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Social Media Doesn’t

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Innovations in Rental Technology:

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Taking Business on-the-go

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Technology & Aid

to Guatemala


Your AV Software Partner

wayne’s letter

I have read numerous books and heard

countless speeches on how to develop a

successful business. While these almost

always inspire me with new ideas, they have

left me pondering what defines success. What

should be the leading goal of a business? Of

course there are many possible answers to this

question, but all too often companies believe

that growth is the primary objective. Motivated

by company expansion, they set targets to

achieve this goal at the exclusion of other key

marks for a successful business.

I propose that we view growth in a different

light: that it should be a natural by-product of

first providing customers with value. When you

put your customers first, you will be innovative,

proactive, and as a result, your business will


Since the inception of Point-of-Rental in 1983,

our goal has been to provide our customers

with real value. We work hard to provide you

with top-notch customer service, innovative

solutions and advanced technology. Because

of this customer focus, I have watched the

company grow over 1,000% in the last two

decades that I’ve been here!

The reason behind our growth is you. We try

our best to offer the best customer support in

the industry. In fact, we have a higher ratio of

customer support reps to customers than any

of our competitors. Our goal is to immediately

answer and resolve every call without it going

to voicemail or having to be returned later.

Our email support inquiries are also targeted

to be solved within the hour. By having a

team with firsthand rental knowledge that

upcoming training & events

June 13–19


Orlando, FL

August 7–8

TRA Texas Round Up

San Antonio, TX

October 26–29


Atlanta, GA

November 9–11

POR International Conference

Fort Worth, TX

genuinely cares about you and your business,

we can provide you with real value. We strive

to offer our customers increasingly higher

levels of support and customer service, and to

accomplish this, we are continuously adding to

this valuable team.

Point-of-Rental is also constantly working to

keep you on the cutting edge of technology.

Behind the scenes, this means innovative

programmers are working diligently to

implement new features that will better your

business every day. In the last couple of

years, we have expanded our programming

department by 300% and are regularly adding

inventive minds who know rental.

We’re excited to offer the best technology and

software support in the rental industry; we are

confident these will have a positive impact on

your customer service and your business’s

growth as well.

Thank you for partnering with us,

Wayne Harris

CEO of Point-of-Rental Software

July 31–August 2

ARA of Florida Getaway Weekend

Clearwater Beach, FL

October 23–25

LDI Show

Las Vegas, NV

November 2–4

Northwest Rental Conference

Seattle, WA

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Support Corner

Is your software ready for summer? Read

helpful tips on how to prepare for the coming

months & use your program more effectively.


Taking Business on-the-go with

Mobile WorkForce

Having a product that’s mobile-friendly is

essential nowadays. If your workers need a

customizable, web-based application, look no

further than Mobile WorkForce!


Enterprise 2015 Release

Drumroll please… The moment you’ve been

waiting for has arrived, and Enterprise is now

better than ever. You won’t want to miss

these new features!


Point-of-Rental CLOUD: Your AV

Software Partner

With features designed specifically for the

AV industry, CLOUD is the perfect software

solution to manage your rental business.


Technology & Aid to Guatemala

Point-of-Rental employees traveled to

Guatemala to serve at the DAR school, set up

the new computer lab, and build the server to

power the tablets.


Social Media Doesn’t Matter in the

Rental Industry...or Does It?

Whether you’re in the party, equipment, tool or

AV industry, social media can help take your

rental business to the next level.


How Future Technology is

Revolutionizing the Rental Industry

RFID technology, GPS and tracking

capabilities, cloud technologies… and now the

Internet of Things. Read on to see what the

future has in store for the rental industry.


International Conference 2015

Educational classes, peer-to-peer roundtables,

night events, networking, the list goes on. The

best news? We’ve opened a special registration

rate for you and your team!


Phone: 800-944-RENT

Email: info@point-of-rental.com



support corner


By: Frances Ellison, Software Support, Point-of-Rental Software

Hello from your Point-of-Rental Support


As the summer months of 2015

approach, so do the demands of warmer

weather, longer days, and the desire

to take a vacation. The “lazy” days of

summer can be some of the busiest for

rental stores, and this means increased

wear and tear on your items. It’s

important to ensure that your inventory

is in rent-ready condition to head out the

door at a moment’s notice. As you plan

ahead for increased summer business,

Point-of-Rental maintenance scheduling

can help!

