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SNSW Big Camp 2018

January 5 -13, adventist Alpine Village


“Flavour the World”

- Matthew 5:13

Applications Inside or visit: to complete online

SNSW Big Camp 2018

Adventist Alpine Village - Photo taken by Dave Gosling, used by permission

What a great event not to be missed!

Every year as we plan for another “Big Camp” we sincerely pray that

God will give us the right presenters who will truly bless our campers.

We want Big Camp to be the highlight of your year, an inspiration for

your spiritual walk with Jesus and a true blessing for each and every


Once again, we believe that God has truly blessed us in our preparations

and we are looking forward to meeting all of you to another spiritual

feast, a time of prayer, fellowship, laughter and so much more.

Our theme for 2018 is: SALT – flavour the world, and we pray that Big

Camp 2018 will equip and inspire you to go back to your local communities

to flavour your world.

Don’t miss out! Apply online or fill out the application form inside the


- Pr. Mike Faber

For more information about upcoming

events please visit the SNSW

Conference Website or contact us on:

(02) 6249 6822

IMPRINT Magazine is a publication of the

Communication Department of the SDA

Church in the SNSW Conference

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Next Imprint Edition

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Content Deadline

Oct 13, 2017


Editor: Mike Faber


Associate Editor:

Luke Ferry


Please Note the following

Imprint is sent via the post so it is

received in every church on the same

Sabbath. No church has an advantage

over another, regardless of whether they

are closer to or further away from the

Conference Office. If you would like to

book chalet or dormitory accommodation

your application needs to reach the office

by October 22, 2017. All applications will

be considered on an “as needs basis”.

You will be promptly notified if you have

been successful/unsuccessful so you can

plan for camp accordingly.





PREPARATION. Attendance numbers

are needed for Division leaders to order

supplies for crafts and activities prior to

companies closing for the Christmas


• Attendance numbers are

needed to recruit Volunteer staff

in an acceptable ratio of staff to


• Office staff need preparation

time for activity passes and

associated paperwork in relation

to registrations.

When planning to come to camp

ensure to register early so that events

are able to be properly catered for and

everyone can participate.

Camp Information


• In order to provide a safe environment for children

and families, and so everyone can be included in

all activities including the Village Fair, people must

register their intention to attend camp. Registration

is obligatory for all campers residing onsite or

offsite, as well as for day visitors.

• Offsite campers and day visitors to the camp will

be charged a camp facility fee of $20 per person at

registration. There will be no charge for children

from 0 to 5 years and there will be no charge for

day visitors attending on Sabbath.

• Onsite campers do not need to pay the additional

facility fee as the camp fee already contributes to the

use of the facilities.




Camp Set up: Camp set up occurs during the week

prior to camp and in order for staff to complete camp

set up safely and without interruption or delay, please

do not arrive before Friday, 5th January. If for

some reason this cannot be avoided, please contact

the Conference office on (02) 6249 6822.

Camp Registration: Camp registration commences

from 9.00 am on Friday 5th January. Please call at

the camp office to register and collect the registration


Camp Office: The camp office will be open from

9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily (except for Sabbaths) for

all administrative enquiries, payments, collection of

activity passes.


Offsite Campers and Day Visitors: If staying off

site or attending as a day visitor, please register prior

to Friday, 1st December, 2017, so everyone can be

included in numbers for all activities.




Dining Room: Plates and cutlery are provided for

dine in guests only. Please bring your own plates for

take away meals. Serving times are as follows:

Breakfast: 8:00 - 8:30 am, Lunch 12:30 - 1:15 pm &

Dinner 5:30 - 6:00 pm

Adventist Book Centre: The on-site book shop has a

large range of christian literature, bibles, games, CDs,

DVDs, groceries, Sanitarium products, Life Health

Foods and much more. Shop for some great bargains

or just enjoy browsing.

The Book Hour will be in the Big Tent on Sunday

8th January at 9:30 am.

Camp Facilities

Chalet and Dormitory Accommodation: For OH&S

reasons and insurance purposes, you are requested to not

exceed the maximum number of people allowed in each

facility as listed below:


Chalet (9 bed): Maximum 9 people. Fully furnished,

two bedrooms curtained for privacy, 3 single bunks &

1 double bunk (linen not included), ensuite, kitchen

including stovetop, fridge, all kitchen utensils, TV,

DVD, heating.







Dormitory (5 bed): Maximum 5 people. 2 bunk beds

& 1 single (linen not included), 1 shower unit, toilet,

vanity, under floor heating, bar fridge, table & chairs.

