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• The Breast Guide – Everything you need to know about breast Augmentation
• Anti-ageing Skincare Heroes
• Spring Makeup – 3 Totally Different Looks
• Gut Health – Why it’s so important
• 25 Products to Fake Flawless




























DNA Renewal offers a range of anti-ageing skin care formulated by world-renowned

dermatologist Dr. Ronald Moy. The range has the highest levels of active ingredients

for optimal performance with proven clinical results. It works to effectively help repair

photo-damaged ageing skin using high concentrations of DNA Repair Enzymes and

Growth Factors.

Clinically proven to help repair photodamaged ageing skin

Introducing DNA Renewal’s new look...




Dr. Ronald L. L. Moy, Moy, renowned renowned scientist, scientist, researcher, researcher, dermatologist, dermatologist, and cosmetic surgeon, and

Dr. cosmetic Ronald L. surgeon, Moy, renowned has scientist, dedicated researcher, his life’s dermatologist, work understanding cosmetic surgeon, the

impact Today, DNARenewal of photo damage marks the culmination on skin’s of health his passion and to create ageing. a clinically Today, proven DNA regimen Renewal that

Today, marks effectively DNARenewal the helps culmination repair marks photodamaged the of culmination his passion aging of skin. his to passion create to create a clinically a proven regimen that

effectively that effectively helps repair helps photodamaged repair aging photodamaged skin. ageing skin.

has dedicated his life’s work to understanding the impact of photo damage on skin’s health and aging.

has dedicated his life’s work to understanding the impact of photo damage on skin’s health and aging.

A new era of luxury skincare

Combining the best of nature and science

to create beautiful skin

Transforms your skin

the very first time you use it

Visit to view the full product range or call 02 8544 8008




RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) ®



For stockists or to buy online go to


00 633 830 *the syringe shown in the picture is a Medical Device Class 3 manufactured by TEOXANE Laboratories and is not included

Email in the skincare range.

or call 1800 63


The proven Regen Lab PRP system concentrates powerful growth factors,

contained in your own blood, to be used for reinjection to promote tissue


Regen Lab PRP accelerates and increases tissue regeneration by stimulating

production of collagen and new blood vessels; stem cell migration, differentiation

and proliferation; and production of nutrients, antioxidants and the other components

of the extracellular matrix.











and Wounds


28 Fields of gold

Try this pretty makeup palette of

delicate pinks and earthy golds

96 How your brows can make you

look younger

101 Optical illusions

Makeup hacks for bigger,

brighter eyes

104 Fake it till you make it

The products that will have you

looking fit and flawless!

114 Feed your face

Looking great has never been

so delicious



12 Editor’s letter

15 Beauty insider

119 Ed’s Faves

cover stories

20 Spring makeup – three looks

to try now

38 Gut health – why it’s so


52 The breast report: everythng

you need to know about

breast augmentation

84 The anti-ageing skincare heroes

104 Top 25 products to fake flawless


32 Are we finally closing in on

an acne cure?

A new vaccine could signal

its demise

38 Gut feeling

Listen to your gut; it’s probably

trying to tell you something

52 The breast report

Everything you need to know

about breast augmentation

78 What men want

Skincare for men is on the rise

84 Anti-ageing skincare heroes

The heavyweights that work

to fight ageing


20 Mediterranean moods

Turn up the heat with this hot

and sultry makeup look

24 City glam

Fight the nasty effects of

pollution while looking flawless

from am to pm

80 Love your skin, love Hydrafacial

Why people can’t get enough of

this skin treatment

82 Say hello to the new-look

DNA Renewal range

92 Skincare just got serious

The new skincare range

delivering next-level results

94 Performance meets luxury

L’unico skincare combines the

best of nature and science



48 The ‘V’ word

We talk vaginal rejuvenation and

ask: are times finally changing?

64 Fat transfer for breast


Get rid of unwanted fat while

boosting your breast size

66 Spotlight on the thread lift

70 5 non-surgical ways to boost

your beauty

72 A hydration treatment like

no other

Beauty Booster is breaking ground

as a new treatment category

74 The anti-ageing solution for

every skin type

PRP delivers rejuvenation from

the inside out

76 The non-surgical facelift

A breakthrough treatment for

firmer, tighter skin

111 Case study: New injectable

treatment for double chins

112 The instant non-surgical eyelid lift

Open your eyes to this ingenious

solution to heavy, drooping lids.

body & wellness

41 Exercise in a pill looms closer

42 Blast fat, reduce cellulite

The treatment to prepare for

that summer bod

44 Body talk

The latest and greatest skinsmoothing

body products

122 Can you spare 30 minutes for


Dispelling the ‘no time to

exercise’ myth

Read the



version at

Smart technology is everywhere, steadily transforming our world into

a better place. But body contouring has been stuck in the past.

Until now.

SculpSure’s non-invasive laser body contouring is a giant leap forward that

helps you achieve a slimmer, more natural-looking appearance.

It’s simple, efficient, effective.

Finally, body contouring is as advanced as the rest of your world.

It’s the smarter choice. |

From the



elcome to our spring edition. If you’re after the tricks

and tools to have you looking your best for summer,

you’ve come to the right place. On page 42 we take

a look at the exciting non-surgical treatment to blast

away unwanted fat, and our 12-page guide to breast

augmentation is essential reading for anyone

considering breast enhancement (page 52).

We also bring you the latest anti-ageing treatments and skincare

innovations (from page 66) that promise to help you turn back the clock –

from thread lifting and cosmetic injectables to the heavyweights of skincare,

there’s never been a better time to invest in your appearance. And these aren’t

just for the ladies – there’s also an interesting article on the rise and rise of skin

solutions for men on page 78. While the vast majority, or 80 percent, of men

already use grooming products, you may be surprised to know that it’s one of the

fastest-growing segments in facial skincare. *

There’s good news for acne sufferers, too. On page 32 we investigate a new

acne vaccine in the works that could spell the demise of this hard-to-treat skin

disorder that affects a whopping 85 percent of us at some stage of our lives.

Another area receiving a lot of media coverage at the moment is gut health

and, while its importance has been known for a long time, it’s become a real

buzzword lately. But with so much information flying around, it can be easy to

be bamboozled. Our article on page 38 will get you started with the basics to

keep your gut healthy.

The hyper-real finish our favourite Snapchat effects give our skin are often

so good that it means we’re constantly on the hunt for products that can do the

same thing in real life. Take a look at our guide on page 104 for a killer range of

products that will have you taking those filter effects into the real world.

Check us out at where you can download your free

digital edition of this issue. You’ll also find a heap of handy beauty advice,

Australia’s largest practitioner and product directory, and weekly articles on

beauty, cosmetic surgery, lifestyle and fitness.

Issue 77

Aug-Oct 2017


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Body Balance

Dr John Flynn


Dr John Flynn

skin clinic

Reshaping can create


the look you want

skin clinic

Breast augmentation can

enhance the natural size

and shape of your breasts

Refi nement in Cosmetic Surgery

With breast augmentation, your natural form can be

enhanced and complemented. This results in a balanced

and symmetrical effect that suits your individual body type

and achieves a feminine silhouette.

Liposuction to Shape and Contour

With liposuction, Dr John Flynn can reshape and contour

your form to achieve balance between your body’s

proportions. Areas such as the abdomen and inner and

outer thighs respond particularly well to this procedure.




Dr John Flynn

M.B., B.S., Dip. R.A.C.O.G., F.R.A.C.G.P.

Dip. P. Dermatology., F.A.C.C.S.

Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery

Certifi ed by the American Board of Laser Surgery

Dr John Flynn has over 20 years of experience as

a medical practitioner on the Gold Coast

AD Flynn.indd 1




20/4/09 9:01:39 AM

AD Flynn.indd 1

For more information or to make an

appointment call Cosmedic and Skin Clinic

07 5588 4777

Southport | Gold Coast

Level 2, Pivotal Point

50 Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215 |

Dr John Flynn

cosmedic& skin clinic

Dr John Flynn

20/4/09 9:01:39 AM


we visit Sydney’s newest and

most exclusive beauty and

wellness destination.

Dr Joseph Hkeik’s striking new beauty and wellness

destination in Double Bay has been in the planning for

almost a decade – and it’s worth the wait.

After undergoing a major revamp, the two-story Victorian

building is at the forefront of interior design and luxury. While

most of the exterior has been preserved, renowned interior

designer Blainey North has transformed the interior into subdued

luxury with the finest finishes that exude style.

From the exquisite marble fireplaces to the stunning artworks

from around the world and the lavish white exterior, no detail

has been left untouched. Dr Hkeik even waited six months for

Tibetan monks to hand weave a silver thread backdrop for the

reception area.

The vision? Dr Hkeik wanted to create a ‘dream retreat’ to

pamper and nurture his clients. Focused on holistic skincare, the

purpose-built wellness clinic addresses the three pillars of skin

health: nutrition, relaxation and skincare treatments.

The pampering starts as soon as the client enters the front door.

The reception area is separate to the relaxing waiting room and

after being offered a hot towel and beverage of choice, the client

sits uninterrupted until treatment time.

The range of treatments is equally as impressive and includes

performance facials, medical peels, collagen induction therapy,

nutrition as well as chakra healing therapy and massage.

The experience doesn’t stop at the end of the treatment. Tucked

away amongst the six exquisite rooms is a meditation zone,

allowing clients to sit back, relax and soak up the goodness of their

treatment and the beauty of the surroundings before going back to

the real world. Sounds like heaven? It’s pretty darn close. CBM



To find a practitioner near you, visit



Beauty insider


Kim K’s new makeup line

sells out in less than

three hours

The KKW Beauty collection

is the reality TV and beauty

entrepreneur’s latest business

venture – and it’s already paying

dividends. Launched at midday

on 21 June, all 300,000 contour

and highlight kits had sold out in

less than three hours, bringing in

an estimated US$14.4 million.

Calling all beauty


The beauty industry’s crème

de la crème education event,

Beauty Expo Australia, is taking

over the ICC Sydney 26-27

August. See, sample and shop

up-and-coming products,

technologies and techniques

from all over the world and

hear from famed experts

across the globe. Head to

for ticket details.

At-home facial masks

Cult science-based skincare

brand Cosmedix has welcomed

three new masks – Detox,

Restore and Glow – to its

stellar skincare range. Detox

Activated Charcoal Mask draws

out impurities and pollutants to

leave behind a visibly brighter

and energised complexion.

Restore Moisture-Rich Mask

delivers intense hydration

to the skin with vitamins and

essential fatty acids and also

helps prevent trans-epidermal

water loss for visibly plumper

skin. Lastly, Glow Bamboo

Brightening Mask helps removes

dead surface cells and works

to improve the appearance of

pigmentation and uneven skin

tone while providing muchneeded

antioxidant protection.

New to Ultraceuticals

Get twice the skin-polishing

power with the new Ultra Dual

Micofoliant by Ultraceuticals.

Micro-fine pure Vitamin C

marries with Bromelain enzyme

to remove surface impurities

and infuse the skin with pure

Vitamin C for enhanced

luminosity and skin clarity.

Ban on animal testing

gets green light

The #BeCrueltyFree

Campaign has had a major

government win. Included in

the 2017 Federal Budget, $2.1

million will be spent to ban

cosmetic testing on animals in

Australia from the end of 2018. 15


The new way to cleanse

Clean science leaders Synergie

Skin have just launched a new

addition to their impressive

range: Cleansing Dust.

Water-activated powders

are quickly holding rank as

*the* way to cleanse skin,

delivering their ingredients at

maximum potency, and this

one is exceptional. It quickly

and economically removes all

traces of makeup (including eye

makeup) while brightening the

skin with CoEnzyme Q10 and

a host of moisture-retaining

ingredients. No leakage and

lightweight, so perfect for travel.

Kiss from a rose

One of our favourite luxury

skincare brands Sisley Paris

has added a plumping and

radiance cream to its inimitable

Black Rose line. The original

Black Rose Cream Mask was

launched back in 2011 and

quickly reached cult status,

followed by the Black Rose

Precious Face Oil in 2014 and

now the Skin Infusion Cream.

As luxe and rich as a cream

yet fresh and light like water,

this water-in-oil emulsion

changes into micro-droplets on

application, transporting the

full power of the ingredients

deep into the epidermis for

smoother, softer and more

hydrated skin.

Wake up looking radiant

(yes, really!)

Good morning, beautiful!

Overnight sleep masks are our

jam and this newbie from Babor

ticks all the boxes. It supports

your skin’s natural repair

mechanisms while you sleep

so you can wake up with visibly

smoother and more radiant skin.

It’s formulated with Telovitin,

a cell-protecting ingredient

based on Nobel Prize-winning

research, as well as botanical

stem cells and other actives to

combat skin ageing right at its

source: in cellular activity.

Arbonne introduces new

RE9 anti-ageing range

Botanical stem cell technology

is at the core of this clinically

tested age-defying six-step

morning to night skincare

regimen. It works to visibly

improve the skin’s appearance,

diminishing lines and wrinkles

and boosting skin firmness

and smoothness.

See red no more

Elizabeth Arden PRO, the professional-only line from the cosmetics

powerhouse, has just launched a Sensitive Skin range. Offering the

best of both worlds – redness and irritation relief and anti-ageing

benefits – independent clinical study results showed visible reduction

in the appearance of redness and pigment and improvement in skin

texture and fine lines. A boon for sensitive skins!


Beauty, to me, is about

being comfortable in

your own skin.

That, or a kick-ass

red lipstick.

Gwyneth Paltrow









Warmer weather and fun in the sun calls for the

perfect mix of vibrant and sultry goddess glam.

Turn up the heat with sizzling coral lips and

uber-hydrated radiant skin. Think bare bronzed

bodies with shimmering copper undertones for

a pool-side look that’s on point.

rranean 21

B eauty



1. Sisley Paris Phyto-Ombre Glow Metallic

Eye Shadow in Gold, $58. Look the part of

a Greek goddess with this gold metallic

eyeshadow. Velvety and feather-light, this

iridescent shadow can be worn as a solid

colour or as a highlighter to capture and

diffuse light like an exquisite jewel.

2. Sisley Paris Tinted Body Sun Glow

Gel, $120. An instant sun-kissed tint gives

divine natural-looking colour while golden

mother-of-pearl catches the light to give a

beautiful coppery radiance to your skin and

blur skin imperfections.


3. Napoleon Perdis Bronze Patrol, $60.

Swirled baked powder with flecks of gold

and earthy bronze creates both contour

and a long-lasting glow.

4. St. Tropez Gradual Tinted Tan Everyday

Body Lotion, $33.99. Two-in-one benefits of

an instant sun-kissed glow which develops

into a healthy looking streak-free tan.


5. Sisley Paris Phyto-Blush Twist in Papaya,

$80. Use this twist-up cream-to-powder

blush anytime, anywhere, for a healthy

flush of holiday colour.

6. Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Twist, $55.

Coloured like a lipstick and shiny like

a gloss, this fresh tangerine colour will

elevate your beachy vibe while providing

long-lasting comfort.

7. Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess

Lipstick in Hara, $38. Turn up the heat

in this bright and cheerful coral for

undeniably glamorous lips.




8. Napoleon Perdis Total Bae Own It!

Mascara, $29. Creates sexy lashes that

just won’t quit, with buildable volume and

lengthening to pump up your pool-side

glam look.

9. Benefit Ka-Brow!, $42. From the world’s

number-one brow brand comes this new

24-hour waterproof cream-gel for foolproof

buildable colour and drama for brows.







“For holiday hair vibes think

‘lived-in’,” says Amber-lee Witt,

director of Vanilla Vibe Hair Salon in

Christies Beach, SA. “Blow

dry with Keune Design Salt Mist

to add volume and texture, then

curl your hair away from your

face and shake out the structure

using your fingers or a brush.

Let your hair have a personality

– imperfections are unique!” Keune

Design Salt Mist, $23.99

10. Lycogel Breathable Tint SPF 30,

$89. The foundation to wear when

you’re not wearing foundation! This

specialised face tint gives luminous light

coverage while blurring redness and

imperfections. It can be used on even

the most sensitive skin.

11. Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective

Daily Moisturiser SPF 30, $69.

Make this a staple in your skincare

regimen – regardless of whether the sun

is shining. The protective fluid is easy

to apply, with a host of hydrating and

anti-ageing properties.


12. PÜR Cosmetics Mineral Glow

Bronzer, $42. A quick-fix bronzer with

shimmering copper undertones for a

flawless, glowing complexion.


13. Colorescience Sunforgettable Tint

Du Soleil SPF 30, $76. Blend colour, sun

protection and antioxidant nourishment

in one with this super-charged tinted

foundation that’s big on luminosity and

natural-looking coverage.

14. Skinstitut Age Defence SPF 50+,

$45. This broad-spectrum 2-hour water

resistant sunscreen provides high sun

protection while hydrating parched skin.

10. 11.

12. 23





Fight the nasty effects of pollution while

looking flawless from am to pm with longlasting

foundations, statement lipsticks and

bold take-charge eyes. Look for environmental

skin shields to defend against biochemical

and environmental triggers and pep-me-up

hydrating mists for a city skin detox on the run.




glam 25


1. Synergie Skin Enviroshield, $89. Think of this as

your skin’s bodyguard to guard against airborne

pollutants and damaging effects of infrared

radiation. As a bonus, it also sets makeup and

gives a dewy glow.

2. Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant, $85. Activated

by water, this resurfacing anti-pollution daily

exfoliant deep cleanses pores to help remove

pollutants trapped in skin.

3. Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Action Protector

with Sunscreens, $107. Three levels of skin

protection – a protein-protecting antioxidant

complex, DNA enzyme complex and humectants to

help trap moisture – make this product an essential

step in all skin health and beauty regimens.

4. Dermalogica AGE Smart Antioxidant Hydramist,

$64. A refreshing mist that acts as an antioxidant

shield to help fight free radical damage and

advanced glycation end-products.



5. Phytomer CITYLIFE Face and Eye Contour

Sorbet Cream, $152. A beautifully hydrating

gel-like moisturiser with anti-pollution complex to

reoxygenate stressed and damaged skin.

6. Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm, $19.90. What

doesn’t this all-purpose skin remedy treat? Offering

salvation to city skin troubles such as parched skin,

chapped lips, dry hands and even sore feet.

1. 4.


7. Aspect Gold Hydra Shield SPF 15, $77. This

hydrating lotion with physical sunscreen is packed

full of skin-protecting antioxidants and nourishing

botanical oils. It’s seamless to apply and has no

residue on application.

8. Cosmedix Reflect Antioxidant Moisturising

Spray SPF 15, $77. Contains a mineral sunscreen in

convenient mist form that reflects UV rays, as well as

an impressive line-up of antioxidants.

9. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, $214. A cult

best-seller, this potent antioxidant combo

provides unprecedented eight times the skin’s

natural protection against environmental

damage and photo-ageing.

6. 7.

8. 9.

10. Clarins Paris 4 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 05

Smokey, $68. Take your look from day to night with

this sleek, smokey eyeshadow palette. Satin, matte

or iridescent, mix and match for any occasion!


B eauty



11. ELES Felt Tip Liner, $32. Super-fine tip nib allows

you to place colour directly on the lash line while the

taper allows for a chic city flick.


12. Scout Cosmetics 5 Free Breathable Nail Polish

in Eternal Flame, $19.95. Nothing says painting the

town red than, well, red-painted nails! We love this

burgundy nod to the classic red.



13. Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipstick in

Forest Berry Red, $32. A warm-based true red,

this moisture-boosting silky lipstick is the epitome

of city glam.

14. Napoleon Perdis Miss Jean Lipstick in MJ5, $38.

Fire-engine red lips has never looked so smoking.

Creamy and luxe, try this for instant colour pay-off.




15. ELES Colour Balm in Party, $42. Stand out in

the concrete jungle in this new high-impact colour

balm/lipstick/gloss hybrid.

16. Napoleon Perdis Anti-Pollution Refining

Skin-Fusion Milk Toning Essence, $49. Tone and

infuse skin to create a smooth and satin finish.


17. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream SPF30,

$55. Multi-functioning beauty base combining an

HD foundation, moisturiser and broad-spectrum

sunscreen for fresh-faced radiance.

18. Ultraceuticals Ultra CC Complete Correction

Powder Pure Mineral Foundation, $69. Triplemilled

mineral powder smooths and evens out the

complexion, while Vitamin B3 helps condition.

19. 20.


19. Fudge Light Hed-Ed Hair Oil, $22.95. Fight frizz

and humidity and add healthy shine with this nongreasy

super oil spritz.

20. Sisley Paris Botanical D-Tox, $270. Recharge

your skin’s batteries! A skin detox while you

sleep, this four-week treatment features an ‘antiasphyxiation’

action on cells by eliminating toxins

from both the skin’s surface and deeper layers.


21. Skinstitut Moisture Defence Ultra Dry, $45.

Soothe and comfort ultra-dry skin with this intense

hydration booster packed with biomimetic peptides.

22. Colorescience Gel Eyeliner, $39.60. Take control

with this smudge-proof, fade-proof crème-gel

eyeliner. The definition of a liquid eyeliner with the

control of a pencil. 27

B eauty




Pretty peach palettes work

wonders on both light and

dark eyes, while creamy

bronzers and illuminators

add warmth and luminosity

for a celestial vibe. Think

delicate petal pinks and

earthy golds for a subtle

flush and prismatic glow.


