporting other

small businesses, and employing almost

50 local drivers,” Mr Taore said.

& Neck Long Lasting (discontinued);

Panadol Rapid / Panadol Back & Neck

Pain Relief (discontinued); Panadol

Cold & Flu Max + Decongestant /

Panadol Sinus Pain & Congestion

Relief (discontinued)

The AFT twin products were Maxiclear

Cold & Nasal Relief/Maxiclear

Hayfever & Sinus Relief; Maxiclear

Cold & Flu Relief/Maxiclear Sinus &

Pain Relief

Copies of the warning letters, which

include images of the products, are

available on the Commerce Commission






The cost of surgical and medical treatments

availableprivatelyinNew Zealand arerising,

and newcancer treatment medicines are

being developed.

Futureproof your health challenges by

ensuring youhaveaccess to the next

generation of immunotherapy cancer drugs.

$500,000 Limit

Surgical. Medical. Cancer.

REAL Products. REAL Benefits.

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Terms, conditions and usual, customary and reasonable rules apply. Please referto the policy wordings for full details.




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Charity at home begins worldwide presence

Young Business Women in NZ Inc raises pride and money

Supplied Content

Business Women

in New Zealand Inc’ is

a not-for-profit organisation

estab-lished in ‘Young

October 2014 in Auckland. Its members

are intelligent and active young business

women from various businesses and


The organisation provides a platform

for members to grow and support each

other by sharing information, knowledge

and personal experience.

‘Young Business Women NZ’

promotes openness, inclusiveness and

kindness through devotion, innovation,

and betterment. It encourages members

to support and enhance economic

growth and international business

opportunities between New Zealand and


Members of ‘Young Business Women in NZ’ (Picture Supplied)

Promoting Charity

The organisation has devoted itself to

promoting charity work, benefiting more

than 300,000 people.

It is actively involved in various charity

works to encourage and promote social

wellbeing among individuals, companies

Navaratri celebrations later this month

Staff Reporter

It would be nine nights of dancing, fun,

food and family entertainment as Hindus

observe Navaratri (or Dussera), an annual

festival devoted to women and in praise of

Goddess Durga.

Although essentially a Hindu observance,

growing diversity and the sheer ‘sans religious’

nature of Navaratri is beginning to appeal to

people of varied ethnicity and faiths.

Community worker Tapan Dave and popular

Gujarati folk singer Ashish Dave are organising

the nine-nights programme on behalf of

‘3D Events’ at S-enery Sports Centre, located

at 44 Portage Road in the West Auckland

suburb of New Lynn from September 21 to

September 30, 2017 with nightly performances

starting at 7pm.

Ashish Dave

Ashish Dave, who hails from Ahmedabad,

has been singing folk songs for more than 30

years and his knowledge of Gujarati folk and

Charani Sahitya (four types of presentation) is

a source of inspiration to listeners of music.

Inspired by exponents of the art Ishardan

Gadhvi and Atul Purohit Gujarati, Ashish

revels in rendering ‘Chand Duha,’ captivating

audiences in Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua,

Wellington and Christchurch, apart from

several cities in India.

Musical Journey

A Company Secretary by profession, he

and community organisations in New


Since establishment, it has organised and

participated many major charity events.

Working together with other organisations,

it has raised approximately $120,000 for

charity. The organisation provides support

commenced his journey in the world of art as

a flutist and keyboard. He is adept in rendering

Gujarati folk songs at musical events and

community festivities like Navaratri.

With more than 500 concerts to his credit,

Ashish keeps audiences entertained and informed

with anecdotes, stories and songs with

a combination of piety and humour.

His ‘Rishabh Music New Zealand,’ with

musicians on Dhol, Dholak, Keyboard,

Octopad and Tabla will perform at each of the

‘Navaratri’ events at the S-enery Sports Centre.

For sponsorship, food stalls and

other information, please call Ashish Dave

on 021-565786, Tapan Dave on 022-188118.

