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Margot Errante is an Italian-born performance artist and photographer. She traveled throughout the

world and lived in China for 22 years, since the age of 19. She now spends most of her time between

Hong Kong, Milan and Lugano.

Her body of artistic works explores human nature and identity. She calls attention on the

psychological engagement between the photographer and the sitter, which often "leads to

unpredictable results." She developed a passion for photography from an early age, and began

shooting landscapes at 10 when she was given her first camera, a compact Olympus. Eclectic by

nature, Margot speaks five foreign languages fluently, including Chinese, and became a researcher in

cultural anthropology, applying her understanding of human behavior to her portraiture.

Professionally, Errante started out as a travel photographer in the late 1990s while studying Chinese

at Beijing Language and Culture University. But photography was not her only interest: in 2004 she

moved for a year to an indigenous village deep into the jungles of the Sino-Burmese border, where

she conducted ethnographic research on the Wa people. The photographic fruits of this study

culminated in a successful exhibition held in Como, Italy, in 2005, to raise funds for the village in

which she lived. That same year, Margot was selected as the photographer for a diplomatic mission

sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – a three months' journey from Italy to Japan by

car, with a stopover in North Korea that won the team a Peace Award.

Her experience in the media spans wide: she worked as a freelance photojournalist and television

correspondent. She produced a short documentary on Canada's First Nations and during the 2008

Olympic Games she hosted a successful television program - Beijing Express - broadcast by Class


While witnessing the massive reconstruction of Chinese cities, she became interested in architecture

and urban development, and collaborated with many local architecture firms. In 2008 she

contributed to the publication "Beijing Architecture & Design", and started writing about the

anthropology of architecture for the Italian magazine TALE&A up until 2010. Margot taught foreign

languages in Chinese universities. In 2010 she wrote a Chinese language textbook for DeAgostini

Editore, then moved to Hong Kong where she opened her photographic studio. That same year she

co-curated the Hong Kong Pavillion at the 12th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice


Margot taught digital photography classes at Istituto Dante Alighieri and lectured at Insight School

of Interior Design, in Hong Kong. Her photographs have been featured on China National

Geography, the South China Morning Post, Home, PRC, Ming, Domus China, Abitare China, Hinge,

Mark, Capital, Perspective, Wallpaper, Loft Publications, and more.


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