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HAPPY 23! By Robert Sentinery BUZZ This month JAVA kicks off its 23rd year of publication. From its humble beginnings as a Tempe-based coffeehouse zine, on through to its current role as the Valley’s premier alt-culture monthly, it’s been a wonderful ride. In this day of digital media domination, the magazine is a sea of calm in the chaos of nonstop information. While moving with the times is important, and JAVA’s website, digital fl ip book and social channels are key, the print edition will always be the capstone of this company’s pyramid. Thank you to all of our readers, supporters and advertisers for another great year. During these divided times of political unrest, we need things that can bring us together. Music is something that crosses boundaries and creates unity. Enter Las Chollas Peligrosas, a six-piece, all-female band comprised of women from diverse ethnicities who play music with a decisively Latin fl avor. Their set list is a mix of standards, some romantic, some political, along with originals that espouse more current messages. But rather than feeling like you’re being preached to, the vibe is giddy, fun and danceable. You can even get your cumbia moves on (see “Las Chollas Peligrosas,” p. 36). Frank Gonzales’ artist journey is not a typical one. Growing up a Chicano in Mesa, he was between two worlds: that of his Spanish-speaking relatives who teased him for only knowing English, and the outside world where he was viewed as a second-class citizen. Neither was easy. Gonzales found a safe place in his artwork, and a natural talent emerged that began to command attention. He was awarded a scholarship to Laguna College of Art + Design. As his work evolved, two prominent elements emerged: cacti and birds. His art is lush and beautiful, seemingly devoid of the politics one might expect, but truly a visual feast that shows immense talent (see “Frank Gonzales: Artifi cial Realism,” p. 8). The 10,000+ square feet that comprise the Unexpected Art Gallery has been a welcome addition to the downtown art scene since it opened at the end of 2015. Like most large warehouse venues, they supplement their income by hosting corporate meetings, events and weddings, etc. But there is a real commitment to showing art on a regular basis and building a vibrant rapport with the community that seems lacking at other spaces. Earlier this year they hosted a fascinating exhibition of works from the collection of Roland E. Hill, a now-deceased American artist and bon vivant, who rubbed elbows with the artistic greats in 1920s Paris. There is the possibility that one of the pieces from his collection is a missing Salvador Dalí work that would be valued at well over a million dollars. The gallery will host a reveal event on September 15, where a researcher presents her fi nding on the veracity of the possible Dalí (see “Expect the Unexpected,” p. 12). ALL GOOD THINGS HAPPEN AFTER MIDNIGHT. Midnight Deejays Every Week THURSDAYS | Maneone & Pickster | 11p-1a FRIDAYS | DJ Michael Hooker | 12a-2a SATURDAYS | Just Fresh | 12a-2a LIVE MUSIC WED-SAT | HAPPY HOUR 4-7 M-F CLOSED MONDAYS FOR THE SUMMER 5749 N. 7TH ST. PHOENIX, AZ 85014 | THEWOMACK.US LIVINGROOMWINEBAR .COM I LA S A L ACANT INA. COM

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