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At Home with

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Cozy Fall Fashion

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The Best Beaches in Italy

Littles Lifestyle

Hello Gorgeous!


Letter From

the Editor

Welcome to the first issue

of Your Handmade Home

Magazine! I’m Christy

Winfrey, the Founder and

Editor-In-Chief and I am

so glad you are here to share this wonderful journey with

us! Inside this magazine you will find articles on design and

decor, fashion and accessories, travel, interviews with

professionals in the design world, and stories of real

people just like you! One of the things I am most proud of

is the magazine’s focus on unique artisan handmade goods.

Many of the products you will see are made by highly

skilled artisans with a true passion for their craft. And the

best thing is, Your Handmade Home Magazine is completely

shoppable! By just clicking on an ad or a business name,

you will be transported directly to the website to purchase.

So curl up with your favorite throw and a cup of tea, and

settle in to Your Handmade Home!


Yellow Prairie Academy

I love what I do — helping people like YOU

create that cozy-welcoming-inviting-comfortable

feeling in YOUR home!

Imagine seeing your home with fresh eyes.

Using some basic principles to create a

fresh, pulled-together look. All. By. Yourself.

I’m Here for Ya! With over 180,000

Instagram followers and hundreds of

clients, I’m here to help you make your

space amazing.


Enroll at

Even though the air is

getting cooler and the

leaves are falling, you

can still capture the

beauty of the outdoors

inside your home.

Stock up on succulents, the perfect houseplant

They require little maintenance, take up a small amount of space, and complement

any decor! These darling little plants perk up any space!

This distressed mason jar is the

perfect home for succulents,

and that jute bow is the icing

on the cake! You can pick up

this little Ball of adorableness at

The Tattered Blue Brush.

Need a more modern look? These cement

succulent planters are the

perfect accent. This set is sleek and

classic in white and rose gold.

Available at Le Ciment Bleu.

Larger succulents will feel right

at home in this rustic wood planter,

The neutral colors will fit any

decor style too! Available only at

Charming Chace.

This wood pallet planter is totally

farmhouse chic and is a beautifully

rustic way to dress up your home. Hang

this planter in any room to add that touch

of greenery, along with those darling

suspended candles and a painted clay pot.

Available from Step Free Designs.


Bring the Outside In! Cont.

Add wall whimsy

If you’re looking to add a little fun to your space, this adorable cactus

is happy to oblige! Beautifully hand embroidered on a bamboo hoop,

this adorable cactus requires no special care and is perfect for those

without a green thumb. You can pick up this sharp little guy

(pun intended) at Small and Sweets.

Hang artful nature prints and photos

This museum quality canvas print by

Alison Aquiers really hits it out of the

park. Gorgeous gold fall sunflowers

photographed against a rich purple

sunset create a magical fall image.

Available at Alison Squiers Photos.


This beautiful photo was taken by

nature photographer, Margot Carrera,

while she was hiking in California.

Margot came across this serene scene

of a young couple under the sweeping

canopy of the tree, gazing at the river.

Purchase this exclusive print at

Margot Carrera.


Jewelry with

STAR Power

When Jane Makransky was faced with a life-changing illness, she ended

up with a lot of time on her hands. “I was forced to watch a lot of

TV”, she said. With some previous experience in making jewelry, she

turned to YouTube to learn some of the skills she required to turn

her jewelry up a notch. She purchased her supplies and began to

experiment. “I practiced and designed while my body healed. I loved

discovering new types of stones, incorporating vintage finds, and

trying unique chains and clasps.”


Her practice paid off, and Mack & Jane Jewelry was born. Soon after, she was

contacted by a woman in Los Angeles, who purchased several of her pieces for

a celebrity mom and baby event, whose guests included Jessica Simpson, Kim

Kardashian, Fergie and others. That started the ball rolling for many more

exciting opportunities. Then it began... magazine features, boutiques stocking

her jewelry, and then the big call came... she was invited to include her

gorgeous leather cuffs (below) in swag bags for the Oscars and the Emmys.

“I learned that by using

various leather colors

and textures, beautiful

patterns emerge...”

Growing quickly in popularity, she found her work getting more and more attention.

She was now being profiled by, Refinery29 blog,

Bethesda Magazine, and

Alexandria Lifestyle.

Her equestrian line of jewelry

(right) was featured in Horse &

Style Magazine and Equestrian

Vogue. Due to her keen fashion

sense, she was also invited to give

red carpet fashion commentary

on the Golden Globes for the

local NBC affiliate.

The gorgeous agate slice necklace featured on the left, is part of her newest line

of jewelry. It has an amazing color - a beautiful greenish blue with tones of

cream and brown. The oval agate slice is suspended from an elastic chain composed

of silver plated filigree beads as well as silver plated disks, tube beads,

cubes and granulated beads. Interspersed are greenish blue fire polished crystals

and tiny green glass seed beads.


If you love neutral pieces with a rustic

feel, this leather charm bracelet is for

you! Jane used gorgeous toast brown

nappa leather, 5 mm in diameter, as

the base of this bracelet. On it she

strung a beautiful assortment of silver

plated sliders and charms. This one of

a kind leather bracelet will wrap twice

around a 6.0-6.5 inch wrist. Wear this

with jeans and a tee or creamy sweater

to punch up your look!

In her constant hunt for unusual beads,

Jane was thrilled to find the gorgeous

centerpiece of this coral necklace -- a

dusty coral glass carved ball. The ball

is topped with a brushed gold vermeil

round bead and dangles from matte

gold plated beaded chain highlighted

with gold plated flower beads and tiny

coral glass beads. The coral ball suspends

a gold plated beaded chain tassel

which is tipped in tiny gold crystals for

a bit of shine. We love the combination

of coral and gold!

Thank you, Jane, for using your time and

your talents to inspire us! For showing

us that attitude is everything, no matter

what the circumstance... and passion and

persistance pay off. We are so grateful to

be able to share your story.

To purchase these any of

gorgeous pieces, please visit


Fall Decor Ideas

Fall decor comes in many colors, forms and textures. Some

home decor pieces are traditional, like robust orange pumpkins

and toasty leaves. Others are less so, like pumpkins in pastels, bold

checked fabrics, or monochromatic displays in creamy whites.

Whatever your preference, you have a multitude of options, as

reflected in the photos below.

We stopped in our tracks when we saw this table setting by Casey

Finke. It is breathtaking. The layering of white dinnerware topped

with cool mint plates and our fave black and white buffalo check

napkins would be beauty enough But those gorgeous inspirational

plates which top the black and white napkins are pure perfection.

Photo Courtesy of Casey Finke


We can’t get over Donna Van Horn’s

gorgeous dining room! We are

suckers for anything with black and

white buffalo check... The warm wood

farm table provides great contrast with

the white shiplap walls and the whitewashed

bench. What time is dinner??

Photo Courtesty of Donna Van Horn

Photo Courtesy of Christi Craft

This rustic farmhouse kitchen by

Christi Craft is gorgeous for sure. But

-- those apples. Not only do they add

loads of visual appeal with their cheery

range of colors, they create such anticipation

for the magic that will transform

them them into yummy fall treats. Sweet

pie, mulled cider, chunky apple sauce.

No doubt this kitchen will soon be filled

with the crisp smells and juicy tastes of



Small vignettes take a special talent--

one that includes an eye for editing and

mixing hard and soft textures. This gorgeous

one by Jill Passafiume is a perfect

example. The Tolix style industrial chair

sets the stage, topped with a fabulously

chippy metal container. The informal

bouquets of earthy greens and the

smattering of vintage books soften this

vignette. Hats off to Jill--she has created

a beautifully textural gathering suitable

for any room in your home.

Photo Courtesy of Jill Passafiume

Photo Courtesy of Anna Hicks

We love the bold contrast of black,

white and golden yellow and it is

certainly the first element to draw you

in to this kitchen vignette by Anna

Hicks. But look more closely for the

small yet significant details: The perfect

balance of cool pottery on the warm

wood and rope tray; the lush sunflower

bouquet with loads of greenery; the

black shelf topping the sunflowers,

displaying more crisp white pottery

and a bit of greenery. But our absolute

fave is the subtle underlay of black and

white buffalo check fabric nestled near

the black and white cow print. Totally

unique. Totally eye catching. Totally


Little corners in your home are like raw

gemstones: They can be polished and

artfully set just like a beautiful ring. This

vignette by Kara Estes is a quiet dazzler:

A beautiful tufted stone grey wing chair

and cozy fringed creamy throw. A simple

white side table topped with white pottery

of varying shapes. But to us, the touch that

gives this gem of a vignette its real sparkle

are the framed words resting on the side

table: “Be you, bravely.” Words to live by.

Photo Courtesy of Kara Estes

Photo Courtesy of Lavendar Lane Interiors

Small spaces can make a big impact,

and this corner of Deb Foglia’s

kitchen from is one of those tiny

gems. Where do we start? The chalkboard

wall sets the tone for drama,

and the simple white plates and

rustic wooden rack play well against

the deep charcoal wall. Then there’s

the creamy white shiplap (love) and

marble topped table --again so perfect

against the dark wall. But what really

caught our attention was that fabulous

brown paper shopping list roller. How

inventive! Write family reminders and

little notes of love to your hub or kids.


