Equestrian Life October 2017

The leading regional title for the East Midlands and Yorkshire

The leading regional title for the East Midlands and Yorkshire


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Issue 268 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> | £2.80<br />

East midlands & the northern counties’ best equestrian monthly magazine by far!<br />

WIN<br />

Great Prizes<br />

Thrills and Spills from<br />

Land Rover Burghley<br />

Horse Trials<br />

Queen of<br />

the Four<br />

Year Olds<br />

EL meets<br />

Ginnie Turnbull<br />

PLUS<br />

SEIB RDA Championships<br />

Wellow Children’s Show<br />

Burton Hunt Pony Club One Day Event<br />

Local<br />

reader<br />


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No, you are not wrong…. It is bigger! We were<br />

going to increase the size from the Christmas<br />

issue but just decided we would act on it straight<br />

away. Hope everyone enjoys the new larger<br />

magazine format.<br />

A few more shows for our horses and then it<br />

is a winter of dressage and jump schooling or<br />

practice for us.<br />

What do you do with your horses and ponies<br />

over the winter, do you keep them ticking over and competing?<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>’s next ‘championships’ will be the Winter Dressage in April,<br />

seems a long way away at the moment but soon creeps up. Very easy to qualify,<br />

print off a form from our website and take it to a dressage event, get 60% or<br />

higher and that’s a qualification. Ask the Secretary to sign and send in to us.<br />

FREE App is now available<br />

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<strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong> Magazine<br />

HOYS is here so the very best of luck to all our local riders, we will follow your<br />

results with great interest.<br />

Zoe<br />


As ever, keep your news and views coming to editor@equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk<br />

Issue 268 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> | £2.80<br />

WIN<br />

Great Prizes<br />

I sue 268 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

East midlands & the northern counties’ best equestrian monthly magazine by far!<br />

Queen of<br />

the Four<br />

Year Olds<br />

EL meets<br />

Ginnie Turnbull<br />

PLUS<br />

SEIB RDA Championships<br />

Wellow Children’s Show<br />

Burton Hunt Pony Club One Day Event<br />

Thrills and Spills from<br />

Land Rover Burghley<br />

Horse Trials<br />

Local<br />

reader<br />

successes<br />


Brooke Pickering and Pip en route to a HOYS<br />

qualification at Royal Cheshire Show this year.<br />


www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 3

inside<br />

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56<br />

This month in<br />

NEWS<br />

5 Harriett Morris-Baumber<br />

secures sponsorship<br />

6 Take Up ‘La Reins’:<br />

a fab trailer conversion<br />


10 Get into your eStride<br />

13 Autumn is coming, are you<br />

ready?<br />

6 Arioneo – the name behind<br />

Orscana<br />

18 Learn about Tricklenet<br />

20 Feed : Dr Tom Advises<br />

26 Horses Inside Out<br />

28 Advanced Equine Dentistry<br />

30 Lara Edwards Blog<br />

32 Sheegate <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

34 Competing abroad with<br />

Sovereign <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

36 Queen of Four Year Olds :<br />

Ginnie Turnbull<br />

EVENTS<br />

38 Land Rover Burghley Horse<br />

Trials<br />

42 SEIB RDA Championships<br />

44 Burton Hunt Pony Club One<br />

Day Event<br />

46 Readers Successes<br />

54 Ripley Riders<br />

56 Wellow Children’s Show<br />


57 Diary dates<br />

62 Competition entry form<br />

64 Classified and Directory<br />

4 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

News<br />

round-up<br />

‘Opportunity of a<br />

<strong>Life</strong>time’ to Train with<br />

Christopher Bartle<br />

Stubbing Court Training Ltd<br />

(SCT), the Chesterfield-based<br />

training provider, is offering its<br />

apprentices and employers the<br />

opportunity of a life-time – a<br />

Masterclass with Christopher<br />

Bartle, at Vale View EC on 20<br />

November <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

Christopher Bartle is probably<br />

the most sought-after coach in<br />

Europe at present. After 15 years<br />

training the German eventing<br />

team and helping them secure<br />

gold medals at Olympic, World<br />

and European Championships,<br />

he took over from another<br />

of SCT’s regular giver of<br />

Masterclasses, Yogi Breisner, as<br />

coach to the British eventing<br />

team at the beginning of <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

Incredibly, under his tutelage<br />

the Brits won their first team<br />

gold medal since 2010 at the<br />

recent European Championships<br />

in Strzegom, Poland in August.<br />

Belinda Turner MBE, Chief<br />

Executive of SCT, said: “It<br />

is a huge privilege for all<br />

apprentices and employers<br />

to have this Masterclass<br />

opportunity, for both riding<br />

tuition and to observe a truly<br />

world-class coach in action.<br />

We are extremely grateful for<br />

Christopher’s support and<br />

involvement and look forward to<br />

this inspirational occasion.”<br />

Christopher, who competed in<br />

both dressage and eventing at<br />

championship level for Britain<br />

and who won Badminton<br />

in 1998, gave an excellent<br />

presentation at SCT’s “Winning<br />

Ways” seminar in June on<br />

the subject “What makes an<br />

outstanding coaching session?”<br />

He was impressed by the work<br />

SCT does in helping young<br />

people find employment in the<br />

equestrian world and provide<br />

them with the best training and<br />

support via the apprenticeship<br />

scheme, and by the keenness<br />

and desire to learn of both SCT’s<br />

apprentices and employers.<br />

He therefore agreed to fit this<br />

Masterclass into his very busy<br />

schedule.<br />

It emphasises once again the<br />

strength and depth of SCT’s<br />

connections throughout<br />

the equine world, and the<br />

company’s efforts to provide its<br />

apprentices and employers with<br />

exclusive access to the very best<br />

riders, trainers and coaches in<br />

the country.<br />

SCT’s long-standing and<br />

highly regarded Masterclass<br />

Series is exclusive to SCT<br />

apprentices and employees.<br />

For more information on SCT’s<br />

Apprenticeships, visit www.<br />

stubbingcourttraining.com.<br />




Event rider, Harriet Morris-<br />

Baumber has secured new<br />

sponsorship from leading<br />

saddle specialist North<br />

Yorkshire Saddles.<br />

With a wealth<br />

of knowledge<br />

and offering<br />

Society of<br />

Master Saddlers<br />

and Master<br />

Saddle Fitting<br />

Consultant<br />

qualified saddle<br />

fitters, the experts at<br />

North Yorkshire Saddles will be<br />

providing Harriet with saddles<br />

and equipment from the Harry<br />

Dabbs range.<br />

Harriet will act as a brand<br />

ambassador for North<br />

Yorkshire Saddles helping to<br />

promote the business and wide<br />

range of saddlery available<br />

from the team.<br />

Said Harriet: “I am delighted<br />

to team up with this brilliant<br />

company and represent them<br />

at shows and events both<br />

locally and further afield.<br />

“To have support from a<br />

saddlery team with so much<br />

experience is just fantastic and<br />

it is brilliant to represent such<br />

a focused company dedicated<br />

to fitting and sourcing such<br />

high quality saddles and<br />

associated products.”<br />

North Yorkshire Saddles<br />

was established in 2006,<br />

with the aim of providing a<br />

knowledgeable and skilled<br />

saddle fitting service while<br />

stocking a wide range of much<br />

sought after saddlery brands.<br />

Said owner Helen Wardle:<br />

“We are delighted to<br />

welcome Harriet<br />

to the team as a<br />

brand ambassador<br />

and are really<br />

looking forward<br />

to supporting<br />

her through the<br />

sport and watching<br />

her progress with her<br />

talented team of horses.”<br />

Harriet has ridden for Great<br />

Britain internationally and had<br />

the fantastic opportunity to<br />

train with some of the world’s<br />

best coaches.<br />

When not riding she is equally<br />

busy training and coaching<br />

a wide range of riders at all<br />

levels.<br />

Based at Everingham, near<br />

York, Harriet currently has<br />

two rides owned by the Made<br />

in Yorkshire Syndicate and<br />

showing huge potential.<br />

Escofino I is a six-year-old,<br />

grey gelding and Whiteasparke<br />

Caramel is a five-year-old bay<br />

gelding. Both are competing at<br />

1.10m level showjumping and<br />

BE90 and have made a great<br />

start to their eventing careers.<br />

For further information on North<br />

Yorkshire Saddles visit www.<br />

northyorkshiresaddles.co.uk or<br />

Like the North Yorkshire Saddles<br />

Facebook page or follow them on<br />

Instagram.<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 5

news<br />

Loads First Time!<br />

Everyone is looking for that<br />

individual touch for their party or<br />

event, well look no further than this<br />

ingenious and original idea!<br />

Welcome to La-Reins mobile<br />

events bar hire, a lovingly restored<br />

horsebox trailer that delivers<br />

a unique experience to every<br />

occasion.<br />

Our Bar “Chase the Challis” can be<br />

stocked to suit your event, from<br />

Prosecco and Gin Cocktails to Real<br />

Ales, we will tailor a package to suit<br />

you.<br />

Our team of professionals always<br />

go the extra mile to fulfill our<br />

customers’ needs, delivering a<br />

unique and bespoke experience to<br />

your day.<br />

Whether you choose a ‘Cash’ or a<br />

‘Tab’ bar, La-Reins will provide it<br />

all! The Choice is Yours.<br />

Please get in touch for more details<br />

about your requirements either by<br />

calling 07425 866 979; email us at<br />

info@la-reins.co.uk we are also on<br />

Facebook @chasethechallis and<br />

Instagram chase_the_challis<br />

Are you keeping up<br />

with us online?<br />

Are you an Instagram lover? Find <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

<strong>Life</strong> on Insta at #equestrianlifemagazine. Come<br />

and join us and share your equestrian pics using<br />

#equestrianlifemagazine<br />

Love Facebook but want a little more intelligent<br />

conversation?<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong> recently<br />

launched <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong><br />

Club, a closed group for<br />

like-minded <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

owners and lovers.<br />

Why not get involved.<br />

6 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>



Come and make a life from what you love with Equine<br />

Science degrees at Nottingham Trent University.<br />

Visit www.ntu.ac.uk/horse

Tel: 01673 842448<br />

www.raseveterinarycentre.co.uk<br />

Rase<br />

EQUINE<br />


Offering a full a full range range of of veterinary<br />

services both both surgical and and routine<br />

Equine Equine Facilities<br />

Ÿ Specialist Ÿ Specialist equine equine unit unit with with dedicated dedicated standing standing surgery surgery facilities facilities<br />

Ÿ Veterinary Ÿ Veterinary surgeons surgeons specialising in equine equine work, work, qualified qualified equine equine nurses nurses<br />

and and onsite onsite BAEDT/BEVA qualified qualified equine equine dental dental technician technician<br />

Ÿ Dedicated Ÿ Dedicated equine equine operating operating theatre theatre<br />

Ÿ Onsite Ÿ Onsite laboratory laboratory and and stabling stabling<br />

Ÿ Free Ÿ Free Equizone Equizone visit visit system system<br />

Equine Equine Services Services<br />

Ÿ Computerised Ÿ digital digital radiography<br />

Ÿ Colic Ÿ Colic surgery, surgery, arthroscopy, upper upper airway airway surgery surgery including including standing standing laser laser<br />

hobdays hobdays and and laparoscopic rig procedures rig Ÿ Video Ÿ Video Gastroscopy & endoscopy & Ÿ Overground Ÿ scoping scoping<br />

Ÿ Ultrasound Ÿ scanning scanning<br />

Ÿ Lameness Ÿ Lameness investigation<br />

Ÿ Standing Ÿ Standing castrations<br />

Ÿ Laser Ÿ Laser sarcoid sarcoid treatment treatment<br />

Ÿ Advanced Ÿ Advanced dental dental care care<br />

Ÿ Frozen Ÿ Frozen and and chilled chilled artificial artificial insemination<br />

Ÿ Shockwave Ÿ treatment treatment<br />

Ÿ Electrocardiography<br />

Ÿ Ÿ Pre-purchase Ÿ examinations<br />

Ÿ Microchipping<br />

Ÿ HEA<br />

Offeri<br />

servic<br />

Ÿ Specialis<br />

Ÿ Veterina<br />

and ons<br />

Ÿ Dedicate<br />

Ÿ Onsite la<br />

Ÿ Free Equ<br />

Ÿ Comput<br />

Ÿ Colic sur<br />

hobdays<br />

Ÿ Video Ga<br />

Ÿ Overgro<br />

Ÿ Ultrasou<br />

Ÿ Lamene<br />

Ÿ Standing<br />

Ÿ Laser sa<br />

Ÿ Advance<br />

Ÿ Frozen a<br />

Ÿ Shockwa<br />

Ÿ Electroc<br />

Ÿ Pre-purc<br />

Ÿ Microch<br />

Gallamore Lane Lane Industrial Estate<br />

Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 LN8 3HA 3HA<br />

Tel: Tel: 01673 842448<br />


Tel: 01673 842448<br />

www.raseveterinarycentre.co.uk<br />

Rase<br />

EQUINE<br />


ng a full range of veterinary<br />

es both surgical and routine<br />

Equine Facilities<br />

st equine unit with dedicated standing surgery facilities<br />

ry surgeons specialising in equine work, qualified equine nurses<br />

ite BAEDT/BEVA qualified equine dental technician<br />

ed equine operating theatre<br />

aboratory and stabling<br />

izone visit system<br />

Equine Services<br />

erised digital radiography<br />

rgery, arthroscopy, upper airway surgery including standing laser<br />

and laparoscopic rig procedures<br />

astroscopy & endoscopy<br />

und scoping<br />

nd scanning<br />

ss investigation<br />

g castrations<br />

rcoid treatment<br />

d dental care<br />

nd chilled artificial insemination<br />

ave treatment<br />

ardiography<br />

chase examinations<br />

ipping<br />

Gallamore Lane Industrial Estate<br />

Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 3HA<br />

Tel: 01673 842448<br />




Your Goals. Your Passion. Our Analysis<br />

It is always feels good when your<br />

horse is going at their best.<br />

Getting an improvement in their<br />

way of going. Knowing when<br />

your horse is going well is one thing,<br />

but knowing they are not going well<br />

is completely different.<br />

They could feel off due to lameness<br />

or tightness in a muscle from a<br />

particularly hard session, or an<br />

exciting day in the field. These<br />

changes can be subtle to begin with.<br />

But if unmanaged they can build up<br />

to something bigger, such as a joint<br />

problem or tendon/ligament injury.<br />

Tracking your riding sessions can<br />

help monitor this. You can use<br />

various apps where you can<br />

manually input information<br />

about the session, but<br />

accuracy can be difficult.<br />

Then there are products like<br />

Estride which tracks your<br />

riding sessions for you.<br />

ESTRIDE is the first product<br />

of its kind on the market. It<br />

offers detailed information<br />

on the movement of each<br />

leg as well as the horse’s balance and<br />

stability in each pace and on each<br />

rein. The MyEstride app collects<br />

and keeps this data. Enabling you to<br />

compare sessions between weeks and<br />

months, and even between horses.<br />

You can even set yourself session<br />

goals, such as steps taken and time<br />

spent in each gait – with easy to<br />

understand charts and pictograms to<br />

understand what your data is telling<br />

you.<br />

We have an<br />

Estride that<br />

would suit you.<br />

We cater for<br />

people of all<br />

interests<br />

10 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

We have an Estride that would<br />

suit you. We cater for people of<br />

all interests, from people who<br />

just like to hack, up to high level<br />

competitors. It is also very helpful<br />

for injury rehabilitation, as Vikki<br />

Robinson and Eddie found out.<br />

In July 2016 Vikki and Eddie were<br />

happily riding together, schooling,<br />

jumping, hacking and some local<br />

competitions. Eddie is a 14 year<br />

old Connemara x pony who enjoys<br />

a little bit of everything. One day<br />

Eddie came in from the field with a<br />

swollen hind leg and 6/10 lame on<br />

a straight line. The vet diagnosed<br />

a proximal tear in the suspensory<br />

ligament. After months of box rest<br />

and in hand walking Eddie was<br />

able to be ridden again. Vikki was<br />

worried that Eddie would go lame<br />

again when working, especially if<br />

she did too much with him – or<br />

more to the point she wouldn’t pick<br />

up any changes in his leg quickly<br />

enough.<br />

Vikki contacted Estride to ask for<br />

help and after taking the advice of<br />

their specialists she started using<br />

Estride Precision whenever she<br />

rode Eddie. She was able to track<br />

his leg movements throughout his<br />

rehabilitation and with Veterinary<br />

taking shortened or lengthened. This way<br />

Vikki could note down when Eddie was<br />

consistently sound and improving or if<br />

they had done too much. Being able to give<br />

the Vet this information enabled the work<br />

programme to be tailored to Eddie and his<br />

injury/recovery rate.<br />

Vikki and Eddie are now happily hacking<br />

out across the Southdowns and riding in the<br />

school and starting to jump<br />

again!<br />

assistance his work programme was<br />

adjusted accordingly as Eddie progressed.<br />

Estride Precision was able to highlight<br />

any changes in Eddie’s stride, allowing<br />

Vikki to note when the steps Eddie was<br />

Visit www.estride.store today to<br />

follow Vikki and Eddie and for<br />

more information or to pre-order<br />

your ESTRIDE, or follow us on<br />

Social Media, alternatively you<br />

can email us on support@strideinvent.com<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 11

competitions<br />

WIN a Lesson with<br />

Lara Edwards<br />

Would you like the chance to win a<br />

lesson with dressage rider and our<br />

resident blogger, Lara Edwards?<br />

To celebrate her decision to compete under<br />

her married name, Edwards, and to launch<br />

Lara Edwards Dressage, Lara has agreed to<br />

give one lucky reader the opportunity to<br />

visit her at her yard based in Lincolnshire<br />

and to have a lesson under her watchful eye.<br />

Holder of ten British Dressage regional<br />

titles and two National titles, Lara recently<br />

got her third call up for Great Britain at<br />

Hartpury with her KWPN-approved stallion,<br />

Bodyguard Moorland.<br />

In 2013, Lara and her impressive KWPNapproved<br />

stallion, Cadans M, by renowned<br />

dressage stallion, Sir Donnerhall, won an<br />

unprecedented four Regional titles at the<br />

Northern Winter Regional Championships<br />

and in 2014 the pair added yet another<br />

Regional title to their collection.<br />

Cadans M is now ridden by 2013 and 2015<br />

Pony European Dressage Champion, Phoebe<br />

Peters, with Lara loving the role of owner<br />

and watching the pair’s success from the<br />

sidelines.<br />

More recently Lara has enjoyed huge<br />

success with Jazzed Up, jointly owned by<br />

Lara and Tracey and Laura Milner, with<br />

only the unconquerable Charlotte Dujardin<br />

standing in the way of adding another<br />

National Title to her collection at the<br />

Winter Dressage Championships.<br />

If you and your horse or pony are already<br />

competing, Lara’s wealth of experience<br />

could help you step up to the next level.<br />

Or, if your nerves are holding you back<br />

from fulfilling your dreams of competing<br />

or just going out on a hack, Lara can offer<br />

valuable advice on how she deals with<br />

her competition nerves with the tried<br />

and tested techniques she has developed<br />

through her work with Inspiring Minds<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> Coaching.<br />

