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Indian Newslink Sept 1 2017 Digital Edition

Indian Newslink Sept 1 2017 Digital

BALA BEERAM KELSTON W The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999) Issue 376 | September 1, 2017 | Free Authorised by B Beeram, 107 Great South Rd, Greenlane. phone 09 533 6377 Alongside (Prime Minister) Bill English, I proudly announced on Tuesday (August 29, 2017), National’s Parents and Newborns Package which gives more support to young New Zealand families – in addition to the extra $26 per week on average that we are putting into $1.3 million Working Families’ pockets. Delivering more to Kiwi families is only possible because of National’s strong economic plan to keep growing our economy. So, what are we doing? Progressive measures First, we are progressively extending Paid Parental Leave to 22 weeks over two years. From July 1, 2018, Paid Parental Leave will extend to 20 weeks giving new parents more SAME DAY CREDIT TOANY INDIAN BANKACCOUNT *Conditions Apply HEAD OFFICE AND BRANCH: 632 Dominion Road MANUREWA: 19/185 Great South Road editor@ AUCKLAND CBD: 32, Queen Street PAPATOETOE: 302, Great South Road website Register for Free Legal Clinic! Every Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm AVONDALE : 195, New Windsor Road WELLINGTON: 233-237 Lambton Quay facebook /indiannewslink precious time at home with their little one. Second, we are adding flexibility to the system; so, both parents can take some of the 22 weeks off at the same time, and enjoy time at home together with their baby. We know how important that time together is for both parents of new and growing families. Our policy will ensure that both parents can spend more time supporting each other and bonding with their babies in those special (but stressful!) early months. twitter /indiannewslink Third, we know that a mother’s health is vital not just for herself, but for her baby and her family. Family matters That is why, we are supporting pregnant women and new mothers to take care of their own health by offering them one free dental course during pregnancy and up to their baby’s first birthday. Fourth, National believes that all New Zealanders deserve the chance to have a family. That is why a new National government will give more New Zealand families a chance to have a baby by providing a third free IVF cycle, and speeding up access to fertility treatment for eligible couples. I am proud to be part of a strong National team led by Bill English that is backing New Zealand families. Paula Bennett is Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand. She is also Minister of Police, State Services, Tourism and Women. Qualityadviceisassured through ateam of Licensed Immigration Adviser /Ex-Immigration Officer. We provide tailor-made solutions to individual migrant and their families seeking to study,work, invest,dobusiness and livein NewZealand permanently linkedin /indiannewslink Multi-Ethnic staff from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Japan, Tonga, Iraq, Samoa and China Raj Pardeep Singh Shyama Sharma Specialists in Sale and Purchase of Property & Business, Leases, Principal Partner Barrister and Solicitor Employment Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Wills & Trusts, Immigration LLB/BA (Hons.) LLB/MIT/B.Com LLB/ DBM/ BA( Hons) E: E: E: email: Law- all types of visas and appeals (Initial Consultation Free) Ph: (09) 2799439 | Level-1, 31 East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025 | PO Box 23445 Hunters Corner, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2155 People’s Party promises right to self-defence Venkat Raman All New Zealanders should have the right to self-defence to ward off offenders, New Zealand People’s Party Leader Roshan Nauhria has said. “The only way to put some fear into those offenders who attack retail operators including diaries, liquor shops, petrol stations and others is to allow them the power to defend themselves. Our Party does not accept the government propaganda that crime is on the decline in New Zealand. To say so is highly irresponsible,” he told Indian Newslink. Mr Nauhria said that even teenagers are not afraid of the Police because they know that the Police are powerless. Amending the Statute “Why should retailers and Roshan Nauhria common people be afraid of being invaded during day or night, at shops or homes or public places? If we become a part of the next government, we will amend the Crimes Act and make self-defence legal. Every resident in this country has the right to safety and if that safety can come from their own actions, so be it,” he said. Mr Nauhria said that one of the primary objectives of his Party is to eradicate crime and establish law and order. “Too many offenders are getting away with murders and violent attacks on innocent people who about making a living. It is time to say, ‘enough is enough,’ and allow people their right to safety,” he said. System failure Mr Nauhria said that neither he nor his Party was advocating vigilantism. “We will also deal with gangs, put in place a long period of rehabilitation of young offenders and tighten home detention rules. Our legal system has failed us and it is time to look at crime with effective solutions,” he said. Robust Right Sometime ago, Lech Beltowski, a medical practitioner and spokesman for Sporting Shooters’ Association of New Zealand said that a robust right of self defence (together with reasonable and legal access to the means of self-defence) strengthens and reaffirms the basic and historical philosophy that citizens have a moral and legal right to defend themselves against criminal attack. “It demonstrates that government is democratic and trusts its citizens. It also demonstrates a pragmatic acceptance by the authorities that there will always be a small minority of dangerous criminals or deranged individuals roaming free in our society and that in reality the State is unable to protect the ordinary citizen and their property from such people,” he said, writing on the website of Working Families Pockets get another filling Paula Bennett Sensible Sentencing Trust website. No discrimination An individual’s right of legal self defence is based on the same law that police use to justify carrying firearms and the use of deadly force, he said. “The relevant section (48) of the NZ Crimes Act (Defence Against Assault) states, ‘Everyone is justified in using, in defence of himself or another, such force as, in the circumstances as he believes them to be, it is reasonable to use.’ Note that this applies to everyone and nothing in the Act gives police greater rights or gives grounds for them to discriminate against the self-defence needs of ordinary citizens.” Prior to the 2014 general election, then ACT Leader Jamie Whyte had said that shopkeepers should be free to keep guns under their counter, but former Prime Minister John Key has dismissed the proposal, describing it as “dangerous.” 09 272 4424 021 144 6641 Money Transfers • Money Exchange • Wire Transfers Dial: 0508 41 11 11 Fast. Reliable. Friendly Service. 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