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The Canadian Parvasi - Issue 12

The Canadian Parvasi - Issue 905-856-9999 Lamps LED Pendants Bathroom Lights Wall Sconces Semi-Flush Mounts Chandeliers & Accessories 4220 Steeles Ave. West, A8 Woodbridge L4L 3S8 Travel Services LOWEST AIRFARES ARE GUARANTEED sB qoN Gwt hvfeI krfey dI grMtI ikRpf krky iek vfr syvf df mOkf jLrUr idAu Air Ticket Cruises Vacation Packages Insurance 50018836 905-790-8989 2565 Steeles Ave. E, Unit #20 Brampton, ON L6T 4L6 Issue No : 12 Email: Contact Number : 905-673-0600 September 15, 2017 | Pages 24 Lathan-Dennis Singh: First-ever black man to convert to Sikhism The Canadian Parvasi TORONTO: Lathan-Dennis Singh was the first-ever black man to convert to Sikhism in the 1960s. A very close friend of music legend Bob Marley, he came to the US from Kingston in Jamaica as a student in 1967. But a casual encounter with a Sikh doctor in Michigan changed his life forever and he has been a devout Sikh for the past five decades. A trained aerodynamic engineer from Michigan University who worked with car giants Ford and General Motors, Lathan-Dennis Singh was the first engineer to design a car that ran on ethanol. "I designed the ethanol car when I was at Ford. It was a revolutionary idea that I wanted to first implement in my native Jamaica, but it didn’t work out,’’ he says. Living in Fairfax, Virginia, after his retirement, he now devotes his time to assist in the community of fellow Sikhs. Continued on page 09 50,000 people in Ontario could lose jobs due to minimum wage hike The Canadian Press TORONTO: More than 50,000 people could lose their jobs if the Ontario government goes ahead with its plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2019, the province's financial watchdog said Tuesday in a report that assessed the economic impact of the proposed increase. The job losses would be concentrated among teens and young adults, while the number of minimum wage workers in Ontario would increase from just over 500,000 to 1.6 million in 2019, the Financial Accountability Office said in its report. FAO chief economist David West said the province is entering "uncharted waters" with the increase because no other jurisdiction has gone so far so quickly. While the move will have a positive impact on the province's total labour market income — hiking it by 1.3 per cent — it will also result in job losses over a number of years. Continued on page 06 Place Your advertisment here 10,000 applications for family reunification in 2017 The Canadian Parvasi BRAMPTON: Brampton South MP Sonia Sidhu says up to 10,000 new sponsorship applications will be accepted under Phase 2 of the Parent and Grandparent Program now under way. The program allows for parents and grandparents to be sponsored to be permanently reunified with their families in Canada. “Reuniting families creates a stronger Canada,” the MP said in a statement. “Reunification is a core immigration priority for our government and we know this program will directly improve the quality of life of thousands of Canadians families,’’ she said. Sidhu said Phase 2 of the program indicates the Liberal government’s commitment to prioritizing family reunification and bringing families together more quickly. The number of applications under Phase 1 of the program was doubled from 5,000 to 10,000 last year to address excessive backlog and processing times. Because of the popularity and success of Phase 1, Phase 2 of the program will also accept 10,000 applications, the MP said in her statement. Apart from family reunification, people who have children or grandchildren in Canada and who wish to spend an extended period of time with them have the option to apply for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa which allows holders to stay up to two years. Priyanka Chopra apologizes for comments on Sikkim IANS Toronto/Gangtok: Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who has produced a Sikkimese film, came under attack after calling the hill state insurgency-troubled. She has apologised to the Sikkim government, which sought another apology in more "clear-cut terms". Netizens on Thursday slammed Priyanka for being "politically illiterate" after she spoke about Sikkim in an interview on the sidelines of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). She was discussing "Pahuna: The Little Visitors", her Sikkimese production which premiered at the gala. Continued on page 10 Contact Email: Toronto Edition : 905-673-0600, Fax Number : 905-673-6422

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