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Supporting Growth in a New Way:

Inside Our New Look

Point of Rental in the Land of Oz

New Branch Opened in Australia

Empower your customers with

the freedom to pay anywhere

on the new WebPay feature


Think you can handle it all?

Rental Elite does.


Why you need to attend 2016

wayne’s letter

A number of years ago when visiting family in

Alaska, we hiked to the Harding icefields or at

least that was the plan. It is a four mile hike

with 1000 foot rise of elevation with each mile.

After several hours of hiking, you would see

false summits. As you reached the “summit,”

you were disappointed to find the full height

of the mountain still in front of you. You kept

climbing to the next “summit” only again to

realize that it was nothing more than a stopping

point on the continual hike. At some point, I

gave in. I couldn’t continue on any further. This

was before handy GPS units in our phones.

The thing that bothered me the most is I had

no idea how close I was to reaching the top. It

could have been the next “summit” that I could

see; however, I already had my hopes dashed a

dozen times thinking I had reached the top so I

was jaded to the thought that the next one really

was the end. As I turned down that mountain, I

was amazed how far I had come. Just a couple

of hours earlier, I was at that valley floor several

thousand feet below. It was a breathtaking view.

Looking back now, I think I missed the purpose

of the trek. I had been so focused on getting to

the top to see the amazing view of the icefields

that I missed the amazing views of the valley

below. I was so focused on the climb in front of

me that I missed looking back to see how far

I had come. The unending climb ahead of me

broke my will. I should have continued to look

back to see how far I had come to encourage

me to continue. I think we get into this same

mode in our businesses. Every day there is

a new challenge. Every day there is another

obstacle to climb over. It is an unending task

that can break a person’s will to continue. We

need to stop on occasion and look back at all

we have accomplished. Take in the stunning

view of where we used to be.

upcoming training & events

February 17-18


Chandler, AZ

February 21

The User’s Meeting

Atlanta, GA

February 25

Regional Training

Atlanta, GA

March 8-9

Canadian Rental Mart

Toronto, Ontario

When I started with Point of Rental in 1993, I

was the fourth employee. We had one product

and less than a hundred customers. Now we

have a team of more than 50 professionals.

As you will see in our article on Rental Elite

(page 11), we now have three products, and

they are used by thousands of customers in

20 countries. This year we opened a branch

office in Australia to better serve our customers

in that part of the world (see page 9). We are

used by some of the largest independent

rental stores, one of the largest construction

companies in the US, the largest camera

dealer in North America, as well as the largest

professional basketball league in the world.

Wow, it has been quite the climb! Our new look,

including a new logo and new product names

(which you can read about on page 5) is an

outward reflection of our progress.

As we turn towards the mountain once again,

it is exciting to see where we have been and

even more exciting to see where we are going

by each step of the climb getting better, doing

better, and being better. There is no top of this

mountain so just enjoy the climb...and the

beautiful views.

Wayne Harris

CEO of Point of Rental Software

May 5-6

The Hire Show

Gold Coast, Australia

June 4-10


Las Vegas, NV



WebPay Links

This new feature allows you to embed

clickable links in contracts, statements, and

emails relating to contracts and statements.


Point of Rental Careers: Why We Want to Be

Like Earl!

Last August marked Earl’s 30-year

anniversary with Point of Rental. With such a

big milestone, we had to celebrate big!


Customer Service Tips

Our customer service guru, Frances Ellison,

sends out weekly emails with tips on keeping

a good attitude. Read some of her advice on

how to provide the best customer service.


Inside Our New Look

For over 30 years, Point of Rental has built

software that has changed the industry. Now,

we are changing things again...


Point of Rental is a Finalist in Google’s

Innovative Cloud Awards

We went to Google’s headquarters to

compete in their worldwide Cloud Cup Awards

against products from 59 countries.


Point of Rental in the Land of Oz

Our new branch in Melbourne, Australia, is

officially open for business!


Think you can handle it all?