Dormitory (10 bed): Maximum 10 people. 5 bunk

beds (linen not included), 2 shower units, toilet, vanity,

kitchenette, under floor heating, bar fridge, table &


Caravans: Please include the length of your caravan

on the application form where indicated. - If you are

hiring a caravan please advise the owner that delivery/

pick up will not be accepted on Sabbath.

Tents: If you are planning to camp you are required

to bring your own tents and furnishings, there are no

Conference tents provided.

Part Week Bookings: Sorry, no part week bookings

will be accepted for any facility.

Refunds: Sorry no refunds are available.(This includes

accommodation, meals and activities)

Camp Conditions

This is a Christian camp and therefore your conduct,

dress and deportment should be in harmony with

Seventh-day Adventist principles.

We want camp to be a great experience and a safe place,

so we encourage all those onsite to observe the conditions







Child Protection: For the safety and protection of

all children at camp, it is a requirement that children

attending the Beginners/Kindy area be cared for at all

times including program times by their parent/carer/

guardian as there will not be staff provided for this

purpose. The requirement for the Primary program is

that parent/carer/guardians must sign the child in and

out of each event.

Fires: Open fires are NOT permitted on the Camp


Drug Free Zone: The Adventist Alpine Village

requires that no alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs are to

be brought on to the camp ground.

Conference leaders reserve the right to ask people who

do not abide by this regulation to leave the grounds.

Vehicle Access: Please park only in the designated

car parks as all access roads must be kept clear for

emergency vehicles.

Speed Limit: Please observe the 10 kph speed

restriction at all times throughout the camp ground.


Noise: Please be considerate of your camping

neighbours and observe quiet time from 11.00 pm -

6.00 am.



Pets: No pets are permitted on the camp ground.

Bicycles: Campers are welcome to bring push bikes

to camp, however, for your own safety BIKE HELMETS



SNSW Big Camp

Jorge Munoz - Key Note Speaker (Big Tent)

Jorge is currently the President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia.

He was born in South America and has made Australia his home for the

past 30 years.

He studied Engineering in his native country of Chile, before coming to Australia

and pursuing his real passion – Theology. He completed his Theological

training at Avondale. Jorge has served the church as a pastor and administrator

for more than 25 years, with his last role as President of the South Queensland


A great number of years Jorge pastored several vibrant churches in the South

Queensland Conference. He is passionate about seeing people being involved

in ministry, particularly digging into the Word and sharing it with other


Jorge Munoz

He is married to Liliana, a medical research scientist, and they have two adult

children. When he’s not in the office, Pr. Munoz enjoys spending time with his

family, reading, the outdoors, and gardening.

Linden Chuang - Afternoon Seminar (Using Social Media for Evangelism)

Linden joined the Adventist Record team in 2012 and currently serves as an

editorial assistant and digital content manager for Adventist Media. He enjoys

writing and graphic design, both of which can be used to inspire and impact

people in the online space. Outside of work, Linden is currently in his second

year of part-time study (Master of Teaching – Primary) at Avondale College of

Higher Education. In his spare time, he will look for wildlife, play basketball or

clean something or tidy up.

Linden Chuang

Wayne Boehm

Wayne Boehm (Hope Channel) - Early Morning Worship

Taking Isaiah 6 as his commission for ministry, Wayne has had the privilege of

serving in both Australia and the Pacific Islands. Born into a missionary family,

Wayne has worked as a teacher, pastor, chaplain, youth director, administrator

and currently as Director for Hope Channel South Pacific. In this position,

he enjoys overseeing the daily broadcast of TV programs and the operation

of the Bible School, which currently serves 22,000 people around the world.

Wayne has a love for God and a desire to share the news of Jesus’ soon return

through preaching, teaching and modern media. Since returning to Australia,

Wayne, Carol and their two teenage sons have been living in Sydney with

their eldest son currently in his first year of Theology at Avondale College.

Christian Copaceanu

Page 4 | 5 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Christian Copaceanu - Morning Seminar

(Personal evangelism in an impersonal world)

When he’s not having fun with his family (1 queen, 2 princesses, 3 goldfish),

Cristian devotes his time and passion to sharing the greatest news ever told

with anyone who will listen and empowering others to do the same. He enjoys

all things tech related, especially the fruity variety, most sports (playing,

not watching) and losing all sense of time and space with a good audio book

or two. Cristian is grateful for the opportunity to serve Jesus in the Adventist

Church in Australia in the areas of Personal Ministries, Sabbath School and


Presenters 2018

Justin Lawman - Morning & Afternoon Seminars (Discipleship)

Pastor Justin Lawman born in Armidale NSW in 1969. He has been married to

Wendy for 23 years, and they have two children — Monica (22) and Caleb (20).