Did you know that you can set up

multiple maintenance and repair

schedules for your inventory including

annual inspections, oil changes, and

yearly check-ups? In the maintenance

schedule set-up, you can select the

desired frequencies and edit the

Word document to include detailed

mechanic instructions and a parts list.

You can even automatically remove

the item from inventory availability

for a few days while a major service is

being performed! To keep track of the

service history of an item, go to ‘File

Maintenance’, ‘Item File’, ‘Maintenance’

and view the reports.

As an added convenience, you can also

implement the use of integrated GPS

units to automatically update current

hour meter readings on your inventory

even while it’s out on rent. This feature

will track “maintenance due” according

to the frequencies set in the schedules

and automatically notify you. To make

it even more automated, you can also

set up notifications for your service

manager to receive a text or email when

an item is returned and maintenance is


Do you perform maintenance on your

customers’ equipment? To help you

track, schedule, and document their

maintenance, you can set up schedules

for that also. When the service is due,

use the ‘Maintenance Due List’ to

contact your customer and schedule

the service rather than waiting for them

to call you. This is a great revenuegenerating

feature and your customers

will appreciate your proactive reminders!

So are your maintenance schedules in

place? If not, view detailed instructions

on how to set up this feature within

Point-of-Rental through ‘Program

Menu’>’Help’ (top left corner)>‘NetHelp’

and search ‘Maintenance Schedules’.

We hope that these suggestions will

help you more effectively use your Pointof-Rental

software—not only during the

summer months, but for years to come.

As for your vacation...we do hope you

get one, and we’ll keep an eye out for

those pictures that you’re sure to send!

Please know that we always welcome

your feedback. If you have an idea for

other useful features and best practices

to include in this column, I would love

to hear from you at frances@point-ofrental.com.




By: Jason Albus, Director of Application

Development, Point-of-Rental Software

Mobile WorkForce, winner of last year’s Rental Technology Award from

Access, Lift, & Handlers, is a web-based module available for your

Point-of-Rental software for as low as $40 per month. Empowering

workers on a jobsite as well as in the rental yard, the module capitalizes

on their mobility by obtaining data remotely and automatically syncing it

securely to your Point-of-Rental server. Many rental employees’ job functions

are performed away from the counter terminal, yet still generate data that

must be entered into your system, such as signatures, date/time stamps,

location addresses, inventory counts, and much more.

Mobile WorkForce allows employees to update information in real-time from

their mobile phone or tablet without running the Counter System or a remote

desktop. Because it is a web-based application rather than a device-specific

Taking Business

on-the-go with




...it’s increased efficiency, we spend less hours emailing, it makes things

easier for dispatchers, and we know where drivers are on routes....[and it’s]

“a big time saver! POR in general has been like adding another employee.

‘App,’ it can be utilized with any mobile

device, be it Apple, Android, Windows, on

a tablet or even a laptop. No installation

is required and it can be used over

Wi-Fi or mobile broadband. By taking

full advantage of the touch-screen user

interface, camera, and GPS capabilities

of mobile devices, the module reduces

what would normally be many labor and

paper intensive steps down to a few

simple taps.

Mobile WorkForce allows the field

worker to eliminate the paper equation

by performing tasks onsite without

having to be granted full access to

the company server. Customizable

security parameters can be set to

define what options are available for

each employee’s home screen. Some

employees can be set to view only, while

others can create IRO’s, enter call logs,

message a customer, close a service

contract, clock-in remotely, and more.

Service personnel who are performing

maintenance on a portable sanitation

unit can access the service contract

from the jobsite and scan the barcode

on the unit to mark the service

completed. The task is reflected in realtime

to the contract on your Point-of-

Rental server, automatically noting the

latitude-longitude location, as well as

the date/time stamp. Similarly, a driver

delivering a high-reach lift to a jobsite

can open the contract on location, take

photos of the item, mark it as delivered,

and have the customer sign for it right

on the device. The photos are saved as a

contract attachment and can be viewed/

printed/faxed from the server.

The signature capture is reflected in

the contract during a reprint or view,

eliminating the need for paper to be

delivered back to the office and filed.

In addition, if an employee is sent out

to survey a site or venue for delivery

and set-up, notes can be added to

the contract or reservation, detailing

the surface and size of the area or

any number of logistical elements.

