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Lawyer slams National’s Immigration Policy as misleading

Indian, Chinese and other ethnic

communities are all talking about

Immigration and the election.

There is a lot of talk about reducing

immigration numbers.

But Immigration is not about numbers,

it is not about a monetary value, it

is about human beings and basic respect

for the rights of other people.

Having worked in Immigration Law

for nine years under a National Government

and nine years under a Labour

government, I feel qualified to comment

on both parties’ immigration policies.

Labour’s Approach

Labour have not said that they want

to reduce migration by 20,000.

What they want is to bring a stop to

the immigration scam which sees tens

of thousands of students each year being

lured into the country with false promises,

delivered sub-standard education

Labour stands strong with New

Zealand communities to create

safe, welcoming and secure

environments for our families and


It is simply unacceptable to me that

our business owners and workers do not

and then thrown into an exploitative

labour market where they work long

hours for low wages while holding

on to the desperate hope of residency.

They estimate that closing this glorified

‘people smuggling scheme,’ will reduce

net migration by 20,000 a year.

National’s route

And make no mistake about it, net

migration will reduce by similar numbers

anyway under the new immigration

policies introduced by this Government.

Policies that continue to attract

international students into sub-standard

courses and send them into the labour

market to work in low wage, exploitative

industries with absolutely no hope

of ever obtaining residency will result

simply in a system which continues to

con international students to come here

with a promise of work and residency

then after taking their money, send them

back after using their cheap labour for

several years and cutting off all avenues

for residency.

The difference

Let us look at what other developments

have happened with immigration

feel safe when they are trying to earn a

living, or children cannot play in their

neighbourhood park because they feel


It is really important that our communities

feel safe, and know that when they

need help they can get swift action from

our Police.

The New Zealand Police do a great

job, but have not had the resources or

support that they need to provide the

service that we need in communities.



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under a National Government. We

have seen hard working, good migrants

deprived of the ability to sponsor their

parents to live here; we have seen an

Immigration Department (a) actively

targeting Indian migrants (b) grasping

for ways to decline visa application by

an Indian while providing a generous

and flexible visa system for anyone

from white Western European countries

(c) targeting Indian agent fraud whilst

ignoring Chinese agent fraud (Chinese

students bring a lot more money into the

country than Indian students); and (d) a

massive reduction in the legal rights of


Anti-Indian stance

Try being an Indian who is one day

late in submitting their visa application;

who pleads to the Immigration Minister

to be allowed to stay with their spouse

and children; who has their visa declined

because of your ethnicity; who sees

white people being granted visas when

making the same mistakes for which

they were declined. Now tell me this is a

pro migrant government.

Under Labour, migrants were neither

Crime is rising. In the last 12 months

alone, robberies increased by 16%


More on Frontline

Labour will provide an extra 1000

frontline police in our first term of Government

to ensure that our communities

are safer. We will provide extra funding

for more support staff, training, and

resources that they need to do the job


A Labour Government will have a



numbers nor dollar signs but human

beings- with families, children, parents,

partners, hopes and dreams.

We now have an immigration system

characterised by racial and ethnic bias,

absence of legal rights for migrants,

fraudulent and corrupt agents and

schools continue operating and using

migrant numbers as a pool of cheap and

easily exploited labour, because simply,

it is good for business.

Cash Cows

This government does not treat

migration as the movement of people

with hopes, dreams and families but as a

source of money. The richer you are, the

whiter you are.

The role of National Party MPs is

to fundraise for the Party within the

community. Do they care about Indians

here? For them, the migrants are at fault.

These MPs are loved and appear in

photos on Facebook pages of Education

Agents, School Owners, small business

employers and Immigration Advisors

because these are the same people

making a profit out of the current

immigration system.

The National Party is anti-migrant

because they want their money, the

business and cheap labour. They do not

want the people or their families.

Transparent Labour

Labour’s policies suffer only because

they are transparent. Labour will tell

you that the current Student Visa policy

is a scam, is cheating students and is

ripping off vulnerable Indians because,

that is the truth. They will tell you that

the mass of student visas in low income

courses simply enriches schools and

agents and provides a cheap labour

force, because it’s the truth.

I hope for a better future, one in

which this country treats everyone as

an equal, that treats all migrants with a

basic humanity and has respect for those

hard-working people who dream of a

better life.

I believe a change in government will

help achieve that goal.

Alastair McClymont is an

Auckland-based Immigration Law

Specialist. The above is a highly

edited version. For full text, please


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ateam of Licensed Immigration Adviser /Ex-Immigration Officer.

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“New income threshold and ‘Clean system’ will bring down numbers



Prevention First approach will reduce crime

Jacinda Arden

strong focus on community policing, and

increase the visibility of police among

our communities.

We will put our communities at

the heart of our approach to policing.

Properly resourcing community policing

is a critical way of successfully implement

a ‘Prevention First’ strategy and

maintain strong links to the community to

understand local needs.

Getting to roots

The Prevention First approach also

extends outside of just policing.

A Labour Government will tackle the

root causes of crime to reduce offending

and make our communities safer.

Labour’s plans in Health, Education,

Social Development, Housing, Police

and Corrections reflect that commitment.

When crime occurs, the justice system

needs to protect the public and victims,

and ensure that there is long-term focus

on reducing re-offending.

Labour is strong on Law and Order,

and we will make our communities safer.

Let’s do this!

Jacinda Ardern is Leader of Labour

Party and Leader of the Opposition.

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

General Election 2017

Sixth and Final Part

Vote now or on September 23 but vote you must

Electoral Commission

Voting has started in the 2017

General Election, with

advance voting places now

open around the country.

Anyone who is ready to vote can cast

an advance vote between September

11 and September 22 at one of the 480

advance voting places right around

New Zealand. Voters can also enrol,

check or update their enrolment details

at an advance voting place.

The last day for voting is election

day on Saturday, September 23. This

is traditionally the day most people

vote. Approximately 2400 voting

places will be open on election day in

locations where people work and live,

for example, schools, shopping malls

and community halls.

List of locations

The Electoral Commission’s Chief

Electoral Officer Alicia Wright said that

there is a list of voting place locations

and opening hours at www.elections. so that voters can plan where and

when to vote.

“My suggestion is to make going

to vote a family occasion. Make sure

that your friends and family can get to

a voting place, and take your children

with you so they see what voting is

like,” she said.

“We want everyone who is eligible

to vote in this election so they can

have their say on the decisions made in

Parliament,” Ms Wright said.

Easy to enrol

People can enrol to vote right up until

Alicia Wright

Friday, September 22, but they cannot

enrol on election day itself.

“One of the easiest ways to enrol at

this stage is to do it on the spot at an

advance voting place,” Ms Wright said.

“You can also download an enrolment

form from,

fill it in and upload it to the website, or

pick up a form from a PostShop and get

it back to us as quick as you can.”

To be eligible to enrol and vote, a

person must be 18 years old or older,

a New Zealand citizen or permanent

resident, and have lived in New

Zealand continuously for one year or

more at some time in their life.

Voters already on the electoral roll

should receive an EasyVote pack in

the mail before the election with all the

information they need to vote. It will

include lists of parties and candidates,

locations of voting places, and an

EasyVote card which makes voting


EasyVote Card

When voters go into a voting place,

they should give their EasyVote card

to the issuing officer to help find their

name on the electoral roll. They will

be asked to confirm their name before

being given a ballot paper.

If people do not have an EasyVote

card, they can still vote, and will just

need to tell the person their full name

and address. No identification is

needed when people go to vote.

Once voters have been given their

ballot paper, they can go behind a

private voting screen and mark their

ballot paper.

“There will be a list of political

parties on one side of the ballot

paper, and on the other side, a list of

people standing for election as the local

Member of Parliament.

“Place a tick by the name of the

political party of your choice and a

tick by the name of the candidate you

would most like to represent your

local area. These are your party and

electorate votes.

“Afterwards, put your voting paper

in the ballot box – it is that easy,” Ms

Wright said.

Votes counting

The votes will be counted once

voting closes at 7 pm on September

23 and the preliminary election results

will be released. The votes are counted

again over a two-week period before

the official results are declared.

Under the New Zealand voting

system MMP, coalitions are often

needed to form a government, and

negotiations will take place after the

election between the parties that make

it into Parliament.

More information on voting under

MMP can be found at www.elections. in many languages.

“Remember, it only takes most

people five minutes to cast their vote.

Your vote is important, so make sure

you take the time to have your say this

election,” Ms Wright said.

Brought to you by Electoral Commission,


Bill English and National are building on

the successes of the last few years with

a clear plan to keep delivering more

for all New Zealanders and ensure

everyone has the chance to succeed.

We need to maintain our focus on growing the economy so we can continue to create

more jobs and higher incomes and provide support for hard-working families.

We will continue to invest heavily in infrastructure for our growing country and

continue record investments in public services that are delivering 10% more police

staff across New Zealand, a much-needed pay rise for 50,000 care and support

workers, more life-saving drugs and bowel screening, more classrooms

and more special needs support.

Sticking to National’s strong, consistent economic plan

is the only way we can do more for you and your family.

Authorised by G Hamilton, 41 Pipitea St, Wellington.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Andrew’s sacrifice takes Jacinda to the Crown


Ranjit Singh

In 1936, British monarchy

faced a crisis when King-Emperor

Edward VIII had to

abdicate the throne because

he proposed to marry a divorcee,

Wallis Simpson.

As a result of that abdication,

today we have Queen Elizabeth II

as Head of Commonwealth when

her father George VI took over

from his brother Edward, and the

Queen inherited the throne through

that historical sacrifice for love.

Anecdotal events

There have been other cases in

history when such twists and turns

of events carved out with renewed

opportunities and changed

fortunes. The coming generations

in New Zealand will view similar

anecdotal sacrifice and political

history that took place just months

before 2017 election.

After departure of Helen Clark,

the New Zealand Labour Party

never really experienced stability

due to a lack of clear succession

plans, among others.

Leadership was like musical

chairs, with Phil Goff, David

Shearer, David Cunliffe and Andrew

Little temporarily occupying

the shaky chair.

It was always expected that

the leadership change would

spell better political fortunes. But

with infightings, poor internal

management, a wanting media and

communications cell, inability to

communicate clearly and a lack of

charisma from the leaders, good

political fortunes evaded the Party.

Hail Mary Pass

According to polls, Labour was

expected to lose the game, with

election months away.

They appeared to be in a

death-spiral, with National

confidently gearing up for a

historical fourth-term. They

needed a miracle. And miracle did

they get - with a Hail Mary Pass

before the last whistle!

Those familiar with American

Football would know that a Hail

Mary Pass is a very long forward

pass made in desperation, towards

end of the game. The ball is

thrown as far as you can throw,

hoping your player can catch the

ball and win the game.

And the Labour team’s Captain,

Andrew Little admirably made

that long frantic pass. And the

ball is caught by the new Labour

Leader Jacinda Ardern. She is

now in a desperate run for political

touchdown, with Kelvin Davis

in the flanks, with a looming

victorious touchdown.

Andrew’s sacrifice

Andrew Little had big burdens

on his shoulders. With election

just months away, and polls really

hurting Labour, he had to rise to

the occasion. He thought, Labour

would be in better hands with

Jacinda at the helms, as she offered

better alternative government. As a

die-hard Labour man, he had to do


And he made the ultimate

sacrifice - an admirable and

unprecedented call. This came

unexpectedly, very suddenly, but

very decisively. He handed over

the leadership to Jacinda Ardern.

What a wonderful gesture, and an

exemplary action that dashed the

possibility of him ever becoming

a Prime Minister. Very few would

let that chance go by, never mind

how remote the possibility.

The Jacinda effect

But like a true gentleman and a

devoted party Marshall, he made

the Hail Mary Pass.

This gesture gave rise to

Jacindamania (also referred to as

Jacinda - effect). And it created

another history - that this Labour

transition in leadership was

bloodless, without controversy and

without opposition. People who

had seen enough blood in the past

Labour leadership battles would

have passed this leadership move

as a Sunday school picnic.