Himanshu Bhatt on 027-4452424 or Hiten

Desai on 021-0483355.

to New Zealand Youth Development

Trust, Children’s Autism New Zealand,

John Walker Charitable Trust and

Avonlea Rest Homes.

Branching out

‘Young Business Women in NZ’ is in

the process of establishing branches in

other regions and countries to promote

love and positive vibe.

‘Together We become a stronger

community’ is not only a slogan but also

the mo-tivation and reason of its devoted

community services.

Major Events

2014: Signed Strategic Business

Agreement with Meisheng Cruise Club.

2014: Official launch, attended by

many community and business leaders

including Madam Wenjuan Tang, Deputy

Counsel-General of Auckland Consulate

Office of People’s Republic of China and


Dr Jian Yang, Member of Parliament.

2015: Visit to Avonlea Rest Homes

with GMP Group.

2015: Hosted a Charitable Night for

children with autism jointly with New

Zealand Youth Development Trust,

Autism New Zealand, Putian Chamber of

Commerce of New Zealand and Putian

Association of New Zealand. The event

raised $110,000.

2016: Sponsored and hosted the

Chinese New Year Festival jointly with

Whau Lo-cal Board, Auckland Council at

New Lynn, Auckland.

2016: Members of the organisation

were invited to visit China in promoting

busi-ness and trade corporation between

New Zealand and China. Their visit

was high-ly praised by the leaders of

the local government and the business

communities in both countries




Waitakere Diwali promises dance, drama and pyrotechnic display

On Sunday, October 1, 2017 at Trusts Arena, Central Park Drive, Henderson


Ranjit Singh

Waitakere Diwali has become

an icon of not only

West Auckland but the

whole of New Zealand.

Among others, it has been continuously

featured in the calendar of Auckland for

18 years, commencing in 2000.

And in doing so, unlike other similar

organisations, it has always granted

opportunities to all its executives to

gain leadership positions, and train as


Distinguished Organisation

Unlike some other similar organisations

where only rich, influential,

professional or businessmen get to lead,

Waitakere Indian Association (WIA)

is a distinguished entity with a marked


Everybody has equal chance, and

this has allowed a humble Mahendra

Sharma, to be our President, leading

WIA Diwali for a second year as


Other newcomers, Kajal Kumar,

as the Master of Ceremonies and

Hasmita Singh, WIA Secretary, as Diwali

Project Manager, were presented

opportunities last year. This passed a

clear message that WIA provides equal

opportunities to its female members to

foster leadership qualities.

Aucklanders are used to participating

National MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi (extreme right) with (from right) Mahendra, Sunita and

Sanjay Dutt at Waitakere 2016.

and enjoying Waitakere Diwali in

the huge House of Diwali, the Trusts

Arena, to which we return this year

from Te Pai Netball Centre where the

event was held last year.

Divinity and Dignity

Mahendra Sharma said, “WIA is

mindful of the fact that Diwali needs

to retain its theme, its respectability,

reverence and dignity.”

In following that policy, he said that

WIA has special dress codes and other

restrictions and check and balances

to have a mix of modern culture with

tradition to ensure Diwali retains its

light of wisdom, divinity and dignity.

“This was reflected in ‘Ram Leela,’

which was performed by artistes from

Ayodhya, India, last year. We will have

similar attractions this year as well” he


Valuable Volunteers

The other point he homed in was,

“While other events have paid officials,

our community workers give their time

and expertise freely to the community.”

This referred to Auckland Council

and corporate-organised events where

those organising are paid officials,

while those at WIA are non-paid

community volunteers – unsung

heroes with a passion for community


As in the past, guests can expect

a galore of sumptuous Indian food

stalls, many craft stalls and trade stalls

promoting business.

There would be numerous and

thrilling stage items, and as usual, the

mood would slowly change into more

Bollywood and thrilling music as

the night progresses, with the public

joining in dancing. No Diwali is

complete without spectacular fireworks

and this year would be no exception at

Waitakere Diwali.

Those interested in having food stalls

are to contact: Chandrika Prasad

(Chandi) on 021-390798.

Those keen on performing at

Waitakere Diwali can download

Performer’s Form at http://www.