What’s not to love about this

amazing bedroom! It is off the

charts cozy! Those bed linens.

The shiplap. The mossy green

bouquet. Sigh.....

Kaley DiPietro has truly

outdone herself with this

perfect mix of lush and cozy


Photo Courtesy of Kaley DiPietro

This room from Jamie of

@mindfullygray has all the

feels!! Comfy and bright and

then there’s that dog!

Photo Courtesy of jamie @mindfullygray

How to

WIN the Baby Shower

by Rebecca Tellyer

Baby showers aren’t about gift giving- they’re about WINNING.

Whoever brings the best gift wins. But you don’t have to go big

or go home- modest gifts can pack a major punch. Here’s a list of

unique gifts that won’t break the bank and will guarantee a win.

Battle No. 1: Accessories: This is a hot, highly competitive battle.

You must go in well equipped, as there is a lot of cute stuff

out there. Don’t be a fool and think you can win with something

from a mainstream box store; that’s a rookie mistake. Trust me on

this- you must get creative and go with handmade, small batch,

and unique. Do this and you will hands-down win.

So where to start? There are thousands of little shops out there,

which can be overwhelming. Below is your guide; a finely crafted

list of small batch artisans who create high quality, stunning gifts

that are sure to dazzle, entrance, and conquer.

To start: drool bandana bibs and stay on booties are two hot, relatively

new accessory must-haves in the baby world. It’s a strong

combo of unique style and extreme practicality. Purchase at

the Berry Bug Shop.


How to WIN the Baby shower cont.

I guarantee no one else is going to give a

gift like these feathered footies. Pearls,

braids and feathers are combined to create

a truly stunning and unique look. To

top it off, these footless sandals are also

available as a mommy and me set. THIS is

way better than a silly wipe warmer. Visit

Rosebud Baby Designs to purchase.

Battle No. 2: Photo props

Newborn photos are all the rage, and props are

starting to pop up as shower gifts. They are a sure

hit, because babies dressed up as ANYTHING will

make your eyeballs melt and grandma faint from

cuteness overload. Don’t get your asteroid handed

to you at the shower. Give a gift off the registry

that everyone will roar over, like a bitty baby dino


Need to buy for a baby girl? No one else will even

come close when arming yourself with this much

cuteness- an infant unicorn outfit, handmade and

totally unique. Purchase both the Unicorn and

Dino costumes through Mermazing Creations.

Get the atomic bomb of costumes and see if you

can get a custom order for adult size, and make it

a daddy and me combo?

Nothing fishy about this! Little Angler is a full set

of costumes and props, created and sold by

Steph’s Family Stitches.


Battle No. 3: Clothing Baby clothes are inherently cute. They’re ridiculously

tiny and the patterns are super adorable. Though it may seem like a slam dunk,

it’s a saturated category. If you are going to compete in this event, you gotta

bring your A game. Go for original, boutique, high quality, and (most importantly)

something no one else will ever think of getting, and yet is so adorable

everyone is shocked that THEY didn’t think of it.

Heirloom quality styles are hot right now, thanks to Kate Middleton and her

adorable children. Knock their socks off with this traditional yet modern

dress. Fluttery sleeves, pleats and trim- it has the works. To top it off, it features

a large modern print with contemporary coloring. Expertly handcrafted by

Sew Wee Design .

If the roses don’t get to you, the marsupials will.

Rompers are like the secret sniper of the baby

gifting world. Poised quietly in gift wrapping,

looking innocuous, going unnoticed- it’s ready

to make its mark before you even know what

hit you. When opened, it garners immediate

reaction: Is it a dress? Overalls? What’s the

print? Oh my gosh it’s a romper. Wait, look!

KOALAS! Bam. Win.

Purchase from the fabulous

Bandi Cute Designs.


How to WIN the Baby shower cont.

Battle no. 4: The quintessential “crocheted with love” blanket. Be forewarned:

Aunt Gladys is going to show up with her crocheted afghan, made in

either bubble gum pink or baby blue. It’s cliché, but almost impossible to

compete with, as Aunt Gladys carries her weight in emotional ammunition.

What Aunt Gladys doesn’t know is that she is in for some tough competition,

as you are also giving a crochet blanket, handmade, in colors and a

design that doesn’t scream 1972. To top it off - you don’t need to knit a stitch

to gift handmade quality, as every one of these artisan quality blankets was

handmade with love by their makers.

Navy, ivory and kelly green are a hot combo, and perfect

for gender neutral or a boy. This blanket is a one of

a kind, so get it before it’s gone. If you’re too late, never

fear- Annie Rose Crafts offers loads of gorgeous, lovingly

crafted crochet blankets available for purchase.

I also love this patchwork design,

which uses a pink that doesn’t

scream “I’m a girl!” The stitch

is soft and will look simply gorgeous

displayed in a nursery.

Win. Purchase this gorgeous

blanket from Norahs Things

Woodland nursery prints are a hot item. I particuarily

love this set, as it is full of unique character,

without being cliche. It’s a gift that everyone

will remember. Created and available from

Lumisa Design.


Personalization ALWAYS gets people swooning. It

shows you invested time and effort, and truly care

the most about the recipient (and this is how you

win). This button monogram is incredibly unique,

and comes in color palletes that will complement

just about any nursery décor. Don’t know the first

name? That’s ok- get it as your first initial so the

baby knows who you are and the importance you

play in her life. Or you can get the baby’s last name-

I hope you know what that will be. Created by and

available from Reloved Buttons.

Nothing says “King of the Baby Shower” like king of

the jungle. Play into everyone’s subconscious and let

them know that YOU rule. The added bonus is that

every time their eyes gaze on this monogram letter,

their thoughts will turn only to you, and how you

rule all. Created Just 4 U Designs offers many

options of colors and letters.

The Final Battle: Add-ons for the takedown punch. Seal the deal with

an additional item- think of it as the one-two punch a la Rocky Balboa.

I’ll admit- if you are going to try to win a baby shower with a diaper bag,

you are climbing steep terrain. It’s hard to glamorize something that holds

something that an itty bitty creature poops in. This battle is for the veteran

baby shower attendee looking for a challenge, and definitely not the amateur.

But hey, go big or go home!


How to WIN the Baby shower cont.

This diaper caddy will push your main gift over the

edge into the winner’s circle. It is incredibly compact

and beautiful, purse-worthy all on its own. No

mom actually wants to lug an entire diaper bag

around. Enabling mom to take a lighter approach to

traveling with a baby will be a well-received gesture.

Purchase from Designing Elementary.

We love Hippie Yupster Goats, which makes this

unscented lotion all the better for both mommy

and baby. Just LOOK at that goat. With glasses.

Babies LOVE goats. People LOVE goats. It’s

a well-known fact. Did you know there’s a such

thing as goat yoga? People pay money to do yoga

in a field with goats frolicking around them. It’s

true! If that can be a profitable enterprise, you will

hands down win with baby-friendly hippie goat

lotion. Available from Hippie Goat Lotion.

If you know the mom is going to breastfeed, give a

mug that will resonate with her soul. Prepare her for

her new life of never sleeping enough and her lifeforce

existing of coffee. On second thought, better

keep that last part between just us.... Purchase this

cheeky mug from Coco Bean Creations in left or right

handed styles, and finalize your win with some hearty


Rebecca Tellyer is the author of the She also co-owner of the Berry Bug Shop with her

friend Melissa Kayte, teaches music to babies and toddlers, and performs in a bluegrass band throughout New

England. She lives in Massachusetts and spends most of her time making pancakes and cracking jokes with

her two young children, husband, and beloved Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever named Loki.


The Best Beaches in Italy

by Cathy Ivers

Whether you are looking for a romantic fall getaway or a family friendly

vacation, Italy has many beautiful beaches to choose from. Each region in

Italy has amazing beaches, from the gorgeous white sandy beaches of

Sardinia to the rocky beaches of Cinque Terre. Described below are some

of the best beaches in Italy for a fabulous fall vacation.

Sperlonga Beach: This beach is located in a beautiful seaside town in the

Lazio region (Rome area). In a short walk you’ll be on the beach, where

you can rent a chair for the day for about €13.

Ischia: Ischia is an island off the gorgeous Amalfi coast. One of the most

popular and largest beaches in Ischia is San Pietro beach. Most of San

Pietro beach is free and is an easy walk from the Ischia Port.

Amalfi Coast: From Sorrento to Ravello, there are beaches of every kind

along this most famous seaside region of Italy. Whether you stay in Positano,

Sorrento, Ravello, or the city of Amalfi, you will find beautiful beaches,

both rocky and sandy, and some amazingly delicious seafood.

Best beaches in Italy cont.

Tuscany: Although Tuscany is known as wine country, it also has some beautiful

beaches. Versilia beach is very long, with soft yellow sand. The northern part

of Tuscany has many lovely beaches as well. In addition, there are some terrific

restaurants where you can sample fresh Mediterranean seafood caught daily.

Rimini: Rimini is located in the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy and

it is where you will enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. Rimini is popular with

Italians and tourists alike. The Igea Marina beach, once an ancient fishing village,

is also popular with both Italians and tourists, and is the home of an amazing sea

shell exhibit at the Museo delle Conchiglie.