New Zealand Herald

Political Editor Audrey Young

observed this appropriately on

August 6, 2017:

“Ardern’ s elevation has been

the cleanest transfer of power

by any leader in recent memory,

way surpassing that of Key to

Bill English last year, in which he

faced a couple of faux rivals. Part

of the reason for this transition

is that it had no origins in a coup

Jacinda Ardern with Andrew Little with the Labour Caucus

or scandal or undertones of a

selfish decision, as Key’s had.”

We salute Andrew Little - the

unsung hero who brought good

political fortunes to Labour,

culminating in Jacindamania

which will rival Bob Hawke’s

miracle in Australia.

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Former Australian Prime Minister,

Bob Hawke took over Labour Party just a

month before a snap election in 1983 and

led the party to a landslide victory. And

that historical Bob Hawke miracle looks

certain to be repeated in New Zealand

by Jacinda Ardern. (Read article on Bob

Hawke punch by Jacinda Ardern, in this


King Edward VIII abdicated in 1936,

for his love, and created Queen Elizabeth


King Andrew abdicated in 2017, for

love of Labour Party, and created Queen


Thakur Ranjit Singh is a political

observer, a media commentator and

journalist. He runs his blog, ‘Fiji

Pundit,’ and lives in Auckland.

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Maungakiekie people deserve better service

Priyanca Radhakrishnan

As we come to the end of the

campaign period, and the

General Election looms closer

many people have asked me

what a day on the campaign trail looks


So, here is a sneak peek.

Early start

My day usually starts at about 6 am.

If I do not have a train station to visit, I

spend a few hours responding to emails,

questions via social media or preparing

for a candidate debate. On days I visit

train stations, I stand outside with a volunteer

or two for a couple of hours, hand

out flyers and chat with locals. Discussing

policy detail before my morning coffee is

a skill that I have had to hone!

The day’s course

After a quick breakfast, I head off to

the day’s events – school visits, political

panels, community group visits or

meetings with spokespeople or the Leader

if she is in the electorate. Afternoons are

spent door knocking, talking to voters

outside schools and supermarkets. Evenings

are increasingly spent at candidate

debates, community events or phone

canvassing (calling voters and having a

chat about the issues that matter to them

as we head into an election).

It is all about being accessible, finding

out what is important to people and

sharing Labour’s vision and policies with

them. I believe in doing that by running

a grassroots campaign, and getting out to

where the voters are.

The Maungakiekie Electorate

If you live in Onehunga, One Tree

Hill, Ellerslie, Penrose, Mt Wellington,

Panmure or Tāmaki, you probably live in

the Maungakiekie electorate.

If so, I am your Labour candidate.

Maungakiekie is an extremely diverse

electorate. Almost half the electorate

is either Asian or Pasifika. It’s a young

electorate. Almost half the electorate

is aged between 20 and 49. Just over a

third of all households own their home,

down from about half in 2007. One in 16

households stated in 2013 that they had

no source of heating.

Housing crisis dominates

The housing crisis is the main issue

for my people in this Electorate. It affects

many people across the electorate.

My generation is locked out of home

ownership. Many are struggling to find

warm, dry rentals that they can afford.

Homelessness has increased and recently

a homeless man, Keith Johnson, died on a

park bench in Onehunga.

Unemployed youth

This electorate also has a large number

of young people who are not employed,

in school or training. Crime is increasing,

but groups that have been working

successfully to reduce youth reoffending

have shut due to lack of funding and local

community police stations are also being

shut down.

Government ignores advise

Point England, the largest public reserve

on the Eastern side of the electorate,

will be carved up for housing despite

significant local opposition.

There was a viable alternative that

would save the reserve, deliver more

housing and address historical grievances.

Sadly, it was never considered by the

government. On the other side of the

electorate, the East West Link - one of the

most expensive roading projects - is being

pushed through despite local opposition

a and lack of evidence that it will actually

benefit local communities.

Speaking to constituents

There’s a common underlying thread.

Communities being shut out of decisions

that will impact their wellbeing. If elected

as the local MP, I will advocate for the

well-being of our communities who feel

that their voices are consistently ignored.

I also want to make sure that the voices

of 25% of the electorate, who are Asian,

are heard.

I ask for your support to be the next

MP for Maungakiekie, in a strong Labour-led

government. Labour will make

sure that we build a strong economy – not

as an end in itself but as a means to end -

to make people’s lives better.

An economy that does not deliver for

people is pointless.

The next Labour-led government will

invest in people and in our infrastructure

– our environment, transport, safety,

housing, health and education.

It is time to vote for a government that

works for the many, not the few.

Please Party Vote Labour!


Priyanca Radhakrishnan is a

voracious reader, champions social

and community causes and is a strong

advocate of ethnic and gender diversity

in corporate governance and in public

life. She is a Member of the Labour

Party Policy Council and was recently

elected Chair of Multicultural Labour

(formerly known as Ethnic Sector of

Labour Party). She is Labour Party’s

candidate for Maungakiekie.

Privacy issue can get Winston Peters more votes



It is for the first time ever that

I, a strong critic of Winston

Peters and his party, may be

voting for him.

Why ‘May be?” I will explain


Why this sudden shift in not

only my thinking, but perhaps

also that of many other New

Zealanders, who in general hate

policies of the New Zealand First


It is due to the dirty politics of

the hit job on him, which appears

to have done the opposite of what

was desired by its masterminds.

I have never liked and approved

the political style of Mr Peters, as

mostly, he has been coming up

with issues aimed at polarising

the nation and spreading hatred. I

have seen him as an opportunist,

who will criticise immigrants

for the ills in this country, but it

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Professional Financial Solutions Ltd.

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will be business as usual once he

becomes a Minister.

Victim of leakage

However, as the victim of the

leak of his private information, he

wins my sympathy.

We see a ray of hope that, for

once, he may shun the policy of

polarization to take up an issue

that is indeed unitedly first on the

minds of New Zealander’s across

the country.

Breach of Privacy has been on

the minds of the public for quite

some time now. There have been

many instances of callous breach

by the government agencies and

departments, with continued

repetition of their illegal actions,

without any remorse.

From the Government

Communications & Security

Bureau (GCSB) illegal spying

on its citizens in the name of

national security, leaking of ACC

and medical records of patients,

Police accessing bank accounts

of journalists and others without

obtaining warrants, and now the

Ministry of Social Development

records of a senior lawmaker, the

list keeps on growing with each

passing day.

Suppression by repression

With no serious consequences

to the perpetrators, the conduct

appears to have become

entrenched in the system.

A majority of people is sick

of this suppression by repression

attitude of the successive

governments. It no longer trusts

that their information is secure in

the hands of government, or that

its agents are not trolling through

their private records and affairs in

the name of national security.

At a time when even the developing

countries are starting to

embrace privacy laws, and taking

these rights of its citizens more

seriously, New Zealand appears to

be going back to the dark ages.

Fundamental Right

Recently, a nine-judge Supreme

Court bench in India held, that

although the right to privacy is not

specifically mentioned anywhere

in the Constitution, it was a

fundamental right as it is intrinsic

to freedom of life and personal


It is high time that New Zealand

took its Privacy Act, and the

Bill of Rights more seriously

by slapping severe exemplary

punishments on those who breach

these laws so casually.

Now that Winston has himself

been bitten by the breach, if he

takes up the issue of overhauling

of the privacy laws in this country,

the public is likely to rally behind


In fact, this may be a big

opportunity for him to not only

come back with a huge contingent

of MPs to Parliament, but also to

leave a legacy, as it may be his last

term as a lawmaker. If he brings

this issue of privacy to a logical

conclusion, he may leave behind a

legacy for generations to come.

It is highly likely that either

of the two main political parties

would require his support to form

a government.

And here in lies the answer to

my ‘May be’ mentioned earlier.

If before the elections, Mr

Peters announces this issue to be a

deal breaker for any government

formation after the elections, then

for the first time in all these years,

he has my vote.

Gurbrinder Aulakh, is a Barrister

& Solicitor at Auckland, and

the Chair of the National Board

of ‘English Language Partners

New Zealand,’ which works

with Migrants and Refugees

across the country. The above

article carries his personal


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Level 1, 3/53 Cavendish Drive, Manukau New Zealand

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Unruly behaviour mars

Election meeting

Venkat Raman



An election forum,

called, ‘Meet the Voter’

organised by the Indian

Association of New

Zealand (IANZ) on September

2 at its Papatoetoe headquarters

was marred by unruly behaviour

of Sunny Kaushal, Leader of the

Crime Prevention Group (CPG).

Appearing on behalf of their

Party were Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

(National), Priyanca Radhakrishnan

(Labour), New Zealand

First (Mahesh Bindra), Green Party

(Raj Singh) and New Zealand

People’s Party (Roshan Nauhria).

Indian Newslink neither

received an invitation nor

information to attend the meeting

but we had the benefit of watching

the proceedings on Facebook.

What we saw was appalling.

The despicable incident

occurred during a discussion on

law and order.

Describing the policies presented

by the Party representatives

as ‘wishy-wishy,’ Mr Kaushal

accused them of not visiting any

victims of robbery and violence

– mostly diaries, superettes, liquor


Mr Bindra was the first to retort

saying that he had visited a few

victims, which was immediately

endorsed by a victim who was

Party Representatives (from left) Raj Singh, Roshan Nauhria, Priyanca

Radhakrishnan, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi and Mahesh Bindra. (Picture supplied)

present at the meeting.

Mr Bakshi also said that he had

made a few visits.

Indecent shouting

Ms Radhakrishnan said that

she had also visited a few victims,

upon which Mr Kaushal shouted,

“No, you have not… all lies.”

He had to be silenced by Mr

Bindra, Mr Bakshi, Mr Nauhria

and a couple of members of the


“You have not announced that

you belong to the National Party,”

Mr Bindra said, a view endorsed

by Mr Bakshi.

“Such language is not permitted

even in the debating chamber of

Parliament. He spoiled the decorum

of the Forum,” a member of

the audience told us.

IANZ Report

IANZ Vice-President Ram

Lingam filed the following report:

Association President Suresh

Ramji made three points.

Indians balance their cultural

capital with their intellectual

capital. The second point was

that IANZ was the only body

which has representatives from all

parts of India and all age groups.

“We don’t consider ourselves as

migrants but as Kiwis of Indian


He pointed out that Indians

make up a little over 4% of the

New Zealand population but

contribute 8% of the country’s


The third point was Indian

voters are not a monolithic

block. This was exemplified

by the robust and often heated

exchanges between the audience

and the politicians and sometimes

between audience members.

At the end of the event, a jury

comprising Prithipal Singh, Vinod

Kumar and Veer Khar, adjudicated

on the proceedings.




Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

Manukau East


Katrina Bungard






Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, 1/131Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.

Authorised by KBungard, 107Great South Rd,Greenlane.

Authorised by ALoheni, 107Great South Rd,Greenlane.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi


Katrina Bungard



Disillusioned New Zealanders could use the ‘Scratch Vote’

All that political skullduggery is leading towards uncertainty

Anil Sharma

Some people think that it is better not

to uvote in an election, since they do

now know to whom their precious

vote should go.

“There are other means to make my

views known. I would rather waste my vote

than casting it to choose a person I do not

want. There is no point in electing people

who are no good,” they would say.

No to All and Sundry

Some others would say, “It is my choice.

If I don’t want to vote for anyone, I cannot

be forced. I can just cross out all boxes and

write ‘None of the Above’ or NOTA, which

is also understood as ‘Against All,’ or a

NZPP in government is a sure way forward

Roshan Nauhria

In many ways, this is a significant

election for New Zealand.

Interestingly, there are multiple

policies on the battleground of major

parties. While one Party has promised not

to increase taxes, another has offered free

education for the first year and another one

has highlighted the abysmal state of the

carbon emissions.

Promises made in the election manifestos

excite common people and take their aspirations

a notch higher, but these promises

have not always been implemented.

All election manifestos include assurance

‘Scratch Vote.’ In some countries, voters are

allowed to indicate their disapproval of all

candidates in an election and exercise their

right to ‘scratch vote.’

That is in essence is the mood of the

voters in New Zealand today.

