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An intergenerational

Experience for the whole family!

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For low-income seniors in

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Donations go directly to support

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Donate to Heart of Ida

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Booths include Long Beach Gray Panthers, The Center - LGBTQ, Long Beach Public Library, WellCare, Easy

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2 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

The help you need:


at Home

It all starts with one call: 866-421-1964

Maybe you just need a little extra support

at home. Maybe you are so overwhelmed

you don’t know what you need.

Independence at Home (IAH) has a team

of caring professionals ready to help.

Our trained social workers, gerontologists,

nurses, mental health professionals,

pharmacists, and health educators can

connect you and your loved ones to the

services needed to stay healthy and

independent at home. There is no charge

for our assistance.

If you are 55 and older—or a caregiver

to someone 55 and older—find out how

IAH can help you. Many services are also

available in Spanish and other languages.


How can we help?

Call IAH today:


You may be familiar with Independence at Home’s MSSP

services, but we have many other programs, including:

• Caregivers & Older Adults Connected & Healthy

(COACH): The COACH team will help identify

where you need help and then connect you to

such resources as transportation, meals, safety

equipment and more.

• C-MEDS: Through this medication safety program,

our licensed pharmacists and nurses come to your

home and work with you to develop a detailed plan

to better manage your medications.

• Insights: Licensed therapists provide support and

coping skills to help you deal with such issues as

stress and depression.

• Volunteer Action for Aging (VAA): We provide

the training, but our volunteers bring their own

love for seniors. VAA offers one-time events and

ongoing opportunities. Call 562-637-7169 or visit for more information.

Celebrating 40 years of serving

seniors and their caregivers.


Prevention is the New Sexy | 3

Gretchen Swanson

Fall Stories: Real Talk From

Real People About Falls &

Falls Prevention | 6

Best Case Planning for

Emergencies | 13

Judith Moman

Classes | 24-29

Senior Centers | 22-23

Libraries | 20-21

Helplines & Hotlines | 49

Know Your Fall Risk | 46-47


34 | Caregiver Support

48 | City Government

18 | Elder Abuse

31 | Food Assistance|Food Banks

37 | Fraud Help & Prevention

32 | In-Home Resources

35 | Health Care Resources

42 | Hearing Assistance

33 | Hospitals/Urgent Care

39 | Housing

45 | Legal & Taxes

45 | Long Beach City Numbers

42 | Low Vision

32 | Medical Equipment

36 | Medicare/Health Care

34 | Mental Health

44 | Mortuaries & Cemeteries


Long Beach


38 | Transportation

39 | Utilities

40 | Volunteer & Advocacy

Older Adults

Families • Caregivers

2 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017


Is the New


Gretchen Swanson

Confidence, skill and style have always

been sexy. Picture the sultry walk of Rita

Hayward or the piercing look of self-assured

Sean Connery. You don’t have to

be a movie star to feel great about yourself

and show it off to the world.

Last week at Menorah House, where

I teach Tai Chi, I encountered their

monthly speaker’s series entitled “Safe

Senior Sex.” Sex and living occur at

many ages. Being prepared—which was

the speaker’s pitch—was key. Including

easy to open condoms.

Now I’ve got your attention because

this month and this issue is about prevention.

Fall Prevention.

Which I hear is “not sexy,” but au contraire.

Once you do 50 hours of Tai Chi

you do walk differently; you hold your

head comfortably and have a certain

swing towards your destination. And if

you’ve taken any of the other classes

such as Stepping On or Matter of Balance

you are outfitted with all the info

and tactics you need. That means you

are prepared.

Not everyone prepares the same way.

In fact, many let serendipity and

a ‘what will be will be’ attitude rule

the day. And back to sex, there are

a whole lot of serendipitous offspring

out there.

Okay so you haven’t been thinking

about aging well or aging at all except

to ignore it. Here are some things to indicate

it’s time to reconsider.

• Difficulty doing something familiar, like

hiking down a mountain. You used to do

it without thinking. Maybe you even ran

down the trail. But now you find that your

upper body is going faster than your lower

body and you are not in control.

• Your friends and family are encouraging

you to take care of yourself. That’s

a bummer.

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 3


Director’s Note

Fall prevention is the

core of Heart of Ida’s

mission. In this issue

you will hear four stories

about falls and fall prevention.

One thing, besides falling

or fear of falling, that everyone

has in common is their proactive

approach to life! Evidence-based

classes like Stepping On, Matter

of Balance and Tai Chi are working.

Heart of Ida is grateful for the

leaders and volunteers that keep

these important programs going.

We couldn’t do it without you.

Editor’s Note

Let’s Bring Attention to

Fall Prevention! AgeWell

Long Beach magazine

connects Long Beach

older adults and caregivers to

fall-prevention awareness and

resources that may lead to a

better informed community and

active living. Spread the word!







Fall 2017 • Vol. 1, Issue 3

Founder/Executive Director

Dina Berg, MPA


Keri Reich

Director of Operations/Editor

Pam Chotiswatdi, MPH

Contributing Writers

Dr. Gretchen Swanson, DPT, MPH

Judith Moman

Fall Story Participants: Karen,

Annie, John, and Jean

Did we miss something

or make a mistake,

questions or comments?

Need help finding

services or resources?

We’d like to hear from you!

Contact Heart of Ida

(562) 570-3548

Content in this issue was

updated in June/Aug 2017.

Changes may occur, please

call ahead.


Legal Note: All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any

form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without

the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews

and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, email/call (see

above) or write to Heart of Ida, addressed “Attention: Permissions” to PO Box 8194 Long Beach, CA 90808.

4 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

• Neglect and avoid are your steadfast


• Lack of purpose.

In this issue, individuals have shared

how they came to falls prevention.

You could say “but for the grace of....”

or “knock on wood” but you would

miss that prevention is the new sexy.

You will learn how they were better off

once they became better prepared.

Karen and Jean each tell their own

story. Karen appears to be doubly

involved with meaningful activities

now that she is equipped with a

way to approach her walking around

town. Jean, as you’ll see, has reclaimed

a great life. It is the lack

purpose in life that underpins aging

with difficulty. [Check out recent NY

Times article on Purposeful Aging by

Amanda McMillian]

Then Jon and Annie were interviewed

and you’ll see some additional considerations

that I’ve added; some simple

actions that may resonate with someone

who has had similar experience.

More importantly, what would you do?

What is decidedly unsexy is bitterness,

lack of hope, and plodding along through

life without a sense of purpose. Please

don’t be overcome with this adversity—

use one of the many resources in this

AgeWell magazine and reach out. You

will find others that want to move forward

and do better just like you.

And now back to where can I buy that

T-shirt—“Prevention is the New Sexy.”

And then meet me (or David, or other

Tai Chi instructors) out on the floor.

Dr. Gretchen Swanson, DPT, MPH

Creator of the Long Beach based

Health & Function blog:

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 5

Real Talk From

Real People

About Falls &

FALLFalls Prevention

Two weeks later, I fell again on the same

street, Pine Avenue in downtown. I began

to think there was something

wrong with me. As I talked to older

friends who lived downtown, I

discovered many of them had also

fallen with varying degrees of injury.

The worst fall story I heard was

a male friend who had broken his

wrist trying to stop his fall. My confidence

waned. I began to curtail

my activities and stay home more.



My first fall was a shock. I was walking

in downtown Long Beach, where I live,

in a hurry to meet friends for dinner.

It was still light outside, a bright summer

evening. The next thing I knew, I

was on the ground. My toe had caught

on one of the sidewalk tiles that was

slightly raised up. This had never happened

to me before as I had walked

down these streets many times.

As I got up, slightly embarrassed, although

no one was around to witness

my embarrassment, I thought ‘that

was odd,’ as I had never fallen before.

I have always been active and athletic.

I had run in a 5K Color Run only

two months before, jogging most of the

way. I gathered myself, assessed my

injuries (none other than to my pride),

and joined my friends for happy hour.

At this time, I was volunteering for

Dignity Health - St. Mary Medical

Center at their Bazzeni Wellness

Center Senior Program. When I talked

to staff there, it was suggested I might

be interested in the Fall Prevention

Program, sponsored by Heart of Ida.

I could attend the seven-week session

for free by becoming a “Peer Leader”

and assisting with the program delivery

by sharing my story and thoughts on

falling, distributing handouts, and helping

set up displays and refreshments.

I didn’t hesitate to sign-up as I really

wanted to know how to prevent myself

from falling again.

As I attended the sessions, I learned

techniques and strategies that would

prevent me from falling in my home

and as I moved about the community.