Employees can initiate a service request

for items already on rent or create an

IRO/IMO for items within the rental

yard. Item meter and fuel levels can

be updated also, as well as inventory


When asked how much of an impact

the module has had on accomplishing

their job, TBC Safety, manufacturer

& distributor of trench and traffic

construction safety equipment in the

California Bay Area stated: “It’s huge!

Mobile WorkForce has made the

collection of AR easier because we have

statements with customer signatures on

it, it’s increased efficiency, we spend less

hours emailing, it makes things easier

for dispatchers, and we know where

drivers are on routes....[and it’s] a big

time saver! POR in general has been like

adding another employee.”

Employees using Mobile WorkForce

can clock-in remotely if granted

that capability in the customizable

parameters, and you can see their

physical location at the time of entry

on a map. Drivers can obtain turnby-turn

directions and message the

customer to alert them that they are

on the way. The software also records

arrival and departure times, including

GPS coordinates. This data flows into

the Route Status report for counter

personnel to see as they answer

questions like, “When do you think

my delivery will arrive?” They can see

what stop the driver is on and provide

accurate estimates or tell them, “It’s

already been delivered and Frank signed

for it!”

Mobile WorkForce can search based

on partial matches, and all results are

displayed to find the contract, item, or

customer you want. If you have an exact

match, that contract, item, or customer

will be automatically selected. This

feature allows the use of a barcode

scanner to read the contract number

off of a Point-of-Rental contract or from

a report like the Dispatch Center’s trip


Brian Jenkins, President at BRATT

Productions, Inc., a tent and party rental

company based out of Arlington, TX,

reports that the module “...allows our

centralized Dispatch Center to track our

delivery personnel’s progress throughout

the day to include time on site and drive

time, which can then be used for job

costing and customer service. Before

Mobile WorkForce, we had no real way

to definitely track job and delivery


Mobile WorkForce data is updated to

a secure server throughout the day.

The site is encrypted, meaning that

information travels in a secure tunnel

away from prying eyes or devices in the

same manner as banking and investing

sites. This means that no sensitive

data is stored on the Mobile WorkForce


Schedule a demo to see how Mobile

WorkForce can work for you. Contact our

sales department today at 800-944-7368

or sales@pointofrental.com. P



the latest & greatest


2015 Release

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here—the

latest update of Point-of-Rental has been released and

we couldn’t have completed it without your suggestions!

Thank you for taking the time to help make Point-of-

Rental the best rental management software available. In this

article, we’ve highlighted a selection of the enhancements,

but we encourage you to read the full release notes found on

Nethelp. So, without further ado, the 2015 Release Notes:

Contract Fulfillment: The new Contract Fulfillment module

provides your rental business with streamlined mobility and

productivity. Facilitating real-time contract processing with the

flexibility of using mobile tablet devices, this module replaces

load slips and prep reports to save time and money.

Now, even out in the yard or warehouse, the process to view

existing contracts and filter by any field is as simple as selecting

a few categories on your touchscreen. Once a contract is

selected, the team can then mark all items as prepped or

individually assess each line item. You can also select returning

orders and ‘eyeball in’ items, which will designate that it has not

been physically counted, or choose ‘count in’.

With this module, it’s easy to document shortages or damages,

as well as view hour meter readings and fuel usage. The item

files can be customized with these readings to automatically

notify your counter staff of overage billing. Also, the wireless

capabilities allow warehouse staff to create notes that are

communicated in real-time to your counter staff. Immediate

updates mean you’ll reduce customer wait time and details

won’t be missed in the paper shuffle, allowing you to recover

costs associated with loss, misuse, abuse, or negligence.

Employee Scheduling: The new Scheduling module allows

you to define the daily work schedules of your employees. It

allows your employees to view, print, email, and import their

schedules into third party calendar apps. Your employees can

request time-off, which will alert their manager to approve or

deny the request. With integrated capabilities to define daily

templates and shift requirements, schedule building is a breeze.

For those who prefer an even more automated process, the

schedule for 31 days out can be automatically generated with a

simple press of a button. This tool can generate all shifts based

on templates for the whole company, a specific store, shift, or

employee group.



SmartEquip Integration: SmartEquip is the leader in electronic

order processing between merchants, dealers, and OEM’s.

Our integration with SmartEquip allows your mechanic to

look up parts using the manufacturer’s exploded diagrams.

