Scotch Reports Issue 169 (August 2017)


Scotch Reports

ISSUE 169 / AUGUST 2017

At Urban Habitats we understand that

everyone is different. That’s why we

design and build homes and

extensions which are uniquely tailored

to each and every one of our clients.

It’s all about a home that meets your

particular aesthetic, functional and

lifestyle aspirations. Your home is an

expression of you.

To find out more about how Urban

Habitats can help you... please contact

Jock Merrigan (Old Collegian 87) on

0416 094 645 and visit our website.


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22 The Addams Family: A New Musical

24 Community Update

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Term 3

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Monday 24 July - Friday 29 September (3:30pm)

Monday 16 October - Tuesday 12 December (12:30pm)

Jordan Tomljenovic and Tayla Prime as Gomez and Morticia

Addams (Kooky Cast) in the 2017 Scotch Musical, The Addams

Family: A New Musical. Photo by Tim Allan.


A big thank you to everyone who collaborated to create

this edition of Scotch Reports. Special thanks go to Sandra

Paterson, Bryan Charlton, Tim Allan, Claire Daniel, David Pace,

Peter Fisher and everyone who kindly supplied photographs

for this publication.

Scotch Presents...

Is University

still a wise


Friday 15 September, 7am




Defining a great school

What does greatness mean for a school? Is

it wonderful traditions? Fine exam results?

Unconquerable sports teams? Lavish

buildings? Top teaching personalities? High

profile alumni?

Maybe some, all or none of the above in

your view, dear reader. In fact, we all have

a view. Let me use the privilege of these

pages to express mine…

Scotch is here to educate. We are here

to transform. We are here to prepare the

next generation to have the most positive,

most enduring, most memorable impact

on society. That education fulfils the

individual and benefits the nation and the

world. It is a big vision, supported by great

events and inspirational activity.

Scotch is a great school because it thinks

big. Even as I write these pages, Scotch’s

World Scholar’s Challenge students

have just emailed me from Hanoi (where

they are competing in a global debating

championship) to ask whether they

might take the opportunity of visiting the

Australian Embassy, as this may well be a

career pathway in the future.

I am proud that students and staff think

this way. They do charity work that seeks

fundamental change, not just raises funds.

Our White Ribbon campaign challenged

the police directly about acting more

effectively, because one domestic death

through family violence per week is simply

unacceptable. They identify with the most

vulnerable when serving breakfast to

primary school children in the Northern

suburbs on behalf of the charity KickStart

for Kids. They feel at home grilling the

candidates for our local constituency in

federal elections. A number have, last term,

done an entrepreneurship course which

involves social responsibility and not just

making money. In 9@Scotch, our cutting

edge experiential education component

in Year 9, we discuss world politics and

take on the same problems as the United

Nations in an educational context.

There are similar institutions to Scotch

around the world. They are equally

ambitious and equally bold. But there are

not many of them.

This ambition comes at a cost. Our annual

income is around $25 million. Roughly 20%

comes from state or federal government.

The rest comes from fee income.

Once we cover our running costs (of

which salaries are the major part),

and service our debts, we are left with

enough to handsomely refurbish one

set of classrooms, renew some of the

furniture, deal with small, but high priority

infrastructure demands of the College, and

make progress with some very boring but

essential fundamentals such as electrical

and bore water systems.

There is an Investment Committee

that oversees our long-term funds.

However, these funds are mainly

committed to scholarships.

No wealthy, aged uncle pays us the first

$20 million on a $30 million project every

10 years.

We do not have huge commercial income

because we were once lucky enough for

someone, somewhere back in the mists of

time to give us a bucketful of cash.

We do not have any undiscovered Assyrian

mosaics sitting on the back wall of the tuck

shop worth 8 figures.

We equally do not intend to sell precious

land and lose for ever the family silver.

All these are true stories from, or strategies

that have been used by, independent

schools worldwide.


So, if we are to radically change our

infrastructure, if we are to build the next

McBean Centre, Rosevear Boarding House

or Webb Science Centre, to support our

future needs, we need to raise funds – big

funds – through philanthropy. In other

words, we need your support.

From our broadest levels of existence to

the care of oneself, education is pivotal to

society’s growth and development.

Jobs are passé. Our children require

preparation for careers that demand

At its most complex, the future of the

world demands leaders in every field

of endeavour: government, research,

technology, diplomacy, religion, health

care and in the field of education, itself.

Thus, we must grow our investment in

educational efforts of all kinds in order to

grow the progress of humankind.

As we approach the Scotch College

centenary, we need to call upon the

inspiring example of the many who have

sacrificed for Scotch in small ways and big.




In the Weekend Australian on 18 June 2017,

Sydney University took out a full page advert.

There were few words. They set out a vision

of scientific change through research that

was inspiring. And they asked you, the general

public, to give. Sydney, by any measure, is a

great university – great in achievement and

great in resources. Yet it knows – as we know

– that greatness is the gathering of a whole

community behind a great vision.

That vision is daring and powerful at

Scotch. I encourage you to be part of this

journey, to give to something greater than

all of us, and to commit hard earned funds

to supporting the centenary campaign.

But do not write the cheque yet, because

you deserve to know what that vision is,

and to which infrastructure project we aim

to direct our efforts. That is my next task as

your Principal.



thought leadership, problem solving,

resource management and collaborative

team building: competencies that may be

broadly applied to multiple professional

areas, rather than training in a narrowly

applied skill.

We need to remember our founders, with

their names on the wall by my study. I pay

tribute to them because they gave for a

service that they would never use. It is our

- yes, me too - time to do the same.

Feature left John Newton (R) with Raymond

Spencer (L) and Oscar Martin, 2017 College

Co-Captain. Feature right John Newton with

panellists from the Economic Development

Board of South Australia at Scotch Presents.


It is the heart that gives,

the hands just let go!

What an incredible thing it is when a whole

community comes together for a cause.

Whether it was young Sophie in Year 3

Camens who gave two weeks of pocket

money, or the 96 Year 12 students that

wanted to make Richard Bell’s concept of a

Future Skills Farm centre a reality, we had

all kinds of donors to this year’s Annual

Appeal. The levels of participation blew us

away – more than 4 times as much as last

year, and with more than 70 of our serving

staff (nearly 1 in 3) participating. Once

again, we had 100% participation from

the Scotch College Council and the Senior

Leadership Team and 97% participation

from all of our Council Committee and

Foundation Board members. Our current

parents, grandparents and Old Collegians

gave generously as well! This level of

engagement tells a very powerful story and

helped us raise nearly $200,000 this year, a

record achievement for any Annual Appeal.

The challenge gift was a real game changer.

One of our regular donors to Annual Appeal

wanted to help us drive participation and

so we agreed that if we could get more

than 400 donors to the appeal this year (as

a reference point, we had 150 donors to the

appeal last year), they would anonymously

put in $25,000. This was incredibly helpful

in changing our conversation with our

stakeholders from a “how much’ question

to a “get on board” challenge. In the end,

we got more than 4x donors compared to

last year and raised almost 2x the amount

of money for the College.

The appeal will remain open until the end of

the year, should you want to help us get past

the $200,000 mark. A list of donors to the

Annual Appeal to date can be found on our

website at, and will

be listed in our annual Philanthropy report,

published at the beginning of the year.





Director of Philanthropy and

External Relations

Feature Abhra Bhattacharjee with Sophie Ewer

- Sophie committed 2 weeks worth of pocket

money to the 2017 Annual Appeal!





2016 = 150 Donors 2017 = 630 Donors



























2016 = $115k



2017 = $167k







give now...



Harriet Whittle

I started at Scotch in 2006, entering Year

4. Changing schools can be challenging,

and this was a whole new world for me.

I had come from an all-girls school, and

it was shocking and mind-opening to me

to have male friends at school. I instantly

recognised the respect between peers

that the co-ed environment fostered,

and the refreshing lack of demoralising

competitiveness between my peers.