As I learned more about fall prevention,

I gained back my confidence and felt

better about being active, and began

to continue my active lifestyle. Since

taking the Stepping On fall-prevention

classes, I have not fallen once. I have

tripped a couple of time over uneven

sidewalks and bumps in the road as I

cross the streets, but not fallen. These

trips remind me to continue practicing

the techniques I learned in Stepping

On. They are effective and easy to implement.

6 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

I also made adjustments to my home

environment to eliminate trip hazards.

Adding automatic lighting to pathways

that turn on as the sun sets was a big

help in preventing falls during the middle

of the night bathroom breaks. I

created a safer environment for my cat

and myself by creating a cozy sleeping

environment for him, so I wouldn’t trip

over him in the middle of the night.

The technique I use most frequently is

the heel-toe walking method. One of the

most important things I learned is as

we age, our body goes through subtle

changes. If we don’t know about these

changes, we can’t adjust to them when

they begin to occur. Exercising my feet

and ankles and walking heel-toe has

built the strength in them and has kept

me from falling or catching my toe on

upraised sidewalk tiles.

I encourage every older adult to participate

in a Stepping On class to learn

about the changes as we age and techniques

that can keep us living independently

and safely in our own homes.



Annie turned 72 this summer (Happy

Birthday!) while she attended the

fall-prevention class, Stepping On, at

Dignity Health - St. Mary Medical Center.

The class is offered a few times a

year through various institutions and

organizations. To bring awareness to fall

prevention, Annie shared her fall experience

with the Heart of Ida.

Heart of Ida: What brought you to the

Stepping On class?

Annie: I saw it in the newsletter and


Heart of Ida: Have you had falls before

the class? Or near falls?

Annie: I have had many falls before the

class. One of the falls happened during

a 5K walk. The sidewalk was wet and

uneven, lifted on one side, and I was not

paying attention. I went down. I injured

my shoulder and sprained my ankle. I

walked around with a boot for awhile

and a sling on my shoulder. It was a fall

with injury. I have had so many.

Most of my falls happened in the home,

mostly in the bathroom. A couple times

the paramedics had to come out. But

those were due to, not so much tripping

over stuff in the house, but due to

being ill with cold/flu. I would become

dizzy, get up, and fall.

Then, I would get to the hospital and

find out that most of those falls were

due to dehydration. Being ill with the

flu and dehydrated caused the dizziness

and I fell.

Now, I know to drink plenty of water and

liquids to avoid being dehydrated. I bring

water with me when I leave the house.

The other falls…I fell getting off the

bus, coming down the steps, I think

I missed a step. I fell in the street,

stepping off the curb. Where the curb

slopes down, I forgot and was not paying

attention, maybe rushing too. I

tripped and fell into the street. It was

scary. That fall was scary. Those falls, I

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 7

elieve were due to my glasses. At the

time, I had bifocals. They said I would

get used to them, but no, I did not. I

now have three pairs of glasses: regular-distance

glasses, sunglasses, and

reading glasses.

Heart of Ida: You just finished your last

class meeting of Stepping on, what was

your experience like?

Annie: Oh, the class has been wonderful.

It has helped so much. It has given

back my confidence. When walking

in public spaces, I’m more aware of

my surroundings. I’m more aware of

where I’m stepping. I learned to look

ahead. The heel-toe walk has become

part of my routine now. I’m barely

thinking about it, I’m just doing it. I

look ahead to see what’s in front of

me rather than looking down or not

paying attention.

Heart of Ida: Do you think that you are

better able to prevent future falls?

Annie: Oh yes, I’m more aware and


Heart of Ida: Would like to tell the community

about fall prevention?

Annie: When you are walking, be aware

of your surroundings, take your time,

take it slow, don’t rush. I think that

is the key that I learned in this class,

don’t rush. And this class, it was very

informative with guest speakers. I also

want to say to the community: sign-up

for senior fit classes, exercise every day

as much as you can, and move, move,

move. Keep moving.

Notes from Gretchen:

Talk about determination, Annie has

had a period of repeat falls and was

determined to correct it. Falls prevention

takes some grit. Part of this scenario

has to do with water, water in the

wrong places—wet sidewalks and dehydration.

It may be weird that walking

on wet sidewalks is hazardous—and

we don’t even get snow or ice here in

Long Beach! Annie describes a series

of steps she’s taken over time to stop

her falls while going all over the city.

She brings up a point that is frequently

overlooked by people as their vision

changes and that is wearing ‘readers’

or bifocals may cause difficulty when

stepping down—the part of the lens

you are looking through is the part you

use for reading and makes it difficult to

calibrate perception of depth. But determination

rules the day and with little

fixes; Annie attends group exercise

three times a week and so much more.



Several years ago, John experienced

an injury to his back. The injury caused

a disk in his back to compress resulting

in the loss of use of his left leg. Through

tenacity and diligence, he had regained

most of the use.

Around the time of his recovery, his

wife, Rosemary had been newly introduced

to fall prevention through the

Heart of Ida. One of the first Stepping

On courses led by Heart of Ida was being

held at the Alpert Jewish Communi-

8 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

ty Center. Rosemary encouraged John

to register.

John: The personal damage to my leg

was the indication that there was a problem;

that and my wife’s encouragement.

I’m glad I went to the class. And I’ll tell

you why…because I haven’t fallen yet.

Heart of Ida: How long ago was that? It

must have been one of the first Stepping

On courses Heart of Ida held when fall

prevention was rolling out in Long Beach.

John: Yes, I must have been one of the

first participants. That was about three

years ago or so. I attended all seven

sessions and I learned a lot. I’m a bullheaded

guy. That class changed the

manner in which I walk. Now, I look

ahead. In doing so, I’m ahead of the

obstacles before it becomes an ‘obstacle.’

It gives me a moment to have a

second thought.

Most of what I know about falls is from

my work. I’m 76-years-old and in the

insurance industry. I’m constantly getting

information from the casual field,

life and health; about falls and seniors.

With some claims, I talk with people

who have experienced a fall with injury.

I’d say 40% of those people have

experienced a previous fall, which was

unreported. Those previous falls just

weren’t severe enough for a hospital

visit, and didn’t require a major insurance

claim, but they happened. It’s not

that I was unknowing about falls.

Because I drive and I’m out in the

field talking to people, like today, I’ll

be at UCLA and then to Anaheim, so I

have to be proactive; not only with fall

awareness, but also with exercise. I’m

still working and need to keep active. I

have a daily routine.

I have a walker by the sofa that I use.

Where I live, I come down stairs, turn

on the coffee, get everything ready,

then I pull out the walker. That is my

exercise. I do knee bends, more bends

and lifts; then I do 50 toe and heel raises,

those that I learned in the class. I

do those and more. And that’s my daily

routine. If I don’t, by the time I reach

my car or go about my day, I know

there is something wrong; something

missing. My muscles are still tense, you

know, and not as elastic as you need

them to be. Feelings of unbalance.

When you’re young and healthy, your

environment is more controlled, you can

go to the gym or not and still live in a

safe environment. But when you’re older

that safety is not there. You have to

work at it. You have to be proactive, you

can’t be lazy. Because when you forget

and let your guard down, you fall. That

class changed the way I think and I’m

not being flattering. It worked for me.

You have to be defensive and work for

your life. I want to tell more men. Women

will most likely seek help, but men,

they don’t ask for help. Until their on

their butt and embarrassed and have to

ask. I’m the model for that stupid.

In my lifetime, my experience with

the earth has been dramatic in different

ways, I was a commercial diver

for years, I was also a fireman. Part

of my job was air/fire/crash rescue. I

was active and I knew how to fall; had

parachute training, all of it. But as age

comes, your body isn’t strong enough to

react to these things. We have less bone

density, so falls are dramatic. Our mus-

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 9

cles are not as quick. We try to cushion

the fall and break a bone, tear a tendon.

There’s no shame in wheelchairs, walkers,

canes. A cane is good. A friend of

mine broke out all his front teeth not too

long ago. His vanity prevents him from

using a cane and now he is suffering.

Heart of Ida: Thank you for sharing

John. What would you like to add or say

to the community?

John: What this experience has taught

me, and I want to stress that in my words

right now, that is to look forward where

I am walking. Look forward to the obstacles

in front of me and preplan mentally.

Otherwise, I’m going to do something

like step over curbs, over bushes, like

the medians or planters in the parking

lots. You got to look at your whole environment,

your whole body. I even drive

differently. After these three years, the

change is a part of my everyday.

