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J Magazine Fall 2017

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Why can’t financial

Why can’t financial institutions be as unique and personal as you are? Why can’t they care as much about making our community better as they do about making a profit? They can. At Jacksonville’s member-owned, not-for-profit 121 Financial Credit Union, we are about you, because we are you and you are us. 9700 Touchton Rd. | 9730 Hutchinson Park Dr. | 1500 Beach Blvd., Suite 218 501 W. Adams Street, Suite 1224 | 300 W. Adams Street 12250 San Jose Blvd. | 1714 Blanding Blvd. | 14023 Revell Dr. 6072 Youngerman Circle | 655 W. 8th Street | 8101 Normandy Blvd. | 904.723.6300 or 800.342.2352 Federally insured by NCUA.

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