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Montana Nurses Association 105th Annual Convention

October 4th, 2017 - October 6th, 2017

Great Northern Best Western Premier Hotel

Helena, MT

2017 Montana Nurses Association

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2017 Montana Nurses Association


2017 Montana Nurses Association

Montana Nurses Association

Mission Statement

The Montana Nurses Association promotes professional nursing practice,

standards and education; represents professional nurses; and provides

nursing leadership in promoting high quality health care.

Excellence is our Standard!!

“Voice of Nurses in Montana


2017 Montana Nurses Association


2017 Montana Nurses Association

Montana Nurses Association

Staff & Contacts

Executive Director

Director, Continuing


Director, Labor Program

Continuing Education


Continuing Education


RN Continuing

Education Specialist

Labor Representative

Vicky Byrd


Pam Dickerson


Robin Haux


Kathy Schaefer


Caroline Baughman


Mary Thomas


Amy Hauschild









Labor Representative Sandi Luckey 406-465-1827

Labor Representative

Chief Financial Officer

Leslie Shepherd


Jill Hindoien




Administrative Assistant Jennifer Hamilton 406-442-6710

Phone: 406-442-6710

Fax: 406-442-1841

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2017 Montana Nurses Association

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2017 Montana Nurses Association

2017 Board of Directors


Lorri Bennet RN

Deer Lodge


Chelsee Baker BSN, RN






Linda Larsen RN-BC


Director at Large

Jennifer Taylor BSN, RN, CCRN


Council on

Continuing Education

Representative to the Board

Debby Lee BSN, RN-BC, CCRP


Council on

Economic & General Welfare

Representative to the Board

Jennifer Tanner BS, RN, CCRN, NREMT


Council on

Practice & Government Affairs

Representative to the Board

Anna Ammons BSN, RN, PCCN


Council on

Advanced Practice (CAP)

Representative to the Board

John Honsky APRN


To contact the Board of Directors you may email them at ~


2017 Montana Nurses Association

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2017 Montana Nurses Association

2017 Councils

Council on Continuing Education

Email ~

Debby Lee, BSN, RN-BC Representative to Board ~ Denton

Jennifer Taylor BSN, RN, CCRN

Megan Hamilton MSN, RN, CFRN NR-P

Cheryl Richards MS, BSN, RN-BC

Janet Smith MN, MSHS, RN

Bonnie Hash BSN, RN






Gwyn Palchak BSN, RN-BC, ACM

Sarah Leland BSN, RN, CMS

Sandy Sacry MSN, RN

Polly Troutman MSN, RN-BC

Emily Michalski-Weber BSN, RN


Park City




Council on Practice & Government Affairs

Email ~

Anna Ammons BSN, RN, PCCN Representative to Board ~ Columbus

Eve Franklin MSN, BSN


Jack Preston BSN, RN


Yvette Dean MBA, RN, HCA


Karen Fairbrother BSN, RN, DNC, CDE Helena

Anita Doherty, RN

Great Falls

Council on Economic & General Welfare

Email ~

Jennifer Tanner BSN, RN, CCRN, NREMT Representative to Board ~ Clancy

Rachel Huleatt BSN, RN


Brooke O’Neil RN, CCRN


Jack Preston, RN


Delayne Gall RN, OCN


Council on Advanced Practice

Email ~

John Honsky APRN ~ Representative to Board ~ Missoula

Council on Advanced Practice Chair-Elect ~ Deborah Kern MSN, FNP ~ Bozeman

Secretary ~ Nanci Taylor APRN ~ Anaconda

Member at Large ~ Kevin Comer MN, FNP-BC~ Bozeman

Member at Large ~ Terry Dutro MSN, APRN, AGPCNP-BC ~ Bozeman

National Federation of Nurses – Executive Board

Jennifer Taylor BSN, RN, CCRN ~ Helena

Lucy Ednie RN-BC ~ Butte


2017 Montana Nurses Association

Continuing Education for Health Professionals

The Montana Geriatric Education Center (MTGEC) is an interdisciplinary

center which provides geriatric education and training for Montana

health professionals, higher education faculty, and students so they

might better meet the health needs of the older residents of the state.







For additional information and educational

opportunities contact us at:



Phone: 406.243.2453

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital

a TOP 100 Critical Access Hospital, is located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana

surrounded by mountains and wilderness; rafting, horseback riding, camping, fishing, hunting, skiing

and much more. Its employees are committed to quality, accessible, personalized healthcare.