We do! Introducing our new Rental Elite

product that is completely customizable for

large corporations looking to integrate rental

their way.


A Recap of Our International Conference

Check out everything you missed at our 2015

event and see why you can’t miss this year’s


February 22-24

The Rental Show

Atlanta, GA

March 29

Free Webinar


June 7

Free Webinar



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Email: info@PointofRental.com


Empower Your Customers

With the Freedom

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We now have a new WebPay Link

feature that will provide your customers

with an easy and convenient way to

pay their rental contracts online!

This new feature allows you to embed

clickable links in contracts, statements,

and emails relating to contracts and

statements. Fully functional on any

Internet-enabled device, these links

provide your customers with easy

access directly from the invoice or

statement to the WebPay portal where

they can make payments quickly and


Now, rather than processing payments

over the phone or requiring customers

to come into the store to make

payments, you can email the invoices

to your customer with a click of a

button! Available on both our Rental

Expert and Rental Elite products, this

feature offers a whole new level of

security for processing payments.

When combined with Point of

Rental’s integrated website solution

by RentalHosting.com, WebPay

Link maximizes full capabilities by

automatically processing payments.

Once the web payment is made by the

customer, the integrated website will

automatically apply the payment to the

appropriate contract or account within

Point of Rental Software and update

the customer’s payment status.

To learn more about this new feature,

email sales@pointofrental.com or call


Fully functional on any internet

enabled device and can be

embedded in contracts,

statements, PDFs, emails and

much more

Links take the customer directly

to the customer portal where

they can convieniently and

securely make payments and see

account details

Fully integrated with Point of

Rental’s integrated web solutions

by RentalHosting.com, this feature

automatically processes and posts

payments to the customer’s




Point of Rental Careers


One of our most loved trainers,

Earl Sherman, turned 30 in Point

of Rental years last August! Celebrating

his 30th anniversary

working at the company, Earl has

been an essential part of our family.

From flying all over the world

training customers to singing in

our karaoke contests and decorating

our offices with his unique

brand of abstract art, Earl brings all

kinds of talent to Point of Rental.

The day kicked off like any other

day, sunny, 75 degrees (or was

it 100 degrees?) and everyone all

smiles. But when current Point

of Rental owner and CEO, Wayne

Harris, and previous owners, Bob

Shaffer and Steve Husbands took

Earl out for lunch, the preparations

started! Everyone put on a

shirt with Earl’s face on it, hung

banners, set out a sundae station

and waited for his return.

Needless to say, Earl was quite

surprised to walk into the office

and find 50 people wearing his

face on their shirts! There were

plenty of speeches about Earl’s

contributions over the years and

some crazy stories shared about

his years in the business, and then

Earl was awarded with a Point of

Rental duffel bag full of clues. After

putting on his Sherlock Holmes

hat and pipe, he was able to figure

out that he was going on an all-expense

paid trip to London, England!

my experience that most people

who call us just need some help.

They have been dealing with

confused and frustrated customers

on their end. Because I

have been there and empathize

with them, I am able to provide

a very personal level of support.”

We all want to be like Earl and

can’t wait until our 30-year work

anniversary! With his genuine

care for customers and love

and knowledge of the business,

Earl is a great example of who

Point of Rental Software is.

With many company bonding

events such as Top Golf outings,

lake parties, and Fantasy

Football leagues as well as robust

employee benefit packages,

Point of Rental attracts team

members who want to stay longterm.

And thirty years later, Earl

is a true testament that Point of

Rental isn’t just a job, it’s a career.

To find out more about career

opportunities at Point of Rental,

please visit www.pointofrental.


When asked about his role at Point

of Rental, Earl said, “It has been



Service Tips

Customer service is the foundation of any successful business. Even with the best products out there, without exceptional

customer service, odds are the company won’t survive long-term. Customer service goes beyond doing what is

necessary for a customer to truly caring about the customer, their business, and the people around you.

