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HHr-PJM 2017-FINAL2 -Publishing Version

Pure Jazz Magazine covers the music called Jazz from a very unique perspective not seen in most publications. Louis Armstrong House Museum 34-56 107th Street, Corona Queens, New York 11368 718.178.8274 Page 42 - Pure Jazz Magazine

Pure Jazz Magazine was conceived in 1997 and began publishing in 1999. Since that time PJM made its mission to bring the inside stories about the music called Jazz with its related industries to its readers, and to carve out a niche not found in other publications. Founded by JoAnn Brewster Cheatham who did her very best to create a magazine in which women could have a strong voice. She NEVER forgot the names of the people who helped her along the way. Along with the positives Ms. Cheatham suffered serious back biting and outright bias against her creating the magazine. By taking the necessary pictures herself, writing and procuring the stories, she made her prized project go and was able to persevere through those lean years to create the magazine we are honored to publish today. As we gear up we receive inquiries all the time about past magazines and where they can be viewed. Many of the middle years’ publications are available online now for your perusal. We hope you will take a moment to view some of those early issues. Please enjoy… to view follow the link: Visit Here PJM Support PJM Click Here...