Registered Nurse Opportunities

Full-time, Part-time, PRN

• Surgical Services: Department Head • Mid Level NP/PA

• Home Health • Med Surg: RN & Charge • OB • ED

• Desk Triage Nurse

Contact Human Resources:

1200 Westwood Drive Hamilton, MT 59840

1-406-375-4407 or Apply online:


2017 Montana Nurses Association

2017 Committees

Nominations Committee

Nanci Taylor APRN……Anaconda

Emily Michalski-Weber BSN, RN……Clancy

Cynthia Sparing BA, CCHP-RN……Helena

Bonnie Hash BSN, RN……Bozeman

Paula Roman RN-BC……Helena

By-Laws Committee

Brenda Donaldson BA, RN……Bozeman

Editorial Board


Finance Committee


Elections Committee

Lorie VanDonsel RN………Forsyth

Chelsee Baker RN………Anaconda

Emily Michalski-Weber BSN, RN………Clancy

Cynthia Sparing BA, CCHP-RN………Helena

Penny Haughian RN………Terry

History Committee



2017 Montana Nurses Association

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2017 Montana Nurses Association

2017 Leadership

District Leadership

• District 1 ~ Genie Weber/John Honsky......................................................................Missoula

• District 2 ~ Lorri Bennett.......................................................................................Deer Lodge

• District 3 ~ Keven Comer......................................................................................... Bozeman

• District 4 ~ Paul Lee.................................................................................................... Helena

• District 5 ~ Racheal Huleatt.........................................................................................Billings

• District 6 ~ Debbie Lee/Arlys Williams.........................................................................Denton

• District 7 ~ Gwyn Palchak.........................................................................................Kalispell

• District 8 ~ Jennifer Miller.........................................................................................Glendive

Local Unit Leadership

• District 1-Local Unit 15 ~ Community Medical Center.......................................Angela Lovato

• District 1-Local Unit 17 ~ St. Patrick Hospital....................................................... Ray Fredette

• District 1-Local Unit 18 ~ Anticoagulation Clinic, St. Patrick Hospital......................... VACANT

• District 1-Local Unit 32 ~ Partners In Home Care......................................... Tammy Eggleston

• District 1-Local Unit 33 ~ Fresenius Medical Center...............................................Sarah Black

• District 1-Local Unit 35 ~ Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital................................... Becky Byrne

• District 2-Local Unit 01 ~ Community Hospital of Anaconda...............................Lorri Bennett

• District 2-Local Unit 05 ~ St. James Healthcare................................................Stacey Sheehan

• District 2-Local Unit 07 ~ Montana State Hospital.................................................Jack Preston

• District 2-Local Unit 36 ~ Montana Chemical Dependency Center...............Elisabeth Fandrich

• District 2-Local Unit 37 ~ Butte/Silver Bow City-County..............................Karen Maloughney

• District 3-Local Unit 04 ~ Bozeman Health.................................................James Fredrickson

• District 3-Local Unit 06 ~ Fresenius Medical Center........................................ Ruth Grindinger

• District 3-Local Unit 26 ~ MSU Student Health.................................................... Lisa Koyama

• District 4-Local Unit 08 ~ Department of Public Health & Human Services......... Susan Reeser

• District 4-Local Unit 13 ~ St. Peter’s Community Hospital.......................................... Paul Lee

• District 5-Local Unit 02 ~ Billings Clinic............................................................. Delayne Gall

• District 5-Local Unit 38 ~ Rosebud Healthcare.................................... Vickie Lane/Marla Mali

• District 5-Local Unit 44 ~ Holy Rosary Hospital............................................ Penny Haughian

• District 6-Local Unit 11 ~ Cascade City-County.............................................. Davida Hryszko

• District 6-Local Unit 12 ~ Northern Montana Hospital.......................................Audrey Turner

• District 6-Local Unit 14 ~ MT Mental Health Nursing Care Center.. Julie Capraro/Bethany Eide

• District 6-Local Unit 20 ~ Marias Medical Center..................................................... VACANT

• District 6-Local Unit 24 ~ Sweet Medical Center....................................................... VACANT

• District 6-Local Unit 25 ~ Northern Rockies Medical............................................ Brianne Bell

• District 7-Local Unit 22 ~ Cabinet Peaks Medical Center...................................Dave Edwards

• District 7-Local Unit 27 ~ Veteran’s Home.............................................................Ruth Oskey

• District 7-Local Unit 34 ~ Clark Fork Valley Hospital.................. Julia Ulvick/Kassy Marjerrison

• District 8-Local Unit 21 ~ Glendive Medical Center........................................... Jennifer Miller

• District 8-Local Unit 39 ~ Sidney Health Center.......................................................Linda Reis


2017 Montana Nurses Association

MNA Highlights from the Executive Director

Vicky Byrd, BA, RN, OCN

Excerpts from our 2016-2017 MNA Government Relations Platform

addressing violence:

Protect the economic and general welfare of nurses by:

a. actively engaging in legislation and campaigns that positively

contribute to the economic and general welfare of RNs;

b. ensuring the right of RNs to engage in collective bargaining in


c. opposing any “Right to Work” legislation now being referred to as


d. addressing workplace environment issues including violence against healthcare workers,

appropriate staffing, patient safety; and

e. advocating legislation prohibiting mandatory overtime.