As well as the lesson, the winner of this<br />

fantastic competition will also receive<br />

a <strong>Life</strong>force-branded fleece rug, kindly<br />

supplied by Alltech for whom Lara is a<br />

brand ambassador.<br />

For further information contact Lara<br />

Edwards on 07920 452739, visit www.<br />

laraedwardsdressage.co.uk or like the Lara<br />

Edwards Dressage Facebook page.<br />

To be in with a chance of winning, answer<br />

the following question:<br />

How many Regional titles has Lara won?<br />

*The winner of this competition must own<br />

their own horse or pony and be free to<br />

travel to Lara’s yard at a time convenient to<br />

both parties. Travel and accommodation is<br />

the responsibility of the winner. The fleece<br />

rug is only available in 6’6.<br />

To be in with a chance of winning, turn to<br />

page 62. The Winner will receive a lesson with<br />

Lara Edwards and, one Alltech branded fleece<br />

rug in size 6’6.<br />

WIN<br />

with<br />

Would you like to<br />

WIN a Trickle Net?<br />

The lucky winner will be offered the<br />

choice of an Original Trickle Net<br />

which holds up to 8kg dry hay, or the<br />

fabulous Small Bale Net which holds an<br />

entire small bale of hay! Perfect for field or<br />

yard use.<br />

Trickle Net products provide the<br />

easy solution to slowing down forage<br />

consumption, and saving on waste<br />

hay. With fixed 25mm holes they are<br />

specially designed to encourage horses<br />

to forage and graze. Handmade with the<br />

toughest heavy duty netting they can<br />

withstand some serious abuse and are<br />

suitable for outdoor use. Stronger and<br />

more effective than any other slow feeder<br />

nets, Trickle Nets can pay for themselves<br />

within 8 weeks on saved hay alone.<br />

For your chance to win a Trickle Net<br />

Original, or a Small Bale Net just email<br />

abi@tricklenet.co.uk with the answer to<br />

the following question.<br />

On average, how long does it take for a<br />

Trickle Net to pay for itself in the cost of<br />

saved hay?<br />

www.tricklenet.co.uk<br />

To be in with a chance of winning, turn to page 62.<br />

10 Bags up for grabs!<br />

Speedi-Beet from British Horse Feeds is a highly<br />

nutritious and extremely versatile, quick soaking<br />

beet pulp feed and is suitable whether feeding the<br />

leisure horse or competition horse.<br />

A highly nutritious, quick soaking beet pulp feed, with<br />

no added molasses, Speedi-Beet is 95% sugar free.<br />

It offers a high proportion of soluble fibre making it a<br />

great source of non-heating slow release energy and<br />

it can also be made with warm/hot warm to help offer a<br />

warming feed for your horse during winter.<br />

Made using only best quality British Beet Pulp, Speedi-<br />

Beet is subjected to British Horse Feeds’ patented cooking<br />

process to produce a unique soaked feed, ready to use in<br />

just 10 minutes.<br />

RRP around £12.30 for a 20kg sack.<br />

For more information on Speedi-Beet contact British Horse<br />

Feeds on 01765 680300 or visit www.britishhorsefeeds.com.<br />

To be in with a chance of winning, turn to page 62.<br />

12 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

Autumn’s<br />

Coming<br />

keep your veteran looking and<br />

feeling good this Autumn<br />

If you own a veteran horse<br />

or pony, keeping them<br />

looking and feeling good<br />

as the seasons change, can be<br />

a challenge. Aloeride is a pure<br />

organic aloe vera supplement,<br />

which not only helps promote<br />

a healthy, shiny coat, but also<br />

helps to support your veteran’s<br />

immune system, which can often<br />

become compromised with age.<br />

Ideal for veterans and those<br />

horses or ponies lacking luster,<br />

Aloeride also helps support<br />

healthy skin, conditions hooves<br />

and aids rejuvenation and<br />

recovery too: all from one tastefree<br />

sachet a day!<br />

Either add the powder to your<br />

horses’ feed or for those that live<br />

in on ‘thin air’: simply mix with<br />

a little water in a syringe and<br />

you have a supplement, which is<br />

cost effective and easy to feed.<br />

Each box of Aloeride® contains<br />

30 sachets (30 days worth)<br />

equaling a whopping 12 litres of<br />

aloe vera juice and its great to<br />

know that its also been tested<br />

by an accredited Newmarket<br />

laboratory and does not contain<br />

any synthetic compounds,<br />

so you can rest assured that<br />

Aloeride won’t interfere with<br />

your veteran’s medication or<br />

tummy!<br />

RRP: £55.20 per carton (Month’s<br />

supply) with discounts available<br />

on multi-purchases.<br />

www.aloeride.com 01858 464550<br />

autumn news<br />

Can Supplements Help<br />

Veterans to Maintain Weight?<br />

There is limited information on the physiological differences<br />

between veteran and younger horses but we know that<br />

changes<br />

associated with ageing<br />

in humans are often<br />

found in the horse<br />

e.g. poor dentition,<br />

degenerative disease<br />

and changes in the<br />

digestive and immune<br />

systems. However, not<br />

all veteran horses are<br />

in poor condition and/<br />

or health and feeding<br />

management should<br />

reflect that.<br />

One of the biggest<br />

issues for veterans is<br />

body condition and there are many factors that affect a veteran’s<br />

ability to maintain weight, including (but not limited to) teeth, herd<br />

pecking order, lameness, worm burden and disease. Poor dentition<br />

(teeth) is common in veterans and loss of condition, quidding and<br />

choke can often indicate problems.<br />

Lameness (often arthritis-related lameness) also accounts for an<br />

inability to maintain weight, particularly if the horse is fed forage in<br />

the field. Pain associated with lameness may also reduce the horse’s<br />

appetite.<br />

Disease will also take its toll on aged horses as their immune<br />

systems appear less effective and can result in weight loss through<br />

insufficient nutrients available for body condition, as well as, in<br />

some cases, a reduced ability to absorb nutrients.<br />

As mentioned, feeding the veteran horse should be based on the<br />

individual animal and their overall health status and condition.<br />

Many aged horses can be fed in much the same way as younger<br />

horses without a problem. However, some may require a little help. It<br />

is vital that the priority be to have a balanced ration based on forage<br />

to promote healthy gut function.<br />

That said, some veterans may require more energy-dense rations to<br />

help maintain weight. In this instance, supplements, such as linseed,<br />

are useful to provide energy that is low in starch and sugars but high<br />

in fibre together with beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally,<br />

live yeast, such as Yea-Sacc (Alltech Inc.), can also be used to<br />

increase the amount of energy obtained from fibre and promote<br />

beneficial hind gut function.<br />

<strong>Life</strong>force Focus, the supplement from Alltech is specially designed<br />

for leisure and companion horses and those that may spend more<br />

time grazing, helping to create a healthy digestive environment.<br />

Studies have shown that <strong>Life</strong>force contains yeast products that<br />

optimize digestive health and address challenges related to body<br />

condition, a common problem among veteran horses and ponies.<br />

A 5kg tub of <strong>Life</strong>force Focus retails at £60, for a three month supply.<br />

For further information please visit www.lifeforcehorse.co.uk or<br />

telephone 01780 764512.<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 13

autumn news<br />

Heart Felt fashion<br />

for the stylish<br />

equestrienne…<br />

This autumn see the launch of uber cool,<br />

women’s riding apparel line – Black Heart<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong>.<br />

The brand is aimed at young female riders,<br />

who like to mix their favourite equestrian sport<br />

with their busy lifestyle without having to keep<br />

visiting their wardrobe numerous time a day.<br />

Created by dressage Team GB young rider, Erin<br />

Williams it features pieces that enable riders<br />

to move from the equestrian arena to the gym<br />

seamlessly. All the cleverly designed essentials<br />

are designed with riding and sport foremost but<br />

are just as happy being used for any number of<br />

leisure activities.<br />

Williams who juggles dressage competitions,<br />

her studies for a Business degree at Twickenham<br />

University and masterminding her new business<br />

venture has found a niche in the hugely<br />

commercial ath-leisure and fitness market.<br />

Fitness brands are a multi-million pound<br />

business but none of them actively market to the<br />

modern horsewoman.<br />

Black Heart aims to deliver active-wear with a<br />

difference but at a price that fast fitness, fashion<br />

followers can afford.<br />

Riding breeches and leggings, technical tops and<br />

supportive skins, comfortable T’s and Hoodies<br />

and slouch leisure pants that are all in a preppy,<br />

modern style that shouts WEAR ME…<br />

The first pieces for the Autumn collection will<br />

be available from the specially created online<br />

store to a worldwide audience. The brand has<br />

already gained a considerable following on The<br />

Black Heart Instagram page (link). In the know<br />

Bloggers from equestrian, fashion and fitness are<br />

already requesting pieces to road test.<br />

Prices start at £25<br />

Available from www.blackheartequestrian.com<br />

DVR <strong>Equestrian</strong> Sport launch<br />

with kickstarter Campaign<br />

Young design graduate Danielle Reynolds had<br />

an idea out riding one day when her hi-vis<br />

bib was proving a pain to ride in and DVR<br />

was born.<br />

A fashion design and business graduate, she<br />

turned her dream into reality following winning<br />

the Graduate Fashion Week Barclays New Business<br />

Award in 2016 and placing 2nd in the Santander<br />

ideas award <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

The range of products include a rider’s unisex<br />

sweatshirt, ideal for hacking out which includes a<br />

large hidden front pocket fastened with a zip. This<br />

sweatshirt is stylish and smart enough to take you<br />

from the horse to the shops.<br />

The Technical riders base layer is a beautiful,<br />

streamline and super-smart hi viz design like you’ve<br />

never seen before. Simple, yet effective, you’d be<br />

happy to start out in this perfect performance piece!<br />

To compliment the base-layer, there are<br />

Technical Rider’s leggings. These are - super<br />

high-waisted flattering shape, extremely<br />

comfortable and made to fit like a second skin.<br />

There are silicone patches on the inside leg to<br />

support your seat when needed.<br />

To support this new business launch, get<br />

involved in the Kickstarter campaign and find<br />

out more about Danielle and all the products,<br />

see the links below:<br />

Link to kickstarter campaign with film: https://<br />

www.kickstarter.com/projects/1370907845/stylevistm-trend-aware-visibility-wear?ref=discovery<br />

Link to website: www.dvrequestrian.com<br />

Noble Outfitters Wave Fork <br />

An innovative breakthrough in stable management, clean stables with ease<br />

using the lightweight, customisable Wave Fork, which comes with a five<br />

year guarantee.<br />


• Aircraft grade aluminium handle built for lightweight durability<br />

• Adjustable grip on handle for personalised comfort<br />

• Copolymer plastic resin tines bend but don’t break<br />

• Outer tines form a basket for maximum load<br />

• Tines interchangeable for replacement or customisation<br />

• Intelligent rail set design for maximum durability<br />

Colours - Black, Grey, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink,<br />

