Handmade for Christmas 2017


Handmade for Christmas 2017 is here! This directory covers some 60+ local designers, artists and makers taking part in the glorious annual alternative to Christmas shopping, at the Workhouse Chapel in Sturminster Newton, Dorset.


for Christmas # 6

1 Nov - 31 Dec 2017

A two month slice of

Christmas shopping heaven!

a glorious mix of unique and beautiful gifts

from local designers,

artists and



10:30am - 4:30pm


*apart from Christmas Day!

The Workhouse Chapel

Bath Road, Sturminster Newton DT10 1DS



~ Handmade for Christmas 2017 ~

A glorious mix of unique and beautiful gifts

from local designers, artists and makers

Is it a gallery? Is it a gift shop? Is it a craft fair?

No! It’s two months of Christmas shopping heaven.

????? Do you value ?????

Superb craftsmanship and design…

The beautiful, quirky and unique…

Local enterprise…

Sitting by a roaring fire with a cup of something warming…

A chat and a laugh…

Good company…

Then this is most definitely the place (and time) for you.

For just two months each year this unassuming little Victorian Chapel

metamorphoses into a glowing beacon of hope for all those who quail at the

thought of the dreaded Christmas shopping trip. Dozens of very talented local

elves and elfesses have been toiling all year in their workshops to make the most

perfect hand-crafted gifts for those on your list (and I’m absolutely certain you

deserve a little something for yourself as well).

If you would like to know more about what goes on in the WC (yes! I know) for the

rest of the year, please visit the website and sign up to the monthly(ish) newsletter.

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Now we are six!

When I was one, I had just begun.

When I was two, I was nearly new.

When I was three, I was hardly me.

When I was four, I was not much more.

When I was five, I was just alive.

But now I am six, I’m as clever as clever.

So I think I’ll be six now for ever and ever.

A.A. Milne

From my earliest days this has been one of my very favourite poems and it’s

definitely how I feel about Handmade 2017; this year’s Handmade does feel as

though it’s come of age in some way. I’m not at all sure that I want it to become

much more ‘grown-up’! For 2017 we are open for a massive 60 days – every day of

November and December, barring Christmas Day itself - and have more exhibitors

than ever before. There doesn’t seem to be much opportunity for growing any

further, so perhaps we will, as Christopher Robin wished he could, ‘be six now for

ever and ever’. How exciting!

As ever, the trusty team of Chapel elves will be standing by to make you welcome

and to help in any way they can. Spread the word – tell all your friends – better

still, bring them along! See you in Chapel ;-)

The Workhouse Chapel

Bath Road | Sturminster Newton | DT10 1DS


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


~Gift Tokens, Workshops & Wish Lists~

Ever wondered what to give your Christmas guests and, even more

difficult, what to do with them on Boxing Day?

Well… Why not give them H4C Gift Tokens on the Big Day, then bring

them along to Handmade for Christmas in the week between Christmas

and New Year to spend them? 2 problems solved in one fell swoop!


Why not treat yourself, or someone on your list, to a workshop?

Vouchers for Rose’s feltmaking workshops (and maybe a few others) will be

available during H4C.

Ever wished that Father Christmas would bring you something you

really wanted this year?

Why not visit H4C and make a wish list of all your favourite goodies? We

will keep it safely so that your family and friends can be sure of buying

something you will love. Looks like that’s a third problem solved.

“I want some crackers,

And I want some candy;

I think a box of chocolates

Would come in handy;

I don’t mind oranges,

I do like nuts!

And I SHOULD like a

pocket-knife that really cuts.

And, oh! Father Christmas,

if you love me at all,

Bring me a big, red

India-rubber ball!”


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Okey dokey! Let’s get on with the introductions!!

I’m Rose… the one with the colourful glasses. I’m supposed

to be in charge, but I’ll leave you to make your own mind up

about that one……

Then there’s my long-suffering husband Bob – he makes sure

there’s enough wood to keep the fire in the manner to which

it has become accustomed. You may not see much of him, as

he tends to get banned for bad behaviour!!! ;-)

And let’s not forget the team of lovely, willing, helpful

elves – they’ll be oh-so-happy to help you with your

shopping, get you a cup of tea/coffee and generally be

cheerily useful.

And now…….. prepare to meet your makers!

How to sort and categorise this rather odd bunch? A gently meandering path

through the various disciplines seems to work just fine, starting with textiles,

then jewellery, metal and wood, ceramics and glass, leather, paint and print.