The “Your Nurse Wears Combat Boots” campaign launched at the 2015 MNA convention and began with

the MNA board of directors deciding how to address violence in the workplace and ultimately produce

effective legislation. We had not been effective in past years, so we looked outside of the box and thought

a legislative campaign would be most effective and thus was born the Your Nurse Wears Combat Boots

campaign with the tagline of addressing workplace violence in the Healthcare setting. We knew from

the beginning this campaign would have to address education, legislation and a culture change. MNA

was fortunate to have a volunteer campaign chair, Brenda Donaldson RN, participate in all levels of this

campaign, from attending road shows, to calling her local lawmakers and even testifying during the 2017

legislation session.

We held seven road shows over a year and a half bringing education and our proposed legislation to our

nurses, lawmakers and to the public. The culture change needed was to inform healthcare workers that it’s

not part of our job to be assaulted while performing our professional duties. If convicted of assault against

a healthcare worker we wanted it to be a felony charge. We gathered assault and workplace violence

stories. We mailed these stories on postcards to the legislators sharing nurses and healthcare workers

stories of being assaulted while on duty. We included their pictures and city or county of residence so

lawmakers could see that these are real Montana workers being harmed every single day.

We partnered with the Department Of Labor and they were able to published a paper titled “Assaults on

Healthcare Workers in Montana”-prepared by Julia M. Brennan and Dave A. Elenbaas, November 30,

2016, Montana Department of Labor & Industry. This evidence based paper showed that in Montana,

healthcare workers are assaulted at a higher rate than the national average.

All lawmakers were fully informed and educated about the campaign. In addition to multiple emails and

handouts, we held an informational legislative reception for all our Montana senators and representatives

(150 potential lawmakers) including fellow nurses and firefighters. We showed a powerful video (viewable

online on our website) talking about violence in healthcare that our workers are experiencing and

approximately 40 lawmakers attended.


2017 Montana Nurses Association

Unfortunately, during the legislative session, when the judicial committee voted, after hearing 28

proponents and 4 opponents testify and asking clarifying questions for a total hearing time of little over

2.25 hours, they voted to table our bill in committee (usually kills the bill) and not allow it to be debated

on the floor. There were also 100 proponents and only 5 opponents that had signed in on the bill.

We also used our MNA legislative day to ask our lawmakers, especially those on the committee, to move

it out of committee and at least let it be heard and debated on the floor. We informed our membership

which lawmakers had stood with the nurses and healthcare workers and who did not. We provided lunch

for nurses and lawmakers who could attend legislative day at the Capitol in the rotunda. The nurses took

the lawmakers blood pressures and had the opportunity to again educate them and ask them whether they

supported or opposed our bill and why. Our bill remained tabled but our voices spread, as many of our

members, nonmembers and public citizens, after hearing the bill was tabled, emailed and called the chair

of the committee and other committee members, urging them to reconsider and pull the bill off the table

and send it to the house floor for debate. Unfortunately, the bill never came to the house floor for debate

and subsequently died.

Your Nurse Wears Combat Boots campaign will continue to address workplace violence against healthcare

workers through legislation, education and a culture change.

As we look to the 2019 legislative session, learn who your state senator and state representatives are.

Talk to them, educate them and let them know we need this felony legislation to protect our healthcare

workers. They are making these decisions and it is up to us to be sure they are making informed ones.

Thank those lawmakers who are supportive of our issues and hold the others accountable for their nonsupport.

Excerpts from our 2016-2017 MNA Government Relations Platform addressing healthcare:

MNA Mission Statement: The Montana Nurses Association promotes professional nursing practice,

standards and education; represents professional nurses; and provides nursing leadership in promoting

high quality health care.

3. Improve access to quality, cost effective health care by developing and/or supporting public

policies which:

a. respond to the needs of the unserved and underserved populations by promoting access to

health care and healthcare coverage;

b. identify or develop alternative health care delivery systems that are cost-effective and

provide quality health care;

c. mandate third party reimbursements directly to RNs from public and private payers; and

d. remove barriers (financial, governmental, regulatory, and/or institutional) that deny access to

appropriate/qualified health care providers and approved medical standard of care


4. Protect human rights by developing and/or supporting public policies which:

a. promote access to appropriate health services;

b. preserve individual rights to privacy; and

c. promote debate and consideration of ethical dilemmas in health care.