NZPP policies

New Zealand People’s Party, being a Party

of the people, has come up with very clear and

strong policies in terms of its collective voice

for representation of its people.

There are policies on crime, immigration

and housing that are in the front running for

coverage and press analysis - it is a different

thing that we are being excluded from the

main stream press.

Yet, we have done a review of the best

choice across the table to make the voters get a

clear picture and an easy comparison in terms

of their decision making in this election.

of fighting crime and improving safety. The

two major parties talk of improving the

condition of workers.

New Zealand People’s Party (NZPP)

does not shy away from indicating how to

meet these expectations and manage the

finances. It should be incumbent upon every

political party to have clarity on its policies.

They must have a feasible approach like

we do.

Reality Check

On quality of education - The University

of Auckland fell nearly 30 places (from

165) on the latest Times Higher Education

World University Rankings. It will be out

of the first 200 by next year. The reason

cited is that the government is not providing

enough funds to the sector that has given

the economy the highest boost by attracting

international students.

Encouraging feedback

We have been receiving the feedback

from across different platforms - digital,

radio and TV and we present key issues

from the point of the common New

Zealander- the biggest concern being - is our

choice of vote actually going to make any

real change in the existing political scenario

of New Zealand?

Over the past few months, debates and

discussions between different political

parties and their policy throwing has ebbed

and overflowed into our daily lives.

In recent days, party leaders and their

representatives, along with the volunteers

have become more aggressive, driving into

a total overkill situation for every New


Shuffling between the two

Pro-Labour and pro-Jacinda sentiments

Again, the government has gone back

on the promise of making international

students permanent residents.

Unhealthy sector

The health sector is in dire straits. The

number of suicides reached an all-time high

to reach 606 this year.

The Health Ministry axed $800,000

contract for Lifeline to provide suicide-prevention

training to frontline workers - an

organisation that has worked to prevent

suicide. This is because funding was shifted

to a new preferred supplier by the National


As a responsible government of the

people, we must provide universal and

quality access to affordable and effective

healthcare. When will the much-needed

increase in health expenditure happen to

support the right to basic health facilities?

are provoking more heated debates from a

nervous National party. All sides are digging

in, and everyone is seriously clamoring in

for more negotiations.

For a lack of better alternative, New Zealand

has been shuffling between National

and Labour only as their options for the past

many cycles of elections.

As for the current Bill English government-

there is nothing that can be said.

On the other hand, people are expressing

their concerns over Jacinda Ardern.

Labour not ready yet

Is Labour really able to take the reins and

undo all the damages?

For now, the confusion will continue.

With help from New Zealand First, can

Labour withstand the pressure to continue

running the government uninterrupted and

peacefully without any fear?

When will we have the right ratio per

person of doctors, nurses, hospital beds and

specialists? When will the long wait list to

access state services end?

An introspection

Can we actually pride ourselves as a

progressive economy? How long can we

hide our heads in the sand and assume that

everything is fine?

I often ask myself these questions: How

long can we ensure this National government?

Do we not deserve a change for the

better? How long should people suffer an

indifferent government? Is it not time for

NZPP be a part of a government?

Improving performance

Our Party plans to start with step

one - deal with the confronting the economy

– cutting down wasteful expenditure

and investing in infrastructure. We have

introduced a comprehensive smart plan and

we want to divest funds to enable access

to high-quality health, education, housing,

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

This direct political support depends

on one man, namely, Winston Peters. If

this absolutist renounces his support for

them, his resignation might destabilise the

situation quickly.

In addition, watch the flow of other

parties attempting to enter into alliances

from the country’s current turbulent front.

But the biggest fear is, will this be a stable

or a ready-to-crumble government once

it forms on such an unsteady foundation?

Who can we trust? Who is right now the

best choice? Which is the one Party that is

dependable? The truth is that there are no


Sadly, the oust of New Zealand First will

not solve New Zealand’s larger problem:

Its National-dominated past exerts a

powerful reality of long failures and Labour

is nowhere near ready to help the country

build a more prosperous future.

Anil Sharma is General Secretary of the

New Zealand People’s Party.

transport, tourism and agriculture.

We will also enhance accountability of

the government and its agencies and State-

Owned Enterprises.

We must welcome the new idea for a

change and increase our trust in allowing

fresh talent.

The thrust should be more on implementation

of schemes that are already enshrined

in the policies of our party.

Our goal is clear - to be in the next

government with our own separate identity.

We are not here to just win this election.

We are here to create a change.

No matter how long it takes, we will continue

our relentless fight to be represented

and be heard in a way that matters.

NZPP is your own party. And that is why,

it is better together with us.

Roshan Nauhria is Leader of the New

Zealand People’s Party.

Jenny Salesa - Speaking Out for You


for Manukau East

Party Vote



Check your EasyVote pack

0800 36 76 56

Vote 11 -23 September

Vote SALESA, Party Vote LABOUR

Authorised by Andrew Kirton, 160 Wills Street, Wellington. 04 384 7649

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017



Youdonot have to accept the current status quo this


Youhave the chance to make afresh choice. Achoice that

will make change happen for you.

Iam personally committed to giving your community a

voice in Parliament.

Advance voting is open, you don't need areason to go vote

in advance. Whether it is today or September 23rd, we just

need one vote, your PARTY VOTE!

Roshan Nauhria


Party Leader



Authorised by A.Sharma, 258 Balmoral Road, Sandringham Auckland, 09 846 8059



Incentives for employers to train unemployed youth

Jenny Salesa

Getting skills and training policies

right plays a crucial role

in ensuring that young people

leave school and get earning

or learning, improving our workforce,

creating jobs and tackling New Zealand’s

housing crisis.

As I move around the community,

people tell me that their number one issue

is housing. They are shocked at our levels

of homelessness. Cold, damp mouldy

housing is causing over 30,000 children

to be hospitalised, the deaths of around

20 children per year, and our young

people to develop long-term chronic

health issues.

Interdependent issues

Health and community safety are

high priorities alongside employment –

working people want good jobs and good

incomes, which will allow our families

to thrive and our young people to own a


These are interdependent issues. The

solutions require us to put in place a suite

of policies, including a well-conceived

approach to skills and training, which

gets more young people into the trades,

help existing workers upskill and gets

those much-needed, affordable houses


Labour’s measures to solve the housing

crisis include increasing supply – our

KiwiBuild programme will see 100,000

high quality, affordable homes built over

10 years, half in Auckland. Increased

house-building will require a larger

workforce – KiwiBuild is projected to

create 5000 new jobs at its peak.

Work-ready youngsters

Labour will help young people to be

work-ready both before they leave school

and afterwards if they are not ready for


Under Labour, every secondary

student would complete a School

Leavers’ Toolkit, meaning that they will

leave with vital life skills and work-ready.

This includes getting a driver’s licence

and having key workplace competencies,

including financial literacy.

The huge number of 15-to-24-year-old,

who are currently not in employment,

training or education (NEET) and who

are at a loose end in our communities is a

scandal. A small portion of that group is

even putting our communities at risk.

National failure

Under National, the number of NEETs

spiralled to more than 90,000, a 50%

increase from when they came into

office. The current government’s funding

cuts, obsession with arbitrary education

achievement targets and punitive

reactions when their policies fail is not

solving the issues for our communities.

We simply cannot afford to have

young people wasting their lives sitting at

home doing nothing. Further, the longer

that our young people are disconnected

from opportunities the harder it will be to

ensure that they can access decent work

and training in the future. Labour has a

comprehensive plan to help them into

education, training or employment and

it’s time to put that plan into action.

Dole for Apprenticeships

For example, Labour’s Dole for

Apprenticeships policy will incentivise

employers to take on about 4000 young

people for on-the-job training in fields

including building and construction.

Our policy of three years free

post-school education will see tens of

thousands more people study in all fields,

including building and construction.

To further support New Zealanders

getting the education and training they

Mr English is always honourable but not always right

Michael Wood


believe that Bill English is an

honourable person who has worked

as hard as he can for our country. As

we enter the final week of a dramatic

election campaign, the mood for change

that is building in New Zealand is not

because of any personal hostility to Mr

English, but the feeling that after nine

years, it is time for fresh energy and ideas

to tackle New Zealand’s problems and

unleash our full potential.

Contrasting Debate

The contrast came through strongly in

one of the televised debates between Mr

English and Jacinda Ardern. During the

debate Jacinda spoke passionately about

her vision for New Zealand as a prosperous,

socially-just country with housing

for all and an end to child poverty. Instead

of engaging in a debate about this, Mr

English mocked Jacinda for talking about

vision. His focus seemed to be just on the

nuts and bolts of running the government

accounts. Certainly, this is important, but

it is not enough to lead our country.

What matters to people

Yes, we have solid economic growth,

but what does this mean when we have

homeless people on the streets and

children living in poverty? What does it

mean for young couples who are locked

out of the dream of home ownership?

For 75,000 young people not on work,

education or training? For people who

have been victimised by rising crime?

What does it mean for our rivers which

are so polluted they make people sick?

The current government shrugs these

serious issues off as ‘problems of success’

but Labour doesn’t see it that way. We

believe that the job of government is to

relentlessly serve the interests of the people.

To always be looking for new ways

to solve our problems. To be constantly

building on the strengths of our country

and striving to leave the next generation

better off.

Towards better New Zealand

New Zealand is the best country in

the world, and with a forward looking

new Labour government we can be even

better. With new ideas and energy, we

can start to solve the problems we face

and build a country in which all people

can lead good lives and reach their full


And with Jacinda Ardern as Prime

Minister, we will be able to face the future

with confidence, knowing that we have a

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

need, we would also reinstate funding

for programmes, like night classes, that

support adult learners to adapt to the

changing world.

The rise of working families having to

live in garages and even cars illustrates

again how important it is that Kiwis

have access to good jobs and are paid

fairly. Labour will boost the minimum

wage, initially to $16.50. And as a good

employer, Labour in government will

pay all core public sector employees at

least the Living Wage, and this will be

extended to contractors over time.

For more information on the policies

of Labour Party, please visit

Jenny Salesa is the elected Member of

Parliament for Manukau East.

She is Labour Party’s Spokesperson

for Skills & Training and Associate

Spokesperson for Health, Education

and Employment.

leader of vision and integrity.

This election you have the power

to help build a better and fairer New

Zealand. You can vote for a Labour

government that will work for the many,

not the few. You can choose a new

generation of leadership who are ready to

face the challenges of the future. You can

vote for change.

This election, party vote Labour. Let’s

do this.

Michael Wood is an elected Member

of Parliament from Mt Roskill and

Labour Party’s Spokesperson for

Transport, Ethnic Communities,

Consumer Affairs and Revenue.

Contact Labour’s

EthnicCommunities Team



Phone 09 373 3332

Address 85 Grafton Rd, Auckland NZ 1010

Michael Wood MP

Spokesperson for

Ethnic Communities

Jacinda Ardern MP

Labour Leader

Authorised by Jacinda Ardern MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Since National formed the

government in November 2008,

its sound and robust policies and

programmes have helped the

economy to grow.

Our economy is one of the fastest

growing in the developed world. It has

registered impressive performance over

the past 24 quarters.

National has led a responsible

government and managed finances

well; our businesses and people have

worked hard and this great partnership

has helped in the impressive rates of

economic growth.

The dividends of this growth

have allowed us to formulate wellthought-out

policies to deliver for New


Resources to boost infrastructure

Over the next four years, National

has committed to invest $32.5 billion

on infrastructure, $7 billion to improve

public services and $6.5 billion to lift

the earnings of low and middle-income

families. Our prudent fiscal management

will also help in reducing public debt

as a share of GDP to ensure that we

are well prepared for any unforeseen

developments, natural disasters and

other events over which we have no


Business confidence holds the key to

economic growth and social development.

It is only when such confidence

is high that the mood to invest remains

bullish and investment is made on

expansion and diversification, which

is reflected in increased production,

purchase of new plant and machinery,

development of new markets and

providing more jobs for people.