Red, Purple<br />

RRP - Prices start from £29.95. For more<br />

information see www.nobleoutfitters.<br />

co.uk, email info@nobleoutfitters.<br />

co.uk or call 01572 772476.<br />

14 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

Be Seen In Style!<br />

For those of us that don’t relish<br />

the prospect of muddy horse<br />

boots and legs after every<br />

hack, these clever equine gaiters<br />

from Golly Galoshes, not only keep<br />

your horse’s legs & boots clean<br />

and dry but their reflective and<br />

fluorescent versions, also offer great<br />

visibility when out hacking!<br />

Because Golly Galoshes are breathable, waterproof and versatile<br />

they can be worn comfortably over your horses existing horse boots<br />

or exercise bandages and help prevent your horse’s protective<br />

legwear (and legs) getting soggy and muddy/sandy (in the rain) or<br />

dusty and gritty (in the dry).<br />

Top professional riders, including eventer Victoria Bax and Para-<br />

Dressage rider Natasha Baker, also use Golly Galoshes. Helping to<br />

keep boots and bandages pristine, clean and dry both for schooling<br />

and out hacking.<br />

Also available in smart Navy and Black, the gaiters feature secure<br />

hook and loop fastenings, full-length zip with protective fleece<br />

lapel and reflective strip as standard.<br />

Prices start from £26.99 per pair Miniature Pony through to £35.99 for<br />

horse sizing.<br />

Golly Galoshes – Say Good-Bye To Mud And Hello To Winter!<br />

www.gollygaloshes.com<br />

Jonty Evans, member of Ireland’s 3 Day<br />

Event Team recommends EquiAmi<br />

Winter in the Saddle<br />

Being prepared for the worst of winter ahead is essential for<br />

survival when you’re an equestrian! Fortunately, Equetech<br />

the British equestrian fashion brand has your winter<br />

riding wardrobe covered from thermal underwear, warm basics,<br />

accessories and outer technical garments.<br />

The Rowant Long Quilted Jacket has been created for riders<br />

who want to stay toasty in the saddle without compromising<br />

on style. Water repellent and windproof this jacket is worn with<br />

confidence by international dressage riders and trainers globally.<br />

A clever zip to the back allows you to unzip to wear in the saddle<br />

or zip back up when on foot. Filled with a humane Bio-Down<br />

insulation, the jacket also features a detachable hood with a<br />

luxurious faux fur lining, two-way front zip with storm flap,<br />

two deeps zip front pickers with exclusive snaffle zip pulls and<br />

signature Equetech bridles print lining. A Jacket to see you<br />

through the coldest winter months ahead in style.<br />

RRP: £159.95 Sizes: XS – XXL Colours: Navy & Mink<br />

www.equetech.com 01296 688 966<br />

Come and<br />

see us at Your<br />

Horse Live<br />

“ I have no hesitation in recommending the EquiAmi - it is an<br />

essential piece of kit in the producing of any kind of horse. Our<br />

horse - Cooley Rorkes Drift was 9th at the Olympic Games in<br />

Rio - The EquiAmi has played a significant part in his development.<br />

Without doubt it helps us keep him soft, supple and<br />

above all in self carriage”.<br />

Jonty’s dressage was a PB, clear jumping XC and 2 x clear in SJ<br />

- 1 of only 3 horses to go triple clear at Rio -<br />

an amazing performance!<br />

EquiAmi - for core strength, self-carriage and swing.<br />

Whatever your discipline, for competition, rehabilitation<br />

or leisure horses - chosen by professionals.<br />

T:01584 891049 enquiries@equiami.com<br />

www.equiami.com<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 15

product news<br />

Emma’s Animal Therapy<br />

If your horse refuses jumps, knocks poles, struggles to bend on<br />

one or both reins, then he or she could beneet from a remedial<br />

sports massage. If they struggle to pick up the correct canter<br />

lead, are reluctant to go forwards, or have any other<br />

unexplained behavioural problems, then a remedial sports<br />

massage is for you and your horse!<br />

I offer remedial Equine Sports Massage, nutritional<br />

advice, thermal imaging and EMMETT technique.<br />

Treatments available throughout Yorkshire.<br />

BSC (Hons) Equine Massage Association qualiied and<br />

fully insured<br />

Mobile: 07594537714 | Email: emmaheathster@gmail.com<br />

Facebook:@emmaanimaltherapy<br />

Horse rug<br />

protection<br />

at its best!<br />

Protect your investment!<br />

The Original Rug Bag has<br />

been rigorously tested and<br />

will protect your rugs from<br />

dust, dirt, bird droppings,<br />

creepy crawlies etc. It’s 100%<br />

British design, made from<br />

strong, waterproof/<br />

breathable fabric which will<br />

protect 4 rugs or more, it<br />

quickly and innovatively doubles as<br />

a Travel Rug Bag and can be easily<br />

rolled or folded making transporting<br />

rugs easy and compact.<br />

100%<br />


DESIGN<br />

Available in Red or<br />

Blue in sizes Small, Medium<br />

or Large Prices from £80<br />

www.theoriginalrugbagcompany.co.uk<br />

Which Rug?<br />

What weight?<br />

When?<br />

Writes Claire Buchanan<br />

The signs are upon us.<br />

Our horses are losing<br />

their summer coats.<br />

The beginnings of<br />

winter coats are appearing and<br />

already the nights are drawing<br />

in. If you are like me, I am now<br />

deciding how long I can wait<br />

before I clip, do I really need to<br />

clip before my next competition<br />

or can I wait just that little bit<br />

longer?<br />

Over the last few days there<br />

has been a chill in the air, a<br />

sure sign that the weather<br />

is changing. So will begin<br />

the yearly pilgrimage to buy<br />

new rugs and the endless<br />

discussions of what you should<br />

be buying for your horse.<br />

There is a change this year.<br />

For the first time, we horse<br />

owners have the ability to now<br />

rug our horses for our horses,<br />

as opposed to what we think<br />

or believe is correct. With<br />

breakthroughs in technology<br />

we now have the ability to<br />

accurately monitor each<br />

horse as an individual and rug<br />

according to their unique and<br />

specific requirements.<br />

Let me explain. Humans<br />

and horses thermoregulate<br />

differently. We have a narrow<br />

zone, it is why we put on and<br />

take off clothes regularly during<br />

the day. A horse’s comfort<br />

zone is far wider than ours,<br />

they are able to be comfortable<br />

with much larger variances in<br />

temperature. However, the way<br />

I thermoregulate and get to<br />

my comfort zone is probably<br />

different to you. Yesterday I<br />

was sat in an office with a polo<br />

neck jumper and gilet on and<br />

next to me, was a lady in a vest<br />

t-shirt. She was comfortable<br />

and so was I. Neither of us was<br />

right or wrong, we were just<br />

comfortable as our systems<br />

work differently. This is true of<br />

horses too, it is just that they<br />

can’t tell us and why technology<br />

can help us to make better<br />

choices.<br />

I can hear people saying, why<br />

do I need technology, surely<br />

common sense is all that is<br />

required? To those of you I<br />

would say common sense is<br />

great, and I would argue that I<br />

have bucket loads of it, but I am<br />

still not capable of accurately<br />

judging how comfortable my<br />

horses are in their rugs. I use<br />

my common sense combined<br />

with the data that Arioneo’s<br />

Orscana provides, humidity,<br />

temperature and the local<br />

weather forecast to make my<br />

decisions regarding rug weights<br />

and types both for the stable<br />

and for the paddock.<br />

This product is a data collection<br />

and analysis tool, it is not a<br />

baby monitor alerting you to<br />

the bad decisions you may have<br />

made when you are tucked up in<br />

bed on a wet and windy night or<br />

stuck at work. Let’s face it, it is<br />

already too late by then.<br />

16 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

The data is presented to you in<br />

an easy to understand format<br />

providing you details for each<br />

of your horses (you need a<br />

sensor per horse) in one place,<br />

on your phone. With a KWPN<br />

who runs hot, a Thoroughbred<br />

who runs cold and a two-yearold<br />

KWPN/Thoroughbred, I can<br />

tell you the rug weights vary<br />

considerably between them for<br />

their ideal comfort level. This<br />

device provides you with the<br />

information to make the right<br />

decisions from the start.<br />

Trusting technology over your<br />

own preconceived ideas is<br />

always a difficult one. I can<br />

hold my hand up and say I<br />

also did not trust it, especially<br />

when it told me my horses were<br />

far too hot and I pride myself<br />

on understanding my horses.<br />

Orscana was, however right,<br />

it is accurate to one degree. I<br />

changed the way I rug, I rug<br />

now for individual and I have<br />

reaped the benefit. My horses<br />

are happier, perform better<br />

and are more focussed in their<br />

approach to work.<br />

Now, I am not a scientist or a<br />

vet but I do know that there is<br />

a long list of veterinary issues<br />

related to horses that are too<br />

hot including winter colic,<br />

electrolyte imbalances, posture<br />

and hollowness issues, obesity,<br />

muscle and joint issues to<br />

mention but a few. Personally,<br />

I would prefer to avoid any<br />

possibility of issues at all cost.<br />

I have the luxury of having my<br />

horses at home but I am often<br />

on yards with friends where the<br />

topic of which rug takes priority<br />

towards the end of the day. I<br />

have friends who have been<br />

known to run back to the yard<br />

to add rugs because they feel<br />

cold. We are all a little (or a lot)<br />

paranoid and obsessed about<br />

rugs and how comfortable our<br />

horses are.<br />

Arioneo’s Orscana removes selfdoubt,<br />

concern and provides<br />

hard factual data from which<br />

to base your decisions. The<br />

pack contains the sensor itself,<br />

which slips in a special pocket<br />

(they provide 3) that you sew<br />

into your rug in the dip of the<br />

hip for daily use. There is a<br />

fixing system that is provided<br />

solely for travelling. You then<br />

simply download the app from<br />

the store, register and sync the<br />

sensor to your phone.<br />

Understanding my horses is<br />

vitally important to me, all<br />

insight provides knowledge<br />

I wouldn’t otherwise have.<br />

Orscana records your horse’s<br />

movements providing valuable<br />

insight into what your horse<br />

does when you are not there.<br />

This data has been invaluable<br />

to me as I can easily see how<br />

rested he is, how much work<br />

I should do and especially on<br />

competition days how much<br />

warm-up I need. I now know<br />

what is normal and what isn’t<br />

and I can act ahead of any<br />

potential problem.<br />

Orscana is available across the<br />

UK priced at £90.<br />

www.arioneo.com/en<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 17

news product news<br />

Does your horse<br />

need to trickle feed?<br />

Your horse’s digestive<br />

system relies upon a<br />

constant slow trickle<br />

of forage to maintain<br />

optimum gut function and<br />

absorption of nutrients. Horses<br />

will naturally graze around 17<br />

hours a day, so here at Trickle<br />

Net we feel trickle feeding is<br />

super important to get right!<br />

Horses who spend long periods<br />

of time in their stable are<br />

particularly at risk.<br />

As grazing animals, horses<br />

constantly produce stomach<br />

acid to digest the continuous<br />

trickle of forage through the<br />

gut. If there is no forage passing<br />

through the digestive system,<br />

stomach acid will build up in an<br />

empty tummy and this can lead<br />

to ulcers. Studies have shown<br />

up to 80% of competition,<br />

hunting and race horses will<br />

suffer with ulcers, and up to<br />

59% of pleasure horses are<br />

affected. Often expensive<br />

medication is required to treat<br />

the problem, only then to<br />

discover the<br />

condition<br />

soon returns<br />

because<br />

feeding<br />

practices<br />

haven’t<br />

changed.<br />

Trickle Net<br />

products<br />

are specially<br />

designed to<br />

combat this<br />

problem by<br />

providing<br />

controlled<br />

prolonged<br />

access to forage. They<br />

effectively force your horse to<br />

graze, using the lips and teeth<br />

5% OFF for <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong><br />

readers with the code EQLIFE5<br />

@ www.tricklenet.co.uk<br />

Offer expires 31st March 2018<br />

The strongest, most effective slow feeder<br />

nets. Ideal for weight management.<br />

Promotes a natural trickle of forage<br />

through the gut. Recommended for<br />

horses with laminitis, ulcers or prone to<br />

colic. Tough enough to use for ground<br />

feeding. Eliminates wasted hay.<br />

Save time, save money and see<br />

your horse munching more!<br />

The Amazing small bale<br />

net, now available online<br />

Cal 01522 720972<br />

for more information or feeding advice<br />

www.tricklenet.co.uk<br />

to select and pluck forage. The<br />

same grazing method they<br />

use in the field. The unique<br />

design has 25mm holes, and<br />

the nets are hand made in the<br />

UK from heavyweight braided<br />

polyethylene, providing the<br />

strongest feeding nets available.<br />

Jenny Upton tells us about what<br />

a difference this made to her<br />

horse Jack.<br />

Jack is a fully fit eventer, and<br />

when he’s not eventing he’s<br />

hunting. He works hard all<br />

year round, and runs on high<br />

adrenaline too! He never gets<br />

fat, but he is stabled a lot. He<br />

can be stressy, and worries<br />

inwardly without giving much<br />

away. When winter came his<br />

turnout was restricted, and<br />

he started to lose condition. I<br />

made a couple of late visits to<br />

the yard to check on him, and<br />

found that by 10pm he had<br />

no hay left despite the fact I<br />

had increased his ration since<br />

I noticed his weight loss. This<br />

meant between 10pm to 7.30am,<br />

he had to endure nine and a<br />

half hours of forced fasting!<br />

This came as quite a shock to<br />

me! After chatting to my vet we<br />

agreed this could easily be the<br />

reason he was dropping weight<br />

and had seemed much more<br />

tense under saddle recently.<br />

My vet recommended trying<br />

a Trickle Net, so I spoke to<br />

Ellen at Trickle Net who gave<br />

me some excellent advice on<br />

forage feeding. I placed an<br />

order that day. Six weeks later<br />

the difference was remarkable.<br />

Jack has a little hay left in his<br />

net every morning, so I know<br />

he’s not going hungry. He’s<br />

more relaxed in the stable, and<br />

has even stopped his frantic<br />

weaving at breakfast time.<br />

He has put weight on and his<br />

ridden work has improved!<br />

I find him so much more<br />

relaxed and rideable now, I’m<br />

even considering doing some<br />

dressage this winter!<br />

The simple and natural act of<br />

grazing brings benefits beyond<br />

maintaining a healthy digestive<br />

system. Grazing releases<br />

endorphins, which help to keep<br />

your horse settled and calm.<br />

So, if you’re looking for ways<br />

to keep your stabled sports<br />

horse happy this winter…. Try a<br />

Trickle Net!<br />

18 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

The Mollichaff Complete range offers<br />

three fibre-based complete feeds:<br />

Mollichaff HoofKind Complete<br />

for horses and ponies prone to<br />

laminitis; Mollichaff Calmer Complete for<br />

nervous or excitable horses and ponies;<br />

and Mollichaff Condition Complete for<br />

encouraging weight gain and condition.<br />

When fed at the recommended amounts,<br />

these complete feeds can be used as the<br />

sole bucket feed as they each contain<br />

a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral<br />

supplement and only require good<br />

quality forage to be fed alongside. Being<br />

fibre-based feeds rather than cerealbased,<br />

they are a much more natural<br />

way of feeding.<br />

A fibre-based feed will weigh a lot<br />

less than cereal and so the recommended<br />

feeding amounts may seem like a lot, but<br />

it’s important to ensure your horse or pony<br />

is getting the correct amount in order for<br />

him to get all the vitamins and minerals he<br />

requires.<br />

Because the feed is fibre-based it takes<br />

longer to eat and more chewing is<br />

required, which is good as the horse is a<br />

natural ‘trickle’ feeder. By stimulating the<br />

production of saliva and slowing down<br />

the passage of food throughout the gut,<br />

Mollichaff can help to promote good<br />

digestion and will satisfy a stabled horse’s<br />

psychological need to chew, requiring up to<br />

8000 chews per kilo to eat compared to as<br />

few as 1200 for concentrates.<br />

All three varieties in the Mollichaff<br />

Complete range come in a 15kg bag<br />

and we have worked out some average<br />

weekly feeding costs below. Levels will<br />

product news<br />

Great Value Complete Feeds from Mollichaff<br />

vary according to the size of your horse<br />

and pony, so please consult the table on<br />

the reverse of the bag for your horse’s<br />

individual requirements.<br />

Cost per week to feed an average<br />

15.2hh, 500kg horse at the<br />

recommended level of 2.5kg per day:<br />

Mollichaff Condition Complete (RRP:<br />

£10.50 per bag) = £12.25 per week<br />

Mollichaff HoofKind Complete (RRP:<br />

£9.50 per bag) = £11.08<br />

Mollichaff Calmer Complete (RRP:<br />

£9.50 per bag) = £11.08<br />

So feeding a complete fibre-based<br />

feed can work out to be much better<br />

value than feeding several different<br />

concentrates and vitamin supplements<br />

and is also a more natural way to feed your<br />

horse or pony. It is also much easier to store<br />

a single bag of feed and no shopping list<br />

required!<br />

For more information please call the<br />

HorseHage & Mollichaff Helpline on<br />

01803 527274 or visit www.horsehage.co.uk<br />

Complete Peace of Mind<br />

A Complete<br />

Calming Fibre Feed<br />

A Complete Feed Suitable For Horses<br />

& Ponies Prone To Laminitis<br />

A Complete<br />

Conditioning Fibre Feed<br />


TEL: 01803 527274 www.horsehage.co.uk<br />

HorseHage<br />

& Mollichaff<br />





www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 19

product news<br />

Winter feeding<br />

on a budget<br />

By Dr Tom Shurlock<br />

Feeding on a budget is<br />

not the same as feeding<br />

the cheapest materials,<br />

but ensuring feeding is<br />

as cost effective as possible.<br />

This is achieved by making<br />

use of the cheapest portion<br />

of a horse’s diet, forage. It<br />

is the cheapest and largest<br />

component of the diet and, in<br />

some situations can be all that<br />

is necessary. In summer, for a<br />

horse on light exercise, grazing<br />

will supply all the nutrients<br />

required. Even if preserved<br />

forage is used, supplementation<br />

with some vitamins and trace<br />

elements is all that is necessary.<br />

For increasing activity, the use<br />

of super fibres will meet most<br />

needs and introduction of hard<br />

feeds only necessary when<br />

activity reaches high levels.<br />

Come winter, though, there<br />

are some factors that need to<br />

be taken into consideration.<br />

Firstly, days are short and<br />

cold. It may be obvious but it<br />

gives us two problems. Shorter<br />

day lengths mean less time<br />

to feed and colder days mean<br />

more energy is needed. For<br />

example, just to maintain body<br />

function, for every 10C drop<br />

Speedi -beet damp<br />

in environmental temperature<br />

a 500kg horse needs to eat<br />

an extra 2 Mj of energy. Even<br />

with stabling, blankets and<br />

other forms of shelter, a cold<br />

winter requires a big increase<br />

in energy, and across a lower<br />

intake. And this extra energy<br />

is just to maintain body heat;<br />

during winter, up to 80% of<br />

intake is just to keep body<br />

temperature constant.<br />

As if this wasn’t enough for<br />

most horses the<br />

actual nutritional<br />

content of the<br />

feed will change.<br />

It’s not that we’re<br />

changing how we<br />

are feeding our<br />

horses, but the<br />

major component<br />

– the forage – is<br />

changing. Second<br />

cut hay, for<br />

example is taken<br />

when cellulose<br />

(the slowest<br />

of the slow<br />

release energy<br />

components) is<br />

increasing, and<br />

protein and oil<br />

is declining, and<br />

so the nutrient<br />

Dexter eating Fibre-Beet<br />

density of the forage<br />

is lower. On top of<br />

this preservation techniques,<br />

whether drying for hay or<br />

partially ensiling for haylage<br />

reduces the energy content as<br />

nutrients are lost to the horse.<br />

At the same time, we need to<br />

improve energy intake against<br />

a reduction of intake, and so<br />

should be feeding higher energy<br />

Simply by feeding a<br />

hot, soaked super fibre,<br />

the intake of energy<br />

and energy support<br />

can readily meet the<br />

requirements of the<br />

horse in winter<br />

feeds. To many this means a<br />

hard feed, or adding oil to the<br />

diet. Both are valid methods<br />

for maintaining energy intake,<br />

but may not be the most costeffective<br />

method. The use of<br />

super fibres may be a better<br />

route for several reasons.<br />

20 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

Feeding Time<br />

Quick, Easy,<br />

Tried & Trusted<br />

Hector Payne riding<br />

Castor H Z for<br />

DHI Event Horses<br />