Portonovo Beach: Portonovo beach is located on a bay in Conero National Park

in the Marche region of Italy. Often called the Conero Riviera, you’ll find many

restaurants here with a variety of fresh local fish dishes. Italians pride themselves

on their fresh food in general, and seafood is no exception. In fact, it can be difficult

to find comparable seafood dishes outside of the seaside coastline of Italy.

Portofino: Known as the Italian Riviera, Portofino is located in Liguria region.

It is well known for being a chic, upscale resort area. If you want to splurge and

have an amazing honeymoon or romantic getaway, I would highly recommend

Portofino. The Paraggi Stretch in Portofino Is known for its romantic atmosphere

and is an ideal couples resort.


Sardinia: Sardinia is an island off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and is

known for some of the most gorgeous beaches in all of Italy. In particular,

the beaches on Sinis Peninsula are among some of the most beautiful and

are accessible by car. Chia beach in Sardinia is a family friendly beach, and

home to a Spanish watch tower from which you can view the white sand and

blue waters of the beach.

When deciding on a beach in Italy, it is useful to determine if the beach is

a “blue flag certified” beach. Beaches with this certification are known for

their cleanliness and environmental consciousness. This certification is

awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education, which has stringent

standards and guidelines that must be met.

The next time you are looking for a beach vacation, think Italy, where not

only is the food always amazing, but the beaches are as well, and hospitality

is second to none.

Cathy Ivers is a licensed travel agent

with Destination is Italy.


Hello Gorgeous!

A little “me time” when we can get it is always a good thing!

This collection of fabulous beauty products

will make you feel like you have a spa in your home!

Your makeup just got a makeover and bloomed into a

beautiful rose! This handcrafted rose is infused with a

beautiful finely milled mineral makeup highlight

pigment. Gently swirl the make up brush over the petals

and apply to the area you would like to highlight.

Purchase from Lalalu Cosmetics.

Scent your home beautifully with an elegant

reed diffuser. Safe and effective, the scent

is released slowly through the length of the

natural reeds. Available from Places.

This organic eyelash serum and eyebrow growth

serum helps you achieve longer and fuller eye

lashes and eyebrows by strengthening the hairs

at the roots. Available from Charming Shoppes.


Spoil yourself with this luxiurious spa set

from Lacewood Creations! Relaxing bath

tea and lavender body butter will ease away

your stress.

An organic lavendar vanilla sugar scrub from

Suzees Candles is just the thing to make your

skin soft and your mind relaxed.

Invigorating and refreshing, this detoxifying

activated charcoal soap greets you with

peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils and is

the perfect body loving treat on a hot summer day.

The soap is ever so mildly cooling and a delight to

the senses. From Seaside Herbs and Oils.

Relax and unwind with elegant mini bath bombs

made with real organic roses and lavender petals

and buds. These bath bombs come in sets of 4 and

10, and are available at The Remedy of Life.

This goat milk shampoo bar leaves your hair

silky and smooth. Full of beneficial

proteins, goat milk helps the hair become

stronger and repairs the surface of the cuticle.

Get this from The Chocolate Chicken.

This exquisite rose salve, a naturally tinted lip

balm, is handcrafted by incorporating deluxe

ingredients such as organic rose petal-infused

oil, argan oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter.

Available at Herbal Chest.


This highly moisturizing organic lotion

contains three different types of oils: Coconut,

argan, and hemp. It’s non-greasy and absorbs

quickly into your skin, for luxurious softness.

Only available from Practical Magic Beauty.

A little something for the guys...

This Frankincense and Rain beard balm is all

natural and very soothing, and smells great!

The top notes of lemon peel, pear, eucalyptus

and pine mix subtly with notes of cinnamon,

wisteria, jasmine, and clove over a vanilla,

cedarwood base note. This creates a beautiful

refreshing and calming blend to make your

man smell amazing! Available from C4 Gifts.

This manly soap is made with a proprietary milk

blend of coconut milk, goat milk, buttermilk,

and cream. It has a masculine scent with a clean,

sharp finish, and it’s the perfect combination of

barbershop aromas. Available from

Skyline Soapworks.

Instant Gratification

Sometimes you need something

and you need it NOW!

Maybe it’s a quick gift for that birthday you forgot all about (yikes!)

or the perfect final accent for your newly decorated space.

Here are a few suggestions for some

terrific and easily available home decor items.

You will fall in love with this

adorable printable from

BASH Paper Boutique.

Who doesn’t need this little

reminder on their coffee bar?

You can pick this printable up at

The Shimmering Fox.

Stripes or solids? We’ll go with stripes!!

This intricate hand drawn printable from

Trollfaxi adds character to any room!


Cozy Fall Fashion

by Jane Makransky

The transition from steamy summer to cool crisp fall entices us to think about

cozy sweaters, plush plaids and soft flannel . But don’t forget that Indian

summer can call for lighter pieces, like these super soft custom tees with

inspirational quotes like Raising My Tribe from The Southern Camellia or

Raised on Sweet Tea and Jesus from Adalines Cottage.

Certainly wearable all year round, but just perfect for late summer and

early fall with a denim jacket or light sweater. And the ideal accessory with

these adorable tees would be this black suede cord lariat with gold tips by

BellaVita Beauty - simple but with loads of style. Finally, add these chunky

boot cuffs by Lovely Little Bits Too (they come in lots of great fall colors) with

your fave boots to complete your early fall look.

Then as the fall chill arrives, wouldn’t you want to wrap yourself this incredible

handmade plaid flannel scarf by Vintage Rebel? Perfect autumnal colors-- mustards,

black and white, with just a touch of blue. We can picture this cozy scarf

with a creamy camel turtleneck or chunky slate blue sweater and jeans.

To complete this casual look, add this unique autumn leaf pendant handcrafted

entirely from polymer clay by Jennifer Patterson Designs. Or for a night out,

drape this scarf around a black knit tunic and slacks for some real drama and

add these citrusy crystal cluster earrings by Karen Suki Arts. For another perfect

evening touch, wear this intricate sterling silver wire wrapped blue topaz pendant

by K Schroeder Studio.

And what’s fall without a new purse? But it needs to be special. Really

special. Like this hobo bag handcrafted entirely with recycled fabrics by

Bellesa by Bethany. Wear it as a crossbody bag or shoulder bag. Enjoy the

amazing organizational pockets on the outside and inside. So easy to wear

with a chunky brown oversized sweater, and this richly colored boho beaded

African turquoise bracelet by Karen M Smith Designs. And for just a bit

more of a fashion punch, add one of the beautifully simple tigers eye

matching couples bracelets by Estilo Shop (personalized with your zodiac

sign) and give the other to that special someone.

So as you can see, the beauty of fall fashion, with its rich color palette, is that

you can find clothing and accessories that not only reflect this gorgeous

season, but allow you to remain true to your own sense of style.

Be you, in every season.

Decorating Your Home

with Gallery Walls

with Alicia Armstrong

All Photos Courtesy of Our Vintage Nest

Decorating your home is such a personal thing... it’s the accents and special

touches that bring warmth and comfort to your home. We are so pleased to

have Alicia Armstrong of Our Vintage Nest share some wonderful interior

design tips and a little bit about herself.

So, before we start discussing your beautiful gallery walls, tell me a little bit

about how you got started decorating...

My passion for decorating came later on when I was a newlywed. Decorating

our first home was so new and fun! I was first inspired by my mom, she has

such an for it and loved to collect antiques when I was younger. That’s where

my love for antiques grew!

What are your favorite types of items to add to a space?

I feel like I have a mix of old and new in our home. I love authentic vintage

treasures. A few of my favorite pieces include our 5-foot church pew, old

suitcases, dressers and most recently, a gorgeous early 1900’s Eastlake bed

that I scored at an estate sale! I also love to incorporate handmade signs into

our home. Many of them are made by dear, dear friends that I’ve met during

my Instagram journey. Having a little piece of them and their passion in my

home is so special.

Tell us about the most favorite piece of furniture that you own...

Oh goodness, there are so many that I love! I guess I’ll have to go with the one

that has a sweet (and funny) story behind it!

Our pedestal table in our breakfast nook! It came out of an old historical

home where we live. We called that house the leg lamp house, because it had a

leg lamp displayed in the front bay window. We would always laugh when we

drove by and saw it.

Anyway, the house is no longer there; they carefully relocated it to a different

area. Fast forward to when I found the pedestal table outside an antique store

for $100! I had been looking for a table like this for awhile. Later on that year,

I was talking with a sweet lady at the same store about a table I scored a few

months prior. As I was describing it, I mentioned the leg lamp!


She said, “Oh, that was my house and my table!” I expressed to her how much

we loved it and she was overjoyed to learn it had gone to a good home and it

could be enjoyed by another family. I was surprised to learn that our pedestal

table came out of the same house where the leg lamp used to be!

You are famous for your gallery walls... can you share a little about them?

My favorite and most popular gallery wall is this scrabble art gallery in our

living room. Incorporating special family dates, numbers and pictures was

my vision for this wall. I decided to keep it neutral to flow with the adjoining

space; I just love how it turned out! The burning question I’ve seen with this

viral wall is what do the 5 dates mean? I’m happy to satisfy your curiosity and

share them! From top to bottom… Our first (blind date), the day he proposed,

our wedding date and the birth of our two children!

