Global Compact International Yearbook 2017


Sustainability in Troubled Times

We life in times of uncertainty and global (dis)Order. „Understanding global mega-trends is crucial. We live in times of multiple, evolving and mutually-reinforcing shifts“, says UN Secretary-General António Guterres. He adds: „These dynamics, of geopolitical, demographic, climatic, technological, social and economic nature, enhance threats and opportunities on an unprecedented scale.“ Therefore
sustainability in troubled times is the key topic of the Global Compact International Yearbook 2017, edited by macondo publishing.


35 billion

Thrown away: 35 billion plastic water bottles a year in the US

500 billion

Approximately 500 billion plastic bags used annually


40 percent

Over 40 percent of plastic usage is in packaging

8 percent

Plastics are estimated to account for 8 percent of

world’s oil production

250 species

Over 250 species known to have ingested or become

tangled in plastic

$7 trillion

A 2002 UN study estimated $7 trillion a year of economic risk

from plastic pollution

Source: Plastic Oceans


Global Compact International Yearbook 2017

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