SB before and after soaking<br />

Firstly, super fibres (materials<br />

whose fibre is more fully<br />

utilised than forage fibre) can<br />

provide as much energy as<br />

cereals, without the need to<br />

load the gut with starch. They<br />

are fermented in the hindgut,<br />

more extensively than forage<br />

fibre. With some, based on beet<br />

pulp, there is a prebiotic effect,<br />

stimulating the hemicellulolytic<br />

bacteria and a significant factor<br />

in fibre fermentation is the<br />

generation of heat. The heat<br />

generated supports the body<br />

core and helps save internal<br />

energy for other activities.<br />

Using a beet pulp<br />

product, such as Speedi-<br />

Beet or Fibre-Beet,<br />

which should be<br />

fed soaked, enables<br />

another maintenance<br />

energy saver. Giving<br />

a hot mash again<br />

supports core body<br />

temperature.<br />

Simply by feeding a hot,<br />

soaked super fibre, the<br />

intake of energy and energy<br />

support can readily meet the<br />

requirements of the horse in<br />

winter. As stated earlier, super<br />

fibres can supplement summer<br />

grazing for an active horse and<br />

in winter can optimise winter<br />

forage.<br />

Getting the most out of forage,<br />

winter or summer, is the most<br />

cost-effective way of feeding.<br />

Using products, such as<br />

Speedi-Beet, in greater or lesser<br />

amounts as situations dictate<br />

means there is no need to chop<br />

and change diets and so help to<br />

feed on a budget.<br />

For further information on<br />

Speedi-Beet, please visit the<br />

British Horse Feeds website on<br />

www.britishhorsefeeds.com<br />

Photograph by www.esphotography.co.uk<br />

Speedi-Beet<br />

Quick Soaking<br />

Beet Pulp Flakes<br />

• Quick soaking<br />

• Excellent value<br />

• High fibre<br />

• Low sugar<br />

• Slow release energy<br />

• Aids rehydration<br />

• Suitable for laminitics<br />

• Safe for horses with<br />

ulcers and those prone<br />

to colic<br />

“We feed Speedi-Beet to our event<br />

horses to keep them in top condition<br />

and provide long-lasting energy. On<br />

a busy yard, the quick soaking beet<br />

pulp flakes ensure hassle-free feeding.”<br />

Hector Payne, for DHI Event Horses<br />

Castor H Z owned by Heidi & Ian<br />

Woodhead<br />

T: +44 (0) 1765 680 300<br />

F: www.facebook.com/britishhorsefeeds<br />

W: www.britishhorsefeedscom

•<br />

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•<br />

• •<br />

• •<br />

•<br />

•<br />

• •<br />

• •<br />

•<br />

Equine Hospital, Referral Centre and Equine Fertility Services<br />

We are a long established equine<br />

hospital with purpose built<br />

facilities and an extensive range of<br />

diagnostic equipment. As a clinical<br />

associate of the University of<br />

Nottingham Vet School we benefit<br />

from their specialist staff who<br />

work alongside our experienced<br />

veterinary surgeons and nurses.<br />

Together they provide the highest<br />

level of veterinary care and<br />

expertise as required by our RCVS<br />

Tier 3 hospital status. A complete<br />

equine veterinary service is<br />

available from routine yard visits to<br />

specialist diagnostics and surgery.<br />

✓ 24 hour emergency service available at<br />

yard or hospital<br />

✓ Competitively priced yard visits<br />

✓ Routine healthcare including vaccinations,<br />

passport ID, microchipping and dentistry<br />

✓ Prior to Purchase examinations<br />

✓ Digital Radiography, Ultrasonography,<br />

Endoscopy and Gastroscopy<br />

find us on Facebook<br />

✓ MRI and Scintigraphy<br />

✓ Weekly remedial farriery clinic<br />

✓ Specialist medicine and surgery<br />

Ashwell Road<br />

Oakham<br />

Rutland LE15 7QH<br />

✓ In house lab providing rapid results<br />

✓ BEVA approved AI service<br />

www.oakhamvethospital.co.uk<br />

Equine: 01572 722647<br />

✓ DEFRA approved semen collection, freezing,<br />

storage and distribution to the UK and Europe<br />

✓ 24 hour, CCTV monitored foaling service<br />

22 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

®<br />

Autumn<br />

Offer<br />

£5 Off*<br />

• A combined top<br />

specification feed<br />

balancer and joint<br />

supplement<br />

• Includes the veterinary<br />

recommended levels of<br />

pure glucosamine<br />

• Promotes muscle<br />

development and topline<br />

• Low sugar/ starch,<br />

‘Non-Heating’ formula<br />

*Available throughout <strong>October</strong> and<br />

November, whilst stocks last.<br />

Normal RRP £35.50.<br />

®<br />

Multiple Award Winner for<br />

‘Excellence in Nutritional<br />

Advice and Customer<br />

Service’<br />


by experienced equine nutritionists<br />

Tel: 01845 565 030<br />

www.topspec.com<br />

#FedonTopSpec<br />

Collect<br />

Tokens<br />

for product and merchandise<br />

Redeem your TopSpec tokens at<br />


horse health<br />

Stable Vices<br />

Chris Jamieson from Morley Vets<br />

Undesirable behaviour<br />

patterns displayed by<br />

your horse? This is<br />

generally because we<br />

contain horses in stables and<br />

feed them concentrate and not<br />

enough fibre, which typically<br />

causes boredom, stress or pain<br />

and can become an unbreakable<br />

habit.<br />

The repetitious nature of these<br />

behaviours can result in physical<br />

wear and tear on the parts of the<br />

horse involved.<br />

The existence of one of these<br />

vices, box walking, crib-biting,<br />

windsucking and weaving should<br />

be disclosed prior to any sale as<br />

their existence may impact on<br />

the sale price. Other vices such as<br />

bad behaviour, aggression, wood<br />

chewing and door kicking also<br />

can affect the horse’s value.<br />

Box walkers generally circle<br />

their loosebox repeatedly, taking<br />

occasional mouthfuls of hay<br />

or other feed. They tend to not<br />

keep their weight well and are<br />

usually quite stressy and nervous<br />

as they rarely rest and sleep. The<br />

repetitive walking around can<br />

cause joint damage and muscular<br />

problems. Also their bedding<br />

turns into poo soup!<br />

The best thing for these horses<br />

is to be kept outside with other<br />

horses, well rugged through<br />

winter, given several daily<br />

concentrate feeds if required and<br />

have ab lib access to good forage.<br />

Morley Veterinary<br />

Practice Limited<br />

24 hour Emergency Service<br />

WE OFFER: Yard visits or examinations at our clinic<br />

Vaccinations • Microchipping and Pass-porting<br />

Digital X-rays – at clinic or mobile • Ultrasound<br />

Lameness work-throughs • Endoscopy• Vettings<br />

Surgical facilities • Opthalmology • Stocks<br />

Holiday livery for your horse • In-house laboratory<br />

Parking for trailers & horseboxes<br />

Also small animal practices at 28-30 Lower Stanton<br />

Road, Ilkeston 01159 329322 and<br />

261 High Lane East,West Hallam 01159 326056<br />

Equine Clinic, Bull Pit Lane, Duffield,<br />

Derbyshire, DE56 4FQ T: 01332 843323<br />

Keep them eating = keep them<br />

happy<br />

If the box walker is kept in they<br />

are sometime better if they can<br />

see or interact with a friend<br />

through an opening in the stable<br />

wall or failing that, some settle<br />

with an unbreakable mirror<br />

– happy to gaze at their own<br />

reflection.<br />

Weaving causes similar problems<br />

to joints and muscles. Alternate<br />

weight bearing on the front<br />

feet and swinging of the head<br />

and neck, cause both physical<br />

and mental problems. Weaving<br />

is most commonly seen in<br />

thoroughbred racehorses that<br />

eat more concentrate and less<br />

forage. Horses are designed to be<br />

fibre digesters and when fibre is<br />

restricted problems like gastric<br />

ulcers are more likely to occur.<br />

Crib-biting is when a horse<br />

bites and holds onto an object<br />

eg. stable door, fence or even<br />

a rope. Wind sucking is when<br />

they swallow air in a gulp. Some<br />

horses do both together and<br />

some just wind suck.<br />

There is evidence that horses<br />

start to do this due to the<br />

discomfort from gastric ulcers,<br />

but there is also evidence that<br />

when a horse does something<br />

that it enjoys, likely eating,<br />

the brain releases a chemical<br />

called Dopamine which binds<br />

to Dopamine receptors which<br />

causes feelings of pleasure.<br />

In humans this chemical system<br />

is activated by drugs like cocaine<br />

which make the receptors more<br />

sensitive. The brains from<br />

crib-biting horses show similar<br />

alterations to those of people<br />

who have taken cocaine.<br />

So if crib-biting gives a<br />

pleasurable effect it could be<br />

used to counter the effects of<br />

stress. Crib-biters have been<br />

shown to learn more quickly and<br />

can be more easily trained. Cribbiting<br />

is more inherited than<br />

learnt. Some horses just wind<br />

suck without biting anything. I<br />

have one called Turbo who, after<br />

breakfast or dinner will stand<br />

with his head over the door, rest<br />

his chin on the wood and take a<br />

gulp of air. It doesn’t affect his<br />

performance or body condition.<br />

The use of various collars to<br />

prevent the neck flexion can be<br />

used but I have seen one applied<br />

to a horse which then carried on<br />

crib-biting and wind sucking and<br />

managed to stop the circulation<br />

to his head and block his airway<br />

causing him to collapse in a heap.<br />

Long term usage of these can<br />

also cause pressure sores and<br />

white hairs in lines over the poll,<br />

these are looked for on a vetting.<br />

Prolonged crib-biting wears the<br />

incisor teeth down, sometimes to<br />

stumps.<br />

Luckily the old method of<br />

cutting the lower muscles of<br />

the neck has ceased, there are<br />

now many products on sale<br />

to alleviate boredom in horse.<br />

Plastic balls that trickle feed<br />

treats, interactive “Stations” with<br />

mirrors and toys, mirrors, treats<br />

that hang up and swing etc.<br />

Some horses make their own<br />

amusement, throwing empty<br />

feed buckets out of their stables,<br />

picking up and playing with<br />

traffic or driving cones. I even<br />

have a patient who plays football<br />

in his field, dribbling the ball<br />

and then kicking it. I’m sure he<br />

should trial for Derby County!<br />

24 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

Worming for tapeworm<br />

– save wormers for when<br />

they are really needed<br />

Dr Corrine Austin, scientist and director of<br />

Austin Davis Biologics<br />

How do you know if your horse<br />

has a tapeworm burden that<br />

needs treating?<br />

Horse tapeworm burdens are<br />

usually “silent” infections. You<br />

can’t tell by looking at a horse<br />

whether they have a burden and, it<br />

is not until tapeworm numbers are<br />

high enough to cause significant<br />

gut inflammation and blockages,<br />

that the horse will suffer either<br />

acute or low grade recurring colic<br />

symptoms.<br />

Diagnosing tapeworm infections<br />

in horses has been difficult until<br />

recently, as tapeworms are not<br />

reliably detected by standard<br />

worm egg counts (WEC) due to the<br />

way in which they release eggs.<br />

However, saliva or blood antibody<br />

tests have been shown to be<br />

reliable and accurate*.<br />


Jack’s story – carry out testing and<br />

only use wormers when they are<br />

really needed<br />

Jack has been with his current<br />

owner for 13 years and in the<br />

past was routinely treated for<br />

tapeworm twice a year.<br />

After Jack’s first EquiSal<br />

Tapeworm test in 2014, it came as<br />

a shock to his owner when he was<br />

diagnosed with a moderate/high<br />

infection.<br />

Jack was wormed and 3 months<br />

later tested with EquiSal<br />

Tapeworm when he was again<br />

diagnosed with a moderate/high<br />

burden. He received a second<br />

worming dose and was tested<br />

after a further 3 months, using<br />

both the blood test and EquiSal<br />

Tapeworm. Both tests diagnosed<br />

a borderline result and Jack<br />

received another worming dose.<br />

EquiSal Tapeworm has since<br />

diagnosed Jack with a low burden<br />

for the last 18 months.<br />

Jack’s story suggests that he was<br />

likely to have been reinfected<br />

between his 6 monthly routine<br />

treatments, up until his first saliva<br />

test. The additional targeted<br />

treatment he received following<br />

his subsequent saliva tests<br />

ensured Jack’s tapeworm status<br />

was finally reduced to low. As well<br />

as testing/treating for tapeworm,<br />

Jack’s owner carried out good<br />

paddock maintenance, including<br />

regular poo picking and complete<br />

removal of muck from his grazing<br />

areas.<br />

By continuing to routinely test<br />

with EquiSal® Tapeworm, Jack’s<br />

owner is now able to monitor<br />

for new infections and only use<br />

worming drugs when they are<br />

needed.<br />

Interestingly, Jack has had a<br />

history of colic but since his low<br />

burden diagnosis, he has been<br />

well!<br />




The horse tapeworm requires<br />

an additional host to complete<br />

its life cycle – the oribatid mite<br />

that lives on grassland. The<br />

mite ingests tapeworm eggs<br />

from dung piles and larvae grow<br />

within the mite until the horse<br />

eats the mite while grazing. It is<br />

important to carry out routine<br />

paddock management, such as<br />

regular muck clearance, where<br />

muck is completely removed<br />

from grazing and adjacent areas,<br />

as well as field rotation and<br />

resting where possible. Routinely<br />

clearing muck from grazing areas<br />

will significantly reduce infected<br />

mite levels on paddocks and<br />

help prevent reinfection after<br />

worming.<br />



Visit www.equisal.co.uk for more<br />

information on tapeworm in horses,<br />

to see a list of stockists or order a<br />

kit online.<br />

By Austin Davis Biologics Ltd.<br />

Proven accuracy for<br />

diagnosing tapeworm<br />

infection*<br />


• Save treatment for when<br />

it’s needed – help prevent<br />

resistance<br />

• Only a quarter of horses<br />

tested in the UK have a<br />

tapeworm infection<br />

• Carry out routine testing,<br />

not routine worming<br />

Equisal<br />

tapeworm<br />

testing<br />

Worm<br />

egg<br />

counts<br />

Spring ✓ ✓<br />

Summer<br />

✓<br />

Autumn ✓ ✓<br />

Winter<br />

Encysted<br />

redworm<br />

treatment<br />

✓<br />

*Lightbody, K. L. et al. (2016) Vet Clin<br />

Path, 45: 335–346<br />

www.equisal.com<br />

for stockists, ordering online<br />

or for more information<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 25

horse health<br />

Back Pain<br />

As with people, back pain can be<br />

frustratingly elusive to pinpoint<br />

and notoriously difficult to<br />

cure. Signs and symptoms can<br />

be numerous, variable and conflicting!<br />

They can also be intermittent.<br />

The equine back is a large, complex<br />

structure. The bones are linked by<br />

synovial facet joints and fibrous<br />

intervertebral discs. Support is provided<br />

by the supraspinous, interspinous and<br />

Thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae<br />

the ventral longitudinal ligaments. The<br />

longissimus dorsi together with the<br />

multifidus and other vertebral muscles<br />

move and stabilise the spine.<br />




• Muscle, tendon or ligament strain<br />

and osteoarthritic conditions.<br />

• Asymmetrical movement as a<br />

result of pain, discomfort, injury<br />

or weakness from somewhere else<br />

within in the body, for example<br />

hindlimb lameness.<br />

• Repetitive strain injuries.<br />

Performing similar or asymmetrical<br />

movements repeated often in a<br />

poor posture.<br />

• Poor posture and way of going,<br />

usually associated with weak core<br />

stability and reduced range of<br />

movement.<br />

• Compensating for rider imbalance.<br />

• Compensating for altered<br />

movement patterns.<br />

• Unbalanced feet or shoeing.<br />

• Ill fitting saddles which can rub,<br />

cause pressure, irritate the skin or<br />

cause nerve problems.<br />

• Injury caused by moving suddenly<br />

and beyond the normal range of<br />

movement maybe twisting, turning<br />

sharply, slipping, falling or jumping<br />

awkwardly.<br />

Try to avoid repetition<br />

of asymmetrical<br />

movements such as<br />

always getting on from<br />

the same side.<br />

The angles of the spinous<br />

processes change at the lumbo<br />

sacral junction. This can often<br />

be felt as a wider gap between<br />

the spinous procsses.<br />

The lumbo-sacral junction is the<br />

point at which the sixth lumber<br />

and first sacral vertebra meet. It<br />

is a hinge joint. Approximately<br />

20 degrees of flexion makes<br />

this the most flexible part of<br />

the spine after the neck and<br />

tail. This allows the horse to<br />

round his back and tilt his<br />

pelvis during canter and gallop.<br />

There is no sideways flexion or<br />

rotation here. For the horse to<br />

move well it is important that<br />

this joint is not impeded in any<br />

way.<br />

You can see this joint being flexed to its<br />

maximum in the sliding western halt!<br />



• Areas of muscle<br />

spasm<br />

• Soreness to the<br />

touch<br />

• Inexplicably resisting<br />

previously enjoyed<br />

activities, for<br />

example grooming<br />

or massaging.<br />

• Rolling more<br />

• Constantly resting a<br />

leg or shifting weight<br />

when standing still<br />

• Dipping the back<br />

whilst being<br />

mounted<br />

• Reluctance to work<br />

• Either wanting to or<br />

showing reluctance<br />

to stretching the<br />

neck down<br />

• General loss of<br />

mobility<br />

• Displaying an<br />

awkward posture or<br />

appearing stiff<br />

• Favouring one canter<br />

lead, constantly<br />

changing legs or<br />

being disunited<br />

• Change in<br />

temperament<br />

26 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>



• Any form of lameness however<br />

mild<br />

• Reduced hind limb power and<br />

impulsion, often characterised<br />

by the inability to track up<br />

• Unequal pushing from the hind<br />

leg. This could be as a result of<br />

right or left leg dominance<br />

• Dragging the toes<br />

• Holding the tail to the affected<br />

side<br />

• Asymmetry of the tuber coxae<br />

• Muscle wasting<br />

• Unequal weight bearing on the<br />

front feet<br />

• Crooked movement<br />



• Eliminate simple causes first.<br />

Check saddle fit and rider<br />

position<br />

• Train progressively, especially<br />

with young horses.<br />

• Spend plenty of time warming<br />

up in walk.<br />

• Canter before you trot,<br />

especially if your horse is stiff.<br />

Canter is a best gait to mobilise<br />

the back.<br />

• Attempt to identify any<br />

movements that induce pain,<br />

and take steps to avoid them.<br />



In horses that have weak core strength, the work of the multifidus<br />

may be replaced by that of the longissimus dorsi which is a<br />

movement rather than a postural muscle. This causes the back<br />

to be held in a more rigid posture resulting in stiffness and poor<br />

performance.<br />

It is always a good idea to call the vet if you suspect back pain<br />

particularly as there are many more serious reasons for back pain<br />

such as fractures, kissing spines or arthritis to name but a few.<br />

Muscle damage causes the muscle cells to release enzymes<br />

detectable by a blood test. The result can give some indication of<br />

the severity of the damage. Drugs may be prescribed to relieve<br />

pain and inflammation. Manipulation, massage, heat treatment and<br />

physiotherapy can all help.<br />

Once back pain has been identified the course of action follows<br />

diagnosis. It will almost certainly involve rest followed by controlled<br />

exercise. It may include anti-inflammatory or other prescribed<br />

medication. Massage and physiotherapy can be helpful. Reeducation<br />

is required to avoid recurrence of the problem.<br />


To win a copy of The Horses Inside Out<br />

DVD Movement from the Anatomical<br />

Perspective, just answer the following<br />

question and e mail your answer to<br />

gillian@horsesinsideout.com.<br />

Question: Name the most flexible joint in the<br />

spine after the neck and tail.<br />


Reflex points - If your vets suggest<br />

you enlist the help of a therapist,<br />

they will almost certainly test the<br />

horse’s reflex points. The horse will<br />

react by either rounding or hollowing<br />

the back. This is similar to the<br />

‘jerk’ produced when your knee is<br />

tapped. There are also reflex points<br />

which create a sideways movement.<br />

These are not an indication of<br />

pain. Rather the opposite. They are<br />

a natural reaction to stimuli and<br />

an indication that the muscles are<br />

functioning correctly. Be very wary<br />

of any therapist who leads you to<br />

believe they are identifying then<br />

instantly ‘curing’ back pain!<br />


Gillian runs movement, pilates and stretching,<br />

anatomy and biomechanics courses for riders,<br />

saddlers and therapists in the East Midlands<br />

and further afield. She also gives horse and<br />

rider assessments. For more details and to<br />

learn more about Gillian’s books visit www.<br />

HorsesInsideOut.com<br />

<strong>October</strong> 7th/ 8th - Applied Anatomy and<br />

Biomechanics for All! Leicestershire<br />

24th and 25th February 2018<br />

Horses Inside Out Annual Conference<br />

Structure and Function, Loughborough<br />

Next month I will be showing exercises<br />

which are useful to help reduce<br />

discomfort in the back and increase back<br />

mobility, flexibility and strength.<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 27