The current healthcare situation is perilous at best. As MNA is advocating for our nurses and patients

through our professional association, I always keep the legislative platform handy to be sure we are

meeting those stances. Below is information addressing the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and the

Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) with amendments.


2017 Montana Nurses Association

Recent efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act threaten to undermine the federal government’s 50-year

commitment to Medicaid, increase the amount Montanans will pay for their health care - particularly the

older and sicker among us - and severely curtail the ability of physicians, nurses and other caregivers to

maintain local access to high-quality care.

The disabled veteran who qualifies for Medicaid coverage, the child who receives vital services through

the school, the rancher who gained affordable coverage on the exchange, and all those who participate

in an employer-based health plan will be deeply impacted by passage of the BCRA. Their families, friends

and neighbors will be impacted too.

Based on CBO estimates, the Senate bill would strip health coverage from 22 million Americans and allow

insurers to cut essential benefits while charging older Americans up to five times more for their coverage.

This will result in more patients delaying their care because they can’t afford it, which in turn, will cause

treatments to become more complicated and more expensive for everyone.

The Congressional Budget Office’s findings below are regarding the new amendment to repeal without a

replacement (July 19, 2017).

Massive Cuts in Health Insurance Coverage: In 2018, it would take insurance away from 17 million

people. If no replacement plan were in place by 2020, 27 million more people would be uninsured, with

that number jumping to 32 million in 2026, including 19 million people cut off from Medicaid.

Huge Increases in Premiums for Individual Coverage: In 2018, premiums for health insurance would

jump by 25 percent compared to what they would be without repeal. In 2020, premiums would be 50

percent higher than they would have been; in 2026, premiums would be about 100 percent higher.

Insurance Is No Longer Available to Buy: The individual insurance market would contract dramatically,

with many insurers dropping out of the market. By 2020, 50 percent of the population would live in areas

with no insurers selling non-group coverage. About 75 percent of the population would have no insurer

willing to sell them coverage by 2026.

The next page shows our national affiliate ANA graphic depicting “What is at stake for Nurses and Patients

without the Affordable Care Act.”


2017 Montana Nurses Association


2017 Montana Nurses Association

No matter your political affiliation, healthcare is a bi-partisan issue and to politicize our healthcare does our

citizens and patients no good. We will continue to advocate for healthcare for all, and together, collaborating

with the experts in the healthcare field, repair what is broken with the ACA and retain what works.

Currently, a majority of healthcare associations and organizations oppose the ACHA and the BCRA in their

current forms. They are listed below.

Organizations Opposing the American Healthcare Act/

Better Healthcare Act


• Alliance for Healthcare Security

• Alliance for Retired Americans

• American Academy of Family Physicians

• American Bridge

• American College of Physicians

• American Congress of OB/GYNs

• American Diabetes Association

• American Medical Association

• American Medical Women’s Association

• American Hospital Association &

Federation of American Hospitals

• American Cancer Society Cancer Action


• American Federation of Teachers

• AFT/Nurses and Health Professionals


• American Federation of State, County, and

Municipal Employees

• American Federation for Suicide


• American Health Care Association


• America’s Hospitals and Health Systems

• American Medical Association

• American Medical Student Association

• American Osteopathic Association

• American Nurses Association

• American Public Health Association

• Asian & Pacific Islander American Health


• Association of American Physicians and


• Catholic Health Association of the

United States

• Center for American Progress

• Center for Medicare Advocacy

• Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


• Children’s Defense Fund

• Children’s Hospital Association

• Community Catalyst

• Consumers Union

• Doctors for America

• Families USA

• Federation of American Hospitals

• Feminist Majority

• National Disability Rights Network

• HIV Medicine Association

• Leadership Conference on Civil and

Human Rights

• Medicare Rights Center

• MomsRising


• Sister Simone Campbell, NETWORK

Advocates for Catholic Social Justice

• National Association of Psychiatric


• National Committee to Preserve Social

Security and Medicare

• National Council of LaRaza

• National Disability Rights Network

• National Medical Association

• National Nurses United

• National Partnership for Women and


• National Physicians Alliance

• National Committee to Preserve Social

Security & Medicare

• National Center for Transgender Equality

• National Education Association

• National Women’s Law Center

• Network for Patient Advocacy

• Our Revolution

• Planned Parenthood

• Service Employees International Union

• Young Invincibles

2017 Montana Nurses Association

It’s no secret that Montana’s healthcare, especially rural healthcare is in jeopardy. Our lawmakers in

DC have the unique opportunity to preserve it and to strengthen our healthcare system so that future

generations can enjoy the quality of life that only Montana can offer.

MNA forms a Foundation 501c3 called Montana Nurses Association Foundation-MNAF

MNA Board of Directors approved the pursuit of a foundation and to our collective knowledge this is the

first in MNA’s history of forming a charitable arm of our professional association. Donations to the MNA

foundation are 100% tax deductible.