After graduating from Caloundra High School in 1987, Justin worked for a civil

engineering company and by age 19 had become their youngest construction

foreman. It was in this work environment that Justin found he had to make a

stand for his faith, which ultimately led to his conversion. Justin left this job and

began studying theology at Avondale College in 1993. During college, Justin

served as an elder at Toronto Church.

Justin Lawman

Called to work in the North New South Wales Conference in January 1997,

Justin worked as associate pastor in Coffs Harbour and Dorrigo churches for

12 months. The family was then called to pastor Grafton and Maclean churches,

where Justin was ordained in the year 2000. The next four years were spent

working in the Port Macquarie Church, as well as caring for Telegraph Point and

Camden Haven churches for one year each. During this time, Justin also served

on the conference’s Executive Committee and the Education Committee.

Justin accepted a call to the Southern California Conference in December 2004, where he pastored the Community

Adventist Fellowship for three years. There he ran large evangelistic programs overseas and hosted a weekly radio

program on Los Angeles radio station KKLA.

For the next four years, Justin worked as Evangelism Department coordinator for the NNSW Conference; running

and coordinating evangelistic programs, training events, church planting and Natural Church Development.

In 2011 Justin was asked to be President of the North NSW Conference and in 2017 he accepted a call to serve as

the Senior Pastor of the Greater Canberra district.

Afternoon Seminars - The Trinity

Ben Kosmeier

SNSW Conference Minister at:

• Young

• Cowra

• Cootamundra

• Temora

Adam Tonkin

SNSW Conference Minister at:

• Griffith

• Leeton

• Narrandera

• Broken Hill

Rajko Celic

SNSW Conference Minister at:

• Queanbeyan

• Canberra National


Camper/Day Visitor Details:

Camp Registration Form 2018

Office Only

First Name: _____________________________ Surname: __________________________ Church: _______________ Date Received

Email: __________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Postcode: _______________________________ Phone: ________________________ Payment

Camping Preferences

Receipt No.

I would like the same site as last year: o Yes o No Site No. _______

I would like a campsite near: ____________________________________________________________

o I need a site near the amenities for: health / aged / disability / mobility reasons (please circle) Date Mailed

Are you planning to bring a boat? o Yes o No (Note: Those with boats will be allocated a site near each other)



Allocated Site

PC’Van no

No. Facilities Price $ PTent no

Powered Caravan site. Max Length: 24ft $270 $ UPC’Van no

Powered Tent site $270 $

UPTent no

Unpowered Caravan site. Max Length: 24ft $180 $

Chalet no

Unpowered Tent site $180 $ 5B Dorm no

Chalet - 9 Beds $900 $ 10B Dorm no

Dorm - 10 Beds $650 $

Dorm - 5 Beds $450 $

Total: $

Day Visitors


For offsite campers / day visitors only: (This is a contribution to go towards the costs of running camp)

A Facility fee of $20 per person applies (Children 0 - 5 are free)

Cost $20 per person (over age of 5) $

No of attendees Day Visitor cost per person Total Cost

Camp Attendees











Please record the name, age group of all adults and children, as per the age groups listed below:

Beginners: (0-2 yrs) Kindy: (3-5 yrs) Primary: (6-9 yrs) Junior: (10-12 yrs)

Teen: (13-16 yrs) Youth: (17-30 yrs) Adult:

Given Name Surname Age Group

Page 8 | 9 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Activity Price Number Cost First Name

Camp Activities 2018

Activity Price Number Cost First Name

PRIMARY Active Pass (save $30) $70 $

YOUTH Activity Pass (save $20) $95 $

Individual Activities:

• Laser Force & Movie Night (Monday) $20 $

Individual Activities:

• Thredbo Pool (Tuesday) $30 $

• Sport and Rec Centre (Monday) $25 $

• Go Karts & Jumping Castle (Wednesday) $20 $

• Watersports & Games (Thursday) $25 $

• Craft (Friday) $5

• Watersports (Tuesday All Day) $30 $

• Free Time (Wednesday) $ -

• Watersports (Thursday Morning) $20 $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13) TOTAL for Primary: $