In retrospect, my time at school passed

in a flash - a whirlwind of new challenges

and discoveries.

I will never forget the friendships forged

at Goose Island and Leadership Camp,

or bonding over simple meals cooked on

trangias. Learning to play new instruments

as a part of a band in Year 8 Music. The

French Trip in Year 10, which ignited my

love of travelling and appreciation of

other cultures and global affairs. I fondly

remember the constructive arguments

ignited by Mr Rodenburg’s metaphysical

questions in Year 11 Philosophy, and

learning to write critically about theatre in

Year 12 Drama.

As an arts-orientated student, the wealth

of experiences and opportunities at Scotch

was immense. I was able to discover what

I enjoyed, what I was a good at, and was

allowed the space and encouragement to

flourish in these areas.

I have always liked being busy, and Scotch

provided an abundance of extra-curricular

activities to fulfill my aspirations. Sport,

music lessons, drama class, chess, Student

Action Teams and Community Problem

Solving were all activities that I was involved

in at some point.

I have been singing and playing the

guitar from a young age. During my time

at school I was shy about showing this

to others, but that was never a barrier

preventing me from pursuing my passions

at Scotch. I didn’t have to be a born showstopping

star to be involved in music. This

acceptance of all musical backgrounds

allowed me to take singing, piano, guitar

and clarinet lessons throughout my school

years, and this culture of inclusion allowed

me to develop into the musician I am today.

Some of the most important musical skills

I have, I learnt at Scotch. It provided the

foundations for me to go on and become

an individual musician, and I am slowly

coming out of my shell, performing in

front others.

In Year 12, it was fantastic to see the

level of maturity that had blossomed

among my cohort. A new level of respect

for one another had formed. Scotch

created the environment of acceptance

and diversity that everyone deserves

while growing up. Since finishing school,

I have enjoyed seeing my classmates

take an array of different paths, change

directions, discover their strengths and

further grow into themselves. Many of our

personal successes are a testament to the

solid Scotch community and its holistic

approach to learning.

While I always loved coming to school, I

couldn’t wait to finish and be amongst the

great big, outside world. Three years out,

and I am realising now how much Scotch

taught me about being an adult, and how

the school gave me the skills to shape a

future full of success - one that is happy,

useful and kind.

My education has prepared me to navigate

an ever-evolving world. Scotch gave me

the confidence to stand up straight and

pursue creative passions, to understand

my place in the world and how I would like

to contribute. At school, I not only learnt to

work hard, I learnt to appreciate the people

around me and look after myself mentally

and physically.

Since finishing, I have spent my time working,

travelling through Europe, Asia and Africa,

and writing music. I am studying English and

Film at Flinders University, and I would like

to go on to study publishing and editing, or

something else in the creative world.

I often consider studying to become a

teacher thanks to the terrific and valuable

time I had while at Scotch.


Feature With my dog Archie, 2017 / 01 The first

day of Year 5, 2007 / 02 Year 8 Surfing Camp

at Middleton, with Mia Laird ('14), Emily Harries

('14), Zoe Haralampopoulos ('14), Tillie Scholten

('14) and Maddie Rock ('14), taken in 2010 / 03

Èze, French Trip, with Diana Hancock ('10), taken

in 2012

01 02




It takes a village to raise a child

`It takes a village to raise a child’, is a wellknown

old African proverb, which rings as

true today as it did many years ago. In our

busy, modern world where the demands

on families seem to be increasing, the

role of the wider community in raising

our children to be healthy, happy adults

becomes increasingly more important.

Excellence. It is important to us that we

seize authentic opportunities to invite our

community to be a part of the learning that

takes place.

Informal opportunities are a regular part

of our learning experience. All of our

have cooked, made craft activities, read to

children and even taught them French!

We also have a number of regular events

each year with our community that are

highlights of the year for children, staff

and families.

Collaboration is a key component of

the Reggio Emilia approach to learning.

Through talking, comparing, questioning,

analysing, negotiating and problem-solving

with others, children are learning skills

which are crucial to success later in life.




When children are able to experience

authentic relationships with peers, family

and extended community they have

access to a range of thoughts, ideas and

perspectives which help them to develop

their own unique self.

Thus, it is vital that we ensure that our

children have as many opportunities as

possible to experience rich and varied

relationships with others in a safe and

secure environment.

Community and its importance to our

centre has played a very large part in

our ELC achieving a national rating of

families are invited into the centre each

year to share a favourite skill with their

child’s class. This enables our teachers to

learn more about each family and their

culture, so that it can be incorporated

into the program. The children delight in

having their own family member, or another

parent share a special experience with

their class. It is important that all children

are given opportunities to develop a

sense of who they are and a pride in their

unique family culture. To date parents

‘A mother is a person who seeing that there

are only four pieces of pie for five people,

promptly announces that she never did care

for pie.’ Tenneva Jordan

Mothers’ Day is celebrated each year in the

ELC on the Wednesday prior to Mothers’

Day with a very special High Tea. This event

is marked in calendars long in advance, as

it is an event not to be missed.

Whilst our afternoon tea of fairy bread (of

course!), cheese and vegemite sandwiches,

scones and delicious watermelon are


prepared with much love and care by the

children and are thoroughly enjoyed by all,

the day is not only about having a ‘party’.

Such an event provides a vast array of

learning opportunities for the children

over some weeks in the lead up to the

event. The ordering and preparation

requires many Maths and Science skills

and prior to the actual event much thought

goes into ensuring that adequate supplies

are on hand.

The children very carefully and thoughtfully

make gifts for their mothers and it is

quite emotional for mums to receive a

portrait of themselves that bears a striking

resemblance, or a beautifully crafted canvas

of a collage of flowers, or a heartfelt drawing

of mum accompanied by words about why

she is so special. It can be quite humbling to

realise just how well they know us!

Earlier this year our very special

grandparents and grand friends visited.

This really is the most wonderful of days

for the children and their special visitors.

This year the weather was glorious with

bright sunny skies. The 4-year-olds were

magnificent, singing their hearts out in the

special concert. They sang ‘New Shoes’,

accompanied by Junior School student

Eleanor Saies. After the concert the

grandparents enjoyed a delicious morning

tea provided by our hard-working P&F

and then were escorted through the ELC

by their grandchildren, who were just so

very proud to share their world with these

people who mean so much to them.

Next term we will host our Fathers’ Day

Breakfast (another much anticipated

event), and our very own Sports Day, which

is an exciting event on the same day as the

Junior School Sports Day.

The year always finishes with our very

popular Christmas Family Night. Amongst

these annual events our graduating

children also share their transition from

the ELC to school with a special graduation

ceremony, watched by family members,

and accompanied by the bagpipes, in true

Scotch tradition.

Children are supported to form an

understanding of themselves and

their place in the world through their

interactions with others.


Director of Early Years

Feature William with Florence and May / 01 Roux

and Piper singing ‘New Shoes’ / 02 Zara and

Jasmine / 03 Eva and Laura / 04 ELC Director,

Tania Darling, with Ian / 05 Alex with Paul

and Nicola

01 02 03





The Kristin Sporting and

Cultural Exchange

Building our global connections is of great

importance to the College, and the Kristin

Exchange is a key global experience for our

upper primary students.

Following on from the success of the Year 6

trip to the Kristin School in Auckland, New

Zealand last year, it was Scotch’s turn to

play host this year.

The exchange commenced on Monday

5 June, when the students of Mitcham

Campus lined the paths, waving Australian

flags to greet the Kristin sporting team of

26 students and their 4 teachers.

A welcome lunch was hosted by our Year 6

student leaders, followed by small group

tours of the Campus before we all gathered

for a special Assembly. The Australian and

New Zealand National anthems were sung,

and indigenous and Maori verses were also

respected. Our students were delighted

to experience a haka presented by our

guests. It was a privilege the soccer team

and spectators would share again before a

finals match later in the week.

