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J Magazine Fall 2017

The magazine of the rebirth of Jacksonville's downtown


T H E M A G A Z I N E OF THE REBIRTH OF J A C K S O N V I L L E ’ S D O W N T O W N H THE MAGAZINE OF THE REBIRTH OF JACKSONVILLE’S DOWNTOWN H Michael P. Clark Roger Brown WRITERS PUBLISHER Mark Nusbaum GENERAL MANAGER/ CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jeff Davis EDITOR Frank Denton VP OF SALES Lana Champion DIRECTOR OF SALES Lyn Sargent VP OF CIRCULATION Amy McSwain Paula Horvath Ron Littlepage MAILING ADDRESS J Magazine, 1 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32202 CONTACT US EDITORIAL: (904) 359-4197, ADVERTISING: (904) 359-4471, (904) 359-4115, DISTRIBUTION/REPRINTS: (904) 359-4459, WE WELCOME SUGGESTIONS FOR STORIES. PLEASE SEND IDEAS OR INQUIRIES TO: No part of this publication and/or website may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form without prior written permission of the Publisher. Permission is only deemed valid if approval is in writing. J Magazine and Times-Union Media buy all rights to contributions, text and images, unless previously agreed to in writing. While every effort has been made to ensure that information is correct at the time of going to print, Times-Union Media cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any action or decision based on the information contained in this publication. © 2017 Times-Union Media. All rights reserved. A PRODUCT OF EDITORIAL BOARD

FEEDBACK THE PREMIERE ISSUE BY THE TIME the first issue of J Magazine hit the streets in June, we found ourselves inundated with feedback on everything from creative ways we can work together to improve the core to what’s wrong with Downtown Jacksonville. Kevin Borovsky wasn’t afraid to share his enthusiasm AND even dream a little in the process: “PLEASE get downtown rocking!!! A large Ferris wheel by the river by the stadium, for example.” RE: Activating the Shipyards: Jaguars owner Shad Khan continues partnering with the city to invest in Downtown Jacksonville “Shad Khan is one of the BEST things to happen to Jacksonville!” STEVEN JACKSON SR. RE: DOWNTOWN: It’s time to fix it! “If you want to revitalize Downtown, you have to have cheap/free parking and affordable housing.” Rick Puckett “Too much violence Downtown, I’m speaking from experience ... I avoid going Downtown at all cost.” Carolyn Cancilla “The only time I’m Downtown is during football season.” Michael Andre Watkins “One word: crime.” Jonathon Armstrong “I avoid (Downtown) because of the following: 1. One-way streets 2. Lack of parking – expense 3. Pan handlers/homeless 4. Crime 5. Pricey venues 6. Jail/bail bonds/court” Ray Seabolt Jr. “Too large of a homeless population!!! Zaida Perez RE: A RIVER RUNS THROUGH US “All you have to do is be behind some out-of-town traffic on the Fuller Warren and watch how they stare at the river. We have never used our best asset to our advantage like we should.” Mary M Roe “About time!! So much potential!!!” Billy Mitchell “So is Shad the ONLY millionaire in Jacksonville willing to put his money where his vision is?” Mark Anthony Rivera “There is nothing futuristic about Daily’s Place” Michele Fraser “Khan is literally offering to develop Jacksonville for us, and people are still complaining. Way to go.” Tommy Higginbotham “Khan is a great person. He sees the potential and strives to make Jax great again!!!” Robin Bennett RE: The Space Race: When it comes to parking in Jacksonville’s Downtown, perception may be a reality “Paying for parking is why I don’t go Downtown.” Ron Spofee “Parking is hell. Maybe put that on your list of to-do`s.” Bianca Rodriguez “My No.1 issue every time I have been Downtown is parking where I need to go. Not walk six or seven blocks from where I found parking to wherever it was that I needed to go.” Steven Pulley RE: EYESORE: Berkman Plaza II “Definitely do something (about Berkman II). Nothing scares away potential business and investors like buildings sitting around in supposedly prominent parts of town unfinished.” Beck Stein FALL 2017 | J MAGAZINE 9