Importance of Using Outdoor Signs in Kansas City for Your Business


Pondering about the benefits of installing outdoor signs for your business in Kansas City? Read this write up now to find some proven statistical data that stresses the need for business signs. Visit for more information.

Statis tical Data that Prov e the Importanc e of Using

Bus ine s Signs

Business signs play a significant role in marketing your

business, and it is an entire experience that affects whether or

not customers will remember you and decide to do business

with you.

Here we have listed the results of a statistical survey that

measured the impact of trade signs on customers of different


Nearly 76% of consumers accepted that they had entered a

store or business they had never visited before based simply

on its signs.

75% of customers have talked about a business to their pars

based on its signage.

Absence of signs deters 60% of customers from entering a

store or business.

60% of business owners agreed that enhancing the visibility

of their signage had a positive impact on sales, number of

transactions and profits.

67% of customers have purchased a product or service

because they have found the sign of the business visually


Small firms and single establishments consider signs to be

the most important medium for making their business stand

out from their competitors and for helping customers find

their location.

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