MNAF mission statement: “The Montana Nurses Association Foundation (MNAF) is the charitable and

philanthropic branch of the Montana Nurses Association (MNA), with a mission to preserve the history of

nursing in Montana and contribute, support and empower the professional nurse in Montana.”

The purposes for which the Corporation is organized are as follows:

“(a) charitable; (b) educational; (c) to accept healthcare/nursing research and educational grants; (d) to

provide continuing educational grants to licensed registered nurses; and (e) to award scholarships to

qualifying persons.”

We look forward to the MNAF “launch” at our MNA 2017 annual convention!


2017 Montana Nurses Association

Council on Continuing

Education 2017

Annual Report

Pamela S. Dickerson, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN

Director of Continuing Education &

Megan Hamilton, MSN, RN, CFRN, NR-P

Chair, Council on Continuing Education

The overarching goals of the Council on Continuing Education are congruent with the mission of MNA –

to promote professional nursing practice, standards, and education and to provide nursing leadership in

promoting high-quality health care. Specifically, these goals are:

1. Provide quality continuing nursing education that supports the mission of MNA, following

guidelines as an accredited provider by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission

on Accreditation.

2. Approve educational activities and provider units that support nursing professional development

and improvement in patient care, following guidelines as an accredited approver by the American

Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

As required by accreditation criteria, there are outcome measures associated with both provider and

approver unit operations. Increasingly, there is emphasis on validating the importance of continuing

nursing education in improving the professional practice of nursing. Evidence of the excellence of our

work in this area includes receipt of the 2015 ANCC Premier Award for our accredited approver unit and

designation of Accreditation with Distinction of our accredited provider and approver units.

Council on Continuing Education:

The Council meets twice a year for face-to-face meetings in addition to conference calls for new member

orientation and other issues as required. Some members of the council focus on provider unit operations

and activities; other members serve as peer reviewers for the approver unit. Peer reviewers undergo

initial education and testing, as well as periodic validation of competence to ensure their ability to assess

applications congruently with peer reviewers across the United States and appraisers in the ANCC

Primary Accreditation Program. The Council continues to recruit members interested in contributing to

this important work of the Association. In 2017, Megan Hamilton was selected as Chair of the Council,

succeeding Sandy Sacry, who completed her term limits as outlined in the MNA Bylaws. Sandy continues

to serve as a member of the Council and is also a member of the Montana Board of Nursing. The Council

was instrumental in working with the Board of Nursing to modify continuing education rules to support

quality professional development opportunities for Montana nurses.


2017 Montana Nurses Association

Approver Unit:

The MNA Accredited Approver Unit accepts applications from both individual activity applicants and

organizations wishing to be approved, or to continue their approval, as providers. Individual activities

are approved for up to two years once all accreditation program criteria have been met. Provider units

are approved for up to three years, with authority to design, implement, and evaluate their own activities

under the leadership, direction, and accountability of a Primary Nurse Planner during that period of time.

The Approver Unit monitors quality and outcomes from both individual activity and approved provider

data in accordance with accreditation program criteria. Our approver unit is recognized as a leader by

ANCC’s Primary Accreditation Program, resulting in receipt of referrals for applicants from around the

country and around the world. The approver unit operates under the leadership of the Nurse Peer Review

Leader, who also serves as the MNA Director of Continuing Education.

Provider Unit:

The MNA Accredited Provider Unit is accountable for planning, implementing, and evaluating all

continuing nursing education offered by MNA. This includes annual events such as the Transition from

New Graduate to Professional Nurse Workshop, the APRN Pharmacology Conference, Labor Retreat,

CE Provider Update Conferences, Convention, and the interprofessional Veterans’ Care Conference.

Additionally, the provider unit offers a number of in-person and webinar educational activities. While

the main target audience of provider unit activities is MNA members, educational activities are open

to all nurses interested in our events. Most recently, MNA has established an education-specific web

site for members and other interested parties – The web site is populated with

independent study opportunities in the areas of professional development, clinical practice development,

and continuing education provider education. The provider unit operates under the leadership of the Lead

Nurse Planner, who also serves as the MNA Director of Continuing Education.

Continuing education continues to be a major benefit to membership and provides numerous

opportunities for nurses to enhance their professional development as learners, faculty, authors, peer

reviewers, and activity planners. Additionally, as part of MNA’s commitment to improve the professional

development of our members and volunteers, we support the participation of members of our Council on

Continuing Education in national professional development events. In 2017, one member was provided the

opportunity to participate in the Continuing Nursing Education Symposium held in July.