Feature 29

B eauty


1. ELES Baked Bronzer in Sunbeam,

$81. Jet-milled copper-toned pigments

are baked to a featherlight powder with

an air-brushed pearlescent effect.

2. Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting

Highlight, $42. Let light hit your face in

all the right places with this cream stick

with light-reflecting optics.

3. Sisley Paris Phyto Blush Twist in

Petal, $80. Micronised pigments provide

a flush of pretty colour while providing

comfort and hydration.

4. ELES Mineral Matte Eyeshadow in

Terra Peach, $28.50. Earth-derived micro

minerals produce a ‘matte-glow’ effect

in a heaven-sent warm peach colour.

5. asap Pure Mineral Bronzer, $40. Skinplumping

hyaluronic acid meets sheer

bronzer for a youthful all-over glow

that’s also good for your skin.

6. Youngblood Pressed Mineral

Eyeshadow Quad in Desert Dreams,

$69.95. Terracotta, honey and gold give

an earthy warmth to eyes while the onyx

black defines and intensifies.

7. Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure

Luxury Lift & Firm Prism Cream, $60.

A self-adjusting illuminator with

24K gold and shade-sensing sphere

technology for a prismatic effect.

8. Scout Cosmetics Eco-Luxe 5 Free

Breathable Nail Polish in Free Ride,

$19.95. Free from potentially harmful

allergens, carcinogens and irritants,

this breathable long-lasting colour is

reminiscent of sun-kissed wheat fields.

9. Napoleon Perdis Total Bae Blush

It! Blush Powder, $29. You’ll be looking

peachy keen in this silky micronised

powder blush that works to enhance

your skin’s natural beauty as it bounces

off light. Serious #cheekgoals.




3. 5.


B eauty


10. Sisley Paris Phyto-Ombre Eclat

in Garden Rose, $55. Look pretty

as a picture in this iridescent rose

eyeshadow. Micro-pearls give perfect

intensity and radiance and the silky

texture glides on for long-lasting results

that require no touch-ups.



11. PÜR Cosmetics Sun-Kissed

Glow Strobe/Highlight Palette, $45.

Illuminate, define and flatter your face

with these three luminescent shades

that can be used alone or layered. This,

ladies, is the new way to strobe.


12. Napoleon Perdis Light Switch

Luminizer Palette, $70. Like turning on

a light switch under your skin, this multitasking

palette is equipped

with five different shades of lightreflective

cream to turn your

complexion from drab to fab!



13. Napoleon Perdis Stroke of

Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation

SPF 20, $65. Foundation becomes a

second skin with this cashmere-feel

liquid foundation. It’s formulated with

biopolymer filling, which acts like

a liquid filler to help smooth the

skin’s surface.



14. Colorescience Pressed Mineral

Cheek Color in Soft Rose, $72.60. With

a soft focus finish, long lasting pure

pigments lend a pretty, natural-looking

glow to cheeks.

15. Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust in

Golden Peach, $35. The highly reflective

formula will have you positively glowing

with flecks of gold and peachy glimmer.

16. Sisley Paris Phyto-Touche

Illuminator Bronzing Gel-Powder, $120.

A unique gel-powder for incredible

transparency that lets you create a

buildable, weightless sun-kissed glow

while maintaining an ultra-natural

luminous finish.


16. 31











on an

Feature 33

forget wrinkles and freckles – did you

know acne is the most common skin

concern in the world?

More than 50 million Americans

suffer from the disease. To put this in

perspective, that’s more than double

the entire Australian population. In

Australia, it affects a whopping 85

percent of people aged 15 to 24, and

as much as 15 percent of us in our

20s and 30s, resulting from hormones

and substances in the skin’s oil glands

and hair follicles and plugged pores.

So, with most of us blighted by

blemishes at some stage or another

of our lives, why does a cure for acne

remain so aggravatingly elusive?

Spotlight on acne

Despite all the research into adult

acne, the debate continues to rage

about its causes. We do know that

acne is a result of epithelial cells

failing to undergo certain natural

changes, so they do not shed

normally. Squeezing or pinching the

skin, scrubbing, stress, genetics, oily

skincare, changing hormone levels

and environmental irritants make

acne worse.

The problem A pimple begins when a follicle

is blocked due to normal build-up

is that killing the of dead epithelial and sebum, which

causes a plug. Blackheads are when

bacteria that

the sebum and dead skin oxide under

causes acne the skin’s surface (think of an apple

turning brown when it’s exposed from

doesn’t work for its skin). Interestingly, whiteheads


are the same as blackheads; they

just haven’t oxidised. Acne can

also rear its ugly head in the form

of papules and pustules, nodules and

cysts, which can all cause longer

term scarring.

Experts believe acne is triggered

by several related factors that can

be broken down into two categories:

intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic

factors are genetics and the body’s

response and sensitivity to hormones,

over which we have little control.

Extrinsic factors are numerous and we

have much more control over them.

Intrinsic causes

Hormones are a star player, given

the body’s levels fluctuate at different

points of the month and affect

oil production. Things like stress,

menstrual cycle, pregnancy or

breastfeeding can raise hormone levels

and subsequently lead to breakouts.

Genetics also play a significant

role as they can determine defective

oil glands, pore lining that does

not shed dead cells properly and

the production of abnormal sebum

(thanks, mum and dad!).

Extrinsic causes

There are plenty of extrinsic factors

that disturb the skin’s delicate

balance and cause acne.

Our modern-day diet plays a

significant role in our skin’s health.

Foods have become more refined,

lacking essential nutrients to fully

support our immune system and

failing to provide us with all the

vitamins and minerals necessary for

resilient skin. Refined grains lack the

necessary fibre for healthy digestion,

which can then lead to skin problems

as wastes are not effectively removed

from the body. Also, our obsession

with weight has led to a reduction of

our intake of all the good oils, which

include plant oils and essential fatty

acids and mono-unsaturated oils

such as olive oil – all essential for

healthy skin.

Deep fried or sugary and refined

foods (biscuits, cakes, pasta, white

bread, fizzy drinks) and even dairy are

often on the to-be-avoided list. Sugar

plays havoc with the skin by causing

disruption to the pituitary gland,

which helps balance our hormones.



Another culprit is pthalates. These

hormone disruptors are found in the

plastic our food is wrapped in but also

in many supermarket packaged foods.

Over-use of topical corticosteroids,

using non-comedogenic makeup

and the misuse of skincare products

can all lead to acne. Overly harsh

and strong skincare products can

also destroy the outer layer of the

epidermis and kick skin processes

into high gear. This irritated, overly

dry skin can begin over-producing oil

to make up for the lack of moisture,

perpetuating a cycle of breakouts.

The best routine is to keep skin

healthy by cleansing, treating acne

with the appropriate therapy and

protecting our skin with moisturiser

and UV blockers. As a rule, look

for labels with “oil-free” and

“non-comedogenic” on them, and

experiment to find out what works for

your skin personally.

Stress plays a significant role

in adult acne as it overstimulates

our adrenal glands which in turn

produce too much of the hormone

cortisol. This hormone stimulates the

skin’s sebaceous glands, increasing

oil production and creating a skin

that is more prone to breakouts and

blackheads. Stress also inhibits the

skin’s ability to heal properly, which

only exacerbates the condition and

further fuels stress and anxiety.

Taking up yoga, meditation or

getting outdoors by taking a walk in a

park or near the beach are all proven

ways to help reduce stress.

Current treatments

Acne doesn’t discriminate by gender

or race, and while it’s most common

in adolescents and young adults, it

can appear at later ages, especially

in women. While there’s no way at

present to prevent acne – and no

cure – acne can be treated effectively.

Advances in both medications

and approaches to controlling acne

have significantly reduced the

impact it once had on both skin

and self-esteem.

The approach to acne is now

becoming more individualised –

taking into consideration differences

in the way different people respond

to the disease.

Dermatologists and skin

therapists routinely prescribe topical

medications and cosmeceuticals in

combination with other modalities to

address the multiple causes and effects

of acne. There are also advanced

ways to treat scarring, including

chemical peels, microdermabrasion

and laser technologies.

“Over-the-counter products

can work in many cases,” says Dr

William Huang, assistant professor of

dermatology at Wake Forest Baptist

Medical Center in the US. “But no

matter what the TV ads may say,

they take time, usually six to eight

weeks. You’re not going to have that

overnight here today, gone tomorrow

phenomenon. That can be frustrating,

especially for teenagers. Acne can

cause them a lot of stress and affect

their emotional well-being so they

want something that works right

away, but we don’t have anything

like that.”

“Just like with any condition,

there isn’t a magic bullet,” Dr Huang

cautions. “The treatment depends

on the severity of the acne, the type

of acne, where it’s located and the

patient’s individual preference and

motivation for treatment. But these

multi-layered approaches that are

tailored to the individual patient do

work well.”

On the trail of a cure

Treating acne is a multi-billion dollar

industry, which includes department

store brands and medical-grade

cosmeceuticals to light-based devices

and prescription medication, usually

with the aim to kill the bacteria that

causes acne in the first place. The

problem is that killing the bacteria

doesn’t work for everyone.

A study published online in the

Journal of Investigative Dermatology (28

February 2013) found that severity

of acne does not necessarily correlate

with the amount of P. acnes on

the skin. It also turns out there are

different strains of the bacterium, some 35


of which may cause more severe cases.

Indeed, killing all of these bacteria

might not be the best approach.

Dr Jenny Kim, a dermatologist at

the University of California-

Los Angeles (UCLA), told The

Atlantic that while the bacterium is

involved, everyone has P. acnes on

their skin: “Whether it’s a specific

strains of P. acnes, or whether it’s an

individual’s host immune response

that’s the problem, we’re not certain.

But recently, people have begun

to think that modulating immune

response is a better way forward in

terms of treatment. The newer trend

is to look at anti-inflammatory agents

rather than only focusing on the


Following this, in a study published

online in the journal Scientific Reports

(21 December 2016), researchers

have uncovered new information

about the causes of acne, which could

change the way the skin disorder is

treated. In their study, the researchers

uncovered evidence that the balance

of bacteria on the skin may play a key

role in acne development.

Study leader Dr Huiying Li at

UCLA and his colleagues suggest

that acne may not be caused by

the presence of a specific strain of

bacteria. The bacterium P. acnes

is considered a key player in acne

development, however it is highly

abundant in the pores of individuals

with and without acne, which

indicates that it is not simply the

presence of this bacterium that drives

the skin condition.

On comparing the skin

microbiomes of individuals with

and without acne, the researchers

identified some differences in

strains of P. acnes. They found that

adults without acne possessed P.

acnes abundant with genes that are

associated with bacterial metabolism.

Such genes are believed to be

involved in halting the colonisation

of harmful bacteria in the skin.

However, adults with acne had

higher levels of virulence-related

genes in P. acnes. These included

genes linked to the production

of bacterial toxins that promote

inflammation and poor skin health.

Using the identified differences in

P. acnes between the two groups, the

team was able to accurately predict

the presence of acne.

“This study suggests that the

makeup of the bacteria in the follicles

can reflect, as well as influence, the

skin condition in acne or healthy

skin,” says Dr Li.

This new

acne vaccine

will be the first

vaccine for

human beauty

The study sheds light on the

underlying mechanisms that drive

the development of acne, which

could lead to targeted treatments for

the common skin condition. Such

treatments could include probiotics

that target specific strains of bacteria,

the team suggests.

“Understanding the bacterial

community on the skin is important

for the development of personalised

treatments in acne. Instead of killing

all bacteria, including the beneficial

ones, we should focus on shifting the

balance toward a healthy microbiota

by targeting harmful bacteria or

enriching beneficial bacteria,” says

study co-author Dr Emma Barnard.

A vaccine for acne is

finally in the works

If scientists at the University of San

Diego have anything to do with it,

it looks like complexion problems

could soon be a thing of the past: an

acne vaccine is finally in the works.

Professor Eric Huang, PhD,

the project’s lead researcher, has

developed an acne vaccine he said

can cure the disease. “This is the

first vaccine for human beauty,”

he told NBC 7 in the US. “I think

this vaccine has a huge market

throughout the whole world.”

Dr Huang has been researching

the vaccine for five years and said it

is now ready to go into large-scale

clinical trials.

Developing a cure has proven a

little difficult however, as doctors

needed to figure out how to

effectively balance the bacteria that

causes these breakouts.

“Acne is caused, in part, by P.

acnes bacteria that are with you your

whole life — and we couldn’t create

a vaccine for the bacteria because, in

some ways, P. acnes are good for you,”

said Dr Huang, in an interview with

Allure. “But we found an antibody to

a toxic protein that P. acnes bacteria

secrete on skin — the protein is

associated with the inflammation that

leads to acne.”

He explains that an overgrowth

of P. acnes bacteria inside an acne

lesion can cause inflammation when

the bacterium releases a toxin called


(CAMP) factor, but because of

antigen masking, the human body

cannot neutralise the toxin by itself.

In essence, the vaccine can

neutralise the CAMP factor, working

to block the acne-causing effects

of the bacteria without completely

eradicating it.

The vaccine has been tested on

skin biopsies collected from acne

patients, and early results have been

promising. The next stage will be

for researchers to trial the vaccine

on patients.

“The first phase of those trials,

which could take one to two years,

will be underway soon,” said Dr


Acne sufferers rejoice – we are

finally on the cusp of a cure! cbm






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G u




to your gut; it’s

probably trying to

tell you something.

Words by erin docherty

Right now there are millions and

trillions of bacteria, fungi and

viruses living inside your intestines.

Sounds gross, but these little guys are pretty

important and they have powerful benefits for

almost every aspect of your health. Your gut

can effectively change your life.

There’s no denying that gut health is one

of the hottest topics in health and wellbeing

today. And for good reason. While it may

be one of most unglamorous organs, the gut

can have a profound effect on your overall

physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Attention has recently been turned to

the links between the microbes that live

in your gut and your health – including

their influence on our weight and our

immune system and how what we eat can

encourage a healthy diverse population in

our guts.

Gut health is important for many reasons,

but one of the primary factors that make

it so important is that without good gut

health, you’re unlikely to be efficiently

absorbing the nutrients you ingest. Your

gut bacteria are important in helping to

produce micronutrients (like vitamins

and antioxidants) from the food you eat,

as well as breaking down macronutrients

(carbohydrates, proteins and fats) to ease

digestion and keep your colon healthy.

It seems like every symptom of poor health

can be traced back to the gut. A whopping

60-80% of your immune system is located in

your gut and imbalances have been linked to

hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases,

diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia,

anxiety, depression, eczema, rosacea and

other chronic health problems.

According to the Gut Foundation, in

the past 12 months around half the 39


“60-80% of

your immune

system is

located in

your gut”

What’s really

going on inside

your stomach?

Increasing research has revealed

the previously mysterious

world of the gut and the 1-2

kilograms of microbes that live in

there, which form each person’s

unique microbiome.

A microbiome is the genetic

ecosystem of bacteria, viruses,

fungi and other organisms

that lives inside and on our bodies

from birth. Our gut (and

microbiome) is connected to the

brain, via over 100 million neurons

spread all the way from our throat

to our rectum.

Interestingly, our brain isn’t the

only organ in control of emotions –

95 percent of serotonin, the body’s

happy hormone – is created in

the gut. This has led researchers

to increasingly find links between

our gut microbiome and things

like our mood and food cravings,

potentially revealing massive

changes to how we approach

treatment for depression

and anxiety.

Australian population will have

complained about some kind of

digestive problem.

Simply changing the way you

eat and fixing the underlying

imbalances in your gut can sometimes

treat these conditions faster and

more effectively than medications,

which are often used as a first resort

rather than a last one. So, how do you

keep your gut happy?

Gut healing

Anyone can benefit from improving

their gut health, because a wellbalanced

gut makes it easier to lose

and manage your weight. So, before

you sit down for your next meal, you

may want to put your tastebuds on

the backburner and focus on feeding

your gut bacteria!

A good rule of thumb to keep your

gut healthy is to eat a wide variety

of nutritious wholefoods from all

food groups, which would naturally

contain a lot of plant foods that are

beneficial for your gut bacteria.

One of the best kinds of food

for good gut health is fermented

foods (kimchi, red beets, apple

cider vinegar, yoghurt), which are

overflowing with good bacteria

(probiotics) that support our immune

defences. They also help to break

down foods we might otherwise find

difficult to digest.

The second way you can improve

your microbiome is through

prebiotics: non-living organisms

found in food that reach the large

intestine unaffected by digestion.

Prebiotics are types of dietary fibres

and found in foods like legumes,

onions, cabbage, garlic, asparagus,

oats, barley and beans.

However, be warned: upping

your probiotic intake by taking

supplements without fuelling your

body with nutritious food (full of

prebiotics) is essentially useless. You

can nab as many live bacteria as

The signs of

poor gut health

• Food allergies

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Mood swings, irritability

• Low energy

• Dark circles under the eyes

• Interrupted or restless sleep

• Skin problems such as

eczema and rosacea

• Diabetes

• Autoimmune diseases

• Frequent infections

• Poor memory and

concentration, ADD or ADHD

you want, but if you’re eating bad

things that are going to damage the

environment that those probiotics

live in, they’re not going to survive.

So, with a high-fibre diet and

fermented foods in, what’s out? For

starters, you need to put a stop to

junk food. Too much fat and sugar

is a big no-no. This is because high

fat changes the balance of the

carbohydrate-digesting bacteria, so

you become less good at digesting

carbohydrates and breaking down

energy with your bacteria. Put simply,

eat bad foods and you will support bad

communities of bacteria.

Diets containing too much meat

are also a potential issue because

they’re likely to be high in fat and

can often mean the displacement of

fruit and vegetables.

While small amounts of alcohol can

have its benefits (depending which

study you read), overconsumption

is definitely bad for your gut and too

much of it can induce dysbiosis (a

microbial imbalance).

The key to preventing and even

reversing these problems is to change

our views on healthy eating and

lifestyle. This does not mean crash

diets, but rather just eating healthy

food and watching your intake of

sugars and fats. The reward is good

health and energy, and you do feel

better! What’s there to lose? CBM




in a pill

looms closer





he idea of an ‘exercise

pill’ might be music to

the ears of couch potatoes

and workaholics, but

researchers believe it could

transform the lives of people

who are unable to exercise

because of obesity or serious

physical disabilities.

Scientists have recently

discovered a chemical compound

that can activate a gene normally

stimulated by running. By activating

this gene – called PPAR delta

(PPARD) – in mice, the researchers

were able to mimic the benefi cial

effects of aerobic exercise, such as

increased endurance and fat burning.

It was found that by activating

PPARD with an experimental drug

(known as GW1516), mice were able

run on a treadmill for 270 minutes

before exhaustion set in. Mice that

went without the drug lasted only

160 minutes before reaching their

physical limit.

The endurance boost was also met

by other health benefi ts, with mice

who had the drug for eight weeks

putting on less weight and showing

better control in their blood sugar

levels. This suggested a pill might

also help people with diabetes.

These results prove that it may

be possible to improve endurance

to the equivalent level as someone

in training, without all of the

physical effort.

When some athletes ‘hit the wall’

it means their brain can no longer

get enough glucose (the brain’s only

source of energy). At that point,

they can’t go any further. This study

illustrates that if you want to move

the wall, there is more than one way

to do so.

Published in a scientifi c journal

called Cell Metabolism, senior author

Ronald Evans at the Salk Institute

in San Diego and colleagues say that

their fi ndings advance the possibility

of ‘exercise in a pill’ – that is, a drug

that can simulate the positive benefi ts

of exercise.

The national activity guidelines

recommend that adults engage in at

least 150 minutes of physical activity

per week over fi ve or more separate

sessions in order to improve overall

health and fi tness.

There is no doubt that exercise

is valuable for many different kinds

of health problems, however the

National Nutrition and Physical

Activity Survey found that only 43

percent of Australian adults meet

these guidelines.

While it may be due to the lack of

motivation, for some individuals –

such as elderly adults or individuals

with mobility problems – the

exercise recommendations are simply

unachievable. The discovery of this

pill could effectively give these

groups of people some of the benefi ts

of exercise and may allow them

to a place where they can start to

exercise for real.

So, is it time to throw in the sweat

towel? Well, not quite – there’s still a

long way to go before humans can use

this drug. Nevertheless, this research

presents a very promising pathway.

Stay tuned! CBM 41

Blast fat,



Listen up, ladies!

There’s a treatment to

permanently reduce

fat, while improving the

look of cellulite.

Words by Erin Docherty

With bikini season right around

the corner, there’s no better

time to think of shifting those

stubborn pockets of fat and preparing that

summer bod.

Cellulite Clinics Australia on the Gold

Coast has been set up to target a very

specific set of issues that many women

experience: it specialises solely in body

contouring and cellulite treatments. This

focus means they can work individually

with each client to come up with a plan to

achieve their personalised body goals.

do excess fat & cellulite

go hand in hand?

“Simply put, cellulite is the way some

women store fat,” explains director

Krysten Davis. “The appearance of

cellulite is caused by the fat under the

skin being tethered by collagen fibres,

which results in puckering of the skin.”

“With ageing and consequent thinning

of skin, we see more of the ‘tethering’ and

therefore the appearance of the cellulite is

worse,” she says. “The greater the amount

of fat under the skin, the worse the


cellulite in most cases. Weight

gain and loss (ie, through pregnancy

and hormonal changes) can also

affect the appearance of cellulite.”

A revolutionary way to get rid

of stubborn pockets of fat and

consequently help improve the

appearance of cellulite is Cooltech,

which uses a technology called

cryolipolysis to target, freeze and

permanently kill unwanted fat.