Our Year 5 and 6 soccer, netball, hockey

and basketball teams had been in training

in the lead up to the three-day competition

that ensued from Tuesday to Thursday. The

Round Robin competition, coordinated by

Mr Rosser and Mr McKenzie, featured teams

from Westminster, St John’s Grammar,

Scotch and The Kristin School. Thank

you to Mr Traino and Mrs Trutwin (soccer

coaches), Mrs Haarsma (netball), Miss Boag

(hockey) and Mr Sluggett (basketball) for

coaching our Scotch teams. Thank you

also to the many Torrens Park students

who umpired and refereed the matches

throughout the week. School pride was

high, with classes across the Junior School

cheering on the competition, throughout

the week. Sportsmanship took centre stage

and we witnessed excellent examples of

players supporting their opponents, along

with humble victories and gracious defeats

from all schools. The Kristin School took

out the overall trophy for the sporting

competition – a popular winner indeed!

There were plenty of opportunities for

students who weren’t selected for the

Scotch sporting teams to be involved

in the Exchange week. Friday was

reserved for cultural activities. These

included baking Anzac biscuits in the

Home Economic kitchens, a hands-on

encounter with some Australian wildlife


01 02



in our Science Laboratory, a visit to

our Indigenous Garden, learning some

traditional Australian songs and creating

an Indigenous painting with our Senior

Campus Yalari students. The students from

New Zealand interacted with students who

they hadn’t competed against – making a

wider circle of ‘Aussie’ friends.

A debate and giant tug-o-war competition

were great opportunities to ‘mix things up’.

Students from Scotch and Kristin combined

into mixed teams on the final day. The

friendships and bonds that had formed

throughout the week became particularly

evident on this day.

A team of Year 6 students took

responsibility for documenting the week,

recording video footage and interviewing

the participants. They compiled an

excellent video which was viewed at the

closing Assembly, as a means of celebrating

the week.

We were extremely grateful to the thirteen

fantastic College families who billeted and

cared for the Kristen School students for

the week and treated them to an Adelaide

exploration on the weekend. Thank you also

to our Parents and Friends for assisting

with catering for the week and Mrs Claire

Daniel for her careful coordination behind

the scenes. Our guests all reported that

they had had a fantastic time. The bar has

been set high for future exchanges!





We look forward to continuing the

competition in 2018 when a team of Scotch

students make their way across e Tai-o-

Rehua (the Tasman Sea).


Head of Mitcham Campus

Feature Sophie Martens playing in Round 5 of

the Girls' Soccer against the Kristin School /

01 India Turner and Ella Pascoe striving for a

hockey goal! / 02 Marcus Pavlic defends the

soccer goals, well supported by his team mates.

/ 03 A warm welcome to the Kristin School,

with a flag waving parade around the Mitcham

Campus! / 04 It was 'all in' for an international

tug-o-War challenge!



Beyond the Classroom

The Co-curricular program at Mitcham

Campus is designed with two main aims

in mind. The first is to recognise the

diverse special interests and talents of

our students. The second is to provide

opportunities for learning breadth, so

students generate and form new interests

and skills. There are a vast range of activities

students can become involved in beyond

the classroom, each encouraging active

involvement and collaboration with peers.


Mitcham Campus hosts a range of musical

ensembles for instrumental and choral

students, including the Orchestra, Junior

String Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble and

Girls Vocal Ensemble. For the first time this

year, our Upper Primary music students

combined with Torrens Park performers to

create a ‘Little Big Band’. Their first College

performance was at the Sounds of Scotch

Concert in Term 2. This evening also saw

the Junior String Ensemble combine with

the Torrens Park Strings to perform a work,

featuring Reception to Year 12 students!

Our musicians have enjoyed the challenges

of performing with a wider group.

The hard work of the Mitcham Highland

Dancers was showcased at the annual

Grandparents’ Day and Ceilidh celebrations

in the first semester. Highland Dancing

forms part of Scotch’s Caledonian Corps.

The majority of our 2017 dancers are from

our early primary years and are making

terrific progress!


The introduction of Chinese at Mitcham

Campus has seen the arrival of four

colourful dancing lions and an enormous

Chinese drum. Our Lion Dancing team have

worked hard with Lâoshî (Teacher) Trinh, to

perfect and build on a traditional routine.

They have proven popular with students

and visitors alike when performing at

special functions and tours.

Madame Marzi has combined her

passion for French and Drama to host La

Petite Theatre Group. It is the perfect

opportunity for students to use their

French in quasi-real language situations.

Through movement, imaginative play,

improvisations and drama games, students

have not only been developing their

language proficiency, but also gaining

confidence in their foreign language ability

and interactive skills.


Weekly cross-country running on Friday,

throughout Terms 2 and 3, has built

up stamina and fitness to benefit all

students in many ways. Aside from building

endurance for co-curricular sports

matches, it has improved general health

and focus back in the classroom. The

Junior Campus has a wide range of sports

on offer for students from Reception to

Year 6 and high participation rates across

all years. Equestrian, a relatively new

offering, proved popular with a young

group of riders who enjoyed heading

up into the Adelaide Hills to partake in

horsemanship in Terms 1 and 2.


This term our team of Future Problem-

Solvers have been investigating the

developments in, and consequences of,

the use of technology within the medical

field. Members of the team had the chance


to explore first-hand the advancements

in robotic technology when they donned

scrubs and visited Ashford Private Hospital.

A highlight was having the opportunity to

use the da Vinci surgical system robot in

simulator mode!

Many friendly battles have been fought

and won, before school on Tuesdays, as

students from across all sections of the

primary school have gathered to compete

in Chess. The Chess Club continues to be

well subscribed to in the mornings and our

giant outdoor board is frequented by Year

3s at lunchtimes.

A group of Year 5 and 6 students have

formed this year’s Robotics Club and

have been working towards the RoboCup

Junior Competition this term. The focus

of RoboCup Junior is the development of

teamwork skills as well technical skills in

an environment of participation, fun and

excitement. On 3 July, the team attended

a holiday workshop where they were able

to experience the many competitions in

Robocup Junior advanced level including

Dance, Rescue and Soccer. Demonstrations

and hands-on experiences across the day

assisted the team with their programming

skills. Aside from programming

choreography the teams have worked on

developing sets, props and costumes.


The Science Club has continued to be

a popular co-curricular activity for our

Primary students, with two Science Club

sessions held each week. Students have

contributed to the building of the Science

Garden, investigated the species of birds

housed in our new bird aviary and have

observed, handled and cared for the many

living inhabitants of our Science Laboratory.


During the winter terms, Mrs Mel Bourne

has worked with a team of Year 3 and 4

students at Wednesday lunchtimes to cook

up a feast in the Soup Kitchen! Students

learn how to prepare and cut vegetables to

create a giant pot of soup for the patrons

of The Adelaide Day Centre for Homeless

Persons in Moore Street. With more than 17

percent of Australia’s homeless under the

age of 12 (Wesley Report on Homelessness

and the next generation, 2013), we know

that our Scotch Soup Kitchen contribution

is a valuable way for our students to make a

difference in the lives of others.


Head of Mitcham Campus

Feature Ruby Arsenikakis, Hamish Buchanan,

Jessie Merrigan, Alexander Lee, Charlotte

Harvey and Charlie Bailes, are 'hands-on' in

the Mitcham Science Laboratory with Mr David

Pace. / 01 Bridget Hooper, Ellie Arundell and

Charlotte Harvey contribute to a giant pot of

soup during the Year 3 & 4 Soup Kitchen Service

Learning initiative. / 02 'Future Problem Solving'

team member, Bess McLean, tries her hand at

the da Vinci surgical system simulator, under

the supervision of Jason Lee. / 03 The weekly

Cross-Country sees students venture across

Brownhill Creek. / 04 Aleisha Burrows, puts on a

colourful display of Highland Dancing.