After selecting the parts needed, the system will automatically

add them to a pending purchase order. Once the purchase

order has been approved, the order is automatically placed

electronically with the vendor and billed to your account. The

mechanic no longer needs to spend hours of his time looking

for the part, calling up the dealers, writing PO’s, and then

waiting for approval to call the dealers to place the orders! For

this feature, there is a set-up fee and a monthly service fee

paid to SmartEquip. This is most useful to stores that do a lot of

service so that the value of the increased efficiency outweighs

the monthly fee.

RFID Integration: The Holy Grail of the rental industry for the

last decade has been RFID tags, which are used to locate and

take inventory of equipment. This has eluded rental stores until

now. We have integrated RFID tracking through a partnership

with Positek RFID. Point-of-Rental and Positek work together to

match a specific item to a specific contract and therefore can be

prepped and counted back in independently of the contract. In

other words, you can read an entire pile of linens being returned

and properly mark each specific linen to each contract so you

know exactly which contract had a missing linen and then

charge them accordingly. Not only does this save many hours of

counting, but it also gives you complete confidence in knowing

exactly how many/which items went out to the customer and

which items were returned. So when the customer calls to

complain about the missing items charge, you can be assured

that the they really didn’t return them. After explaining to the

customer that each piece is tracked with an RFID tag, they will

likely be more accepting as well.

Credit Card EMV: You’ve all heard the hype surrounding

the new EMV credit card requirements that go into effect in

October. To keep you up-to-date, we have added support for

EMV cards through VeriFone terminals. If you are already

using VeriFone terminals, then there will be additional set-up

and configuration to handle the EMV cards. If you’re using PC

Charge, you will need to move over to the VeriFone terminals to

handle EMV cards.

AEMP GPS Integration: The AEMP GPS integration allows

you to get the hour meter reading as well as the location of

items in your fleet. To enhance this, your items will be polled

at least once a day and the current meter will be automatically

updated in the inventory record. This allows your maintenance

due and service due to be up to the minute all the time! So if

your customer is running your equipment 24/7, you will know

right away that you need to go service the equipment on site.

Auto Continuation Bill: This new option allows you to set the

‘Bill Through’ date when doing continuation billing. This can be

used if you want to continue contracts within particular dates

such as the first to the first of each month. This can also be

used to get the initial contract opened through a particular date.

For example, mini-storages are usually rented month-to-month

on the first day of the month. With this feature, you can continue

all of the contracts opened during the month to start on the

first of the next month. Remember that you can continue only

contracts in certain item categories–which is helpful to isolate

just your mini-storage contracts.

Non-Discounted Damage Waiver: Just because you have

discounted a line item doesn’t necessarily mean that you want

to also discount the damage waiver for that item since the

liability is the same. So a new parameter has been added that

allows you to charge the damage waiver on the non-discounted

amount. For example, you have a $100 item that you gave a

50% discount on. With the parameter checked, you will charge

the damage waiver on $100 and not $50.

Email Letters: You can add dynamic fields within your email

letters for such things as the customer’s name, contract

number, contract date, etc. We have added several new fields

as well: Delivery Address, Delivery Comments, Contract Total,

Contract Paid Amount, Contract Owed Amount, and Contract

Deposit Paid. Simply add the special fields into your standard

letters and those fields will be replaced with the appropriate

value for your contract.

Company Branding: We have added a new option for

Company Branding. This allows you to set a company name,

address, email, website, and logo that’s different than your store

info. This can be used if you have a different business housed

in your store such as a specialty rental items or maybe an event

rental. Please contact sales if you’re interested in pricing for this


Optional Items: You create a quote for a customer and add the

items that he/she requested, but you would really like to show

him/her some additional items that could be added as well. If

you add those items to the quote, it will also increase the price

and might make the customer not place the reservation. There

is now a solution to this problem. You can create another quote

with the optional items on it; then, link it to the first as optional.

Now when you print or email the quote to the customer, they will

see all of the items you put on the quote and the total pricing

for those items. In addition, there will be a section for optional

items that will list all of the items from the second quote. Since

they are in the optional section, their prices do not affect the

quote price.

Mobile WorkForce: Now your crews can record where and

what quantity was delivered to the customer. When the pickup

is scheduled, your representative will have the option to use the

GPS location of one of the items in place of the original delivery

address. Your crews can record the quantity and make notes for

each line item as they pick them up from the customer location

Note: This feature requires the Fulfillment Module.