Notes from Gretchen:

John is one tough guy! Has done it all,

but the way I read this was that John

wants to ‘keep taking charge’ and to do

that—he has adapted. He added some

actions like maneuvering differently and

some daily routines like exercise. And

what he seems to have gained is purposeful

living. For those who have had

an injury that has resulted in continuing

difficulty, this is the time to re-think how

you ‘get back on your feet’ so to speak.

First it may take longer than you think,

you may need to persist even with your

healthcare providers, but what Jon did,

which as he says is difficult for ‘guys,’ is

to buck up and take a class, learn something

new and make a change. He did

and seems to be grateful.

10 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017



My connection with fall prevention began

with a rude introduction. I fell. It

was a very bad fall. It was last November

(2016). I was walking on some wet

pavement and the next thing I do is I

fall flat on my face. And I was down.

I’m not sure if I lost consciousness or

not. I was very stunned. I was in the

front my own house. The sprinklers had

been on, which made the sidewalk wet.

I couldn’t get up. I could not physically

pull myself up to stand. None of my

neighbors were around to help. It must

have been a weekday morning. I had

no other choice but to crawl to my front

door and crawl inside.

The first thing I thought was don’t go

to sleep, you may have a head injury.

So, I got myself up on a chair and I just

sat there for a while. Then, I didn’t feel

so bad. I got up and looked at myself

in the mirror.

And, I had this big goose-egg bump

on the side of my head, abrasions

down my face, and I was starting to

get two black eyes.

I used to work in healthcare and we

are the worst patients. We have the

biggest attitudes when it comes to

medical care. I didn’t seek medical

attention. I didn’t go to the hospital

or doctor. I was told to go. Friends

and family urged me.

But, I didn’t want to go, so, I mended

my wounds.

From then on, I was so afraid of falling

again. And my balance was noticeably

off. I felt out of control. I had never

fallen before that incident. Not even a

stumble. It was my first fall ever and it

was bad.

My son tried to help and purchased

me a cane. The short-term abrasions,

bruises, and bumps healed, but my

balance was bad and it remained off.

The fear of falling was great too and

did not subside. I’m not sure if it was

completely physiological (having to do

with the body) or if there was something

psychological (having to do with

the mind) going on too. From that point

on, I was very cane dependent.

After some time, there was a part of me

that said, “Well, I’m not putting up with

this. I’m too young. This is ridiculous. I

don’t want to depend on this cane. I’m

just not old enough.” I went back to the

senior center at Houghton Park.

Before the fall, I was taking the low-impact

aerobics class for seniors and had been to

Tai Chi as well. I started to take the exercise

class again, but with my cane. I was

so afraid of falling that I avoided the Tai

Chi class. I thought I would just keel over.

The fear of falling went everywhere with

me. Every time I left my front door, I was

afraid that I might fall.

So, during my low-impact aerobics class,

one of the ladies there came up to me.

Now, I’m out there doing aerobics with

a cane. Kind of silly, right? But, I know I

needed to do something. The cane gave

me courage to get to the class.

She said, “You know, the rec center

here offers balance classes.”

I never knew that the city offered these

classes and was glad to hear about it.

There was one being held that spring, so

I signed up. It was called, A Matter of Balance.

I started going and it was wonderful.

It made all the difference in the world.

I went once a week for eight weeks.

It was a series of classes that offered

practical things to do to alleviate fear

of falling, first of all. And then, what to

do to avoid falls and if you should fall,

how to get yourself back up again. That

was this spring (2017) and I haven’t

had a fall since that first one. My fear

has diminished. I continue to exercise

including the low-impact aerobics and

Tai Chi. I consider it maintenance.

The biggest take-away from A Matter

of Balance, that I use daily, is to

be mindful of your environment. I still

have a ‘thing’ with wet surfaces. I see

it and I go right back to that fear. To

overcome it, I call it the ‘Duck Walk.’

I point my feet outward slightly, get a

good stance, look at that wet surface,

and walk across with slow, meaningful

steps. It makes me feel in control and

confidant. I still have the cane, but I

haven’t used it in weeks. I am really

grateful for the class; all of it.

There are things you can learn that can

prevent you from falling again or falling

ever. Another thing I learned is that the

human body is amazing. If you give it a

chance, it tries to make itself all better. We

tend to give up on it too quickly. I wasn’t

ready to give up. I am happy to say that

I’m out in the community, staying social,

and keeping active. We have to.

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 11

Best Case Planning for

Judith MOman

No matter what your age or health,

you should be prepared for all of

life’s emergencies—do yourself

and your loved ones a favor by

making decisions now.

If you do not have the forms

described below—don’t worry!

Best case planning can be as

simple as writing down your best

friend’s phone number.

The documents listed below are

good for everyone over the age

of 18 to have...and making them

does not have to be expensive or


In the most short and simple terms,

everyone needs the Big Three:

1) Power of Attorney for

Health Care and Health Care

Instruction (also called an

Advance Health Care Directive)

California lets you create an Advance

Directive in which you

nominate an Agent who will make

medical decisions when you cannot.

This form also allows you to

state clearly what kind of treatment

you do or do not want as

well as leaving instructions for

your physical remains after death

if you do not have a Will.

2) Power of Attorney

If you are sick or incapacitated

how will your expenses be paid?

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 13

If you need to access money, or

sell assets to provide care, how

will this happen? A Power of Attorney

is a very powerful form

that lets you nominate another

person to take control of your finances

when you cannot.

3) Will or Trust

Who will make sure all of your

belongings and assets go to the

right people or charity after you

die? A Will names a Personal

Representative. A Trust names

a Trustee who makes decisions

about how assets in the Trust

are handled. A Will can be very

simple and done by you if you

do not own a lot and are not

worried about family conflict. If

you have a lot of assets or complicated

family, a Will can be as

complicated as a Trust, which

really is easiest and safest to

have an attorney create.

Do Not Put These Documents

In A Safety Deposit Box

Without a court order, no one can

get them but you; even if you put

someone else’s name on the account,

it takes time. Electronic

copies or fireproof box are best.

Don’t stress if you don’t have all

of these documents. One step at

a time.

For right now, let’s get basic information.

On the next page is

a sheet you can cut out, fill in

the blanks, and stick on your

fridge. ----------------------->

Presto—chaos tamed.

You can take a picture and email

it to your friend who lives out of

state or mail a copy to your family


It’s Quick and Painless – Just Do It!

A new(ish) Long Beach resident, Judith

is a licensed estate planning attorney in

Massachusetts. She is passionate about

Best Case Planning and likes to share it

with everyone!

14 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

My Name is:


LOCAL Emergency Contacts – Friend, Relative or Neighbor

Emergency Contact Name & Number

Emergency Contact Name & Number

Emergency Contact Name & Number

• If applicable, don’t forget to list your employer and/or any regular civic or religious

community you regularly interact with (volunteer, meet), if you would want them to know

something serious has happened to you.

• If you have someone you trust absolutely—tell them where you will leave them a note with

information on how to access your telephone, email, & social media passwords.

• Do you have a physical phonebook? Write down what it looks like & where it lives!

LEGAL Emergency Contacts & Documents:

1) Advance Health Care Directive

(Doctor & Health Care Agent

already have copies, right?)



Where the document is located:

2) Power of Attorney



Where the document is located:

MEDICAL Information:

3) Personal Representative or

Trustee from Will or Trust



Where the document is located:

Primary Doctor’s Name & Phone:

Preferred Hospital:

Insurance Provider:

Allergies & Medical Conditions:

Pets, Plants, or other loved ones: Attach another sheet with veterinarian info & where is the

cat carrier and other supplies? Does the dog need a pill? Are the orchids cold sensitive? Etc.

Name & Contact for caregiver in your absence:

Alternative in case that person is not available:


Serving seniors in need.



Email us:



Thank you to LBCAP, HOPE, The Home Depot Foundation

& Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation

for making this program possible and

helping to preserve independence

for older adults through fall prevention.

16 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017















seniors & their pets.



Email us:


Thank you to

Diane Warren Foundation &

Employees Community Fund of

Boeing California for

making this program possible

and helping to preserve pet

companionship for older adults.

Heart of Ida

Book Club

Every Other Thursday


Starting from September 14

Long Beach Senior Center

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 17

Report elder abuse

or neglect.

Elder Abuse Hotline

(877) 477-3646

Elder Abuse

Occurs in

Many Forms










Elder Abuse

Stand Up &

Speak Out.

It Matters.