01 02





One life, so many opportunities

Whenever I feel the confines of the office

overbearing, or I need to be reminded of

just why I have such a great job, I simply

step outside the door, knowing I will be

in the midst of one of the multitude of

co-curricular opportunities we have on

Torrens Park Campus.

Last year, the Senior Leadership Team

identified co-curricular as an area where

we could grow and strengthen our offering.

To that end, our sports provision remains

strong and the shift to a Tuesday afternoon

priority for Performing Arts has served

us well. We’ve seen an improvement in

standards and the students appreciating a

greater focus for their ensemble work.

During Term 3 we will hold awards

assemblies to celebrate Caledonian, Winter

sports and our broader program. One

of the highlights will no doubt be the Big

Sing inter-house competition. This annual

festival of music is a great opportunity to

have all students involved in making fun,

mayhem and entertainment. Another is the

Teenage Fashion Awards.

So many opportunities - and this is just

the tip of the iceberg. The next few pages

are just a glimpse of what we have been

doing in addition to our excellent academic

program. We are rightly proud of the

authentic commitment of Scotch to grow

the whole person as we set them up for life.


Deputy Principal and Head of Torrens

Park Campus



The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) is a new

enterprise for Scotch this year. It is a

global academic competition requiring

competing students to work together, as

a team and as individuals, in the following

events: Debating, Collaborative Writing,

the Scholar’s Challenge (a multiplechoice

exam) and the Scholar’s Bowl (an

interactive, timed quiz using clickers to

register answers).

The goals of WSC are to motivate

students of all backgrounds to discover

new strengths, practice new skills and

to inspire a global community of future

scholars and leaders.

Now in its 10th year, there have been a

record 106 Regional WSC Rounds so far in

2017, held all around the globe, from which

students have qualified to attend one of

3 Global Rounds in Hanoi, Athens and

Cape Town. Scotch teams attended the

largest ever Global Round in Hanoi (over

4,000 students), and the most diverse

Global Round ever in Athens, where

over 1,500 students from 41 different

countries participated.

The competition has an overarching theme

every year, with this year’s theme being,

“An Unlikely World”. The students are

required to study a syllabus based on this

theme in the subject areas of Science &

Technology, History, Literature, the Special

Area (Modern Mythologies), Art and Music,

and Social Studies (Predicting the Future).


01 02


Scotch excelled in the SA Regional Round

in March where there were 400 plus

participants from leading Adelaide schools.

All five of our teams qualified for the Global

Round of the competition. In Hanoi, the

students achieved a collective 11 silver

medals, 32 gold medals, and 2 trophies

with some exceptional rankings such as

Sam Subramaniam (10St), who was placed

9th for Collaborative Writing out of 1440

Senior students competing. As a team, Sam

Subramaniam (10St), Kate Baker (10Mc) and

Ethan Chew (10Go) were ranked 5th out of

the 480 Senior teams for writing.

This is the fourth occasion that I have

coached teams for WSC. I have been

fortunate enough to qualify teams for

Yale and the Tournament of Champions





Our winning streak continued in Athens,

with our Scotch students barely having time

to take their seats before they were being

called up to the stage to collect another

award! Out of 250 competing Senior teams,

Lalla Nugent (10Do), Hugh Scaffidi-Muta

(10Go) and Riki Theodorakakos (10Mc)

were placed 4th as a team for Debating,

7th in the Scholar’s Challenge, 1st Team

overall in the Australian/Americas Region

and 6th Senior team in the entire Athens

competition. Extra-special congratulations

to Lalla Nugent (10Do), who was ranked 14th

across all the competitive events and Riki

Theodorakakos (10Mc) who was 2nd.

All participating Scotch teams have

qualified for the Tournament of Champions

at Yale University, USA later this year.

on every occasion and seeing the success

of our Scotchies to date, I have every

confidence that our winning ways will

continue at Yale in November.


Head of Oratory

Congratulations to Scotch Head of

Oratory, Marie Beanland who was

awarded the Word Scholar’s Cup

“Coach of the Year”!

Feature Getting ready to go at Adelaide airport:

Ethan Chew, Sam Subramaniam, Posy Read,

Cheyanne Baker, Grace King, Harmony Gordon,

Kate Baker, Zac Horbelt, Oliver Edwards /

01 Scotch Senior Team at the Vietnam National

Convention Centre: Grace King, Kate Baker,

Ethan Chew, Oliver Edwards, Sam Subramaniam

and Harmony Gordon / 02 At the end of the

Closing Ceremony: Daniel Berdichevsky (founder

of WSC), Marie Beanland, Lalla Nugent, Hugh

Scaffidi-Muta, Riki Theodorakakos / 03 Scotch

Senior Team after the Hanoi Closing Ceremony



Learning to Serve, Serving to Learn

It is humbling to witness the compassion,

generosity and genuine care that

our Scotch students, staff and wider

community demonstrate through their

actions, donations and dedication.

We have participated in many service

opportunities in 2017 with our not-forprofit

partner organisations.

Salvation Army

Torrens Park Campus students volunteered

their time after school and on weekends

at the Mitcham shopping centre for the

weekend, our Scotch community hit the

paths of our local area and collected

donations of more than $3500 for Red

Shield Appeal. Many students, including the

boys’ and girls’ football teams, headed out

in their uniforms to support this hallmark

of Australian community giving.

Smith Family Student to Student (S2S)

Reading Program

Writing and publishing a book takes

significant effort and must be an incredibly

rewarding experience. Keagan Wallace




rewarding experience. There are 21

students across both campuses who are

dedicated to the 18-week programme

which assists younger ‘buddies’ with

their reading, improving their literacy and

boosting the readers’ confidence.

Camp KickStart

The July mid-year break saw several Scotch

students volunteer for 5 days at Camp

KickStart. This program is a day camp

for primary aged students who are less

fortunate. Scotch parent Ian Steele leads

the Kickstart program, helping children

from around Adelaide to achieve positive

educational and self-esteem outcomes

through breakfast, lunch and mentoring

programs. Our Year 10 students support

the breakfast program on a weekly basis. If

you would like to support Kickstart for Kids,


annual Blanket Blessing and collected over

250 blankets. Mitcham Campus families

also brought in sleeping bags and blankets

to be donated to people experiencing

homelessness. Over a rainy and wet

(Year 6) accomplished this feat last year,

however when asked what his greatest

achievement to date is, Keagan didn’t

boast about his book, instead he said

that participating S2S has been the most

Global Service Trip

A new initiative to create an awareness

for our students as global citizens is being

planned, with thirteen Year 12 Students

travelling to Laos in January 2018. This

is a rare opportunity to engage with a

local rural community and experience a


type of overseas travel that they might

not otherwise have. They will stay in a

combination of guest house and village


This trip is designed to expand critical

thinking on social and political issues;

injustice, ethical practices, wealth

distribution, health, education, government,

drugs, prostitution, human trafficking and

slavery. The students will assist with building

facilities. Teaching English and games to

ELC, playground & furniture projects and

cultural exchange.

In addition to this trip, the students are

organising an exciting fundraising event

for Saturday 21 October. All profits will

go towards resources, including sporting

equipment, building restoration and school

resources. There will be many Year 12

parents generously hosting dinner parties

in their homes with a sumptuous menu

and premium wines providing a delightful

dining experience.

Group bookings will be available soon online

- don’t miss out on this very special event!


Youth Pastor and Service

Learning Co-ordinator


For a 21st Century education, the ability to

see and solve problems, to show leadership

and take risks is essential. Research shows

that the future workplace is going to be a

challenging place for our students, through

the growth of robotics and automation,

the demise of traditional employment

and global competition. They will be the

most educated generation, operating in an

extremely uncertain workplace, and having

entrepreneurial skills will allow students to

‘invent’ their own jobs and to be flexible

amidst this changing business environment.