Music Society

picks new team

Auckland based New

Zealand Carnatic Music

Society (NZCMS) elected

Sreeranganath Koilkandadai

as its President for 2016-2017

at its Annual General Meeting held

on August 13, 2017.

Yashwanthkumar Ramalingam

was chosen for the post of Vice-President

and Ashok Devarajan to the

post of Secretary.

Among the other office-bearers

for the current year are Harish

Srinivasan (Treasurer), Dr Ashok

Malur (Joint Secretary); and Jay

Jeyashankar, Leena Mani, Mala Nataraj,

Priya Vijay, Ravi Nagarajan and

Shanthi Swaminathan (Committee


Encouraging artistes

Established in 1999 to promote

South Indian Carnatic Music,

Thakur Ranjit Singh has been

involved with Waitakere Indian

Association since its formative years.

He is a Political Observer and Media

Commentator. He runs ‘Fiji Pundit,’

his Blog that covers a variety of


National MP Kanwaljit Singh

Bakshi (extreme right) with (from

right) Mahendra, Sunita and Sanjay

Dutt at Waitakere 2016.

NZCMS has provided its platform

for local artistes to blossom into

credible performers, in addition to

encouraging youngsters and teenagers

to learn and perfect the art.

The Society is a recognised body

to facilitate Carnatic Music examinations

leading to well-recognised


Mr Sreeranganath said that as

a part of its endeavour, NZCMS

conducts monthly programmes

according opportunities for resident

students and teachers to perform.

“Apart from local talent, the Society

invites eminent overseas artistes to

perform, thereby giving a chance to

local music enthusiasts, teachers and

students an opportunity to listen to

the exponents of this music format,”

he said.

-Staff Reporter




Model of the Fortnight

Britain-born New Zealander amidst Indian culture

Miss Indianz is a veritable

platform to display

sartorial resplendency

and bring out the colours

and cultures of India, says Ashika Raj,

our Model of the Fortnight.

This British-born New Zealander

has found the annual beauty pageant

‘extremely empowering,’ helping her to

overcome fears and gain competence.

Cultural Ambassador

“Miss Indianz has enabled me to

become an ambassador of Kiwi-Indian

women who are proud of their culture

and values. I wanted to be a part of

something that gave me the confidence

and help others to do the same,” she


Like many of her age and

disposition, Ashika found conforming

to Indian values and traditions in a

Western country truly challenging.

“I think today’s young Kiwi-Indian

women do well to fit into Western culture

whilst staying true to their Indian

values. Pageants like Miss Indianz send

the message to embrace both cultures

because you are not one or the other,

you are both – and that’s the true beauty

of Miss Indianz,” she said.

“Our Indian culture is beautiful and I

feel proud of being a part of the Indian

community. We come together to

celebrate the uniqueness of Kiwi-Indian

elegance. We showcase beautiful Indian

talent in music and dance and not to

mention elegance and the beauty of our

women,” she added.

New Chapter

Following her win at Miss Indianz

2015, Ashika has found a world of

opportunities unfolding before her- and

the experience, as she recounted, has

been rewarding.

She has become an entrepreneur,

establishing her marketing company.

She has her blogsite (

to give vent to her views

and sentiments.

Nothing however can beat her

current status as a bride-to-be to a man

of her dreams.

“The past year has been the most exciting,

since I have been busy planning

my fairytale wedding! I will be posting

updates on my blog if you would like

to follow me! I hope to inspire people

to follow their dreams and believe in

themselves,” Ashika said.

-Venkat Raman

If you wish to be featured as a Model

of the Fortnight, please write to













Dr N Rasalingam passes away in Auckland

Condolence Meeting on Sunday, September 3, 2017 | At 130 pm at Alexandra Park

Venkat Raman

Dr Nagalingam Rasalingam,

one of the most widely

respected and endeared

community leaders, whose

contributions for the betterment of

refugees is legendary, passed away

on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at his

residence in St Johns.