At Point of Rental, that’s our lifeblood. We recognize that no matter how great our software is, our business depends on

how well we care for our customers. In our offices, our wall says, “Customer service isn’t a department, it’s an attitude.”

That’s why our own Frances Ellison, Customer Service Guru Extraordinaire, sends out weekly emails to our entire staff

with tips for keeping a good attitude. Here are some of her weekly tips!

How do you deal with customers and colleagues? Positivity, a good work ethic and kindness are three

attitudes that can ensure great customer service and an uplifting work environment. Staying positive

even in the midst of a stressful day can seem hard, but it is a practiced art. You are in control of your

emotions and staying positive doesn’t only affect the people you are around, but it also will make you


Do you treat colleagues with kindness, respect, and make an honest effort to build rapport? When you are

genuine and show interest in the people around you, it creates an uplifting work environment – making it

a happier place for you to work and customers can tell the difference even over the phone!

You are a consistent source of capabilities and people count on you, so take pride in the work that you do

and provide the best service you can! When you are thorough in meeting your customers’ needs, it shows

in their perception of your work ethic and your character.

Using the right tools is an important part of being able to provide the best customer service. Streamlining

contract fulfillment processes, web to store services, and dispatch activities, reduces wait time and

increases efficiency, accuracy and overall customer satisfaction. Download a catalog of Point of Rental

Expert features at PointofRental.com/brochures/rentalexpert-brochure/ or go to the Resource Center on

our site to make sure you have all the tools you need for a great customer experience.

You will find that if you can truly enjoy what you do, are a professional, and believe that you contribute to a team effort,

you will enjoy happiness in your work life while at the same time provide exceptional customer service!

We’d love to hear what customer service tips your company has. Check out our blog or let us know on social media!



Our New Look

For over 30 years, Point of Rental has built software that

has changed the industry. Now, we are changing things

again by differentiating our products to provide an

even more targeted level of service to our customers.

Complete with a new logo, colors, and product names, we’ve

built a whole new look and we hope you are as excited as we


With customer growth at an all-time high and our expansion

to Australia, we opted for the brand makeover to not only

differentiate our products, but also to better reflect that


CEO Wayne Harris said, “At Point of Rental, we are constantly

thinking of innovative ways to help make our customers

successful. Most companies don’t realize the breadth or depth

of our rental management software options. We feel that this

new branding better identifies our products and will allow us to

better express who we are and why we do what we do.”

But, to really understand what we do, you need to understand

who we are. We aren’t software people that do rental. We are

rental people who design great software! Rental isn’t just what

we do; it’s who we are.

Our roots start back in 1982, when three NASA engineers

opened a rental store in Texas. Quickly finding that existing

software was clunky, slow, and too unreliable for these new

business owners who had previously worked on software for

the lunar lander, they decided to write their own. Thus, Point of

Rental was born behind the counter of a rental store.

Rental insight is the DNA of our software and the language we

speak. Throughout the past 33 years, we’ve kept the industry

on the cutting edge of technology to make your business more

efficient, productive, and profitable. We now provide three

different products. Rental Essentials, previously known as

CLOUD, offers easy, online rental and inventory software that is

perfect for straightforward rental operations looking for an allin-one

solution. Rental Expert, previously known as Enterprise,

provides robust, rental management software for advanced

rental businesses looking to optimize complex operations.

And, Rental Elite, a new product (details on page 11), delivers

a customized platform for world-class corporations looking to

integrate rental their way.

No matter what your software needs are, we’ve got you

covered, and we feel that this product differentiation clarifies

that. In addition, our new tagline succinctly sums up what we

do. We are “Constantly innovating for your success.” Our focus

is you, so we hope you like our new look. Check out our brand

reveal video at





Rental Essentials

We ventured to Google’s Headquarters to compete

in the Cloud Innovation World Cup

Out of 312 software products

from 59 countries, our Rental

Essentials product placed

within the top nine finalists

competing for the Cloud Innovator of the

Year title in the Innovation World Cup


Held at the Google headquarters in

New York, the Cloud Innovation World

Cup identifies advancements in cloud

computing with the goal of fostering

cutting-edge solutions.

