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The BusinessDay CEO Magazine August 2017 (2)


The BusinessDay CEO, Aug 2017 | 06 Despite being from a wealthy home, she too was a victim of sexual harassment during her childhood which her parents knew nothing because of their very busy schedules. She grew up hating men and never wanted to have any feelings or dealings with them. Hence, she gave her all to fighting for female victims of rape and sexual abuses. Although there wasn't as much publicity for this movie like “the wedding party” it had a positive response from some Omotola fans. It was obvious that majority of us just wanted to see what she was up to with this new movie and it was worth the watch. Cast: Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Wale Ojo, JideKosoko, KunleRemi, Bobby Obodo, Sexy Steel, Gregory Ojefua Producer: Moses Iyang Studio: Moses Iyang Films/ Sidomex Universal Digital Productions Casting 1hr 35mins VERDICT @lindaochugbua I WOULD SAY “ALTER EGO” DESERVES AN 8/10. It had a good storyline, one I am worried most people might not understand. It went beyond the comedy type of movie; it has a proper, relatable storyline. I must confess, I was kind of skeptical when I heard about the movie but I just had to be sincere and professional; yes, they did a good job. From crispy clear production, nice cast t o g o o d c h o i c e s o f locations. Is this a recommendation from me?Of course! That's if you love a real movie with a storyline. P.S - Feel free to review any movie of your choice in not more than 200 words, please send us a mail to and stand a chance to win a free movie ticket. Linda Ochugbua @lindaochugbua

The BusinessDay CEO, Aug 2017 | 07 As a millennial, you must have heard of the school of thought that says relationships are mediums of distraction for young, career-driven individuals who want to rise to the top of their careers early in life. Singleness is considered the surest way to avoid distractions and shoot for the stars. In other words, it is only by being single can the diligent climb to success be made with such laser focus that guarantees success in no time. It is believed that being in a romantic relationship and having to deal with all its intricacies is demanding and sometimes draining and leaves one with little zeal and energy to exert in one's career. Owing to this mindset, millennials are finding it more difficult, according to research, to enter into relationships especially at the beginning of their careers. Most millennials at the starts of their careers, usually within the 25-35 age range, are known to say in defense of being single, that their primary focus is on their careers because they do not want any “distractions”. While this may have its benefits, there are reasons to believe that the effects of a healthy romantic relationship on career advancement may have been perceived all wrong. By Kay Ugwuede

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