If it is immediate

(happening right

now) or life threatening—Call


Ageless Alliance

LA County District




(800) 380-3811

California Attorney

General Bureau of


& Elder Abuse

(800) 722-0432

Domestic Violence


National DVH

(800) 799-7233

DVH Socal in 13 languages:

(800) 978-3600

Jewish Family Service

Violence Project

(818) 505-0900

Aging & Adult



(888) 202-4248

(877) 477-3646

Conducts investigation

of all situations

involving elders (age

65+) and dependent

adults (physically or

mentally impaired

aged 18-64) who are

reported to be endangered

by physical,

sexual, or financial

abuse, abandonment,

isolation, abduction,

neglect or self-neglect,

or hazardous

living conditions.

Long-Term Care


(800) 334-9473

(800) 231-4024,

after hours/crisis

A free and confidential

service that maintains

and improves the quality

of life for residents

in long-term care facilities.

18 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

Helplines and Hotlines

911 Emergency Police/Fire

211 Los Angeles


Suicide Hotline &

Vet Crisis Line

(800) 784-2433

Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ

(866) 488-7386

Poison Control (800) 222-1222

Elder Abuse Hotline

(877) 477-3646

National Sexual Assault


(800) 656-4673

Los Angeles Aging &

Adult Services

(888) 202-4248

Disabled Transport

(Access Eligibility)

(562) 591-8753

Domestic Violence

(800) 799-7233

Center for Health Rights

(213) 383-4519


Shelter Hotline

(800) 548-6047

LA County

Mental Health Access

(800) 854-7771

Legal Aid of Los Angeles

601 Pacific Ave. (562) 435-3501

Long Beach Gas & Oil

Emergency (562) 570-2140

Utility (562) 570-5700

So Cal Edison (800) 655-4555


(Low-Income Emergency

Assistance with Utilities)

(866) 675-6623

Wise & Healthy Aging

Long Term Care Ombudsman

(800) 334-9473,

After hours, (800) 231-4024

Medicare (800) 633-4227

Multi-Service Center

1301 W. 12th St.

(562) 570-4500

Poverty assistance.

AgeWell AgeWell Long Long Beach Beach | Fall | Fall 2017 19


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Noon – 7 p.m. (Main Library open until 8 p.m.)

Wednesday: Noon - 6 p.m.

Thursday: Noon – 7 p.m. (Main Library open until 8 p.m.) Hours

Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sunday: Noon – 4 p.m. (Bay Shore, Burnett, El Dorado, &

Michelle Obama libraries only)

Main Library

101 Pacific Ave.,

(562) 570-7500

Recycled Reads

1st Saturday, 2-3pm

Film Club (themes),

Tuesdays 5:30-


Computer for

Beginners, Tuesdays



Conversation Group

Thursdays, 3-4pm

Films, Thursdays

4:30- 6pm

Movie Day, Saturdays



1836 E. Third St.,

(562) 570-1037

Ruth Bach

4055 N.

Bellflower Blvd.,

(562) 570-1038.

Mystery Book Club

2nd Friday, 11:30am -


Bay Shore

195 Bay Shore Ave.,

(562) 570-1039

Book Club 2nd Thursday,

6:30 - 7:45pm


4036 E. Anaheim St.,

(562) 570-1040


560 E. Hill St.,

(562) 570-1041

Drawing & Painting


10am - noon


3680 Atlantic Ave.,

(562) 570-1042

Bookclub 2nd Saturday

10-11 am

Poets Meeting 2nd

Friday, 1-3:30 pm

Basic Computer Tutorial

- 30 minute sessions,

Fridays, 12:30 - 2pm

Jigsaw Puzzle lending;

no library card required

Ted Talks

1st three Saturdays,

12:30 - 1:30pm

El Dorado

2900 Studebaker

Road, (562) 570-3136

Book Club 50+ 1st

Tuesday, 1-1:30pm

Book to Movie Club

4th Tuesday

1:30- 2:30pm

Bret Harte

1595 W. Willow St.,

(562) 570-1044

Family Movie 2nd

Saturday 2-4pm

Los Altos

5614 E. Britton Dr..

(562) 570-1045

Coloring Club

Fridays, 3-4pm

20 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

Mark Twain

1401 E. Anaheim St.,

(562) 570-1046

Coloring Club 2nd



Computer class

(by appt. only)

Fridays 3:30-4:30pm

English Conversation

Group Thursdays

10am - noon

Live Life, Dance Life


10am - noon

(Senior program

co-sponsored with the

United Cambodian

Community. Low impact,

light aerobic, line

and box-step dancing

to traditional Cambodian

and contemporary

American music)

Family Support Group

Tuesdays 1pm - 3pm

(LA County Dept

of Mental Health,

co-sponsored with Latinos

in Action- Discussion

and support group

for Spanish speaking


Michelle Obama

5870 Atlantic Ave.,

(562) 570-1047

Programs in the works

include Spanish seminars

on Mental Health

done by the County of

LA; Spanish language

classes; and a Citizenship


Call locations to confirm

listed programs,

plus, ask about classes

& workshops, online

tutorials, databases &

specialized collections.

Homebound readers

services, (562) 570-

6959, Tuesday - Saturday,



Bellflower (562) 925-5543

9945 E. Flower St.

Carson (310) 830-0901

151 E. Carson St.

Compton (310) 637-0202

240 W. Compton Blvd.

Rancho Dominguez (310) 632-6193

4420 E. Rose St.

Hawaiian Gardens (562) 496-1212

11940 Carson St


4990 Clark Ave., (562) 866-1777

6600 Del Amo Blvd. (562) 421-8497

Los Alamitos/Rossmoor (562) 430-1048

12700 Montecito, Seal Beach,

Paramount (562) 630-3171

16254 Colorado Ave.

Seal Beach (562) 431-3584

707 Electric Ave

Signal Hill - 1780 E. Hill St.,

(562) 989-7323,

First Friday (of the month) Book Club,

11:30am. Book Sale, October 6, 1-4pm;

Oct. 7, 10am-3pm. 25¢ paperbacks; $1


Willmington (310) 834-1082

1300 N. Avalon Blvd.

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 21


Long Beach

Senior Center

1150 E 4th St.

Monday - Friday,

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


10am. - 4pm


(562) 570-3500

Info. & Assistance:

(562) 570-3533

Senior Fitness Room:

(562) 570-3515

Friendly Cup Cafe:

(562) 570-3546

Heart of Ida:

(562) 570-3548


Senior Civic

Center Club:

(562) 570-3543

Senior Links:

(562) 570-3555




1550 Martin Luther

King Jr. Ave.

(562) 570-1605

Monday - Friday,

9am - 2pm

Cesar Chavez

401 Golden Ave.

(562) 570-8890

Monday - Friday,

9am - 1:30pm

El Dorado Park


2800 Studebaker


(562) 570-3225

Monday - Friday,

9am - 2pm.

Houghton Park

6301 Myrtle Ave.

(562) 570-1640

Monday - Friday,

9am - 2pm

Silverado Park

1545 W. 31st St.

(562) 570-1675

Monday - Friday,

9am - 2pm

Expo Arts Center

4321 Atlantic Ave. Council

District 8 at (562) 570-6685.

22 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017



(562) 866-8614

Thompson Park Senior

Club, 14001 Bellflower

Blvd. Tuesday, 9am -



(310) 830-7600

3 Civic Plaza

July 24-25: Mature

Driving from AARP,

9am-1pm, call to register.

July 21: Las Vegas

Day (luncheon, bands,

dancing), call to register.

Compton / Rancho


(310) 605-5688

Dollarhide Center, 301

Tamarind Ave.

Mon. - Fri., 830am-5pm

Hawaiian Gardens

(562) 420-2641

Senior Center, 21815 S.

Pioneer Blvd. Mon. - Fri.,



Weingart, 5220 Olivia

St., (562) 630-6141:

July 11: Rear Window

(movie) discussion. Aug.

11: Grandkids Bingo.

Aug. 14-15: AARP Mature

Driver. Aug. 17: Printtime

Players. Aug. 18: Luau.

Burns, 5510 Clark Ave.,

(562) 925-7512. Mon.-

Fri., 7am-6pm; Sat.,


Los Alamitos

Senior Club, (562)

431-3538. Community

Center, 10911 Oak St.

Lunch programs with

activities, grocery program

& home delivered



Paramount Park, 14400

Paramount Blvd.

55+ . Monday - Friday,

8am - 5pm, (562) 220-


Signal Hill

(562) 989-7330,

Social Club, 2nd

Thursday, 10am -

noon, meets at

Signal Hill Library, 1780

E. Hill St.

Workshop: July 13: Balance

and Fall Prevention

Workshop by Kaiser


Seal Beach

(562) 431-2527

707 Electric Ave.

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 23




Call for details such as schedules

and registration.