The Entrepreneurship Enrichment Program

has provided numerous opportunities

for interested students to develop their

skills and character, including interacting

and networking with city leaders at three

separate events run by the Committee for

Economic Development of Australia (CEDA).

The events included The South Australian

Economic and Political Overview, Global

Trades and Trends, and Australia’s Energy

Future. Students who attended these

events commented on how inspiring they

were and appreciated the ability to talk to

people at the top of their fields.

In Term 1, we launched an investment

club, called Scotch Traders. The students

participated in a series of workshops,

learning investment tools and approaches,

and then applied them in the Australian

Stock Exchange’s Share Game. Quinn

Spencer (12Cl), Elliot Sims (10Do) and

Reuben Fernee (10St) managed to produce

a 10% return on their investment within

three months and were rewarded with

a trip to Credit Suisse’s Head Office

in Circular Quay. This was an amazing

experience for the students.

In Term 2, with the help of Service Learning

Coordinator Pepita March, we focused

on a new initiative called the Social

Entrepreneurship Challenge. The students

went through a process of learning about

social entrepreneurship, identifying their

skills and interests, and social causes

that they were passionate about. They

then began to develop their business

idea, showing how they would solve that

problem, how it would be financially

sustainable, and how customers would

perceive value in their product. Three

ideas were generated: improving education

in Papua New Guinea through selling their

local coffee beans, improving sanitation in

Africa, and an iced tea business supporting

clean water in Africa.

Each of the students involved put in a

fantastic effort and learned that solving

social issues is not as difficult as it may

seem, it just takes heart and guts. As the

final stage of the program, the students

met with mentors, who helped to workshop

their ideas and identify the next steps. The

students will participate in the Australian

eChallenge run by Adelaide University’s

Entrepreneurship Commercialisation and


Centre (ECIC).

Scotch College continues to provide

unique opportunities to its students,

allowing them to interact with experts in

their field. Should anyone be willing to

contribute to the program, please email me

via, as we continue

to prepare these young people for an everchanging

world after school.


Business & Enterprise Teacher

Feature Scotch students, spreading HOPE

with the Salvation army and Major Reno Elms

/ 01 Jade Newbegin, Max Spurling, Patrick

Barry, Hugo Heithersay, Georgia Borg and Ethan

Spencer meet Alexander Downer at CEDA.




Scotch Winter Sport Update

We had a great end to the season for our

Summer sports, with successful teams in

all codes.

Over a week of fixtures, Scotch successfully

retained the summer Sporting Intercol

trophy against Pulteney Grammar School.

Victories in the Girls Basketball, the Boys

Open A Tennis, Girls and Boys Senior First

VIII Rowing, Boys First XI Cricket, and finally

in dramatic style in the Girls A Softball

match (the decider), ensured that Scotch

took the honours. The supporters, parents

and peers, created a great environment for

the competition.

Winter sport is almost done and we have

much to celebrate.


Director of Sport


It has been a fantastic football season to

date, made all the more memorable by

the introduction of our inaugural Scotch

Girls’ First XVIII. Coached by Alli Evans and

Captained by Esther Bowles-Frahn (11Go),

a squad of 30 girls trained and played with

great enthusiasm and team unity, helping

Scotch to a record of 4 wins and 2 losses.

Next year the girls will enter the regular

IGSSA interschool competition.

Our Year 6/7 team are off to a great start

with 5 wins on the board and are playing

with great spirit and team improvement. It

was great to see so many boys representing

the school at the SAPSASA carnival.

The Year 9’s have continued to show

a fantastic ‘never give up’ attitude.

The boys have enjoyed some good wins

while competing well against Immanuel

and Westminster.

The Year 10’s had some big wins early in the

season but also learnt from tough games

against the big boys’ schools, St Peters

and Sacred Heart. The boys showed great

fighting spirit against Pembroke, earning a

victory with a goal after the siren.

The Second XVIII have earned some great

wins, playing with great passion, unity and

structure. The development in maturity

of the players’ skills and attitude has seen

good progress made.

The First XVIII have started the season well

with big wins against St Ignatius, CBC and

Blackfriars. The boys have played with great

intensity for the majority of each game and

have had some brilliant patches of form.

Our most recent convincing win against

Pembroke showed the tenacity and class of

the team.

Congratulations to Tom Powell (10Do)

on his selection in the State U/15 team,

Daniel Sladojevic (11Mc) in the State U/16

team, and Callum Coleman Jones (12Do)

who captained the State U/18 team at the

National Carnival and proved his worth with

All Australian selection.


Hockey has had a superb start to the season

in all ages and teams. With only 2 defeats

out of 32 matches played across all teams,

it has been quite a start to the season.

The newly adapted format of 5-a-side

hockey has been a huge success for our

two Year 6/7 mixed hockey teams, with a

single loss between them, and the Year 8/9

mixed team has had strong results too, with

5 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws.

Our Senior A Girls have had the perfect

start to their season, notching up

comfortable wins in all 4 games Libby






Brake (12Cl) and Erin Cameron (11Cn) have

performed strongly throughout all games,

and Hattie Shand (12Go) will be a welcome

return after missing the first few games

due to national commitments. The Senior

A boys have also had a very successful

start to the season, winning 4 out of their

5 games. Captain, Callum Phelps (12Mc) has

led the team well with his work rate and

skill, and all the boys are to be commended

for their commitment to training.


The quality of Soccer being played at

Scotch College remains at a consistent

solid level for both the Girls and the Boys

teams. This year we have Middle and Senior

Girls teams, and 5 Boys teams.

The girls have seen some excellent

performances under new coach Milan

Ivanovic, and they continue to show

improvement each week. The senior girls

are excelling, and particular mention goes

to Captain Eleni Vrodos (12St), for her strong

leadership and never-give-in attitude in the

centre of defence. The Senior Boys have

also earned excellent wins against strong

opposition. Captain Doug O’Neil (12Cl)

has been leading by example and is well


The Middle A team, coached by Adelaide

United A Leaguer, Ryan Kitto, and Middle

B teams have been performing well and

are winning most of their games. Former

Scotch College Senior Boys captain Luke

Harrison is also back at Scotch, coaching

the Year 6/7 team.


Netball is fielding a record 23 teams from

Years 4 - 12, which continues strong growth

for the program. We have been lucky enough

to have Former Adelaide Thunderbirds

Captain and future Collingwood Magpies

player Erin Bell involved in our netball

programme. Erin conducted a session at

our Open Day and runs ‘Coach the Coach’

sessions. Erin will also be coaching our

Seniors against St Peter’s Girls and this is a

fabulous opportunity.

During the mid-year break, 3 Scotch teams

entered the Waverley International Schools

Netball Competition in Melbourne. Out

of 25 schools present, Our Middle School

team lost only one game all week (the

Grand Final), the Senior Gold team finished

7th overall (out of 31 teams) and our Scotch

Blue team finished the competition

strongly and claimed 6th place in second

division (21st overall).


An increase in playing numbers has been

an encouraging for Boys Basketball. The

teams continue to receive great guidance

from our coaching staff, who have worked

extremely well together to get the best out

of our players and develop their abilities.

While results have been a little mixed in

some of our teams, both our Senior A

and Middle A teams have played well.

Highlights this season include our Senior

A Boys’ emphatic victory over a strong

Westminster side, and our Middle A Boys’

recent victory over Blackfriars in difficult

conditions. All the boys have continued to

show a great spirit and continue to grow

and develop as players.


Sixteen of our students represented Scotch

at the SAAS Cross country at Oakbank in

June. The students did really well with some

excellent performances, including top ten

finishes for Max Spurling (12Mc), Lauren

Ross (12Mc), Sophie Casey (7Cn) and Saffron

Yates (8Go) in their respective races. Sophie

Casey (7Cn) did so well she has now been

selected to represent SA in the national

rounds In Tasmania.