• Banquet (Thursday Evening) $25 $

JUNIOR Active Pass (save $25) $125 $

• Breakfast (8 mornings) $15 $

Individual Activities:

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13) TOTAL for Youth: $

• Go Carts (Monday) $20 $

ADULT Activity Pass (save $15) $105 $

• Laser Force & Service Project (Tuesday) $20 $

• Watersports (Wednesday) $25 $

Individual Activities

• Thredbo Day Trip (Thursday) $85 $

• Free Time (Friday) $0

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13) TOTAL for Junior: $

• Sport & Rec Centre (Monday) $25 $

• Water Sports (Tuesday Afternoon) $20 $

TEEN Active Pass (save $25) $120 $

• Laser Force (Wednesday) $20 $

Individual Activities:

• Mountain Biking (Thursday) $35 $

• Watersports (Includes Lunch) (Monday) $35 $

• Water War 1 (Tuesday) $20 $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13) TOTAL for Adults:

• Mystery Outing $30 $

• Go Karts and Laserforce (Thursday) $35 $

• Banquet (Thursday Evening) $25 $

• Free Time (Friday)

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13) TOTAL for Teen: $


Meal Orders need to be no

later than - December 1, 2017

We are unable to take meal orders during Camp

Meal Orders 2018

Page 11


Day / Meal

Wednesday 10th January



Breakfast $10.00

No. of



Day / Meal


No. of


Total Cost

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Friday 5th January

Dinner $14.00

Dinner $14.00

Sabbath 6th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Sunday 7th January

Breakfast $10.00

BBQ Lunch Village Fair No. Attending (FREE)

Dinner $14.00

Monday 8th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Tuesday 9th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Thursday 11th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Friday 12th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Sabbath 13th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Sunday 14th January

Breakfast $10.00

Subtotal (2nd column) $

+ Subtotal (1st column) $

TOTAL for Meals $

Dinner $14.00

Subtotal (1st column) $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13)

Looking for a place to cook your meals at camp?

Take the opportunity to use the self contained

kitchen and dining area at the end of the dormitories.

This facility includes:

• Multiple Work stations,

• Ovens, Stoves

• Microwaves

• Fridges

• Cooking Utensils

• Indoor and Outdoor eating area

If you are able, we would encourage you to bring

your own cooking untensils so you are able to

prepare your meals.

This facility is open to everyone at Big Camp.

Self contained kitchen and eating area

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SNSW Billy kart Derby 2018

Entry Form

Welcome to the SNSW Billy kart Derby! Get a group of Friends together and create your own kart from

recycled materials. categories for each age group. see you at the track!

Age Groups:

• 5-8 years

• 9-11 years

• 12-15 years

• 16 and over

Team Name:

Points Awarded For:

• Most Creative Billy kart

• Most Creative Team Dress

• Best Engineering

• Fastest Time

Billy karts to be Constructed

Entirely of recycled


Entry Fee:


Words of advice.....

“you will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them”

- unknown

Age Group:


Contact Number:

Team Members

First Name


See over page for full terms and conditions

South New South Wales Billy kart Derby 2018

Terms and Conditions

Age Categories – Drivers-Passenger

• 5-8 years

• 9-11 years

• 12-15 years

• 16 and Over

Bonus Category Awards

• Most Creative Billy Cart

• Best Engineering

Construction Materials

Must be constructed out of recycled materials, no

new parts!

Construction and Design

Construction and design may be performed by any

members of the local church for all age categories.

Billy Cart can be suitable for one occupant only or

two occupants, a driver and passenger. These can

sit in front and behind or side by side.


• Safety is paramount

• Track length will vary for different age categories.

• Helmets must be worn by Driver and Passenger.

• Knee guards and elbow guards must be worn

by Driver and Passenger.

• Protective clothing such as long sleeves and

long trousers should be worn by Driver and


• Team members may push start Billy kart.


All carts will be subject to scrutineering on Village

Fair day. Any carts deemed not to be safe will be

given an opportunity to rectify and submit again

for scrutineering. Carts must have brakes, effective

steering and wheels.


The course will be pre-set down hill course adjusted

for each age category. It will consist of straights,

chicanes and jumps.

Got questions? Email

Page 12 | 13 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Registration and scrutineering

will be open from 10am on

Village Fair day

Entry is Free

Page 12


Please Note:

• Full payment for your FACILITIES MUST accompany your application.

• The facility fee applies only to off site campers and day visitors.