14 exhibitors are brand-sparkly * NEW * to Handmade this year – a huge

welcome to them – some are (but not in a Levi’s jeans kind of way)

and deserve a medal. Most are from within a 40 mile radius of the

Chapel; a few are exotic ‘outsiders’ who add diversity to the mix. Many

offer workshops - these are listed in ‘Workshops and Courses’ on p41.


All have been carefully selected and invited to take part, so ensuring that

Handmade brings you the very best in fantastic quality and value.

Together they make Handmade for Christmas a truly unique event.

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Kate Westcott

Makes – contemporary and striking

hand-printed table linen, scarves and


Materials – linen, cotton and wool

Process – screen printing

Inspired by – images and silhouettes from English

countryside and gardens

Favourite colour – magenta

Kate’s childhood dream was to be a wrapping paper



FB: Kate Westcott - artist


07947 301948


Victoria Buchan-Dyer

Makes – hats, wristwarmers, scarves

Process – knitting

Anti-fracking Eco-warrior, Knitting

Nana and old schoolfriend

Loves to – knit at the crossroads, on the corner, on

protest lines – just about anywhere…

Victoria’s profits will support the anti-fracking camps


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Carla Taylor

Makes – contemporary sustainable

wool sculptures

Materials – wool, paper, mixed media

Process – needle felting, paper cutting

Inspired by – animals, landscape and conservation of

the British countryside and coastline

Favourite hairdo – wild and windy

Would rather be – with nature and animals



07810 723288

FB: themouseholewoolery


Helen Hawkins

Makes – keepsake ‘dolls’ modelled on

British wild animals

Process – designing and patternmaking,

then stitching

Favourite book – Winnie the Pooh

Would rather be – on holiday

Helen has represented England in Field Archery

craftiekeepsakes@gmail.com | 07894 801174

FB: craftiekeepsakes

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716



Kaye Mash

Makes – striking silk


Materials – silk

Process – itajime shibori dyeing

Favourite colour – royal blue

Favourite music – blues!

Kaye is a dawn gardener


Jean Thorn

* NEW *

Makes – fine

embroidered textiles,

handspun yarns

Materials – but of course!

Process – Traditional and modern,

hand and machine

Jean just loves coconut yogurt


01303 898540


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Ruth Keenlyside

* NEW *

Makes – Cyanotype

printed pictures and


Process – Cyanotype (Ruth is also a


Inspired by – photographic processes

and natural plant materials

Ruth once won a Best in Show

trophy showing a pedigree British

Toggenburg goat named Ivy



07549 638645

Caroline Harris

Makes – pictures of

fishes, flowers,

coastal scenes

Materials – yes, lots of them!

Process – appliqué

Inspired by – the sea

Would rather be – at the beach!

“Some people grumble that roses

have thorns; I am grateful that thorns

have roses”



07977 141492

FB: Sea-SawDesign

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716





Makes – quirky

accessories for home and fashion

Material – paper, knitwear, felt,

haberdashery, recycled where possible

Process – layering, hand stitching

Would rather be... camping in the


Meninafeliz means ‘happy girl’


FB: Meninafeliz

07835 806 483


Mary Sutton

* NEW *

Makes – Fine art

stitched pictures

Material – organza

Process – free machine embroidery

Inspired by – her travels around

Europe on the back of a motorbike!

Lemon Drizzle cake? Yes please!


07787 572963

FB: marymary-248516478619

Etsy: LayeredLandscapes

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716




Rose Hatcher

Makes – felt pictures,

silk pictures, felt and

semi-precious stone jewellery

Materials – merino wool, silk fibre

Process – wet-feltmaking, silk paper

Inspired by – just about everything

Favourite potato variety – Pink Fir Apple


FB: RoseHatcher.theworkhousechapel

rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580 716

www.rosehatcher.co.uk | www.workhousechapel.co.uk

Caroline Parrott

Makes – jewellery, home and garden

accents, sculpture

Materials – anodised aluminium

Process – cutting, dying, printing

Inspired by – Dorset, its countryside, flora and fauna

Would rather be – having afternoon tea – coffee and

walnut cake please :-)

In fact – will eat almost anything but mushrooms…

www.carolineparrott.com | FB: seaparrott



www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Rachel Reilly

Makes – knitted wire jewellery

Material – enamelled copper wire

Process – knitting and manipulation

Inspired by – colour and possibilities

Has a wonderful shop – Facets of Avalon,

1 Archers Parade, Glastonbury BA6 9JA

Favourite hairdo – bed hair (see mugshot)

Rachel’s Huguenot ancestral name was Guildersleve,

which translates to ‘goldweaver’… full circle!