Senior Centers

Long Beach Senior Center

1150 E 4th St.

(562) 570-3500

Fitness Gym. Friendly Café, Monday-Friday,

8am-2pm. HSA lunch,

Monday - Friday, $2.25. OC Food

Bank. Food Finders. Game Room

with billiards, games, table tennis.

CalFresh (food stamps) sign-ups,

Tuesday, 9am. Library with magazines

and books. Thrift Store.

Gift Shop. Special events, speakers,

and occasional vendor tables.

Red Hat Society. Long Beach Gray

Panthers meet first Saturdays at

10:30am. Senior Citizen Advisory

Commission meets 3rd Wednesday

of the month at 9am.

Tech Help • Bingo • Wood Carving

• Variety Band • Knit & Crochet •

Body Works • Chair Aerobics • Beg.

Spanish • Moving Easy • Senior

Striders • Meditation In Motion •

Drawing&Painting • Stretch N’ Flex

• Sewing • Tai Chi • Tap Dance •

Lapidary • Reading Group • Lapidary

• Weaving • Zumba Gold •

Wii Bowling • Sudoku Class • Karaoke

Cafe • Courage To Change

• Flower Making • Social Dance •

Sing Along • Round Dance Clinic •

Filipino American Dance

Silverado Park

1545 W. 31st St.

(562) 570-1675

Small lunch, $1, Monday - Friday,

11:30-1:30pm. Aerobics • Health

Lectures • Bingo • Card Games •

Crochet • Arts & Crafts • Dances

El Dorado Park West

2800 Studebaker Road

(562) 570-3225

HSA lunch, Monday-Friday (registration

needed, (562) 429-4283).

Hula • Bell Dancing • Bingo • Book

Club • Card Making • Mini-Craft •

Flower Arranging • Longevity Stick

• Light Chair Stretching • Big Band

Concert & Dancing • Senior Fitness

• Bridge • Cronit Club • Card Games

• Zumba Gold Toning • Quilters •

Ballroom Dancing • Line Dance •

Almost Ballet • Crochet & Knit

Houghton Park

6301 Myrtle Ave.

(562) 570-1640

Light-Chair Aerobics • Tai Chi •

Bingo • Quilting • Beg. Computer

(English & Spanish) • Mini Craft •

24 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

Spanish 1 & 2 • Jewelry Class. HSA

Lunch, $2.25, Monday - Friday.

California Rec. Center

1550 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

(562) 570-1605

HSA lunch program, $2.25, Monday

- Friday. Game room with billiards,

games, table tennis, TV. Tai

Chi • Bingo • Crafts • Line Dancing

• Quilting • Tech Help (cell phones,

cameras, email, social media) • Exercise

Class • Music Appreciation

Cesar Chavez

401 Golden Ave. (562) 570-8890.

Small lunch, $1, Monday - Friday,

noon - 1pm. Game room, billiards,

ping-pong, fitness room. Crochet,

painting, and arts & crafts.

Expo Arts Center

4321 Atlantic Ave. For schedule of

senior activities, call Council District

8 at (562) 570-6685.

The LGBTQ Center

2017 E. 4th St., (562) 434-4455, Social support

groups, seminars and events.

Alpert Jewish

Community Center

Silver Sneakers Fitness Program.

3801 E. Willow St. (562) 426-7601.

Warm Water


Ability First

3770 E. Willow St.

(562) 426-6161

Arthritis Swim, Arthritis Swim

Plus, Open Swim, Water


Pools of Hope

6801 Long Beach Blvd.

(310) 537-2224

City Pools with

Exercise Classes:

Long Beach




AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 25

The Happiness & Humor Group,

free, monthly group that helps find

the positive side of life. All senior

adults are invited, bring your

friends, and be ready to laugh.

Coffee and light refreshments

served. October 6 and November

3 (first Fridays). For more information,

call Dr. Susan Mathieu at

(562) 426-7601, ext. 1721.

Weekly senior lunches, Wednesdays

at noon; $5-6.


Life Fit Center at CSULB

For Long Beach residents ages 49+.

Membership: $4-26 per month. Additional

fee for parking and Alter-G

Anti-Gravity treadmills. 1250 N.

Bellflower Blvd. (562) 985-2015,

Fit & Fun. Krank Circuit. Bodyweight

& Balance. Building Strength. Pilates,

Flexibility, Mindfulness & Gratitude.

Yoga. Aqua Fitness. Fit Camp.

Krank Fusion. Xcel Fitness. SIT: Spin

Interval Training. In-Trinity Flow.

Strength For Living. Personal Training.

Beach TV Yoga. Fit & Fueled.


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Four locations. (562) 985-8237

Fall: October 2 - November 18

Call for special events.

Annual membership for adults ages

50+: $40 (covers full academic

year, September to September).

Tuition: $10 per lecture class. $35

per computer class. Additional fee

for parking permit.

Classes include:

Stand Tall, Stand Strong. Chinese

Traditional Painting. Bridge. Longevity

Stick. Music Appreciation.

Feel Great Again - Understand and

Maximize Your Brain Biochemistry.

Ukulele for All Levels,.The World,

Its Resources, and Humankind.

Almost Naked-Eye Astronomy.

Short Stories. Play the Recorder.

Guided Autobiography (GAB). Bicycle

Travel - Safety & Three-Day

Overnight Trip. Buy, Cook, & Eat

Sustainable Food. LA Opera Talk.

Geography of China. Whodunit?!?

Buddhist Art of Asia. Memoir

Writing in Korean. Taking Better

Photos. Pencil Play. It Happened

in Brooklyn. Reiki I. Law Enforcement.

Conversational French.

Publish Your Non-Fiction. Keys to

Clear Clutter. Gospel Music Workshop.

Remarkable Women of Long

Beach. Watercolor for Beginners

and Intermediate Painters. Cards

and Crafts for the Holidays. Six

Stories…Six Weeks. Guided Meditation

for Rejuvenation & Transformation.

A Novel Approach to

Memoir Writing. Yoga with Jean-

Marie. Tai Chi Chih. Fear not, I

26 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

Speak Shakespeare XXI. Social

Spanish. Current Events: National

& International Issues. Financial

Rules of the Road. Adventures in

Acrylics. Watercolor. Folk Guitar I.

Medicare & Prescription Drug Optimization

2018. Shall We Dance?

Catch the Spirit of Music. Self-

Help Harmonica Workshop. Not

Your Daughter’s Yoga. America in

the 20s. Yoga on a Chair. Astronomy

for the Layman. Arts & Crafts

Movement. Jewelry from A-Z. Estate

Planning 101. Playreading

with Alice. Spanish Conversation.

Women on Film: 1950s.


Long Beach Community College

Lifetime Learning Program for older

adults. Pacific Coast Campus,

1305 E. PCH., FF-108. (562) 938-


Classes: Music Appreciation.

World Affairs. Writing Your Memoirs.

Tai Chi. Women Artists of

the Renaissance & Baroque eras.

Computer/Social Media class.

Tours: September 14: Land & Sea

Adventure in Santa Barbara. September

28: Mystery Tour. October:

12 Alpacas & Temecula. November

1: Carlsbad & Kaleidoscope. November

16: Union Station & Hollywood

Museum. December 7: Reagan

Library & Titanic Exhibit.

Long Beach

Health & Human Services

Locations vary

(562) 570-4499

Call or visit their website for Diabetes

Prevention & Management Program,

Healthy Active Long Beach

events & programs, workshops,

and health fairs, plus mental health

and healthcare resources.

Primetime Players

Seniors who enjoy singing, dancing,

acting and/or stage work are

encouraged to audition. Contact

Jim Meyer, (714) 269-7496 or Barbara



Silver Sneakers and Silver&Fit. Los

Altos offers fun outings 2nd Tuesdays.

Los Altos, 1720 Bellflower

Blvd., (562) 596-3394; Fairfield,

4949 Atlantic Ave., (562)423-

0491; and Lakewood, 5835 E.

Carson St. (Lakewood), (562)


Heart of Ida

(562) 570-3548,

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance

and Book Club, plus occasional

classes, fall-prevention awareness,

fall-risk screenings, plus classes

and events. Visit the website for

updates on the latest schedule.

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 27


Dignity Health - St. Mary’s

Medical Center

Bazzeni Wellness Center for older

adults 50+. 1050 Linden Ave. (562)


Membership, free - $25 annually.