horse health<br />

Conditions of the<br />


Part<br />

3<br />

Heather Urquhart BVMS CertAVP<br />

(Equine Dentistry) BAEDT MRCVS<br />

Fractured lower<br />

cheek tooth digging<br />

in to tongue<br />

In this final article about<br />

cheek teeth disease we<br />

will look at diagnosis and<br />

treatment of dental caries and<br />

fractures.<br />

CARIES<br />

Two types of dental caries can<br />

occur in the horse, both of which<br />

have become more commonly<br />

recognised in recent years.<br />

Caries first affect the cementum<br />

layer of the teeth, which occurs<br />

on the outside edges of all cheek<br />

teeth and helps to anchor the<br />

teeth into the socket, and in<br />

the centre of the upper cheek<br />

teeth, but if allowed to progress<br />

can also cause damage to the<br />

enamel, dentine and eventually<br />

pulp.<br />

Infudibular caries<br />

Infundibular caries occur only<br />

in upper cheek teeth, which<br />

have 2 blind ending enamel<br />

‘tubes’ (infundibulae) in the<br />

centre of their structure to<br />

increase surface area available<br />

for chewing and add strength to<br />

their structure. These tubes are<br />

normally completely<br />

filled with cementum,<br />

and they wear down<br />

at a similar rate<br />

to the rest of the<br />

tooth.<br />

However, in<br />

some cases, the<br />

cementum doesn’t<br />

completely fill the<br />

infundibulum during<br />

the development of<br />

the tooth. Therefore,<br />

as the tooth wears down,<br />

holes can develop, and food<br />

can pack deeply within the<br />

tooth. This food then ferments,<br />

produces acid, and essentially<br />

rots the tooth from the inside<br />

out. Infundibular caries weaken<br />

the structure of the tooth, and if<br />

not recognised at an early stage<br />

can lead the tooth to premature<br />

fracture.<br />

Caries several centimetres deep<br />

can occur in some horses!<br />

Treatment<br />

Historically, infundibular caries<br />

were either not noted, or<br />

ignored as it was thought<br />

nothing could be done about<br />

them. Affected teeth may<br />

have been ground down to<br />

prevent the horse from chewing<br />

on them, therefore reducing<br />

the stresses on the teeth and<br />

decreasing risk of fracture, but<br />

in many cases a fractured tooth<br />

was the first notable sign of<br />

disease.<br />

More recently, it has become<br />

possible to fill these teeth, in<br />

a similar fashion to human<br />

dentistry, to prevent further<br />

decay and preserve the structure<br />

of the tooth. The filling material<br />

wears down at the same rate<br />

as the rest of the tooth, and<br />

medium-long term results are so<br />

far excellent.<br />

bacteria, and causes decay.<br />

Acidic and sugary feeds, such as<br />

haylage and heavily molassed<br />

and high energy concentrate<br />

feeds, are thought to contribute.<br />

Teeth towards the back of the<br />

mouth are more commonly<br />

affected, as the acid neutralising<br />

saliva is discharged from glands<br />

towards the front.<br />

Treatment<br />

Treatment can be challenging,<br />

but involves establishing more<br />

normal patterns of food and<br />

saliva movement within the<br />

mouth - for example, removing<br />

sharp enamel points and<br />

overgrowths, flushing food from<br />

any diastemata and trying to<br />

ensure an efficient grinding<br />

cycle of the teeth.<br />

Infundibular cary<br />

with food packing<br />

Peripheral caries<br />

Peripheral caries occur around<br />

the edges of the teeth, and,<br />

although fracture of affected<br />

teeth is less common, it can still<br />

occur in advanced cases.<br />

This disease process is currently<br />

less well understood, but it is<br />

thought that if food is allowed<br />

to collect around teeth it<br />

ferments, producing acidic<br />

Smoothing any roughened<br />

surfaces in areas with caries can<br />

also help to prevent food from<br />

sticking.<br />

Management of affected horses<br />

is vital - often a diet change is<br />

advised, and regular rinsing of<br />

the mouth may be beneficial<br />

in some cases to help remove<br />

any trapped food. Regular<br />

dental examinations are<br />

28 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

fractured upper cheek tooth<br />

fractured upper cheek tooth causing extensive<br />

ulceration to cheek<br />

recommended to prevent (or<br />

monitor) progression of caries<br />

and potential fractures.<br />


Fractured teeth are found<br />

relatively commonly during<br />

routine dental examinations.<br />

Both upper and lower cheek<br />

teeth can fracture, and<br />

causes include caries, pulp<br />

exposure, such as can occur<br />

following aggressive rasping<br />

or overheating of teeth leading<br />

to death of the whole tooth or<br />

part of the tooth, and abnormal<br />

grinding forces acting upon the<br />

teeth. Less commonly, fractured<br />

cheek teeth can occur following<br />

trauma, such as a kick to the face<br />

in the field - in these cases the<br />

horse in question does normally<br />

show some sign of dental pain,<br />

at least initially, and external<br />

signs of trauma such as swelling<br />

are usually present.<br />

Signs of disease<br />

As we’ve already discussed,<br />

horses are flight animals and<br />

therefore programmed to hide<br />

signs of pain or disease. In many<br />

cases, horses with fractured<br />

teeth show no signs at all - this<br />

does not mean that they are<br />

not painful!<br />

Deep infundibular<br />

cary after cleaning<br />

In other cases some signs are<br />

noticed - quidding (dropping<br />

partially chewed food), holding<br />

the head to one side when<br />

chewing, a smell from the mouth<br />

or nose, ridden/bitting problems<br />

or swellings around the cheeks,<br />

under the jaw or on the sides of<br />

the face could all indicate dental<br />

fractures or other dental disease.<br />

Treatment<br />

Treatment depends on which<br />

tooth is fractured, and to what<br />

extent, but extraction is often<br />

necessary.<br />

If the fracture is incomplete,<br />

such as a ‘slab’ fracture,<br />

involving only a small portion<br />

of the tooth, and the remaining<br />

structure of the tooth appears<br />

healthy and solid, then regular<br />

monitoring to check for<br />

deterioration or further fracture<br />

may be possible. X-rays are<br />

advisable to check for signs of<br />

root infection. Horses are quite<br />

unique in that if the pulp hasn’t<br />

been badly damaged they can lay<br />

down extra dentine to effectively<br />

seal it off, preventing future<br />

infection, and allowing the tooth<br />

to continue to erupt normally<br />

into the mouth. In some cases,<br />

therefore, the fracture may even<br />

‘grow out’ with time.<br />

Fractures through the middle of<br />

the upper cheek teeth (due to<br />

infundibular caries) invariably<br />

lead to root infections, and<br />

therefore removal is always<br />

advised.<br />

Any loose fragments can dig into<br />

the cheeks or the tongue causing<br />

often large ulcers - these should<br />

always be removed to prevent<br />

further trauma.<br />

Remember, only a veterinary<br />

surgeon can legally remove<br />

cheek teeth from a horse,<br />

unless they are so loose they<br />

can be removed without any<br />

instruments. Regardless, no<br />

horse should be subjected to<br />

dental extractions without<br />

appropriate sedation and<br />

pain relief, and in some cases<br />

antibiotics may also be advised.<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 29

dressage<br />

ROCKET and AMBER<br />

JOIN the TEAM<br />

This month has seen two new miniature members join the Lara<br />

Edwards stable of horses – Annabelle’s very own first ponies, while<br />

Lara is looking forward to next year after some promising results<br />

It has been a quieter<br />

month for me competing;<br />

but at home I have<br />

been preparing for the<br />

National Championships with<br />

Bodyguard, getting Felix back<br />

up to full fitness and getting<br />

my homebred babies ready for<br />

their first outings next month.<br />

I have also been lucky enough<br />

to be offered the opportunity to<br />

compete three horses for Para-<br />

Dressage rider, Heather Bennett.<br />

The month started off with a<br />

couple of very rare days teaching<br />

at Oakridge Arena. If you have<br />

never been there I can highly<br />

recommend their facilities<br />

including a 5* restaurant. It<br />

really was the most fantastic<br />

food you could ever experience<br />

at an equestrian venue.<br />

As you know I work full-time so<br />

teaching isn’t something I am<br />

able to offer too frequently, so<br />

this two day stint was a lovely<br />

experience and the comments<br />

from all the riders were so good<br />

they have booked me in for next<br />

year!<br />

I then took two of Heather’s<br />

horses, Rara and Harry to Port<br />

Royal and then both of them<br />

and Gemini to Hill House<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre where I am<br />

pleased to say we ended the<br />

weekend with plus 70% scores<br />

including a 78.96% and the<br />

infamous ‘10’ for our 10 metre<br />

loop.<br />

It’s fair to say it was an<br />

unforgettable weekend, made<br />

even better by the fact that<br />

Felix was feeling fantastic so<br />

we took him to Port Royal to do<br />

two Medium tests scoring 76%<br />

and 73% and then Hill House to<br />

do two Advanced Medium tests<br />

scoring 74% and 76%, both his<br />

highest scores yet at this level<br />

and he still isn’t up to 100%<br />

fitness.<br />

I am so looking forward to the<br />

future with all these horses and<br />

next year with them is going<br />

to be exceptionally exciting<br />

for both Heather in her Para-<br />

Dressage classes and for me at<br />

the Regionals and Felix stepping<br />

up to Small Tour level.<br />

My regular training sessions with<br />

Rhett Bird are helping me<br />

get a step<br />

closer to<br />

going out<br />

at Inter 2<br />

and Grand<br />

Prix level.<br />

This is a huge<br />

milestone for<br />

me having<br />

only ever<br />

ridden up<br />

to the lower<br />

levels before.<br />

I have never even ridden<br />

a schoolmaster to get the<br />

feel of the piaffe, passage<br />

and one-time changes, so<br />

Bodyguard and I have had<br />

to learn together.<br />

At times I have wished it could<br />

have been easier, but it stands me<br />

in good stead for all my future<br />

projects to feel comfortable to<br />

train them up to Grand Prix level<br />

having done it with Bodyguard.<br />

This month I managed a very rare<br />

(in fact the first since Annabelle<br />

has been born,) night out with<br />

the girls and thoroughly enjoyed<br />

myself, although I will confess<br />

by 1am I was more than ready<br />

to take off my shoes, and return<br />

home to a comfy bed, maybe<br />

showing I am getting older!<br />

We also managed a long weekend<br />

to the Lake District with Gary’s<br />

family too which was well over<br />

Lara riding Rara, with<br />

Heather Bennett.<br />

Annabelle<br />

trying out<br />

a rocking<br />

horse at The<br />

Burghley<br />

Horse Trials.<br />

Annabelle and Amber<br />

due. This was my first experience<br />

of the area and I would certainly<br />

go back, it was lovely.<br />

Annabelle’s two new ponies<br />

arrived just as we returned from<br />

holiday. Rocket, a miniature<br />

grey pony approximately 9hh<br />

and Amber a gorgeous chestnut<br />

Shetland pony and it is fair to say<br />

she is more addicted than me!<br />

Within the first 12 hours of<br />

them being here she had been<br />

on and off them 16 times and<br />

brushed them to within an inch<br />

of their lives. This enthusiasm<br />

hasn’t slowed down after well<br />

over a month, even wearing her<br />

riding hat around the house till<br />

bedtime.<br />

As a yearly tradition the whole<br />

family headed to Burghley Horse<br />

Trials, I have been going here in<br />

the caravan for the week since I<br />

was five, and didn’t want this to<br />

stop when Annabelle came along.<br />

Luckily for us, my sister’s friend<br />

lives in Stamford and kindly<br />

offered us a double bed and<br />

a room for Annabelle which<br />

meant no camping. Annabelle<br />

was thoroughly spoilt including<br />

a rocking horse ordered for<br />

Christmas which we couldn’t get<br />

her off at the show. I think it is<br />

fair to say there is going to be<br />

one happy girl come Christmas<br />

morning.<br />

For further information contact<br />

Lara Edwards on 07920 452739,<br />

visit www Laraedwardsdressage.<br />

com or ‘Like’ the Lara Edwards<br />

Dressage Facebook page.<br />

30 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

interview<br />




SPORT OF<br />


Malton-based event rider Katie<br />

Stephens-Grandy is busy<br />

producing top quality young<br />

horses for her chosen sport.<br />

Here she tells us about her progress and how<br />

fit and well her horses look thanks to their<br />

TopSpec feed regimes.<br />

Katie is from a farming family based on the<br />

Wolds, where she breeds and produces her<br />

own event horses and buys in very green<br />

three and four-year olds.<br />

Aiming to enjoy the world of eventing, she is<br />

busy focusing on producing talented young<br />

horses up to novice level. For 23 years she<br />

has been trained by well-known rider and<br />

coach, Chris McGrann and admits she is very<br />

much engrossed in his classical training<br />

beliefs.<br />

Katie first started using TopSpec after facing<br />

problems with her horse Trendy Magic<br />

Touch, known as Smurf in the stable. He first<br />

came to Katie as a very green, nervous and<br />

easily spooked four-year-old.<br />

But thanks to help, support and patience<br />

with Chris and Katie working together to<br />

give him confidence progress was made<br />

with Smurf showing some good form at<br />

BE90 and 100 level which qualified him for<br />

the Mitsubishi Motors Cup at this year’s<br />

Badminton Horse Trials.<br />

Despite all the success Smurf was affected<br />

by the hectic workload, becoming worried<br />

and stressed which resulted in a number of<br />

feeding issues.<br />

Said Katie: “Fortunately I asked for advice<br />

from TopSpec Equine Advisor, Nicola<br />

Shuttleworth who was just fantastic.<br />

Trendy Magic Touch,<br />

competing at Shelford<br />

Manor, ridden and<br />

owned by Katie Stephens-Grandy<br />

She suggested I tried Smurf on TopSpec<br />

Comprehensive Feed Balancer and<br />

TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes or TopSpec<br />

Performance Cubes depending on his<br />

workload and stage of training.<br />

“The change in feed was a massive influence<br />

and by the time we went to Badminton,<br />

Smurf was not only feeling very well but also<br />

looking well and we finished in the top half<br />

with a fabulous clear cross country.<br />

“Since then he has gained much more<br />

confidence and has been consistent<br />

at competing BE100 level and British<br />

Showjumping. He is currently in first place<br />

in the Cumbrian BE100 leader board which is<br />

very exciting.<br />

“The improvement has continues with<br />

Smurf and at Shelford Manor 2 for the BE100<br />

Regional Final, he did a lovely test and was<br />

one of only a few double clears to finish<br />

second which successfully qualified him for<br />

the Mitsubishi Motors Club in 2018.<br />

“TopSpec really has transformed Smurf,<br />

he is much happier, stronger and a more<br />

contented horse now with the changes to<br />

his diet.<br />

“Our run of form also continues when Smurf<br />

won the BE100 Open Yorkshire Challenge<br />

at Frickley Park Horse Trials which was<br />

fantastic.”<br />

Katie and Smurf will finish the season with<br />

a few more runs at Novice before he has a<br />

short break to then concentrate on training<br />

over the winter ready for Badminton 2018.<br />

After such a positive effect thanks to the<br />

change in feeding, Katie now feeds TopSpec<br />

to her other horses. The homebred, Mr Music<br />

is on TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer,<br />

and they have successfully qualified on their<br />

first attempt for the BE90 Regional Final by<br />

winning on a 23.8 dressage and completing<br />

a double clear. They are now focussed on<br />

moving up to BE100 level.<br />

Katie is also busy bringing on Castlesize<br />

Go Easy who she also events and is just<br />

starting her two youngsters, Belview Bobby<br />

and Cheeky Bandit who are about to start<br />

competing. Katie’s best horse, Hey Mr<br />

Sandman has been off this year but will be<br />

making a comeback next season, with the<br />

aim of competing at CIC level.<br />

For further information please contact the<br />

Multiple Award-Winning Helpline on<br />

01845 565030 or visit www.topspec.com<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 31