FB: rachelreilly.wearablesculpture

01458 830003

Sarah Bramwell * NEW *

Makes – beaded jewellery

Sarah’s curious nature leads her to

analyse the methods/techniques used

in beadwork, to create her own designs

and to constantly develop new textural shapes and



07758 823 533

FB: Sarah Bramwell


12 www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Jane Alexander

Makes – vibrant, colourful jewellery,

boxes, buttons & pictures

Materials – copper and enamel

Process – firing complex designs in

dry powder onto copper plate

Would rather be… a Cirque du Soleil performer

Jane has always had a fringe



07818 345 358


Fran Griffith

Makes - fine glass bead jewellery & kits

Fran just can’t get enough of the pure

joy of design and colour. She dreams

sparkling bead colours, mathematical

designs, and intricate combinations!

Favourite holiday destination - Cloud Cuckoo land



FB: Fran Griffith

01202 625775


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Jude Shaw

* NEW *

Makes – sculptural

unique jewellery for

every occasion

Materials – silver, brass, semi-precious


Pie or Pasta? Pie please



07981 605 374

Gill Smeulders

Makes – bold and

beautiful jewellery

Materials – handmade,

recycled, sustainable and fairtrade

buttons and beads, vintage finds,

or my own work in pure silver

Would rather be... by the sea

Hairdo? could you repeat the


Pie or Pasta? Pasta please

FB: Random

07532 449 076



www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Ann Barnett

* NEW *

Makes – handcrafted

silver and gold


Materials – silver gold, semi-precious


Inspired by – countryside & seashore

Ann used to keep rats! Florence,

Dylan and Zebedee…

Min Fletcher-


Makes – bold, opulent


Materials – silver, gold, semi-precious

and precious stones

Process – silversmithing

Favourite view – standing at the edge

of a beech wood – looking out over

the forest



FB: AnnBJewellery

07941 429255



FB: minfletcherjonesjewellery


07920 221 360

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Jesa & Al Marshall

‘Once upon a time there was a little curly haired girl

who liked climbing trees and hunting pixies and making

stuff. In a strange kingdom, just east of London, she

met a little hairy boy who liked wheels and fast things

and making stuff and they liked each other so they hooked

up. Together, they realised, they could achieve wonderful things...’

Make – fabulous fantasy world jewellery;

talismen with a story to tell

Materials – silver and precious stones

Inspiration – folklores, fairytales and legends



07785 550 771


Charlie High

Makes – contemporary designer silver jewellery

Materials – silver and semi-precious stones

Process – silversmithing

Inspired by – shells, leaves, pebbles, flowers




07816 192 689


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Becca Williams

Makes – bold simple jewellery and


Materials – silver, gold and gemstones

Inspiration – a camera full of pictures

and pockets full of twigs and pebbles

Would like to have been – an intrepid Victorian

botanist adventurer with a splendiferous moustache!

Pie or Pasta? Pasta pie please


07845 579 377


FB: beccawilliamsjands


Julie Winsor * NEW *

Makes – Simple stylish jewellery

Materials – Silver and gold

Process – Silversmithing

Julie just loves a bit of difficult

parallel parking!



07970 412079

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Colleen du Pon

Makes – ornamental

and functional ironwork

for home and garden

Materials – steel

Process – plays with fire

Would rather be… horse riding

Early bird or night owl? Night owl

“Love many, trust few, always paddle

your own canoe”

FB: colleen-du-pon-artist-blacksmith



07745 412623

Malcolm Shepherd

Champion blacksmith &

silversmith extraordinaire

Makes – functional

traditionally forged

pieces for the home /

silver jewellery, with a

hint of blacksmith.

Materials – silver, gold, steel and wood

Process – Forging and silversmithing

Lock up your biscuits!

01963 370109 |



www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Paula Joule


Makes – wire sculptures

Materials – recycled

wire netting

Inspired by – the nature surrounding

her wooden studio down All Fools


Loves a good murder mystery!

FB: Joule Signs & Designs at All

Fools Lane



01202 885847

Bob Hatcher - Starman

Makes – Stars and indoor chimes

Materials – old nails and scrapped

agricultural machinery

Process – welding, brazing

Bob is almost as dangerous around

biscuits as Malcolm!!