Free classes: Balance Assessment •

Community Referrals • Health Education

Classes. Fee-Based Classes

(low-cost): Falls Prevention • Yoga

• Senior Fit Class • T’ai Chi • Stepping

On • Book Club • Trips • Passages

Outpatient Therapeutic Support

for 55+ • More

September 19: AARP Smart Driver

Course. September 28: Fall Prevention

& Safety Summit. Free with

lunch, screenings and guest speakers

(registration required). November

2, Caregiver Luncheon (registration


Long Beach Memorial

MemorialCare Senior Plus

program for older adults ages 55+.

2801 Atlantic Ave., (562) 933-


$25 annual fee. Call for details.


Los Alamitos

Medical Center

3751 Katella Ave.,

Los Alamitos

(562) 598-1311

Classes and lectures.

Lakewood Regional

Medical Center

3700 E. South St.,


(562) 531-2550

Classes and lectures.

Kaiser Permanente

25825 Vermont Ave., Harbor City

(800) 780-1230

Classes (KP members only)

St. Francis Family

Health Center

457 S. Long Beach Blvd.,


(310) 900-7340

55+. Events, wellness classes,

health screenings, health fairs,

28 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017


Long Beach

Adults 50+ classes

(562) 570-3100,

Ballroom Dance • Round Dance • Senior Line Dancing • Gentle Yoga • Fit,

Firm, & Flexible for 50+, Senior Fitness • Zumba Gold • Zumba Toning •

Lower Back & Hip Workshop • Voice Class. Variety of classes (not listed here)

held at seniors centers, go to page 24 for more information.

Many cities hold FREE holiday concerts and events. Call for details.


(562) 804-1424, ext. 2268

Classes and excursions.


(310) 847-3570, 3 Civic Plaza.

Classes, exercise, and excursions.

Compton/ Rancho Dominguez

(310) 605-5688

Dollarhide Community Center

301 N. Tamarind Ave.

Classes, exercise, and events.

Hawaiian Gardens

(562) 420-2641

21815 S. Pioneer Blvd.

Classes and excursions.


(562) 866-9771, ext. 2408

Classes, exercise, and excursions.

Los Alamitos

(562) 431-3538

Classes and excursions.


(562) 220-2121

Classes and excursions, plus AARP

Mature Driver and medical checks.

Signal Hill

(562) 989-7330,

Classes, events, and excursions.

Seal Beach

(562) 431-2527

Classes, including Medicare 101,

Ageless Grace, Eye Health 101,

dance and fitness.

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 29


to discuss



Bring Your Boomer, Courageous

Conversations are some programs that

are happening around the world. What if we

start a monthly Generational Get-Together

to discuss whatever connects us -

would you come?

Would you bring a Gen X/Y? Or if you are a Gen X/Y,

would you Bring a Boomer or Builder? Let us know:, (562) 570-3548,

Facebook, IG, & Twitter.

Most people (93%) agree that youth and older people would benefit from

building relationships. 77% of adults wish there were more opportunities

in their own community for people from different age groups to meet

and get to know one another and unite around shared goals & interests.

30 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017


Food Stamps

(Cal Fresh)

Sign-ups, call

for days/times:

Long Beach Senior

Center, (562) 570-


Long Beach Dept. of

Health & Human Services,

(562) 570-4315.

Alpert Jewish

Community Center

Senior Lunches $5-6

- Wednesdays (vegetarian

and Kosher options).

3801 E. Willow

St. (562) 426-7601,

Human Services

Association (HSA)

Meals Program

(562) 570-3520. Lunch

Program for ages 60+.

Suggested donation of

$2.25; any donation is

appreciated, but no one

will be turned away due

to inability to donate.

Locations include:

California Rec. Center,

Cerritos Senior

Center, El Dorado

Park, Houghton Park,

and Long Beach Senior

Center. Phone

numbers and location

addresses are found

page 22.

Meals on WheelsLB

$8 per day for two

meals—dinner & lunch.

Meals are delivered

Monday - Friday between

10:30 am - 12:30

pm by volunteers. Sign

up on their website or

over the phone. (562)


FOOD BANKS - Call for locations, pickup times, & more.

American Red Cross

(562) 595-6341

Long Beach


(213) 251-343

Food Finders

(562) 283-1400

Foodbank of So. Cal.

(562) 435-3577

Grateful Hearts Storehouse,

(562) 431-0880

Long Beach Rescue

(562) 591-1292

Salvation Army

(562) 436-7000

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 31

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 31


(562) 595-1153

Choice Home

Medical Supplies

800 E. Wardlow Road, Ste. A

(562) 256-9961

Disabled Resource Center

2750 E. Spring St., Ste. 100

(562) 427-1000,

Medical equipment loans.

Home Medix

3811 Atlantic Ave.

Mozena Medical Supplies

3935 E. Anaheim St.

(562) 498-2500

Mobul - The Home

Mobility Store

2153 N.

Bellflower Blvd.,

(562) 343-7333,


In-Home Supportive

Services (IHSS) Personal Care

Services Program (PCSP)

(888) 944-4477,

IHSS Ombudsman, (888) 678-4477

Senior Links Program

For Resources/Services

(562) 570-3555

1150 E. 4th St.

(Inside Long Beach

Senior Center)

Long Beach Department

of Health and

Human Services

outreach program

provides a help

line, and wide

range of services & resources.


Independence at Home

(866) 421-1964

For people 55+, programs provide

wide variety of supoort through

social workers, gerontologists,

mental-health professionals, pharmacists,

health educators, and

volunteers. No charge. Available in

Spanish and other languages.

32 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017



Dignity-St. Mary’s

Medical Center

1050 Linden Ave.,

(562) 491-9000

Long Beach Community

1720 Termino Ave.,

(562) 498-1000

Long Beach

Memorial Hospital

2801 Atlantic Ave.,

(562) 933-2000,

VA Long Beach

5901 E. 7th St.,

(562) 826-8000





Medical Center

1000 W. Carson St.

(310) 222-2345

Los Alamitos

Medical Center

3751 Katella Ave.,

Los Alamitos

(562) 598-1311

Lakewood Regional

Medical Center

3700 E. South St.,


(562) 531-2550

Kaiser Permanente

25825 Vermont Ave.,

Harbor City

(800) 780-


St. Francis

Family Health


457 S. Long

Beach Blvd.,


(310) 761-



Urgent Care


Urgent Care Plus

555 Ocean Blvd.,

Ste. 110

(562) 285-5050

Reddy Urgent Care

123 Atlantic Ave.,

(562) 726-1383

Long Beach

Urgent Care

6553 E. PCH

(562) 596-8700

Medpost Urgent Care

2010 E. Carson St.

(562) 424-5450


Medical Groups

Urgent Care Center

2110 N. Bellflower Blvd.

(562) 346-2222

Long Beach



1333 Chestnut Ave.

(562) 599-2153

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 33


Suicide Hotline

(800) 273-8255

Chat available.

Dignity - St. Mary

Medical Center

Trauma - 1045 Atlantic

Ave. Ste. 801, (562)




C.A.R.E. - 1045 Atlantic

Ave., Ste. 1016,

(562) 624-4900

Long Beach Police

Dept. Mental Health

Evaluation Team

(562) 435-6711

Long Beach Mental

Health Center -

1975 Long Beach Blvd.

(562) 599-9280

Telecare La Casa

Mental Health Urgent

Care - 6060 Paramount

Blvd. (562) 634-9534,

Walk-in services only,

8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Long Beach Asian

Pacific Islander Family

Mental Health

4510 E. PCH, Ste. 600

(562) 346-1100

Mental Health America

Village ISA - 456 Elm

Ave., (562) 437-6717.

Los Angeles County

Dept. of Mental Health

(800) 854-7771


Family Caregiver Support Center by

USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology,

Email:, (855)

872-6060. Telephone support group

second Monday of the month, 7:15-

8:15, call number for access code.

Group support meeting at Grace

First Presbyterian Church. Fireside

Room, 3955 Studebaker, Long Beach,

fourth Thursday of the month (Jan. -

Oct.) and third Thurs. in Nov., 10 a.m.

- noon.

34 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

Small Circles

Mobile app helps match

people caring for older

adults with local, small,

private groups to share resources, experiences,

ideas and information.

Daughterhood Circles

Small groups get together regularly to

hang out, relax, and help each other

navigate caring for aging parents.

Caregiver Luncheon at Dignity

Health - St. Mary Medical Center, November.

2, 11am-1pm, registraton required,

call (888) 478-6279.



