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Pure Jazz Magazine covers the music called Jazz from a very unique perspective not seen in most publications.

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Available Today Pure Jazz Historic Location Change always watches Jazz Clubs pass on the influence of Charlie Parker (the erudite Benny Golson recalling the impact liver cancer that took him out (with testi- occurs as Coltrane is struggling with the of Bird when the two of them first saw mony from intimates about his noticeable Parker on the bandstand in Philly), to his health decline and the fact that he was often seen holding his side in pain, which Dizzy Gillespie tenure, to his early days as a recording artist, to his two Miles Davis band stints (the first sequence ending doing just that), but not before a gruel- is illustrated by a still photo of Trane with Davis firing a drug-addled Coltrane, ing but ultimately rewarding final tour of the second introducing a drug-free C o lt r a n e i n v i t e d back into the band and including D a v i s ’ “ K i n d of Blue” monument). The passage detailing his hit recording of “My Favorite Things” elicited a moment of knowing recognition from the Annapolis screening audience as they recognized that familiar melody. Trane’s enduring classic spiritual high point, “A Love Supreme,” is explored in rich detail from his home sequestration as he developed that deep meditation, as is his assembly of the classic quartet of McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, and Jimmy Garrison who helped deliver that classic. The impact of the final Coltrane working unit of Alice Coltrane on piano, Rashid Ali on drums, Pharaoh Sanders on second tenor, and holdover Jimmy Garrison on bass, which ushered in the freest of John’s music, was to some a bit unsettling. In the film Cornel West throws up his figurative hands at this period of Coltrane’s artistry, respecting Trane’s intentions but admitting lack of true understanding or appreciation for this late period Coltrane. Another of the film’s laudatory sequences Japan. In Japan we see Trane praying before a Nagasaki memorial to victims of the deva s t a t i n g A- b omb, in part a testament from a Jap anese s u r v i v o r of that horror who ironically assisted and accompanied the band on their final tour, as well as somewhat humorous commentary from a Coltrane obsessive who amassed so much Trane memorabilia he needed a separate building to house it all! John Coltrane Ultimately both “Chasing Trane” and “I Called Him Morgan” should receive serious consideration when the next film awards season rolls around. Kudos to the Annapolis Film Festival for bringing “Chasing Trane” to its audience. For a schedule of U.S. screenings and additional information on “Chasing Trane” visit Willard Jenkins is a long time contributor to Pure Jazz Magazine. Presently Willard is contributing at the Amsterdam News. Page 18 - Pure Jazz Magazine

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