Increasing business confidence

New Zealand businesses have continuously

demonstrated their increasing

confidence in the economy because of

the clarity of policies and programmes

of the National-led government. They

are confident that we work in their

interests and in the interests of all New

Zealanders. They are aware that it was

the National government that helped

the country to steer out of the Global

Financial Crisis swiftly and without

experiencing its adverse effects, manage

earthquakes and implement efficient

rebuild projects.

Against such a scenario of positive

developments, the Labour Party has

thrown a blanket of confusion over the

heads of the public.

Regressive Labour Agenda

The following are major issues that

people must consider while evaluating

Labour’s policies announced in recent

weeks. What you do not do is knock

businesses’ confidence with Labour’s

agenda of (a) Vague new taxes on

productive businesses like a capital

gains tax and water taxes (b) Arbitrary

restrictions on access to skilled

workers so they cannot grow (c) Going

backwards on trade deals like the TPP

and (d) Unnecessary central wage

bargaining proposals that send New

Zealand back to the 70s.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Labour has a growing list of

backward policies that will slow down

our economy and hit households. We are

referring to Capital Gains Tax, Land Tax

and Wealth Tax.

Despite the lapse of nine years,

Labour has not released details of their

tax policy.

Now, they want to appoint a working

group to decide as to how these taxes

can be imposed.

There is no clarity on their proposed


We should not allow Labour to throw us into regression


Singh Bakshi

Kelston candidate reiterates the National promise

Venkat Raman

Bala (Venu) Beeram is anxious

but not nervous; he is excited

and less than ten days to the

general election (September

23), he remains as confident as he was

when it all began.

The National Party candidate in

Kelston is conscious that the electorate

is a strong Labour hold but has done

his best to make an impression among

the voting public.

If loyalty is a measure for reward,

Bala should have made it to a safe

place on the Party’s List announced on

Bala Beeram and his supports at the Rally in Kelston.

July 30, 2017. At 57, his position is precarious,

given the serious advances made

by the Labour Party in recent weeks.

But Bala is not a man to be ruffled by

these changing fortunes.

Serious challenges

“Even as my nomination was

approved, I was aware of the serious

challenges that were confronting me both

within the Party and the community. I

have supported the National Party Kelston

Board for the past three years and

mobilised financial support at fundraising

events in 2016. More than 100 persons

including members of the Party and volunteers

joined me during the campaign

period. The close relationship that I have

developed with the communities in my

electorate gives me the confidence and

courage to represent the National Party,”

he said.

Great support

At most events, Mr Beeram had the

services of up to 100 volunteers. They

helped him organise one human rally,

one car rally and four public meetings in

the past four months.

His wife Pratibha has been a source of

strength and inspiration for Mr Beeram.

She joined him in visiting more

than 20,000 houses at least thrice each,


Regional Fuel Tax in Auckland.

Wellington, Hamilton and Tauranga

will be among the cities that will be hit


And they will axe National’s changes

to two-tax thresholds that will put an

extra $1000 a year into the pockets of

the average wage earner.

New Zealand is a nation of small and

medium-sized businesses.

We have come a long way over the

past nine years. New Zealand today has

a progressive economy with businesses

confident of investing in the future of

the country.

You vote for National will keeps on

that path of progress.

Otherwise, we stand the risk of becoming

a backward economy, reverting

to the long-gone Millennium.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi has been

Member of Parliament on National

List since November 2008. He represents

his Party in Manukau East.

meeting people of varied ethnicities and

political leanings, understanding their

concerns and discussing their views of

addressing the issues.

As well as visiting every Church,

Temple, Community Centre and

Shopping Mall, Mr Beeram and his wife

went to diaries, convenience stories,

and schools in the Kelston electorate.

He visited 100 shops and attend three

election forum meetings.

“I am fortunate to have had the visits

of Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister,

five ministers and several MPs to my

electorate for campaigning,” he said.



Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

National List MP based in

Manukau East






1/131Kolmar Road,

Papatoetoe, Auckland

09 278 9302

09 278 2143




Funded by the ParliamentaryServiceand authorised by

Kanwaljit Singh BakshiMP, 1/131Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe

Authorised by BBeeram,

107 Great South Rd, Greenlane



Greens will rescue New Zealanders from all robberies

James Shaw

By the time this column goes to

print, the general election will

be just a week away and early

voting will have already started.

I wanted to take this opportunity to

thank the Indian community for the hospitality

that I have been shown all around

the country - whether in visits to temples

or community forums or just engaging one

on one with members of the community –

it has been a privilege to engage and hear

out your thoughts and concerns.

I want to let the Indian community

know what our Green vision in government

means: safer communities, decent

housing and a cleaner environment for


Damning record

There are too many in New Zealand

that feel unsafe. The attacks on dairies,

homes and international students are

unacceptable. It is a damning indictment

of National’s record that there have been

1287 aggravated robberies - an increase

of nearly 87% from the previous year.

We will put victims first by ensuring that

victims of crime get compensation and the

support they need.

There are no excuses for the attacks and

that is why we will take strong action on


The Green Party will bring true justice

by reforming our justice system so that

we can shift to a model which is proven

to reduce crime by reducing reoffending

through rehabilitation and ensuring that

prisoners are not just released into the

streets with no transition programme.

Poverty needs addressing because it

drives so many New Zealanders to the

point of desperation where they wrongly

feel as if they have no choices but crime.

Our families package will help end the

poverty that many people in New Zealand


Too many families - particularly in

Auckland are having a hard time finding

warm, dry and affordable housing. Whether

you are renting or wanting to buy a

home - we believe that you should be able

to easily find warm, dry and affordable


Cooling the market

That is why we want to cool the housing

market by putting in a capital gains

tax and putting a ban on overseas-based


It is completely unfair that a Hollywood

tycoon is pricing out the cost of housing

for a young couple who worked hard to

get residency and are wanting to make

a future in New Zealand. We will make

life easier for homebuyers through our

rent-to-buy scheme which will enable the

state to provide low-cost financing for

first-homebuyers having a hard time. For

renters, we will help by making tenancies

longer, banning letting fees and improving

your rights. You should be able to make

a home wherever you are - whether or

not you own your own home. We know

that Asian-New Zealanders are twice as

likely to be renting and so, we have made

it a priority to help protect your rights as

Election Day nears bringing improved prospects

Raj Singh

After what feels like one of the

longest election campaigns

ever, it is finally coming to an

end. By the time this column

goes to print, early voting will have started

and you will have an opportunity to vote

on election day on September 23, 2017.

It has been a privilege to visit and talk to

many of you on the campaign trail.

Oftentimes, I have felt like an ‘icebreaker’

for the Green Party in helping us

communicate and talk to voters to whom

we have talked. Across Auckland, I have

had an opportunity to connect with you for

which I am grateful.

Green Party Leader James Shaw has

already talked about what the Greens in

Government will do for our communities,

and I would like to build on his points and

mention things he has not had the space to


Insight into community issues

As many of you know - I am a lawyer

and am involved with the community outside

of the campaign. This has given me

some insights into the difficulties that our

people are facing and a thing that comes

up again and again - not just at work but

also the campaign trail is immigration.

There are so many heart-breaking stories

of families having to be separated, of

students spending tens and thousands

of dollars to come here - lured on false

dreams only to be disappointed. Last but

not least, of those being exploited at work

by unscrupulous employers - most disappointing

of all - sometimes perpetrated by

members of our own community.

Fair Immigration Policy

The Green party has consistently stood

for a fair, compassionate immigration


Our plan will crack down on dodgy

international education agents by requiring

that all tertiary institutions in New Zealand

put in a code of practice so that someone

can be held to account. More importantly

- we are not just preaching rhetoric - when

the international students who were

exploited by their education advisors took

shelter - we were proud to stand with them

publicly. Behind the scenes we were active

in lobbying the minister and making the

case to the government for a compassionate

approach where the students would be

allowed to finish their courses.

Our Immigration Policy also supports

reversing the changes that National have

made around family sponsorship. We think

that you should be able to sponsor your

parents and siblings - because part of being

at home in a new country is having family

and it only makes sense that you should

be allowed to sponsor them if you are able

to so. We want to keep families together

and ensure that you are at home in New


Equality at workplace

We want to make sure we have fairness

across workplaces too. Too often many

of us experience discrimination from

employers - this has actually been proven

in a study in New Zealand with those not

having European names receiving half the

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

a renter.

Last but not least, I know that many

people come to New Zealand to experience

the wonders of our beautiful country.

We want to protect New Zealand’s

beautiful environment and create green

jobs through our Green Infrastructure

Fund which will invest in smart, clean and

sustainable jobs for the future and reduce


We will also protect our conservation

estate and parks by doubling the funding

for the department of Conservation and

protecting them from mining.

The Green Party in Government will

keep our communities safe, in warm,

affordable and decent housing and protect

our beautiful environment.

James Shaw is Co-Leader of the Green

Party of New Zealand.

interviews as European New Zealanders.

The Green Party will help address this

by trialing gender and race blind CVs

so that you are being assessed on your

merits - not ones coloured by the veil of


We also want to smoothen and assist

the cross-crediting of qualifications so that

our qualifications that we gain abroad are

recognised here.

I have been proud to be a Green

candidate this election because the Greens

have consistently stood up to defend

migrants from scapegoating and advocated

for policy that would help our community.

Please give your party vote to us so that

we can keep standing up for migrants in


Raj Singh is the Candidate of the Green

Party at Manukau East.

Raj Singh


Manukau East

We love


That’swhy we’re committed to

cleaning up our rivers, ending

povertyand taking action on


Authorised by Gwen Shaw, L1, 17 Garrett Street,Wellington

Raj isthe founder and Principal of aSouth Auckland based

lawfirm who wants to sharehis professional success by giving

his community avoice and representing them in Parliament

through his work with the Green Party.

He is passionateabout policy, law, effectivecommunication

and leadership,education and immigration.

Rajoften offers legal education seminars to communities.

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Australian history set to repeat in New Zealand


Ranjit Singh

Many with reservations about

Labour Party’s ability to

unseat three-term rule of

National Party may feel this

is a colossal task for Jacinda Ardern.

Among others, this means turning

around a rudderless and crippled ship

in such a short lap and time. Has this

phenomenon ever been achieved before?

No? Either you have a short memory,

or were not even born when it happened.

This happened in Australia some

34 years ago. There, a new Australian

Labour Party’s leader Bob Hawke,

accomplished an electoral victory in just

four weeks as leader.

He defeated siting PM Malcom

Fraser’s ruling Liberal Party government

in 1983.

Experience and Miracle

What caused this miracle for Labour?


One million votes uncast make us irresponsible people

Bawa Arora

Politics and political decision-making

affect all of us.

Many Indian Newslink readers

who have migrated to New

Zealand come from India, the world’s

largest democracy.

They are therefore no strangers to

politics and its ability to influences the

lives of people.

On Saturday, September 23, 2017,

New Zealanders will have a chance

to exercise their voter franchise. It is

therefore appropriate to discuss the voting

process and importance of voting.

Australia was going through some tough

economic times in early 1980s. At the

time of proposed election in 1982, the

economy suffered from high inflation,

industrial disputes and high unemployment,

accompanied by a prolonged

drought. Fraser had been Prime Minister

since 1975.

On the other hand, Labour Party was

led by Bill Hayden, and like our Labour

Party, they were also going through

disputes, disunity and instability. A faction

of the Labour Party wanted to roll Bill

Hayden as Party Leader in favour of Bob


Prime Minister Fraser was well aware

of the disunity in Labour, and took

advantage of this.

He prematurely dissolved parliament

and called for election on March 5,1983,

unaware that Hayden had resigned and

was replaced by Hawke.

Frazer brought forward the election

by seven months to take advantage

on apparent disunity in Labour camp.

The Legislature

New Zealand has a unicameral legislature

and follows the Mixed Member

Proportion (MMP) system of voting. It is

a proportional system, which means that

the proportion of votes a party gets will

largely reflect the number of seats it has in


Each voter gets two votes.

The first vote is for the political party

the voter chooses. This is called the party

vote and largely decides the total number

of seats each political party gets in


The second vote is to choose the MP

the voter wants to represent the electorate

Under the leadership of Hawke, Labour

Party recollected, gained its lost territory

and support, and surprised all political

pundits. On the election night, Labour

party experienced a massive swing and

wrested back power.

