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The BusinessDay CEO Magazine August 2017 (2)


The BusinessDay CEO, Aug 2017 | 04 Be confident. You have to remind yourself that you were chosen to moderate or host for a reason and that your capabilities are valid. I truly believe that 'sharing is caring' and I am sure that quite a few of my readers would be interested to get a few tips that might come in handy one day; so here they are: 1. Be prepared. Research your panelists and the theme of the conference very well. Find out what your panelists are known for, what is their story. If possible, meet with them beforehand to get to know them on an acquaintance level. This will help the conversation to flow, as opposed to having high-level conversation with a complete stranger. I thoroughly researched all three panelists online and got some valuable insight from their social media accounts. 2. Practice out loud. Learn everything you can about the theme of the conversation and what the different perspectives of the topic are. Try various scenarios to make the conversation more interesting and also try to see how you can play devil's advocate without being controversial. 3. Be confident. It can be nerve-wracking talking in front of hundreds of people and attempting to have discussions with well-established and highly intelligent people. You have to remind yourself that you were chosen to moderate or host for a reason and that your capabilities are valid. Positive self-talk is very important. Also remember that when you look good, you feel good - so you may want spend some time figuring out what you will wear that will make you look your best. 4. Do summarize points or questions from the audience when necessary. When you have powerful and influential people in the room, conversations can sometimes go over the allocated time. Find the right time in the conversation to politely cut the speaker and transition into a follow-up question or direct the follow-up question to another panel member. The ideal panel moderator hears various points from all the panelists and not just from the one that has the most to say. You will find that audience members will almost always repeat an already asked question or ask a question that is unrelated to the discussion. Being assertive while remaining polite is imperative if we want to ensure that the conversation is beneficial to all. 5. Have fun! Remember that moderating conversations should be fun! So, just be yourself and remember you would not have been asked to moderate if the organizer's didn't think you were capable! If you need a moderator or have any questions, please send a direct message to me on Instagram @lehlebalde

The BusinessDay CEO, Aug 2017 | 05 MOVIE REVIEW ALTEREGO - “THE LAWYER WITH A SPLIT PERSONALITY“ Alter Ego, produced by Moses Inyang, was quite detailed and explicit. It featured the comeback of renowned actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, who has been away from the Nigerian movie industry for quite some time now. Majority of the people wanted to see this brand new movie all because of her. It is obvious that Omotola has a huge fan base, and they were so excited to watch her first movie after so many years. At first, I was not really sure of what to expect from the movie, till I made out time to see it. Sincerely they had a good storyline, which is the most important aspect of a movie, in my opinion. They had their script well thought and planned, which was evident. Omotola played the role of 'Ada Igwe' and was really at her best. Ada, a famous lawyer who owned her own law firm, specialized in fighting for young girls and women who were victims of rape and sexual harassment, at no charges. She would take up their case and would stop at nothing till they got their desired victory. She was driven by a special zeal and motivation which no one could really understand as it wasn't about the money but the selflessness and hope she gave to the victims.

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