Evidence clearly supports the value and importance of nursing professional development to sustain

lifelong learning and contribute to the nurse’s ability to be successful and effective as a clinician, educator,

researcher, or administrator. We are proud to support professional development through our nationally

recognized accredited provider and approver units


2017 Montana Nurses Association

2017 Labor Department Annual Report

Robin Haux, BS, Labor Program Director

Another year has come and gone and I am excited to share with you the

MNA Labor Department updates. Your MNA Labor Department continues to

grow and we successfully organized the registered nurses at Marias Medical

Center in Shelby, MT! We welcome these nurses and our labor team is

looking forward to assisting them with bargaining their first contract, which

is currently underway. Organizing and member engagement have become

priorities and we are excited to continue to grow the collective voice of

nurses in Montana. We encourage each of our members to reach out to just

ONE new nurse and educate them on the importance of collective bargaining. Engaging our younger

nurses will be key to maintaining the nursing collective voice and improving results at the bargaining table.

The Labor Department is sad to lose Caroline Baughman as a labor representative, but we are very excited

she is staying with MNA and joining the Continuing Education department. Additionally, we are very lucky

to have recently hired Leslie Shepherd, RN-BSN as our newest labor representative. Leslie works at Benefis

and was a project organizer on our recent Benefis campaign. Although we were not successful in winning

our campaign, we made a large impact on the nurses at Benefis and brought forward the relevance of

MNA as a labor union and as a professional nursing association. Amy Hauschild, RN-BSN, continues to be

a leader in our department. Over this past year, she has bargained successor agreements for our members

on the Eastern side of the state, settled grievances and worked to internally organize our membership by

increasing nursing involvement in our local units. Sandi Luckey continues to represent many locals within

the central and western parts of our state by assisting with negotiations, grievances and grievance trainings.

Sandi continues to provide our department and association with advances in communication and we

value her knowledge. Our team approach in our department continues to provide our members with the

best representation.

Contract negotiations continue to be challenging in the Montana labor climate and ever changing

healthcare. With every bargaining session, we are experiencing attacks on your collective voice. As a

bargaining unit member, your engagement is of utmost importance to success at the bargaining table.

Participate in meetings and surveys, support your bargaining teams, and stay engaged! This action can be

as little as providing food for your bargaining team to helping distribute support stickers or badges. Every

little bit helps build your voice! Advocacy through bargaining and collective action can, and does make

impacts at the bargaining table. As we continue to strengthen our contracts, we continue to improve the

workplace for our members.

The goal for increasing member engagement will be a priority over the next year. We encourage your

locals to add positions to your executive boards. Examples are add a co-president or co-secretaries

to assist in sharing the commitment. Add a media officer to manage email lists and create a local unit

Facebook page. Focus on obtaining one or two nurses to be representatives to your local executive board

and this will help increase effective communication. Have fun and plan events to benefit your community

and bring awareness to the nurses in your communities! Our labor representatives can provide each of

you with the tools to improve engagement and look forward to meeting with all of you to create plans to

do so! Don’t forget how much MNA loves to provide nursing education!


2017 Montana Nurses Association

Ask your representatives about holding virtual meetings to assist with improving member participation.

Our members have busy lives and sometimes it is easier to participate from your homes and MNA can

assist you to offer this option. Additionally, we are effectively using conference calls and text threads to

engage more members. We can work together to make participation easier and therefore more effective.

MNA is very proud of how engaged our members are in the “Your Nurse Wears Combat Boots”

campaign. We were effective as an entire association in bringing awareness to workplace violence. Each

and every one of you assisted by being engaged in supporting this campaign. This campaign is just the

beginning of how, together, we can work to impact change and bring awareness.

Remember to follow us on Twitter at @MTnurses and like us on Facebook and thank you for all the work

each of you do every day advocating for patients across Montana!


2017 Montana Nurses Association

Membership Report

Jill Hindoien, BS Chief Financial Officer

The Montana Nurses’ Association membership continues to grow.

With the assistance of our outstanding District and Local leadership

we continue to gain members wanting to belong to their professional


MNA’s Labor Department has been in the field educating our local

unit members, who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement,

regarding the importance of their collective voice and the security of their contract.

Our Continuing Education Department, accredited with distinction by ANCC as both a provider

and approver of continuing nursing education, has contributed to membership growth as

representatives of approved provider units have become MNA members.

We often get calls from nurses around the state having issues with their place of employment and

will join our membership for the support and resources MNA provides.

MNA has grown to over 2,500 members strong. Of these numbers 2,300+ are collective bargaining

(union) members, 250+ are non-collective bargaining members (includes APRNs), and 30+ are

retired members.