My payment includes:

Page 8 TOTAL for Facilities: $

Page 8 TOTAL for Facility fee: $

Page 9 TOTAL for Primary Activities: $

Page 9 TOTAL for Junior Activities: $

Page 9 TOTAL for Teen Activities: $

Page 9 TOTAL for Youth Activities: $

Page 9 TOTAL for Adult Activities: $

Send applications to:

Camp Secretary,

SDA Church (SNSW Conference)

PO Box 800

Canberra ACT 2601

Phone: 02 / 6249 6822

Fax: 02 / 6247 5059


Page 10 TOTAL for Meals: $


r Cheque enclosed [Make cheques payable to SDA Church (SNSW Conference) Ltd.]

r E-giving (

Date Paid: / /

Mark your payment Big Camp 2018. Please note: Select SNSW Conference otherwise if you select your

local church, the payment will be made into your local church account instead of the Conference account.

If you are unsure, call the Conference Office on 6249 6822.

r Credit Card: r Visa r MasterCard

Expiry: /

Name on card:


Please Note: We regret we cannot accept applications from people under 18 years of age. Any person under the

age of 18 must be supervised by a person who is at least 21 years of age and occupying the same site or an adjacent

site for the duration of the camp. Please arrange your chaperone early before you submit your application.

q I am under 18 years of age and require a Chaperone.

Chaperone Arrangements

I nominate __________________________________________ (full name of Chaperone) as my Chaperone.

Signature of Chaperone _______________________________ Contact Phone No. ____________________


If you would like to volunteer some of your time to assist during camp, in areas such as Cleaning, Dining Room Duties,

ABC, or Departments, please indicate below.

Surname: ________________________ Given Name: _______________ Contact Phone: ________________

Area/s of Interest: ____________________________________________________________________________

Preferred Days:


SNSW COnference App

Conference NEws

Sarina with Eva-May and Jeremy

Witnessing in the Local Community

Recently, Jeremy and I have learnt the importance

of connecting with the local community. As many

people know, we brought our beautiful daughter

Eva-May into the world in December last year.

After a few months, I felt the need to interact with

other new mums and also to start to get back into

exercise. A friend from Brisbane suggested I join

“Kangatraining” which is an exercise class for mums

and bubs. I have thoroughly enjoyed these classes

as I have been able to meet other mums from the

local community and share common experiences.

A month or so ago, a lady from The Australian newspaper

contacted mums from Wagga Kangatraining,

asking if any of us were practising Christians and if

so, if we would be happy to be interviewed for an

article regarding the latest Census results. I put my

hand up and before we knew it, Jeremy and I were

responding to different questions via phone about

our faith, family and experience living in Wagga as

Christians. That afternoon, a photographer came to

our home and took some family photos that we will

treasure. The next day we were on page 6 of “The

Australian” and we were excited to be able to

lift up God’s name and put the Seventh-day

Adventist Church in the spotlight. A few days

later, God opened up another exciting opportunity.

I received a message from a Prime 7 news

reporter who said she had seen the article and

wanted to feature our family in the local news.

We gladly accepted and were filmed in our

home about our views regarding the very high

number (over 80%) of Riverina residents who

identified as being Christian in the Census.

Through this experience, we have learnt that

we are currently living in a blessed area and

that there’s an 80% chance that we are beside a

fellow brother or sister in Christ, whether we are

at the local shops or at a cafe. We are excited

to continue connecting with local community

members and to see what other opportunities

God provides to witness for Him.

- Sarina & Jeremy Taituave

Women’s Retreat

20th Anniversary 27/5/2018


John 3:16 . . . for God so loved

the world that He gave . . .


Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed

you in the womb I knew you,

before you were born I

set you apart . . .


Save the date - May 27, 2018

SNSW Womens Retreat

Adventist Alpine Village, Jindabyne

Conference NEws

TOnga Mission: Project Update

In the June edition of Imprint we were asking for

donations to help out partner in mission with

the rebuilding of two parsonages on the island of


From the $9,000 we have received since the appeal

Albury Church alone has raised over $5,600.

Including the camp offering of about $8,000, the

local conference support of $5,000 and $10,000

support from the Trans Pacific Union Mission we

have raised over $32,000 and are now able to start

with the rebuilding of the first parsonage.

Thanks to your financial support Wally Hromis

a builder from Albury church will take a team of

local church members (Graham Sinclair, Brenton

Hore and Darryn Nixon) to Vava’u this September

in order to lay the foundations. We want to express

a big “THANK YOU” to these volunteers for dedicating

their time, energy and finances to support

our sister mission.