There is no limit to the size of

your gallery wall. If you want to

use family photos above a couch

or large wall area, it’s always fun

to add your last name initial or a

number to symbolize your f

amily members. I love the look

it can bring; it helps to break up

the flow of continuous shapes

and/or colors.

What I’ve found helpful is to find pieces

that have similar texture, color and shape.

Take my entryway wall for example…

I have created this one in mostly neutrals.

It flows nicely and is pleasing to the eye,

especially being that it’s the first thing my

guests see when they enter. I have mixed

textures such as wood, metal and greenery

to create this wall. I think it’s a good rule

of thumb to have at least 2-3 pieces

represented; hanging adjacent from one

another. This is so the eye can flow easily

from left to right.

We love Alicia’s keen eye for detail, and

the balance and mix of textures and

colors in her uniquely personal gallery

walls. You can follow her blog at

Our Vintage Nest.


What’s the Plan?

Keep yourself and your devices organized

with these nifty accessories!

These colorful fall planner

stickers are the perfect way to

stay organized! Get them at

The Washi Garden

If you are looking for a unique

journal for yourself or as a gift,

Created Just 4 U Designs has

many to choose from!

This soft sleeve will keep your

tablet free from scratches, and its

button closure will keep it safely

tucked inside. Available at

Als Crafty Corner

This tablet pillow from

Lucky Elefant Designs is

perfect for keeping your

tablet upright while relaxing

in your favorite spot.


The Woman

Behind the


By Kerry Logan

How I came to make paper-mâché masks is like most things in my life – sideways

with a Jane- of-all -trades or Renaissance woman attitude.

After years of college and exciting and challenging careers, I settled down and

made a home with my two children. The first papier-mâché project I made

was a cheetah mask because that was what my daughter adored at the time.

And then a Hello Kitty piñata. And that was the start. The projects grew each

year: A Muppet animal pinata for my son,

Totoro pinata, Croods egg, a baseball piñata,

death star piñata, etc. Just a few months ago,

it was masquerade masks for my daughter’s

16th birthday.


Three years ago, the artistic director of our

local ballet company asked if I could make a

stage prop for the Spring Ballet Showcase – a

large white papier-mâché tree. I was excited!

With my dad’s help on the structural design, I

made that magic happen!

Death Star Pinata

The following winter, the same Artistic Director

asked if I would help build some

props but also help stage manage as well for

a mini production of Alice in Wonderland.

Knowing the other families involved, and

loving how building for a show felt; the team

work, and seeing the kids shine all the more,

I said sure! And, this is Alice - with the pool

of tears, and the rabbit hole, and the doors?

It was certainly lined up to be a challenge

and it was!

Spring Ballet Showcase

Photo Courtesy of Big Fish Media


The first half of the show included Sleeping Beauty references, as well those to

Red Riding Hood and Puss in Boots. Since I couldn’t start on the large prop

construction until spring arrived (my work area was in the open air), I asked if

I could try my hand at making the masks for the Wolf and the cats.

Big Bad Wolf

White Cat and Puss in Boots

And then it was really time to dive into the rabbit hole. The Alice production

was in full swing. I had one more difficult mask to make though – the White

Rabbit. Could I do it? Big ears that wouldn’t get stuck on things?

Comfortable to be worn continuously for about an hour? Luckily, my daughter

was cast in that role and she was a willing guinea pig. Oh, did I mention

it needed to be steam punk too?

White Rabbit


Word spread of my theater experience

creating paper mache masks. A local

friend asked me to create a rhinoceros

papier-mâché head which he could

wear and speak through. This mask

required a harness to help stabilize and

hold some of the weight because those

rhino horns made it pretty unbalanced

-- although it only weighed 5 pounds, I

didn’t want to risk any injuries!

All of these experiences gave me the

confidence I needed to open my own

Rhinoceros head

business, and last September I officially

put out my shingle. Then, in January of this year I took the brave leap and

opened a shop on Etsy. It’s been a wonderful year of growth, learning,

meeting other fantastic makers, and helping to tell stories.

Now, I wake up every day, make sure the kids have what they need, then

settle into my work, using my hands to find the right shape and form so that

whatever papier-mâché project I’m working on can function correctly on

the wearer and also be a lot of fun to wear. This passion allows me to reduce,

reuse and recycle and learn new ways to be more sustainable so that I can

help protect the wild places that these creatures I create come from.

Arctic Fox and Barn Owl masks


If someone would have told me five years ago that this is what I would be

doing for a living, I would have laughed in disbelief. But looking back at all

of my experiences, most of which were a bit

different than the norm, it makes sense that

I would step out and do something unusual.

The drive to create --the under current

through all of it, my history of stage life,

devotion to the wilderness and its creatures

great and small, my dedication to helping

kids of all ages have fun and feel valued –

it all makes great sense. My life is truly

enriched by this opportunity to create.

Kerry after a performance

All of those years either on stage or back stage

have helped me understand a performer’s needs and understand a director’s

vision. Allowing people to tell more meaningful stories is truly healing for

me and, I hope, for my clients as well. I have found that I enjoy listening to

what others envision just as much as I do

making something that moves me.

Ghillie Shoe Pinata

Masquerade Masks

Kerry’s works of art may be

purchased from her shop

By the Creek Creations.

At Home

with Janna Allbritton

Behind that wide smile and soft eyes, lies a sweet soul and a passion for crisp,

clean design. We were thrilled when the talented Janna Allbritton graciously

allowed us to talk with her about her life and her design business, Yellow Prairie

Interiors, and share her home with us!

I know you love designing for others. How hard was it to design your own

home from the ground up?

“Oh my, it was absolutely the MOST FUN designing our home. My husband is

totally “on-board” with my style (He’s the best) so that made it really easy. We

knew we wanted casual, approachable, and plenty of farmhouse style, while still

keeping it clean-looking. I would often go to bed and just think of a million

ideas, even during the building process. Luckily our builder was very accommodating,

and didn’t get mad when we had new ideas mid-construction. Sometimes

those lightbulb moments can’t be ignored!”

What is your favorite room

to design and why?

“The living room. With the

kitchen being a close second.

Our living room/kitchen area is

all one big open space, and it’s

my favorite because it’s the

gathering place. It’s where we

hang out with family & friends,

so making that spot “cozy”

and inviting, was the most

important thing to me. “

Photos Courtesy of Yellow Prairie Interiors

OK. Let’s get real. As gorgeous as

Janna’s kitchen is, we bet that it is

usually filled with family, friends,

and finds and treasures of the day.

But in the rare moments, when all

is quiet, we can so appreciate the

peacefulness that this kitchen evokes.

The tall crisp white cabinets are stellar,

particularly with the understated

black iron drawer pulls. And the

white subway tile brings a kind of elegance

not normally associated with

the tile. Janna continued the black

accents in the dining area with mix

of contemporary Windsor chairs and ladder back chairs. So perfect with the

pale rustic wood table. Janna’s style eye is so refined yet so warm-- how on

earth does she achieve that balance ?

How often do you use handmade

products in your clients homes, and

why do you think handmade is such

an important addition to a home?

“LOVE including handmade items

and supporting the awesome “maker”

community out there! I especially

love ordering from my peers on

Instagram: pillows, signs, whatever!

Adding these kinds of items to a

space really personalizes it.”

The beauty of Janna’s talent is crystal clear in this comfy room. Her ability to

combine a cozy neutral toned sectional and oatmeal walls with that gorgeous

boldly patterned rug – a little ethnic and a little geometric-- is genius. And the

cherry on the sundae are those drapes, made by Janna out of dropcloths on

which she hand stenciled Swiss crosses. Really????? She deftly kept the accessories

to a minimum, letting that special rug take center stage in an otherwise

quietly creamy room. Her design restraint and ability to edit make this a room

that will stand the test of time.

This space has so many wonderful

design elements. The dresser scored

by Janna at an estate sale - which she

sanded and repainted with rustic

perfection - is a dream. And what

about those walls she painted and

hand-stenciled. To warm up the

white, Janna added a sweet old

wooden Windsor chair and sculptural

wood lamp. And the collage

over the dresser is not one of those

out of the box collages we see so often.

No, this one is genuinely

personal and imperfectly perfect.

“LOVE including handmade items and supporting

the awesome “maker” community out there!”

How do you manage your time between family, clients, media requests, etc.

“Oh, I’m managing it?’s tough to balance it all. I’ve really had to shift

gears this year and make sure my family is my #1 priority. Our kids are growing

up so fast and I don’t want to miss out on anything! I protect the weekends

like my life depends on it, plus everyone needs down time, right? (especially

if you’re an introvert like me! ALONE TIME, PLEASE!!” (with a smile on her


What is the one piece of advice you would give someone who is considering a

home redesign?

“Pay attention to trends, but don’t let that be your only guide. Focus on what

YOU like. I always suggest making a Pinterest board of pictures you LOVE.

Once you’ve pinned a few, you’ll start seeing a pattern...the things you are

drawn to the most! And there ya go...your style!”

How does your faith play a role in your business?

“Jesus is my everything. Creativity comes from Him, and I’m so blessed to

turn my God-given passion for design into my job. So to answer your

question, my faith is EVERYTHING to my business. As long as HE keeps

opening doors, I’ll keep walking through them, and all along the way

my heart’s desire is to shine the light of Jesus!”