Feature Scotch Second XVIII vs Adelaide High

/ 01 Sophie Casey and Scarlett Robinson

celebrating their success at the SAAS state

Cross Country championships / 02 Girls

Football team after their first ever match

against Westminster / 03 Oli Egliston in action

for Senior boys Hockey during their 4-2 victory

over St Peters / 04 Adelaide Thunderbirds

Netball star Erin Bell with Scotch Netball

coaching staff



The Addams Family:

A New Muscial



The Addams Family: A New Musical featured over 80 students participating as a performer in one of

the two ensemble casts, performing as a musician in the orchestra, or as technical crew member.

Having two casts doubled the workload of our Directors Adam Goodburn, Linda Williams and Musical

Director Briony Nickels, but they were able to create a great show that had audiences laughing, and

once again amazed at the talent and high performing standards that our students achieved.

Our accompanist Richard Blinco, Stage and Lighting Coordinator Craig Williams and Producer

Antony Hubmayer have been invaluable to the success of the show. We remain thankful to

Mosaic AV Audio & Vision Tech for their generous sponsorship of the show. If you ever need a

sound, light or AV system for an event, Craig and his team have the know-how and will make it

happen for you!

Please enjoy a selection of photos from the magical 2017 Scotch Musical!



More than One Table

As always seems to be the case, we have

hosted so many exciting events at Scotch

since the last time Scotch Reports arrived

in your mailbox (digital or physical). The

Football Support Group hosted their

season launch lunch with special guest

Mark Ricciuto, the Netball Support Group

hosted their annual fundraising dinner

with special guest Thunderbirds, our

Middle and Junior Schools both hosted

fantastic Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’

Days (nearly 1,000 attendees between the

two events), and Dr Newton was joined

by a panel of experts from the Economic

Development Board of SA at Scotch

Presents in Term 2.

Perhaps the jewel in the crown of Scotch

events, the Solitaire Automotive One Table

Community Lunch was again an unmissable

day. Upon my commencement in the

Development Office, bringing One Table

back in all its 2014 glory was at the top of

my to-do list. It certainly paid off, and I

believe we managed to make it better than

ever. A record 520 of you joined us for a

magnificent day in the sun to enjoy our

stunning grounds, wonderful company and

a bounty of incredible food and wine.

One Table was born in 2010 thanks to

Michael Angelakis, Kris Lloyd and a

dedicated group of parents, of which

I was lucky to be a part. One Table is

not intended to be literally “one table”,

but represents our community coming

together and sharing lunch (over many

tables, as it happens). The idea may have

been to start with one long table, but in

typical Scotchie fashion, enthusiasm for

the event made it necessary to set up four

very long tables, even at the first event.

I would like to sincerely thank the 2017

Committee - Andrew Craddock, Mary Ash,

Biff Burnett, Mandy Hooper, Dani Lucas,

Meredith Ridgway, Mark Heard, Alli Evans,

Ben Sharp and and Sarah Freeman. Support

from the One Table Committee, staff

and many volunteers, as well as product

donations from dozens more, enabled

One Table to be a huge success with net

fundraising of an amazing $90,000! It is a

fabulous example of Scotch values when

students, parents and community give back

to pave the way for future Scotchies. It just

does not happen without long term planning,

generous sponsors (thanks to Solitaire

Automotive Group), a lot of donations, many

volunteers and the support of all of you who

get on board and buy tickets.

We have already begun preparations for

the 2018 event. The proposed date is

Sunday 25 March 2018. We are looking for

donations of goods, experiences, stays

in holiday houses, artwork and more.

Please contact Alli Evans via 8274 4317

or if you have

something, or know someone, who could

donate for the live or silent auctions.


Head of Community & Marketing

Feature Catherine and Dr John Newton with

Algis Ignatavicius / 01 Geoff Morris, Gerri

Morris, Michael Goggin, Andrea Hoppe, Mary

White and Andrew Nugent / 02 Brad Lewis, Mark

Rudloff, Melanie Rudloff, Tuti Lewis, Amanda

Lambert and Anne Marie O'Grady / 03 John

Chard, David and Belinda Smoker and Rose

Chard / 04 To be supplied / 05 Kristy Morrison

('80), Raymond and Tina Spencer / 06 The EDB

Panel Prof David Lloyd, Julianne Parkinson, Prof

Göran Roos, Sue Chase ('76), Dr John Newton

and Raymond Spencer / 07 Alex and Andrew

Nunn and Natalie Felkl / 08 One Table / 09

Kate Walter ('89), Ben and Dr Kelly Sharp and

Alison Hentschke ('84) / 10 Tansy Haigh and

Grandfather John Haigh / 11 Olivia Naish and

Grandfather Tony Naish


01 02







09 10



Straight Scotch


I’m really excited to have taken over as

SCOCA President, following in the large

footsteps of Peter Harvey and his 8 years of

tremendous service.

I first met Peter in the early 2000’s when

he was still fulfilling his dominant role,

sweeping across the half backlines of

Amateur League football fields. Since then

I have enjoyed working with Peter on the

Old Collegians’ Committee. As he reflected

on in the previous Issue of Scotch Reports,

Peter and our excellent Committee have

overseen a very successful and stable

period for SCOCA.

As we head towards exciting centenary

celebrations for the College, our

committee looks forward to continuing

these significant contributions made by the

Old Collegians Association to the life and

success of the College, and to further fulfil

our objective of continuing friendships and

connections for life.

It has been a busy period for SCOCA -

here’s a little of what’s been happening,

and what’s coming up.


Old Collegians Week is coming on 4-8

September and SCOCA encourages everyone

to join us for the traditional students vs OC’s

sporting contests from 3:30 pm on Thursday

7 September, followed by presentations in

the Pavilion. Also highlighting the week will

be the OC Assembly on Friday 8 September,

followed by the Seniors Luncheon in the Barr

Smith Theatre.


We had a fantastic Annual City Dinner on

28 July with many Old Collegians joining us

for a great night out. We hosted a broad

group from our community, welcoming

plenty of the usual faces, a large number of

recent leavers, a popular group of past and

current staff, and some keen souls preparing

for their 30 Year Reunion the next night.

As always, the photo booth was a popular

addition thanks to the millennials (and

Association Treasurer, Nick Wagner (’00)).

As per standard operating procedure, we

were entertained by Tony Fuller’s (‘60)

40th-odd-near-consecutive-ACD rendition

of the Ode to the Haggis, ably supported

by Piper Ollie Von Doussa (’15). In a bit of

a twist on our usual offering, we were also

entertained (and mystified) by multi-Fringe

Award winning magician, mentalist (and

Survivor) Matt Tarrant. If only he could have

made the next day’s headaches disappear!


I’d like to welcome aboard our new

Committee Members for this year Jack

Young (‘10), Harry White (‘10) and Simon

Hodge (‘11). As always, if there are any

Old Collegians who would like to join our

Committee, please get in touch.





SCOCA President

Feature Hamish Archibald (`00) at the 2017

Annual City Dinner



01 02 03




Congratulations to Sarah Hancock (‘08) on

her engagement to Aaron Mullins at Mount

Hotham on 10 June 2017.


Alice Markiewicz (nee Saies, ‘04) and

Nicholas Markiewicz, who welcomed twins

Audrey Lily Markiewicz and Oliver Nicholas

Markiewicz on 8 February 2017.

Congratulations to Andrew and Sallie Swift

(nee Riches, ‘07), who recently celebrated

the birth of their first child Chloe Amalia

Swift on 19 May.

Congratulations to Michael Sanderson

(‘93) and his wife Julia on the birth of

their daughter Emma Rosalie on 13 June.

Michael and Julia are currently living in

Darmstadt, Germany!

