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Rotorua Grey Power August 2016

The Rotorua Grey Power News is a localised edition of the National Grey Power Magazine, reporting on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, concerns of the elderly and reader interest articles which keep the local members informed on issues that directly affect them.

Rotorua Grey Power August

Rotorua THE ACTIVE ORGANISATION FOR THOSE 50+ Exercise your right to vote FROM RUSSELL HALLAM QSM, PRESIDENT, ROTORUA GREY POWER The Local Body elections are nearly upon us. Voting documents, including a freepost envelope, will be sent to all eligible voters by post during September 2016. Votes needed to be returned to the Electoral Officer by noon on October 8, 2016. This is the important part of the electoral cycle when we elect our district leaders for the ensuing three years. We must exercise our right to vote, and ensure our children, grandchildren, whanau and friends vote also. With more than 1800 financial members, Grey Power Rotorua has a significant number of voters. If we all vote, we can influence the polling outcomes. When making your choices I urge you to consider the issues that concern us in the Third Age. To assist in this process, we will again be holding electoral forums - one for mayoral candidates, and one for those standing as councillors. [September 12 and 19 – see our Dates to Note in this magazine for details]. Come along – listen, question, be informed. Of interest to Grey Power Rotorua is the notion of an age-friendly Rotorua District.Which of the candidates will take affirmative “Do you or a loved one have a “Do you “Do or you a loved or a lot loved one of medication have one have a to atake?” lot of lot medication of medication to take?” to take?” “Having trouble remembering “Having “Having trouble trouble remembering when to take your medication?” when when to take to take your your medication?” August 2016 news action to make our district age-friendly? Age-friendly for seniors is obviously our agenda but in achieving this objective, we will also have a community that is friendly for all age groups. We must insist on continuing positive planning for; The ease of access in the provision of transport and travel - both vehicular and pedestrian; public and private. Easy access for all citizens to participate in recreational activities, passive and active. Employment opportunities that will include recognition of skills and experience of mature applicants. A review of council housing stock and planning for increased numbers of houses, as well as ensuring housing is safe and secure for the elderly and the vulnerable. The needs and interests of Third Agers to always be included in future planning and development strategies. Consider the positions of each applicant on these issues. Question candidates- ask “What will you do about this issue?” rather than “What is the issue?” Then after the elections we must hold all who are elected accountable throughout their term. And finally, respect those who have put their hands up for election. “Do lo “Ha w RIGHT RIGHT MEDICINE MEDICINE RIGHT DOSE Ph 07 348 8749 We OPEN can 7 DAYS package your medication Medico Medico Pak Pak for LIFE only PHARMACY $1 a ROTORUA week OPEN 7 DAYS LIFE PHARMACY ROTORUA Rotorua Rotorua Central Central Mall Mall 27 Amohau 27 Amohau Street Street Ph 07 348 Ph RIGHT 07 8749 348 8749 MEDICINE RIGHT DOSE RIGHT DOSE RIGHT TIME “Do you or a loved one have a “Do lot you of medication or a loved to one take?” have a lot of medication to take?” “Having trouble remembering “Having when to trouble take your remembering medication?” when to take your medication?” We can package your medication for only $1 a week We can We package can package your your medication medication We can package your RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT for only for $1 only a week $1 a week MEDICINE medication for only $1 a week DOSE TIME 40122 OPEN 7 DAYS LIFE PHARMACY ROTORUA Rotorua Central Mall 27 Amohau Street RIGHT RIGHT TIME MEDICINE Medico Medico Pak makes Pak the makes whole the process whole process easy and easy is one and less is one thing less to thing worry to about. worry about. It’s put It’s together put together by your by pharmacist your pharmacist and and shows exactly shows exactly which tablets which tablets to take to when. take when. Easy! RIGHT Easy! TIME RIGHT DOSE RIGHT TIME Medico Pak Medico Pak makes the whole process easy and is one less thing to worry about. It’s put together by your pharmacist and shows exactly which tablets to take when. Easy! 40375 We can package your me for only $1 a week RIGHT MEDICINE RIGHT DOSE OPEN 7 DAYS LIFE PHARMACY ROTORUA Rotorua Central Mall 27 Amohau Street Ph 07 348 8749 40375 40375

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