In December containers will be shipped to the island

with further building material. Early next year

a builder from Bathurst Church, Phil Hampton will

take a second team to continue with the construction

and we hope that by then we have raised

enough money to complete the building/extension

of the two houses.

Thank you very much for giving and please keep

on donating towards the project as we still need to

raise about $20,000 to complete the project.

The December edition of Imprint will have photos

from the first team and trust that by then we can

report that another $20,000 has been raised.

- Pr. Michael Faber


Around the Churches

Connecting with the community


Beautiful Table Decoration

Presentation of cheque

iscover Vitality” is a monthly health pro-

coordinated and run by the members


of the Albury Seventh-day Adventist Church.

On Wednesday 3rd May 2017, Discover Vitality

went on the road to deliver their program to

raise funds for the Wodonga Men’s Shed. Moving

across the Murray to the Wodonga ADRA Community

Centre, over 80 people booked in for a health

focused evening, the majority of whom were from

the community. Guests socialised around

beautifully decorated tables, were treated to a

3-course vegetarian meal served by the church’s

young people, and enjoyed a health presentation

on secrets of longevity.

The evening raised $1800 for the Wodonga Men’s

Shed building fund project, and show-cased

the Albury and Wodonga Adventist Churches

community spirit.

- Damian Cox

Bathurst Church singers


It does not require much to be a blessing! The

Bathurst Church Singers love to use their talents

to bless the residents at the local nursing homes.

They had been invited back and what a shared joy

it was for all to sing favourite carols and hymns. Besides

the singing the residents enjoyed the time of

fellowship and chatting.

The Bathurst Church Singers are already looking

forward to their next visit.

- Christina Sinclair

Page 18 | 19 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Bathurst Church Singers

Around the Churches

Mothers day high tea


Mother’s Day, Sunday 14 May was celebrated by Bega Church folk

serving afternoon tea to members of the community. The event,

which was also a fundraiser for ADRA, raised over $2350 from the

day’s proceeds and donations.

On the day, Bega church hall was transformed into a charming popup

café lit by candles and fairylights. Large paper stars hung from

ivy entwined branches above each table. Sweet and savoury homemade

delicious treats, donated by our many accomplished church

cooks, were served on vintage china. Drinks were offered by a ‘Tea

Lady’ who circulated amongst tables with her trolley, offering a selection

of liquid refreshments and light chit chat. During each sitting

the church’s talented young musicians provided relaxing background

music on piano and violin.

Towards the end of each session Natalie Nawaikalou presented a

brief but informative overview of ADRA’s work. Then chocolate from

Solomon Island’s SoulCoco project was sampled along with a tasting

of non-alcoholic wine.

Tiered Plate

Feedback from the community was positive and encouraging. Many had not been in our church hall before.

Wishes were expressed about attending cooking classes. Some had not previously tasted non-alcoholic

wine and bought bottles to share with friends. Others were greatly impressed by the work ADRA was

doing and offered donations. It was a day filled with an assortment of sweet treats for everyone involved.

- Janet Kieltyka

A special fellowship lunch


On Sunday, June 25 the Fijian members

of the Griffith Church reached out to other

local Fijian Adventist who had not attended

church or be involved in church

activities for a long time. Invitations to attend

a special Sunday lunch at the church

were personally delivered.

What a joy it was to see about 50 people

accepting the invitation and join the

feast prepared for them. The day was

filled with joy and happiness and much


Seeing that the event was such a success it is planned to run more of these lunches to help build community

in the Griffith Church.

- Pastor Jim Tonkin

Group singing lead by “Isy” one of the local elders

Around the Churches

Combined youth weekend

Moruya & Bega

Despite rain all Friday and Friday night,

young people from Bega Adventist church,

accompanied by their leaders, drove up to

meet Moruya Adventist young people for a

weekend of inspiring worship, social interaction

and physical challenge.

Following church, we were blessed with perfect

weather for a picnic lunch before heading

off for a walk through the Botanical Gardens at

Bateman’s Bay. Everyone then headed off to

Ulladulla where dinner and a game of ten-pin

bowling awaited. Bowling scores ranged from

52 to 157 on the night. We were grateful that

the management extended their closing hours,

just for us. Suitably weary from the effort, we

headed off for a relatively peaceful night’s sleep

in the Milton

New blend quartet


Enjoying the amazing view

Nowra Seventh-day Adventist Church enjoyed a wonderful worship

service of music on July 29 performed by the New Blend male quartet

from Sydney.

