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HHr-PJM 2017-FINAL2 -Publishing Version

Pure Jazz Magazine covers the music called Jazz from a very unique perspective not seen in most publications.

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Chuck: I was like – “my girl”. Aduni: (Laughing) Right. Aduni: Ok-ay – ya’ll became fast friends. Chuck: Baby we went – click. And we became brother and sister outside of the theater, but we were actually brother and sister in “Purlie”, and then we ran around together – we were like, two little like – “And what was that ya’ll was sayin?” So we had built up this relationship, so they left me alone after that, and then I just started – I would get a show, after show, after show – so I didn’t have any problem. But boy those first two - they were trying to take me through the washer and dryer. And then I had a couple of the older ones in “Pearlie” who became my protectors, because I was the baby of the show. I was fresh out of OU. And these are seasoned old people who been running around New York trying to get a show here, a job here – finally got in a major hit with Pearl Bailey and Cab Callaway, so they could make money. So they were threatened. And so by the end of that run, everybody loved “little Chucky”. I was their little baby brother, and they got over the whole threat, but they allowed me to be me. And they let me – whatever it was that we did – and then the thing that most warmed my heart TheRese – when Pearl Bailey came down those stair steps, and she said (starts to sing) “Now, now hello Johnny, and hello Tommy – it’s so nice to be back here where I belong. Well now hello Dimples, hello Bobby…” Well Dimples - was me. Aduni: She recognized you. Chuck: She did that night after night, and whatever the word was supposed to be, she didn’t call it that… Aduni: She called it Dimples. Chuck: She called it Dimples. Aduni: Wow. Chuck: And every night and I had this huge grin on my face, and Miss Bailey just loved me. And she actually was the person who cast me in the show. Because I missed the second audition because I didn’t have a phone. I was new in New York, and I didn’t have the phone. So and I had a service, and you call into the service and say, “Do I have any messages?” That’s so weird when I think back on that, and everybody has these cell phones now days that do everything. Chuck: But I remember that so well and I had a message yes, they didn’t receive the call – they want you to come back, and it’s at twelve- noon - and I said, “it’s twelve noon now!” “Oh my God!” – well it’s today, and so I flew into Manhattan – ran to the theater and they said, “Oh it’s all over” and I said, “Oh my God” and I ran to – I can’t remember her name – but she staged that part of the show, and she was Gower Champion’s assistant, and she said, “Oh sweetheart you don’t have to worry, Pearl Bailey had chosen you when you first came. I said, “Really?” she said, “yes sir – you’re cast.” I was like – God! (Gasps) – bucket full of tears. Aduni: Wow. Chuck: I was just sitting there crying like… God thank you for loving me – you know? Aduni: Yes, won’t He do it? Chuck: If I had a missed that I don’t know what would have happened to me. Lord have mercy– you bringing up memories. I haven’t talked like this in ages. Aduni: Thanks Chuck. Chuck: No thank you this has been delightful. Part 2 Next Issue Rese Anderson- Aduni is a freelance writter. She is currently working on... Rese Anderson-Aduni Support our Annual Blues Festival For more information: WANTS: Writers/ Social Media Reps Contact: Pure Jazz Magazine - Page 33