Janna has created no ordinary storage space here. This deceptively simple

cabinetry she designed fools the eye into thinking only of its beauty and not

the many functions it serves. Tall

enclosed cabinets allow her to store life's

necessities. The open shelving provides

a place to display well loved treasures.

And that bench! More seating, more

storage, and even the opportunity to

hang pretty pieces - like a great straw

market bag, or a unique leather tote.

The substantial moulding that tops this

cabinetry gives it such grace. And that

fabulous checked wallpaper

(removable!) that Janna selected is the

perfect finishing touch of sophisticated

whimsy. Once again, we are amazed by

her talent - this time to create a gorgeous multi functional space.

Janna’s design talent is superb, but what struck me the most during our

interview was her authenticity. She truly values her faith and family. And,

despite her burgeoning design business, she has managed to juggle life’s

challenges with a sweet and generous spirit. Thank you Janna, for sharing your

time with our readers. You are a special soul with many gifts.


Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen is the heart of any home... it’s where we gather family and friends

to cook together, laugh together and share memories. No matter what your

style, these kitchen essentials will add a touch of elegance or whimsy to your

gathering place.

Tired of taking hot bowls out of the microwave?

I know we are! This genius bowl

holder from Crafted for a Cure solves that

problem! Micriwave safe, and comes in a

variety of colors to match your decor.

Seriously.. this spice rack from

Spice Expressions is amazing. The spice

jar lids have heavy duty magnets that

stick to a metal plate to keep your

cabinets clear, your spices handy and

your food delicious!

This marble tablet/book stand is pure

genius! Luka Marble Designs has hit this

one out of the park. No more propping

up your tablet or trying to find the page

in your cookbook. And did we mention

its marble?

There always room for a little fun in the

kitchen! This adorable wooden spoon set

from Embered Etchings makes the cutest

housewarming gift! You can even

customize the color to match the kitchen!

Did someone say vintage? We just can’t

get enough of this tea towel!

The neutral colors and the kitchen spices

make a great accent to any kitchen.

Available from Inspire in Motion.

Who says recycling has to be boring?

This little Cutie holds all of your

plastic bags and looks just adorable

doing it! Country Cutie Bag Dolls has

so many colors and styles to choose

from, you will have no problem

finding the perfect one for your home.

Photo Courtesy of Val Darden

Farmhouse Finds

by Jennifer Sullivan

In a world of modern women, I want to be a country girl. I’m not the only one

either. Over the past decade farmhouse style has stormed the design community.

You can see it everywhere: from TV shows and the latest trending magazines, to

advertisements in your facebook feed. Farmhouse decor is the in thing, and why

shouldn’t it be? Forget sleek lines and minimalism, I’ll take some warm southern

comfort any day of the year.

If you feel the same way then you are wildly in luck. We have put together for

your pleasure a list of fifteen absolutely fantastic, rustic, charming items that are

the perfect accent to your design style. These items are made by some of the best

small crafters we have found, each reputable in their field and we have to say we

are absolutely in love.

It’s time to moo-ve aside your outdated artwork

and replace it with something warm and inviting

like this cow painting by Center Avenue Studio.

If you are like me, and don’t have enough land to

keep cows, (or even if you do) this is a great way

to bring them to you. This watercolor painting

measures 6” x 4”, which makes it a perfect accent

for a smaller wall. I love the warm colors in this

piece, the subtle shift that the brush stroke brings

to the shading. The eyes on this cow are so sweet,

aren’t they? This sweet gal will be your friend the

moment you bring her home.

There is something simple and elegant about this serving tray. It is made

of hand picked pine wood, measures 16” x 12” x 2.5” and is custom

stained in one of your choice of 11 different

colors. It is a quality piece that you can’t get

in stores. This is why I absolutely love handmade.

You couldn’t walk into a mall and find

a tray made of actual, solid wood. The handles

on this piece give it character, and the fact

that no two pieces are exactly the same gives

it value, because nobody else will have a tray

like you. Amazing job by CJ’s Rustic Design making something so simple

and functional also a thing of beauty.

I love this wreath by Elegant Wreaths for You.

This wreath really pulls in all the colors of fall,

using fabric in shades of yellow, orange and

brown to give depth and volume. At 16 inches it

is the perfect size for your front door or over the

fireplace; large enough to make a statement but

not so large to be overpowering. Fabric wreaths

are easy to maintain and use over and over again,

so it can welcome guests to your home for years

to come.

This pillow by Pillow Makers is taking us straight to the farmer’s market.

This pillow is 12” square, with black ticking fabric on

the side and back of the pillow. The image is applied to

the fabric with ink before it is stuffed, and the image is

gorgeous. Yellow and red are the main colors on display

here, with crisp black details. It is a comfortable

accent piece for your home, and I would absolutely

love to see this on a window bench in the kitchen. If

you have bench seats at your dining table these would

be such a great way to cozy them up too!

If you are looking to make your home your own, a beautiful sign like this one

could be exactly what you need to lay claim to your

kingdom. This barn quilt sign by Hey Sweetly Designed

is made of treated birch wood, painted with latex paint

and treated to last. Your name is hand painted and

displayed for all your visitors to see. It is perfect in an

entryway or on an accent wall, surrounded by photographs

of all your same-name relatives. You can also use

it to spruce up a child’s room, put it on their door or

their wall to personalize their space! This sign is 18” by

12 “ and comes with all the hardware you need to hang it in your favorite space.

Are you feeling blessed? This wall sign by Its Your Season can bless your home

decor for you! Simple and elegant, this hand painted canvas has a soft white

background which is distressed with grey brushstrokes to give it the perfect

farmhouse appeal. The paint used for this piece is

acrylic, including the smooth bronze lettering. This

piece measures 6” by 12”, making it easy to fit in a

wide variety of rooms and spaces, and comes ready to

hang! There is even a beautiful braid detail on the

border of the canvas to give it a finished look.

Just For You Personalized makes this gorgeous rustic spice rack that has me

captivated. I don’t know about you, but kitchen storage

seems to be the bane of my existence. Naturally anything that

can declutter and help with organization is my best friend.

This rack has two shelves which are perfect for spices or for

lids. It also has a hanging rack to hook your pots and pans,

and even keeps spoons and other cookware utensils organized

and ready to go! The dimensions on this item are 27”x

23”x 4” and it comes with five hooks for convenience. No

assembly is required on your part with this item, just hang

your stained and sealed unit and enjoy!

Killoughs Kustoms is another artisan of

finely made woodworking, and this tray

is one of their most charming pieces. This

coffee tray is approximately 20” long and

14” wide, with top side handles. The words

“milk”, “cream” and “sugar” are all burned

into the wood, which is handpicked. They

carefully sand and stain this piece in a

variety of color options, and no two pieces

are exactly the same! This is a piece that

would be just as fun to display as to use with company, and it would be at

home on both an accent table or coffee nook.

Are you as pumpkin obsessed as I am? If the color orange just isn’t your thing,

but fall decor is your time to shine, then these pumpkins from Sheri Sew Sweet

are the perfect accent to your decor. White burlap

is wrapped in jute twine with a twig for a stem

and natural burlap leaves. They are understated,

and elegant and could be used to decorate just

about any surface or display. Arrange them on

your kitchen table to entertain company, or on

an accent table to give depth and texture. Oh, the


Welcome fall into your home with this sign by Thats So Design. This piece

measures 13.5” x 7” which makes it perfect for hanging in your entranceway, or

displaying on a table. A plain white background is

made rustic by the surrounding real wood frame.

The dark walnut on this frame is a real treat,

bringing in all of the wood’s earthy dimensions,

grains and knots. The lettering on this sign is

romantic, casual and airy, and the bright beautiful

leaves welcome us in on an autumn breeze.

What’s not to love about this original acrylic painting by Lorenzen Farm Art.

The artist is inspired by her life growing up on a farm and living on one as an

adult. This is a small piece at 4” x 4”, which makes

the detail in it stand out even more. You can feel

the wonder of the child in this piece, looking at the

bright world around them. From the sweet overalls

to the adorable golden curls, the farm child in this

piece is the focus. The sky is a clear hopeful blue,

and the field is filled with bright wildflowers. This

painting evokes comfort at its finest.

File this wreath by Chic Lace and Pearls under farmhouse romantic! This

wreath is expertly crafted using cotton fabric strips. The

cotton strips are lightly tea dyed to give them that

gorgeous vintage ivory hue. The strips are hand tied on

a durable 14” styrofoam wreath, and gorgeous appliques

and rosettes are then also tea dyed and added. So much

love and time goes into this piece that it is hard not to

appreciate it. This piece is perfect for all seasons. Be sure

to keep it indoors so that it isn’t damaged by the weather,

because you will want to keep this for a long time.

This entranceway cabinet by The Skilled Smith Workshop is the perfect

farmhouse find! For so many people the entranceway to their home can become

a cluttered mess of shoes, backpacks, hats,

umbrellas and much much more. A drop all area, if

you will. This cabinet is the solution to that issue. This

piece is entirely handmade and can be constructed to

fit custom measurements. It comes in four pieces for

easy move in and assembly, and not only does it have

four sections for hanging coats and backpacks, but the

benches open up for extra storage! These artisans have

really thought of everything! This comes in a variety

of finishes and embellishments can be added to match

your decor. How wonderful!