Rental Essentials is our cloud-based

software, designed for straightforward

businesses looking for a simple solution

to their rental and inventory management


“It’s always an honor to be recognized for

our work,” Harris stated, “but when other

innovators take notice, it’s particularly

rewarding. Although we didn’t claim

the title this year, we are proud of our

team and the great product we have


Initiated by Navispace, the Innovation

World Cup Series was first launched in

2009. The Cloud Innovation World Cup

aims to foster cutting-edge solutions and

applications for cloud computing. Since

the first Cloud Innovation World Cup

edition, hundreds of contestants from

over 60 countries have submitted their

innovative cloud-based solutions, making

the Cloud Innovation World Cup one of

the leading competitions in the field.

Point of Rental CEO, Wayne Harris was

on hand to represent the company at the

Google-sponsored event.



Figure 1: Workbench Overview of Rental Bookings

It’s always an honor to be recognized for our work,” Harris stated,

““but when other innovators take notice, it’s particularly rewarding.

Figure 2: Customer Location Reporting

Competing against 312 software products from

59 countries we were named a top 9 finalist.


Point of Rental’s Journey

to the Land of Oz

New Branch in Australia

By: Lauren Harris, Marketing Coordinator,

Point of Rental Software

Our new branch in Melbourne, Australia is

officially open for business! While we have had

customers in the land down under for a while,

the first of January marked the official opening

of our second location.

“Point of Rental is known for the unsurpassed level of

customer service that we deliver,” said Wayne Harris,

CEO. “The opening of our Australia office demonstrates

our commitment to continuing that same dedication to

our clients in this part of the world.”

This new location will serve as a hub for all of the

demos, trainings and support for customers in

Australia and the Eastern Hemisphere.

Matt Eastburn, Director of The Tool Store, located in

New South Wales, AU, had previously been with two

other software providers before implementing Point

of Rental Software’s Rental Expert product for his

tool hire, sales, and repair business.

“Point of Rental saved me about eighty hours



a month,” Eastburn stated. “As far as

implementation, training, and ease of use, I

think the system is one of the easiest to use.

Point of Rental is my whole business now; it

does our inventory management, right through

to our service orders. I haven’t seen a system

that is as seamless as what Point of Rental

has to offer.”

While rental is a thriving industry all around

the world, every area has a unique way of

conducting business, specific features they

need and different processes. We are pleased

to offer a dynamic solution that we have

optimized for the Australian market.

With three levels of hire management

software, we provide the industry with

innovative technology, including awardwinning

cloud-based software, which ranked

in the top ten of The Cloud Innovation World

Cup Series sponsored by Google (read more

on page 7). Point of Rental Essentials is our

online rental and inventory software intended

for straightforward hire operations looking for

an all-in-one solution. Rental Expert provides

robust, rental management software for

advanced hire businesses looking to optimize

complex operations, and Rental Elite delivers

a customized enterprise resource planning

(ERP) software for world-class corporations.

We have provided software for the rental

industry for over thirty years, and are able to

provide the top customer service experience

because we know rental. The original software

was written by engineers who owned a rental

store, and today, over 80% of the company’s

software support staff previously worked in

rental businesses.

In celebration of the new location launch,

we are offering a free data migration for

new signups on our online Rental Essentials

product, using coupon code “free migration.”

The grand opening special will continue

through the 29 th of February 2016, and

specific details can be found at http://www.


To learn more about what Point of Rental has

to offer, visit www.PointofRental.com.au or

call +61 (3) 8518 4296.


Think You Can Do It All?

We have a custom platform that can handle every aspect of your business.

Catering to the largest rental companies

worldwide, Rental Elite offers a highly

customized platform, tailored to fit even

the most complex needs. This fully

integrated enterprise resource planning

(ERP) solution delivers unlimited possibilities.