Cooltech is non-invasive,

with low downtime and minimal

discomfort. It works best for

people who are within a healthy

weight range but have stubborn

pockets of fat that are resistant to

diet and exercise.

“We see many women who

have tried everything to shift their

saddlebags, muffin top or that

stubborn bit of post-pregnancy

weight on the lower tummy. We have

treated a wide array of areas with

Cooltech and the results have been

excellent,” says Davis.

“Getting rid of unwanted pockets

of fat often goes hand in hand with

cellulite treatment,” she adds. “Using

Cooltech, we are able to ‘spot reduce’

areas of unwanted fat. Treating

the areas on the outer thighs and

buttocks reduces the appearance of

cellulite as there is less fat to ‘tether’

with the collagen fibres, improving

the puckered effect.”

the Cooltech


During a Cooltech treatment, which

is 70 minutes, the practitioner guides

a handpiece attached to the Cooltech

machine on the treatment area/s.

Some tightness,caused by the vacuum

pressure (it sucks your fat into place)

and some localised coldness, will be

felt but this should subside as the

treatment continues.

“In the treated area, 20-30 percent

of the fat cells are ‘lysed’, or broken

down, due to the freezing process and

are permanently removed through

natural metabolic processes. There is

no damage to the surrounding tissue.

When you lose weight, you have the

same number of fat cells – you just

reduce the volume of fat in the cells,”

explains Davis.

You may start to notice a change

around 4-6 weeks after the treatment,

with optimal results being achieved

by around the 12-week mark. “The

results we have been achieving are

excellent and it’s wonderful to be able



to offer a safe, effective and nonsurgical

solution to body contouring,”

she says.

“Our patients have been thrilled

with the results, especially those who

just want to shift residual belly fat

but for whom surgery is too extreme

(and expensive). I have had several

treatments myself (in the interests

of research!) and I can personally

vouch for the effectiveness of

Cooltech.” CBM


Cooltech fat reduction and

Powershape cellulite treatment


Cooltech treatment


Cooltech providers:

Cellulite Clinics Australia, Qld 1300 235 585

Fiori Institute, Qld 07 3849 2759

The Harley Clinic, NSW & Qld 1300 379 581

newU, Vic 0428 886 398

Coolangatta Cosmetic Clinic,Qld 07 5599 5001

Skin Revision, Qld 07 3350 5447

Renew Medispa by Hunter Plastic Surgery, NSW 02 4920 7700

Southern Cosmetics, Vic 03 9533 1100

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The divine scent will leave your skin feeling

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3. Endota Spa Organics Coconut &

Grapefruit Melting Body Balm, $55. Deeply

nourishing, it provides an intense boost to

the skin and is great for newly shaved skin,

to soothe sunburn, or prolong a tan.

4. Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil, $27.95.

Putting up a fight against scars and stretch

marks, this certified natural body oil

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5. Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream,

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6 7

6. NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Lotion, $7.99.

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Serums & treatments

8. ASAP Revitalising Bodymoist and

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9. Mesoestetic Stem Cell Body Serum, $120.

This stellar rejuvenating body treatment

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10. BIOEFFECT Body Intensive, $150. This

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stimulate and accelerate natural skin renewal,

working to improve the tone and texture.

9 10


11. Endota Spa Organics Arnica & Menthol

Recovery Scrub, $40. Recover, soothe and cool

tired skin with this eucalyptus-scented scrub.

Infused with rosemary and menthol, it’s perfect

for targeting tense muscle, aches and pains.

Skin tightening &

cellulite reduction

12. Comfort Zone Body Strategist Patch, $84

(28 applications). Apply one patch a day to

troublesome areas to help improve the look of

cellulite. Formulated with pure caffeine, fucus

and carnitine, the patches offer an intensive

attack on orange-peel skin.

13. HydroPeptide Invigorating Body Wash,

$69. Exfoliate and rehydrate skin with this

stimulating body wash. It works to improve

moisture levels and elasticity (and therefore

skin tone) for tighter looking skin with a

complex including peptides and lactic acid.

14. HydroPeptide Firming Moisturizer, $145.

Help combat the signs of cellulite, stretch

marks and age spots with this skin-firming

breakthrough. Offering a unique blend of

seven peptides, antioxidants and ceramides,

it diminishes imperfections for firmer and

younger looking skin.





B ody


15. Phytomer Body Blur Shaka Shaka –

Ultra Smoothing Contouring Lotion, $148.

Shake your way to a sleeker silhouette with

this silky formula that works to smooth the

appearance of “orange peel” skin, while

strengthening skin tissue for a firmer, more

toned appearance.

16. Mesoestetic Bodyshock Push-Up,

$150. This exciting formula is full of active

ingredients that work to firm, tense and lift

skin, helping to repair tissues that have lost

elasticity over the years, especially in the

buttocks and breast area. It’s also a powerful

stretch mark fighter.

15 16 18

17. SkinCeuticals Body Tightening

Concentrate, $98. Sagging skin has met its

match with this powerful gravity-fighting

treatment. Whether it’s on the abdomen,

buttocks, thighs, knees or upper arms, this

cooling fluid helps stimulate collagen for

noticeably firmer skin.


18. L’Occitane Almond Delicious Hands,

$14. A non-greasy hand cream that feels

silky smooth, this beautiful formula nourishes

and softens the hands, while the calming

almond fragrance unveils a beautifully mouthwatering

scent. No perfume needed!

19. Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Hand

and Body Lotion, $69. Developed by chemists

and physicians, this range is formulated for

environmentally damaged, sensitive and

rosacea-prone skin. Packed with antioxidants,

it offers hydration, protection and nutrition for

dry skin on the hands and body.

19 20


20. BioDerma Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing

Crème, $29.99. Perfect for both atrophy

outbreaks and remission periods, this ultrasoothing

cream works to restore the skin

barrier, reducing the urge to scratch. Enriched

with purifying agents, this formula instantly

soothes angry, irritated skin. 47




With laser and

other non-invasive

vaginal rejuvenation

procedures coming

to the fore, are times

finally changing?

Words by Erin Docherty



Female sexual dysfunction. While there has been

an increased sense of awareness and a range of new

modalities to address the physical and psychological

causes associated with this exceedingly common issue, is it

still a case of the white elephant in the room?

“Whilst there are significant advances taking place in

the understanding and treatment of female pelvic floor

and sexual dysfunction, discrimination of women – by

both men and women, lay people and medical – remains

a huge issue,” says Adelaide gynaecologist and pelvic

reconstructive surgeon Dr Oseka Onuma.

The conversation about women’s sexual health is

trending and there is very much an integral demand

for new treatment possibilities. However, while female

sexual dysfunction is not uncommon – a whopping 45%

of women suffer from it – for

quite some time it has been one

of the most dramatically

underserved sectors in women’s

health and wellness.

“Only a 100 years ago, the

perforated term ‘hysteria’ was

often used to describe women

who did not conform to the

established view of a maledominated

society. Removed of

the uterus, ‘hysterectomy’ was one

of the solutions for treatment of

these women on the basis that

the uterus was the centre of the

female psyche. Has anything

really changed? Not much,” says

Dr Onuma.

Most societies in developed or

developing countries are still male

dominated and women remain

marginalised. “An example is

Japan resisting the legalisation

of the oral contraceptive pill

for decades, then suddenly legalising its use on the back

of what might be perceived as an unseemingly rapid

introduction of Viagra. Another example is that many

women around the world are still required to be ‘virgo

intacta’ when they get married and in many cases evidence

of this may be sought on the marriage night.”

“Think about most of the terms used for the male

genitalia; most do not have any unpleasant connotation.

Now, consider words used for the female genitalia; even

when anatomical, they are typically perceived with being

something not quite normal, or are undeniably derogatory.

It’s almost like it’s too hard to admit that women have

Women’s sexual

health is a topic

that is in the back

of people’s minds –

while everyone

knows it’s there, it’s

still very much the

white elephant in

the room that

no one wants to

talk about

genitalia. Many women have no idea about their own

genital anatomy and some even perceive the vagina as an

unpleasant area,” says Dr Onuma.

“When women seek help with their pelvic floor

dysfunction there seems to be a common attitude of ‘what

do you expect, it’s all part of being a woman’. Imagine an

injured football player being told to ‘suck it up’ as it’s all

part of the risk associated with the sport and being sent

away untreated with a fractured leg?”

What are my options?

Female sexual dysfunction is complex and can be a

result of hormonal, psychological, psychiatric, physical,

neurological, environmental and social causes. Dr Onuma

says that often these causes

co-exist – for example, painful

intercourse may result in a

fear of intercourse, resulting in

psychological sequelae. Hormonal

changes from menopause can

result in loss of libido or physical

alterations of the vaginal

epithelium which can result in

difficult or painful intercourse.

Because female sexual dysfunction

has many possible symptoms and

causes, treatment varies.

There is a range of surgical

and non-surgical options

available that can address and

resolve these problems. For

example, both surgical or laser

reduction labioplasty can sculpt

the elongated or unequal labial

minora as desired. The vulvar

structures (including the labia

minora, labia majora, mons pubis,

perineum, entrance to the vagina

and hymen) can be surgically enhanced, both functionally

and aesthetically. Each treatment is completely tailored to

meet the patient’s specific needs and individual goals.

Non-surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation can effectively

enhance vaginal muscle tone, strength and control.

For example, a non-surgical treatment can be used to

treat prolapse and/or relaxation of the vaginal walls to

improve sensation.

“I believe that surgery should be about restoration of

anatomy and function. It would be, however, foolish to

think that the aesthetic component is not important

to the patient,” explains Dr Onuma. “As an established 49

The Australian Centre for Female

Pelvic & Vaginal Rejuvenation


senior surgeon my approach can be summarised as

‘taking an aesthetic approach to functional surgery’. In

other words, restore or improve function and make it

look good whilst you’re at it. Cosmetic and plastic surgeons

have understood the importance of aesthetics a long

time ago but gynaecologists and other surgeons are still

catching up.”

“It’s important to note that any definition of aesthetic

or cosmetic will have within it a reference to how

something looks. In female pelvic reconstructive surgery,

this can only apply to what can be seen (the vulva, labia

minora, labia majora, mons pubis and introital tissues). It

cannot, by definition, include the inside of the vagina. The

only women who complain that the inside of their vagina

looks odd or different are those who have a lesion poking

out or a prolapse. It is very difficult for women to visualise

It’s almost like it’s too

hard to admit that women

have genitalia

Empowering women through

knowlege, choice and access to

world class care

Dr Oseka



Gynaecologist & Pelvic

Reconstructive Surgeon

BSc. (Hons), MJur., CCST,




4 Robe Terrace, Medindie SA 5081

08 8344 6085

Facsimile 08 8344 6087


the vagina, even using a mirror. Thus any treatment

that takes place in the vagina really has to be functional;

improvement of collagen, removal of excess tissue,

reduction of prolapse, excision of scar tissue, division of

overactive muscles. How can any of these be aesthetic?”

“Yet, the term ‘aesthetic’ is used readily, incorrectly

and in a misleading fashion to target a new market.

Untrained medical people offer correction of vaginal

wall relaxation without addressing the fundamental

disruption of the pelvic floor architecture. This results in

women who have functional problems being impressed

with the view that their problems are insignificant,

whimsical and have no real basis in functional medicine,”

explains Dr Onuma.

While new treatments are opening up new possibilities

for women (especially for patients who do not want

surgery), the biggest step is in the changing attitudes

towards women’s health. Women’s sexual health is a topic

that is in the back of people’s minds – while everyone

knows it’s there, it’s still very much the white elephant in

the room that no one wants to talk about.

It becomes crucial for women to communicate their

concerns and understand their body and its normal sexual

response and to never accept that sexual dysfunction is

‘just part of being a woman’.

“It continues to surprise me every working day – I

cannot understand why changes in attitudes are so slow,”

Dr Onuma concludes. CBM


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With highly trained aestheticians and stunning surroundings, any

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Everything you need to know

about breast augmentation.

Words by Aimée Rodrigues 53


reasts have been

cultural, political

and fashion icons,

helped launch

social movements

and started showbiz

careers. They come

in all sorts of shapes

and sizes, and thanks

to the marvels of modern

cosmetic surgery, breast implant

surgery can give you the breasts Mother

Nature did not.

Breast implants are available to suit the

needs and preferences of just about every

patient. Some women seek implant surgery

to correct congenital or developmental

anatomical abnormalities, while others

are striving to repair the toll of age or

breastfeeding by restoring their breasts to a

more youthful and upright position. Other

women simply want to have a larger size

bust, which is more proportionate to their

overall body size.

Implants may also be required to

reconstruct a damaged or missing breast,

which has sustained injury, illness or

mastectomy. There are countless reasons

women undergo breast augmentation

and each one has unique importance to

the individual.

Careful discussion of your expectations

and concerns with your chosen surgeon,

along with planning and assessment, can

help to achieve a successful outcome

and natural-looking results. You should

thoroughly discuss your goals and

motivations with a surgeon you trust and

with whom you feel comfortable.

Listening to your surgeon’s feedback

and advice will go a long way in ensuring

expectations and motivations are realistic.

Satisfaction with breast augmentation

results ultimately depends on your

understanding of the capabilities and

limitations of the procedure.




makes a



The assessment of physical beauty varies

enormously across both time and cultures.

What one person considers sexy or beautiful

might be far removed from what another

perceives as attractive. However, there

remain widely held standards of physical

attractiveness, and achieving a positive

aesthetic outcome is crucial to the success of

cosmetic procedures.

When it comes to assessing the breasts,

you may be forgiven for thinking it’s all about

size. Indeed, breast augmentation involves

adding volume to the bust, but a satisfactory

augmentation is about a whole lot more than

just adding volume.

“There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’

breast,” says British plastic surgeon Dr Paul

Banwell. “However, there are four aesthetic

guidelines that can help surgeons deliver a

beautiful-looking breast.”

These guidelines, which refer to the

proportions of the upper and lower breast,

their slope as well as the position of the nipple

were investigated by a group of London Plastic

Surgeons at the University College and Royal

Free Hospitals. In a study entitled ‘Concepts

in Aesthetic Breast Dimensions: Analysis of

the Ideal Breast’, Mallucci et al used computer

measurements to examine the dimensions

and proportions of 100 pairs of natural (nonenhanced)

breasts deemed attractive, and

identified four features common to all.

“The study revealed that in all cases the

level of the nipple lay at a point 20 degrees

above the horizontal where, on average, the

proportion of the breast below it represented

55 per cent of overall volume of the breast and

above it 45 per cent,” explains Dr Banwell.

“In most cases, the upper pole was either

concave or straight, and the lower pole of the

breast was convex, creating a full curve.”

The UK group also analysed images of the

breasts of ordinary women both before and

after implant surgery to establish whether, if

a breast deviates from these measurements,

it becomes less attractive. The answer, they

found, was that it does, regardless of size.

However, Dr Banwell is keen to reinforce the

importance of tailoring breast shape and size to

the individual proportions and circumstances

of each patient.

“A one-size-fits all approach is not

appropriate,” he says. “We have a way of

assessing the aesthetics we’re trying to achieve

with a breast augmentation, but it’s important

to do that via a tailor-made approach.”

This involves detailed measurement, careful

discussion with each patient and judicious

selection of the optimal implant shape, texture

and method of placement.

“Every breast is different in terms of its shape

and size and in terms of its characteristics,”

says Dr Banwell. “The surgeon has to assess

that and then needs to make a judgement

based upon the patient’s wishes in terms of

what they want to achieve versus what can

actually be achieved.”

With so many media influences, today it is

even more important to marry your wishes,

as the patient, with what is both realistic and

achievable. “It’s all about having realistic

expectations of improvement,” he says.

“Communication with the patient is therefore

so important. The patient needs to fully

understand what’s involved, and if there is any

discrepancy between what they want and what

can actually be achieved, it’s the responsibility

of the surgeon to point that out.”

The education and knowledge of patients

has changed in the past decade or so, and they

are becoming increasingly discerning about

the shape and type of implants they want.

However, the most common request remains:

for breasts to be ‘natural-looking’.

With an experienced and skilled surgeon

and the right expectations, you can look

forward to the most natural-looking,

aesthetically pleasing breast augmentations

for your individual requirements. 55






Implant shape

Choosing the right implant is dependent on

your existing breast size, shape, symmetry

and projection, body type, and your personal


There is no one breast implant shape that

is best for everyone. Your surgeon is the best

resource for determining what breast implant is

best for you and your body type.

Round implants

Round implants are circular with an even

projection of volume. They are a good choice

for those who want more fullness in the upper

part of the breast and tend to give greater

cleavage. Many surgeons agree that round

implants are typically the best choice for those

patients with well-shaped natural breasts who

desire a straightforward breast enhancement.

Teardrop implants

Teardrop, or anatomical, implants more

closely resemble the natural shape of a breast,

gradually sloping downwards to produce an

attractive straight line from the collarbone to

the nipple. Teardrop implants tend not to be

as full as round implants but because they are

fuller in the lower half they can also provide

greater projection in proportion to the size of

the base, making them particularly suitable

for women with little natural breast tissue.

Mild elevation of the breast and the nipple

can also be achieved, making them particularly

suitable for women who have mild droopy or

tuberous breasts.


Implant size

Breast implant sizes are designated by their

volume, typically ranging from 90 to 900 cubic

centimetres (cc), or by their weight. One gram

of silicone is equivalent to slightly less than

1ml (1cc). The higher the number, the larger

the implant.

They are also made with different diameter

bases to suit different widths of chest wall and

with low to high profiles (amount of forward

projection). For this reason, each manufacturer

produces a number of ‘styles’.

It’s important to take your natural breast

width into consideration. Your surgeon will

measure the base diameter of your chest to

determine the ideal width of implant. If the

implant is too wide for your chest, you may get

‘webbing’ between your breasts (symmastia)

or too much ‘side boob’. If the implant is too

narrow, it will not fill the chest appropriately

and be difficult to create a shapely cleavage.

The choice of implant projection is to a large

extent a personal one. A woman with adequate

breast tissue and a shape she is happy with may

opt for a low-profile implant that will simply

increase the size of her breasts. Another patient

seeking to create cleavage, or a patient with

some degree of sag, may prefer a high-profile

implant that can help achieve these results.

Your surgeon will take into consideration the

width of your chest and breast tissue and advise

you on the most suitable implant size and style

for your individual anatomy.




Implant material

This next crucial factor looks at the type of fill (saline

or silicone) as well as the shell of the implant wall

(smooth or textured).

Silicone vs saline

Saline and silicone breast implants both have an

outer silicone shell, however they differ in material,

consistency and techniques used for placement. Both

types of implants have their own advantages and risks.

Silicone gel-filled implants are used more

commonly in Australia. Silicone implants contain a

cohesive gel, designed to mimic real breast tissue. It

has a slightly firm, non-runny consistency, which can

give a more natural feel. As the gel is not liquid, the

risk of dispersal if the implant ruptures is minimised. It

also typically maintains its shape better than a saline

implant, especially in the upper part of the implant.

Saline-filled implants use a medical-grade saltwater

solution, which makes the implant feel like a waterbed.

This can be controlled to an extent by the

volume of fill in the implant. If implant rupture

occurs, the saline is absorbed by the body. However,

saline implants feel firmer than silicone implants and

have a higher risk of visible folds and ripples.

Unlike silicone gel implants, saline implants can

be filled through a valve during surgery. Because of

this, the insertion of the implants generally requires

a smaller incision than that associated with silicone

gel implants. The amount of fill can also be adjusted

after surgery, which is not possible with fixed silicone

gel implants.

Smooth vs textured

Implant shells can be smooth or textured. Smoothshelled

implants are easy to insert and may make the

breast move and feel more natural than a textured

shell in certain patients. However, they have increased

risk of capsular contracture (hardening of the breast),

which is a common reason for re-operation.

Textured implants have a thicker shell and the very

nature of their surface means they can grab onto and

adhere to the surrounding tissue, causing less friction

between the implant and breast pocket and therefore

helping to reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

Many surgeons also believe it offers them greater

control over the ultimate shape of the breast.

Round implants come in smooth and textured shells,

but anatomical implants have textured surfaces only to

allow for better integration with the surrounding breast

tissue. The implant may still flip or move and distort

the appearance of the breast, so the surgeon must be

experienced with this type of implant.

The polyurethane foam coated implant provides a

texture specifically designed to reduce rates of capsular

contracture. The foam coating means the collagen

fibres around the implant do not line up, and are less

likely to slide over each other and contract. Instead,

the fibres assemble in a circular pattern around the

foam and are unable to form a hardened capsule. There

are some differences in the surgical plan of foam-coated

implants, for example the pocket size generally needs

to be bigger than usual.

Regardless of the type of implant women choose, the

shape, texture and size can be customised to reflect her

individual body type and aesthetic goals. 57



Incision site

The three main incision options are the inframammary

crease (under the breast where it meets the chest),

periareolar (around the nipple) and transaxillary (inside

the armpit).


The inframammary incision is by far the most common

breast augmentation incision used today, made in the

crease under the breast close to the inframammary fold.

The surgeon creates a pocket for the breast implant,

which is slid up through the incision, then positioned

behind the nipple.

This incision offers the best exposure for visualisation

and allows the implant to be placed over, partially under

or completely under the chest wall muscle. The scar is

hidden in the crease under the breast.