Creative Glass By Becky brings something

unique to your Farmhouse Decor with this vibrant

faux-stained glass piece. Measuring in at

9.5” x 11.5” this piece looks like glass but is

really done on an acrylic sheet. Two coats of

paint make the colors pop as do Becky's talented

hands. It is sealed to protect it from fading and

is more durable than glass, making it ideal for

families with children. This rooster is a musthave!

Perfect for your well lit kitchen!

Oak Ridge Primitives brings us this modern

Farmhouse sign. Measuring at 36” x 16” it is

definitely a statement piece that can go in any

room of your home. The lettering is clean and

inviting on this handmade, real wood sign. They

use a distressed finish to give it the worn comfortable

feel that you see here. There is a reason

why farmhouse signs are so popular. They are a

charming addition to any home.

Jennifer M. Sullivan is the author of the Cute Crafts Blog, a publication focusing on weddings and

home decor launched in mid 2017. She joined the Etsy community in 2015 where she found a true

passion for handmade items and the artists and crafters who make them. She has been writing for

about as long as she can remember. However she has only recently moved into the professional blogging

arena. When she isn’t writing, she is crafting, working with customers, and making wedding and

home decor dreams come true at her shop,


to the


by Allison Yeager

Dogs and humans have been best buddies for tens of thousands of years.

We’ve grown together, we’ve moved together, we’ve adapted and changed

together, we’ve hunted together, and protected each

other. It comes as little surprise that many of us

welcome dogs into our homes as more than just

pets – we welcome them as family members. We

pamper them, adore them, and rely on them for

moral support when things go horribly wrong at


So how do we show our love and appreciation?

Right now, collar bows and bowties are in vogue.

Super fashionable, they showcase our pets’ personalities while making

our pups stand out from the crowd. Coming

in a wide range of different colors and styles,

these fancy additions are sure to make heads

turn. Puptique’s collars and Pet Afique’s

brightly colored bow ties are totally worth

begging for!

Wooden leash holders are a fantastic way

to add some classy, customized decoration

to the entryway or mudroom instead of

dropping the leashes on the floor. (Admit

it – we’ve all been there!) So why not hang

them up under our pup’s name, keeping

the floor uncluttered while adding a bit of

puppy love to our walls!

Wood Creations by Dino handcrafts both

customized and ready-to-go wooden leash

holders that will look great in any room.

With pets being an integral part of our families, it

breaks our hearts when we, or one of our friends, lose

one of our pups. Created Just 4 U Designs’ pet loss

cards are a touching, heartfelt way to let our friends

know we are thinking about them during this hard


Not only do we pamper our pups,

but we also often buy things for ourselves to showcase

our undying love for our furry friends. Dog

parent keychains and shirts are simple, stylish ways

to show your love and

commitment to our

pets for everyone to


My Girls Fun Stuff ’s dog mom keychains

are an adorable way to showcase your love

for your dog, and Angel’s Custom Gifts’

All You Need Is Love and a Dog t-shirt is

a comfortable, stylish way to let everyone

know where your heart really lies!

If you’re looking for ways to support homeless

pets while also getting your pup clean after she

went rolling in that mud puddle outside, check

out Willowberry Pet’s dog soap. Each bar you

buy helps support homeless pets while making

sure your dog’s fur stays healthy and clean.

A great way to keep the house clean and free of your pup’s clutter is with

PetSmart’s Double Diner Elevated Dog Feeder with Airtight Storage. All

dogs, especially larger dogs, benefit from

having an elevated food bowl since it puts

less stress on their necks when they eat.

This dual bowl combination is easy to clean

while also being a stylish, practical addition

to your beautiful home.

It’s no surprise that we spend our hardearned

cash to show our love for our canine

companions. They give us their undying

love and adoration, and we pamper them to show them just how much

they mean to us. Are we missing YOUR favorite pup-pampering item?

Tell us on Instagram!

Hippie Gypsy Boho

The boho trend is only getting hotter!

We absolutely love this collection of decor and accessories

that will help you bring out your colorful sense of style!

We love everything about this owl bracelet! This

beautiful stretch bracelet has a cute owl charm

and is loaded with beautiful Karen Hill Tribe

fine silver beads. Also adorning this boho

bracelet are star mood beads, tiny spacer mood

beads and rhinestone spacers. Get it at

Eclectic Beadworks.

This 23” blue flower shell necklace is just gorgeous!

The pendant is a very light weight shell

that is etched with blue flowers. Makes a great

piece to wear with jeans, or to a casual beach

wedding. Available at Dragonfly Elegance.

This essential oil necklace is a natural

way to enjoy aromatherapy throughout

your day. Dab a couple drops

of your favorite essential oil on the

pendant and enjoy the benefits that

diffuse slowly throughout your day.

Handmade by The 2911 Plan.

These delicate dreamcatcher earrings

offer the perfect boho touch with a bit of

turquoise. They would look terrific with a

simple sweater or denim blouse. Available

exclusively at K8tie Sparkles.

Add a little boho style to a simple tee

or blouse with this long boho pendant

with a green crystal accent bead.

Get it at Nicole Crystal Designs.

These unique boho earrings are crafted with

antique bronze filigree flowers matched with

rustic copper disks. These are perfect for fall

with their earthy, coppery colors.

Available from Pretty Red Kitty.

This stacking ring set is bold and beautiful.

The heavy sterling silver band has floral

embossing, with a dark patina embedded deep

into the pattern. For an added pop, two

thinner textured gold bands complement this

ring. Exclusively at Barefoot Custom Jewelry.

This lovely pink sesame jasper beaded

bracelet features black lava beads --

perfect for adding your favorite essential

oils for a scent that lasts and lasts!

Get this at The Bird and The Beads Co.

Round green aventurine gemstone beads are

the highlight of this fun layering necklace.

Accented with light purple crystal beads and

amazingly bright chartreuse Czech glass beads,

this long necklace is great to wear alone or with

other necklaces! Only at Boho Gypsy Gal.

This fun and feminine boho sun

hat is perfect for those crisp fall

days! Get it at Summers Breeze.

This set of three beautiful crochet doily

dreamcatchers will add a touch of

bohemian whimsy to your home!

Perfect for bedroom decor or to decorate

your yoga space! Handcrafted to order, by

Driftwood & Dreamers.

Who doesn’t need a little vinyl in their

lives? Vinyl Revamped uses discarded vinyl

records to create amazing decor pieces like

this one for your home or studio.

Paper Jewelry is Trending

by Gilli Haqqani

When you mention paper jewelry to most people the image that likely comes

to mind is a child’s creation of sugar paper, sticky paper and cello tape, or

wonky looking paper beads made into bracelets by Brownies or Girl Scouts.

If that’s your understanding of paper

jewelry, I’m here to shatter your

illusions! If you haven’t investigated this

exciting new form of jewelry, then you

are truly missing out!

You might be thinking, why would

anyone buy jewelry made out of paper?

Doesn’t it just fall to pieces the first time

it gets damp or meets the smallest drop

of rain? The answer is no. Jewelry designers

working with paper making use of a widening

Origami paper rose choker, only available

from Gillis Flowers.

selection of good quality waterproof varnishes to ensure that their jewelry is

strong, durable, and yes, as water resistant as possible.

Professional designers favor polyurethane or polyacrylic finishes to ensure

the strength of their designs. And another plus to wearing paper jewelry, particularly

for those who love statement pieces, is that it is much lighter to wear

than pieces made from traditional metal, gemstone or glass components.

The world of paper jewelry is expansive. From Victorian and vintage style

floral pieces, to modern geometric ones. Gothic, boho, Art Deco, naturalistic

-- even large statement pieces. It’s there for lovers of all jewelry styles.

We know the jewelry says something

about the wearer. You may be drawn to

paper jewelry that uses old or recycled

paper, or jewelry that has a unique texture

or color. You might prefer jewelry

that is unique, quirky, and kitsch. You

might like the fun of origami cranes,

be drawn to the look of paper beads,

or simply love artistic quality of certain


The techniques and materials used to

make paper jewelry are the heart of its

This beautiful paper bead scripture bracelet

can be purchased from

Pure Lisa Jewelry.

appeal and are intricate and time intensive. Each piece of paper jewelry

involves various methods of paper manipulation such as origami or quilling,

and embellishments such as beads, paint,

or other special effects. Just think about

the many different types of paper you

come across in your daily life, and add to

that the many types of specialty papers

that are now available, the multitude of

inks, gilding waxes, stamps etc., and then

multiply all by the different techniques

used by designers. You now begin to get

an idea of the vast world of paper jewelry.

Butterflies are on trend, and this one

can be yours! Exclusively at

jennuwine Design.

So, the next time you are in the market for a gift for a friend or for yourself,

think of a uniquely and intricately handcrafted paper necklace or pair of earrings.

If you are looking for something to coordinate with a particular

color, dress or a piece in a specific size, most designers would love to work

with you to customize a special piece. Be fashion forward, ahead of the curve,

and dive into this new trend.

Gilli created her business, Gilli’s Flowers, about two years ago, although she has been folding

paper for much longer. She specializes in origami jewelry much of which (but not all) has a

floral theme. As well as selling on Etsy, she sells at designer markets in South East England, and her

jewelry is also available in a few shops. This year she won a Theo Paphitis #SmallBusinessSunday

award and is also known on twitter in the UK as the “Queen of Origami Jewellery”. She has been

given permission by the William Morris Gallery in East London to use designs in their collection in

her Morris range of jewellery and this is now also available in the William Morris Gallery shop.