Designed with a flexible suite of features

and scalable to handle any-sized corporation,

Rental Elite adapts to your specific

infrastructure and includes hundreds

of powerful tools calibrated to meet the

needs of world-class corporations.

Developing award-winning rental management

software for over 30 years, Point

of Rental has kept the industry on the

cutting-edge of technology. While Rental

Essentials and Rental Expert are tailored

toward small to mid-sized rental stores,

Rental Elite is designed to be the solution

for the largest rental companies with even

the most intricate requirements.

Bold Concepts.

Flawless Execution.

Rental Elite by Point of Rental isn’t just

a software solution; it is a partnership

for the life of your business.



Case Study:

Star Rentals


Star Rentals, the 51st largest rental store in the US and the largest on the Pacific coast, was using an aging system

that had not been updated for over nine years. The system didn’t provide any communication features to keep their

customers in the know, or other innovative features to keep up with their growing business.


The company selected Point of Rental Software as its primary point of sale system and is now able to consistently

communicate with customers. They have also benefited from the website integration that updates in real-time and

provides customers easy access to their inventory. “Our customer communication has been streamlined, saving

time within our office and allowing us to provide better customer service with a click of the button. It’s so easy,“ said

Gary Anderson, of Star Rentals. “The software release updates have been incredible along with [Point of Rental’s]

customer service. They are always there, even when I have called late at night,” he added.


Star Rentals has merely seen the tip of the iceberg as for how updated technology can enhance their overall

business. However, the key issues they faced regarding customer communication has been resolved. “Since working

with Point of Rental Software, the ability to have all of our customers get emails on a regular basis was incredible. We

didn’t have to do anything but get an email address and push a button and it happens,” Anderson said. “The amount

of inventory you can have, the number of reports you can run on it, mass database change, data management–there

are so many things you can do with inventory and then tracking the reports, the analysis–it’s a full suite of products.

It’s a great product and has made our lives easier, and our customers lives easier and that is what we really want.”

Maintenance and


The Highest Level of

Support and Security

in the Industry

Preventative and remedial

maintenance scheduling

with full history delivers

customized reporting to

provide you with valuable

insight on maintenance

costs and efficiency. With

reoccurring service

features, you are always

notified when an item

needs to be serviced while

out on rent and efficiently

creates service schedules

directly from the rental

contract. Integrated GPS

tracking allows you to

manage your entire fleet

and create optimum

dispatch routes.

Seamless Integration

Customized to integrate

with all the software that

keeps your operation

running efficiently, Rental

Elite offers seamless

access to all of your tools.

Multi-lingual for



Designed to fit the needs

of international corporations,

Rental Elite can

flawlessly adapt to any

country and allows stores

to personalize their language




Built with complete

incorporation of Microsoft

Dynamics and customized

to integrate

with any accounting

platform, Rental Elite

brings all of your processes

into one,

easy-to-use program.

Scalable For Even the

Fastest Growing


Developed with mega

corporations in mind,

Rental Elite is built with

SQL server integration,

giving your company limitless

possibilities for growth

by supporting unlimited

stores and unlimited users.

We have stayed on the

cutting edge of technology

for over 30 years, so rest

assured, this will be the last

management software you

will ever need.

With over 80% of our

support staff having previously

worked in a rental

store, we offer the highest

level of support in the

industry. With on-site

training, ample resources

to training database, and

24/7 phone support, customer

care is our primary

goal. As one of the few PCI

compliant rental management

software products,

Point of Rental offers the

protection your business

needs. And with multi-level

passwords and ID security,

it is easy to give employees

the information

required to do their jobs

efficiently while keeping

sensitive information





If you couldn’t make it for the annual International

Conference this year, you missed a LOT! With a record high

attendance, we sold out even after two venue expansions.

Nearly two hundred customers from around the world

gathered in Fort Worth, Texas, for this annual training and

networking event on November 9th–11th.