For the periareolar incision, an incision is made just

beyond the areola, which is the darker area of skin

surrounding the nipple. The incision should be made

at the very edge of the areola where the dark tissue

meets the lighter breast tissue, which makes the scar

least visible.

Similar to the inframammary incision, the

periareolar incision allows the surgeon to work close

to the breast. It is possible for the surgeon to easily

and precisely place the breast implants in various

positions in relation to the chest muscle. However,

this is the only incision that involves cutting through

breast tissue and ducts, and sensitivity in the nipple

may be reduced.


The transaxillary incision is made in the natural crease

of the armpit and a channel is created down to the

breast. This may be performed with an endoscope

(a small tube with a surgical light and camera in the

end) to provide visibility. The implant is inserted and

moved through the channel into a prepared pocket.

The greatest advantage of an underarm breast

augmentation incision is that no scar is left on the

breasts. The scar is virtually invisible in the armpit

fold and lack of tension generally makes for

straightforward healing.

The transaxillary site is relatively far from the breast,

where the surgeon needs to create a pocket for the

implant, so visibility is limited. There is also a higher

incidence of the implant being positioned too high and

a greater risk of breast asymmetry after surgery.



Implant placement

The placement of breast implants has a

significant impact on the final outcome

of breast augmentation and therefore it

requires individual consideration.

Experienced surgeons base their

implant placement decisions on factors

such as the patient’s quantity of breast

tissue, natural breast size and symmetry,

dimension and shape of the chest wall,

amount of subcutaneous fat and quality

of breast skin.

Generally, there are three placement

options: subglandular (in front of the

muscle), submuscular (behind the muscle)

and dual plane (partially under the

muscle). There are pros and cons for

each position.


The subglandular pocket is created

between the breast tissue and the pectoral

muscle. This position resembles the

plane of normal breast tissue and the

implant is placed in front of the muscle.

Sometimes the implant is covered by a

thin membrane, the fascia, which lies

on top of the muscle. This is called

subfascial placement.

This position is suited to patients

who have sufficient breast tissue to

cover the top of the implant. This

procedure is typically faster and may be

more comfortable for the patient than

submuscular placement. There is generally

less post-operative pain and a shorter

recovery period because the chest muscles

have not been disturbed during surgery.

The implant also tends to move more

naturally in this position.

However, subglandular breast implants

may be more visible, especially if the

patient has little breast tissue, little body

fat and thin skin.

With subglandular implants, there

tends to be more of a pronounced

‘roundness’ to the breasts, which may

look less natural than those placed

under the muscle, but this is a matter

of personal preference.


The implant is placed under the pectoralis

major muscle after some release of the

inferior muscular attachments. Most of

the implant is positioned under the

muscle. This position can create a

natural-looking contour at the top of the

breast in thin patients and those with very

little breast tissue. The implant is fully

covered, which helps to camouflage the

edges of the implant, as well as rippling.

With this placement, data has shown

there is less chance of capsular contracture


There may be more post-operative

discomfort and a longer recovery period.

The implants may appear high at first and

take longer to ‘drop’.

Dual plane

This is where the implant is placed

partially beneath the pectoral muscle in

the upper pole, where the implant edges

tend to be most visible, while the lower

half of the implant is in the subglandular

plane. This placement is best suited to

patients who have insufficient tissue to

cover the implant at the top of the breast

but who need the bottom of the implant

to fully expand the lower half of the

breast due to sag or a tight crease under

the breast.

This position minimises the rippling and

edge effect in thin patients while avoiding

abnormal contours in the lower half of the

breast. Generally, this placement is able to

achieve a more natural shape to the upper

portion of the breast instead of the ‘upper

roundness’ that can be more common

with subglandular implants. However, it

involves more complex surgery, which

if not performed correctly may result in

visible deformities when the pectoral

muscles are contracted.

Feature 59



are the


While breast augmentation is

typically a predictable procedure,

all surgery carries some level of

risk. Complications arising from

breast augmentation can include

the following.



Capsular contracture, or hardening

of the breast, is thought to be the

most common complication of breast

implant surgery. It can occur at any

time but more commonly in the

months immediately after surgery.

During surgery, a pocket is made

for the implant in the breast tissue.

After the implant has been inserted,

the body naturally forms a capsule

of fibrous tissue around the implant.

This lining, or capsule, is formed by

the body’s living tissue, and is the

body’s natural response. The capsule

allows the implant to look and feel

quite natural. In some cases, however,

the capsule begins to tighten, causing

a shrink-wrap effect and squeezing the

implant that it surrounds. Depending

on the severity, the breast can feel

firm or hard, become distorted and

cause pain.

It is not actually the implant that

has hardened – the shrinking of

the capsule compresses the implant

and causes it to feel hard, but if the

implant is removed it is still in its

original soft state.

Though the exact causes of capsular

contracture are unknown, there

are factors that may lead to this

complication, including seroma (the



Breast augmentation has increased by more than 200% since

1997, according to stats from the American Society for

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Possibly the earliest representation of breasts in art is the Venus of

Willendorf, a tiny 11.1cm limestone statuette thought to date from

24,000-22,000 BC. She was found in 1908 by archaeologist Josef

Szombathy at a Paleolithic site near Willendorf.

Human breasts function differently than those of other primates. In

other primates, the breasts grow only when the female is producing

milk. When the non-human primate has weaned her young, her

breasts flatten back down. In humans, the breasts develop during a

female’s adolescence usually well before pregnancy and stay enlarged

throughout her life.

Legend says that Hercules became immortal after he drank the

milk of the divine goddess Hera while she was sleeping. When she

woke, and realised he was not her own child, she drew her breast

away with such force that the milk spurted into the heavens and

created the Milky Way.

A fourth century prostitute was said to have been spared the death

penalty by baring her breasts. When it seemed the verdict of her trial

would be unfavourable, she removed her clothing. The judges were

so impressed by their beauty that they acquitted her.

It is believed the word ‘Amazon’ was derived from the Greek

‘a-mazos’, which means ‘without breast’. In Greek mythology, it is said

that the Amazons had their right breast removed so they would be

able to use a bow and arrow more freely and throw spears without the

physical limitation and obstruction.

No two breasts are exactly the same size; usually the left is larger.

From infancy to just before puberty, there is no difference between

the female and male breasts.

Although unusual, extra or ‘supernumerary’ nipples are not really that

rare, occurring in one out of 18 people. Pop stars Carrie Underwood

and Lily Allen and actor Mark Wahlberg all have a third nipple. Anne

Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII, is said to have had a third nipple

or even a third breast.

When it comes to milk production, size doesn’t matter. The milkproducing

structures are the same in all women. Just because one

woman’s breasts are bigger doesn’t necessarily mean she would have

or make more milk.


Feature 61


is breast




for you?

The psychology behind the decision to have

breast implants is one of the most important

aspects of the procedure. A good candidate for

breast augmentation is mentally and physically

stable and understands the reality of what this

surgery can achieve.

Often women seek cosmetic surgery as a

means of fulfilling emotional needs or resolving

problematic body image issues. Any cosmetic

procedure affects the patient on a psychological

level just as much as on a physical one and it

is important to remember that if a woman with

low self-esteem elects to undergo surgery in the

hope she will feel better about herself, she is

likely to feel disappointed with her surgery. While

breast augmentation can help boost a woman’s

confidence, she will not benefit from surgery if she

thinks it is the cure-all for every aspect of her life.

Many women view their breasts as a vital

component of their gender identity, as the female

breast is one of the prime symbols of femininity,

motherhood and sensuality. However, women

are notoriously critical of their bodies and some

may be especially so of their breasts. When

contemplating breast augmentation, ensure it’s

for the right reasons.

development of extra fluid around the

implant), haematoma, infection and

smoking. Another contributing factor

is the placement of the implant above

the chest muscle. When the implant

is placed below the muscle, capsular

contracture is said to be typically less

likely to occur.

To treat capsular contracture, there

are both surgical and non-surgical

options, although generally most

cases of capsular contracture will

require secondary surgery to remove

the implant. If the implants are

replaced, to prevent reoccurrence a

new pocket should be made as fresh

tissue needs to be in contact with

the implant.


It’s important to understand that

breast implants have a limited life

span and, before going ahead with

breast augmentation, patients must

accept that more surgery may be

required initially or in the future to

address complications, remove or

replace the implants.

Additionally, the size of the original

implants may become less suited to

a woman’s body over time, due to

hormones, pregnancies, weight gain

and menopause.


Infection is a serious risk of any

surgery and occurs when wounds

become contaminated with

microorganisms, such as bacteria

or fungi. When infection occurs, it

generally appears within six weeks

of the procedure. Most infections

can be treated with antibiotics,

but in the worst cases the implant

may need to be removed and the

infection eliminated before the

implant is replaced.

It’s important to keep an eye out for

signs of infection, which may include



redness at the site, fatigue and fever.

Increased pain and swelling are also

typical signs of infection but, because

these symptoms are typical of all

breast surgeries, they can be difficult

to detect.


Rippling occurs when the filling

inside the breast implant moves,

creating a winkle or fold on the outer

shell of the implant which then

can be felt by the patient, or which

becomes outwardly visible. Rippling

can also occur when adhesion to the

envelope restricts its movement.

Various factors govern the

likelihood of rippling, including the

implant type, texture and position.

It occurs less with silicone gel-filled

implants, smooth-surfaced implants

and those that are positioned under

the chest muscle.

If it occurs, the appearance of

rippling is dependent on the patient

– their physique and the thickness

and quality of their skin. If there is

little muscle or fatty tissue to cover

the implant, any rippling that results

will be more noticeable. Rippling

generally appears on the outer and

bottom sides of the breast and in

the cleavage.



Displacement refers to the implants

moving out of their desired position,

and is more prone in women who

have teardrop-shaped or very

high-profile implants. Displacement

may occur due to the implant being

misplaced in the tissue pocket, or

from excessively stretched tissue,

or trauma. Displacement can occur

at any time after the procedure,

and will generally need to be

surgically corrected.




Depending on where the implant

is placed, breast augmentation may

interfere with the ability of an x-ray

to ‘see’ all the breast tissue, and

therefore can hinder the success

of a mammogram. Women with

breast implants should therefore

choose a facility that has technicians

experienced in obtaining reliable

mammograms from those who have

had breast augmentation.

Repeated studies have shown

there is no delay in the diagnosis

of breast cancer in women with

breast implants compared to women

without implants.

Women should inform technicians

of the age of their implants before

mammography, as the age of the

implant increases the risk of rupture

during mammography.

Recently, there have been reports

media about a rare type of cancer

linked to breast implants: anaplastic

large cell carcinoma (ALCL).

Breast-implant associated ALCL

is not the same as breast cancer;

it is a rare type of lymphoma that

develops in the fluid surrounding

breast implants, not in the breast

tissue itself.

Current expert opinion is that the

risk of contracting breast-implant

associated ALCL is about one in

5,000 women with implants. By

comparison, the risk of breast cancer

is one in eight.

The majority of cases are cured

with the removal of implants and

the fibrous capsule around them from

both breasts.

If there are changes in your breasts

associated with breast implants and

especially if there is general swelling

or a lump, contact your specialist for

further investigation. CBM


to ask




By answering these questions

honestly and reviewing them

with your doctor, you will become

much clearer about whether

breast surgery is a good choice

for you psychologically and


Why do you want to have breast

augmentation surgery?

How do you feel about your body

image right now?

Is anyone prompting you to have

the surgery?

Do you suffer from an emotional

or psychological disorder?

Did you recently experience a

stressful even or crisis, like

a divorce or the loss of a

loved one?

Are you a perfectionist, and do

you find minor flaws with many

parts of your body and with

your life?

Would you be prepared

to handle a complication

if something goes wrong

after surgery? 63



for breast





If you haven’t heard about fat

grafting, you soon will. A hot

topic in the fi eld of body sculpting

and contouring, the popularity of fat

grafting is growing.

Recently, the way the fat is

prepared and harvested has changed

to greatly improve the results. One

such innovation is fat grafting by

Adip’sculpt, which has refi ned the

process so that most of the fat cells

can now successfully be transferred,

thus creating effective long-lasting

and natural-looking results.

Put simply, fat is removed from

an area in which you have excess

fat (such as your tummy or thighs)

and reinjected into an area to add

more volume or to reconstruct areas

after invasive procedures such as a

mastectomy. The advantage of fat

transfer procedures is that you

are using your own body tissue

rather than a foreign injectable,

as well as having fat removed

from an area where you don’t want

it. Win-win!

“Fat grafting procedures are

becoming more popular in Australia,”

says NSW plastic surgeon Dr

Nicholas Moncrieff from Hunter

Plastic Surgery.

“I think this increase we are

seeing is because of the scientifi c

advancements being discovered in

the fi eld, making it a reliable and

easy to use technique with an

excellent safety profi le.”

It’s also in line with the more

natural approach to aesthetic

rejuvenation these days, using

your body’s own natural resources

to enhance your appearance. “Fat

grafting is natural in the sense that

there are no foreign materials being

injected such as fi ller; the fat that is

harvested, processed and injected is

autologous, ie the patient’s own. I

think that this is what is appealing

to patients,” says Dr Moncrieff.



What’s involved?

The Adip’sculpt procedure is designed

to extract and preserve the right size

of fat cells that will be best suited for

the new area to achieve long-term,

natural-looking results.

Generally the steps involved are

liposuction of the excess fat, processing

of the fat cells, including spinning it

in the Adip’sculpt centrifuge to ensure

only the “liquid gold” fat remains, and

then carefully re-injecting the fat in

to the body area where you want extra

volume, such as using fat as a filler for

the face or increasing breast size, with

or without implants.

The Adip’sculpt fat grafting

procedure can be used to correct a

variety of concerns – from enhancing

the results of breast implant surgery,

standalone breast enlargement

of around one cup size, body

contouring and facial volumising


Primary breast implant surgery performed by

a different doctor

and skin rejuvenation. One of the

main advantages of the Adip’sculpt

procedure is that because most of the

fat cells are preserved, the results you

see immediately post-surgery are very

close to the final result.

“I use fat grafting in both primary

and secondary breast augmentation

cases,” explains Dr Moncrieff. “This

has enabled me to achieve even

better results [than implants alone],

especially in thin patients who are

having a primary breast augmentation

or in revision patients where there

may be soft tissue deficiencies.”

“I also use fat grafting for a

Brazilian buttock lift (BBL), where

large volumes of fat are harvested to

add volume and shape to a buttock.”

The total number of treatments

usually depends on the area being

treated and the amount of fat

being injected into the target area.


Revision breast implant surgery plus fat taken

from thighs and injected to upper pole and

cleavage by Dr Moncrieff

Dr Moncrieff says that for most

breast augmentation with fat transfer

cases, typically only one treatment

is required.

Adip’sculpt provides a quick, easy

and convenient way of fat grafting

that is both reliable and long-lasting.

One of the main advantages is that

you can usually return to regular

activities the day after the procedure

and, because the fat becomes

integrated into your own tissue,

the results can largely considered

to be permanent.

Results from the Adip’sculpt

depend on various factors including

the quality of your skin and the

elasticity of your tissue. Good

candidates are those presenting for

breast augmentation who are thin

with minimal soft tissue, or those

who have a wide cleavage which

they want to narrow. It is increasingly

used to elevate results of breast

implant surgery.

“My patients have been very

positive about the results and often

say they can really see where the

fat grafting has made the difference

between a good result and a great

result,” says Dr Moncrieff.

“It can be the way to take a 7/10

result to a 9.5/10,” he explains. “My

patients like that it is their own

tissue that has helped achieve this

result. They also tell me they like

the fact that they are getting a bit of

liposuction as part of the procedure

to reduce any unwanted bulges or

curves… a true added bonus!” CBM



Breast implant surgery plus fat taken from

abdomen and injected to lower pole of breasts

by Dr Moncrieff



Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

Hunter Plastic Surgery

Ph (02) 4920 7700 65

E nhancement

Spotlight on:

T hread



Dr John Flynn explains the ins and outs of this scar-free

face lift alternative. Words by Erin Docherty

As we get older, our overall

facial balance and symmetry

changes, along with the

texture and quality of our skin. We

may slowly begin to notice loose and

sagging skin, along with increased

volume around the jowls and less

suppleness around the cheeks and

eyes. Welcome to ageing.

While there is a wide variety of

surgical and non-surgical procedures

available to counter the signs of

facial ageing and restore a youthful

appearance, thread lifting is a unique

solution that can achieve

great results for the right patient.

“Basically it’s a more modest

alterative to a surgical facelift,”

explains Dr John Flynn from

Cosmedic & Skin Clinic on the

Gold Coast.

“The procedure is relatively quick

and no cutting or incisions are

involved. The medical-grade sterile

threads are inserted into the skin via

the end of a needle. They integrate

into the skin’s tissue and are pulled

to produce a lifting effect.”

Thread lifting is an in-clinic

minimally invasive procedure

designed to elevate the central face

and redefine the contours with a

shorter downtime compared with

facelift surgery, almost immediate

results and fewer risks. It is particularly

indicated for brows, cheeks, jowls

and sometimes the neck. The

threads are absorbable and sometimes

involve a special anchoring

technique with tiny cogs or barbs,

for lifting and re-positioning.

While facelift surgery is still the

best option for lifting sagging skin and

reversing the effects of gravity, smaller

procedures such as thread lifting can

possibly postpone the need for more

radical surgery.

“I always tell my patients that a

thread lift achieves 20-30% of lift

compared with a facelift,” says Dr




at a glance

No incisions

Immediate natural-looking

lifting effect

Progressive restoration

of collagen

Lasts one to several years

Quick procedure

Minimal downtime 67

E nhancement

Flynn. “While it won’t achieve the

same degree of lifting as surgery,

thread lifting produces a modest lift

and a nice result. It is therefore a

good option for younger patients

who don’t yet need surgical

intervention, for example those in

their 40s or 50s,” explains Dr Flynn.

“In our practice we use a couple

of different brands of threads, one of

which is the Silhouette Lift. I find

this is a much easier thread to deploy

and the procedure can be performed

quickly and effectively for a subtle

and refreshed appearance.

“The Silhouette Lift can last

about 12 months, however if a more

advanced technique is employed we

quite often achieve results lasting

three to five years. Many people

wrongly believe that threads don’t

last very long, however it really

depends on the technique.”

Dr Flynn has pioneered the use

of thread lifts in Australia and

internationally and stresses that

while thread lifting procedures are

quite common, the results often

come down to the experience

and technique of the professional

performing the procedure.

“It’s important to remember that

threads are just a product and what

makes the procedure successful is

the technique that is used. Even

though there are many practitioners

performing thread lifts, I pride myself

on using a specific technique, which

is key for garnering the best possible

results for each individual patient.”

An immediate lifting effect is seen

after the procedure, and the results

continue to improve over time

(three to six months) as collagen

is stimulated and produced and

contracts around each thread, causing

even further lifting results.

Wondering if this could be the

procedure for you? Dr Flynn says

good candidates are those who are

noticing mild to moderate facial

sagging, but not loose skin, with

good skin tone who aren’t ready or

suitable for a surgical facelift.

Because internal tissues are not

separated from each other, there is

much less lifting of the external

skin. Recovery is typically therefore

relatively quick and little downtime

is required.

“The Silhouette Lift offers very

minimal downtime – there might be

some bruising for a couple of days,”

explains Dr Flynn. “In terms of

more advanced threading, you may

be looking at three to four days of


“I recommend the thread lift to my

patients for the effective lifting results

they offer and also their excellent

safety profile.” CBM



Thread lift by Dr Flynn



Thread lift by Dr Flynn




Dr John Flynn

Cosmedic & Skin Clinic, Southport, Qld

Ph 1300 88 13 88


The instant

eyelid lift


America is

now available

in Australia

• Dermatologist Tested • Medical Grade • Hypoallergenic • Latex Free

LIDS BY DESIGN ® is a non-surgical

correcting strip, available in different sizes,

to instantly lift eyelids and widen eyes, hiding

the excess skin in the natural fold of the lid.

Virtually invisible, quick and easy to apply, they

last all day and makeup can be applied over

the top. They are ideal for:

• Loose sagging skin hanging over lashes

• Asymmetrical lids

• Excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid

• Enlarging the appearance of the eyes



To purchase or to become a stockist:


Distributed by

email or call

02 9398 2755 AESTHETICS



ways to

boost your


With minimal recovery period, quick inand-out

sessions and long-term effects,

non-surgical procedures continue their

meteoric rise. words by erin docherty

Whether you’re looking to

smooth away wrinkles,

enlarge your lips, brighten

your skin or create killer cheekbones,

there are now a variety of different

non-surgical treatments out there to

pander to your every beauty whim.

“Non-surgical alternatives are

becoming common treatments for both

men and women, offering minimal

(if any) downtime and long-lasting,

natural-looking results,” says Sylvia

Down, Practice Manager at Skin Renu

Laser & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic.

We take a look at some of the most

popular treatments.




One of the superstars in cosmetic

enhancement, anti-wrinkle injections

offer a non-surgical option for reducing

lines and wrinkles to create a more

flawless and youthful appearance.

They work by temporarily relaxing

wrinkle-causing muscles. This

prevents the muscle from contracting,

reducing the appearance of wrinkles

and fine lines.

“Anti-wrinkle injections can

literally wipe years off an aged,

stressed face, eliminate a gummy

smile and even relax an ageing chin,”

says Down.