dressage<br />

It’s all in the<br />


So it’s now officially Autumn, there<br />

is a chill in the air and you have<br />

probably turned your heating on and<br />

clipped your horse. I for one have<br />

definitely reached for my bed socks, but I<br />

totally understand if this is considered a bit<br />

extreme so early on, but I do like my feet to<br />

be warm at night!<br />

Team Sheepgate spend the autumn<br />

finalising plans for the following year as<br />

the major dates have already been put<br />

into the calendar and been approved by<br />

the governing body and then we are in a<br />

position to fill in our own goals for the<br />

following year.<br />

But before all of this can take effect, it is<br />

essential to review the current season and<br />

confirm what you achieved and what you<br />

have yet to achieve and any changes you<br />

want to make for the next year. It’s so easy<br />

to just carry on as you have always done and<br />

guess what? You will probably get what you<br />

have always got!<br />

Has your horse fulfilled your dreams? Have<br />

your own aspirations been met? Did you set<br />

a goal and not quite reach it or did you not<br />

set a goal at all?<br />

The priority is to decide what you want and<br />

set some plans in place to help you achieve<br />

this. Look at the long term goal, what do<br />

you want to achieve by this time, next year?<br />

So what would the goal in six months time<br />

look like and where do we start to achieve<br />

this? What is the immediate action we need<br />

to take to achieve the first small goal for<br />

in a month’s time? Discuss this with your<br />

coach who I’m sure will be happy to help<br />

you make plans.<br />

These are all personal things but let me<br />

share some tips to help you get the best out<br />

of yourself and your riding this autumn.<br />

Plan your riding, how many times each<br />

week? Let’s say 3 sessions and maybe a hack<br />

out or a jump in addition.<br />

So how will you optimise those riding<br />

sessions? What is your own warm up<br />

routine? Maybe you haven’t given<br />

this much thought as the summer has<br />

32 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

unforeseen circumstances that are<br />

unavoidable but just get back on track<br />

as soon as possible. Some competitors<br />

hibernate during the winter months and<br />

only return to competing in the spring<br />

when the sunshine returns whereas others<br />

like to compete during the winter to assess<br />

how their training is going. Make sure<br />

you discuss your plans with your coach<br />

or trainer who can offer their help in<br />

supporting you to achieve your goals.<br />

Training Camps seem to becoming more<br />

and more popular and are a great way to<br />

do lots of things to improve your training,<br />

confidence and riding with others in a<br />

short space of time. The benefits of the<br />

consistency of these training camps<br />

can work wonders for a partnership’s<br />

development. The added bonus of all<br />

weather facilities, often indoors means<br />

the weather can’t get in the way and the<br />

focus on test riding practice, or working<br />

in routines as well as mindset coaching<br />

or Pilates practice will really assist you in<br />

developing your partnership.<br />

Remember your plan is<br />

very personal to you; it can<br />

be amended to deal with<br />

unforeseen circumstances<br />

that are unavoidable but<br />

just get back on track as<br />

soon as possible<br />

progressed and you have got busier with life<br />

in general.<br />

It is essential as the temperature drops,<br />

our bodies get tighter and warming up<br />

thoroughly before riding will pay dividends<br />

for sure. Even if you are not going to<br />

do specific Pilates exercise etc before<br />

riding, just get yourself moving, get your<br />

circulation increased so you are in a much<br />

better place to start your ride, your horse<br />

will thank you for it. Also remember your<br />

horse may take longer to warm up too.<br />

What if the weather gets in the way? We<br />

have all been there, planning our ride for<br />

later on and the weather forecast lets us<br />

know that it’s unlikely to happen. We are<br />

racked with guilt then and our plans all go<br />

astray. All is not lost. Don’t underestimate<br />

the benefits of spending some extra time<br />

working on your own body; follow a Pilates<br />

routine that you may be familiar with or<br />

some specific exercises that are beneficial<br />

to you.<br />

Remember your plan is very personal<br />

to you; it can be amended to deal with<br />

Remember a goal without a plan is only a<br />

dream. Share your intentions with someone<br />

who will regularly check in with you and<br />

hold you accountable, it will really help<br />

you and your horse. Don’t forget to reward<br />

yourself along the way when you follow<br />

your plans. Small steps will pay off for sure.<br />

Enjoy your riding.<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 33

When travelling abroad<br />

with your horses...<br />

Travelling abroad can be stressful at the best of times, but adding your own<br />

horses into the mix adds a whole new set of complexities. Here is some essential<br />

information to help you on your way.<br />

An as owner you are always striving to try and<br />

do the right thing for your horses to ensure they<br />

arrive at the competition in peak condition and<br />

ready to take on any challenge. Here at Sovereign<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> we have extensive experience in<br />

travelling internationally, with our most recent<br />

destination being Jardy in France for a 3 day show<br />

jumping competition. As with anything, it gets<br />

a lot easier the more travelling you do but here<br />

are a few helpful tips that should help make your<br />

travels less stressful and more fun...<br />

Travelling abroad requires a lot of organisation,<br />

here at Sovereign <strong>Equestrian</strong> we use Shelley<br />

Ashman International Shipping to help organise<br />

the horses, the route and all associated paperwork<br />

to ensure you can solely focus on getting the best<br />

performance out of your horses.<br />

THE RIDER:<br />

You will also need to become an FEI rider, again<br />

the application form for this is located on the FEI<br />

website.<br />

THE HORSE:<br />

When you decide to go to an International show<br />

your horse will need an Fédération Equestre<br />

Internationale (FEI) passport. You will find<br />

the application form on the FEI website. A<br />

requirement for competing in FEI shows is for<br />

your horse to have its flu booster jab within 6<br />

months of the competition date.<br />


When packing your lorry, it is important to<br />

remember to leave room to get to your horses<br />

from the living door. When you drive onto the<br />

ship you have a short amount of time to park,<br />

check your horses are okay and go upstairs onto<br />

the passenger levels. We recommend having a<br />

full water container and a bucket in the living<br />

area so you can quickly give your horses a drink<br />

before the sea crossing. Also, it is important to<br />

have a spare haynet ready as leaving them with<br />

food ensures happy horses. Usually, horseboxes<br />

are parked near the bottom of the ship therefore<br />

it gets very warm for the horses, so dependent on<br />

your horse you may need to remove their rugs.<br />

THE ROUTE:<br />

If you are only travelling within France then<br />

you do not need health papers for your horse.<br />

However, if you are travelling anywhere else you<br />

will need them. Health papers that are produced<br />

by Shelley Ashman require a vet to visit your yard<br />

within 48 hours of your departure to check that<br />

your horses are fit to travel.<br />

If you are travelling in Belgium you will need<br />

an On Board Unit (OBU), this is a little black<br />

box that tracks your lorry and charges you per<br />

kilometre at the rate applicable by the lorry weight<br />

and type of engine accordingly (Effectively a toll<br />

charge).<br />

Other countries have similar OBU’s or another<br />

road pricing mechanism imposed onto HGV’s,<br />

check before you travel.<br />

The route is important if driving a large HGV<br />

horsebox, the agents will give you route maps<br />

and recommendations to get to your competition<br />

destination avoiding low bridges and villages.



A good check list to have before travelling abroad:<br />

☑<br />

☑<br />

☑<br />

☑<br />

☑<br />

☑<br />

☑<br />

☑<br />

☑<br />

☑<br />

☑<br />

☑<br />

Keep all documents in a strong clear PVC<br />

wallet<br />

FEI Passport for each horse<br />

Human passport for each person travelling<br />

Driving licence for all drivers<br />

Health papers signed by your vet up to 48hrs<br />

before you travel<br />

Ferry booking reference number and<br />

confirmation document<br />

Export declaration - issued by Shelley<br />

Ashman<br />

Animal transport certificate - issued by<br />

Shelley Ashman<br />

Insurance documents for horsebox<br />

The original vehicle registration V5C<br />

document for the horsebox<br />

A GB plate must be affixed to the rear of the<br />

horsebox<br />

European horsebox breakdown cover is<br />

recommended.<br />


You must comply with a list of regulations set<br />

out by VOSA, find ‘a guide for horsebox and<br />

trailer owners’ at website:https://www.gov.uk/<br />

government/publications/guidance-for-horseboxand-trailer-owners<br />


FEI vaccination requirements can be found at<br />

www.fei.org website<br />

We would like to wish you a hand safe journey to<br />

your first international horse show.<br />

We have recommended Shelley Ashman as<br />

providers, but there are other companies available.<br />

Please remember to only use reputable and<br />

verified firms for this work.<br />

About Sovereign <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

At Sovereign <strong>Equestrian</strong>, we train, maintain,<br />

and care for our horses so that they become<br />

exceptional performers across all disciplines.<br />

We know that a fit and healthy horse is a<br />

happy horse, and a happy horse is a successful<br />

horse. We want to share some of our<br />

techniques with you because, with the right<br />

care your horse can reach its true potential.

feature<br />

Queen<br />

of the<br />

four year olds<br />


It was celebrations all round for Ginnie<br />

Turnbull as not only was she the winner<br />

of this year’s Dubarry Burghley young<br />

event horse four year old final, held on 1<br />

September during Burghley horse trials, but<br />

she also had three more horses in the top 11.<br />

Quite an achievement!<br />

Based at Tanglewood Farm, Newtown<br />

Linford near Leicester, her winning mount<br />

was I Diablo Joe, a striking dark bay<br />

16.1hh gelding bred and owned by Market<br />

Harborough-based Geoffrey Burton. With<br />

such success it’s not surprising that within<br />

the eventing world Ginnie and her husband,<br />

Will, are the ‘go-to’ people for starting young<br />

horses as Sally Butler discovered on a recent<br />

visit to her yard.<br />

When asked the secret to her success Ginnie<br />

laughingly replied: “There isn’t one!” But<br />

you don’t have to spend much time with<br />

Ginnie to realise that in addition to this<br />

humble attitude, another key attribute<br />

plays a major part – hard work. Her<br />

day starts early as she and her team<br />

consisting of Georgina Clark,<br />

Leni Savoury and Rosie<br />

Harbour are on the yard<br />

at 06.40 each morning<br />

to care for the 30 horses in<br />

residence.<br />

On her smart and purpose<br />

built yard it doesn’t take<br />

long to realise that her<br />

number one priority is to<br />

keep the horses happy and as confident<br />

as possible by preparing them for every<br />

different scenario. So much time is spent<br />

training for each individual event that even<br />

Ginnie jokingly calls herself ‘OCD’ about<br />

preparation.<br />

Ginnie also adds that the outlook of her<br />

lovely owners helps: “The owners allow<br />

me a free rein with the horses and letting<br />

them go home to them for a holiday from<br />

Team work. Will and Ginnie with I Diablo Joe<br />

time to time makes it all work.” All of the<br />

successful youngsters are homebreds and<br />

Ginnie is very grateful that she is part of the<br />

decision making when putting a mare to a<br />

stallion. Ginnie takes pride that she has also<br />

competed quite a few of the dams.<br />

Their fantastic new arena with a full set of<br />

show-jumps (available to hire) has obviously<br />

contributed to Ginnie’s success this year.<br />

Ginnie also uses the incredible facilities to<br />

teach from, allowing her to stay at home<br />

more. After retiring from what she<br />

calls ‘proper eventing’ this was her<br />

main aim, as it allows Ginnie to care<br />

for her elderly parents and spend<br />

time with Jack, her nine year old<br />

son. “Jack spent all that time when<br />

younger travelling in the lorry with<br />

Their last 4 * together. Ginnie and Instant<br />

Reaction sail over the Cottesmore Leap in 2011<br />

36 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

A proud moment. Geoffrey<br />

Burton, owner of I Diablo<br />

Joe, receives the winner’s<br />

award from Laura Egan<br />

(right) from Dubarry<br />

Also ninth with<br />

Jesmond Mystery<br />

Ginnie Turnbull and I Diablo Joe complete a clear show jumping round<br />

me everywhere – it’s now time for me to<br />

go everywhere with him.” She also adds,<br />

modestly, that she thinks there are now<br />

much better riders than her in the lorry park<br />

competing at the top level!<br />

This retirement, however, comes at a cost.<br />

It means that once the youngsters are ready<br />

to move up the levels Ginnie passes them<br />

on to new riders. Although she finds this a<br />

little sad, she is grateful to the owners for<br />

including her in the choice, with many of<br />

the new riders coming back to Ginnie for<br />

lessons. So she still has an input, which she<br />

loves.<br />

Ginnie has not always confined herself to the<br />

youngsters as with Instant Reaction, known<br />

to them at home as Dan, Ginnie completed<br />

25 events at 3* or above, including double<br />

clears at Badminton and Burghley. Ginnie<br />

speaks very emotionally and fondly about<br />

him saying: “He was a true warrior with a big<br />

heart and took me to places I never thought<br />

I’d go. I owe him everything. I think all that<br />

Will and I have achieved is, in no small part,<br />

due to him. He was my best friend.”<br />

basis, year-in and year-out, he was prepared<br />

to empty the tank for me, even when I got<br />

it really wrong. And I learnt that that is<br />

the most important thing – having that<br />

personality and that partnership.”<br />

Ginnie still rides two of her other retired<br />

horses at home: Ace and Poetic Justice.<br />

Will calls these her ‘luxury items’ and she<br />

enjoys hacking them out with son Jack in<br />

the evenings. The whole family work well<br />

as a team, with Jack often helping out and<br />

laughter filling the stables. “Will has his<br />

team of youngsters and I have mine – and<br />

occasionally we meet in the middle! Joking<br />

apart, we often know the characters of the<br />

dams/stallions and that is how we split<br />

them up – some prefer him and some prefer<br />

me. Will has always done the majority of<br />

the breaking and not just the horses I ride.<br />

In fact five of those in the final top ten in<br />

the BYEH were broken by him, with one of<br />

them ridden by him in the qualifier,” she<br />

concludes.<br />

Tanglewood Farm is the result of a lifetime<br />

of hard work and commitment from both<br />

Will and Ginnie. It’s fair to say that the<br />

determination and the unassuming attitude<br />

they have is truly inspiring.<br />

Dan retired a couple of years ago when<br />

he was 18, sadly dying in February this<br />

year after suffering with arthritis and is<br />

now buried at home. Ginnie expressed<br />

her thanks to her farrier Craig Whitehead,<br />

who in addition to chiropractor Thomma<br />

Spilman and John Coope from Chine House<br />

veterinary practice, worked together to keep<br />

him sound.<br />

“Having Dan taught me that even when they<br />

don’t find things easy, it’s not the end of the<br />

world,” explains Ginnie, adding that Dan<br />

found his dressage impossible. “On a regular<br />

Ginnie with husband Will accompanied by their team of prize winning four year olds, most<br />

of which are now bound for the four year old championships at Osberton at the end of<br />

September. Left to right: Jesmond Mystery – ninth at Burghley (owned by Ron Pearson)<br />

Light the Fuse (owned by Kate Davenport), Jesmond Justice – 11th at Burghley (Ron<br />

Pearson) Bathsheba (Jonathan Canty) I Diablo Joe – winner at Burghley (Geoffrey Burton)<br />

and Just Soda No Ice – 10th at Burghley (Zoe Feeney)<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 37

Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials <strong>2017</strong><br />