Greater Los Angeles

Adult Day Services

Help Line

(844) HELP.ALZ

ALS Association

American Heart

Association and

American Stroke


(213) 291-7000

American Diabetes


(800) 342-2383


Association of

Adult Day Services

California Dept.

of Health Care


California Dept.

of Social Services

Facility Resources

A Place for Mom

(844) 731-8137

Assited Living


(310) 853-8282

Connections Care

Home Referrals

(800) 330-5993



Nursing Home




Genesis Program

Mental health

assessments for

people age 60+.

(213) 351-7284

IMAlive Crisis Network,

Friendship Line

24-hour, for people

60+. (800) 971-0016

LA Warmline

10pm - 6am

Crisis Line

(855) 952-9276

spanish available

The Warm Line

Non-Crisis line.

M-F, 5-10pm


(888) 448-4055


(888) 448-9777


State of CA Crisis

Line (800) 231-4024

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 35


Medicare • (800) 633-4227 •

Sign up, change plans, review costs, what is covered, drug

coverage, supplements, claims/appeals, forms and resources.

Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program (HICAP) -

Medicare counseling:

(800) 434-0222

Medi-Cal Managed Care Ombudsman

(888) 452-8609

National Council on Aging

Benefits Check-up

CA Dept. of Insurance Consumer Hotline

(213) 897-8921, (800) 927-4357

Senior Medicare Patrol

California Fraud


(855) 613-7080


Center for Health Care

Rights, (213) 383-4519

Telephone counseling

by appointment;

in-person also available

under special circumstances.

US Health and Human

TIPS Hotline to report

Medicare Fraud

(800) 447-8477

36 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017


Credit Card Fraud

Help with identity

theft, create a freeze

on new accounts from

being opened in your

name, and credit report



(888) 397-3742


(866) 349-5191


(800) 680-7289

Free annual credit report:

(877) 322-8228

Mail Fraud &


US Postal Inspection

Service to report mail

fraud: (877) 876-2455

Opt-out from insurance

offers, pre-approved

credit card, &

unsolicited mail, (888)


Direct Marketing

Association Inc.

Remove your name

from mailing lists and

e-mailing lists:

Telephone Fraud

Federal Trade

Commission (FTC)

Report telemarketing

fraud/identity theft:

(877) 382-4357

Do Not Call Registry -

Stop telemarketers from

calling. (888) 382-1222.

Internet Crime / Spam

Internet Crime complaint

center: www.ic3.


Other Issues

Financial Industry Regulatory

Authority (FIN-

RA) check the background

of a broker or

brokerage: (800) 289-


California Department

of Consumer Affairs to

make sure licenses of

physicians, nurses, and

other heath care professionals

are current: dcs., (800) 952-5210

California Department of

Insurance: (800) 927-


California Department

of Real Estate, dre., (213) 620-2072

California Public Utilities

Commission for

utility complaints:

(800) 649-7570

LA County Department

of Consumer Affairs

for landlord/tenant issues,

housing discrimination,


issues, consumer complaints:


gov, (800) 593-8222

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 37


Long Beach

Yellow Cab

(562) 435-6111

AARP Driver Safety

Course 50+. Online

course at

AAA Defensive Driving

Course. Online courses,

tips and evaluations.


Rancho Los Amigos

National Rehabilitation

Center - Driving Simulations.

7601 E. Imperial

Hwy., Downey.

(562) 401-7111.

Long Beach Transit -

Bus System

Passengers that qualify

for Medicare, are

62+, and/or have

disabilities, bus fare

is 60 cents.

Passengers who are

lblind or use a wheelchair,

bus fare is free.

Find bus schedules at

Disability Transportation

Services. Must register

prior to use. Dial-A-Lift

through Long

Beach Transit, (562)

591-8753; and Access

Paratransit Services,

(800) 883-1295, fees


Taxi and Mobile

Ride Share:


(855) 267-2354

On-demand assisted


Uber and Lyft access

services offer additional

assistance to

seniors and people

with disabilities. To

use services, Uber

and/or Lyft apps are

required on a mobile


For Uber services,

open the app slide to

Assist or WAV and set


For Lyft services, open

the app, go to the

“Settings” menu, tap

on “Services,” tap on

“Access” to enable,

then request a ride.

38 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

Affordable Living for the

Aging. (323) 650-7988.

Eviction Defense Network.

(213) 385-8112

Fair Housing


(562) 989-1206

Forever Active.

(888) 705-7441

Housing Rights Center.

(800) 477-5977.

Housing Authority Bureau

for the City of Long

Beach. (562) 570-6985

HUD Senior Resources

LA County Housing Resource

Center. (877)


LBRE -Long Beach Residents


(562) 444-5147

Renter’s rights & legal

workshops, bi-monthly

meetings & more.

LGBTQ+ Seniors & Allys

LBGTQHousingLB@, (562) 294-


Menorah Housing Foundation.

(310) 475-6083


Improvement - Free

graffitt removal & paint,

(562) 570-6866); and

use of cleanup tools,


and other resources.


Rebuilding Together

Long Beach.

(562) 490-3802

Stayhome Safe

(626) 792-0070

US Dept of Housing &

Urban Development

(800) 955-2232

See CA State Property

Tax Postponement Program.

on page 41.


Long Beach Gas & Water

333 W. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach,

(562) 570-5700,


SoCal Edison Assistance Plans:

Energy Assistance Fund, (800)

205-8596; Energy

Savings Assistance,

(800) 736-4777

SoCal Gas

(The Gas Company)


(800) 427-2200

(877) 238-0092

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 39


Alpert Jewish

Community Center -

Retired and Senior

Volunteer Program

(RSVP) - (562) 506-2801

American Red Cross

3150 E. 29th St.

(562) 595-6341

Cambodian Association

of America

2390 Pacific Ave.

(562) 988-1863

Carpenter Performing

Arts Center

(562) 985-4274

Christian Outreach

in Action, 515 3rd St.

(562) 432-1440

Free medical clinic, Tues.

and Thurs., 8am-4pm.

Food and clothing bank.

Water station during the

summer months. Food

for pets, during food

bank, Thursday, 9amnoon.

Community Action

Partnership (LBCAP)

(562) 216-4600,

Disabled Resource Center,

2750 E. Spring St.,

Ste. 100

(562) 427-1000

Food Finders

(562) 283-1400,

Gray Panthers

Long Beach

First Saturday, 10:30

a.m. at the Long Beach

Senior Center, 1150 E.

4th St.


Heart of Ida

(562) 570-3548,

Long Beach Health

& Human Services

Public Health 24 Hour

Advisory Info Line,

(562) 570-4499

Main: 2525 Grand Ave.

(562) 570-4000

Independence at Home


(866) 421-1964



Justin Rudd Community

Action Team


LBRE - Long Beach

Residents Empowered

(562) 444-5147

Renter’s rights & legal

workshops, Housing Action

Meeting bi-monthly.


2017 E. 4th St., (562)


Long Beach Fire


(562) 570-2519

Long Beach Heritage

(562) 493-7019

Long Beach Playhouse

(562) 494-1014

40 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

Long Beach Rescue

Mission / Lydia House

Samaritan House

1335 Pacific Ave.

(562) 591-1292,

Long Beach Senior

Police Partners (SPP)

Lutheran Social


Community Care Long

Beach, 1611 Pine Ave.

(562) 599-1321

Meals on Wheels

Long Beach

(562) 439-5000

Multi-Service Center

for People Experiencing


1301 W. 12th St.,

(562) 570-4500


Resource Center

(562) 570-1010

100 W. Broadway #550

Access to fax machines,

computers, printers,

Internet, resource materials

and more.

PFLAG Long Beach

(562) 248-6010

Second Wednesday

meetings at Temple

Isreal, 269 Loma; 7pm

Rancho Los Alamitos

(562) 431-3541

Rancho Los Cerritos

(562) 206-2040

Salvation Army

Family Services

3092 Long Beach Blvd.

(562) 426-7637

Senior Corps

(800) 942-2677,


Senior Links - Public

Health, (562) 570-

3555, inside Long Beach

Senior Center, 1150 E.

4th St.