Time Magazine, ran the following

self-explanatory story in its March 14,

1983 issue:

Voters bet on a chummy, charismatic

new leader

Barely a month ago, Robert James

Lee (Bob) Hawke, 53, was a fledgling

parliamentarian with a mediocre record

as his party’s spokesman for industrial

relations. Last weekend, he was elected

Prime Minister of Australia, leading to

victory a listless, often divided Labour

Party that has held power for just three of

the past 34 years. Claiming about 74 seats

in the 125-seat House of Representatives

(an approximate swing of 22), Hawke and

his Labourites ended the 7½-year reign

of Incumbent Malcolm Fraser and his

Liberal/ National Party coalition.

they live in. This is called the electorate

vote. Candidate who get the most votes

win. They do not have to get more than

half the votes.

Share in Parliament

Under current MMP rules, a political

party that wins at least one electorate seat

or five per cent of the party vote gets a

share of the seats in Parliament that is

about the same as its share of the party

vote. For example, if a party gets 30% of

the party vote, it will get about 36 MPs

in Parliament (30% of 120 seats). So, if

that party wins 20 electorate seats, it will

have 16 List MPs in addition to its 20

Electorate MPs.

Meaningful comparison

Now, let us compare this (1983

Australia situation) to 2017 election in

New Zealand.

Change in Labour Party leadership

took place less than two months before

the election. The party, going through

instability since the departure of Helen

Clark in March 2009, failed to anchor

with any leader. Political good-fortune

eluded them and they were in a free-fall

with National Party gearing up for a

historic fourth term as the government.

And then a miracle happened, where

admirably, Andrew Little gave over

leadership to Jacinda Ardern. (See the

author’s ‘Andrew’s sacrifice takes Jacinda

to the Crown’ in this Section). And as they

say, rest is developing into history.

The polls taken since Ms Ardern took

charge have shown one thing clearly - Labour’s

consistent march forward, breaking

new grounds in polls and preferred

Prime-Minister’s choice. All indications

are that they will be in driver’s seat.

Large apathy

Recent analysis shows that in 2014,

close to one million enrolled voters

did not care to vote. For a nation of 4.8

million people this represents very low

voter turnout.

Further, it also affects the formation of

the Government and public policy.

New Zealanders need to participate

in the process of voting and electing our

next and future Governments so that

policy formulation can take place based

on needs of majority of our population.

In case we choose not to vote, we

choose not to participate in the process

of electing people who will make


Sliding National

The meteoric rise for Ardern is

contrasted by a drop in support for

National Party, their campaign errors in

apparent desperation, and absence of any

major blunders by Ms Ardern. As a result,

Jacindamania had taken root in earnest.

All general indications and trends

point to one conclusion – history will be


Media worldwide will run similar news

story as the Time Magazine story above,

after the election on September 23, 2017.

Ms Ardern would execute a Bob Hawke

punch on Bill English.

Sceptics who consider this as a mammoth

task for Labour Party in general

and Ms Ardern in particular, are correct.

However, it is not impossible, considering

the telltale signs, as indicated above.

Thakur Ranjit Singh is a political

observer, media commentator and

journalist. He runs his blog, ‘Fiji

Pundit’ and lives in Auckland.

critical decisions on taxation, transport,

healthcare, climate change and housing

and many other social, economic and

environmental issues.

Forfeiting rights

Further, we also lose the right to

complain when we disagree with policy

decision framed by the Government of

the day.

Therefore, it is critical that all of us to

exercise our right to vote. We should also

encourage our youth who have reached

the voting age to exercise their rights.

Bawa Arora is a political observer,

resident in Auckland. Related articles

appear in this Section.




09 250 4070 mahesh.bindra.7 MaheshBindra


Authorised by A. Martin, 13 Brown Road, Warkworth

12 Viewlink/Businesslink

The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

ISSUE 377 | SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

As countdown

begins, nervous

wait dominates

Early voting has begun and

the election campaign has

entered its final phase.

People overseas began exercising

their franchise on September

6 and the rest of New Zealanders will

go to polls on September 23.

General Election 2017 is truly


If history is any indication, it is

time for a change in government. For

most of it the past century and thus

far in this Millennium, it has been

3+3+3 for a single party or a major

party-led to be in office. Thereafter,

the other camp takes charges. The

cycle has continued, every nine years.

National dominance

The dominance of the National

Party or the National-led government

appeared to be invincible until recently.

The Party maintained an almost

conceited opinion that it would return

to the treasury benches after the

general election on September 23,

2017. Many agreed, since Labour

Party, the main opposition remained

troubled, torn and tormented.

But no one, especially those in

the echelons of National can with

certainty say that they would achieve

the rare feat of being in government

for the fourth consecutive term.

Labour resurgence

In one decisive move, Andrew

Little and Jacinda Ardern changed

the destiny of the Labour Party

and altered the course of the New

Zealand polity. Faced with a certain

defeat, Andrew had little choice

than to forfeit his post as the Leader

and again, on the face of fear of

extinction, Jacinda took over, as it

was ordained.

What followed was truly dramatic.

With her enchanting smile, modest

disposition, courage of conviction

and genuine concern for people,

Jacinda began to turn the wave of

approval towards her and her party;

and for the first time in ten years,

Labour is ahead of National in

opinion polls and Jacinda is leading

as the preferred Prime Minister.

But these should not send the

wrong signal that the war is over.

Opinion Polls are just that- opinions

and not facts. The real test is

about a week away and how people

will react to all the campaigns and

promises will be as counting begins

after 7 pm on September 23.

Policies, what policies?

Political observers will clearly discern

the path that this year’s general

election has taken since the tightness

of the race became apparent.

Policies has become less important

than numbers. National has suddenly

became reckless with its financescommitting

billions of dollars to

almost every sector of the economy.

Labour is equally magnanimous

although its policies lack clarity in

most aspects.

Policies are not light-hearted

moves or pronouncements at the spur

of the moment to gain public sympathy

and attention. They are drafted

and discussed at various levels within

a Party over time with a fair amount

of public consultation.

From such a standpoint, this general

election suffers the inadequacy

of thought and discussion, of issues

that dominate the everyday life of

ordinary New Zealanders. There is

more sensation than substance.

The Joy of Opposition

In a democracy, politicians who

drench each other in dignity are not

doing their jobs. That of Parliament is

not to govern but to hold the government

to account; and as a rule, it does

this best when it assumes the worst

about the government’s motives and


The job of the opposition is not to

salute the government but to pounce

on its every mistake, prick its every

pretension, belittle its every success,

and, above all, to offer an alternative.

Of course, there are times when it

behoves the opposition to stress that

it is ‘loyal,’ meaning that it is not

traitorous. Beyond that, however, too

much prating about loyalty, even in

war, damages democracy’s health.

Vagaries of electioneering

Both National and Labour have

made promises to put more money

in the people’s accounts, either as

reduced rates of tax, student loans, or

as more money in health, education,

law and order and so on.

Some of the promises are reckless

of course.

No doubt it would be better if

elections were not decided on such


Happily, most are not.

But in close election campaigns,

such pledges loom larger. The reason

is simple: wavering voters matter

much more.

A majority of voters decide in

advance whom they will support (and

waverers mostly cancel each other

out). Voting decisions are based on

voters’ social origins, political preconceptions,

personal philosophies

and rating of the relevant policies and

performance of the contenders for


During campaigns, like it or

not, they sensibly turn off politics

in droves, making most of them

immune to the hocus pocus of the

likes of some politicians.

The fact that voters are sceptical of

politicians and their blandishments is

not a threat to democracy.

That is how democracy, in the real

world, really works.

Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level

1, Number 166, Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media

Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright

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Production Manager: Mahes Perera; Assistant Editor: Ratna Venkat;

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National and Labour pay

tribute to Indian businesses

Sponsors Dinner brings together political and commercial leaders

Venkat Raman

National Party Leader and

Prime Minister Bill English

and Labour Party Leader

Jacinda Ardern paid rich

tributes to the Indian business community,

extoling their role as effective

partners in New Zealand’s economic

progress and social development.

The Indian Newslink Indian Business

Awards, which is now in its tenth year,

have become a source of inspiration

and encouragement to improve their

performance, they said.

Honouring Sponsors

Mr English and Ms Ardern were

addressing the Sponsors of the Tenth

Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business

Awards, in whose honour Indian

Newslink hosted a reception and dinner

on Monday, September 4, 2017 at the

newly opened Mocambo Restaurant on

51 Hobson Street in Auckland City.

Growing Awards

“These Awards have been growing

and I have had the pleasure of attending

them. Sponsors form the backbone of

these Awards and they have contributed

significantly to the growth of the Indian

Newslink Indian Business Awards. I

thank them for their continued support,”

both Mr English and Ms Ardern said in

two separate pre-recorded video clips.

Each of them said that their respective

Parties – National and Labour – is

keen to engage even more closely with

the Indian community than they have

done in the past.

Their full address (about a minute

each) can be heard on our three web

editions and on Facebook and Twitter.

Paula Bennett and Kelvin Davis

Deputy Prime Minister Paula

Bennett and Labour Party Deputy

Leader Kelvin Davis were the Guests

of Honour at the Sponsors Dinner.

Among the other politicians present

were Members of Parliament Kanwaljit

Singh Bakshi, Jami-Lee Ross (National),

Michael Wood (Labour), Labour

Party Candidate for Maungakiekie

Priyanca Radhakrishnan, National Party

Candidate for Kelston Bala Beeram and

National Party Extended List Candidate

Rahul Sirigiri.

Many other businesses and individuals,

who continue to support our Awards

Programme were also present.

National’s performance

Ms Bennett said that the Indian

Newslink Indian Business Awards have

become a major event in New Zealand,

the credit for which should go to the


“Your incredible support has been

the true reason for the impressive

success of these Awards. National Party

supports small and medium businesses

and we are working hard to make sure

that our Indian businesses have healthy

growth and more money to invest and

improve,” she said.

Labour’s pledge

Mr Davis said that the Awards

Programme provides a good platform

for Indian businesses to grow and to

compete in high quality awards. Labour

Party has a long and enduring friendship

with the Indian community and we

will continue to support them. There

are great opportunities to engage with

New Zealander-Indians in many areas.

We thank the businesses supporting

this initiative. This Awards Night has

become an important event on New

Zealand’s Calendar,” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett speaking

at the Sponsors Dinner

Sponsors’ support

Indian Newslink Managing Director

Jacob Mannothra said that the country

must celebrate the success of the

business community, especially small

and medium enterprises which face

formidable challenges.

“I am happy that Indian Newslink

instituted the Awards Scheme to recognise

and reward business achievers in

the Indian community. Such projects

cannot be successful without the support

of sponsors and support sponsors,”

he said.

Our Sponsors

BNZ is the Title Sponsor of our

Awards for the seventh successive

year. BNZ is also the Sponsor of the

Best Large Business and the Supreme

Business of the Year Awards. Among

the Category Sponsors are 2degrees

Mobile Limited, Singapore Airlines,

AIA New Zealand, Bayleys Real

Estate Limited, Service Foods Limited,

Oporto Franchising New Zealand, The

Fund Master, Aims Global Education

& Immigration Services, Manukau

Institute of Technology, PIC Insurance

Brokers, Kiwi Liquor Group of Companies,

Alexandra Park, Relianz Travel,

Mercury Printz and Radio Tarana.

The New Zealand Human Rights

Commission is the Support Sponsor.

Robust judging

Now in its Seventh year, INLIBA is

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Labour Party Deputy Leader Kelvin Davis

speaking at the Sponsors Dinner

Those seated facing the camera (from left) Jami-Lee Ross, Lucy Schwaner, Paula Bennett, Jamie

Rihia, Simon Turcotte and Tony Chaudhary. The other wo persons are Kelvin Davis and Vijay Goel

Peter Mensah, Rachael, Rebecca, Ansuya Naidoo, Lawrence and Erica Pereira

Paula Bennett with (left) Kanwaljit Singh

Bakshi and Jami-Lee Ross

Kelvin Davis, Ravi Singh, Michael Wood and Priyanca Radhakrishnan

The Sirigiri Family- Mansa, Indra and Rahul

recognised and noted for its integrity

and confidentiality, with a panel of

judges receiving and evaluating entries,

completely independent of Indian

Newslink, sponsors and advertisers.