The end came at 630 am after a

prolonged illness. He was 81 years old

and left behind his wife Rasamalar, their

daughter Rosena Sammi, a Barrister

& Solicitor, (who lives in New York

with her husband Parmajeet and their

daughters Zaira and Saffiya) and their

son Dr Ravi, a Cardiologist (who lives

in Boston, USA with his wife Parul and

their son Roshan and daughters Saheli

and Kalyani).

Dr Rasalingam’s cremation will take

place as a private, family ceremony after

a condolence meeting, due to be held on

Sunday, September 3, 2017 at 130 pm at

Dr N Rasalingam

Alexandra Park, Greenlane, Auckland.

New Zealand Veteran

Dr Rasalingam and Rasamalar have

been residents of New Zealand for more

than 47 years. They arrived from their

native Sri Lanka in December 1969.

Dr Rasalingam was a General

Practitioner at Glen Innes for 42 years

before retiring in 2011. He was known

to his patients as a kind-hearted medical

practitioner with a sincere desire to see

them lead a healthy life.

Beyond his medical profession, Dr

Rasalingam was known for his community

and social work for more than 40 years.

Queen Elizabeth II made him a

Member of the New Zealand Order of

Merit (MNZM) in her New Year Honours

List in January 2000 for his services to

the ethnic and refugee communities and

the Kiwi Bank honoured him with the

‘Local Hero’s Medal,’ as a part of its New

Zealander of the Year Award in 2010.

Passion for people

In our Indian Newslink Special

Feature on ‘Sri Lankans in New Zealand’

published in September 2002, we had

said, “There is something in the man

who was drawn into public service-a

natural extension perhaps to the noble

profession of medicine which he entered

more than five decades ago following his


In that year, then Prime Minister Helen

Clark said, “We are proud of people like

Dr Rasalingam who have contributed a lot

to social and community welfare.”

Organisations involved

His passion for community and social

welfare made him a welcome member of

many organisations and soon their leader.

Among them were New Zealand Federation

of Ethnic Councils Inc (National

President), Medical Subcommittee of the

Councils (Chairman), Refugee Migrant

Commission (Vice-President), New

Zealand Chapter of Medical Doctors of

Asia (Vice-President), Advisory Board

for Planning of Auckland 2020 of the

City of Auckland Vision Reference Group


Ranchhod Foundation launches Make-A-Wish with us

Venkat Raman

People with terminal illnesses or

life-debilitating condition can

have a wish fulfilled through

the Ranchhod-Make-A-Wish,

launched in Auckland with Indian


The Charity Project is in memory

businessman, community worker and

philanthropist Raman Ranchhod, who

passed away on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

aged 79.

He was a New Zealand citizen for

about 65 years.

Commencing his working life when he

was 16 years old as fruits and vegetables

vendor in Wellington, Mr Ranchhod

launched into car business 16 years later,

and over the next 35 years, expanded

it to account for four dealerships with

rental and finance divisions in the greater

Wellington region.

Philanthropic Project

Mr Ranchhod’s son Mahesh and

daughter-in-law Tejal announced the

launch of the Ranchhod Foundation

Make-A-Wish’ at the Seventh Annual

Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand

Rama (Ray) Ranchhod (18.02.1938-06.06.2107)

Lecture held on Monday, August 7, 2017

at Alexandra Park in Greenlane.

Mahesh and Tejal said that they

and their family were extremely

privileged to honour the memory of their

father through the establishment of the

Ranchhod Foundation Make-A-Wish in

conjunction with Indian Newslink.

Community Worker

“Dad was a dedicated family and

community man, who gave his time

effortlessly to help and guide those

around him. The news of his illness was

extremely hard to fathom for the family

and for the wider community at large. He

was a people’s person and the positive

Mahesh and Tejal Ranchhod announcing the launch of the Ranchhod Foundation Make-A-

Wish at the Seventh Annual Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture on August 7, 2017

at Alexandra Park, Auckland Picture by Creative Eye Fotographics. Inset: Raman Ranchhod.

impact that he had on many lives, many

of which were communicated to us after

his passing, was overwhelming and

encouraging,” Mahesh said.