Social Security

(800) 772-1213

2005 Long Beach


St. Luke’s Long Beach

(562) 436-4047

Urban Community


(562) 582-1000

US Vets Long Beach


Long Beach Community

and Memorial Care

Long Beach

Dignity Health -

St. Mary’s Medical




VA Hospital -

Long Beach

(562) 826-5715


Villages at Cabrillo

2001 River Ave.,

(562) 200-7300

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 41


St. Mary Medical Center

Low Vision Center

1050 Linden Ave.

(562) 491-9275

Lions Club

Sight Programs

Downtown Long Beach Lions

(562) 477-3286

LensCrafters OneSight

(877) 753-6727

Outside Long Beach:

The Braille Institute

Los Angeles

741 N. Vermont Ave.

(323) 663-1111


527 N. Dale Ave.

(714) 821-5000

(800) 272-4553 (BRAILLE)


Ascent Hearing Center

4085 Atlantic Ave., Ste. D

(562) 206-1983

Beltone S. California

2865 Atlantic Ave., Ste. 225

(714) 672-9445,

Connect Hearing

(562) 494-7374

Screenings: locations vary

Clear Captions

Free phones,

Hearing Loss Association of

America (HLAA)

Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter

(562) 438-0597

Chapter meets on 2nd Thursday

at 6:30 p.m. Free lip reading

classes Mondays 10am - noon

and Wednesdays 9:30-11:30am

(call for schedule). Free Hearing

Assistive Technology (HAT)

Demo 3rd Friday 10am - noon.

Meeting, classes, and demos at

Weingart Senior Center, 5220

Olivia Ave., Lakewood.

Jay’s Hearing Aid Center

3740 E. 7th St., (562) 433-6701

Sonus Hearing Care

2530 Atlantic Ave., Ste. D

(562) 426-2137

42 AgeWell Long Beach Fall 2017



















Sign-up for


Saturday, 12/2 or 12/9

Pack gift bags

and/or deliver!


Collection Box

For details, email

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 43

Mortuaries & Cemeteries

Adams Funeral Home

501 E. Palmer, Compton

(323) 636-9864

Affordable Burial

and Cremation Services

6510 Cherry Ave.

(888) 932-3286

All Souls Mortuary

4400 Cherry Ave.

(562) 424-8601

Dignity Memorial / Stricklin

Snively Mortuary

1952 Long Beach Blvd.

(562) 426-3365

Dignity Memorial / Whites

Funeral Home

9903 E. Flower St., Bellflower

(562) 867-2741

Harrison-Ross Mortuary

426 E. Compton Blvd.


(310) 667-4052

Long Beach Colonial Mortuary

638 Atlantic Ave.

(562) 436-1601

Luyben / Dilday Mortuary

5161 Arbor Road

(562) 425-6401

McKenzie Mortuary

3843 E. Anaheim St.

(562) 961-9301

Sunnyside Cemetery


1095 E. Willow St.

(562) 595-9392

Forest Lawn

1500 E. San Antonio Drive

4471 Lincoln Ave., Cypress

(888) 204-3131

44 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

(877) 434-7598,

Search Tax Aide and Tax Aide locator.

Bet Tzedek Legal Services

(323) 939-0506,

California State Attorney General

(800) 952-5225,

California Elder Law Center

(562) 377-7710

5220 Clark Ave. Lakewood

Veterans Seminar & Health Benefits

Clinic - Weds. at 2 p.m.

Center for Health Care Rights LA

(213) 383-4519

HELP - Health Care & Elder

Law Programs

(310) 533-1996,


LA County Public Administration

Public Guardian, (213) 974-0515

Legal Aid Foundation of LA

(800) 399-4529,

National Academy of

Elder Law Attorneys

Schomer Law Group

Free seminars. (562) 346-3209

California State Property Tax

Postponement Program. Property

tax deferement availble for some CA

homeowners who are seniors, blind,

or have a disability. Search “PTP” at or call (800) 952-5661.


Abandoned Shopping

Carts, (800) 252-4613

Gas Dept. Emergency

(562) 570-2140

Broken Curb

(562) 570-2770

Leaking Fire Hydrant

(562) 570-2390

Abandoned Vehicles

Code Enforcement

Weed Abatement

(562) 570-2633

Large Trash Pickup

(free, twice a year)

Alley Cleaning

Trash Not Picked up

Trash in Street

Overflowing Trash

Can (562) 570-2876

Standing Water

in Gutters, Tree

Trimming, Potholes

Storm Drains

(562) 570-2700

Noise Complaints

(562) 570-4126

Broken Traffic Light/

Meter (562) 570-3264


(562) 570-2773

Damaged Sewer

(562) 570-2440

AgeWell Long Beach | Summer 2017 45

46 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

Agregue el número de puntos para cada respuesta “sí”. Si anotó 4 puntos o más, puede estar en riesgo de caer.

Discuta este folleto con su médico o comuníquese con Heart of Ida (562) 570-3548 o

Check Your Fall Risk - Take This Survey

Please circle “Yes” or “No” for

each statement below

Why it matters

Yes (2)

Yes (2)

Yes (1)

Yes (1)

No (0)

No (0)

No (0)

No (0)

I have fallen in the past year. People who have fallen once are likely to fall


I use or have been advised to use a cane or

walker to get around safely.

Sometimes I feel unsteady when

I am walking.

I steady myself by holding onto furniture

when walking home.

People who have been advised to use a cane or

walker may already be more likely to fall.

Unsteadiness or needing support while walking

are signs of poor balance.

This is also a sign of poor balance.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I am worried about falling. People who are worried about falling are more

likely to fall.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I need to push with my hands to stand up

from a chair.

This is a sign of weak leg muscles,

a major reason for falling.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I have some trouble stepping up onto a curb. This is also a sign of weak leg muscles.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I often have to rush to the toilet. Rushing to the bathroom, especially at night, increases

your chances of falling.

Yes (1)

Yes (1)

Yes (1)

No (0)

No (0)

No (0)

I have lost some feeling in my feet. Numbness in your feet can cause stumbles and

lead to falls.

I take medicine that sometimes makes me Side effects from medicines can sometimes

feel light-headed or more tired than usual. increase your chance of falling.

I take medicine to help me sleep or improve

my mood.

These medicines can sometimes increase your

chance of falling.

Yes (1)


No (0)

I often feel sad or depressed. Symptoms of depression, such as not feeling well

or feeling slowed down, are linked to falls.

Add up the number of points for each “yes” answer. If you scored 4 points or

more, you may be at risk for falling. Discuss this brochure with your doctor

or contact Heart of Ida (562) 570-3548 or

This checklist was developed by the Greater Los Angeles VA Geriatric Research Education Clinical Center and affiliates and us a validated fall risk assessment

tool (Rubenstein et al. J Safety Res; 2011:42(6)493-499. Adapted with permission of the authors.

AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017 47


Long Beach City

Mayor & Council


Mayor Robert Garcia

(562) 570-6801

Council District 1

Lena Gonzalez

(562) 570-6919

Council District 2

Jeannine Pearce

(562) 570-2222

Council District 3

Suzie Price

(562) 570-6300

Council District 4

Daryl Supernaw

(562) 570-4444

Council District 5

Stacy Mungo

(562) 570-5555

Council District 6

Dee Andrews

(562) 570-6816

Council District 7

Roberto Uranga

(562) 570-7777

Council District 8

Al Austin

(562) 570-6685

Council District 9

Rex Richardson

(562) 570-3319


City Halls:


(562) 804-1424


(310) 830-7600


(310) 537-8000

Hawaiian Gardens

(562) 420-2641


(562) 866-9771

Los Alamitos

(562) 431-3538


(562) 220-2225

Seal Beach

(562) 431-2527

Signal Hill

(562) 989-7300

48 AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2017

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognize

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance as an evidence-based

program that helps prevent falls in older adults by increasing

exercise and balance. Join Us!

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance with Heart of Ida

Rose Park

Tuesday, 8:15-9:15am

Outside: May 1 – Nov. 30.

at 8th & Orizaba.

Inside: Feb. 1 – April 30

at UMS Church






Senior Center

6301 Myrtle Ave.

Mon. & Wed.,



Long Beach Senior Center

1150 E 4th St.

Tuesday, 10-11am

Find out what it’s all about on YouTube with Tai Chi Moments.

(562) 570-3548 •




AgeWell Long Beach Magazine - Quarterly Wellness & Resource Publication

Fall-Prevention Awareness and Education - Presentations

Fall-Risk Screenings - Community Screenings

Safe at Home - Safe Home Assessment & Minor Modifications for Fall Prevention

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance - Evidence-Based Fall-Prevention Program

Tech Day Workshops - Tech Help at Senior Residences & Community Centers

Ida’s Walkers - Dog Walking for Low-Income, Low-Mobility Seniors

Community Professionals Training - Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Interventions Trainings

Holiday Hearts - Hygiene Bags Delivered to Seniors in Assisted Living Homes

The Heart of Ida

Preserving Independence

for Older Adults

(562) 570-3548

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