The Way I Felt Spellbound With the Escorts in Goa


The magic which escorts in Goa creates on my mind after the services of Goa escorts will not go for many years to come. I will not forget the fragrance of the body of these Goa escorts for a long long time to come. These escorts are having god gifted nice figure which every male wants to touch and feel closely.

The Way I Felt Spellbound

With the Escorts in Goa

I, Vikas Singh, am a 25 years

old young man. I belong to

Ranchi, the capital of

Jharkhand. I have a wellsettled

hosiery business. For

a very long time, it was

desire to visit Goa to enjoy

its natural ambience for

which it is so much famous.

One of my friends had told

me earlier that this state is

also famous for wonderful

romantic companions.

Gorgeous Escorts in Goa

But, I did not know much

about escorts services. Last

year, in the month of June, I

finally made up my mind to

go to this state. Here, I met

one of the most beauteous

escorts in Goa, about whom

I felt spellbound and

rejoiced a lot. Read this blog

thoroughly to know

everything in detail.

Hot & Sexy Goa Escorts

How did I come in contact

with one of the escorts?

After coming to Goa, I was

very nervous and anxious

since I had no friendship or

acquaintance in this state. As

I was told by one of the

friends that resorts are good

places for stay in Goa; I

made up my mind to stay at

this place. I asked my taxi

driver to take me to one of

the best resorts and he took

me there. It was nestled in

the midst of dense jungle

and flora and fauna.

Beautiful Goa Escorts Services

After reach there, I soon

felt need for a romantic

companion. While I was

taking rest in my room, I

saw a group of extremely

beautiful gals chatting

with resort manager. On

seeing them, I could not

resist my temptation and

I soon ran to the manger

to ask him about those

young women.

Marvelous Goa escorts Services

He said, “They all are

companions who provide

their services under Goa

escorts services. If you are

interested in hiring any one

of them, let me know and I

will help you.” I was really

stunned to hear his

straightforward reply. Since I

was interested in hiring

them, I at once asked him to

arrange one of the escorts

for me.

Sensational Escorts in Goa

Who was the escort

and how did she start

loving me?

The resort manager was a

great help to me. He took

me inside his room and

showed me the photos of

many escorts in Goa, which

were stored in his laptop

one by one.

Stunning Natalya Dsouza

I went on seeing them.

Suddenly, one of the photos

made me petrified. I soon

asked the manager to

arrange this escort to me.

Her name was Natalya

Dsouza. In the night, she

entered my room and started

with smooching. The

services that she provided

me later include fellatio,

Thai massage, French

kissing, straight sex and 69

positions. I was really on

cloud nine.

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