These injectable muscle relaxants

are used to treat crow’s feet around

the eyes, the frown lines between the

eyebrows (glabellar lines) and the

worry lines across the forehead. They

can also be used to produce the effect

of a subtle brow lift by relaxing the

muscles that drag down the brow.

The procedure usually takes around

10 minutes, but this will vary

depending on the number of areas

being treated. Over the next five or

so days, the muscles gradually relax,

normally reaching their full results by

one to two weeks and last on average

three to five months.


E nhancement



The ‘youthful glow’ associated with

being young and healthy is often

put down to fullness and smooth,

plump contours in the upper, lower

and mid-face regions.

Dermal fillers are gel-like in

consistency and can be injected

into the skin to fill in pockmarks

and acne scars and grooves in the

skin, contour or reshape facial

features and add volume to lips and

cheeks. More permanent fillers can

even be used to reshape the nose

and jaw.

Generally results last around four

to 12 months; the area and depth

of injection and product used all

influence the final result and how

long they last.

“Dermal fillers replace lost

volume, fill in deep furrows and

can add volume to places where

previously there was little, for

example, to create more angled

cheekbones. Injectables can be

used to enhance your appearance,

subtly and beautifully,” says Down.


Skin rejuvenation

Since the arrival of fractionated

ablative laser technology which

makes downtime so much

more bearable, skin resurfacing

procedures have become the goto

treatment to rejuvenate and

improve the texture and tone of

ageing, sun-damaged skin.

Used to diminish the appearance

of imperfections on the skin’s

surface, skin resurfacing can

get rid of damaged skin cells

until a smoother, more uniform

appearance is achieved, while

stimulating the natural production

of collagen.

“Fraxel is one of the popular skin

rejuvenation treatments offered at

Skin Renu. We use Fraxel to help

minimise fine lines, particularly

around the eyes, improve the skin’s

texture and tone, reduce acne scars

and clear stubborn pigmentation

such as age spots, sun damage and

melasma,” says Down. “Another

great treatment suitable for all

skin types (especially younger

skin) is Clear+Brilliant, which

is a more gentle alternative to

helping reverse sun exposure and

environmental damage to improve

the skin’s texture and tone.”




Medical-grade peels are deep

skin exfoliation and hydration

treatments that improve the skin’s

overall appearance for remarkable

results: your skin is hydrated and

appears smoother, more even in

tone and colour, and therefore

more luminous.

Applied to the face, neck and

hands, these in-clinic peels work

by sloughing off the outer layers

of the skin and getting rid of dead

skin cells to reveal healthier,

younger skin beneath. The depth

of the peel depends on the type of

peel that is used and the condition

it is used to treat.

“Medical-grade chemical peels

can provide an array of benefits

for people with noticeable pores,

pigmentation and overall dull skin.

With the incredible range of peels

available, it is possible to have

great results with no downtime,

particularly if combined with an

immediate post-procedure LED

treatment such as Omnilux.”


Non-surgical skin


For suitable candidates presenting

with a small to moderate degree

of skin laxity, non-surgical skin

tightening modalities can offer

an effective improvement and

postpone or even negate the need

for surgical procedures.

These modalities can utilise

radiofrequency, ultrasound or

infrared energy to target deeper

levels of the dermis to induce

new collagen formation and

remodelling. This improves skin

texture and reduces sagging skin,

as well as offering subtle contouring

of the jawline and softening

wrinkles around the mouth, eyes

and forehead.

“At Skin Renu we believe it’s

important to increase your collagen

base with proven procedures such

as Thermage and Infini. These

innovative treatments can tighten

lax skin, smooth and contour facial

features such as the jawline, whilst

refining fine lines and crepy skin,”

says Sylvia. CBM



Skin Renu Laser &

Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Balmain, Sydney

Ph 02 9555 9506 71


A hydration


like no other

Not a skincare product and not quite a

filler, the Beauty Booster is breaking new

ground in hydrating the skin from within.

There’s now a new way to

instantly hydrate and nourish

the skin while longer term

results smooth away fine lines and

plump sagging skin. It’s called the

Beauty Booster and it involves precise

micro-injections of a hydrator evenly

spread over your face. This hydrator

consists of a unique patented formula

of effective natural components

(amino acids, antioxidants,

minerals and vitamins). The unique

combination stimulates ongoing

collagen production, regenerating and

nourishing the skin.

Beauty Booster is injected into the

skin’s dermis to stimulate fibroblast

activity and improve the quality

of your skin. These fibroblasts are

activated to lay down new collagen

and elastin, resulting in a thicker

and more elastic dermis. In this

way, treatment should be viewed

as regenerative, ongoing skin

rejuvenation, and less of a ‘filling’

and ‘plumping’ treatment which can

sometimes deliver less than naturallooking

results. The main difference

with Beauty Booster than, say, dermal

fillers is that it is first and foremost a

skin treatment, actually treating the

skin in order to improve its look

and feel.

“Our clients love the hydrating

and nourishing effect this treatment

has on their skin,” says Perth

cosmetic surgeon Dr Andrew Clark.

“There is both a short-term effect

from the immediate hydration,

and a long-term effect from the

improvement in skin health due to

the formation of new collagen. It’s

really quite remarkable. Patients are

commenting how good their skin

both looks and feels several months

after their course of three treatments.”

“This is a treatment with very

predictable and minor downtime and

the results are outstanding. In my

experience, there is no easier way to

restore the luminance and texture of

the skin,” he says.


What is

the Beauty


Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally found

in the body and gives your skin that

plump, fi rm and hydrated appearance.

Unfortunately this most amazing inbuilt

skin perfector begins to diminish with age

and by the time you reach your 40s and

50s, you’ve already lost half of your natural

HA production. This decrease manifests as

hollowing of the cheeks, lines and wrinkles

that just won’t quit, and sagging skin and

facial contours.

This is where the Beauty Booster comes

in. Designed to replenish dry and ageing

skin, this treatment works to plump the

contours of your face, while improving

crepiness, fi ne lines and wrinkles.

The patented formula of amino acids,

antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

nourishes and treats the skin, stimulating

the natural production of more collagen

and elastin. These ingredients also have

the ability to assist in dermal restructuring,

allowing skin redensifi cation and skin

cell regeneration.

The treatment is quick, precise and

effective, taking around 30 minutes.

After just one Beauty Booster treatment,

hydration and nutrients to the skin are

replenished, resulting in more youthful,

glowing skin and fewer creases. Three

treatments spaced two to four weeks apart

are recommended for best outcomes.

The results are subtle and natural looking,

with visibly lighter, smoother and softer skin

that appears to glow from within. Results

should remain for at least 12 months, with

some top-up treatment as required.

You may have bruising and blotchiness

after treatment, which will usually settle

after four days and can be camoufl aged by

suitable makeup. Downtime is reduced

after each subsequent treatment due to the

dermis being repaired.

Beauty Booster is a versatile anti-ageing

all-rounder that can be used on the face,

lower eyelid, forehead, neck, décolletage

and hands to achieve fi rmer, tighter, more

hydrated skin – it’s changing the game for

skin and beauty treatments. CBM



The Beauty Booster treatment

is available in select clinics across

Australia. Visit

or call 1800 633 830. 73








Wu shares

his insight

into treating

Asian skin with

one of the

superstars of


Regen PRP.

Words by erin


74 william

In the past, practitioners were very

hesitant, even nervous, about

treating Asian skin due to the

fear of causing post-inflammatory

hyperpigmentation (PIH) or worse.

However, Platelet Rich Plasma

(PRP) offers a breakthrough in

facial rejuvenation for all skin types,

including Asian skin.

Regenerative medicine is a new

way of thinking. Using your own

blood cells, PRP by RegenLab

is a reliable and effective way to

rejuvenate the appearance and

reverse the signs of ageing on all

skin types.

While there is a range of treatment

modalities out there, Regen PRP is

a little different in that it uses your

body’s own natural resources to

regenerate tissue and blood vessels,

improving skin texture and tone from

within, without looking overdone.

Sydney Dr William Wu from Ciao

Beauty in Sydney’s CBD has been

using Regen PRP in his clinic for

some time and says results have been

impressive, with patients showing

signs of skin tightening and improved

skin texture and tone, with less fine

lines and wrinkles.

Dr Wu says Regen PRP is extremely

popular among his Asian clientele.

“I have had extensive experience

with Regen PRP, treating about

1,400 patients per year, mostly for

Asian clients,” he says.

Asian skin is unique in that it

tends to have a thicker dermal

layer and a higher concentration

of collagen. Asian skin has a more

compact epidermis, and it also tends

to produce more pigmentation.

This excess production of melanin

commonly results in brown spots,

especially at the site of any injury,

which do not resolve easily.

It is therefore essential that Asian

patients choose their anti-ageing

treatments and procedures wisely in

order to achieve the best possible

outcome while reducing potential

complications such as PIH.

“I find that one of the main

advantages of PRP compared with

other anti-ageing treatment options,

such as laser peel and the like, is

the significantly lower incidence of

PIH. This reduced incidence is well

supported by clinical literature.

“My patients also like the fact

that it is a ‘natural’ and autologous

procedure, ie it uses the patient’s

own blood plasma to deliver quality

platelets and growth factors.”

The big buzz

around Regen PRP

There has been an explosive response

to Regen PRP for a reason. It is truly

the first of its kind and is such a

versatile treatment that it extends


well beyond skin rejuvenation (it

has its origins in treating sports

injuries in elite athletes). The

tissue-repairing effects and the growth

factors released by PRP regenerate

tissue like no other.

Regen PRP treatments work on

all three layers of the skin –

epidermal, dermal and subdermal –

so skin appears fresher and younger

with improved quality and texture.

The treatment is backed by a

series of clinical studies that have

shown significant improvement in

skin sagging/firmness, as well as a

plumpness and radiance to the skin.

Regen PRP can work in several

ways, depending on the application

and the target area (it has an

extremely widespread application

and is used for everything from skin

anti-ageing to hair restoration, to

name just a couple).

“In my clinic I mainly use Regen

PRP for overall skin rejuvenation

and more specifically for the

treatment of acne and acne scars.

Regen PRP also appears to have a

skin lightening effect on a lot of my

patients,” says Dr Wu.

“The feedback from my patients has

been excellent, with some claiming

that it is the best treatment they have

ever had for their skin.”

Improvement is usually noticed

in about three weeks, with a series

of two to three treatments generally

required for optimal results.

“Depending on what we are looking

to improve, I suggest repeating the

treatment anywhere between one to

six months. The regeneration and

remodelling of skin tissue actually

continues to improve for up to 12

months after each session.”

So what does the procedure

involve? Generally two small vials

of blood taken, which is placed in a

specialised Regen PRP centrifuge that

separates the platelets from the blood.

This is then put in a syringe and reinjected

into the target areas, little by

little, using a very thin needle.

The whole process is quite quick and

typically involves minimal discomfort.

Any swelling will usually subside

overnight and any bruising disappears

after a few days.

“In my opinion, there are no

other treatment options that match

Regen PRP,” says Dr Wu. “I definitely

think regenerative medicine such

as Regen PRP will be the future of

rejuvenation and will replace a lot

of cosmetic injections we perform

currently.” CBM



Photos courtesy of Dr William Wu



To find a practitioner in your area,

visit 75

n o





We chat with Cosmedic

Professionals about HIFU, a

breakthrough treatment that

is taking the non-surgical

facelift to new heights.


If your face has begun its natural descent into looking

a little saggy, droopy and sad, there is now a range of

treatments that can lift, tighten and contour the skin –

all without surgery.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and plays a

big role in the way others perceive your attractiveness

and healthiness, so it deserves your utmost attention!

As we age, the substances that give skin its firmness and

elasticity – collagen and elastin – decrease and their

functions slow down.

To help target existing damage and to help keep your

skin looking firm and youthful, HIFU (which stands

for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) offers a quick,

effective and no downtime approach to fight back against

the signs of ageing.

“Completely non-invasive, HIFU uses ultrasound energy

to help firm and gradually lift droopy skin tissue for a

natural and more rejuvenated appearance,” says Cosmedic

Professionals clinic owner Rita Porreca.

“From lifting and tightening the sagging skin around

the eyes, cheeks, lower face (jowls), jawline and neck,

HIFU can be used for a range of different skin concerns

to re-contour the face and neck.”

How does it work?

During a HIFU session a handpiece is placed on the

treatment area and then delivers tiny deposits of

focused ultrasound energy below the skin, leading to the

production of fresh, new collagen.

“It works deep below the surface to stimulate the

growth of collagen without harming the outer layer of

skin,” Porreca explains. “This results in long-lasting

firming, tightening and lifting of the skin, giving you a

more youthful and energised appearance after just

one treatment.”

“The length of the treatment will usually depend on the

areas being treated, for example a full-face treatment takes

around 1.5 hours and a partial face or eye lift treatment

take around 45 minutes,” she says.

What can

HIFU do?

Lift and tighten eyes

Lift and firm jowl area

Soften smile lines

Reduce nasolabial folds

Improve appearance of the neck

Body sculpturing

Body contouring

Most patients generally find the treatment quite

comfortable, however comfort levels can vary from patient

to patient. There is minimal downtime involved (if any),

making it the perfect ‘lunch time’ procedure, as you can

return to work or usual activities straight away.

Some improvement is typically seen immediately

and will gradually increase over the next four to six

months after the treatment. These results can be

maintained for several months to a year afterwards,

depending on the degree of lifting and tightening that

is needed.

Suitable candidates have good skin elasticity with

mild to moderate sagging of the face and neck. Patients

who have a thick layer of fat or excessive loose skin in

the target area are not good candidates for this particular

procedure. When used on the right patient, HIFU can

offer significant results in skin tightening and firming.

“Most of us want a tighter, more youthful-looking

complexion, but not everyone is ready to undergo surgery.

Non-surgical anti-ageing treatments are becoming

increasingly popular for people who want to combat the

signs of ageing without going under the knife and also for

those looking to prolong the effects of cosmetic surgery,”

says Porreca.

If turning back the clock is at the top of your to-do list,

or if you want to “stay ahead of the ageing game”, HIFU

could be your treatment solution for natural-looking,

visible results. CBM



8 weeks after HIFU treatment. Photos

courtesy of Heritage Healers Holistic

Skin Care.

Where to get it

Cosmedic Professionals, Five Dock, Sydney NSW

Ph 02 9712 4133 77


What men

A desire for youthful, healthy

skin is no longer considered solely

the domain of females, says

Terri Vinson * , Cosmetic Chemist &

Founder of Synergie Skin.

In 2013 we saw a significant

occurrence when, for the first

time, men spent more cash

on male-specific skincare than on

shaving products. By 2022, the

personal care market for males is

positioned to reach a staggering

US$166 billion globally. This

demographic alone presents a massive

opportunity to the aesthetics industry

of the fastest-growing segments

in personal care. Surprisingly, the

strongest growth in this area is not in

shaving or hair care products but in

male skincare.

When surveyed, men in corporate

positions considered their appearance

to have a bearing in both their

success and longevity in the business

world. Men have also become

increasingly aware of the importance

of protecting their face and body

from solar and pollution damage

to reduce premature ageing and

irreversible skin damage. This

awareness about skin health has seen

an increase in the need for a specific

daily men’s regimen.

Firstly, how does male skin differ

from female’s and why is there a need

to have a distinct product range?

1. Male skin is about 25% thicker

than that of a woman’s. A man’s skin

also thins gradually with age, whereas

the thickness of a woman’s skin

remains constant until about the age

of 50. After menopause, female skin

will thin rapidly. The ageing process

of men starts considerably later but is

also accelerated once it commences.

2. The male dermis has a higher

collagen density than women, making

male skin appear firmer. The collagen

fibres on men form a tighter mesh

and in women they tend to run in a

less dense, more parallel fashion.

This may explain why some women

appear to age faster than men

of the same age under the same

environmental conditions.

3. The male stratum corneum

(outer layer) is 20% thicker than

a woman’s. Thus, male skin barrier

function is slightly better and male

skin tends to be better hydrated

than female skin.

4. Ageing men often exhibit less

fine wrinkling but more deep facial

folds than women. This is related to

higher levels of subcutaneous fat

loss with age in men.

5. Men have larger pores and

produce up to 75% more sebum.

Since men do not enter menopause,

their sebum production remains

the same throughout their life. Due

to the higher sebum levels, acne

and seborrheic dermatitis are more

common in males.

6. Males have more lactic acid in

their sweat, which accounts for a

slightly more acidic acid mantle (.05

lower pH) compared to females.

7. Men have more shaving-related

skin issues, including ingrown hairs

and razor burn. This is possibly due to

the larger pore size.



8. Men have naturally higher

levels of testosterone, which results

in increased collagen production

and blood flow.

So, what do men really want?

Embracing minimalism, style and

straightforward choices is the key to

satisfy the male market. Packaging

must be user-friendly, sophisticated

and contain simple and clear

instructions. Men want a quick

skincare routine and on average spend

less than five minutes on their face.

Today’s man focuses on effective

products created with a clean-science

approach to help them feel confident,

improve their skin health and look

their best. Preferring products to

be multi-tasking, it is imperative

for manufacturers to minimise the

number of steps in the men’s

regimen and highlight the key

ingredients and benefits to ensure

product engagement.

The male skincare routine

primarily focuses on cleansing,

exfoliating scrubs and multifunctional

moisturisers, with a recent growth in

daily sun protective moisturisers, antiageing

serums and eye products.

In their 20s, ageing is not a primary

concern of most young men. This

demographic is looking for products

to address sensitive skin, shaving

irritation, blemishes, blocked pores

and protection against solar and

other environmental stress. Men

in their 30s and beyond are more

concerned with visible ageing and

are seeking ingredients targeting skin

regeneration, fine lines, dryness and

protection against environmental

aggression. They may also choose

anti-ageing products for isolated facial

areas such as the neck and eyes.

There has certainly been a

paradigm shift in the male personal

care culture during the past

decade. The shaving cabinet will

no longer consist of deodorant

and shaving cream as men place

higher significance in their personal

appearance. There is certainly no

turning back from a male-driven

skincare market that is set to grow at

an accelerated rate. Whether male or

female, looking your best every age

has a huge bearing on self-esteem and

indirectly on personal success, and

that is the fundamental basis of using

skincare. Ladies, leave more room in

your bathroom cabinets! CBM

* BSc. DipEd.DipFormChem. ASCC 79




















Cleanse + Peel

Gentle clean, exfoliation and

skin resurfacing

Extract +


Remove debris from pores,

nourish with moisturisers

Fuse + Protect

Saturate the skin with

antioxidants and peptides

Beautiful skin is always in.And

it’s Hydrafacial’s mission to

reveal the best skin ofyour life.

While some celebrity facials can fall

by the wayside, Hydrafacial continues

to go from strength to strength with

its non-surgical, no-downtime skin

resurfacing treatment.

What makes Hydrafacial different?

Well, it’s some clever technology

together with a uniquecombination

of proven treatment modalities rolled

into one that puts the Hydrafacial into

a category of its own. Each treatment

modality builds on the previous step to

create even better results than if it was

applied as a stand-alone treatment.

The treatment starts with a

deep cleansing using the patented

Hydrafacial hydropeel tip and a

specially formulated serum. After the

cleansing a mild skin peel is applied

to soften the pores in preparation

for Hydrafacial’s ‘Vortex extraction’

that effectively vacuums your pores

clean. This leaves the skin ready to

be saturated with vital nutrients like

antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic

acid in the final stage of treatment,

and the skin absorbs more of the

antioxidants than it would if they

were topically applied as a cream. The

result is a comprehensive rejuvenation

without any one step being overly

aggressive on the skin.

As well as creating outstanding

results, the multi-stage process also

makes the treatment faster than

a regular advanced facial. The

whole treatment takes less than 30

minutes to deliver instant noticeable

improvement in skin tone and

texture, making Hydrafacial a perfect

way to fit professional skincare into a

jam-packed modern lifestyle.

want proof

hydrafacial is


While other treatments might leave

you thinking you have cleaner

skin, Hydrafacial delivers hard-core

evidence. A surprisingly fascinating

feature of the Hydrafacial is the waste

jar that collects the excess serums,

impurities and debris that is drawn

from the skin – often with the core of

blackheads intact.

Dan O’Donnell, Marketing

Manager of High Tech Medical, the

distributor of Hydrafacial in Australia,

says: “Many patients are amazed by

what Hydrafacial can draw out of

their skin. It provides a tangible way

for patients to see just how deeply

Hydrafacial cleanses their skin. Many

who feel they have a good home

skincare regime are often surprised

by how much extra Hydrafacial can

cleanse from their skin.”

And while women have been the

typical devotees, men are increasingly

attracted to the ease in which

Hydrafacial can achieve results.

“Men are realising the value of

good skin health but they often

don’t want to spend a lot of time on

skincare. They want a result with the

minimum amount of effort. From that

perspective, Hydrafacial is a perfect

treatment,”says O’Donnell.

“One of our Queensland clinics

was seeing a significant number of

miners coming in for Hydrafacial

after their fly-in, fly-out work. They

would often come back from the mine

with severely congested pores and

Hydrafacial was proving to be a fast

and effective way to get their skin

back in shape as quickly as possible.”

the final word

Hydrafacial is a fast, efficient

treatment with zero downtime. The

amazing results are both instant

and long lasting, delivering an

improvement in the overall look,

feel and function of your skin.

After just one treatment you

will see a noticeable improvement

in your skin immediately and in

the days following the treatment.