07900 580716


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Michelle Clements-Davies

Makes – whimsical

harbours, cliffs and


Materials – reclaimed

and local timber,

beach finds

Process – following her imagination

Inspired by – the formidable sea

Would rather be… in the sea


07843 259 594

FB: Harbour-Wood-Design


Jane Dunn

Makes – Christmas

trees, wreaths, cards

Materials – driftwood

and beach finds

Inspired by – natural beauty sculpted

by sea and sand

Would rather be… retired

“If things don’t change, they stay the



01929 471686

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Kate Kirkby

Gothic Mirrors

Makes –

Freestanding and

wall hung mirrors

Inspired by –

Gothic style


01749 677388

Gylla Woodpens

* NEW *

Makes – wooden pens

Materials – locally

grown timber

Process – lathe turned

Inspiration – to keep the art of writing




01747 824357

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716



~ FAQs ~

Is the Chapel open like this all year?

No. The wonderful array of goodies you see in Handmade for Christmas is here

for an all-too-brief two months each year. As the year’s clock strikes twelve, the

Chapel will revert to being Rose’s workshop/studio.

What happens here for the rest of the year?

1. Rose works here throughout the year, taming colourful wool and silk fibres into

beautiful textural pictures of flowers, moorland, cliffs and beaches. Her work is

usually on display, but there are no regular opening hours. Please ring to make an


2. Feltmaking Classes – listed on the website.

3. Other exhibitions and events (see back cover).

If I need to return or exchange an item after H4C has closed, what do

I do?

Don’t panic!! Contact Rose on 07900 580716 or rose@rosehatcher.co.uk and she

will help you get things sorted.

I’d love to be part of Handmade for Christmas – what should I do?

There is no application process for H4C - all exhibitors are here by invitation. The

work is carefully selected to provide the broadest possible choice and best value

for visitors. If your work meets H4C’s high standard of craftsmanship and design and

you live/work within 40 miles of Sturminster Newton, please email Rose with images

and details of what you do.

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

~The 2017 Exhibitor Survey Results~

Early Bird or Night Owl? Half of our makers/artists are night owls and just a

third are early birds. The rest burn their candles at both ends.

Pie or Pasta? 50% prefer pasta, 30% like pie and 20% are really greedy and

want pasta pie.

Seaside or Mountains for your holidays? 57% love being by the sea, 25%

are at home in the mountains and the rest just adore moorland, farmland, woods

and rivers. Most of us holiday under canvas.

Lemon Drizzle, Chocolate Brownie, Fruit Cake or Profiteroles? Perfectly

equal split, although Caroline is adamant she wants Coffee and Walnut and Becca

insists on Red Velvet cake… Everyone agrees that cake makes the world go round.

Favourite potato variety – Jersey Royals come out tops, beating Maris Piper

into a poor second place. But, if we combine the Maris Piper and King Edward

vote, it reinforces last year’s finding that roasting is THE way to go potatowise…

Half of our makers are totally obsessed with correct grammar, syntax and

spelling - 10% coodnt careless and the remainder have problems with

apostrophe’s. 80% would not trust an on-line diary.

Our taste in music is as varied as our taste in fine literature and most improvise

wildly in the kitchen (pictures on a postcard please!)

So... I must happily conclude (ooh sorry – did I just split an infinitive there?!) that

we have not added a great deal to last year’s research, the conclusion of which

was that most of us would rather be on holiday, camping by the sea, eating roast

potatoes and cake. It’s reassuring to know that nothing really changes….

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Richard Gibson

Makes – Traditional and

contemporary boxes based

on Shaker design principles

Materials – locally and sustainably

sourced hardwoods

Inspired by - Shaker simplicity and work ethic

Little known fact – knows a great deal about

underwater explosions!!!!

Would rather be… making something

FB & Instagram: shastonboxes


07988 437 741


Alan Long

Makes – turned wooden items

Materials – very locally sourced wood


Alan makes a very fine pantomime

dame indeed – Oh yes he does!


07779 501 172


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Bernard Harvey –

Original Game Company

* NEW *

Makes – Inlaid board games

Materials – English oak where possible

Inspired by – traditional games

‘Retirement is a figment of one’s imagination’



07833 558 385

Peter Thomas

Makes – Beautiful turned wood items

Materials – local Dorset wood

Process – Natural edge turning

Inspired by – nature’s paintbrush through organic forms

Would rather be… busy than bored

Peter grew a beard at 22 so he would look older – it’s

working Peter!!



