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The BusinessDay CEO Magazine August 2017 (2)


The BusinessDay CEO, Aug 2017 | 24 man cooking. That was the only time I got any negative attention, if anything people were intrigued. I mean, most of the best chefs in the world are men, and it helped me in building my brand. Olamide Jinadu: We are aware that you are opening a restaurant soon, could you tell us about that? Chef Eros: I can tell you a little about it. It's not just one restaurant, it's a few but not a standard of restaurant. I call it StudioOne Kitchen and it's a private dining space where I'm able to recreate the culinary experience I've always wanted to deliver. Like I said, its private dining so the address is always withheld until you make reservations, for up to 24 people. That is, the space traditionally ten people but we are able to extend it up to twenty four. The way it's designed is to make it an intimate experience so the kitchen and dining room are attached to each other so the diners are part of the whole experience. Olamide Jinadu: Cooking is considered to be a form of art, do you ever experience chef's block? Chef Eros: Yes but not for long. There's always a form of inspiration around from social media to television and even a conversation with a friend. I'm a creative person even to a fault. Sometimes I have to draw myself back because I don't think people will understand what it is I'm trying to do.

The BusinessDay CEO, Aug 2017 | 25 “ I started my business with just fifteen thousand naira, and what I did with that was return whatever I gained from my sales back into the business until I was able to get investors . ”

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