Congratulations to Ben and Janet Nyland

(nee Nagy, ‘96), who welcomed their

daughter Ivy Mae into the world on 11

January 2017. Little sister to Chloe Lin.


Dr Ivan M Camens (‘41)

Edward (Eddie) Dutton (‘57)

Frederick Charles Levinge (‘56)

George Alfred Wilkinson (‘43)

Ross Kenneth Tiller (‘49)

Richard John Harvy (‘61)

Maxwell Frederick (Max) Fargher (‘39)

Stephen Mark Buscumb (‘92)

Robert (Bob) Leslie Farrelly ('66)

01 Aaron Mullins and Sarah Hancock (`08) / 02

Twins Audrey and Oliver Markiewicz / 03 Chloe

Swift / 04 Emma Sanderson / 05 Ivy Nylard


2012 5 Year Reunion

Saturday 7 October

2007 10 Year Reunion

Saturday 21 October

1997 20 Year Reunion Weekend

Saturday 14 / Sunday 15 October

1977 40 Year Reunion

Saturday 28 October

1967 50 Year Reunion

Friday 27 October



When Philip Roff was appointed as

Headmaster of Scotch College Adelaide at

the age of 31, he was easily the youngest

person chosen to lead the College. This was

true at the time of his appointment and

remains true today some forty years and five

Headmasters/Principals later. The Scotch

Community mourned his death earlier this

year at the too young an age of 78.

Sometime after he left Scotch, Philip

described himself as “long on ideas but

short on experience”. Perhaps if he had

been more experienced he might not have

had the energy and daring to implement

the radical changes which dragged Scotch

kicking and screaming into the 20th century.

Philip was a controversial figure who

captured the imagination of many people

and equally the disdain of many others.

Those of the community who embraced

change and radical ideas became very

committed to Philip. The majority of

students and staff during his time at Scotch

were in the committed camp. On the other

side were those who ended up removing

their children from the College or, in the

case of some staff, finding other positions.

Many of the changes that Philip introduced

remain as part of the fabric of the College

today. Other ideas never quite came to

fruition as permanent features and one of

Philip’s best traits was his ability to admit

to failures and move on with modified or

different ideas.

Undoubtedly the most significant change

was the introduction of co-education.

Scotch had been a boys only establishment

for over fifty years. While the grounds for

the change were very much sold to the

community as philosophical, in later years

Philip did accept there were also sound

economic reasons behind the change.

Once the decision was made it was agreed

that girls would be accepted at all levels in

the following year. This had infrastructure,

teaching and staffing implications but

the crash-or-crash-through approach

certainly worked.

Other major changes included:

• A complete change of direction in the

entrance of the College, allied with a

re-shaping of the second oval

• The introduction of the Transition (later

the Middle) School

• The embedding of Outdoor Education

into the mainstream curriculum

• The broadening of both the academic

and co-curricular offerings for students

• The introduction of the seven-day cycle

(later abandoned).

When Philip left to become Headmaster of

Scotch College Melbourne he left behind

a much changed Scotch College Adelaide.

The community extends our deepest

sympathy to Barbara and all of the Roff

family on his sad passing.



Robert Leslie Love was born on 14 April

1925, a son of the Reverend James Robert

Beattie Love (also known as Bob) and his

wife Margaret, Missionaries to Aboriginal

communities. In his earliest years,

Bob lived at Apoon Mission, Cape York

Peninsula and Kunmunya Mission, northeast

of Broome. His primary schooling

was in Melbourne while living with his

grandparents. He came to Scotch College

as a boarder from 1938 – 1942. He was a

fine athlete, winning the Senior College

Cup in his final year. That was also the first

year of Scotch’s “exile” to Belair and, as an

Associate Prefect, he took on especially

demanding leadership duties arising

from the occupation (by the boarders)

of makeshift, frequently inadequate

accommodation and very basic amenities.

Enlisting in the army at the age of 18,

Bob’s war service was as a surveyor,

making topographical maps from aerial

photographs of islands to the north of

Australia. This work laid the foundation

of his post-war career, initially in the SA

Department of Lands, and then in the

Commonwealth Public Service. The high

point of his career as a surveyor was to

be in charge of the survey team which

pegged out the line of the standard gauge

railway line from northern South Australia

to Alice Springs. This was the base for

thousands of kilometres of steel ribbon

which is a memorial to the surveyors and

line construction teams that followed. Bob

used to claim that he was one of the few

people who had walked every metre of the

distance from Tarcoola to Alice Springs!

In 1948, Bob married Margaret Cleland,

daughter of T.E. Cleland, a highly regarded

State Coroner. They had six children, most

of whom, along with a grandson, received

some of their education at Scotch.

Bob’s many interests included target

shooting (which continued until he was

90), active membership of the Strathalbyn

Caledonian Society (serving a time as

Chief) and membership of the Returned

Services League.

It would be fair to say that Bob’s favourite,

outside of family involvements, was his

commitment to the welfare and good

spirits of his old school. As an Old Collegian

and parent, he maintained an active

interest in Scotch as a member of the

Gratton Era Group, enjoying the quarterly

reunion lunches of the Black Label Group

and often addressing the Haggis, in very

authentic fashion, at College occasions.

Bob died on 14 December 2016 after

a brief illness and is buried in the

Returned Servicemen’s section of the

Strathalbyn Cemetery.


01 Philip Roth (R) with Bob Cottle (L) at the 40

Years of Co-ed Celebration / 02 Bob Love on his

90th Birthday, dressed to address the Haggis

01 02



Netball Report

What a fantastic Winter season our netball

club has had. Each of our three teams have

qualified for finals, with two of them having

a second chance after finishing in the top

two. Our third team narrowly missed a toptwo

position by percentage points only.

With two minor rounds to go, the A3 team

were one win away from securing second

on the ladder and with an epic win in the

last round, but they did just that. Heidi

Williamson and Trudy Robb have been

bricks in defence, ably supported by Ali

Sutton on occasion, and always give the

team a good chance at a win. Midcourt

maestros are Erica Slattery, Angela Walls,

Verity Johnson and Olivia Hume (nee

Wadham, `95 – currently sidelined with a

knee injury), whilst Kelly Keast and Sonia

Roberts (nee Nolan, `88) are bosses of the

goal circle, supported by Kendall Higgins

and Kate Pennington (returning from knee

injury) as required.

The B2s started off the season with a loss

against St Michael & AA, but have only lost

one game since then. After round 12, the

girls were sitting second on the ladder but

certainly didn’t have a safe passage to the

end. With a tough couple of games to finish

off the season, the girls dug deep to finish

second on the ladder and give themselves

the second chance in the semi-final.

Congratulations must go to Glenys Moriarty

(née Wickins) on her marriage to Daniel

Moriarty on the Easter long weekend.

With a squad of 11 players, the B6 team

was unsure how they would go this season,

especially with some new faces in the

mix. Having lost 2 games this season and

finishing third on the ladder (by percentage

only), the girls are pretty proud of their

efforts. Not every win was easy, but week

after week the girls banded together to

support one another and to get each

other across the line. Despite having tough

competition, the girls have had a really fun

season playing together and have been

a pleasure to play with. The girls must

win their semi-final to progress into the

preliminary and to have a red hot go at the

Grand Final.

Good luck to all three of our teams in the

finals rounds, which started 5 August. For

up to date information head to the Scotch

OC Netball website to check out fixtures,

results and keep tabs on how all the OC

netball teams are travelling. All supporters

are greatly appreciated. At time of writing,

the club is also looking forward to our

awards night, being held on 26 August at

Wurst and Stein. Stay tuned for all of our

Best and Fairest recipients in the next

Scotch Report (as well as finals winners!).

It’s great to see so many girls interested

in playing netball, and we are always

welcoming new members to the club

either as full time players or as fill-ins.