MNA is continually working to improve our membership database to provide accurate and up-todate

information. We utilize personal emails as our official means to communicate with members

whether its district or local elections, MNA opportunities like our national conferences or passing

on communications from MNA and our affiliates. If you have any changes to your name, mailing

address, e-mail address, phone number or employment status please contact MNA at 406-442-6710

or email

Thank you for your membership.


2017 Montana Nurses Association

District 1 Report

John Honsky, APRN Treasurer

Montana State University College of Nursing Student Jade Raue - first

recipient of District 1’s Shirley Christianson Nursing Scholarship.

In 2017, Jade Raue from the Missoula campus of Montana State’s College of

Nursing was the first recipient of the Shirley Christianson Nursing Scholarship.

In a letter to the nurses of District 1, Jade writes, My dream of becoming

a nurse is moving forward…I am committed to my education and to the

healthcare field, and one step closer to becoming a nurse thanks to your continued generosity and the

Montana Nurses Association District 1 Missoula Scholarship...

In 2017, with Jade being the first recipient, District 1’s dream of awarding nursing scholarships to Missoula

students became a reality.

This year District 1 partnered with the Montana State University College of Nursing Foundation and The

University of Montana’s Foundation to establish two annual scholarships for nursing students in Missoula.

The Shirley Christianson Nursing Scholarship Fund is an endowment fund that was started many years

back when Shirley Christianson, a registered nurse from Missoula, began raising money through bake sales

and quilt raffles for the purpose of helping Registered Nursing students complete their education.

Over the past 4 decades, through investments, the fund has grown a balance of over $40,000, allowing

the RN members of MNA’s Missoula district to award two $500 scholarships a year. From here on out,

a scholarship will be given to an RN student enrolled at UM’s Missoula College and MSU’s College of


District 1 Officers include:

President: Genie Weber RN, CAPA

Treasurer: John Honsky APRN

If you have any questions regarding your district you can contact Jennifer at (406) 442-6710



District 2 Officers include:

President: Lorri Bennett RN

Vice President: Corinne Pederson RN

Secretary/Treasurer: Jamie Decker RN

2017 Montana Nurses Association

District 2 Report

Lorri Bennet, RN President

District 2 celebrated Nurses Week with a gathering at the Haufbrau in

Anaconda. Gifts were given to many of the nurses in attendance.

District 2 also supports and finances delegates and Board Members to State

Convention. Last year we had 11 Delegates and 1 Board Member.

We will be holding Officer Elections this year. We’re always looking for Nurses

to hold leadership roles, if you’re interested please let me know!

MNA uses email as its primary source of communications with all the Members. Please make sure that the

MNA Office has your viable home email.

District 3 Report

Keven Comer, APRN President

As host, District #3 welcomes you to the MNA 2017 Annual Convention. We

hope you will find many outstanding educational offerings and networking

with fellow nurses from across the state.

District #3 encompasses Gallatin, Madison, Sweet Grass and Park Counties.

We held our annual Nurses’ Day Banquet at Johnny Carino’s in Bozeman. This

was the 18th consecutive year for the celebration. Over 70 nurses and friends

of nurses attended. There were door prizes, fabulous food and drinks.

District #3 continues to have a broad base support from nurses. We have members from MSU-College of

Nursing, Livingston, Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Gallatin Country Rest Home, MSU-Student Health and

nurses in various jobs in the neighboring counties.

District 3 Officers include:

President: Keven Comer APRN

Vice President: Pat Obrien-Townsend RN

Secretary: Pat Armstrong RN

Treasurer: Bonnie Hash RN

Board of Directors: Janet Smith RN, Kelsey Comer RN, Terry Dutro APRN, Deb Kern APRN and Barb

Prescott-Schaff APRN


2017 Montana Nurses Association

District 4 Officers include:

President: Paul Lee CCRN

Vice President: Emily Michalski-Weber BSN, RN-BC

Secretary: Krystal Frydenlund RN

Treasurer: Brittany Lee RNC

District 4 Report

Paul Lee, CCRN President

District 4 includes Lewis & Clark County, Jefferson County, Broadwater County

and Meagher County. We elected new officers and will explore ways to engage

our District 4 members. At our June District meeting we moved to sponsor

an MNA convention delegate from one of our smaller districts to encourage

participation at the MNA annual convention. District 4 will pick up their

registration, gas (not mileage) and room expense for one delegate in need, to

be able to attend all three days of convention.

District 5 Report

Rachel Huleatt, BSN, RN President

District 5 consists of three MNA bargaining units, Non-Collective bargaining

members and MEA-MFT shared members. The collective bargaining members

include Local #2 (Billings Clinic) and MSU College of Nursing both located in

Billings. Rosebud Healthcare (local #38) is located in Forsyth and Holy Rosary

Healthcare (local #44) is in Miles City.