Their musical harmony was inspirational and moving and was appreciated

by everyone present. Group leader Irwin Steyn commented that the reason

they do the concerts “is to glorify God through music and to be a blessing to

smaller churches who might not have groups coming around often”.

Moruya and Bega enjoying their outing

Showground hall, despite exit signs keeping the

room at daylight level brightness.

On Sunday, everyone was ready to climb Pigeon

House mountain, a popular tourist attraction in the

area. The weather was perfect and the view from

the top a well-earned reward. Congratulations to

all who managed the strenuous hour-plus climb,

especially Raelyn at age 71, who certainly wasn’t

the last one to the top.

Many thanks to Barry Hergenhan, Emmyt Moon

and Sonya Watts for organising the weekend of

events. It has helped strengthen relationships with

each other and God. We all look forward to the

next time we all meet up.

- Nikki McTernan

The New Blend Quartet has been singing for many years with various

Seventh-day Adventist members coming and going during that time.

Current group members are Irwin and Reagan from South Africa, Ernesto

from Chile and Barry from Australia.

New Blend Quartet

The quartet is currently recording a new CD and is happy to be contacted for concerts/Sabbath programs

etc. For more information and bookings, you can contact Irwin on 0420 977 049.

- Vicki Chalain

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Around the Churches

Family Day


The aim of National Families Week (15-21 May coinciding with the United Nations International Day of

Families on 15 May) is to celebrate the vital role that families play in Australian society. The enduring

theme is: “Stronger families, stronger communities’’. This theme highlights the important role families play

as the central building block of our community and that community wellbeing is enhanced by family wellbeing.

To celebrate this event in the Shoalhaven

area, Nowra SDA Church printed invitations

and letterboxed in the local streets

around the church for a special program

on Saturday 20 May. Commencing with

a free Kids Breakfast at 9:30 am with craft

and story activities, followed by a family

church service from 11:00 am to 12:30 am

the program concluded with a free buffet

lunch served in the cottage next to the


Church members had invited non-attending

family members and friends to this

special family church service. Highlights of

the service included musical items, story

time and family group participation.

During the devotional segments emphasis

was placed on making God an integral part

of your family and in your decision making.

- Vicki Chalain

The Tetevano Family Ashley & Josh Page The Chiweshe Family

Group Bible Study and Discussion

Trip up to the snow

Group photo at the Winter Retreat in June

Family Ministries

SNSW Singles ministries

Since late last year, there have been three retreats conducted in our conference with local attendees as

well as singles from the Victorian Conference, NNSW Conference, Greater Sydney and as far north as

the Northern Australian Conference. In fact, the last retreat during the June long weekend was held at the

Adventist Alpine Village, and was thoroughly enjoyed by the twenty-eight singles that attended.

Our Conference Youth Director, Hayden Petersen was the guest speaker. He spoke on forgiveness and it

was well received and appreciated by guests, staff and friends.

If you would like more information about upcoming events please contact the singles ministries

co-ordinator Christine Sosnovsky. The next retreat is coming up in November in Tumut.

Page 22 | 23 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

SNSW Singles Retreat

Conference News

- Running the Faith and Fitness Race -

Speaker: Jeremy Taituave


Riverglade Caravan Park

Snowy Mountains HWY

Tumut NSW 2720

November 3 - 5, 2017

Costs: $105-135

Catered meals: Saturday Lunch & Dinner | BYO: Fri Dinner, Sat & Sun Breakfast

See website for more information

OR contact Christine SOsnovsky:

0403 519 878 or

Register at today at:

Celebrations in Bega

On the Sabbath 18 November 2017 Bega church will celebrate their 60th year. All current and

past members, pastors and teachers are invited to come share in this special time.

Pastor Jeff Parker and singer/songwriter Josh Cunningham will share this special time with us.

Please contact Wendy via or or on 0427 921 386

for further details and to RSVP.

Dont miss the December 2017

Hydrotherapy Course at

Cedervale Health & Lifestyle

Retreat, Kangaroo Valley

Five Day - Hydrotherapy Courses:

December 10 - 15, 2017

Learn the theory of hydrotherapy, as well

as, see, do and receive a wide range of

hydrotherapy treatments. At the same

time enjoy some great meals, accommodation,

and fellowship.

Starts Sunday 5pm and finishes Friday

10am All inclusive costs: Only $660 per

personLimit of 8 people so get in early!