With ongoing treatments, you will

see intensely improved hydration,

minimised dark spots and reduced

appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydrafacial is a game-changing

skin rejuvenation treatment – fast

becoming the go-to skin treatment for

all skin types. CBM

Is HydraFacial


for me?

Yes! Hydrafacial is for

everyone, addressing:

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Elasticity and firmness

• Even tone and vibrancy

• Skin texture

• Brown spots

• Oily and congested skin



To find a HydraFacial practitioner in

your area, visit 81

Say hello

to the


DNA Renewal

Boasting sleek new packaging, DNA Renewal is continuing to

deliver the best in skincare, while looking better than ever.

As the buzz around DNA repair

and its age-reversing effects

continues to rise, skincare

giant DNA Renewal has undergone

a makeover, re-designing the bestselling

range for a sleeker look and

more practical packaging to better

reflect the innovative products.

Developed by LA-based scientist,

researcher and dermatologist

Dr Ronald L. Moy, the highperformance

skincare range remains

the same on the inside; it’s just the

outside that has changed, boasting

a more contemporary look, as well

as making the products more user

friendly with a flat base.

Featuring the highest level of

active ingredients for proven clinical

results, the skincare line was originally

created in order to help reverse

pre-cancers in patients with severely

sun-damaged skin.

DNA Renewal skincare range

is based on Dr Moy’s life’s work

dedicated to understanding the

impact of photodamage on skin health

and ageing. As a dermatologist, skin

cancer specialist and cosmetic surgeon

in LA for over 20 years, Dr Moy was

seeing firsthand the continual rise in

skin cancer rates. As well as treating

more patients with skin cancer, he was

also seeing more sun-related wrinkles

and pigmentation. This triggered his

investigation into the role of DNA

repair enzymes.

“People, especially in Beverly Hills,

were spending tons of money on

skincare products with no scientific

integrity so the combined frustration

of those two elements along with the

results I saw in DNA repair enzyme

research led me to realise I could help

my patients immediately. This led me

to starting my own skincare line.”

Why you need to

know about DNA


DNA Renewal works to effectively

repair photo-damaged ageing skin,

using high concentrations of DNA

repair enzymes and growth factors

to promote healthier, more youthful

skin. DNA repair enzymes work by

seeking out damaged DNA from

UV damage, pollutants and ageing

and patching the rest of the DNA

back together. Aesthetically, this

means less brown spots, wrinkles and

dullness since those all tend to be

signs of DNA damage.

“Finally we have something

that promotes skin health besides

sunscreen. I think it’s clear the

aesthetic industry needs ingredients

that can actually yield scientific

results, and DNA repair enzymes are

filling this gap,” says Dr Moy. CBM



The DNA Renewal range

Each product within the comprehensive DNA Renewal skincare range is concentrated with powerful

DNA repair enzymes and growth factors to effectively repair photo-damaged, ageing skin.


One of the range’s cult products,

this powerful anti-ageing serum

helps counter environmental

damage and contains the highest

concentration of DNA repair

enzymes to restore moisture levels

and improve the appearance of fine

lines and wrinkles. RRP $157.50


Targeting dark circles, thinning

skin, puffiness, fine lines and other

signs of ageing and damage

around the delicate eye area,

DNA Eye Renewal contains a

high concentration of DNA repair

enzymes to promote cell restoration

and counter photodamage caused

by environmental stress. Regular

use improves sagging skin around

the eyes and results in a brighter,

smoother eye area. RRP $109


This deeply hydrating formula helps

repair cell damage and restore a

more youthful appearance while you

sleep. With a high concentration

of DNA repair enzymes, peptides

and botanical actives, DNA Night

Renewal works to reduce fine lines,

wrinkles and photodamage, helping

to prevent skin thinning, age spots

and wrinkles. RRP $165



Gentle enough for all skin types, the

DNA Foaming Gel Cleanser deeply

cleanses and exfoliates the skin to

reveal a brighter, smoother and more

radiant complexion. The formula

contains a non-irritating amino acid

glycolic complex that stimulates cell

turnover. RRP $39


A serum that helps correct ageing

and photodamage, it also improves

the appearance of thinning, bruised

and aged skin and helps to reduce

the appearance of pores, fine lines,

wrinkles and pigmentation. The

formula harnesses the power of

growth factors to help trigger skin cell

restoration and renewal. RRP $192


This specialised serum supports the

skin’s natural healing process and

helps reduce the appearance of

recent scars from minor burns, cuts

or surgery. The formula moisturises

the skin, so scars appear smoother

and less noticeable. RRP $66


A face mask that delivers instant

hydration to improve the texture and

appearance of the skin, minimising

the look of fine lines and protecting

the skin, without any irritation. The

formula helps diminish dullness and

boost cellular renewal for a glowing,

refreshed complexion. RRP $89


This all-in-one moisturiser with

sun protection helps reverse sun

damage and protect the skin against

photodamage. The fast-absorbing,

non-greasy formula also contains

antioxidants and vitamins to defend

against free radicals. Available

as Light, Medium or Non-Tinted.

RRP $98/$109


This lip treatment combines allnatural

beeswax with DNA repair

enzymes to deliver instant hydration,

moisturising and repairing dry and

chapped lips while helping to

reduce sun damage. RRP $19.90


All you need in a skincare system

to cleanse, moisturise and repair skin

and help prevent the visible signs

of ageing. This coveted skincare

set contains DNA Foaming Gel

Cleanser, DNA Intensive Renewal,

DNA Eye Renewal, DNA Night

Renewal and DNA Regeneration

Serum. Used together, the products

deliver clearer, firmer and brighter

skin. RRP $580



DNA Renewal is available at select skin

clinics across Australia. For stockists,

visit www.advancedcosmeceuticals. or call 1800 242 011. 83




We shine the spotlight on the anti-ageing

heavyweights that work to fight the signs of

premature ageing. Words by erin docherty

Skin health is

a vital part of

the anti-ageing

equation. Our

bodies, including

our skin, age in two

ways: intrinsically


determined) and extrinsically (due to

environmental factors).

Anti-ageing is skin deep and

while we’re yet to find a way to stop

chronological ageing, there are ways

to slow down the outward effects of

environmental damage.

Research shows that ageing of

the skin is accelerated by the loss of

light-sensitive vitamins destroyed by

the sun, stress and pollution. We all

know the drill – exercise well, drinks

lots of water, eat a colourful diet rich

in fruits and vegetables, stress less and

always use sun protection in order to

help prevent environmental damage.

While it’s true there’s no magic bullet

when it comes to perfecting skin,

there are a string of important and

highly efficacious ingredients that

come pretty close.

Topical skincare is serious business.

With the right ingredients and the

right formulations, clinical-grade

skincare can make a significant

difference in delaying the effects

of ageing and promoting healthier

and younger looking skin.

Skincare is never as simple as

using any one ingredient. Instead,

our skincare routine should contain

a range of beneficial ingredients,

including antioxidants, skin-restoring

ingredients and skin-signalling

ingredients. Having a bank of

options on hand can help tackle just

about any complexion imperfection.

Our skincare heroes include a

regimen of retinol, DNA repair,

Vitamin B and Vitamin C, plus

sunscreen. Proven by science, these

age-defying marvels will improve the

condition of the complexion and help

make our skin look younger function

more optimally.

However, before you decide to

amp up the volume on your skincare,

it’s always best to speak to a clinic

professional, as they can suggest the

best treatments and products for your

skin type and requirements.

Dermal therapist Vita Catanzariti,

dubbed “The Skin Whisperer”, from

Coastal Plastic Surgery & Medi Spa

on the Central Coast of NSW works

with a combination of treatments

to improve skin health and fight the

signs of ageing.

“I take a long-term approach to

looking after my clients, as there is

no quick fix for healthy skin. It takes

a balance of clinical skincare and

in-clinic treatments tailored to each

individual, along with a good diet and

lifestyle. It’s never too late to develop

good skincare habits,” she says.

“Having a combination of effective

ingredients and in-clinic treatments

will leave your skin looking radiant

and healthy. Serums that contain

antioxidants and active ingredients

will help to restore and protect your

skin, working to repair free radical

damage and fight the signs of ageing,”

Catanzariti explains.

“In terms of in-clinic treatments,

my top picks include LED treatments

(for firmer, brighter skin), IPL photo

rejuvenation (to remove brown

spots and pigmentation), superficial

peels (for smoother skin and

increased collagen production) and

hydrabrasion treatments (to boost

skin clarity). Remember, your skin

is an indication of your health, so

taking the right steps to look after it

will help you look (and feel) younger

and healthier. 85



5. 6.




While a new buzzword grips seems

to grip the beauty world every week

(particularly in anti-ageing), one

ingredient that has stood the test of

time is Vitamin A.

This anti-ageing powerhouse has

many important functions in the

body and it plays a large role in

the development of healthy tissue,

including all parts of the skin.

Retinoids (including retinol)

are the best-known derivatives of

Vitamin A. They act as antioxidants

and neutralise the free radicals

that result from exposure to light.

A proven method to increase the

thickness of the dermis (the deeper

layer of the skin where wrinkles

form), they help the skin to appear

and function younger and healthier.

“Vitamin A is essential for virtually

every skin condition. Retinoids

currently treat over 125 skin

conditions. This cosmeceutical can

be likened to the skin’s thermostat

as it can restore balance to the skin,”

says founder and cosmetic chemist at

Synergie Skin, Terri Vinson.

“Vitamin A achieves this by

normalising cell turnover to produce

a more compact, youthful skin surface.

Its benefits are numerous, including:

reducing epidermal inflammation;

reversing photoageing by repairing

DNA solar-induced damage;

preserving and stimulating collagen

by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks

down collagen and stimulating the

cells that create collagen; regulating

oil production by binding to the

oil gland receptors and normalising

the growth of the cells that produce

sebum; and addressing pigmentation to

normalise skin discolouration.”

Retinol is the most effective

cosmeceutical form of Vitamin A

that everyone can benefit from. It is

extremely effective and widely used

in topical anti-ageing solutions. It

works to reduce many visible signs

of skin ageing, especially fine lines

and wrinkles, and encourages better

cell turnover in the upper layers. In

layman’s terms, this means surface

cells are sloughed off evenly, in

addition to reversing the damaging

effects of UV light on the skin cells,

which result in hyperpigmentation.

Research has also shown that

the use of retinol on the skin

can create new collagen, blood

vessels and capillary formation.

Dramatic improvements have also

been observed in regard to skin

smoothness, evening of skin tones

and overall skin rejuvenation. Retinol

also plays a major role in conditioning

the skin prior to many cosmetic

procedures such as facial surgery, laser

resurfacing and chemical peels, as

well as a tool in treating acne.

So, how much retinol is best? It’s

no secret that a common side effect

after starting topical Vitamin A

treatment is temporary redness and

irritation. If you’re new to retinoids,

it’s best to start slow and apply every

few days, gradually building to once

a day.

It also goes without saying that

stabilised high-concentration retinol

formulations will be more effective

than run-of-the-mill products, but

will also typically be more irritating

to the skin to begin with. Thankfully,

any irritation at all may be a thing

of the past. Manufacturers are now

developing different optimum forms

of Vitamin A which are less irritating,

if at all.



We recommend

1. Synergie Skin Ultimate A, $129

2. PCA Skin Retinol Renewal with

restorAtive Complex, $150

3. Skinstitut Retinol Serum, $30.15

4. Image Skincare Ageless Total

Overnight Retinol Masque, $115

5. asap Super A+ Serum with Retinol, $89

6. Obagi 360 Retinol 1.0, $79.95

7. SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 Maximum

Strength Refining Night Cream, $127

8. L’unico Regenerative Neuropeptide

Night Formula, $340

9. MEDIK8 Retinyl Retinoate Youth

Activating Cream (r-Retinoate), $298

10. Ultraceuticals Ultra MD Ultimate A²

Anti-Ageing Serum, $179

11. Dermalogica AGE Smart Overnight

Retinol Repair 1% & Buffer Cream, $148

12. Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion

PM Night Serum 1.5%, $82

13. Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert

Rides Retinage Filler Serum, $184







8. 87







The most important thing you can

do for your skin is wear sunblock.

The sun is responsible for 90% of

premature skin ageing, so wearing

a broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunblock

to protect the skin against damaging

UVA and UVB rays when you’re out

and about is essential.

“Whilst Vitamins A and B are the

go-to cosmeceuticals for all skin

types, the most important antiageing

ingredient is zinc oxide.

This ingredient provides primary

protection against the harmful

effects of solar damage, including

UVA, UVB and Infrared (IR) rays.

Solar radiation is the number-one

cause of environmental ageing,”

Vinson explains.

“Zinc oxide in the form of

moisturisers or mineral makeup with

at least 20% zinc oxide is the first

line of defence against free radical

damage, developing fine lines and

uneven skin tone. My preference

is to use mineral (inorganic) solar

protection in the form of zinc oxide

as there are generally less side

effects compared with many chemical

sunscreens currently on the market.

Solar protection is the number-one

anti-ageing ingredient.”







DNA repair enzymes are one of the

most exciting skincare ingredients

to date. Born out of Nobel Prizewinning

research, which was based

on an even deeper understanding of

how our skin works, this innovative

ingredient harnesses the power to

repair skin damage.

Every day our DNA is damaged

by UV radiation, free radicals and

pollution. Until now, we’ve been

solely relying on SPF to protect our

skin, along with antioxidants to

reduce the effects of ageing. However,

a good sunblock is only half the

battle – research has shown that sun

damage continues for up to three

hours after exposure.

What’s more, no matter how much

SPF you wear every day, you cannot

undo previous years of sun damage –

and this is the kind of damage that not

only leads to ageing but can also lead

to skin cancer. While sun protection

is always essential in preventing

skin damage, the discovery of DNA

enzymes means for the first time we

can repair the damage of UV exposure,

past and present.

Beverly Hills-based scientist,

researcher, dermatologist and

cosmetic doctor, Dr Ronald L. Moy,

has dedicated his life’s work to

understanding the impact of photo

damage. Dr Moy formulated DNA

Renewal products in order to help

repair and reverse signs of ageing

and improve overall skin health with

effective and clean ingredients.

“UV damage is the most common

cause of premature ageing – in fact

90% of overall ageing is caused by

UV damage. This happens because

UV rays damage the skin’s DNA.

Our body’s natural defence are DNA

repair enzymes but the amount of

DNA repair enzymes we have in our

arsenal start to signifi cantly decline

at around 30 years old,” says Dr

Moy. “Other factors like smoking

or pollution can also accelerate

DNA damage and therefore cause

premature ageing.”

Dr Moy suggests that by

introducing an active DNA repair

enzyme cream into your skincare

you can introduce repair enzymes

within the skin that will support

new cell turnover and encourage the

elimination of DNA damage.

“Supplementing your natural supply

of DNA repair enzymes with DNA

repair enzyme creams would be a way

to help prevent and protect your skin

from premature ageing.”

DNA repair enzymes work to

pull out damaged DNA from UV

damage, pollutants and ageing and

‘patch’ the rest of the DNA back

together. This leads to healthier, less

damaged skin, which aesthetically

means less brown spots, wrinkles and

dullness since those all tend to be

signs of DNA damage.

“I recommend DNA repair enzyme

creams like the ones in the DNA

Renewal range to patients of all

ages. It’s especially important for

people who are predisposed to skin

cancer (those who are fair skinned or

have a history of skin cancer in the

family) or spend a lot of time in the

sun. Your body is constantly using

DNA repair enzymes to fi ght any

sunburns or pollutants, for example,

so supplementing them early on will

help speed healing and give your body

a better overall defence.”


1. Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple

Action Protector with DNA

Enzyme Complex + Antioxidants +

Sunscreens, $107

2. DNA Renewal DNA Intensive

Renewal, $157.50

3. asap DNA Renewal Treatment

with Telomere Protection, $129

4. Biopelle Tensage Stem

Cell Cream, $259


Urbane Renewal Triple-Action Antioxidant

Serum, $141.38


5. 89


Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a wonder vitamin because it’s

so versatile. Not only does it perform so

many benefi cial functions for the skin on

its own but it complements other skincare

ingredients to boost their anti-ageing power.

The Vitamin B group called B3, or

niacinamide, is easily absorbed into the

deeper layers of the skin and works to

improve the skin’s hydration levels as well as

to prevent the formation of dark spots and

hyperpigmentation. It’s benefi cial for people

with dry or sensitive skin, and some studies

support its benefi ts for reducing rosacea.

Vitamin B3 assists in the reduction of

uneven pigmentation by slowing down the

transfer of melanin to the skin’s epidermis.

Including this super-powered ingredient into

any hyperpigmentation treatment plan is

therefore essential.

“Vitamin B3 is deemed the ‘multi-tasker’

and I believe this cosmeceutical is even more

versatile than the antioxidant Vitamin C,”

says Vinson. “All of us can benefi t from using

Vitamin B3. Benefi ts include increasing the

natural deep hydration levels in the skin

through increasing ceramide production;

improving the strength of the skin by

increasing production of skin barrier proteins

including keratin; improving skin fi rmness

and reducing the appearance of fi ne lines by

increasing collagen production; improving

the immune function of the skin; reducing

excess oil production; and reducing uneven

skin tone and pigmentation.”

“The best way to maximise the absorption

of both Vitamin B3 and retinol are by

using an at-home needling device. This

signifi cantly increases absorption of the

ingredients through the outer layers and

to effectively target the cells for optimal

results. Using the ingredients at the correct

time and with compatible ingredients can

also enhance results. For example, retinol

and niacinamide are both best used in the

evening and should not be used at the same

time as acidic products such as AHAs, BHAs

and L ascorbic acid,” says Vinson.



1. Aspect Extreme B 17

Niacinamide Serum, $129

2. Ultraceuticals Ultra B2

Hydrating Serum, $85

3. asap Super B Complex with

Niacinamide, $95

4. O Cosmedics O-Biotics

B3 Plus, $119

5. Synergie Skin Vitamin B, $115







Vitamin C

An anti-ageing workhorse, Vitamin C is

the proven ingredient for creating a brighter

complexion and evening out skin tone, while

diminishing the appearance of fi ne lines

and wrinkles.

When added to your daily routine, Vitamin

C provides a range of benefi ts, from evening out

your skin tone, shielding skin from the visible

impacts of pollution, signifi cantly improving

hydration, and keeping your skin looking

younger, for longer.

Of the many benefi cial forms of Vitamin C,

ascorbic acid is a star for its proven antioxidant

properties that boost the texture and tone of

the skin. This unique ingredient is backed by

research for dramatically brightening skin for

a more youthful-looking complexion.

No matter what your skin type or anti-ageing

concern, Vitamin C should have a fi rm place

in your skincare routine. It’s an easy fi x for

combating lackluster skin thanks to its ability to

regenerate and renew skin cells and to inhibit

the production of melanin (the chemical that

creates pigmentation). It also plays an important

role in the anti-ageing process – fi ghting free

radicals, fading dark spots, and promoting the

production of collagen, which helps scarred and

damaged skin to heal faster. CBM




1. mesoestetic Energy C

Complex, $116.70


2. Ultraceuticals Ultra C23+ Firming

Concentrate with Microelastin &

MicroCollagen Peptides, $138




3. Société Triple C Serum

Vitamin Therapy Serum, $172

4. L’unico High Potency 30%

Vitamin C Serum, $100

5. asap Super C Serum

20% L-ascorbic acid, $89

6. Obagi Professional-C

Serum 20%, $99.95


7. Aspect Dr Active C Serum

Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum, $129 91


Skincare just

got serious

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals is a new skincare range with

resilient hyaluronic acid for next-level results.

dermal fillers meet

skincare in Teoxane

Cosmeceuticals, a

new and innovative

skincare line that is

reinventing the way we treat the

skin. Developed in Teoxane’s Swiss

laboratory in partnership with

board-certified skincare experts,

the products contain patented

resilient hyaluronic acid (RHA)

technology, the same technology

used in the company’s prestigious

dermal filler range.

“All our clients who try the

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals range

are so impressed by the quality

and feel of the products that they

become loyal repeat customers of

the products,” says Perth cosmetic

surgeon Dr Andrew Clark. “In

particular, the RHA serum is our

go-to product for any patient

with dry skin and fine lines. The

plumping and smoothing effect is

powerful and rapid.”

With a host of unique benefits,

the Teoxane Cosmeceuticals

skincare range offers an excellent

anti-ageing at-home skincare range,

as well as helping to prep, hydrate

and protect skin before and after

cosmetic rejuvenation. Dr Clark

recommends use of the range before

and after all cosmetic procedures.

“Before all our treatments, we

use the RHA Micellar solution,”

he says. “Its ability to quickly

and comfortably remove makeup

is unmatched. And the feel and

aroma of the product is so appealing

that patients want to learn more

about the range. After any injection

treatments it is normal for the skin

to be quite red and inflamed. We

use the Teoxane Post-Procedure

Soothing Fluid, which rapidly

settles any redness. This means

patients experience less downtime

and see results sooner.”

The range helps restore

suppleness and hydration to the

skin and reduce the most common

signs of ageing. Offering a high

concentration of active ingredients,

it effectively allows products to

penetrate deeper into the skin,

where collagen, elastin and

cellular activity takes place. This

can lead to more noticeable

visible changes to the skin than

conventional cosmetic products

and lead to longer-term benefits

to the skin. CBM

Why is RHA


The resilient hyaluronic acid (RHA)

found in Teoxane Cosmeceuticals

works to form a moisture-rich

protective barrier. The RHA builds a

“mesh” that traps in moisture and

allows active ingredients to gradually

be released. This means the skin can

receive continuous nourishment, day

and night. This “hydration net” helps

skin to function at optimal levels

and promote re-densification of the

skin layers.