Tejal said described ‘Make-A-Wish’

as a family effort in the service of the


“Any person, of any age, with a

terminal or life-debilitating medical

condition, or even finding themselves

in a situation beyond their control, are

invited to apply. The Wishes received

will be evaluated by a Board on behalf

of the Ranchhod Foundation and Indian

Newslink,” she said.

Continuous initiative

According to Tejal, this would be an

ongoing initiative.

“We are positively anticipating to

present the first recipient at the Tenth

Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business

Awards Presentation Ceremony to be

held on Monday, November 27, 2017

at Sky City Convention Centre. This

would be an emotional experience, in an

environment of success and recognition

at the Awards Ceremony. Applications

are now open,” she said.

Mr Raman Ranchhod was one of the

finest human beings that the world ever

A moving farewell to man of peace and honour

Venkat Raman

More than 700 men and women

attended a Holy Mass and

Condolence Meeting in memory

of Wenceslaus Anthony held at Christ

the King Catholic Church in Mt Roskill

on Wednesday, August 23, 2017.

It was exactly a month (July 23, 2017)

after he passed away after losing a brief

battle for his life at Apollo Hospital in

Chennai, India. He was due to return to

New Zealand three days later after a twomonth

tour which took him to various

cities in India, Sri Lanka, Jerusalem (the

Holy Land) and Egypt.

Unique attributes

During his life as a businessman,

community worker, and a servant of the

Catholic Church, Mr Anthony touched

the hearts of thousands of men, women

and children and eventually resided in

them. He was known for his friendly and

helpful disposition and people reached

out to him for comfort, solace and peace

of mind. Each of them received these

and were grateful to him for his selfless

involvement with them.

Auckland Bishop Patrick Dunn (Centre) leading the Holy Mass

Sneha, Susan and Akash at the Service (Pictures by Creative Eye Fotographics

These qualities were highlighted at

the Holy Mass and Condolence Meeting.

It was a deeply emotional engagement

as Readings from the Holy Bible, songs

rendered by Jeffery Nathan and his

Church Choir and speeches by people

were heard.

Mr Anthony left behind his wife Susan,

daughter Sneha and son Akash who, like

us in the Indian Newslink family are

trying hard to come to terms with the

cruelty of reality.

Susan, whose loss, after 34 years of

married life, was the greatest, was in silent

prayer throughout the evening, while

Sneha, who was sobbing incessantly,

managed to deliver her speech and render

a song in memory of her father, who

always addressed her as, ‘My Doll.’

Akash was more composed, and his

speech, punctuated with sentiments and

subtle humour, was endearing.

Papal Honour, an opportunity

Among the most satisfying things that

people do is to ensure that honour and

citation are bestowed upon people who

deserve by people who are in respectable

positions on the world stage. Queen

Elizabeth honoured Mr Anthony in 2015

by admitting him to the Membership

of the New Zealand Order of Merit

(MNZM) and Pope Francis this year by

approving the nomination of Mr Anthony

to receive the ‘Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice,’

the highest civilian medal awarded by the

Roman Catholic Church in recognition of

his services to the Church.

Personal gratification

Nominating Mr Anthony for the Papal

Honour lifted my spirits.

On June 16, 2016, I wrote to Bishop

Patrick Dunn, justifying my proposal for


(Member), Auckland Ethnic Council, The

Refugee Council and Auckland Refugees

as Survivors (RAS) Centre.

He was also a member of the New

Zealand Tamil Society and the Glen Innes

Business Association for several years.

Globetrotter and Speaker

Dr Rasalingam was the preferred

speaker in several international conferences,

seminars and discussions on medical,

human rights, refugees, rehabilitation,

social and cultural issues on both sides of

the Tasman and Asia and his views are

weighed with respect and enthusiasm.

A witness to the plight of thousands of

Sri Lankans who were forced to flee their

homeland in the wake of civil unrest and

brutality, he understood the need for their

meaningful rehabilitation in countries

around the world.