The conference consisted of three days packed full of expert

speakers, industry specific training, round table discussions,

one-on-one Q&A’s with Point of Rental staff, and nights filled

with great memories and valuable networking events.

Tracey Armenakis, owner of Taylor Rental Party Plus of

Palatine, IL, said, “What an excellent conference! We learned

so much. Great people who really want to see you succeed. So

glad we chose Point of Rental!”

The conference is organized so that no matter how big or

small your company is, or what industry you’re in, you can

choose the training that best fits your operations. Every year,

the content is completely fresh with multiple opportunities for

one-on-one time with the Point of Rental staff to guarantee

attendees will leave with valuable new ideas to implement in

their businesses.

Gary Anderson, Network Administrator of Star Rentals, said,

“We just wanted to write and say thank you for putting on

such an excellent conference. The accommodations were

outstanding, really nice place, incredible history. The speakers

and breakout sessions were very enlightening. The dinners

and evening entertainment were very tasty and well planned.

The opportunity to meet other customers from the Seattle

area was great. The staff couldn’t have been any nicer when

we came through the office. It was nice to put faces with all of

the people we talk to on a regular basis. The staff at Point of

Rental Software is truly top notch! We are incredibly glad we

attended and look forward to coming again next year.“

“We come to this conference every year and always get so

much out of it. It is amazing how much you can do with

the software that we didn’t even realize before!” Bart Nye,

President of Prime Time Party Rentals said.

From dinner at Reata Restaurant to custom created rental

industry comedy at Four Day Weekend, singing and dancing

at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, and mouth-watering slowsmoked

Texas BBQ from Coburn’s Catering, attendees walked

away with valuable industry connections and a lot of great


“We are really excited that this conference continues to grow,”

Point of Rental CEO, Wayne Harris said. “We invest a lot of time

and energy into this event because we believe that the greater

knowledge people have of the capabilities built into Point of

Rental software, the greater efficiencies they will see in their

businesses; which in turn will give them more time to spend on

what truly matters.”

The conference concluded with a tour of two Point of Rental

customer locations, Rental Stop and Celebration Event Rental,

with a final stop at the Point of Rental corporate headquarters

to meet the team and experience the unique office culture (and

engage in Nerf Gun warfare).

We also want to give a big thanks to our sponsors! This event

definitely wouldn’t be as successful without our platinum

sponsors, Clearview Financial, Rouse Analytics, TSO Mobile,

and SmartEquip; gold sponsor, RentalHosting; and silver

sponsors, ARA Insurance, Harland Technology Services, In-A-

Bind and Positek RFID.

Thank you to everyone that came out and made this event

the best year yet. You can bet that we have already started

planning the 2016 International Conference and you won’t

want to miss it! Keep an eye out for all the details and signup

early for exclusive prices and information coming soon.



An Inside Look

The following guest blog is by Brandon Ahlgren, president and CEO of Elite

Events & Rentals, LLC, out of Tampa, Florida.

My first experience attending Point of Rental’s International Conference

is one I won’t soon forget. As I prepared for my time out of

our Elite Events & Rentals Office, I hoped to learn additional ways to

improve communications and streamline processes to better serve

our customers for life’s special moments. We have a passion to serve

our customers and it’s wonderful to know that our software provider

does the same for us as their customer.

As we continue to grow our business, the training and continued

education Point of Rental provided was timely. It is amazing how

much the software can do and how many new tips I can bring back

to implement in our store. The software’s features allow our team to

work smarter, giving us time to focus on servicing our customers and

paying attention to every detail of their event. The networking and camaraderie

I experienced was also very beneficial. It’s always valuable

to get expert advice from those that have been in the rental industry

for many years.

I would encourage anyone that is considering going to the International

Conference in 2016 to book early! It was well worth my team’s

time out of the office to venture up to Texas. The training, education

and carefully planned evening events were spectacular.






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