As the RHA is gradually absorbed

by the skin, it goes to work alongside

a range of antioxidants, vitamins,

minerals and amino acids to help

blur away the signs of ageing and

reduce fine lines and age spots,

smooth skin tone and texture, and

enhance skin suppleness.

Another key ingredient is NovHyal,

formulated to rejuvenate the skin

and improve its ability to block

environmental pollutants. NovHyal

promotes the production of the

body’s own essential building blocks

of the skin and support structures.






Prep Cleansing Solution


Regenerative Skin



Ultra Comfort Soothing Balm


Vitamin C Skin Perfector



Anti-Wrinkle Cream for

normal-combination & dry skin

advanced perfecting


Pro-Structure Complexion

Perfecting Cream


RHA Advanced Eye Contour

Suitable for Sensitive Skin



The Teoxane Cosmeceuticals range

is available in select clinics or

online at

Call 1800 633 830 for more information. 93







The L’unico luxury

skincare range

represents a new era

in skincare, merging

concentrated organic

extracts with powerful biological

formulas. Lunico’s difference is in its

unique ingredient composition and

highly customised formulations.

Users have reported a noticeable

improvement in skin tone and

texture from day one of use,

describing their skin as appearing

more hydrated and luminescent,

with a healthy glow.

The range uses advanced

variations of peptides to act as a

signal to skin cells to make new

collagen, improve wrinkles and

fi rmness and reduce pigmentation.

The ingredients are nano-sized to

allow penetration into the deeper

layers of the skin, and all products

have an aqueous base with a

minimal use of 0.1% natural oils or

plant extract, meaning the formula

can be instantly absorbed.



Fifteen years ago, Magdy Sedrak, an

Australian compounding chemist

with a particular interest in skin

biology and hand-formulated bespoke

skincare solutions, challenged himself

to create a highly effective universal

skincare range safe to use on all

skin types that offered quick and

noticeable results.

“L’unico Laboratory believes in

using science to tap the unlimited

potential of nature, utilising

high-end ingredients,” says Sedrak.

“These include European and

American engineered peptides and

organic extracts known for their

power in combating the signs of

ageing skin. Instantly absorbed, the

products leave no residue and work

to ensure healthy, balanced and

glowing skin.”


Every base in the range includes

cross-linked hyaluronic acid. L’unico

products offer a form that has an

ultra-low molecular weight, allowing

it to be absorbed into the dermis. All

L’unico bases also contain Vitamin E,

a powerful antioxidant that fi ghts the

free radicals that damage collagen and

cause wrinkles and dryness.



to get it

For enquiries, call 02 8544 8008,


or visit

The result is a combination of

the best of science and nature

to create a skincare range that

helps rebuild the skin, noticeably

improving the appearance of fine

lines and wrinkles, skin tone

and texture for a smoother, more

hydrated and glowing complexion.

It’s not just the quality of

ingredients or the efficacious

base of the formulations – L’unico

products are housed in 100%

light-resistant packaging to

guarantee stability and to protect

against oxidation and deterioration

by light, meaning the potency

of the products remains intact

for longer.

Importantly, none of the products

contain any phthalates, sulphates,

parabens, glycols or lanolin and

are not tested on animals.

With L’unico, your skincare

investment is worth every cent.

It’s a comprehensive, meticulously

formulated new range for beautiful,

silky smooth skin. CBM

The lust list

Youth Essence Day Cream

This everyday staple is formulated

to deliver optimal skin moisture

levels, with added benefits of

improved skin tone, elasticity and

density. It also helps mitigate the

damaging effects of UV exposure.

RRP $240 (50ml)

Regenerative Neuropeptide

Night Formula

Containing micro-encapsulated

retinol (Vitamin A), this night

cream helps reverse chronological

skin ageing markers, reducing

expression wrinkles, boosting

keratin, protein and collagen

while helping to minimise photo

damage. RRP $340 (50ml)

High Potency 30%

Vitamin C Serum

A highly stable form of Vitamin

C, this anti-ageing serum

has superior absorption and

skin penetration. It enhances

collagen and elastin synthesis

(both necessary to restore loss

of hydration and density) and

encourages antioxidant activity

to help provide UV protection.

RRP $160 (30ml), $100 (15ml)

Facial Cosmeceutical Cleanser

This gentle cleanser is formulated

with fortifying actives, including

Vitamins A, C and E, to nourish

and rejuvenate the skin while

cleansing. RRP $70 (250ml)

Facial Protective Toner

A non-drying protective toner that

helps restore the skin’s natural pH

balance. It works to reduce pore

size and improve skin firmness and

hydration. RRP $80 (250ml)


Neuropeptide Firming

Eye Therapy

This nourishing eye serum

decreases puffiness around the

eye area while helping to improve

skin elasticity. The innovative

nanosized hydrolysed elastin,

combined with the benefits of

peptides, helps to restore and

correct the delicate skin around

the eyes. RRP $160 (30ml)

Intensive Hydrating Mask

With instant moisturising and

hydrating effects, this mask

provides a radiant glow as

it delivers rich nutrients and

antioxidant protection. It helps

reduce surface imperfections such

as fine lines, enlarged pores and

discolouration, while the emollient

benefits help to increase skin

elasticity. RRP $150 (250g)

Phyto Fruit AHA Micro Peels

This at-home peel, which comes in

levels for fair, olive and dark skin,

uses individual-use pads soaked

in fruit acids to gently exfoliate

the outermost dead layer of the

skin, exposing new skin with fewer

imperfections and diminishing

the look of fine lines. Performed

once a week, this non-irritating

peel treatment is an attractive

alternative to prescription topicals

or more aggressive in-clinic skin

procedures. RRP $90 (118ml)

L’unico Essential Beauty Pack

The perfect anti-ageing starter

kit, it contains a full size of each of

L’unico’s four best-selling products

– Youth Essence Day Cream,

Regenerative Neuropeptide Night

Formula, Neuropeptide Firming

Eye Therapy and High Potency

30% Vitamin C Serum. RRP $350 95


How your


can make

you look


keep your face on trend with these handy tips on

how to keep your face framers looking schmick

and youthful. Words by erin docherty



In case you haven’t noticed, brows have been

‘the in thing’ for the past few years. While we’ve

all heard how different brows are suited to

different face shapes, what about using your brows

to appear younger?

Brow artist Amy Jean from Amy Jean Eye

Couture says, “Beautifully defined brows are an

instant, non-invasive way to turn back the clock.

The confidence boost from a brow makeover is

unrivalled: perfectly symmetrical arches don’t

just frame and lift the face, they put a youthful

spring in your step. It’s like watching a caterpillar

transform into a butterfly.” 97

B eauty

Don’t think


The craze of the bold brow is way

much more than just liking the way

they look. Thick, bold brows are

actually a sign of youth. Just like

thinning hair on your head, spare,

thin brows are a sign of that lessthan-desirable

aspect of the

ageing process.

“Thin brows can tend to make you

look older, and can give a harsh or

unflattering look to any face,” says

Ursula Cervellone from Feather Brow

Couture. “Making sure your brows

have more depth and thickness than

a thin pencil line will help any face

appear younger. Soft baby strokes

appear far more natural than a

bold swipe.”

Mind the gap

Did you know that where your brow

starts can make your nose look either

too thin or too thick?

“Make sure your brows are not

too far apart as they can make the

width and length of your nose appear

larger,” says Cervellone. “With age we

do not want to draw more attention

to an area; we want to keep the face

as harmonious as possible.”

“The gap between your brows

should be the same width as your

nose point; anything bigger than this

will also make your face look out of

proportion. You can use your brows to

also create an illusion that your nose

is smaller by starting them a little

closer together (not too close though

as it can make you angry!).”

The starting point is different

on everyone, so always have a

professional determine where yours is

to ensure optimal brow appeal.

Keep your


Shape up because a gradual definition

to your arch (the brow’s highest

point) can make you appear more

youthful and awake.

“Keeping the natural curves of

your brows is important, though your

natural brow height and angle of

the curve will determine the right

shape,” says Cervellone. “To look

more youthful keep your brow more a

gradual higher arches and lifting

the tail height will lift and open

your eyes.”

“As we age we seem to lose more

brow hairs and they are more sporadic

so it becomes a lot harder to get our

desired brow shape without having

to add to it. Our natural brows also

drop lower as we age due to muscle,

fat and bone atrophy, and loss of

collagen, making you look tired or sad

so it’s important to bring your brows a

little higher to give your eyes a more

youthful appearance.”



B eauty








1. Benefit Brow Zings Total Taming

& Shaping Kit for Brows, $55




2. Napoleon Perdis Wand-er Brow

Gel Eyebrow Wand, $29


3. Clinique Just Browsing

Brush-On Styling Mousse, $32

4. Clinique Superfine

Liner for Brows, $32

5. Napoleon Perdis

Couture Brow Kit, $49

6. Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil, $42

7. Benefit Grooming

Tweezer & Brush, $35


8. UBU Tweeze Louise

Combo Tip Tweezers, $8





9. Sisley Paris So Intense Mascara, $75

10. Sisley Paris So Intense Eyeliner, $78

10. 99

B eauty

The end


It’s a sin to shorten beautiful,

long eyebrows! Unless the tails of

your eyebrows are dipping too far

below, leave the length alone!

Ends should be tapered to a clean

point for a sharp, clean finish.

Eyebrows that fall short can age

your face, especially since the ends

thin as we get older.

“The end of your brows should

finish sharp and streamlined,” says

Cervellone. “A thick sudden end to

a brow will appear too heavy on the

face. It’s important to make sure that

your brow is not the same thickness

and boldness throughout the

whole brow, rather it should have a

nice gradual flow.”

Talk to the


If you aren’t too sure about the

best shape for your brows, it’s best to

get them shaped by a professional.

Eyebrow shaping can really change

the look of your face, and eyebrow

experts know what look is best

for your face shape, plus your brows

will be way easier to maintain

after this.

“If you have lighter brow hairs

or greys, getting your brows tinted

is great for a boost of colour and

definition,” says Cervellone.

If you have quite thin or low brows

and you do not want to apply brow

filler every single day, try considering

cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. There

are a variety of different methods

to achieve the perfect long-lasting

eyebrows, such as feathering, shading,

hair strokes, soft tap and blading.

“Blading, soft tap and featuring all

refer to a similar method for eyebrow

tattooing, performed with a hand

tool,” says Rita Porreca, founder of

Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre.

“Using a thin blade, a pattern is

applied to the brows and ink is

applied over the top to create a very

natural look.”

Porreca takes a combined approach

to achieve best-in-class results for her

clients, blending the blading method

with the permanent machine method

to achieve a long-lasting, natural

look. “That way you can achieve the

natural, softer look of blading while

enjoying the longevity of the machine

method,” she says.

And if you think the brow

revolution has reached its peak,

think again. New treatments to make

brow shaping and colouring more

personalised than ever are coming

up thick and fast.

“I’m about to introduce two new

custom brow treatments: Mist Brows

and Henna Brows,” says pioneer

Amy Jean. “These techniques are a

total game-changer in tailoring to

individual tastes and trends. Mist

Brows creates an incredible naturallooking

ombre effect, while those

with sensitive skin now have a dyefree,

plant-based option with Henna

Brows.” Watch this space! CBM












ot everyone is born with a perfect set

of peepers. If you feel your eyes could do

with a little optical illusion, we live in an

age where the possibilities for makeup are

endless. With a few expert techniques and

products, a steady hand can create ways to

really make your eyes pop – no matter what

Nyour limitations may be.


If your eyes are set less than an eye’s width apart,

create the illusion of wider set eyes by keeping the

inside corners light and the outer edges darker.

Apply a concealer one shade lighter than your

skin at the inner corner of the lids. Blend well

and don’t neglect the shadowy areas either side of

your nose. Take a matte eyeshadow and sweep it

outward and slightly upward from the middle part

of your lid to the outer half of your lid. Begin a

line with eyeliner a little in from the inner corner

of your eye, tapering the line up and out and

slightly past the outer corner of the eyes. 101


Too downturned?

Give down-turned eyes a lift with

a cat eye. Apply shadow to the

outer corner of the lid, extending

colour up and out with a feline

flick. Skip the eyeliner and add a

light highlighter on the brow bone.

Apply mascara, concentrating on

the inner corner of the eye, and

smudge a light shadow in the

inner corners of the eyes to give

them a lift.

kate moss

taylor swift

blake lively

Too far apart?

Emphasising the inner corner

of your eyes will make them

look closer together. Sweep a

light shadow over the whole

eye area. Then dust a medium

shade on the inner half of the

eyelid and blend outward

to create a natural finish.

Lastly, line from the inner

corner of the eye to the middle

and blend outward.

Too small?

Making eyes larger is made

easy by utilising light shades,

as dark shadows will make eyes

appear even smaller. Sweep a

light shadow over the entire

lid, then use a slightly darker

hue to shade the outer corner

of the lid and the crease. Line

the outer upper and lower lids

with eyeliner making sure to

venture a bit outside the eye

to create the illusion of more

space. Lastly, a dab of white or

cream shadow along the brow

bone, just below the brow, will

make eyes pop.


hooded lids?

Open up heavy lids by

applying a light-toned shade

across the whole lid to

highlight what visible lid space

you have. Then add a darker

shade in the crease, sweeping

upwards and outwards to help

add depth. Use a smudge-proof

eyeliner to line the upper

lash lines, ensuring the line is

very fine and kept close to the

natural lash line.

Also check out Lids By

Design, temporary transparent

strips you apply to the crease

of your eyelid to create a

“scaffolding” for sagging eyelid

skin and give the appearance

of an instant eye lift!


fixes for



Eyelash extensions can answer your

beauty woes, opening up your eyes and

negating the need for mascara.

A white highlighter shadow is your

best friend – apply a little to the inner

corner of your eyes. Alternatively, white

eyeliner performs a similar function to

brighten and whiten.

Dot a shadow concealer/ illuminator

pen along the browbone just below the

brow and along the bottom of the eye

and blend with your finger. This fills in

the shadows that naturally occur.

Manicured eyebrows can transform

your face. Always enlist the help of a


cameron diaz

Too deep-set?

Prominent brow bones

and deep-set eyes can be

downplayed by sweeping a light

or medium-toned shade on your

lid, then shading in a slightly

darker shade above the eye

crease. Apply a liquid eyeliner,

drawing the liner thicker in

the middle of the eye and then

tapering it towards the outer

part of the lid. Apply a light

highlighter shade to the

brow bone.

jennifer lawrence

Opt for an upward sweeping brow, as

opposed to a flat or slightly downward

brow, and be careful not to make your

brows too thin. Lightly fill in any gaps

or sparse areas with a brow brush and

powder eyebrow shadow and complete

with eyebrow gel.

When applying eyeliner to the outer

lash line, gradually thicken the line

as you go, then sweep it up at the

outer corner.

For extra kapow on your smoky

eye, faintly smudge a dark shadow

underneath the lower lash line,

extending to the outer corner. 103




k e


till you





While we all

look pretty darn

flawless under a

good Snapchat

filter, let’s face

it – some days we

need a little bit

of assistance!

Words by Erin Docherty

best base


Nobody is absolutely flawless;

we all need a bit of help!

That’s why it’s key to know

how to fake it – whether you’re

getting ready for a night out or on

your way to work.

Feeling flawless makes you feel

good, and feeling good about the way

you look has been shown to boost

your mood. Experts believe there is

a strong link between an increase

in a woman’s self-confidence and

her looks. One Japanese study even

suggests wearing makeup can change

a woman’s brain chemistry, making

her feel more powerful and assertive.

With the calibre of skin-perfecting

and colour-correcting beauty products

at our fingertips, the art of faking

flawless has well and truly entered

its prime.

We don’t need to tell you that skin is in. It’s all

about that dewy glow, contoured cheekbones and

smooth bronzed skin. But it isn’t as easy to master

as it looks. Or is it?

If your foundation has a way of making its

existence very apparent, we’re thinking it’s time to

up the buff. Look for foundation that makes your

skin moist, radiant and helps even out skin tone.

Only use one or two products under your

foundation – adding too many can make skin

oily and your complexion cakey. We recommend

using a water-based moisturiser with sunscreen, a

primer to prep and then patting on a thin layer of

lightweight foundation. Set with a mineral powder

and moisture-boosting setting mist for a photo-ready

finish that lasts.

Pro tip

Mix a loose and

shimmery golden

eyeshadow into your

foundation for dewy,

luminous skin



3. 105


1. Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish

Powder Foundation, $69. A truly

brilliant base, this is one you can’t leave

home without! Packed with powerful

antioxidants and vitamins, this gorgeous

compact will have you looking photoready

all day, everyday.

2. Napoleon Perdis Foundation

Stick, $69. This will be one you’ll

want to stick to. Offering minimal

to maximum coverage, this pocketfriendly

foundation also doubles as a

camouflage agent for dark circles

and red spots.

3. ASAP Pure Skin Perfecting Mineral

Foundation, $65. A foundation that

actually improves your skin health? It’s

a thing. Say hello to this lightweight,

long-lasting formula that glides over

pores and fine lines for a smooth,

natural finish.




8. Youngblood Hi-Definition

Hydrating Mineral Perfecting

Powder, $64.95. This sheer

finishing powder will absorb excess

oil and lock in moisture for a

hydrated feel all day.

9. Nude by Nature Flawless

Liquid Foundation, $39.95. Full

of natural pigments, this new oilfree

and fragrance-free formula

looks and feels like a second skin.

Perfect for an even, matte finish.

10. Olay Total Effects Touch of

Foundation BB Crème, $32.99. This

all-in-one product offers a double

punch against the seven signs of

ageing, delivering long-term

anti-ageing benefits and

immediate flawless radiance.

4. Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer, $70.

This non-greasy godsend minimises the

appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,

hydrating your skin for a silky, luminous

finish and a flawless canvas.


5. Lycogel Breathable Camouflage,

$108. This lightweight, breathable

camouflage combines the best in

cosmetics and skincare technology,

delivering a quickly absorbing product

that is perfect for every skin type. It also

feels incredible on your skin!


6. Colorescience Even Up, $158.40.

Brighten and correct sunspots, freckles

and age spots with this all-in-one tinted

makeup base, which blends beautifully

to all skin tones.


7. Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing

Spray, $39.95. Ensure your makeup

stays put with this weightless mist that

locks in colour, eliminates creasing

and melting and keeps your makeup

flawless for up to 16 hours.




In a spot of


Camouflage pesky pimples and

cover signs of redness with

PÜR Disappearing Ink, $32. This

skin-perfecting concealer is the

ultimate complexion quick fix!

It brightens the appearance of

dark circles, blurs the look of

blemishes and wakes up tiredlooking


Glo Minerals also has a great

concealer by the name of Luxe

Liquid Bright Concealer, $65, which

is completely customisable to

any skin tone. It instantly works to

brighten and cancel out redness,

masking imperfections for a more

radiant and flawless complexion.

Another one of our faves is the

Colorescience Mineral Corrector

Palette, $79.20. This skincare staple

has got you covered – it’s an all-inone

camouflage for blemishes, dark

circles and redness.

Eye spy

False eyelashes are the fairy

godmothers of the beauty world,

instantly adding a touch of glam to

any look. You can never go wrong

with a pair of kick-ass red carpet

lashes from Napoleon Perdis, $20.

There’s no better way

to frame the eyes than a

killer set of brows. Benefit

BrowVo! Conditioning

Primer, $49, is a little bit

of magic in a pen. It is

a nutrient rich primer

that both conditions and

primes the brows so they

instantly look fuller, thicker

and healthier.

Contour Queen

Flawless contouring has never been

easier! The PÜR Cameo Contour Stick,

$39.50, allows you to add depth and

dimension to your natural features with

a beautifully creamy formula that sets

to a picture-perfect powder finish. Eat

your heart out, Kim K!

Tackle cracked lips

There ain’t nothing flawless about dry, cracked lips.

Beautifully soft and hydrated lips are essential for

a flawless face. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Lip

Service, $28, conditions and repairs with Vitamin E,

while protecting and nourishing the lips so they stay

hydrated and colours last longer. For a statement lip,

team it with Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Tinted Lip

Balm, $29, for a pretty hint of sheer, shiny colour. 107



A little on the milky side? More than

57 percent of women say a tan makes them

feel more attractive, confident and slimmer.

Put simply, a tan makes everything look

better and can make your skin look flawless

and more toned.

Get a gorgeous glow the right way – that is,

with a spray tan or self-tanning product. Since

a perfect self-tanning outcome isn’t always

guaranteed, here are our tips for making your

faux glow look authentically sun-kissed.





Use an exfoliating mitt and product to

slough off the dead skin prior to using

self-tanner. Concentrate on the thicker

areas such as the heels, elbows and

knees to avoid product build up. TIP:

If you have sensitive skin, shave the

night before you apply, as even the most

sensitive self-tanners could possibly

irritate your skin.


Dry your skin

Before you do anything, make sure

your skin is dry and avoid applying

moisturisers to anywhere apart from the

backs of your heels, elbows and knees.

And remember, no deodorant!


Don’t miss a spot

The best way to apply fake tan is in

sections, massaging skin in a circular

motion to achieve a natural, even look.


Wear gloves or use

a mitt



We recommend

these top 5

products to try

1. Jergens Instant Sun

Sunless Tanning Mousse,

$15.99. This airy mousse

spreads evenly for a natural

and streak-free application.