Another exciting new addition to Mobile WorkForce is the

Capture Route Begin/End. Your drivers can log the time that

they left and returned to the rental yard. These entries let the

route status report provide a round-trip total for billing based on

complete drive time. This also allows the dispatcher to see that

the truck is back in the yard.

Point-of-Rental is always looking for ways to help you operate

your business more efficiently. If you have a suggestion for a

product enhancement, you can enter it directly from your Pointof-Rental

Software. Click ‘Help’ and then ‘Suggestions’, or email

suggestions@point-of-rental.com.To find out more about how

these exciting new modules will give your rental operations a

new innovative advantage, please contact us at sales@point-ofrental.com.



Point-of-Rental CLOUD:

Your AV Rental

Software Partner

By: Evan Fort, Vice-President of Cloud Technologies, Point-of-Rental Software

Business is changing and the AV

rental market is no exception.

Because of this, it’s important to

have the right software partner

to allow you to compete in an everevolving

market. Point-of-Rental CLOUD

offers several innovations and features

developed specifically for the AV rental


Get Paid While You Sleep

Your competition has an online

storefront, which means that you need

one too! The reality is that today’s

customer often expects to be able

to make a reservation wherever and

whenever, and your business’s online

storefront makes this easy for them. Not

to mention it will save your counter staff

time and energy while also driving more

rentals! Point-of-Rental CLOUD allows

you to capture a deposit upfront on the

website and then re-charge that card

later for any overages or damage fees.

The system will store the credit card

securely, without the liability of storing

the numbers at your store.

This website feature is included with

the premium package of Point-of-Rental

CLOUD, and with its automatic inventory

tracking, there’s no need to manage a

separate inventory for your website.



Figure 1: Workbench Overview of Rental Bookings

Figure 2: Customer Location Reporting

Let Your Customers Sell Your

Business to Their Friends

Social media is a powerful marketing

tool for the rental industry. With our

built-in social share feature, it’s easy

for your customers to like and share

your inventory on Facebook directly

from your online store. And with Google

Analytics, tracking your success is easy!

A System that Handles Your

Pricing Automatically

AV businesses have specialized

pricing, but Point-of-Rental CLOUD

simplifies this process with configurable

parameters and automated pricing of

rentals. Overriding the price is easy, but

this feature can save a lot of time and

money. The system will automatically

handle details such as weekend pricing,

holiday rates, seasonal discounts and

long-term rental prices. You can even

automatically charge the credit card on

file for longer rentals. CLOUD takes into

account your business days and hours

and uses your policies to define how to

handle rentals while you’re not open.

Define Kits and Packages how

You Actually use Them

Point-of-Rental CLOUD enables you to set

up various kinds of kits, packages and

suggested items:

• Numbered kits that contain specific

serialized inventory and/or bulk


• Non-numbered bulk pre-made kits

• Ad-hoc kits made from your general


• Suggested items–ex: rent a camera

and get a lens for 10% discount

• Required add-on items

• And even kits of kits

It’s also easy to create dynamic quantity

kits and special pricing for kits. This

means that the system calculates how

many of that kit can be made from your

general inventory before showing your


Stay Connected with Your


Add time back into your day by cutting

back on the number of manual emails

sent to your customers. Right within

the contract, and with only a couple

...this feature can save a lot of time and money. The system will automatically handle

details such as weekend pricing, holiday rates, seasonal discounts and long-term rental

“prices. You can even automatically charge the credit card on file for longer rentals.

of clicks, you can contact them with a

personalized message. You’re even able

to export your customer list for use in

other systems and view their locations

on a map as seen in figure 2.

With CLOUD’s in-depth reporting, it’s easy

to target your marketing budget based on

customer locations.

Point-of-Rental CLOUD is designed to

help you run your AV rental business

more efficiently. It makes it simple to

generate professional contracts, collect

payments, and keep track of your

inventory and availability. Perhaps one of

the most powerful features is that CLOUD

generates real, actionable return on

investment reporting by item, specifying

which inventory is underutilized or often

overbooked. You can even track missed

rentals when a potential customer goes

elsewhere and why.

CLOUD is perfect for straightforward

rental operations looking to go to the

next level. Visit www.point-of-rental.com/

cloud to try a free 14-day trial of Point-of-

Rental CLOUD today. P


Point-of-Rental's Journey to the

Distrito de Alto

Rendimiento (DAR)

By: Wayne Harris, CEO, with Lauren Harris,

Marketing Associate, Point-of-Rental Software

Last summer, my family and I went on a

mission trip to Guatemala with our church,

which partners with Distrito de Alto

Rendimiento/District of High Performance

(DAR), a school for impoverished children. DAR’s

goal is to change their country and the world by

educating children who live in extreme poverty.

