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HHr-PJM 2017-FINAL2 -Publishing Version

Pure Jazz Magazine covers the music called Jazz from a very unique perspective not seen in most publications.

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With The Music In Mind Publisher’s Statement Hello subscribers and readers of Pure Jazz Magazine, This is an exciting time at Pure Jazz. We are moving forward keeping Jo Ann’s legacy in one hand and new ideas in the other. Starting her magazine required countless hours to get it off the ground. In addition, I was fortunate to spend time with Jo Ann for ten years and she allowed me into her “Jazz world” It was important to her to showcase the masters, women and newcomers in the community of Jazz. A year since her death I understand why this art form must remain alive. Pure Jazz Magazine documents this music. My quest is to introduce this magazine to a wider audience. While I was raised around a lot of Jazz music, this is the first time I have taken a leadership role within the Jazz community. My staff and I want this magazine to continue to showcase and introduce. We want to continue to expose the Jazz community to facts and people many might not be aware of, as well as celebrate those we all know and love. It is critical to me that Jo Ann Cheatham’s legacy remains alive even after I transition. In this issue there are several articles I would like to highlight; our feature artist, Herbie Hancock is a great read. The reporter gives a great snapshot of Mr. Hancock’s career and his musical contributions. Our movie review on “Chasing Trane” gives an in depth view into John Coltrane’s world. The Rese Anderson- Aduni interview about Jazz in Tulsa is quite enjoyable. Make sure you take a trip through the Empress’ Gallery in order to receive a smattering of the thousands of photos that Jo Ann took over the years. You are allowed to see through her eyes. We plan to make this feature a regular in the magazine. We at Pure Jazz are very proud of this issue. We want you to enjoy this publication and spend the time to re-acquaint yourself with the Pure Jazz you know and love. I am hopeful you will continue to support this publication. Enjoy, Agneta Ballesteros Publisher Pure Jazz Magazine - Page 7