01935 83247

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

23 25


Liz Walsh

Makes – functional

and non-functional

sculptural woven willow


Material – willow

Inspired by – the fascinating shapes

and constructions of Dorset’s rural


Would rather be... Sitting under

a summer apple tree, making


Favourite word – cake



07799 654 982


Barry and Gail


Make – whimsical

wooden toys, arks,

animals to stimulate and educate

Materials – wood

Process – individually cut, hand

finished and coloured

‘We love making toys so we never

have to grow up’

Chips or Salad? What’s salad???



FB: The-Ark-Man

07866 721392

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Paul Windwood

Pippa Hill

Makes – functional

baskets, large & small

Material – willow

Process – traditional basketweaving

Would rather be... Cycling downhill

towards a cake-filled café.

His artwork was once described in

a school report as ‘interesting but



FB: Paul-Windwood-Basketmaker

01202 885075


Makes – ceramic

animal sculptures

Materials – clay

Process – modelled by hand

(some cast in bronze resin)

Inspired by – British wildlife/cats/dogs

Would rather be… lying in an oldfashioned

hay field listening to larks,

surrounded by flowers, bees and


Mad cat woman!


FB: pippahillsculpture

01963 220367


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716



Linda Harris

Makes – ceramic clocks, fairies, etc

Materials – earthenware / stoneware

Process – slab built clocks and hand

modelled figures

Inspired by – life, people, nature, architecture, travel

Linda is fanatical about grammar and spelling but

it seems she has never mastered mathematical

probability (see below!!!!)

“Million to one chances happen 9 times out of 10”


linpot@lineone.net | 01932 241948

FB: Linda Harris Pottery

Jo Burnell


Makes – Beautiful, bold, colourful

earthenware pots

Process – hand thrown and richly

decorated using pigmented slips

Inspired by – nature

Jo is fluent in tortoise.

FB: potterybyjoburnell


07876 520381


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Fiona Kelly

Makes – cheerful and

practical domestic pots

Materials – stoneware

Process – thrown and slab-built

Favourite colour – red

Fiona runs the wonderful Creative Gallery in

Wareham’s St John’s Hill




Richard Jeffery * NEW *

Makes – Raku fired sculptural pieces

Materials – clay, beach finds

Richard is also a photographer and

is part of the artists’ co-operative that runs

Boilerhouse Gallery in Corfe Castle.



FB: richardjefferyphotography

Instagram: richard_jeffery_work

07767 767625


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716



Vanessa Conyers

Makes – indulgently fine

and lustrous ceramics

Materials – earthenware

Process – hand built

Inspired by – vintage lace and fabrics,


Vanessa enjoys – singing VERY loudly

after dark in the woods


FB: Vanessa Conyers Ceramics


01258 455232




Makes – woodfired

tableware and garden


Materials – locally refined clay

Inspired by – West African textiles,

Chinese Neolithic pottery and

contemporary architecture

Would like to be – walking in the Alps

ogling marmots rather more

Was once arrested by the Stasi in

Berlin! [Ed. Can’t say I blame them..]



07549 020 454

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

David Brown

Makes – sculptural


Materials – clay

Inspired by – the place where

the sea meets the land

Favourite song – I’m a little teapot

[Ed. You may be short David, but

you’re far from stout x]



01460 75655

FB: David Brown Pottery

David Archer

* NEW *

Makes – bespoke

pottery for restaurants

and small businesses

Materials – stoneware, terracotta

and porcelain mix clays

Process – Throwing and some mould

work from my own moulds

Inspired by – nature, colour and form

David is left-handed, but would play

the guitar right-handed if he could play

the guitar, which he can’t….



07868 726296


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Elm House Studio

Cath & Jerry


Make – decorated

domestic ware, porcelain and raku

Inspired by – nature, Jurassic Coast

Chips or salad – one of each

Eeyore or Tigger – ditto

“It’s not what you look at that matters

– it’s what you see”

Chrissy Silver

* NEW *

Make – fine detailed

lamps and candle-burners

Material – porcelain

Process – embossing with natural

plant material

These beautiful lamps are made in

season with fresh foliage and carry the

essence of spring/summer into winter.



