Mining Unmatched Viewing_A Digital-i Case Study


We've put together this brief, top-line summary of 'unmatched viewing' and its potential as a resource to furthering an understanding of how our TV habits are changing.


- Felix Eccleshare
Head of Analytics, Digital-i

Some exciting things to come!

New digital.i

We’ve just undergone a corporate re-brand and those of you that are eagle eyed will have already spotted our new

logo throughout this report.

We are arranging a launch event in late October to officially unveil the new Digital.i - invites will be issued soon!

Segmentation Methodology

We have developed our own bespoke piece of software that allows us to analyse respondent-level viewing data. Using

this tool we have modelled a brand new, innovative segmentation methodology that allows us to create more reliable


We have uncovered crucial insights for major broadcasters by segmenting audiences using this method. More recently

we have been further developing this methodology to better understand respondent-level volatility and what impact

this has on channel viewing. We have some initial findings which suggest the importance of more effectively targeting

inconsistent viewers.

Unmatched Attribution Methodology

We are currently developing a model that uses a variety of sources to breakdown what unmatched viewing consists of.

The main purpose of this is to provide estimates on the level of viewing to on demand services such as Netflix and

Amazon Prime and we hope, this will ultimately shed more light on the way in which the TV set as a whole is being

used. These estimates are of crucial importance considering that data on these SVOD services is relatively scarce, and

delivery of project dovetail has been pushed back to March 2018.

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