Halloween by Shelby Farage

It’s the most wonderful time of the year... no, not Christmas. I’m talking about

Halloween! Free candy, crisp apples, colorful leaves, brisk air, pumpkin

EVERYTHING, and did I mention free candy? What’s not to love?

Preparing for this wondrous time can be a bit stressful. You want to keep up

with the Jones’, so to speak. Thankfully, decorating your house and getting into

the holiday spirit doesn’t have to be difficult. In this article you will find everything

you need to make your home the coolest house on the block. Forget

major retailers and their cookie-cutter clichés. For unique, one of a kind,

spooky and fun decor, look no further.

Whether you’re looking for a trick or a treat, you’re sure to be delighted with

these spooky and fun Halloween decorations. One of the most iconic pieces

of Halloween decor is the sugar skull. Sugar skulls have been used for centuries

as offerings to those who have left the physical world, but in more recent

years, have made their way into fashion and home

decor. This beautiful glass light box from Glitter

Glow Gifts pays perfect homage to the sugar skull’s

history, while lighting up your home and dazzling

your guests. The lights and skull colors can be customized

to create a wonderfully unique and one of a

kind piece of art for your home.

Cards are a wonderful, less caloric treat to hand out

on Halloween and they are also a perfect way of

letting someone know you are thinking about them

during this mystical, magical time of the year. In this

card, our friendly, candy-hungry, ghost friend is doing

a little trick-or-treating, and looking adorable while

doing it. Get it at The Paper Pickle.

Move over, red and green, because wreaths aren’t

just for Christmas. Your porch is the first thing

people will see when walking up to your home on

Halloween night. Why not dress up your door with a

fun and lighthearted Halloween wreath? This witch

door hanger from Studio Whimsy by Babs is a hoot!

For those of us who will be entertaining on Halloween

night, it is important to remember the most important

part of the holiday: THE TREATS!!! Whatever

it is you’re serving, step up your table game with

some dining decorations. Zombies and Goblins care

about presentation, too, ya know. Candles, tablecloths,

napkins, silverware, silverwarewolves (just

kidding), they are all crucial to throwing the perfect

party and creating an unforgettable wicked wonderland.

If you’re on a budget, a good tablecloth like this

one from Sew What by Mindy Kay will make the reddest

of solo cups look like a vampiric masterpiece.

Another economical way to keep things festive is to add a few small details to

the haunted house commode. You don’t have to rip up the tile and paint the

walls black. Instead, try adding some decorative soap dishes and towels. It’s a

subtle and super fun way to add a little bit of spooky to one of the most

common rooms in the house. This mason jar masterpiece is available from

The Cute Crafts Company.

Of course, no Halloween night is complete without a costume. People

spend a load of money making their kids look like their favorite characters

and then hand them a plastic bucket or ratty old pillowcase to carry

their candy in. What’s the point? Thankfully, some genius crafters created

stunning trick-or-treat bags that pair perfectly with any costume. This is a

creative and inexpensive way to ensure your child has the best Halloween

night possible. So ditch those plastic bags - I’m pretty sure there’s a rule

against giving small children plastic bags, anyway, and suit up with a

delightful and innovative, cloth trick-or-treat bag.

Personalized bag

by Designing


Cotton Bucket

Bag from


While we’re on the subject of cloth, here’s something for all of you DIY

or die ladies and gents out there. How about making

your own Halloween décor and accessories? All you

need is a sewing machine, fabric, and some beautiful

handmade patterns. Whether you’re making a doll, a

costume, tablecloth, or anything else your heart desires,

DIY has never been easier. Now you can shop

for and download a pattern for your creations right

from your own home. It’s simple, it’s easy, and the

possibilities are endless. This vintage witch cloth doll

pattern by oregonraindrops2 is the perfect pick!

While Halloween has to be scary, preparing for it doesn’t. Keep it simple.

Keep it fun. Keep it original. Local and handmade stores are the perfect

answers for all your Halloween needs. It’s your home; have fun with it!

Littles' Lifestyle

We love our littles, and the crazy, fun things they do!

Here are some great ideas to make both you

and your little one smile!

This adorable button bouquet will add both charm and

whimsy to your little princess’ room! Available from

Button Box Shop.

How adorable are these little faux leather

baby bow headbands? Bratte Designs

offers these in sizes from newborn to

adult. Perfect for a sweet photo session!

This gorgeous, handmade rag quilt bag is made

with a luxurious mint minky, appliqued with

planets and stars. Patched with top of the line

quilting fabric, it features an amazing space

theme. The middle layer consists of high quality

cotton flannel and top of the line quilter’s cotton

batting. The inside consists of a coordinating

mint star fabric. From Jennifer and Mandy.

Wrap your little one in this super soft, luxurious

hooded towel, made from viscose bamboo and

organic cotton. These towels only get softer with

use, and absorb water while still being gentle on

your baby’s skin. Get it at Mellow Mama Organics.

This darling Mommy and Me set from

Anna’s Handmade Knitwear is made

from soft organic cotton. Perfect for

a photo session or just a day out with

your sweet little one.

This absolutely adorable 14” weighted plush cow

is lovingly filled by hand with 1.5 lbs of poly

beads and can be scented with lavender essential

oil upon request at no extra charge. Great

for snuggling, this cow will surely become your

child’s best friend. Available at Sensory Pets.

I just love Baby Girl Football outfits! The

sweet ruffle sleeve top is embroidered with

“Live Love Football” in team colors. With

the adorable handmade ruffle shorts and

matching hair bow, this outfit just darling!

From Three Little Lovebugs.

This bright eyed bushy tailed bunny

would make a perfect print for kids

room or woodland animal nursery. It

would also be lovely for any rabbit lover.

This is a print of Lianne Marie Art’s

original watercolor paintings, printed on

lovely smooth crisp white archival fine

art paper.

If you’re looking for that special accent to your little

one’s nursery or bedroom, this is it! Lovingly

handmade to order in your choice of colors, this

20“ inch square pillow is meticulously embroidered

and proceeds from each sale go to benefit women

in treatment for breast cancer. From Breast Friends


This little guy is all ready for

Thanksgiving dinner with this cute tee

from April Michelle Designs.

This sweet vintage Victorian-style dress set

from Janey Laughs is perfect for a tea party!

This delicate soft pink and white dress

comes with a separate petticoat that can be

worn with other dresses as well.

Made with a soft, chunky yarn, this hood will

keep your kids warm and stylish. And the ears

add a sweet little touch of magic and whimsy.

Perfect for outdoor games of make believe

and imagination. From I Need It Crochet.

Cuteness overload! This linen and cotton

dress from Polka Dots by Amy is just as

sweet as can be! Monogrammed with your

little one’s initials, this dress can be worn

with a little sweater or shrug to keep away

the fall chill.

This blanket is cute as a bug! Ladybug, that

is! Handmade from soft premium flannel and

machine quilted to last, this cozy blanket is

perfect as crib bedding or just a comfy throw.

Available at Stitches n Times.

Picture courtesy of Our Vintage Nest

Master Bedroom Decor

With autumn rolling in, it is hard not to think of campfires and s’mores, or

fall festivals and apple cider. Personally, this is one of my favorite seasons: I

get to wear my comfy jeans and well-worn cowboy boots without melting

into a puddle of despair from the sweltering heat. I can fall in love with the

colors and smells of autumn all over again – though, perhaps, not the

raking up of the mounds of leaves scattered across my lawn. This is the

season of picking apples straight from the trees, holding a steaming mug of

hot cocoa to warm your hands, and finding the best pumpkin in the pumpkin

patch to grace your stoop. The fireplaces are beginning to come into use

once more, and the crisp autumn air beckons us outside to play.

But what about inside the home? How, exactly, do we bring the beauty

and comfort of fall into the overall décor of the master bedroom? After all,

many of us spend quite a bit of time inside as the sun begins to rise later

and set earlier, and the temperatures start to plummet. Is the design about

colors? Shapes? Is it the smell of particular spices, or is it the decorations

we bring into our environment?


by Allison Yeager

One of the easiest ways to give the room a warm, inviting feel for fall is to

bring in hints of a well-loved farmhouse. Strategic use of distressed wood

is a great technique to make a home feel lived-in and aged, without having

the concerns that come with old wooden walls or floors. Elegant and

rustic fireplaces give the room a sense of history and warmth, even with

no fire present. Bringing in hints of wicker, worn metal, stone, and aged

woods give any room a rustic, romantic feel that recalls the days of yore

– days many of our grandparents remember and reminisce about. The

idea of “aged, but modern” is integral to the current trends of rustic, farmhouse-inspired

decor that is sure to make any room warm and inviting.


Since this is a master bedroom, functionality is also essential. While everything

does not necessarily need to have a purpose, the majority of things do –

otherwise, the room will become overcrowded, cluttered, and stressful when

you enter. So what is best suited for the bedroom while still adding that cozy

autumn feel?


Ah, baskets – one of the greatest inventions for collecting knick knacks and

random items that accumulate in every room. However, they can provide the

bedroom with a sense of style and cohesion – you can find baskets that fit your

style and use them for plants, decorations, and for hiding those things we do not

want lying around. (We all have them!)