He was instrumental in the establishment

of the first centre for Rehabilitation

of Refugees in New Zealand.

had – gentle, understanding, compassionate,

ready-to-help anyone at any time and

most important of all, a bearer of goodwill

and love towards all.

Ranchhod Foundation

“The Ranchhod Foundation was

established in 2011 with the vision of

aiding in the betterment of humankind.

We, as a family, have undertaken many

charitable projects in New Zealand and

overseas through the Foundation, including

health and eye camps, donations of crucial

medical equipment, providing shelter

to elderly abuse victims and providing

free-of-charge medical services through our

Laduben Ranchhod Hospital in Navsari,

India,” Mahesh and Tejal said.

Among the other beneficiaries are the

Starship Children’s Hospital, At Heart

New Zealand, CBM Foundation of New

Zealand, a rural hospital in Tanzania and a

number of villages in India.

Recognising his great work to the

community, Queen Elizabeth II decorated

him with a Queen’s Service Medal in 2015

recognising his services to the community.

Make-A-Wish Application Form can be

downloaded from

and www.indiannewslink.

a ‘Papal Award’ to Mr Anthony.

After several paragraphs that substantiated

my reasoning, I said, “The services of

Mr Anthony to the Roman Catholic Church

and the young Catholics have been a

source of inspiration to all of us, including

those of other faiths. He considers himself

a ‘Servant of Servants,’ in the true Christian

spirit. He is the Chairperson of the Divine

Retreat Centre Movement in New Zealand

and Advisor to the Vailankanni Committee

to celebrate the feast of the Birthday of

Mother Mary (on September 8) and Director

of Conquest Club, which aims to shape

the character and personality of young boys

in the 8-14 age group.”

Eight months later Bishop Dunn called

to share the good news that Pope Francis

had agreed to honour Mr Anthony but none

of us knew that the Felicitation Ceremony

that we had organised on May 21 at St

Mary’s Church in Avondale would be his

last public appearance.

No one would be able to fill the void of

Mr Anthony’s absence in some of our lives.

We will certainly meet him some day, but

until then, it would be memories and tears.



There is an old saying in

Tamil, “Thayai Pola Pillai,

Noolai Pola Selai,’ meaning

that the character of a child is

dependent on his or her mother, just as

the quality of a saree is dependent on

the thread with which it was woven.”

This ‘Chip-Off-The-Block’

theory is true of Gaarunyaa,

daughter of Kalaichchelvi

(Selvi) Uthayakumaran,

Principal and Director of the

East Auckland-based dance

school, ‘Narthana Aalayam.’

Innovative concepts

Teachers, students and

many others eagerly await the

teenager’s Bharata Natyam

Arangetram on Saturday,

September 9, 2017 at Dorothy

Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls

Grammar School, since Selvi

is known to feature innovative

concepts in the public debuts of

her students.

And as the 37th

student of Selvi

to present her


Gaarunyaa can

be expected

to be different

and refreshing.

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Special items distinguish youngster’s Arangetram next week

Venkat Raman

Annaiyai Potri will be a special item

‘Annaiyai Potri,’ (In Praise of Mother)

would be the special dance in the

Programme, encapsulating Krishna’s

recount of his mother’s love when he

was a child. This item will include a

few fables that were famous in Tamil


There will be numbers that are typical

for a Bharata Natyam debut, including

Pushpanjali, Allarippu, a dance eulogising

Lord Ganesha, Kauthuvam, Varnam

and a dance in praise of Lord Shiva or

Lord Nataraja, the King of Dances.

Being a student of Selvi is in itself a

privilege, for, over the years, we have

heard scores of students- 36 of them

– tell us that she is a tough taskmaster;

and being her daughter, Gaarunyaa

Special Appearance: Sajilal Narayanan

would be undergoing an ‘ultra-strict’


Disciplined pupil

Says Selvi: “Gaarunyaa initially

enjoyed her dance classes since they

provided opportunities for social

interaction with peers and the time she

got to spend with her mother. Being

athletically inclined and involved with

learning self-expression in dance, it has

been a challenge since she was three

years old. Twelve years on, she is ready

for her Arangetram.”