01258 863662




07956 669273


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Claire Waters

Makes – fused glass panels, stained glass

Materials – glass, wood, stone

Inspired by – the sea, flowers, riverbanks

Would rather be… taller

Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we

take, but by the amount of moments that take our

breath away



Steph Smith

Makes – unique glass creations

Materials – glass

Process – tiffany, leading, fusing

Inspired by – nature, colour and form

Would rather be... camping



FB: thejunipercompany

01425 657768

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Kate Osman * NEW *

Makes – fused glass

Materials – old greenhouse glass,

sea glass, driftwood – things that the

everday folk leave behind

Inspired (and driven) by – her inner Womble

Favourite word (and colour) – turquoise



07771 640071

FB & Twitter: kateosmanglass

Instagram: Kate Osman Glass


Linda Rowe


Glass comes from the sea, my place

of healing. I change its form, layering

different colours and metals, firing it

in the heat of the kiln until it loses its sharp

edges and connects/ flows to become one.

If you want to go far... travel light.

Still loves a Pimms – who doesn’t!



07752 952 852


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Tibor Eperjessy

Makes – bags, glasses cases, books

Material – leather

Inspired by – simplicity and durability

of design

Favourite drink – anything from the Tokaj region

Would rather be… himself



FB: tibor.eperjessy


Marnhull Leathercraft

We make leather hats, bags and belts.

We also sell adult sheepskin hats, gloves

and mitts and a selection of sheep, cow

and reindeer skins.

Favourite flower – not really my thing, but I do know

Marie likes a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day…

[Ed. Good man Martin! Although I suspect Marie

answered this question for you?!]



07866 158569

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Jac Thomas


Makes – Bags, belts, notebooks

Materials – recycled leather and

handwoven fabrics

FB: offcutz.uk


07771 517200

Robin Moorcroft

Makes – fine art prints

Process – Collagraph,

linocut & monoprints

Inspired by – the structure of


Took her gap year at age 50



FB: Robin-Moorcroft-ArtistPrintmaker

07773 239990



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Sam Dodd

Patricia Burns

Paints – British

wildlife, farm

animals, gardens, anything

Materials – acrylic on canvas

Inspired by – long walks, gardening,


Chips or salad? Chips – anyone who

says salad is lying!

On a snowy Boxing Day in 1995, Sam

saw the Beast of Bodmin Moor!

Paints – flowers, still

life, landscapes

Materials –

watercolours, oils and

mixed media

Favourite flower – tulip



01258 821089



01963 23974

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Marilyn Allis

Paints – a wide range of subjects

in a unique, loose, impressionist

style, using a choice of mediums.

Favourite flower – arum lily

Started her career as a botanical artist



07789 026546


Sarah Robinson

Makes – Bunting kits, cards, lino prints

Process – relief printing

Inspired by – the flora and fauna

of the Dorset countryside

Would rather be… a skylark

“Who’s eaten all the chocolate? Oh,

it was me…”




FB: Sarah-Robinson-Designs

07470 345544


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Clare Colby * NEW *

Makes – Paper stuff, boxes and

pebblepods, wall panels, notebooks

Materials – paper, lots of paper,

poured, pressed and polished paper

Process – Messy mixing and progressive play

Inspired by – everything

Would rather be... Playing with paper



FB: Clare Colby – Pressed Paper

Instagram: allpaperedout


Delphine Jones

Makes – illustrations, greetings cards,


Materials – fineliner pens, inks,

watercolours, collage

Inspired by – food, plants, travelling and

daydreaming in my garden studio


FB & Instagram: delphinejonesillustrator


07967 466996

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Sarah Walters – Hush

Makes – ‘Retro’ note and sketchbooks

Materials – Unloved books, maps,

pamphlets, comics

Process – Deconstruction, restoration

and reconstitution

Inspired by – the need to rescue books

Pie or Pasta? Pasta please… w

www.folksy.com/shops/hush (for Hush sketchbooks)

www.sarahwaltersart.net (for prints and classes)

60sarahwalters@gmail.com | 07746 398578




www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

~ Workshops & Courses ~

Why not learn something new this year? Just take a look at all the H4C

makers who are happy to share their expertise with you! Some offer one

day workshops, others run regular classes… Check out their websites or

contact the makers by phone or email to find out more. You won’t regret it!