Call us on 0478 229 614 to reserve your



(South New South Wales

– Aboriginal and/or

Torres Strait Islander Ministries)

Are you an Aboriginal member of the

Seventh-day Adventist church in the

South NSW Conference, with an interest

in Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander

ministries? If you answered yes, then

we want to hear from you. We are looking

for members of the inaugural SNSW

ATSIM Advisory Committee.

Email me at:

or call 0407 560 362.

SNSW Youth


Word is getting around and the youth who are

coming to the annual Shred It winter camp are

coming from as far as QLD to be a part of the action!

This year the 60 youth who were in attendance were

blessed to have guest speaker Pr Nick Kross present on

the parables of Jesus. The snow was amazing! While the

wind threatened to cause a little trouble the God who

commands the weather settled everything down to

provide for some really fantastic fun.

Conference Youth Rally

Henry Siems enjoying the snow

Shred it is a great place to make new friends

and to connect with God in the beauty of his

creation. Make sure you plan to be there next

year for what will be an even more amazing


- Hayden Petersen


Youth who took part in “Trash Mob” initiative

Picking up rubbish

On August 12th around 200 youth gathered from

all around the conference to worship at the 2017

Conference wide youth rally. There were youth from

Albury, Narromine, Moruya, Tumut, Wagga, Young,

Bowral and Goulburn, just to name a few! Of particular

note, a large group of youth from Griffith arrived in their

new bus! The worship was coordinated by Madison

Allum, who pulled together a talented group of musicians

to lead the praise and worship. A 3 part drama

featuring a mad scientist on a mission to take all the joy

form the world was performed by the South Canberra

Youth. Guest speaker Rangi Eaio was welcomed home

to SNSW, as he challenged the youth to shine for Jesus!

Kathy Bullock, Yolaine Raisen and team once again provided

an amazing lunch for the young people.

Page 24 | 25 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

In the afternoon a large team headed out

to the Queanbeyan river to support a local

initiative “Trash Mob”. The team gathered a large

amount of rubbish from around the river, which

included 13 shopping trolleys! The day finished

with a heap of fun at Glow Putt Putt!

Youth Rallies are gathering momentum and it

was great to see the culture of support building

as more and more local churches get involved in

hosting and planning regional Youth Rallies. We

are looking forward to the next rally in Molong

on October 7th!

- Hayden Petersen

SNSW Schools

Awarded for outstanding leadership

It’s nice to be able to share some great news involving one of our

Principals, Jodie McDonald, who was awarded a Leadership Excellence

Award from Adventist Education Australia during meetings

in Melbourne last May.

We want to thank Jodie for the excellent work she is doing at Border

Christian College. Her excitement and passion for her staff, the

students and the wider community is contagious.

In a recent conversation with Jodie she gave all praise to God and

acknowledged that He is in control and that prayer made the difference.

At the education leadership conference both Bree Hills (Principal

of Canberra Christian School) and Debbie Robertson (Principal of

Narromine Christian School) were also awarded for outstanding

leadership. Of the eight awards handed out at the conference,

SNSW Schools picked up three.

We want to thank God for the amazing things that are happening

with our schools here in SNSW.

Leadership Award

Please uphold Jodie, Bree and Debbie and their respective schools in your prayers as they continue to be

a beacon in our communities.

- Calvin Drinkall

General Secretary

History made at border christian college

A historic event for our College occurred on Friday

evening the 23rd June 2017. A large group

from our school community gathered in the

Sharon Lipohar Centre to witness the first ever

baptism performed on the Thurgoona campus.

Lachlan Evans, a Year 9 student, accompanied

by family, friends, teachers and the school

community, was our baptism candidate. Lachlan

joined our school in Year 6 and has since made

significant contributions to our chapels and Week

of Worship events. Lachlan has developed a faith

in God and is an important member of our school


We congratulate him on his decision to join God’s

family and wish him well as he endeavours to live

a life in service to God and the community

- Fiona Jacob

Lachlan being baptised by Pr Andrew

Sunday Funday

@ Big Camp 2018


Free BBQ Lunch provided courtesy of Sanitarium and AAV

- Jumping Castle - Stalls

- Live Music

- Laser Force

- Games

- Hay Ride

Stay afterwards for the

Billy Kart Derby

South New South Wales Conference

Billy kart Derby

Jindabyne | 2018

January 7, 2018 @ Adventist Alpine Village

Registration Forms inside or online

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