Selvi said that beside her as the Nattuvanar,

Gaarunyaa will be supported

by a talented group of musicians from

India but stopped short of providing


Tribute to fashion legend brings beautiful memories



Excitement abounds as we begin

our countdown to the 15th

Annual Miss Indianz cultural

and fashion bonanza, with

hearts filled with gratitude, gratification

and goodwill.

Jayaram Ramineni

In that mood, I recall the with

pleasure and tears my association with

the late Jayaram Ramineni whose

creativity shaped the formative years of

this pageant.

His fashion designs not only made

our contestants sparkle on stage but

Deepshika Prasad

Born in Fiji, Deepshika

Prasad moved to

New Zealand with

her family when she

was nine years old. Even at

that tender age, she dreamt of

becoming a model.

Deepshika is currently studying

to become a nurse next year;

however, her cherished desire

in show business continues to


“This hope encouraged

me to enter the Miss Indianz

2017 contest to make my

dream come true and achieve

something in life. I also hope to

gain self-confidence and be just

myself. That in itself is a great

thing,” she said.

also helped them to make a career in

show business – or at least catapulted

them to fame before they entered married

life or changed their career path.

Jayaram was a great friend, with an

impressive record of achievements in

the Indian fashion and film industry.

His designs enhanced the beauty of

charm of women and his soft-spoken

nature and affable manners made him a

great partner at the Miss Femina beauty


Pooja Chitgopeker

Pooja Chitgopeker, the first winner

of Miss Indianz in 2002 was at her

sartorial best, thanks to Jayaram’s

exquisite designs. After winning the

Title, she pursued her higher education

and took up many modelling and other

assignments in Show Business. In

2007, she won the ‘Miss India Earth’

and ‘Miss Earth Air’ titles, bringing joy

and pride to her family and friends. On

January 7, 2011, she married Vikram

Aditya Kumar, an America-born

entrepreneur based in Chicago.

Pooja became a mother about three

months ago, much to the delight of all

of us.

Jayaram is no more with us but I

remember with gratitude the support

that he extended to our annual event

until he died about eight years ago.

Worldwide audience

Miss Indianz continues to gain

nationwide traction and in recent years,

we have experienced significant growth

of online audience.

We started this event when there was

no Facebook. We have kept up with

evolving technology and have been

reaching out to people worldwide.

I attribute the success of Miss

Indianz to our contestants.

Having strong media partners means

that we can continue to promote great


Indian Newslink and Radio Tarana

have been a part of this wonderful


Miss Indianz 2017 will be held on

Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Town

Hall in Auckland. Tickets are now on


Dharmesh Parikh is Director of

Reshab D Productions (Rhythm

House Limited) which organises Miss

Indianz and other events.

Indian Newslink presents the last

instalment of Miss Indianz 2017


Yashnal Devi


freelance photographer and

pageant contestant, Yashnal

Devi loves to be behind

as well as in front of the

camera. Besides being a Bollywood

aspirant, she has done bungie jumping,

parasailing, jet boating, water rafting

and jet skiing.

Gaarunyaa has had the privilege

of being taught dancing by the Late

Adayar Lakshman and by Sajilal

Narayanan of the Chennai based

Kalakshetra. Sajilal, who performed

under the ‘Narthana Aalayam’ banner

in Auckland on June 16, 2012, will be

present at the Arangetram.

About Selvi

Selvi started her dancing career

when she was five years old under the

tutelage of Gowsalya Anantharajah,

and following her Arangetram,

learnt Nattuvangam from Krishanthy

Raveendran. Both teachers were

disciples of Adyar Lakshman.

She established her dance school 19

years ago when she migrated to New

Zealand with her husband. She has 800

solo items and 11 dance ballets, and

was the recipient of a special award

from the then Manukau City Council

in 2009 for promoting the art in New

Zealand. Since 2012, her school is

affiliated to Annamalai University of

India, for teaching certificate, diploma

and degree programs in Bharata


Selvi is known as an icon of

perfection, hard work and commitment

and inspires the passion for Bharata

Natyam among her students




Annual event


September 16, 2017

at 730 pm

Townhall, Auckland CBD

Tickets on sale now

As a Fiji Indian (from Lautoka),

Yashnal believes that she the best

of three worlds, including Fiji, New

Zealand and India.

