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HHr-PJM 2017-FINAL2 -Publishing Version

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The JAZZ Vision of

The JAZZ Vision of HERBIE HANCOCK by Patricia A. Kelly Page 38 - Pure Jazz Magazine

“I wanted to reclaim the word ‘globaliztion to recapture the positive elements of being interconnected with other human beings all over the world. If humanity is to survive, we have to reap the benefits of being interconnected. We have to work together, to help each other find answers to the trememdous problems facing the planet today, from economic inequity to global warming.”—Herbie Hancock The ads for Herbie Hancock’s performance (Rain or Shine) at the Bandeshell benefit concert claimed it’s been 50 years since he took the stage in Brooklyn. Herbie is internationally known for his prolific genius infusing Jazz with new electronic sounds, elements of pure funk, and labeled a ‘crossover” hit maker in the 70’s, including 14 Grammys. Tonight, August 11, 2016, they’re here at BRIC! The Celebrate Brooklyn Concert series. However, New York City’s thunderstorm insists on its debut as we travel underground, delays greeting evening travel. Walking through long, old, “refurbished” Brooklyn subway tunnels to the R, and then G train is a trip back in time. I’m Brooklyn born, and remember those days. Sweltering humidity’s normal August in New York, but emerging at our destination we feel a cool mist of air. The journey isn’t over. Finally, we’re in our seats, looking up at Chicago rapper Common leaving the stage, as new players walk on taking positions. We’re getting treated to whatever music Herbie Hancock brings tonight… Opening to roaring applause this former member of the Miles Davis Quintet, and his gang start cooking with the 1974 Jazz Fusion bombshell, “Actual Proof.” Piano, guitar, drums, bass pounding…. drummer bringing it… “things got funky”-- quick! Mr. Hancock then takes a break after the first song, and makes a correction about his time in Brooklyn,(he’s been around); then introduces his squad. They’re modern day Jazz greats-- a virtual ‘who’s who”: James Genus of the Saturday Night Live house band is on bass, Lionel Loueke is a guitar legend from West Africa, Trevor Lawrence, Jr, is a famed session drummer, and Terrance Martin, the multi-instrumentalist, and mastermind of To Pimp a Butterfly plays saxophone, vocoder, and keyboards. They’ve played with Herbie for the past ten years, and their cohesion is on display in every selection, and everyone’s “turned out” solos! Next, they perform, “Chameleon.” No more sitting, the amazed know these tunes, but not just what hit ‘em. Thousands experiencing, enjoying, and loving, this ‘interconnection” of sounds, and human beings. This set also includes Overture, Watermelon Man, Come Running to Me, Cantaloupe Island, and an encore for “Chameleon.” An incredible evening on a hot summer night. A fine Herbie Hancock performance, and musical treat well worth the hike on a rainy night. Pure Jazz Magazine - Page 39