At the Dinner, the Sponsors

were informed of the rigorous and

robust judging process, which follows

internationally accepted parameters

and measures of assessment of entries,

evaluation of each entry by at least

two judges, selection of finalists and

announcement of the winners at the

Awards Night, which will be held on

Monday, November 27, 2017 at Sky

City Convention Centre in Auckland.

The Sponsors, who were apprised

of the mutual benefit that accrues

from their involvement in our Awards

Scheme, said that INLIBA fulfilled

an important responsibility in New

Zealand’s commercial, industrial and

service sectors.

“It is commendable that almost every

segment of the business community is

represented in INLIBA. From manufacturers,

wholesalers, retailers and exporters

to large, medium, small enterprises

to accountants, young entrepreneurs and

businesswomen, everyone in the Indian

business community makes a significant

contribution to the progress of the New

Zealand economy,” they said.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017



Great new neighbourhood needs great newneighbours.





Relianz steps into Mortgage market

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Ashish Kumar Shrivastav lifts the first ‘Best Branch Rolling Trophy’ with

Meghana Daiya

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Chief Guest Dr Sharad Paul addressing

the gathering

Venkat Raman

The Relianz Group,

which incorporates

Relianz Forex Limited

and Relianz Travel,

has launched into the mortgage

loans market, calling it the

‘Relianz Loan Bazaar.’

The new initiative is a natural

extension of the Group’s experience

and expertise in financial

markets, with a sound knowledge

of the rules and regulations

in force, the guidance of the

Financial Markets Authority and

other regulatory mechanisms.

Logical Evolution

The ‘Relianz Loans Bazaar’ is

also the logical evolution of the

Company, with Relianz Forex,

a successful record money

exchange, and remittance services

that have earned it respect

for integrity, accountability,

transparency and complete

compliance of Anti-Money

Laundering (AMLC) and

Countering the Financing of

The Giridharan Family (from left Usha, Niveditha, Giridharan

and Namratha) Pictures by Narendra Bedekar

Terrorism (CFT) Act of 2009.

Announcing the move at

the Relianz Group’s Ninth

Anniversary celebrations held at

the Wharf in Auckland’s North

Shore, V Giridharan, Managing

Director of the Relianz Group

said that the operation of foreign

exchange and foreign remittance

business, which has grown to

establish branches in Auckland

(Dominion Road, where the

Head Office is also located), The

Central Business District (Queen

Street), Avondale, Manurewa,

Papatoetoe and Wellington, has

enabled a proper understanding

of the market, its growing needs

and possible areas of interest.

Challenge and Adventure

“Our foray into the mortgage

market with the Relianz Loan

Bazaar is the most challenging

and adventurous undertaken by

us so far. One could be wearied

to think that we might go

wrong but I am confident that

our team’s determination and

self-confidence to succeed will

never let us down,” he said.

Mortgage Brokerage business

has been developed as a

strong sector in New Zealand,

following rigid guidelines

and regulatory framework

established by the Reserve

Bank of New Zealand, the

Financial Markets Authority

and the strictures of the lending

institutions. Those operating

mortgage business are expected

to conform to high professional

and ethical conduct- which have

been in fact the norm at the

Relianz Group.

Ninth Anniversary


The event held at the Wharf

was primarily to mark the Ninth

Anniversary of the Group,

which also commemorated the

first anniversary of Relianz

Travel, launched at last year’s

Eighth Anniversary Celebrations.

Speaking about the Travel

Operations, Mr Giri said that

growth has been consistent. Our

customers have shown great

faith in our product and service

Musical treat by Lester Silver (Sitar) Manjit Singh (Tabla) and

Anand Thakore (Mandolin)

Pictures by Narendra Bedekar (Creative Eye Informatics)

delivery for Air ticketing and

Tours. The sale of air tickets

and custom-made tour packages

have been seeing impressive

growth and we are looking at

another year of hard work and

growth,” he said.

Programme Highlights

Among the highlights of

the evening was a speech by

Dr Sharad Paul, a specialist in

Skin Cancer Surgery with a

medical practice on either side

of the Tasman and an Adjunct

Professor (Faculty of Health and

Faculty of Creative Technologies)

at the AUT University.

Guests at the Dinner meeting

were also treated to a session of

melody with a sitar recital by the

Hamilton based Lester Silver,

accompanied by Manjit Singh

on the Tabla and Anand Thakore

on Mandolin.

Many members of the Staff,

working at various branches

of the Group were recognised

for their achievements over

the past year with trophies and








At MIT Manukau you’ll get the practical

hands-on skills and knowledge employers

want with our business, digital technology

and tourism programmes.

Many of our programmes include time

in industry to give you valuable work

experience while you study.

Start studying this September.

Apply now.

0800 62 62 52


SEPTEMBER 15, 2017



BNZ Mobile Mortgage

Managersare heretohelp

Whether youneed helpchoosingyourfirsthomeloan, expert advice foryour

next home purchase or you’re lookingfor better valueand want to switchto

BNZ –our Mobile Mortgage Managers areheretohelp.

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Mobile Mortgage Manager

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

House hunting should

begin with a good realtor

Winston Saga

It is not uncommon that

people are keen on selling

their homes privately, but the

time and effort needed to get

the price would be beyond their


It is therefore in their interest to

choose the right agent.

Professional agents will have

a pool of ready buyers on their

database. They would choose the

best for you.

Care and Caution essential

You must be careful in

choosing the right agent. You

need to interview a few before

you make the final decision. As

a home owner, you should have

time to speak with the agents in

person and be convinced of their

experience, expertise and track


You should find out where they

had worked before joining the

real estate industry and whether

they have marketing, selling and

negotiation skills.

You should also determine if

the agency that the real estate

agent represents has a large

presence in the market. It is

always good to find an agent from

a reputable and bigger agency

because when you list your

property, it would be forwarded

to all its offices. Thus, perhaps

about 200 agents working in that

agency will come to know of

your property.

Know your agent

There are online resources to

check the profiles and credentials

of agents. Some of them have

their own websites, with

information on the number of

properties they have sold, with

relevant details.

When you shortlist agents, ask

questions on their plan to sell,

their marketing campaign and

other strategies. Some of them

could be buyers’ agents, in which

case, they will try to reduce the

price of your property. Please ask

for the prices of properties sold


Many times, home owners

want to give a general listing

to many agents from different

agencies. I prefer exclusive listing

because the agent will do a much

better job.

Know your property

Ask the agent whether the

house should be ‘staged.’ What

are the highlights about the

property? What are its positive

and negative factors? What is the

likely market trend?

There are more than 10,000

agents in New Zealand. Not

everyone is the right person to sell

your home. You want someone

with great experience – a person

who is trust- worthy and give lots

of time to sell the property.

A local agent will be far better

than someone who is experienced

but living away from your local

area. Local agents have more

knowledge of the area with more

buyers on their database. As a

home owner, you should be able

to work with an agent who is

friendly and easy.

Visiting Open Homes

Please visit Open Homes in

your area and see how agents are

demonstrating or communicating

with clients. Are they friendly and

know about the property well?

Have they provided comprehensive

information? Are the flyers

informative and attractive?

Real estate agents should

always have a close relationship

with the home owner. Once the

property is listed they should

keep in touch with the vendor

at least three times a week. Top

agents call every day and share

market developments.

Winston Saga is a Licenced Real

Estate Agent with Harcourts

based in Sunnynook, Auckland.



SEPTEMBER 15, 2017



BNZ Mobile Mortgage

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Ami Shukla

Mobile Mortgage Manager

West Auckland

021 901 125

Lendingcriteria, termsand fees apply. Notfor Businesspurposes.



SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Star of the Fortnight

Former Aucklander heads to LA for ‘The Golden Try’

Venkat Raman

is a word that

does not feature in his


Perseverance, dedication


and focused approach are

among the best attributes of Jazeel

Mistry, a young man from Howick

in East Auckland (now based in Australia),

who is on a mission to realise

his dreams in Hollywood as an actor,

producer and director.

Jazeel is getting ready for his visit

to Los Angeles in November to meet

the movers and shakers in Hollywood

to seek funds for his latest home


Three-in-One Film

Titled, ‘The Golden Try,’ the film,

in English, is a romantic comedy and

sports adventure rolled into one.

The story of an immigrant- an

orphan (adopted by a New Zealand

journalist) with an endless passion for

Rugby – the film will portray Jazeel

in a new light. His role as a struggler

in life with the lofty ambition of

becoming an international Rugby star

and boost the image of his adopted

country’s national game will hopefully

make the movie a blockbuster and lift

the profile of Jazeel on the international


“’The Golden Try’ is an honest piece

of work and story-telling in its purest

form. My objective of making this film

is not to seek fame, awards or even

money but to create a film that will

remain as a memorable masterpiece. I

wish to share this emotional journey,

Pictures of Jazeel Mistry were supplied.

the story of a young man who has

crossed seven seas to make something

of himself. I hope it works. It is ‘The

Golden Try’,” he said.

The film will be shown at the Annual

American Film Convention in Los

Angeles in November in the presence

of some of the largest financiers and

owners of studios.

His counterparts in Hollywood

believe that if the film matches the

exacting standards of quality of production

and cast, it would create box-office

records and make Jazeel’s dreams come


The Showbusiness Man

Jazeel moved to Sydney about five

years ago but has maintained contacts

with his peers, people in the Parsi community

to which he proudly belongs and

the entertainment scene.

Every major entertainment programme

that features Hindi film stars,

be it Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan,

will see his presence in Australia and

New Zealand.

Showbusiness has always held his

major interest.

He began his career on stage as a

Master of Ceremony. His humour,

presence of mind and unique style of

presentation have all endeared him to

organisers of local and international

shows on both sides of the Tasman.

His ability to work with organisers of

corporate events, beauty pageants such

as Miss Universe and Miss World and

Concerts featuring international artistes

has endeared him to people, earning

him popularity as ‘Mistry MC of stage.’

The Movie World

His interest in acting involved him in

three films produced in New Zealand.

His role as Harry Singh in the 2008 film

‘Love has No Language’ was impressive.

The film featured Celina Jaitley (a

popular film actor of that decade), Ben

Mitchell (of Shortland Street fame) and

Colin Mathura-Jeffree, New Zealand’s

well-known icon of fashion, brand

ambassador and actor.

Directed by Ken Khan, it received

rave reviews and was a box-office


He appeared in a cameo role in

‘Curry Munchers,’ now known as

‘Vindaloo Empire.’ This film won

the ‘Best Global Film Award’ at the

‘Festival of Globe Movie 2017’ held in

California last month.

He was also featured in ‘Sione’s

Wedding,’ a 2006 film directed by

Chris Graham.

Jazeel was trained and mentored by

British actress Sally Spencer Harris

and is ready for bigger things in life

and career. His latest work as producer,

coupled by his acting talent, will

hopefully make the rich and famous in

Hollywood to take notice of him.

Pristine New Zealand

“Although I live and work in

Australia now, my heart is still in New

Zealand. This will always be my home.

‘The Golden Try’ is my humble contribution

to this beautiful country and the

film enables me to express myself,” he

told Indian Newslink.

A Flashback

During his years as a University student, he was a regular visitor to the

offices of Indian Newslink to share his experiences. The following report,

under the title, ‘Auckland readies for debonair show’ appeared in our May 1,

2004 issue:

The sophisticated charm of the community youth would be put to test at a

show scheduled to be held in Auckland next month.

‘Mr India New Zealand 2004,’ claimed to be the first of its type on both

sides of the Tasman, will get under way at the Logan Campbell Theatre on

May 22, with about 18 contestants putting on their irrepressible smile and

agility to win the top honour.

And 20-year old Jazeel Mistry is one of them.

The India-born lad, raised with formative education in Dubai, is hoping to

go places.