This past year, Local #44 nurses at Holy Rosary Healthcare teamed up with

their Nurse Council and created nurse appreciation baskets for all nursing areas and nurse management

areas for Nurses Day. Their collective bargaining agreement expired on June 30, 2017 and as of July, MNA

and the nurses are in the process of bargaining a successor agreement.

At Billings Clinic, Local #2 ratified a new three-year contract in May following an extended series of

bargaining sessions. The contract provided for a new wage system based in steps and a lot of new contract

language. The nurses were pleased and the ratification vote was held during Nurses Week. Snacks, treats

and MNA goodies were provided to the nurses when they came to vote.

There are no new updates from the MEA-MFT shared members at Montana State University.

Local #38, Rosebud Health Care Center will be starting negotiations in September. Other than that, no

new updates from Forsyth.

Last year, a group of nurses from Local #2 created a charity entitled Billings Nurses: Helping Our Teens

Succeed and 2017 has been a busy year for fundraising. The charity helps homeless and needy teens

through donations for food pantries, clothing, etc. Tumbleweed is an organization which helps homeless


2017 Montana Nurses Association

teens here in Billings by assisting them to get back on their feet and in the right direction. Brenda Doherty

has championed the efforts with our charity, the Billings Nurses: Helping our Teens Succeed and is in the

process of creating a website so people can choose to donate money. All donations are tax deductible.

Please contact Brenda Doherty if you would like more information and most certainly follow them on


District 5 Officers include:

President: Rachel Huleatt BSN, RN

District 6 Report

Debby Lee, BSN, RN-BC President

MNA District 6 region includes Great Falls, Havre, Lewistown, Cut Bank

and surrounding areas. In October 2016, we reached out to all those from

District 6 attending the MNA convention trying to recruit active members

interested in becoming more involved at the district level. Nurses from Great

Falls, Lewistown, Havre, Sweet Grass Clinic, and Cascade County Health

Department all joined to network and discuss current nursing issues in


This year we have held two meetings to date. At the February meeting, held in Lewistown, nominations for

the district elections including House Delegates for the Convention were completed along with Legislative

updates. Issues were discussed including the bill on Workplace violence. A CE activity on Workplace

Wellness from Joey Traywick (recorded earlier) was provided as our education activity.

At the June meeting, held in Great Falls, elections were held. Sue Swan presented QPR suicide prevention

education. We were glad to have a few more fellow District 6 members from Benefis and Cascade County

Health Department join us at this meeting for fellowship and networking among nurses.

A meeting for August 26, 2017 at 1200 in Havre is in the planning stages. As we go forward, District 6 will

have the MNA office send out notifications about District meetings so please open and read those emails!

We look forward to another great year and will hold a District 6 meeting at Convention so please reach

out to us if you are from District 6! The next meeting after Convention will be held in Lewistown in

February 2018. Further details will follow.

District 6 Officers include:

President: Debby Lee BSN, RN-BC

Vice President: Jerry Carpenter RN

Secretary: Ellen Osborne BSN, RN, CEN

Treasurer: Sue Swan BS, RN


2017 Montana Nurses Association

District 7 Report

Gwyn S Palchak, BSN, RN-BC, ACM President

It has been a quiet year for District 7, but a few activities have happened. In

support of MNA’s initiative to send several of its members to the ANA Quality

conference we were able to make a contribution to assist with that endeavor. In

addition one of our District members was able to attend.

Our local units have been well cared for by Caroline and their contracts

are secure. In conjunction with the MNA Continuing Education Director, an

education program has been initiated with the nurses at Cabinet Peaks Medical

Center to address the unique needs of Critical Access hospital nursing. A series of 30 minute webinars will

be offered monthly that is based on their needs assessment and the limited resources CPM have. When

completed, the webinars will be available on the cnebymna website.

I look forward to seeing you at Convention!

District 7 Officers include:

President/Treasurer: Gwyn Palchak BSN, RN-BC, ACM

District 8 Report

Jennifer Miller, RN President

District 8 consists of 12 different counties in the Eastern part of the state. Our

major support comes from Sidney Health Care, Glendive Medical Center and

our Non-Collective Bargaining members.

We elected new officers for District 8 and continue to encourage engagement

with our members. We are utilizing the MNA office to assist with email

communication regarding district meetings and elections for officers and


Please be sure the MNA Office has your personal email address as it is the official mode of

communication. Our District 8 funds along with a District 4 sponsorship to cover a delegate’s expenses

to attend convention this year, helped ensure our presence at the 2017 MNA Convention. We will

continue, as we have in the past, to utilize our monies to support our elected delegates to attend the MNA


District 8 Officers include:

President: Jennifer Miller RN

Treasurer: Andee Jolliffe RN


2017 Montana Nurses Association


2017 Montana Nurses Association



2017 Montana Nurses Association


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