Most DAR students come from families with

household incomes less than $100 per month.

Often times, seven or eight family members will

live in a small, one room lean-to with dirt floors and

corrugated sheet metal or even plastic sheeting for

walls. The main factor contributing to the poverty in

Guatemala is considered to be the lack of education.

What impressed me most about DAR is that they

are intent on changing this cycle of poverty by

providing a tuition-free private education, but they

don’t stop simply with academics. Their mission

is to build a better future for the country by

developing the whole child, concentrating on the

areas of health, nutrition, academics, psychology,

and community development. They truly care

about the entire life of each student, including their

families and well-being. I was deeply inspired by

their desire to provide these children with brighter

futures and shape them into leaders of tomorrow.



After we left, I felt that we could do something

to help them. When I presented the idea to the

Point-of-Rental team, everyone was eagerly

onboard. We realized that we could help

support DAR’s mission by providing the school

with tablet computers and the accompanying

technology through a multi-phase project

spanning over two years. Stage one was

installing a dedicated link and LAN (Wi-Fi)

connectivity to optimize teachers’ ability to

access the worldwide web. Stage two was the

purchase of tablets for each teacher and the

principal, and providing the training to use them

within their classrooms. Finally, stage three will

integrate tablets into the curriculum and provide

45 tablets for rotating use within the classrooms.

In March, two of our employees, Daniel Ruiz and

Bobby Olsen, traveled to DAR to set up the new

computer lab and build the server to power the

tablets. They were also able to visit local public

schools, play games with the kids, and deliver

food to hungry families in need. Daniel and Bobby

reported that the trip was a success, and like my

own experience, they returned impacted by this

incredible cause and inspiring group of people.

Daniel Ruiz, our IT specialist for Point-of-Rental

said, “I knew I had the opportunity to use my skills

and knowledge to help improve DAR’s computer

lab. What I didn’t know was the blessing that DAR’s

teachers, leaders, and students would be to me. I

will never forget the smiles we were able to put

on their faces, and I look forward to the day I can

revisit and serve them again.”

Lourdes Morataya, Founder and CEO of DAR later

wrote, “A vital part of DAR’s educational track is

providing the correct tools and technology for

their alumni in order to prepare them for real

world opportunities. Point-of-Rental has provided

significant contribution in this area with their

expertise, investment of time and resources, and

even by sending some of their trained personnel

to help direct and execute the implementation of

various, technology-based projects.

“We are both honored and humbled by the

opportunity to work side-by-side with Point-of-

Rental, and are deeply moved by their willingness

to help support the change that is happening

in another country. By sharing resources, two

countries and organizations can come together

to create a long-term, meaningful impact.”

DAR’s vision extends beyond education to a

genuine care of people. We see the lives that

are impacted by this organization and believe

there’s a brighter future for these students,

their country, and our world. We are the ones

humbled and grateful to be a part of it. P


[ ]

Social Media Doesn’t Matter in

the Rental Industry...or Does It?

Whether you’re in the party, equipment, tool, or AV industry,

social media can help take your rental business to the next level.

By: Alexa Mihalick, Marketing Coordinator, Point-of-Rental Software

Ah, social media. You likely use at least one social network on a daily basis to keep in touch with friends and family, right? In

many ways, it has changed the way we communicate and connect today, and the power of the social space certainly extends

further than our high school friend group. Smart companies realize that social media is a powerhouse for advertising, making

valuable connections, and humanizing their brand. Yet there are still some people who believe these misconceptions: “Social

media is a waste of time”, “Nobody cares about social in the rental industry” or “It doesn’t do anything to help my business.”

But in reality, social isn’t a waste of time because it will help your business, and there are definitely companies in the rental

industry excelling with social media.

Let me ask this – do you use Facebook on your phone? What about Twitter? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Perhaps even an

Instagram or Pinterest account? If you nodded your head to any one of these, you’re a part of more than 1.7 billion people using

social media today. 1 Yes, that’s billion, with a “b”. With that large of a pool of people you could potentially reach, is there any

reason not to use social media in your marketing efforts?