His modelling assignments have thus far remained within the community,

including the ‘Bridal Show’ held as a part of the Diwali festivities in 2002 and

2003 and a few others and the young man is brimming with enthusiasm.

As well as pursuing a degree in Applied Communication at the Manukau

Institute of Technology, Jazeel wears dancing shoes and has appeared in

shows to give vent to his prowess.

“The forthcoming contest will be exciting and will follow the Bollywood

style,” he says.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017



South Auckland couple inspire with ‘gift of life’ to St John

Jennifer Porter

As a charity, part-funded by

the government, St John

relies on public support to

continue making a difference

– whether making a difference

through its Emergency Ambulance

Service or offering practical and emotional

support through its Community

Health Services.

A bequest to St John

Some people choose to make a donation,

attend a first aid course or have

a St John Medical Alarm, all of which

contribute to the $54 million annual

shortfall St John must raise. Another

way people can support St John

without affecting their current financial

situation is by leaving a gift to St John

in their will – a bequest – like Peter

and Lois Steele have chosen to do.

Waiuku couple Peter and Lois have

a long relationship with St John, both

individually, and as a couple. Peter

was a cadet with St John Youth back

in the United Kingdom, while Lois’

father gifted a piece of land to St

John for the building of the Waiuku

Ambulance Station.

Like most of us, Peter and Lois do

not like to imagine needing to use St

John services.

However, when Peter had a stroke,

both realised that they could always

rely on St John to be there, saying: “St

John was just a phone call away.”

Gift of lifetime: Peter and Lois Steele

Calming influence

To this day, Peter remembers the

calming influence of the St John

ambulance officers when he suffered a


“They were just amazing. They went

about their job treating me calmly and

efficiently and constantly reassuring

me as they took me to Middlemore

Hospital,” he said.

Lois was at work when she received

a call from the ambulance officers and,

despite it being an emergency, their

reassuring tone gave her confidence that

Peter was in good hands.

Both Peter and Lois have confidence

that should anyone need help, including

themselves, St John will be there.

After the stroke, Peter and Lois

knew they needed to make a will, and

it was their confidence in St John that

reinforced their decision to leave a gift

to the organisation in their will. When

asked if they would like to leave money

to any charity whilst drawing up their

will, they both said St John “straight


Willing gift

“We have worked all of our lives and

want to give back to an organisation

that has helped us greatly. St John is

marvellous; it has been there to help me

and others I know, and I wholeheartedly

support St John and encourage people

to leave a gift to them in their will as

we have. We are comfortable with the

knowledge that we will have done

something good,” Peter said.

Being from a close-knit community

where everyone helps each other, Peter

and Lois realise how integral St John is

to communities like theirs across New


They now have peace of mind know-

ing their gift will help their family,

friends and future generations, and they

have confidence that St John will use

their gift in the best possible way.

Community support

St John Regional Fundraising and

Marketing Manager Hannah Davies

said that Peter and Lois are ordinary

people who have decided to do

something extraordinary.

“Peter and Lois have made a decision

that will enable future generations

to enjoy the same care that St John

provided to them. Wanting to do more

but not having the money available

now, they have chosen to leave a gift

in their will as it does not affect their

current situation, and they can choose

how their donation is spent. We are so

incredibly grateful for their generosity.

“We know that people’s wills are

very private and we respect that, but

we have recently received a number

of bequests from generous supporters

and we are saddened we didn’t have

a chance to say, ‘Thank You’ in their

lifetime. By remembering St John

in your will like Peter and Lois –

even in a small way – you can

support the health of your

community for future

generations,” says

Ms Davies.

For information

about making a

bequest to St John,

visit www.

Or call Suzana Noth on (09)

5791015 x 8472


Know the signs of a stroke

Each year, around 9000 people have

a stroke – around one every hour.

Strokes can happen to anyone,


Peter was lucky, but delayed

recognition of a stroke means delayed

intervention, which can have tragic


It is important to know the signs of a

stroke and think FAST:

Face – Is their face drooping on one


Arm – Is one arm weak?

Speech – Is their speech jumbled,

slurred or lost?

Time – Time to call 111.

If you suspect you or someone else is

having a stroke, or see any FAST signs,

call 111 immediately.

Jennifer Porter is Regional Communications

Advisor (Northern Region)

of St John.

Whatwill your

legacy be?

AgifttoStJohn in your Will could make an incredible

differencefor futurecommunities.

Onceyour friends,family and lovedones have been

accountedfor,please consider leaving asmall percentage to

St John. Leaving agiftiseasy and it makes areal differenceto

the servicewecan deliver forgenerations to come.

Will yougivealife-saving gifttoStJohn in your Will?

Formoreinformation, please contact Suzana Noth on

09 579 1015 ext8472 or email



SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Meditation Course for youngsters next fortnight

Staff Reporter

Vipassana Meditation Centre,

which has become an institution

in offering meditation

courses and programmes for

corporate leaders, executives seeking

retreats and others New Zealanders,

is organising a day-long course for

younger members of the society.

The course will be held on September

30, 2017 at a location in Onehunga

in Central Auckland. The venue will

be announced in due course on the

websites of Indian Newslink

and Vipassana Meditation Centre.

Organiser Falgun Shah said that the

course will be held from 845 am to 345


Anapana Technique

“This Course on Saturday will be

held for children in the age group of 8

to 17 years. They will learn ‘Anapana,’

a technique of observing natural and

normal respiration as it comes in and as

it goes out of the body,” he said.

Mr Shah said that ‘Anapana’ is a

simple, scientific technique that is

morality-based but non-religious,

uses a natural object to focus and is

non-commercial in content.

Course benefits

“Our Centre aims to let young people

experience the benefits of meditation.

Regular practice of ‘Anapana’ accrues

Youngsters at a Meditation Course organised by Vipassana Meditation Centre (File Photo

many benefits, including (a) Improved

concentration and memory (b) More

self-confidence and greater capacity to

study (c) Ability to deal with agitation,

fears, anxieties and pressures and (d)

Increased goodwill for others. Our

Music, Dance, Drama, Food et al at Waitakere Diwali


Ranjit Singh

The unique and exceptional

Waitakere Diwali will be

held at The Trusts Stadium

(The House of Diwali), located

at Central Park Drive, Henderson

on Sunday October 1, 2017 from

11 am to 1030 pm, culminating in a

spectacular fireworks display.

Entry and parking are free. All are

welcome to attend, where Auckland

Mayor Phil Goff will be the Chief


Across Political Spectrum

Depending on which side the

election dice falls a week earlier

(September 23, 2017), we may have

members of a new Labour government,

or the old National team, or

those from a hung Parliament as they

trade horses.

This is because, Waitakere Diwali

happens to be one of the first big

community events after the election.

So, we do expect fireworks!

Pure Community event

If Auckland Council wishes to use

Scenes from Ram Lila (Pictures supplied)

a community organisation as “owning”

an event, and working in partnership

with it to bring festivities in specific

regions in a cost-effective fashion - then

Waitakere Diwali is what it needs to


With funding from Auckland Council

or its related arms and sponsors,

Waitakere Indian Association (WIA)

has been lighting West Auckland for

over a decade, where Auckland Council

or its predecessor, Waitakere City

Council, did not have to directly get

involved in Diwali of West Auckland.

This is because WIA has been doing

this so efficiently and effectively.

As Diwali is basically a Hindu

festival, they are the ones who actually

run it, away from commercialisation

Urdu-Hindi body elects new officials

and financial interests.

In fact, some Indian community

leaders have stated that festivals and

events which belongs to a particular

community should be empowered

by Auckland Council and funding

agencies to run it.

Unnecessary commercialisation

One concern is that democratic

institutions formed by community

in each city (like respective Indian

Associations) are being pushed aside by

individuals, sometime family-owned,

trusts and corporates.

Since Diwali has become a cash

cow, more and more groups are being

formed every year to milk money from

the occasion.

The community needs to resist these

events being commercialised by those

corporate, tin-pot trusts and business

organisations whose interests are in

promotion, marketing, publicity, public

relations and generating revenue. That

is exactly the difference in Waitakere

Diwali, where the theme is to unite the

community, inculcate an atmosphere

of diversity and raise awareness of the

actual essence of Diwali.

The other uniqueness of Waitakere

Diwali is that The Trusts Stadium is


Conserving tradition

WIA’s community-based organisation

is fully-run by volunteers, unlike other

corporate or council organised Diwali


As a community organisation, WIA

is appreciative of religious, cultural,

traditional decorum, demeanour and

sensitivity of the event. Hence WIA

ensures that tradition of Diwali theme is

not eroded. It has strict dress codes and

other codes to ensure Diwali retains its

meaning and theme.

Ram Lila on stage

Every year, WIA Diwali has a main

themed-event after the evening prayers.

This year, it would be ‘Ram Lila’ by

Pooja Cultural Centre Trust, initiated

and managed by Pundit Ram Kumar

meditation sessions are combined with

discussion, creative activities, and

games in groups,” Mr Shah said.

The courses are free but the Centre

will be grateful for voluntary donations.

Please visit website www.children. for more information.

To register for the course, please visit and click

on ‘Courses’ tab on the menu, click

on ‘Apply for a Course,’ scroll down

to ‘Teenagers & Children’s Courses’

section and click on ‘Apply’ button of

the relevant course.

Registration can also be by email to or by contacting

Falgun Shah on 021-02719979.

Sewak, based at Skipton Hall, Mangere,

Auckland. The scenes from Ram Lila

would depict episodes of Ramayan

including Ram in exile, abduction of

Sita, meeting Hanuman and death of

Ravan, heralding victory of light over

darkness, and good over evil.

Sumptuous Indian Food

Among those with their food stalls

this year would be Saffron Indian

Restaurant, Bangalore Bites, Mithai,

Kulfi, Krishna Feast, Desi Wok and

usual features of Masala Dosa, Hare

Krishna, and Candy Floss for the kids.

You would have a choice to taste these

delights at one location.

In addition to food and craft stalls and

Ram Lila, there would be an assortment

of cultural and Bollywood items to keep

you and your family entertained.

The spectacular fireworks would

occur at 930 pm.

We look forward to your company

with family and friends.

Thakur Ranjit Singh is a journalist

who also writes about community

events. He has been a member of

Waitakere Indian Association for

more than ten years and was on

its Executive Committee. Email:

Roopa Suchdev (third from left) and other members of her Committee

(Picture Supplied)

Popular community worker and

Urdu and Hindi language expert

Roopa Suchdev is the new

President of the Urdu Hindi

Cultural Association of New Zealand.

She is the first woman to hold the top

post in the organisation since its inception

in 2009.

Dr M M Baig Taimoori and Dr M

A Haque were elected to the post of


Syed Mujeeb Hyderabadi continues as

General Secretary.

Among the other officials elected or

nominated were Tehseen Sultana (Treasurer),

Ghouse Majeed (Events Manager),

Preeta Vyas (Women’s Affairs) and

Suman Kapoor (Media).

The Annual General Meeting, held

on September 10, 2017 at the residence

of Mr Hyderabadi, also elected Nafees

Akhtar, Kanika Desh, Roshni Navjot

Chadha, Akash Ishaq Altaf, Shiv Bhagirath,

Mohammed Sharique and Shaikh

Shamsuddin to the Executive Committee.

Advisors appointed

The Meeting also confirmed Mohammed

Tauqir Khan, Maqbool Ahmad, Dr

S D Mathur, Rajesh Maharaj, Dr Preeya

Punjabi, V Giridharan and Faiyam Khan

as Members of the Advisory Committee.

National MP Kanwaljit Singh

Bakshi continues to be the Patron of the


Anne Degia-Pala conducted the

Election as the Returning Officer.

Financial woes

Dr Taimoori said that the Urdu

Hindi Cultural Association is the only

organisation of its type in New Zealand

comprising people of Indian, Pakistani,

Bangladeshi and Fijian descent.