Anyone who is interested in learning

more about the club, or interested in

joining, can contact Belinda Boundy

(nee Gordon, 05) on 0431 074 558 or

can visit us on the Old Collegians website

The club would like to thank all the umpires,

supporters, scorers and fill-ins who come

out during the season we could not function

without you, and most importantly to our

sponsors Scotch College Old Collegians

Association and Holdfast Insurance Brokers

for their ongoing support.


Feature SOCNC Members Belinda Boundy, Paige

Day, Amelia Redman and Vivienne Webb at the

Annual City Dinner



Cricket Report

The new cricket season is almost here

again. Training commences soon under

club coach, David Scholz. OSCA will be

looking to replicate the success of last

season, with both teams again aiming

to make finals. Some impressive offseason

recruits including Max Marslen,

Jackson Lock and James Hart will bolster

The club will also field a team in the ATCA

Twenty20 Competition.

New players are always welcome and preseason

training commences in September

- contact the club for full details. Club

history and statistics can be found on the






the A Grade line-up. With the natural

improvement expected from youngsters

Ollie Heard and Harry Mansfield, the future

of the club is looking good.

The season commences on 7 October

and OSCA is again fielding two teams in

the ATCA competition this season. The

A Grade & B Grade will compete in the

A2 and B2 two-day grades respectively.

For more information about the

appointment or playing at OSCA, please

contact Nick Blight on 0412886832 or email


Feature Ed Weaver steps into his shot.




Football Report

We head into our last four games in a real

fight to stay up in Division 2. The draw

suggests we play the two other teams in

the relegation battle, plus Athelstone and

then Unley in the last round. Realistically

we need to beat the two relegation battled

sides, and will try to pinch one more win

along the way. The good news is that we

have a few players ready to come back from

injury into the team for the final rounds.

Over the past two weeks we have worked

on forward line entries as this has really

been letting us down, so we hope to see an

improvement in this to finish off the year.

One of the most exciting parts of the year

has been the young talent coming through

the club. This has stemmed from the great

pathway put in place by Scotch and SOCFC,

working closely with Ben Nelson and the

Senior Football Program. We've had a large

number of recent Scotch Graduates who

have played their first A grade game this

year. Below is a write up from Coach Kym

Cobb on each one of the exciting talents.

Jarrod King (`15)

Started the season in great form out of the

back pocket, reads the game very well and

knows when to come off to support. Jarrod

injured his knee 5-6 weeks ago and will miss

the rest of the season. I see him moving into

the midfield over the next few seasons.

Harry Eden (`15)

We didn’t see Harry out at training until

just before the practise matches and after

seeing him play the first two matches in

the B grade we all knew he was a great

player. We have played Harry up forward

and through the midfield. With a full preseason

under his belt we will see Harry take

his game to another level next year.

Thomas Freeman (`14)

Played his first A grade game in round 1

against GAZA, since then he has played

every B grade game at CHF and over the

last few weeks really been putting his name

up again. Tom is another player that if we

can get fitter, it will help him play at the

higher level. I have been really happy with

how Tom listens and wants to learn.

Sam Walters (`13)

Sam played the first 5-6 games mainly in

the backlines. Sam had a big pre-season

and got a reward for his efforts. Sam hurt

his elbow in his last game and has not

played since, but in good news it looks like

he will return for the remainder of the year.

Jack Kelly (`15)

Another who turned out late to the preseason

and has done a super job playing

a role coming off the bench most weeks,

playing through the midfield and up

forward. Jack is solid inside midfielder and

if we can get him fitter this will improve his

football next year.

Jackson Lock (`16)

Has a great future at our club and at times I

forget how young he is. We have played him

as the key forward, in the ruck and even

tried him down back in some games. With

some more coaching on where to go and

Jackson getting fitter and stronger, I see

him as someone who we can build a team


Baxter Newbegin (`16)

Another kid who did not come out until late

in the pre-season. Baxter plays down back

and with a few pre-seasons down, we can

see him taking the key forwards. Baxter

only played the 1 A grade and hurt his ankle

and decided with him going overseas later

in the season he would finish up. Baxter will

be back later this year and has committed

to a big pre-season upon return.

Reggie Madden (`16)

Came back to us around 7 games into the

season and played a few B grade games

at first before being promoted when we

received a few injuries. Reggie is still a little

down on his fitness levels and with a big

pre-season next year could be a player to

watch next year.

Jack Chard (`16)

into a handy backman for years to come.

Charlie Morgan (`17)

Played 3 games for us over the school

holidays and to watch Charlie go about it

was pleasing and a credit to the work Ben

and the school coaches are doing. Charlie

played his first game up forward and then

we moved him down back in his other two

and he was named in the best players.



Missed the first several games of the season

due to work, which put him on the back

foot early. He was given his chance recently,

taking the third tall of the opposition

forwards after stringing a few good games

together in the B grade. Jack has a good

leap and with some work on his 1 on 1

contest and kicking we can see him turning

Tom McInerny (`16)

Played 6 A grade games this year and shown

he can play at this level. Tom is an outside

mid who uses the ball well and once he

gains more confidence I can see him being a

player who should have the ball in his hands.

Oscar Wight (`13)

Oscar has only been playing for the last 5

weeks due to tennis and in his first game

played C grade before being moved up the

grades to play his first A grade game. Oscar

has good size and could play both ends of

the ground and can also roll through the


Nick Heaslip (`15)

Another one to get his chance recently.

Nick is talented football player and I think

at this stage does not understand how

good he could be. We have played him back

as a key, on the wing and in the midfield for

the B grade and he keeps finding the footy.

As you can see, we have great talent coming

from Scotch College in to the club which

is great for school parents, ex-players,

current players and the whole Scotch

community to see. We are looking to

continue to prosper this great relationship

in the coming years. The current Year 12

playing group is playing some great footy

and we hope to include some of the great

talent on the field for SOCFC in 2018.


Feature Jono Lagonik (`10)



Rowing Report

In the April edition of Scotch Reports, it was

reported that the Men’s Masters IV would

participate in the World Masters Games to

be held at Lake Karapiro in New Zealand.

Well, we did! The crew of TJ Belcher (`81),

PH Camens (`76), AR Freeman (`80), SCG

Firth (`76) and masterful cox SC Camens (`15)

became the first Scotch Masters crew to

attend an international regatta*.

Australian Champion, Montreal Olympics)

suggests that he spent a bit more time than

ourselves post-school keeping up with his

rowing, whilst squeezing in a BEng and a

PhD. Supreme effort!

This winter has also seen the continuation

of training sessions, both on the River

rowing sessions are a great workout and

are always conducted with good humour

and mutual support. Contact us via email, find

us on Facebook 'Scotch Old Collegians &

Community Rowing Club' or check out the


Despite a severe lack of preparation before

the race, we recorded a PB of 3.39 over

1000m and missed qualifying for the final

by 1 second. This was as much of a surprise

to us as it was to our enthusiastic and vocal

support crew. If you would like to review

our full season, a video is available on

the Scotch Old Collegians & Community

Rowing Club Facebook page


A sincere thanks to all those who supported

us, in particular the vast array of coxes we

churned through!

Of particular note was the performance of

Old Scholar Chris Shinners (`70). His four

firsts and a second for Banks Melbourne

in the same regatta perhaps puts our

performance into context. It would be fair

to observe that his pedigree (Australian

Junior Champion, two winning Kings Cups,





Torrens and at the West Lakes Regatta

course. Despite a severe drop in the

mercury, the rowers have experienced

some of the most perfect, still, (mostly)

dry evenings. These have contributed

somewhat to the steady improvement of

those willing to brave the cooler conditions.

As always, the Club welcomes any new

members, both rowers and coxes. The

*This grand statement is made based on

very limited evidence. The author is happy

to be corrected.


Feature Belcher, Camens S, Camens P, Firth,

Freeman) / 01 Winter twilight training on the

River Torrens



at Scotch

Sunday 29 October

Scotch College Adelaide

9am - 1pm

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