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J Magazine Fall 2017

The magazine of the rebirth of Jacksonville's downtown


POWER RATING DOWNTOWN By The Florida Times-Union Editorial Board Apartment construction pushing progress in Downtown Jacksonville 4 4 8 4 MIN MAX MIN MAX MIN MAX MIN MAX PUBLIC SAFETY LEADERSHIP HOUSING INVESTMENT Mayor Curry budgeted 100 more cops, but it will take time for them to be trained and on the street. While there have been a rash of thefts, a dangerous Downtown is mostly a misperception. PREVIOUS RATING: 4 Curry is on the case, in his budget and priorities and behind the scenes, as he pushes and cajoles to confront tough issues and make things happen. PREVIOUS RATING: 8 Apartment developments are going up in LaVilla and the Southbank, with more coming in Brooklyn and San Marco. It’ll be great to have those FSCJ students living on Adams Street. PREVIOUS RATING: 3 All those new apartment complexes, Daily’s Place and the Baptist Health buildings are a good start, but we’re looking for massively more private investment just waiting for Downtown momentum. PREVIOUS RATING: 3 4 5 3 2 MIN MAX MIN MAX MIN MAX MIN MAX DEVELOPMENT EVENTS & CULTURE TRANSPORTATION CONVENTION CENTER We’re waiting for shovels in the ground and cranes building the Shipyards, The District, a convention center and whatever replaces the Landing and Berkman II. PREVIOUS RATING: 4 Daily’s Place is packing ’em in. The resurgent Jacksonville Symphony expanded to 38 weeks, soon to be 40, with Masterworks increasing from 10 to 12. See the JSO free Nov. 1 at Art Walk. PREVIOUS RATING: 4 Watch a live feed of the new Regional Transportation Center in LaVilla on JTA’s website ( It will get Greyhound off Pearl Street. The river taxis are stepping up. PREVIOUS RATING: 3 Another consultant’s report says “not now,” because Downtown isn’t ready. When other plans become soup, it needs to become NOW! PREVIOUS RATING: 2 OVERALL RATING With all those new apartments, we’ll have the people living Downtown, and we’re adding even more things for them to do. Even more people will enjoy Downtown when the mainsprings – the Shipyards, The District and, dare we say, a reimagined Landing – come to life. PREVIOUS RATING: 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 JEFF DAVIS 16 J MAGAZINE | FALL 2017