Screen printing – Kate Westcott

Needle felting – Carla Taylor

Spinning – Jean Thorn

Wet felting – Rose Hatcher

Hand stitched felt brooches – Anne-Marie


Machine embroidery – Mary Sutton


Metalwork & craft skills – Caroline Parrott

Silversmithing & jewellery – Jesa & Al Marshall

Silver jewellery – Ann Barnett

Make your own wedding rings – Becca


Beading – Fran Griffith

Beading – Sarah Bramwell

Enamelling – Jane Alexander

Wood & willow

Shaker boxes – Richard Gibson

Sculptural willow weaving – Liz Walsh

Basketweaving – Paul Windwood

Wooden harbours – Michelle Clements-Davies


Ceramic sculpture – Pippa Hill

Pottery – Vanessa Conyers

Pottery – Cath & Jerry Broadway

Pottery – Jo Burnell

Raku / Photography / Cyanotype –

Richard Jeffery


Fused Glass – Linda Rowe

Fused Glass – Kate Osman

Painting & Printing

Printmaking – Robin Moorcroft

Painting – Marilyn Allis

Relief printing / Needlefelting –

Sarah Robinson

Linoprint / life drawing – Sarah


Papery Stuff

Papermaking – Clare Colby


Leathercraft – Tibor Eperjessy


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

~ index ~


C Ceramics | G Glass | J Jewellery | L Leather | M Metal

O Other | P Paint/Print/Paper | S Sculpture | T Textiles | W Wood


Craftform Page


Craftform Page


Alexander, Jane J 13 Dodd, Sam P 37

Allis, Marilyn P 38 du Pon, Colleen M 18

Archer, David C 31 Dunn, Jane W 20

Barnett, Ann J 15 Eperjessy, Tibor L 35

Blake, Paula S/M 19 Fletcher-Jones, Min J 15

Bramwell, Sarah J 12 Garrett, Jonathan C 30

Broadway, Cath & Jerry C 32 Gibson, Richard W 24

Brown, David C 31 Griffith, Fran J 13

Buchan-Dyer, Victoria T 6 Gylla Woodpens W 21

Burnell, Jo C 28 Harris, Caroline T 9

Burns, Patricia P 37 Harris, Linda C 28

Clements-Davies, Michelle W/S 20 Harvey, Bernard W 25

Colby, Clare P 39 Hatcher, Bob M 19

Conyers, Vanessa C 30 Hatcher, Rose T/J 11

www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716


Craftform Page Name

Craftform Page

Hawkins, Helen T 7 Shaw, Jude J 14

High, Charlie J 16 Shepherd, Malcolm J/M 18

Hill, Pippa S 27 Silver, Chrissy C 32

Hooper, Barry and Gail W 26 Smeulders, Gill J 14

Jeffery, Richard C 29 Smith, Steph G 33

Jones, Delphine O 39 Sutton, Mary T 10

Keenlyside, Ruth T 9 Taylor, Carla T 7

Kelly, Fiona C 29 Thomas, Jac L 36

Kirkby, Kate W 21 Thomas, Peter W 25

Long, Alan W 24 Thorn, Jean T 8

Marnhull Leathercraft L 35 Vanner, Anne-Marie T/O 10

Marshall, Jesa & Al J 16 Walsh, Liz W 26

Mash, Kaye T 8 Walters, Sarah - Hush O 40

Moorcroft, Robin P 36 Waters, Claire G 33

Osman, Kate G 34 Westcott, Kate T 6

Parrott, Caroline J/O 11 Williams, Becca J 17

Reilly, Rachel J 12 Windwood, Paul W 27

Robinson, Sarah P/O 38 Winsor, Julie J 17

Rowe, Linda G 34


www.workhousechapel.co.uk | rose@rosehatcher.co.uk | 07900 580716

Brochure design: www.delphinejones.com

2018 at the Workhouse Chapel

17 – 18 February

Charity Clothes Sale

Come-on ladies! – have a good sort out and pass your quality

(no old tat please ;-) unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories to me –

after Christmas thankyou (I’m just a wee bit busy before!).

Every penny raised will go to the Fortuneswell Cancer Trust.

26 May – 10 June

Dorset Art Weeks

The Workhouse Chapel will fling open its doors as part of this

county-wide celebration of visual art, with an exhibition

of Rose Hatcher’s felt & silk work

1 November – 31 December

Handmade for Christmas 2018

Bringing you unique and beautiful handmade Christmas gifts

from 60+ very talented local designers, makers and artists

Sign up to the newsletter at www.workhousechapel.co.uk

to hear about other unforeseen fun

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