“I am hoping to gain basic skills and

knowledge of show business through

Miss Indianz 2017,” Yashnal said.








It may soon be stumps for Test Cricket

Ravi Nyayapati

India recently decimated Sri Lanka

in their own backyard in a highly

predictable and outrageously

one-sided Test series. Although an

expected whitewash, the result did not

embarrass the hosts because it was a

foregone conclusion.

The gravity of the outcome was

comfortably accepted.

The question remains – why put

up such a pre-determined one-sided


The only good thing to come out

of such contests are team records for

history books and individual records

for personal glory. It does nothing to

improve the game.

Declining interest

Since the introduction of T20, the

shortest form of Cricket, interest in

Test Cricket has taken an unsurprising

decline. Numbers attending games have

dwindled and there is barely any TV

audience. The few remaining loyalists

still treasure a good Test, and the

excitement and variety of each session

of the five days.

The Indian example

India’s recently concluded Test

series is very good example of why

this format of Cricket risks extinction.

The ongoing series between England

and woeful West Indies, currently

represented by a bunch of schoolboys,

is making matters even worse.

The root cause is clear-cut.

Firstly, there is a select audience

for five-day games. It serves those

that value the core qualities of elegant

batting, the imperturbable effort to

preserve wickets, the laborious bowling

spells, the scorching fielding duties and

importantly the mentally challenging

perseverance to fight until the close of

day five.

Secondly, when none of these virtues

prevails, and matches finish inside of

three days, interest is naturally lost.

One can argue a series win,

especially an overseas tour, is cause for

celebration. However, the story is not

so much a case of winning a Test match

or the series – Test cricket should be

about testing the players and their

respective team for superiority.

ICC should be decisive

The solution is with the International

Cricket Council (ICC), the sport’s

ruling body. They have sat on the

fence for years on perhaps the most

Test Cricket is losing interest (Picture Courtesy: BBC, United Kingdom

sensible solution.

It is high time a Two-tier system

is introduced in Test match cricket.

Currently, India, Australia, England and

South Africa are the top Test teams.

They should play with each other.

Anyone ranked lower need to earn the

right to play the top four teams.

It sounds very simple because it is

very simple.

Imminent death

The death of Test cricket appears

imminent until there is evidence of

true competition. The only countries

where Test cricket draws any decent

crowd are India, Australia and England.

Bangladeshi stadiums pull crowds only

because they are still revelling in the

glory of their recent Test status.

Ireland and Afghanistan are the latest

to gain Test status, although neither

team has debuted in the Test arena.

Two-Tier format

In May 2016, the ICC announced the

evaluation of a Two-Tier format.

The format would see the top seven

Test-playing nations under Tier-1,

competing in two bilateral series with

each other over a four-year period,

one-home and-one-away.

Tier-2 would have the remainder

of the teams, including the newly

crowned Test nations. A promotion and

relegation system would be in place and

dictate movement between the Tiers.

It is no secret that Test playing

nations have differing views on this


Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan

remained at odds with such a system,

albeit their team results did not warrant

anything better.

Although their fear and frustration

can be understood, logic dictates that

rankings exist for a reason. Every team

should earn its right to compete against

the best.

India also opposed this notion, but

only as consolidation to its neighbouring


Many international players have

been urging the ICC to adopt a two-tier

cricket. They continue to warn of a

mass exodus to Twenty20 leagues if

nothing is done.

In 2016, the ICC withdrew the

proposal for a two-tier system.

The cricket world awaits sanity to

soon prevail with ICC. The danger of it

following the woeful mismanagement

style of FIFA remains a worry.

After winning the World Cup in

1966, England failed to qualify for the

tournament in 1974. If it can happen in

Football, it can happen in cricket too.

Its time a change blows over Test

cricket to preserve it.


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