In my free time, I’m a photographer, so my favorite platform is Instagram. For those who may be unfamiliar with this app,

it’s a social channel where users share only photos and videos. I use it for inspiration and mainly follow accounts that post

interesting photos. That having been said, it’s natural to assume I would only follow photographers, right? Actually no. I follow

companies and brands that post relatable and inspiring pictures. In fact, after about five months of following a camera bag

company on Instagram, I decided to purchase one of their fairly expensive products. All because of their social media account!

I love traveling, and they convinced me, without being pushy, that this bag was perfect for my needs. Here’s the catch though: I

never would have known about their bags if they didn’t have a profile on Instagram, if they weren’t actively posting photos, and

if I didn’t follow them.

I share this personal example to demonstrate the power of social media in a consumer’s eyes. If you, as a company, are posting

interesting, engaging content on your social platforms that people can find value in, they will take notice, like, comment, and

share your business with their friends. That’s essentially free advertising! Below, I’ve included several social media statistics

that further communicate the value social has for businesses, and on the next page, detailed two of our customers in the

Party/Event and Tool/Equipment industries that are succeeding in the social space.


of small businesses use social

80% for their business to drive growth 2

of Twitter users say they follow

90% businesses to get discounts/promos 2


Americans say Facebook is

the #1 influencer of purchases 3

of mobile video viewers

92% share videos with others 4

of consumers say that watching


product videos makes them more

confident in purchasing decisions 4

of shoppers’ buying decisions

93% are influenced by social media 5

For sources, visit www.bit.ly/RentalSocial



Party/Event Industry:

A to Z Event Essentials

Located in Madison, WI, Event Essentials provides tents, seating,

linens, tables and more for events of all sizes.

Why are you using social media? Facebook and Pinterest are highly visual

mediums—perfect for displaying gorgeous photos from our events. Twitter

is a conversational platform where we can share articles about event

design and engage with followers.

Social strategy: Inspire users to make their dream event come to life. Post

photos, articles and blog posts 2-3x’s per week, engage with followers and

boost well-performing posts through Facebook ads.

Three ways social has helped your business: Clients, especially brides, love

to see photos of our work. Posting photos of new products, installations

and the whole event helps with bookings. It’s also a way to show our

community involvement and cross promote.

What are tips you would give a rental company in the Party/Event

Industry? 1. DIY and events are huge on social right now! Share relevant

information and incorporate popular hashtags. 2. It’s not about you, it’s

about your audience. Users aren’t interested in sales pitches, they want

helpful information that benefits them. 3. You don’t have to be on every

platform. Pick one/two that make the most sense for your brand.

What are your favorite posts and why? Blog posts are interesting/informational and we’re able to incorporate

products without getting too “salesy.” They receive the most engagement.

Follow them! : A to Z Event Essentials : @EventsAtoZ : Event Essentials

Tool/Equipment Industry:

Acme Tools

Located in North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa, Acme Tools offers tools,

equipment and supplies to help you get every job done right.

Why are you using social media? We not only keep an eye on the

accounts that we’ve already established, but also those that are

trending/new. Social media has a niche relevancy toward connecting

to our customers and we want to communicate and connect with them

how they want to be reached.

Social strategy: Supplemental marketing, overall branding, finding

new ways to engage the consumer & connecting with them on a more

personal level.

What’s the best thing about social media for your business?

It’s an opportunity to stand out in the crowd, to relate to our fans and

form a relationship beyond being a seller or a buyer.

What are tips you would give a rental company in the Tool/Equipment

Industry? 1. Learn who your customers are and confirm whether or

not they are using the platform(s). 2. Develop and tailor a strategy

according to what feedback you receive, what the engagement levels

tell you, and how consumer behavior begins to shape your plan.

What are your favorite posts and why? The Facebook posts to the left are probably some of

our better performing ones. That’s the fun with social media; you don’t know when or how a

post will be successful, but when you capture the audience’s attention, you connect with them

beyond just being a retailer and you get BIG results. Not only does this make social media fun,

but it also then sets the stage or challenges you to try to make it happen over and over again.

Follow them! : Acme Tools (The Official Acme Tools Page) : @AcmeTools : Acme Tools


How Future Technology is

Revolutionizing the Rental Industry

By: Wayne Harris, CEO, Point-of-Rental Software


It’s no surprise that technology is constantly evolving. Even

within the last five years, it’s staggering just how much

technology has revolutionized the rental industry. We

now have integrated RFID technology, GPS and tracking

capabilities, cloud technology, mobile workforce solutions and

much more. In the next five years, the advances in the tech

space will likely be just as astonishing.