For those of you lucky enough to have a fireplace in your master bedroom, a

mantel is a fantastic place to decorate for the season. Try something as simple

as miniature pumpkins and gourds for color, sprinkling some dried leaves and

flowers into the mix for a homey, rustic feel that just makes you smile when you

enter. Putting a large mirror, quote, or canvas over the bed is also a great way to

personalize your room. That’s So Design’s signs will brighten your walls while


Although we do not usually think about it, light fixtures

are a way to immediately set the theme and feeling

of a room. Lights such as Burke Décor’s wall sconces

will add a modern touch to your farmhouse feel, while

Ladybird Lane’s wall sconces will bring a more downhome,

historic feel to your

room with their wooden

backs and antique design.

Dressers, Side Tables, and Nightstands

If you are anything like me, you want to have

somewhere to put your glasses, phone, and

other sundry items as you fall asleep at night.

A beautiful wooden nightstand by your bed

adds to the beauty and feel of your room

while still giving you a practical place to put

everything you need as you head to bed. To

bring it all together, incorporate a distressed

dresser or two to add to the farmhouse-inspired

ambiance while giving you a beautiful

place to put away your clothes. Jessup & Co’s

dressers are a fantastic way to complement

any room – vintage, modern, rustic, or farmhouse-themed.

Stack some of your favorite

books on the corner, and you have yourself a

winning design!


Just because your decor is functional does not mean it can’t also be luxurious.

We want to be hugged in warmth and love when we enter our bedroom, so why

not take the time to make sure that happens?


Depending on the size of your bedroom, sometimes

a chair is the perfect place to curl up with a good

book on a cool, autumn day or drink a cup of coffee

as you look outside your window at the sights of fall.

Although a wicker or wooden chair would unquestionably

fit into the rustic theme, a big, plush chair

with a fluffy blanket draped over the back is the absolute

in comfort and style. You can toss the blanket

(like this one from Nauti Crocheter) over the back

for style, and then turn around and snuggle in it as

you cozy up for the evening.


In addition to chairs, rugs are simple, elegant ways to switch up the look of a

room in an instant. Rugs can brighten a room or warm it up; they can make a

room feel like spring has sprung, or bring the warmth and comfort that we crave

come autumn. Sometimes, we just want a pop of color to make a statement;

other times, a large area rug gives new life to a well-worn room in need of some


Find the things that make you feel special. Sometimes it is as simple as a cozy,

luxurious blanket you can wrap yourself in; other times, it is having decorations

and décor that provide a sense of elegance and luxury.


Fabrics and textures are vital to making or breaking a cohesive theme in a room.

Oriental silks and burlap, for example, rarely go well together. The goal is to get a

wide variety of textures to add interest to the room, yet provide a cohesive living

space where no one texture or fabric jars you out of the warm, inviting feeling of

the space. Autumn-inspired textures include burlap, wicker, wood, leather, leaves,

dried corn (I highly recommend ornamental / calico corn for its multicolored

appearance), rough-hewn stone, dried flowers, quilts, plaids, and flannels. Combining

these different textures throughout the room will add interest and diversity

while maintaining the rustic, luxurious intent of the room.

One such example is Ashley Furniture’s Amantipoint

Duvet Cover Set. A cool, neutral handwritten

pattern, it will enhance the room by

bringing personality and design to the bed

while complementing the room’s decor.


There are four different methods for combining cohesive color into your room:


Neutral-natural colors include mainly natural elements – aged wood,

distressed wood, stone, wicker, brick, ivory, light greys, and other neutral colors

and textures. The goal is to have a neutral color base to your room and add

naturally neutral elements to enhance the beauty throughout the room.

Classic Autumn

Classic autumn colors are those we most readily associate with autumn: umber,

orange, rust, brown, maroon, and other similar fall colors. Some of these may be

dark and dramatic; others may be light and bright. The choice between dark and

light tones of these classic colors depends only on the feel you want for your room,

which is an incredibly personal choice.

Modern Autumn

The modern autumn colors are found in the Pantone Fall 2017 Fashion Color

Report. The top ten colors for New York fashion are dark and bold, like Tawny

Port or Navy Peony, while London’s colors are a bit more medium and neutral in

tone. To learn more and see the different color palettes, click here.


You can, of course, combine any mixture of these palettes into your room, but I

recommend the neutral-natural plus either the classic or modern autumn

palette for the best melding of color in your home. Using the neutral palette as

your base, and adding color as accents, will give your bedroom a beautifully balanced

color palette.


One thing we cannot forget about, that thing that really makes a room feel like

autumn when you walk in, is the scent. It is not something we typically consider,

but think about it: what do you think of when you think of autumn smells?

Pumpkin spice? Nutmeg? Hot cocoa? Cinnamon? Apple cider? Campfires and

s’mores? Beeswax candles?

Smells are the things that catch you off-guard, sometimes sneakily throwing you

back to a time and place lost to childhood. Just a simple fragrance can bring back

memories or make you feel like you are finally home. So why wouldn’t we want

to add something to complete the feeling of autumn in our room?

One of the best ways to do this is through candles

and other lightly scented items. Scents of the Northwest,

for example, is an amazing candle company that

makes you feel like you have come home. Made in

Port Orchard, Washington, their candles are made

of 100% soy, which helps provide an even burn and

reduce soot.


I previously mentioned that dried flowers can be a beautiful fall decor accent for

your bedroom. There are many varieties of dried flowers that you can use to

enhance an autumn theme, depending on your color and style preferences. These

flowers include: lavender (Lavandula), strawflowers (Xerochrysum bracteatum),

starflowers (Borago officinalis), larkspur (Delphinium), baby’s breath (Gypsophila

paniculata), cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus), cockscomb (Celosia cristata), natural

preserved cotton stems, pampas grass (Cortaderia), sugarbush bunches (Protea),

globe thistle (Echinops), globe amaranth (Gomphrena globosa), and wheat

bundles, to name a few.

Whether you are looking for dark and dramatic, or light and airy,

a farmhouse-themed bedroom is perfect for every season. Simple additions can

turn any bedroom into a beautiful, luxurious place to relax and feel content.

Sometimes these changes can be as simple as adding a pop of color or a few new

textures, or as complex as reinventing the room from the floor to the ceiling.

Whatever you do, you are sure to make a stunning impression that is definitely


Allison Yeager is a photographer, writer, educator, and historian. She holds an MA in History,

teaches English to students of all ages and nationalities, and has been a professional photographer

since 2009. Her photography can be found at, and her newest

venture – sharing entertaining stories and captivating images from her travels – can be found at Follow her adventures @bitofadventure and @allisonsimages on

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Take the beach with you

wherever you go...

It may be fall, but for some of

us the beach stays in our hearts

all year round. We thought

we would share some beachthemed

goodies to keep that

fresh salt air feeling in the

cooler months.

A soothing 8” round canvas seascape is the

perfect little accent piece for a table or gallery

wall. This original acrylic painting can be purchased

at Freebern Shells.

This glittery ombre 30 oz tumbler keeps your

drink cold for hours, and looks amazing doing it!

Fero Designs adds your monogram as well,

making it distinctly yours!

A mermaid mug from Huckaberry Hollow

is the perfect way to start your day! This fun

coffee mug holds 20 oz of your favorite hot

beverage so you can sip in style!

Sea glass formed by mother nature was

given new life by InGlitter to create this

breathtaking necklace. The aqua heart

shaped pendant is a perfect accent to the

delicate silver chain.

This chunky boho necklace is rich in color and

feel. Turquoise colored Howlite is paired with

silver carved flower beads and is finished with an

arrow pendant. A great addition to your jewelry

wardrobe. Exclusively at Free Spirits Studio.

Upcycled leather is the star of this show, which

includes a supporting cast of nautical charms in

bronze and silver. Wear this stylish leather tassel

necklace with jeans and a sweater and you’re ready

for a night out! Visit Shop Jami to purchase.

Sand dollars have been collected on

beaches for years... why not own your own

sterling silver sand dollar bracelet?

April Shelley Jewelry crafts these dainty

bracelets so you can have beach memories

wherever you go!

Get the man in your life a fabulous engraved

necklace from Jaee Designs. A steel compass

hangs from a leather cord, making it both

masculine and stylish.

It’s a


Every party needs that

special artisan crafted

touch. Here are a few ideas

to make your next party

stand out from the crowd.

Every birthday party needs a banner,

and this one from Sheri Sew Sweet is

just perfect! It’s made from burlap, so

it makes the perfect farmhouse decor

statement - you may not want to take it


If you’re looking for a unique customized cake

topper with a little bling, Easy Invites is just the

place! These handmade toppers are just the thing

to make your little one smile!

What’s a party without glitter?? Check

out these glitter capsules from Blue Vinyl

Stickers. What a fun, easy way to decorate!

Did someone say mermaids? This digital

paper from Mary’s Design House is perfect

for mermaid party invitations or party


We just have to say, the best birthday

card is handmade. This darling card

from Button Farm Designs is the

perfect gift accessory!

Of course, the guests need something too!

Instead of the common treat bag, give them

something they will use for years!

A personalized tote from Smith 3 Designs

will be the talk of the party!

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