“We conduct literary and cultural

programmes to celebrate our traditions

with the members of the New Zealand

communities and to encourage our

younger generations to uphold and foster

these values. Mobilising finances is extremely

hard but we continue to conduct

our activities with the support of our

members and commercial organisations

that believe in preserving and promoting

our culture,” he said.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017



Only 2degrees

gives you


on Business Plans

Want to know more?


or call us on 0800022 249

Unused data at theend of each monthcarriesoverfor up to ayear.

MC8108A BUS Carryover Data press ad V1.indd 1 5/09/17 3:38 PM



SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Kunti, the ‘Mother of Guilt’ Dhritarashtra,‘The King of Tragedy’ Duryodhan, the ‘Prince of Impatience’ Karna, the ‘Warrior of Remorse’ Draupadi, the ‘Queen of Misfortune’

Chinmaya youngsters prepare to present Mahabharat

Venkat Raman

Mahabharat or Mahabharatam,

one of the greatest

epics of all times will go

on stage in Auckland later

this month.

Produced and presented by Chinmaya

Mission Auckland in association with

Relianz Travel and Kaysons, the drama,

titled, ‘Mahabharat,’ The Rise of Dharma,’

will be staged at Dorothy Winstone

Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School

(Howe Street, Newton) on September

29 (730 pm), September 30 (2 pm) and

October 1 (4 pm).

Tickets priced at $25 per person and

$100 for five persons are now on sale.

Group tickets must be purchased in


Inspiring Epic

Chinmaya Mission New Zealand Head

Swami Atulananda said that the forthcoming

production follows the success of

‘Ramayan, The Legend Relived,’ (Indian

Newslink, November 1, 2016).

“’Mahabharat, The Rise of Dharma’

is a thrilling production, live on stage for

the first time in New Zealand. It will take

some of us to the memories of the old TV

series that we used to watch and surprise

others with the contemporary style of

dance and drama,” he said.

Atulananda said that the Drama will

be well suited to all age groups and will

inspire children, youth and adults, with

dynamic acting, choreography, lighting

and sound.

For tickets, please text or call Mrinal

on 021-2363773; Aniruddh on 021-

1359658 or dial

Chinmaya Mission Ashram on (09)


Tickets can be booked online



About Chinmaya Mission

Proceeds of the event will go to the

Chinmaya Mission New Zealand to fund

its activities.

Atulananda said that Chinmaya Mission

aims to provide individuals from any

background, the wisdom of Vedanta and

the practical means for spiritual growth

and happiness, enabling them to become

positive members of the society.

Watch the trailer of the Play on

YouTube, follow on Facebook and visit

Editor’s Note: Mahabharat has left

many questions unanswered including

the rights of a King to place his

brothers and wife as pawns in a game

of dice, the ‘unholy silence’ of great

warriors and scholars at the King’s

court where a ghastly attempt was

made to disrobe a woman and the

tactics employed at the great Battle of

Kurukshetra. But we have often been

told that the main objective of Mahabharat

and the Battle was to enforce the

triumph of Dharma and the adage that

Truth always triumphs.

Fundraiser to promote Charity work of ‘Hugging Mother’

Venkat Raman

Charity workers, community

welfare organisations and

especially those in the

service of the world

renowned ‘Hugging Mother’ will

attend a programme on October 6 in


‘Amma New Zealand,’ an organisation

devoted to the cause of Mata

Amritanandmayi Devi is organising

the Programme on October 8, 2017

(from 4 pm) at the Blockhouse Bay

Community Centre located at 524

Blockhouse Bay Road, Auckland.

Simi Sethu, one of the organisers,

said that the proceeds from the

Programme will be used to support

under-privileged children and provide

food to homeless people.

“Both activities are dear to Amma,

who has devoted her life to uplift

the poor and the downtrodden and

give them fresh hopes and lives. This

Programme will be dedicated to her

with a prayer that she should visit

New Zealand soon,” she said.

Ms Sethu said that entry tickets,

priced at $10 per person (free for

children less than five years of age)

are now available. Vegetarian food

would also be on sale at the venue,

she said.

Amritanandmayi has never been

to New Zealand but hundreds of her

devotees hope that their prayers will

be answered soon.

“All of us look forward to the

visit of Amma to New Zealand. Her

very presence spreads divinity and

everything that is good and desirable

in Nature,” Ms Sethu said.

Mata Amritanandmayi Devi with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 28, 2015 in Delhi

Purity of Spirit

‘Amma’ (meaning Mother in several

Indian languages) is stated to represent

purity of spirit. Her teachings have

captured the minds and hearts of

countless men, women and children of

every ethnic and cultural vicissitude in

every continent on earth.

Christened Sudhamani at birth (at

Parayakadavu, a fishing village in the

Quilon district of Kerala), she showed

compassion and understanding from

an early age.

She is known for her philanthropic

work as well as her innate knowledge

of almost everything that a human

being could seek.

Centres advocating her teachings

have been established in Asia, Middle

East, Africa, North and South America

and Europe.

Her constant message is, “Everywhere

we look we see pictures of

bloodshed and people shedding tears.

There is no compassion even towards

children. Many innocent people are

perishing in wars and terrorist attacks.

And to her followers in Auckland

grouped under MA (Mata Amritanandmayi)

Trust New Zealand, Amma’s

(not to be confused with the former

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister the late

Jayalalitha Jayaram, who was similarly

addressed) birthday is a day to rejoice,

pray and recall her teachings.

Devotees Praise

Embracing the World is a global

network of regional humanitarian organisations

inspired by the India-based

humanitarian initiatives of Amma.

It helps alleviate the burden of the

world’s poor, helping them to meet

each of their five basic needs including

food, shelter, healthcare, education and

livelihood, wherever and whenever


“Augmenting these efforts, Amma’s

devotees work in the fields of environmental

conservation and sustainability

to help protect the future of our fragile

planet. And through Amrita University,

our researchers are innovating new

means of delivery of knowledge,

information, energy, and healthcare so

that we can provide support to those

in need,” Amma’s website www. says.

This is a global network of humanitarian

organisation inspired by Amma.

Amma New Zealand

Amma New Zealand has been

working on multiple projects including

Fundraising for Child Cancer

Foundation, Kidney Kids, St John,

Blood Donation, Tree Plantation, Food

Donation Drive for Auckland City

Mission, Free Food for the Homeless,

and Free Meditation and Yoga lessons.

Change of Name Classifieds

I, Rishab, S/O Mr Sunil Kumar & Ms Rekha Rani, R/O Unit 1/609, Manukau Road,

Epsom, Auckland 1023, have changed by name to Rishab Singh for all future purposes

Immigration Translation Centre

Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Sinhalese, Arabic, etc.

Accurate, professional, prompt service by accredited translators.

Approved by LTSA/AA to translate driving licence.

Approved by Immigration New Zealand.

Birth Certificate - Marriage Certificate - Police Clearance Certificate -

Diplomas - Letters etc. Email:

181 Hobson Street Auckland City, Phone (09) 3570922 or 021-488-525

Jerry Amaldev Concert in Auckland on Sep 16

Jerry Amaldev and his Orchestra will

perform at Dorothy Winstone Centre,

Auckland Girls Grammar School on

Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 6 pm to

830 pm.

Organised by ‘Sing New Zealand,’ a

voluntary group of music aficionados, the

programme, called, ‘Music Melody Night,’

is being held in aid of St John Ambulance


Known for his creativity, affable manners

and high level of professional conduct, Amal-

Jerry Amaldev

dev (born Jerome Thomas Veleeparambil)

has been a conductor of music programmes

and a composer and music director of

Indian films (mainly Malayalam and

Tamil) for more than 40 years.

He is credited with the success of

several Malayalam film songs, including

‘Mizhoyoram’ (with which he debuted in

‘Manzil Virinja Pookkal’ a Malayalam film

released in 1980), ‘Aayiram Kannumai’

(composed for ‘Nokketha Doorathu

Kannum Nattu,’ a 1984 Malayalam film),

‘Aalorungi Arangorungi’ (‘Ente Mamattikkuttiyammakku’

released in 1983) and

‘Pookkal Panineer Pookkal’ (‘Action Hero

Biju’ released in 2016).

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

15 years make Miss Indianz unique and inimitable

Venkat Raman

As the curtain goes up on

the evening of Saturday,

September 16, 2017 at 630

pm at Auckland’s prestigious

Town Hall (in the Central Business

District), a cavalcade of colours, glitter,

fashion, music and dance will appear,

ringing in the 15th Annual Miss Indianz

cultural bonanza.

Challenge and satisfaction

For a small company such as Rhythm

House Events Limited (aka Reshab D

Productions), it is a significant milestone.

Fifteen years may signify nothing

for a few but for this company and its

founder-director Dharmesh Parikh, they

represent achievement and pride.

Since 2002, year after year, Dharmesh

has faced challenges, solutions,

blossoming friendships, fading relations,

helping hands and betrayals. Yet, he has

stood firm with his steadfast belief in

providing a platform for young talents to

blossom and people to be entertained.

He and his supporters have had

nothing to complain.

The 15th Annual Edition on September

16, 2017 would be no exception.

Town Hall transformation

“Town Hall will be transformed into a

Bollywood Wonderland as 22 gorgeous

Group Photo of participants and performers at Talent Night

Contestant Sonia Singh at Talent Night

Kiwi-Indian contestants go for gold,

hoping to be crowned Miss Indianz

2017. As they battle in a wide variety of

categories, the audience will be treated

to an extravaganza of fashion, music and

Contestant Valentine Fernandes (Talent Night)

dance that blend the very best of Indian

and New Zealand cultures,” Rhythm

House producer and director Dharmesh

Parikh said.

He said that for those who love fanfare

Masters of Ceremonies Melanie Ramsden

and Hemant Parikh

and razzle-dazzle, this event should not

be missed. It is the ultimate celebration

of Kiwi-Indian culture, showcasing

a unique and diverse mix of ethnic

backgrounds and passions, he said.

Sell-Out Show

“There is no debate over the popularity

of Miss Indianz. Every year it is a

sell-out show and this year, it promises

the most spectacular yet. A few tickets

may be available for those who make a

quick contact.

“This year, we have upgraded the

glamour factor by bringing back haute

couture and designer ethnic wear from

the House of SVARN. We will also be

using the latest technology to create the

most elaborate visuals yet to be seen

in the 15-year history of Miss Indianz.





Annual event


September 16, 2017

at 730 pm

Townhall, Auckland CBD

Tickets on sale now


It would be an incredible and magical

night,” Mr Parikh said.

The Talent Night held last weekend

(at Old Fort Eatery in the Chancery at

Auckland CBD), he said, demonstrated

the versatility of some of the Miss

Indianz contestants.

As well as moments of self-assertion

at Q&A session, the participants will

have an opportunity to be crowned not

just Miss Indianz Crown but also win

other titles such as Miss Talent, Miss

Potential Model and Miss Popular.

Masters of Ceremonies include

Hemant Parikh, Jacinta Lal and Melanie

Ramsden. The Judging Panel comprises

Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Eric Ngan, Julia

Parnell, Akshita Patel Nama and Lesley


Pictures of Talent Night of Miss Indianz 2017

participants by Jasmine Sheikh, Freestyle Event

Photography, Auckland


your success with us

1. Business Excellence in Retail Trade

2. Business Excellence in Innovation

3. Business Excellence in Marketing

4. Business Excellence in Customer Service

5. Best EmployerofChoice

6. Best Small Business

7. Best Medium Sized Business

8. Best Large Business

9. Business Excellence in International Trade with India*

10. Best Accountant of the Year

11. Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year

12. Best Financial Advisor (Mortgage) of the Year

13. Best Financial Advisor (Insurance) of the Year

14. Best Businesswoman of the Year

Supreme Business of the Year Award

(All entries will be entered forthis category)

Master of Ceremonies: Michele A’Court

Gala Black Tie Awards Night with Cocktails and Dinner on

Monday, November 27, 2017, Sky City Convention Centre,

Corner Victoria &FederalStreets, Auckland City

Cocktails and Networking from 5pmto 6.10 pm

Fortickets, priced at $150 plus GST(including cocktails and dinner)

Contact us on Phone (09) 533 6377 or email:

Category Sponsors


Group of Companies

Support Sponsor



SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

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