The next “big thing” in the tech industry is the Internet of

Things (IoT). The IoT concept is that everything is connected

through the Internet. Take the Nest for example, which is an

Internet-enabled thermostat. Just a few years ago, some would

say there is no reason for your thermostat to have Internet

connectivity. However, Nest has changed people’s beliefs by

drastically increasing power efficiency and money savings.

By providing real-time access to your thermostat through an

app on your phone, it allows you to adjust the air-conditioning

when you’re away or start cooling again before you return. It’s

never been so easy to conserve energy!

As the IoT continues to develop, the idea is that eventually,

everything will be network connected, giving you real-time

access to things like your refrigerator, lights, water, car –

whatever you can think of! Even today, there is a car insurance

agency that offers usage-based insurance (UBI), which plugs

into your car and reports exactly how fast you’re going, how

quickly you speed up and slow down or when you rapidly

swerve. All of this data is collected and used to rate driver

safety and then adjust insurance rates accordingly. If there is

an accident, police may just plug in to the cars and collect data

to determine which driver is at fault. It’s no question that the

IoT is changing the world around us, but what does that look

like for the rental industry?

The rental industry will progress rapidly with connecting

equipment to the IoT. RFID integration is just the tip of the

iceberg. Currently, RFID chips are placed on items such as

linens and a special reader is waved over a stack; the RFID

chips then communicate how many items are in each batch.

If these chips were connected to the Internet, you could simply

press a button on your computer and it would tell you exactly

how many items you have in inventory as well as where they

are. You can even ask the reader where one specific item is

and it would lead you to it.

GPS integration has also taken innovative steps to transform

the rental industry. Currently, this integration allows you to read

mileage, hours, altitude and fuel, but imagine the capabilities

it could have in the future! The IoT would allow information

to be sent to your computer or phone, send error messages,

permit remote diagnoses and even send codes to reprogram

the carburetor. Additionally, this technology would help protect

you against a renter’s negligence. It could send real-time

updates if one of your trucks or trailers is speeding, and would

be essential for accidents. If someone rented a trailer and

had an accident, you would have data to prove that they were

speeding and charge them accordingly. The same technology

could be useful to notify you if someone puts too much weight

in a dump truck or if a frontend loader is lifting something

too heavy. Not only would you have access to current data,

allowing you to notify the customer that the equipment is

being misused, but this data would also be helpful during any

disputes in extra charges or damage to equipment.

The Internet of Things has exciting capabilities and will be

revolutionizing the rental industry in the near future. We are

looking forward to these advances and keeping you on the

cutting edge of technology. P


November 9-11, 2015 • Hilton Fort Worth, TX



Register now! conference.point-of-rental.com

Why you should attend

Attendees of the International

Conference learn valuable best

practices, build industry relationships,

and discover how to extend the power

of Point-of-Rental software across

their businesses. Not only do our users

have the opportunity to learn from

our knowledgeable staff, but they will

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This year’s conference will cover

topics such as inventory management,

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and much more. The format of the

conference includes industry speakers,

focused educational training, and peerto-peer

round tables. If you want to

learn how to further improve your rental

operations, share ideas, and have fun, the

International Conference is the place to

be this November!

Hotel information

The historic Hilton in downtown

Fort Worth will host this year’s

International Conference. Internationally

famous as the scene of 35th President

John F. Kennedy’s final address on the

morning of November 22, 1963, it is

conveniently located within walking

distance to many city attractions. This

beautiful hotel is newly renovated and

features updated guest rooms.

Attendees will need to book their hotel

accommodations directly through the

hotel. Please call 800-HILTONS and

ask for the International Conference

discounted room rate at the Hilton Fort

Worth. The special negotiated rate

of $170/night for The International

Conference is applicable for an

additional three days before or after the

official meeting dates, subject to space


Evening activities

After a full day of educational

training sessions, each night of the

conference will be dedicated to relaxing,

networking, and entertainment. Monday

evening we’ll have dinner at Reata, an

upscale Texas restaurant, and then be

entertained with a private comedy show

at Four Day Weekend, an improv comedy

group. Stay tuned for more details about

the evening events.


Receive a discounted early bird rate

of $295 when you register by August

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