British triumph<br />

at Burghley<br />


It’s been six years since<br />

a British rider last won<br />

the Land Rover Burghley<br />

horse trials, so to have<br />

home competitors in the four<br />

top spots was quite some<br />

achievement. More remarkable<br />

still is that both first (Oliver<br />

Townend) and second (Piggy<br />

French) placed riders come<br />

from the readership area of<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>, as did several of<br />

the other riders who completed<br />

the event, as Frances McKim<br />

reports.<br />

With memories still very<br />

fresh following the British<br />

eventing team’s gold medal<br />

winning performance at<br />

the FEI European Eventing<br />

Championships in Poland,<br />

spirits were high when the<br />

spotlight shifted to the<br />

Land Rover Burghley horse<br />

trials held between<br />

31 August and<br />

3 September. Competitors and<br />

spectators alike knew that to do<br />

well at this top CCI4* event was<br />

not going to be a simple walk in<br />

the park. Several of the world’s<br />

top eventers and horses were<br />

taking part, yet even so, a good<br />

number of our locally-based<br />

riders were also competing –<br />

many for the very first time at<br />

this level.<br />

All those of us who either<br />

compete or own horses are all<br />

too aware of the highs and<br />

lows that come with them.<br />

One of the exceptional<br />

things about Burghley<br />

this year was the number<br />

of world renowned riders<br />

making mistakes. At how<br />

many top events can you<br />

remember seeing not only<br />

Andrew Nicholson (aka Mr<br />

Stickability) take a crashing<br />

fall, but also Mark Todd and<br />

Zara Tindall. Even Olympic<br />

and World champion,<br />

Winners. Oliver<br />

Townend and<br />


Piggy French. Photo<br />

by Frances McKim<br />

Michael Jung, proved he was<br />

human by not only fluffing a<br />

movement in his dressage test,<br />

but then having a run-out on his<br />

top horse on cross-country day.<br />

This made the achievement of<br />

Oliver Townend, now based near<br />

Piggy French and<br />


negotiate the<br />

final fence<br />

Ellesmere in Shropshire riding<br />

the 10 year-old grey gelding<br />

Ballaghmor Class (Thomas) all<br />

the more exceptional. This was<br />

the horse’s debut 4* event and<br />

Oliver himself was the first to<br />

admit that his mount was still<br />

a work very much in progress<br />

and that he felt babyish several<br />

times. Then in the next breath<br />

he stated he felt Thomas was<br />

perhaps the most talented, yet<br />

sharpest, horse he had ever<br />

ridden. Lying sixth after the<br />

dressage and first after the<br />

cross-country, he held this<br />

position despite one show jump<br />

down and a time fault. So, it was<br />

understandable that his usual<br />

tough exterior crumpled to<br />

reveal an elated, yet emotional,<br />

winner.<br />

Another who could hardly<br />

believe her luck was<br />

Northamptonshire-based Piggy<br />

French. Riding the 12 yearold<br />

bay mare, Vanir Kamira,<br />

this was also a first attempt<br />

at 4* level for this horse.<br />

Having had a year away from<br />

competition following the<br />

birth of her son Max, no-one<br />

was more surprised by her<br />

runner-up spot than Piggy<br />

herself. “If you had told me<br />

I’d be in this position a year,<br />

a month or even a week ago<br />

I wouldn’t have believed you,”<br />

she exclaimed. “Having Max has

Imogen Murray and IVAR<br />

GOODEN rise up the leader<br />

board after the dressage<br />

A clear but steady<br />

cross-country<br />

round for Emma<br />

Forsyth and<br />


helped me get my life more into<br />

perspective. Before I tried too<br />

hard. And the harder I seemed<br />

to try, the poorer the results<br />

became. Keeping the yard going<br />

whilst I was off I thought would<br />

be tricky, but all my owners and<br />

staff have just been fantastic.”<br />


Another rider who had a grin<br />

from ear to ear was debut<br />

competitor Sophie Brown, 28,<br />

from Laceby, near Grimsby who<br />

was featured in the <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

<strong>Life</strong> Burghley preview last<br />

month. Despite the fact Sophie<br />

acquired 20 penalties at the<br />

Dairy Farm plus time faults on<br />

the cross-country and several<br />

WIL and Sophie Brown safely complete the competition and inset: Often overlooked.<br />

Groom, Kenny Gregory who looks after Sophie Brown’s Wil, photo Frances McKim<br />

Imogen Murray and IVAR<br />

GOODEN negotiate the<br />

Rolex combination<br />

poles down show jumping she<br />

did complete, albeit in one but<br />

last place. This was a massive<br />

achievement when you consider<br />

at least a third of all those who<br />

started on the first day fell by<br />

the wayside. Even after having<br />

completed the final show<br />

jumping phase, Sophie said:<br />

“This just feels amazing. It’s<br />

still totally surreal that I’m here<br />

competing. As a family we’ve<br />

been coming to Burghley as<br />

spectators for 20 years and now<br />

I’ve completed my first 4* event.<br />

I’ve proved I can do it.”<br />

This result is no mean<br />

achievement as Sophie bought<br />

her Dutch bred 14 year-old grey<br />

gelding, Wil, as an unbroken five<br />

year-old. “He was totally feral<br />

when I bought him. He wouldn’t<br />

let anyone near him. It’s not<br />

been easy to get where we are<br />

today,” she explained. Events<br />

didn’t go smoothly for Sophie<br />

though in the months before<br />

Burghley, as in June she fell off<br />

and broke her collar bone, so did<br />

well to be fit enough in time.<br />

Another very happy firsttimer<br />

at this level was Emma<br />

Forsyth riding her own 12<br />

year-old grey gelding, Soltair<br />

Justice. Although now based<br />

in Northamptonshire, Emma<br />

is a well-known local rider<br />

having hunted as a child with<br />

both the Quorn and the South<br />

Notts and as she is one of the<br />

Humphrey clan from Bunny Hill<br />

Riding Centre near Nottingham,<br />

she grew up surrounded by<br />

horses. A respectable dressage<br />

test, followed by a clear but<br />

measured cross-country round<br />

accruing only time faults<br />

followed by one fence down<br />

show jumping, resulted in a<br />

very presentable 28th spot<br />

for Emma. This meant she<br />

was the highest placed British<br />

first-timer. Sadly for Emma,<br />

her grandmother passed away<br />

a matter of days before the<br />

competition and her long-term<br />

sponsor, Cyril Embrey, died<br />

earlier this year, so neither lived<br />

to see a lifetime of work come<br />

to fruition.<br />

Highest placed of our other<br />

local riders was Imogen Murray<br />

riding her 10 year-old bay<br />

gelding, Ivar Gooden. This was<br />

their first time at Burghley, but<br />

did successfully take the step<br />

up to 4* level earlier this year<br />

at Badminton. Lying 51st after<br />

dressage, a clear cross-country<br />

with just over 10 time faults and<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 39

Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials <strong>2017</strong><br />

Clear but slow<br />

for Simon Grieve<br />

and DRUMBILLA<br />

METRO<br />

Richard Jones with ALFIES CLOVER<br />

go clear but with time faults<br />

a copy book clear show jumping<br />

round, one of only five in the<br />

entire competition, elevated<br />

them to a final position of 14th<br />

– seven places higher than her<br />

Badminton completion.<br />



Simon Grieve was also a very<br />

relieved and happy competitor.<br />

Based at Tilton-on-the-Hill in<br />

Leicestershire, Simon also had<br />

two horses entered last year<br />

but, had to withdraw just before<br />

the event after he dislocated<br />

his shoulder. All went well this<br />

year though, and both horses<br />

completed ending up in 32nd<br />

and 36th spots. His best placing<br />

was with<br />

Douglas, a 14<br />

year-old bay<br />

gelding owned<br />

by Mrs Vicki Irlam and originally<br />

brought out by Emilie Chandler.<br />

Simon has only been riding<br />

Douglas this year but exclaimed<br />

after his cross-country round:<br />

“He’s fabulous, totally genuine.<br />

Towards the end of the course<br />

he was tired, but he dug deep<br />

for me. He’s such an exciting<br />

prospect for the future.” His<br />

second, but less well placed<br />

horse, was Drumbilla Metro who<br />

was entered last year. However,<br />

with the final show<br />

jumping phase over,<br />

an elated Simon<br />

said: “This is the<br />

first time I’ve<br />

competed<br />

with two<br />

horses, so to<br />

have them<br />

both<br />

finish and both feeling so good<br />

is a really exciting prospect for<br />

the future.”<br />

Three other familiar local faces<br />

at Burghley also survived the<br />

test. Richard Jones from Oakham<br />

completed in 22nd spot on board<br />

the 10 year-old grey gelding,<br />

Alfies Clover. Having had Alfies<br />

Clover since he was three years<br />

old, this combination knew each<br />

other well, but Burghley was the<br />

horse’s first 4* event. After his<br />

clear but steady cross-country<br />

round, attracting 32 time faults,<br />

Richard said: “It’s been really<br />

good for me to have something<br />

to look forward to this year. I<br />

took three of the longer routes<br />

as my aim was to give the horse<br />

a good round. I’m now going<br />

to back off a bit to give myself<br />

some time to recover.” These<br />

comments follow something of<br />

a run of bad luck for Richard,<br />

as first he badly broke his foot<br />

last November, then in a freak<br />

accident in the lorry park at<br />

Bramham horse trials he caught<br />

his wedding ring in the lorry<br />

door and ended up losing his<br />

finger. He now finds it hard<br />

holding the reins and admitted<br />

his finger hurt badly during the<br />

cross-country.<br />

Paul Sims from Nantwich with<br />

Glengarnock are now a familiar<br />

pairing at 4* level having<br />

completed both Badminton and<br />

Burghley on three occasions<br />

Paul Sims and<br />

GLENGARNOCK have<br />

one unlucky run out

Angus Smales and MJI MOUNT ECHO<br />

complete with one fence down<br />

Only one down for Willa Newton<br />


Willa Newton and CHANCE<br />

REMARK perform an excellent<br />

dressage to move into 19th spot<br />

Before disaster strikes.<br />

Emma Hyslop-Webb and<br />


each, as well as a host of 3*<br />

events. With a good dressage<br />

result, unfortunately this<br />

experienced pair had a run-out<br />

at one of the skinny fences<br />

following the leaf pit, followed<br />

by four fences down show<br />

jumping to finish in 33rd spot.<br />


Riding 13 year-old MJI Mount<br />

Echo, Angus Smales also had<br />

a run out at the same skinny<br />

following the leaf pit and a<br />

further one in Discovery Valley.<br />

Angus was quick to blame<br />

himself for these cross-country<br />

errors saying: “I didn’t ride well<br />

enough. I didn’t react quickly<br />

enough. The horse is still quite<br />

green. The course walked tough<br />

but rode very fair.” However, by<br />

Sunday after the show jumping<br />

he had perked up somewhat<br />

saying: “This is one of the best<br />

Burghley’s I’ve been to. The<br />

owners are here just to have fun<br />

and we’ve all certainly enjoyed<br />

ourselves.”<br />

A rider who didn’t seem to<br />

have enjoyed herself was Willa<br />

Newton. An excellent dressage<br />

test put into her into 19th<br />

spot, but 15 year-old Chance<br />

Remark proved very strong<br />

and opinionated on the crosscountry<br />

and put up quite a fight.<br />

This resulted in two run-outs<br />

and time faults. In the final show<br />

jumping phase, with one fence<br />

down, meant Willa completed<br />

with a total of 129 penalties in<br />

35th spot. A disappointed Willa<br />

summed up the weekend saying:<br />

“I’m very disappointed with<br />

myself and frustrated how the<br />

cross-country went. However<br />

the horse is fine, and thinking<br />

positive, we’ve learnt a lot.”<br />


Unluckily for the first<br />

time combination<br />

of <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong><br />

columnist, Emma<br />

Hyslop-Webb and<br />

Pennlands Douglas,<br />

events did not go to<br />

plan! Finding herself<br />

in 49th position after<br />

the dressage phase,<br />

Emma set off on her<br />

cross-country round<br />

in a bold and, what<br />

some would say, too<br />

fast a manner for<br />

Not their year. Kirsty Short and COSSAN LAD<br />

a debut run at this<br />

level. After a few hairy moments, the combination came to<br />

grief jumping the log into the trout hatchery pond. Pennlands<br />

Douglas lost his balance and Emma found herself dunked in the<br />

water. Likewise Cossan Lad hadn’t read the instruction book<br />

and ducked-out at the skinny after the leaf pit. At which point<br />

his rider, Kinoulton-based Kirsty Short threw in the towel and<br />

retired. Game over for them both! Better luck next year.<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 41