What’s more, it dries in only

60 seconds! Hallelujah!

2. St. Tropez Gradual Tan

Tinted Everyday Body Lotion

$33.99. Containing a 48-hour

Hydraglow Complex and

a mood-enhancing fragrance,

this all-rounder instantly

blurs imperfections and

provides a healthy looking

glow to dull skin.

3. Sisley Paris Self Tanning

Hydrating Facial Skin Care,

$150. Enjoy beautiful, sunkissed

skin with the added

bonus of hydration and

protection. This all-rounder

works to beautify the

complexion, prolong your tan

and perfect the skin.

To avoid orange palms or having to

wash your hands after applying each

section, a tanning mitt is your best bet!


Dry it out

Wait at least 10 minutes before

getting dressed. For the next few

hours wear loose, dark clothing

and try to avoid sweating.




4. Jurlique Sunless Tanner,

$45. Formulated with the new

Superberry Complex, this gem

not only gives you an instant

and luminous glow but also

delivers essential vitamins,

minerals and amino acids to

condition and protect the skin.

5. Sunescape Illuminating

Body Tint, $39.95. For a radiant

glow that just won’t quit, you

can wear this ultra-luminous

creamy lotion on its own or to

enhance your tan. The formula

is lightweight, non-sticky, dries

quickly and can be washed

off easily. 109

B eauty





Let’s face it, hitting the gym for that summer bod is

HARD. The good news is that it’s not the only option.

There have been some serious advancements

in the field of fat reduction, making non-surgical

procedures a no-sweat way to target that muffin

top or stubborn belly fat. You can now achieve

noticeable results with no downtime, no surgery and

minimal (if any) discomfort.

SculpSure is one of our top picks in this space.

Using something called hyperthermic fat reduction,

this laser treatment can permanently destroy up

to 24 percent of fat in the treated area in one

25-minute session.

Another favourite in the fat-blasting field is

star player Cooltech, which uses a fat-freezing

technology called cryolipolysis to target and destroy

selected fat cells. Once these fat cells are destroyed,

they will not come back.

With these treatments, results can generally be

seen around four to six weeks after as the body

naturally metabolises the destroyed fat.

Temporary side effects may include swelling and

redness immediately after treatment, which should

subside within a few hours to a few days. The best

bit? There’s no downtime and results are permanent

if your weight stays the same.

Generally, a series of treatments per area achieves

the best results, although some patients can see a

significant circumferential reduction in the area after

the first treatment.






Sometimes there just isn’t enough time

to wash, dry and style your hair. And to

be frank, even if there is time, sometimes

you’re just plain lazy. But that doesn’t

mean you have to be stuck with greasy,

flat hair for the rest of the day!

There’s a reason every beauty

store has an entire section

devoted to dry shampoo – this

stuff is magical. Dry shampoo can

give you an extra day between

washes along with more volume

and texture to suit your styling

needs. Batiste Dry Shampoo

($12.95 for 200ml) even has one

specifically for the brunettes.

Blending perfectly into hair colour,

it makes white residue a thing

of the past. As an added bonus

it even helps disguise root regrowth

and stray greys! Win. CBM


New for

Case study


injectable treatment

double chins

Seeing double? Belkyra offers a non-surgical permanent

solution to fullness under the chin. words by erin docherty

While many may associate

a double chin with being

overweight, in reality it

can occur in men and women of any

body type, with ageing and genetics

being main causes. Often, dieting or

exercise will have little impact.

A recent study, surveying more

than 3,500 Australians aged 20-60,

found that having a double chin

causes more concern than any other

problem area for Australians of

both sexes. What’s more, 57% of

those with a double chin have been

thinking about treatment.

A double chin can have a negative

impact on a person’s day-to-day life.

For Sydney-based makeup artist

Nicola Beverley, it was an area that

had always troubled her, affecting her

confidence and even her career.

“I’ve always had quite a full face,

but when I was around 28 years old it

really started bothering me,” she says.

“I think for many women like me

who are a size 8-10, having a double

chin is so frustrating because even

if my weight didn’t fluctuate at all, I

still had a fuller face. I hated my side

profile and as a makeup artist, I was

particularly self-conscious about my

chin. I even went to my doctor to test

my thyroid function, but everything

came back normal.”

“I was originally referred to

Dr Steven Liew [a well-known

Sydney plastic surgeon] because I

had experienced a poor result with

under-eye filler from another doctor.

When I mentioned that I had always

been self-conscious about the fullness

under my chin, he told me about this

new, non-surgical treatment with

very little downtime and permanent

results. I guess I was just in the right

place at the right time!”

Belkyra is an injectable treatment

that works to break down submental

(under the chin) fat cells to improve

the appearance of a double chin and

create a more defined jaw line. Once

broken down, the targeted cells can no

longer store or accumulate fat.

As a prescription-only treatment,

Belkyra should only be administered

by a registered healthcare professional

who has taken part in the official

Belkyra training program.

“I like the fact that you aren’t put

under the knife and there’s not a long

recovery involved. I work for myself

so I don’t have time to be off work.

Once Dr Liew had explained what

the treatment involved, it was an easy

decision for me,” says Nicola.

“Treatment involved a series

of injections, which felt slightly

uncomfortable (almost like a burning


sensation) for about 20 minutes.

The rest of the day and the following

day when I went back to work, the

area was particularly swollen. After

around two weeks the swelling had

subsided. Every morning I would

notice a very slight difference in

the appearance of my neck – it was

gradually tightening.”

“I’m very satisfied with the whole

process and I have had very positive

results. I had my hair cut short after

the treatment for the first time in

years! I also now feel quite happy to

see myself in photos, without being

worried about the look of my chin.”

“It really is priceless to be happier

in your own skin – it’s a great feeling.

The best thing is that the changes you

experience are so subtle and gradual,

people won’t be able to put their finger

on what’s different unless you decide

to tell them,” Nicola concludes. CBM

Follow Nicola on Instagram at



Belkyra treatment for double chin and chin

augmentation using dermal filler by Dr Liew 111




eyelid lift

Open your eyes to this ingenious solution

to heavy and drooping lids.

Lids By Design are non-surgical

temporary correcting strips

which instantly lift sagging

eyelids and widen eyes – while hiding

excess skin in the natural fold of

your lid.

The effects of ageing cause collagen

and elasticity around your eyes to

diminish, resulting in excess skin in

the natural fold of the lid. Heavy,

hooded lids can be bothersome in

more ways than one. In the past there

was a significant lack of options for

people who didn’t want to undergo

surgery – until Lids By Design.

Lids By Design is an easy and

effective way to temporarily

conceal issues such as sagging skin,

asymmetrical eyes and heavy lids

that can disturb your vision. It lifts

hooded lids to present an immediately

younger, more wide-eyed appearance

with no needles, surgery or visit to

the clinic.

Made of medical-grade quality

tape and designed for both men and

women, the discreet adhesive strips

are applied to the eyelid, hiding the

excess skin in your natural eyelid fold.

They are comfortable to wear all day,

blend easily with your skin and can be

worn alone or under makeup.

If you’re on the fence about

deciding whether or not to go under

the knife for a surgical blepharoplasty,

it’s also a clever way to get a sneak

preview of how you will likely look

following a procedure.

Designed for one-time use, the

strips are quick and easy to apply once



lids by design lifts

hooded lids to immediately

create a more wide-eyed


you get the hang of it. Simply apply

a strip to your eyelid each morning

before your regular skincare and

makeup regimen and dispose of them

before you go to bed.

Gaining a loyal following in the

United States and now in Australia,

Lids By Design is a simple yet

ingenious beauty solution to lift your

eyelids and, in doing so, transform

your appearance.

Beverly Hills celebrity plastic

surgeon Dr Paul Nassif is a fan of the

product and recommends them in his

practice. “My experience with Lids By

Design has been great. My patients

have reacted very positively, as the

provided effect is one that cannot

be duplicated through other [non-

surgical] means,” he says. “I would

recommend Lids By Design to anyone

for a quick lift if they want a refreshed

look for a major event, or just on any

given day. I would also recommend

them if they want to get an idea of

how they may appear following a

blepharoplasty or brow lift.”

Registered nurse Caroline Newman

has also been using Lids By Design

in her South Australian clinic. “We

have had a very positive response,”

she says. “We’ve been applying the

product on our clients and, when

they see the results and experience

their ‘wow’ moment, they’re sold!

We feel the product does exactly

what it claims to do – transform

appearances.” CBM




AFTER immediate application of Lids By Design

AFTER immediate application of Lids By Design

AFTER immediate application of Lids By Design



Lids By Design is distributed

in Australia by Bella Aesthetics.


to purchase online or call

02 9398 2755. RRP $69.95 for

80 strips (40 days’ wear). 113

B eauty




Indulge your outer

gourmand with

beauty products

made from a

veritable buffet

of gastronomical


Words by AimÉe Rodrigues


B eauty


Winnie-the-Pooh may have been a

bit slow-witted, but he was right on

the money when it came to honey!

Honey’s antibacterial properties

calm irritated skin and aid in healing

and tissue regeneration. It’s both

anti-acne and anti-ageing, which is a

stellar combo in our books!

Products to try

Pevonia Botanica Rejuvenating

Dry Skin Cream, $118. Take that,

dry winter skin! This rehydrating

day or night cream contains

softening and comforting honey

and anti-ageing pear seed for skin

that looks instantly revitalised.

Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream,

$46.95. Mineral-rich Manuka honey

helps hydrate and repair skin, while

Trilogy’s proprietary Rosapene

combines rosehip oil and other

super antioxidants for overall skin

ageing improvement.

Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin-

Brightening Light Day Cream,

$59. The world-famous Manuka

honey from remote New Zealand

combines with bee venom to

produce a skin brightening and

lifting effect, while promoting a

blemish-free complexion. 115



Coffee is not just for morning almond milk

fl at whites. This ever-amazing little bean

also boasts some beauty benefi ts such as

reducing puffi ness and increasing circulation.

with its anti-infl ammatory properties and

brightening/reducing dark under-eye circles

by increasing circulation.


Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Eye Cream,

$65. Containing green coffee extract,

this firming eye cream reduces the

appearance of puffiness around the eyes

and supports skin elasticity for a younger

looking eye area.



We’ve grown up with bananas being

touted as one of nature’s superfoods, but

in terms of punch per particle, tomatoes

give them a run for their money.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, an

extremely powerful antioxidant. When

applied topically, it helps protect the

skin by donating oxygen molecules to

dangerous free radicals which would

otherwise snatch them from the body.

Products containing tomato are also

good for oily or congested skin as the

acidity helps gently exfoliate dead cells

and keeps pores tighter and clearer.

B eauty


Ella Baché Elixir D’Eclat Tomate, $93.

A radiance elixir to instantly transform

dull skin into brighter skin. It contains

tomato extract to clarify and help

refine the skin’s texture and brighten

the complexion.


Fruit is loaded with all kinds of skin-friendly goodies. A

bowl of assorted fruit contains the full gamut of vitamins

and minerals, which nourish the skin and protect it from

free-radical scavengers and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)

for natural exfoliation.

In topical form, fruit-based skincare acts as a gentle

chemical exfoliant, helps unfasten old, dead cells from

healthy new ones, leaving a smoother, brighter complexion.


June Jacobs Cranberry Pomegranate Moisture Mask,

$87. Cranberry extract delivers vitamins, minerals and

flavonoids to the skin, combined with extracts of shea

butter and sunflower seed oil to replenish the complexion.

Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Refining Treatment, $44.

Extracts of apricot kernel polish and smooth skin,

enhancing cell renewal and minimising the appearance of

fine lines and wrinkles. 117

B eauty


Pumpkin enzyme is known for its ability to stimulate

skin cell turnover and remove dead surface cells.

Pumpkin is a great addition to skincare – it’s rich in

essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, Vitamins A, C

and E, and zinc for hydrated, supple and clear skin.


Scout Cosmetics Balance & Replenish Light

Moisturiser with Calendula, Red Mandarin &

Pumpkin, $44.95. Contains organic pumpkin oil, as

well as fig and Kakadu plum for antioxidant activity

and deep hydration. Mandarin oil adds a refreshing,

energising scent. Like a fruit salad for your face!

June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme

Masque, $95. Contains powerful pumpkin enzyme

to digest dead surface cells, stimulate cellular

turnover and improve skin tone, texture and

luminosity for an instant complexion boost.


Did you know that marshmallow is actually a plant and

not just a delicious cloud-like sugar morsel to toast over

an open fi re or add to hot chocolate? The natural form of

marshmallow root offers a plentiful list of beauty boons – it

can be used as an anti-infl ammatory to reduce puffi ness and

to help treat bruises and minor burns, as well as improve

the skin’s ability to retain moisture.


Jurlique Activating Water Essence, $70. Provides

continuous hydration for softer and calmer skin. Features

organically grown marshmallow root extract and peach

leaf extract for optimum skin vitality and revitalisation.


B eauty



The lust-worthy products we’re

currently coveting.




1. Clarins Paris Everlasting

Foundation SPF 15, $50. If you are

looking for impeccable coverage

and total comfort in one, this is a

firm favourite in our books. It

leaves skin supple and even,

hiding niggling imperfections –

no touch-ups required!

2. Designer Brands Longwear

24-Hour Foundation, $14.99. If you

want long-lasting full coverage,

this is your guy. Smudge-proof and

lightweight, it’s formulated with

Vitamins E and C for plumper, firmer

and more nourished skin. It’s a big

yes from us.

3. Thalgo Silicium Anti-Ageing

Foundation, $73. Skin treatment and

flawless foundation come together

in this beautiful marriage of skincorrecting

biomimetic pigments and

skin redensifying marine Silicium.

4. MOR Emporium Classics Hand &

Body Lotion in Belladonna, $29.95.

One of our all-time fave hand

and body creams, to descrive this

delicate fragrance of macadamaia

and goji extract would not be doing

it justice. It’s incredibly comforting

and leaves skin perfectly hydrated

and silky-soft.



5. M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15,

$49. For medium to full coverage

that doesn’t look or feel mask-like,

Studio Fix is our Holy Grail. It’s

easy to apply and blend and has

buildable coverage. Equipped with

an excellent colour palette to suit all

complexions and undertones.


6. Laura Mercier Foundation

Primer – Radiance Bronze, $45.

Our editor-in-chief’s all-time fave

primer, this vitamin-rich, pearlescent

creamy gel foundation/primer acts

as an invisible layer to buffer outside

elements, holding makeup in place

for longer and delivering a softfocus

effect. 119

B eauty

7. Benefit Foolproof Brow

Powder, $42. They’re not the

brow experts for nothing!

Released on 1 September

2017, you too will love this soft

filling powder to make sparse

brows bigger, bolder and

more beautiful! Oh, and did

we mention it’s foolproof?

8. Clarins Paris Instant Lip

Light Comfort Oil, $33.

Drenching dryness in a

silky, moisturising blend of

hazelnut, jojoba and mirabelle

oils, these tints both look

extremely pretty and actually

improve the condition of your

lips. They also have no sticky/

tacky factor (hurrah!) and

smell/taste ah-mazing.




B eauty



Shampoo, $38.95 and


Conditioner, $39.95. No

dry ends, no frizz, while

still creating bounce and

movement? Kevin Murphy,

how we love thee. For a super

hair hydration boost without

any flatness, this duo is king.

10. Stemm High-Amino

Shampoo, $43 and Gold

Fulvic Conditioner, $48.

The newly launched Stemm

haircare range is worth the

wait. The head-turning line

creates thicker looking hair

(without dryness or dullness)

by helping to increase hair

density. Our picks are the

High-Amino Shampoo and

Gold Fulvic Conditioner.

11. L’unico Phyto Fruit AHA

Micro Peels, $90. Individualuse

peel pads are soaked

in fruit acids to slough away

dead skin without irritation

or redness. Results are

noticeable straight away –

smoother and clearer skin with

a healthy colour and tone.








14. Sisley Paris SisleYouth,

$230. Designed especially for

20-something skin, nip the

first signs of ageing in the bud

with this fresh and silky fluid

emulsion. It works to protect

the skin’s youthful integrity as

well as energise stressed and

dry skin.

15. Dermalogica PowerBright

TRx Pure Light SPF 50, $97.

Broad-spectrum SPF protection

meets daily skin treatment,

shielding the skin while helping

to minimise pigmentation and

restore moisture balance.

16. Clinique Smart Custom-

Repair Serum, $80. Skin damage:

now you see it, now you don’t.

This powerful anti-ageing

serum solution blends collagenboosting

peptides to help reduce

the appearance of wrinkles, even

out skin tone and improve the

look of dry, dull and ageing skin.

17. Ultraceuticals Ultra MD

Ultimate Brightening Serum,

$155. Keep pigmentation under

control before summer hits with

this specifically formulated dark

spot brightening serum.

12. A’kin Cellular Radiance

Booster Oil, $46.95. Fight

‘inflammaging’ with this

rejuvenating booster

oil packed full of antiinflammatory,


and antioxidant extracts to

counteract stressed out and

sensitive skin.



18. Aspect Gold Probiotic Sleep

Mask, $55. Get your best beauty

sleep literally with this creamy

mask made with probioticrich

ingredients by masters of

skincare, Aspect. We left the

mask on overnight for a super

surge of moisture and woke with

baby-soft and hydrated skin.

13. Jurlique Calming Mist –

Calendula Redness Rescue,

$55. Soothe and comfort

sensitive, red skin with

Aloe and linseed to help

restore moisture, and

cucumber and chamomile to

uplift the senses.



19. Dr. Lewinn’s Eternal Youth

Skin Polishing Exfoliant, $29.95.

A new offering from the Eternal

Youth line, this twice-weekly skin

polisher gently removes surface

debris and creates a more refined

skin texture using patented

Juveleven and activated charcoal. 121


Can you spare

30 minutes

for yourself


Vix Erber, Fitness coach and CEO of Bondi Vixen,

debunks the ol’ no time to exercise myth.

One of the greatest all-time

reasons for busy women not

being in their best shape is

they “don’t have the time”.

The biggest problem with this is

that it’s just plain wrong and prevents

many would-be sexy and confident

women from ever even attempting to

get their body, mind and spirit into

healthy, fit and athletic shape.

When the typical woman thinks

of fitness or an exercise program, she

immediately envisions how incredibly

busy her schedule is – there’s simply

no way she could fit 60 minutes of

exercise into her already chaotic

daily routine.

Herein lies the first myth of

exercise: that you need a 60 minutesweat

session. You see, an hour of

exercise time is not mandatory in

order to get the results. There’s

nothing wrong with doing that

amount some days, but there is no

need for it every day. Let’s be realistic,

who has that sort of time? In today’s

fast-paced world many of us have to

get by on 30 minutes of exercise a

day. And when done properly, it

can work.

Another false presumption is

that any program worthy enough to

deliver visible and lasting results must

be done in a gym which of course

would involve using more precious

time and money!

The modern-day woman devotes

so much of her attention and energy

on her kids and career that she feels

guilty when taking time for herself –

even when that time is to nurture her

health and happiness. Can you relate?

Truth be told, there’s no better gift

to give your loved ones than setting

the priceless example of taking care

of your physical and mental wellbeing

(it will also increase your energy and

sanity levels!).

Now, if I haven’t convinced you

to dust off your Nikes yet, did you

know research shows that those who

exercise consistently (yes, even for

30 minutes a day) are found to have

higher levels of personal happiness?

The ability to ward off sickness and

disease, maintain a hormonal balance,

and manage stress all contribute to

self-satisfaction and that’s one great

reason those that work out might be

happier than those who don’t.

Exercise stimulates the production

of disease-fighting proteins known

as antibodies, which destroy bacteria

and viruses. If you live an active

lifestyle, you are generally better

equipped to combat sickness and

stress, a key component of happiness.

Plus, the happier you are, the less

stressed you are and that flows into

every area of your life.

So please don’t let myths stop you

from action. Don’t be fooled into

thinking you have to spend a few

hours every day to get amazing results

or train for a marathon to get fit.

Don’t assume you can’t follow

a complete, efficient and effective

program right in your own home,

office or park at the total convenience

of your own schedule.

Don’t be like a lot of people who

just pass it off for another day, week

or month. We all know that can turn

into years! No woman is ever too busy

to protect and nurture the one life she

has been given.

If starting today is too soon, take

a look at tomorrow and ask yourself,

“Can I spare 30 minutes to take care

of me?”

The key is to get started. And if

you’ve given it a go in the past and

fallen by the wayside, remember that

it’s never too late to try again! CBM

ready to get


Head to


or call Vix Erber on on 0403 111

188. For some fitness inspo, check

out the before and after pics on

the Bondi Vixen Facebook page.



beauty 24/7

Sydney’s premier cosmetic

tattooing and skin clinic, offering

natural-looking treatments in:

• feather eyebrow tattooing

• lip tattooing

• eyeliner tattooing

• medical tattooing

• skin needling

• skin peels

• IPL treatments

When it comes to cosmetic tattooing, we

are the experts’ expert. With more than

25 years of experience, we offer beautiful,

natural-looking results so you can look your

best all day, everyday.




Founder & MD SPCP,






Bella Building, Shop 4/239

Great North Rd, Five Dock, Sydney

located in Cosmedic Professionals


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freeze away unwanted fat deposits

Find a clinic at:

Actual patient before and

after cooltech treatment to

the abdomen with the double


Images courtesy of Renew

MediSpa by Hunter Plastic


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