shows<br />

Triumphant finale<br />

Winner Kathryn<br />

Wheelock Westpoint<br />

First of Many<br />

to new series<br />

A<br />

long journey from Glusburn, West<br />

Yorkshire, paid off for disabled<br />

rider Kathryn Wheelock when<br />

she secured the top spot in the<br />

first SEIB Insurance Brokers Riding for the<br />

Disabled (RDA) showing championship, held<br />

at Addington Manor, Bucks, on 7 September.<br />

All eight finalists made the trip from various<br />

parts of the country to compete in this<br />

ground-breaking and hotly contested finale,<br />

judged by former RDA national chairman<br />

Jane Holderness-Roddam, injured showing<br />

and hunting enthusiast Rob Walker and<br />

Addington proprietor Tim Price.<br />


Osbaldeston finalist Kathryn, 42, has cerebral<br />

palsy and learning difficulties but delivered a<br />

polished performance with her family’s smart<br />

gelding, Westpoint First of Many, whom she<br />

describes as “very loving, easy-going and<br />

laid-back.<br />

“You really could do anything with him<br />

— it would never occur to him to do<br />

anything nasty,” she said of the Britishbred<br />

19-year-old warmblood.<br />

First of Many has experience on his<br />

side, though, as he competes at medium<br />

level in British Dressage with Kathryn’s<br />

older sister Alison.<br />

“We knew he was a superstar, but when we<br />

got here we saw seven other superstars,” said<br />

Kathryn’s mother Jan. “I texted home after<br />

Kathryn had done her individual show and<br />

said we thought we’d done OK, but there was<br />

some pretty stiff competition to beat.”<br />

Second place went to one of the audience’s<br />

favourites, Lizzie Bennett, who rode the<br />

coloured horse Rolo side saddle. When this<br />

pair qualified at Hartpury — where they faced<br />

the stiffest opposition — it was Lizzie’s first<br />

show ring outing but the experience gained<br />

there stood her in good stead.<br />

Lizzie, 27, rides one-handed. “I use specially<br />

adapted reins that have holes along their<br />

length and three bars with metal spikes that<br />

slot in,” said Lizzie, who works part-time at<br />

primary school intervention for special needs<br />

children in Saffron Walden, Essex. “You can<br />

move them up and down to make a shorter<br />

rein for jumping and a longer one for a nice<br />

long-rein walk — they’re really nifty.”<br />

Lizzie had her own horse when she was<br />

winner Kathryn Wheelock on<br />

Westpint First of Many, with<br />

RDA’s Lottie Dronfield and Sue<br />

Robb and Nicolina Mackenzie of<br />

SEIB Insurance Brokers<br />

younger but had to sell him when she broke<br />

her back doing gymnastics about 13 years ago.<br />

“It took me about 10 years to get back to<br />

riding but I was trying at a normal riding<br />

school and sometimes they had to pull me<br />

off the horse because I couldn’t move,” she<br />

revealed. “I joined the RDA about three years<br />

ago and it’s worked really well — I wish I’d<br />

done it before. My back will never be right;<br />

I’m in constant pain but it’s been that way for<br />

half my life so I’m used to it.”<br />

Her weakened left arm is due to a genetic<br />

condition that also affects her left shoulder.<br />

“It’s not helped by the fact that I keep falling<br />

off and landing on it,” she admitted.<br />

Kayla Pratt, from Guisborough, North<br />

Yorkshire, finished third with the smart<br />

coloured native pony Hunky Dory, whose<br />

simple yet effective show exhibited this<br />

handsome piebald’s paces to great effect.<br />

Kayla, 15, who has educational special needs,<br />

started with RDA at the age of six, but had<br />

only been riding the seven-year-old Dory for<br />

a week before the qualifier at Osbaldeston,<br />

Lancs, as her usual mount was unsound.<br />

“We really were just going with the flow at<br />

the qualifier and supporting the team,” said<br />

Kayla’s mother Sandy, a member of Stokesley<br />

RDA Group and Robinson Equi Teach.<br />

Imogen Darke, 18 and based in<br />

Ashburton, Devon, finished fourth.<br />

She was inspired to take part<br />

in this competition when she<br />

attended the initial lecture/demo<br />

given at Hartpury last year.<br />

Brooke-Leigh<br />

Johnson aged eight<br />

Wrentnall Snowman<br />

42 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

Imogen Darke and<br />

Chandaem My Guy<br />

Gabriella Blake and<br />

The Rose of Derry<br />

Lee Lawrence eighth<br />

with Half a Whisper<br />

Imogen, who suffered a severe head injury<br />

in an accident at the age of 11 and spent two<br />

months in a coma, has little peripheral vision<br />

but rode Chandaem My Guy, her family’s<br />

14-year-old hunter, with great aplomb.<br />

“As a family, we’ve been involved with horses<br />

all our lives and we’re very lucky as the<br />

Erme Valley RDA group — which Imogen has<br />

attended for the past three years — is only<br />

10 minutes from our home,” said her father<br />

Ross, a former jump jockey. “This is a fabulous<br />

competition and we’d like to thank everyone<br />

involved, and SEIB, for giving up their time.”<br />

Vicky Nurcombe and Fabrication (Harry)<br />

finished fifth. Loughborough, Leics-based<br />

Vicky, who suffered a major stroke and then<br />

broke her back, is another in full support of<br />

the SEIB concept.<br />

I got my first<br />

pony when I was<br />

two months old.<br />

My main problem<br />

is pain, but when<br />

I’m riding I don’t<br />

feel the pain. I<br />

don’t get sore<br />

and it’s a lovely<br />

feeling<br />

Kayla Pratt, from<br />

Guisborough, North<br />

Yorkshire, third with<br />

Hunky Dory<br />

“RDA showing is a brilliant idea. Riders can<br />

do what they can do in their individual show;<br />

there is no need to strip the horse or trot up,<br />

neither of which I can do,” she said. “So long<br />

as your horse is comfortable, well-schooled<br />

and good in company, you can’t put a foot<br />

wrong. It’s a stepping stone into the showing<br />

world for RDA riders.”<br />

Sixth place went to Gabby Blake and The Rose<br />

of Derry, who won the 30-starter qualifier at<br />

Hartpury. Gabby, 24, who lives in Whatton in<br />

Nottinghamshire but is from Port Elizabeth,<br />

Eastern Cape, is a member of the South Notts<br />

RDA group. Although she has a rare and<br />

painful condition, she has been riding for<br />

most of her life.<br />

“My parents are horsey and I have been for<br />

as long as I can remember,” she said. “I got<br />

my first pony when I was two months old. My<br />

main problem is pain, but when I’m riding I<br />

don’t feel the pain. I don’t get sore and it’s a<br />

lovely feeling.”<br />

Seventh went to one of the audience’s<br />

favourites, Middlesbrough-based Brooke-<br />

Leigh Johnson, 10, with the charming 15-yearold<br />

grey pony Wrentnall Snowman. Brooke-<br />

Leigh, who suffers from hearing loss and<br />

speech problems, has been a member of the<br />

Unicorn Centre for the past five years and is a<br />

keen competitor at all the shows held there.<br />

Lee Lawrence, from Cheltenham, took<br />

eighth with the loaned Hanoverian mare<br />

Half a Whisper. Lee, 31, suffers from a rare<br />

genetic disorder that severely compromises<br />

his quality of life and affects his sight and<br />

hearing. He took up riding seriously in<br />

2015 and joined Cotswold RDA group as an<br />

independent rider in April last year.<br />

Judge Jane Holderness-Roddam said: “The<br />

finalists were all of a very high standard and<br />

had put in a lot of effort. All the animals<br />

were beautifully produced. The winner did an<br />

exceptional show — it was interesting, varied<br />

and showed off its lovely paces.<br />

“I believe this competition has a great future<br />

and adheres to the RDA mantra of ‘can do’ —<br />

it’s a perfect opportunity for disabled riders<br />

to prove what they’re capable of. I can see it<br />

growing in popularity across the country.”<br />

SEIB marketing manager Nicolina MacKenzie,<br />

whose brainchild this competition was,<br />

said: “As a company, SEIB couldn’t be more<br />

delighted with the way this first year has gone.<br />

It has been a tremendous success and the<br />

positive way in which the audience responded<br />

at this final was enough to gladden anyone’s<br />

heart.<br />

“We are so much looking forward to building<br />

on this, fine-tuning it and seeing it become a<br />

whole new goal for disabled riders across the<br />

country.<br />

“SEIB always tries to put something back into<br />

the markets within which it operates and<br />

launching showing for RDA riders is one of<br />

those initiatives.”<br />

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shows<br />

Successful Debut for Burton Hunt<br />

Pony Club at Norton Disney<br />

A<br />

new fixture in the Lincolnshire<br />

eventing calendar was held on 27<br />

August when the Burton Hunt Branch<br />

of The Pony Club hosted a one-dayevent<br />

at Whitehall Farm, Norton Disney. It<br />

attracted over 250 entries from both Pony Club<br />

members and non-members, including riders<br />

from Berkshire, Suffolk, Warwickshire and<br />

Yorkshire.<br />

Burton Hunt Pony Club member Harriette<br />

Howard scored a hat-trick, being placed on all<br />

three of her horses: in the 80cm Pony Club<br />

Members’ Section B, she clinched first place<br />

on Starholme Delta Lady and third place on<br />

Mymwood Melody. Later she collected another<br />

third place, riding Class in a class in the Pony<br />

Club Members’ 100cm section, ending a good day<br />

at one of her last competitions as a Pony Club<br />

member.<br />

In the non-members’ sections, multiple wins<br />

dominated the action when Jessica Baugh won<br />

the 90cm Section H on Fifi and the 100cm<br />

Section K on Ashcroft Chatterbox.<br />

Susan Wilkinson<br />

Emma Peplinksi<br />

on Bubbling Asti,<br />

Burton PC, 1st<br />

80cm Section<br />

A Pony Club<br />

Members<br />

Isobel Fear on<br />

Ruby’s Grey<br />

Boy, 2nd 100cm<br />

Section J Pony<br />

Club Members<br />

Harriette Howard on Starholme Delta<br />

Lady, Burton PC, 1st 80cm Section B<br />

Pony Club Members<br />

Holly Clarke on Grayfields<br />

Independence, Meynell PC,<br />

1st 90cm Section G Pony<br />

Club Members<br />

Melissa Heaton-Douglas on Cartown<br />

Araha, 1st 80cm Section E Nonmembers<br />

44 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

Marianne Knipe<br />

on Flynn, Belvoir<br />

PC, 1st 100cm<br />

Section J Pony<br />

Club Members<br />

Naomi Ashcroft<br />

on Grange<br />

Kognac, Belvoir<br />

PC, 1st 90cm<br />

Section F Pony<br />

Club Members<br />

Jessica Baugh on Ashcroft<br />

Chatterbox, 1st 100cm<br />

Section K Non-members<br />

Ella Hammond<br />

on Alfie VI,<br />

Woodland<br />

Pytchley PC, 2nd<br />

90cm Section<br />

G Pony Club<br />

Members<br />

Harriette Howard on Class in a Glass, Burton PC, 3rd 100cm<br />

Section J Pony Club Members<br />

Jessica Baugh on<br />

Fifi, 1st 90cm<br />

Section H Nonmembers<br />

Harriette<br />

Howard on<br />

Mymwood<br />

Melody,<br />

Burton PC, 3rd<br />

80cm Section<br />

B Pony Club<br />

Members<br />

Julie Roark on Llangybi<br />

Zaharah, 2nd 100cm<br />

Section K Nonmembers<br />

Breanna Tye on Rocky, Cottesmore PC, 3rd 90cm<br />

Section F Pony Club Members<br />

Tony Rigley on<br />

Millfield Quizzical,<br />

1st 90cm Section I<br />

Non-members<br />

Clare Wright on Dollar III, Scunthorpe PC, 2nd 90cm<br />

Section F Pony Club Members<br />

Ian Bennett on Olito, 2nd 90cm Section H Non-members<br />

Teri Rudkin on Daisy, 2nd 90cm Section I Nonmembers<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 45

local success stories<br />

<strong>2017</strong><br />

We continue to find out more stories about some of our local stars<br />

Local Success stories<br />

making waves accross the equestrian world<br />




A Breed Apart!<br />

Debbie Barker-Runiewicz is currently<br />

enjoying great success with a ten year<br />

old Exmoor pony, Moonpenny Aquarius.<br />

He was bred by Mrs M Bryant and is still<br />

owned by her and her daughter Mrs E<br />

Etchells. If you’re a follower of ridden<br />

mountain and moorlands you may have<br />

come across him as he’s had a very<br />

successful career as a ridden pony with<br />

Elizabeth. Debbie has had him since May<br />

and they’ve only been to just a handful of<br />

shows before the BSPS Championships.<br />

They qualified for the Dartmoor,<br />

Exmoor and Shetland class at the Royal<br />

International on their second attempt,<br />

winning at Baston Show and had been in<br />

only four Working Hunter classes before<br />

the Championships. Their results speak<br />

for themselves. At the Champs, they were<br />

1st and Reserve Champion 133cm Heritage<br />

Restricted Workers on the Thursday, 2nd<br />

Classic Security Challenge 133cm Heritage<br />

Workers on the Friday, going through to<br />

the evening performance and 1st Premier<br />

League White Division 133cm heritage<br />

workers on the Saturday.<br />


Bronwyn Ward<br />

and Makers Jar<br />

of Hearts<br />

It was a great first season for<br />

Bronwyn and her coloured Cob,<br />

Makers Jar of Hearts. Having owned<br />

him for just over a year, they got the<br />

season off to a flying start winning<br />

their Native/Cob/Traditional class<br />

at Nottinghamshire County show,<br />

qualifying for Royal International,<br />

and then going Champion.<br />

Bronwyn commented “There were<br />

well in excess of 40 in our class at<br />

the RI. We weren’t placed but a great<br />

experience.”<br />

Bronwyn entered her first CHaPs<br />

this year, in the performance class<br />

they had to jump two fences of about<br />

80/90cms and Bronwyn has not done<br />

a lot of jumping. Overall they came<br />

3rd in the Show Cob class in the<br />

evening performance, behind two<br />

producers and took highest placed<br />

amateur and home produced.<br />

At the British Elite, they won the<br />

Open Native Cobs and Traditionals<br />

and went through to the top 8 for<br />

the evening performance, going<br />

on to take reserve overall coloured<br />

champion. Due to studying and<br />

funds, it is 7 years since Bronwyn has<br />

competed at the British Elite.<br />

Bronwyn also works for Lincolnshire<br />

County Show so May and June are<br />

always mega busy so she says she<br />

is very lucky her horse is happy to<br />

either be turned out or go hacking.<br />

She keeps him at a local livery yard,<br />

does everything herself and also goes<br />

to shows on her own, which Bronwyn<br />

said was great to be so independent.<br />

46 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>


At just 12 years old, Brooke Pickering<br />

has been blazing a trail in the<br />

‘working hunter’ arena. She started<br />

riding aged about 18 months and fell in<br />

love with it. Her current ride is Pip, who is<br />

16 years old and the family have had him<br />

about 16 months, he came from Cheshire<br />

from Sandra and Liz Hammond. Brooke and<br />

Pip just do Workers and been doing Nursery<br />

Stakes and the 133cm Open but next season<br />

they are out of Nursery Stakes, but she can<br />

still do the 133cms for 2018 and 2019.<br />

Taking top spot in the 133cm Le Mieux La<br />

Liga awards this year, came from qualifying<br />

at the very first time they went out to do a<br />

HOYS qualifier, taking the ticket at Midland<br />

Counties, winning the class; they went to the<br />

Derbyshire Festival winning again and taking<br />

Champion in the HOYS qualifier and then<br />

onto Royal Cheshire County with the only<br />

clear.<br />

Claire commented “the course was incredibly<br />

tough and so to get round and without any<br />

faults was doubly amazing”. This is the first<br />

year the pair have qualified for HOYS.<br />

They also qualified for the Royal<br />

International at Bishop Burton winning<br />

the Nursery Stakes. Howerver, the day<br />

after Pip was taken to Liverpool Vets with<br />

a sudden bout of colic, fortunately needing<br />

no treatment so home after a week where he<br />

was monitored, and fortunately the colic has<br />

never re-occurred.<br />

They celebrated his return to health with<br />

another Royal International ticket in the<br />

133cm Open at Cheshire Premier Show at<br />

Somerford Park and also taking Reserve<br />

Champion.<br />

They came 2nd in the Nursery Stakes at Royal<br />

International, with over 20 entries.<br />

On the local circuit they support Ripley<br />

Riders, Long Eaton and South Derbyshire<br />

Riding Clubs as well as Notts/Derby Horse<br />

Show and Warren Riding Clubs with their<br />

Sec.C, Crossfield Selwyn (known as Ted at<br />

home).<br />

Brooke and lives and breathes horses. She<br />

is up before school mucking out and riding<br />

straight after school.<br />

She got selected for the England Team for<br />

Workers at the BSPS Summer Champs this<br />

summer, came 2nd individually and as a team<br />

they won. The teams include a 13hh, 14hh,<br />

15hh and one intermediate.<br />

Since the summer champs, Pip has<br />

been having a break and they’ve been<br />

concentrating on Ted.<br />

What a corker! Rescued pony helps lifelong<br />

rider fulfil dream of competing in top show<br />

A<br />

legal eagle is hoping to impress the<br />

judges when she swaps her office<br />

chair for the saddle and competes<br />

in the world’s most famous horse show<br />

next month.<br />

Emma Mrvik, who is head of residential<br />

conveyancing at the Beeston office of legal<br />

firm Ellis-Fermor<br />

& Negus, will leave<br />

paperwork behind<br />

to fulfil her dream<br />

of taking part in the<br />

Horse of the Year<br />

Show.<br />

Her story is<br />

more remarkable<br />

considering that<br />

the pony she will<br />

perform on was<br />

rescued by the<br />

RSPCA.<br />


Thirty-one-yearold<br />

Emma, who<br />

lives in Shardlow,<br />

Derbyshire, with<br />

partner Howard,<br />

was originally<br />

from Breaston and<br />

went to Ockbrook<br />

School. After leaving there she joined Ellis-<br />

Fermor & Negus at its Long Eaton office<br />

and studied part-time for a law degree at<br />

Nottingham University, which she gained<br />

in 2009.<br />

But she has been involved with horses since<br />

a toddler. “My mum and aunt both rode<br />

horses and having first had a rocking horse<br />

my parents bought me a Shetland pony for<br />

my second birthday, and I have been riding<br />

ever since,” she said.<br />

Emma won her first trophy at the age of<br />

three and has continued successfully ever<br />

since, winning more than 80 trophies. She<br />

had one horse, Shamrock, for 19 years, until<br />

it died last year.<br />

She qualified for the Horse of the Year Show<br />

after beating 20 other riders, some of them<br />

professional, to win a class at the National<br />

Pony Society Championships in Malvern<br />

recently.<br />

As with that show she will again be riding<br />

a 10-year-old black Dartmoor pony called<br />

Pumphill Brandon or Corkers to his<br />

friends. Together they will perform a set<br />

of unrehearsed movements decided by the<br />

judges on the day to show the versatility of<br />

the breed.<br />

It’s a team effort.<br />

Corkers is owned<br />

by best friend<br />

Nina Browning,<br />

who lives on<br />

a houseboat at<br />

Sawley Marina.<br />

She has two other<br />

horses which like<br />

Corkers are kept on<br />

land at Shardlow.<br />

Although a success<br />

story now, life was<br />

not always an easy<br />

ride for Corkers,<br />

who was bought from the RSPCA five years<br />

ago.<br />

“He was seized with 31 other ponies by the<br />

RSPCA in 2010 from Yorkshire because they<br />

had been neglected by their owner,” said<br />

Emma. “He was covered in sores and his<br />

feet were in poor condition.”<br />

“He had never had a saddle on him until I<br />

rode him and he’s still nervous of strangers<br />

because of his past experience.<br />

“Being in Horse of the Year Show is<br />

unbelievable. Nina and I are very excited<br />

and we are proud of the progress that<br />

Corkers has made.”<br />

The Show, which takes place at the NEC<br />

Arena, Birmingham, from <strong>October</strong> 4-8, is<br />

now in its 69th year. It will play host to<br />

1,600 horses and ponies, 1,500 competitors,<br />

and be watched live by 65,000 spectators.<br />

The big moment for Emma, Nina and<br />

Corkers will take place on Thursday <strong>October</strong><br />

5. “Ellis-Fermor & Negus have kindly<br />

allowed me to take the day off, “ said Emma.<br />

Director Simon Hale said: “We wish Emma<br />

all the best and, like Corkers, will probably<br />

end up ‘a little hoarse’ from cheering them<br />

on.<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 47

local success stories<br />


...he loves to go to<br />

shows and thrives in the<br />

indoor arena with the<br />

atmosphere<br />

Hannah Lee and<br />

Kilmannan Kilty,<br />

took the British Elite<br />

Supreme by storm this<br />

year. Kilty is a 15 year old Dales.<br />

Hannah and her family have had<br />

him five years and he just does<br />

showing, something he adores.<br />

He was best of Breed at Olympia<br />

in 2014 and had two 4ths at the<br />

Royal International in 2013 and<br />

2016 and in 2015 he was placed<br />

at HOYS.<br />

Hannah said “we had planned<br />

on doing Veterans but he loves<br />

showing and gets excited if sees<br />

the others being bathed and<br />

going without him, he loves<br />

to go to shows and thrives<br />

in the indoor arena with the<br />

atmosphere”.<br />

Hannah went to the British<br />

Elite in 2016 and took her son,<br />

Tommy, with their lead rein<br />

pony Amilas Chutney. This year,<br />

they competed in the Lead Rein<br />

again, taking a credible 5th place<br />

in their class. Tommy has told<br />

his Mum that, after seeing Ben<br />

Atkinson perform at The Great<br />

Yorkshire Show, he has decided<br />

he wants to become a stunt man<br />

when he is older!<br />

Hannah’s second ride of the<br />

day was her eight-year-old<br />

Connemara, Rosscon Ace of<br />

Spades. They came away with<br />

a 2nd place in the New Forest/<br />

Connemara class.<br />

Hannah commented “we are all<br />

thrilled to bits with Kilty, we just<br />

adore him and he is so special to<br />

us and it means a lot to still be<br />

loving the job. We have joined<br />

Senior Showing and Dressage<br />

so our aim will be to get to one<br />

of these classes in the New Year<br />

probably”.<br />

Other wins for Kilty this year<br />

were at Equifest where he<br />

won the Amateur Riders Royal<br />

International qualifier for 2018<br />

and went Champion and then he<br />

was also champion of the Open<br />

M&M Ridden classes.<br />

The British Elite prize money<br />

says Hannah will be put to<br />

good use. “With horses there<br />

is always something to spend<br />

money on but I might use the<br />

winnings to go towards a brand<br />

new leather headcollar with his<br />

name on it. I’ve also had the<br />

same pair of long leather riding<br />

boots since I was 14 and the zips<br />

have gone so going to order a<br />

brand new pair of show boots<br />

with working zips!”<br />

Their next stop is the Heritage<br />

Champs in <strong>October</strong> and then<br />

Kilty will have a rest till the New<br />

Year.<br />

In other results from the<br />

BSPS Summer Champs<br />

Summer Waldron and Litton Dancing Dawn won the open<br />

138cm SP class. They had already qualified for HOYS earlier in<br />

the season.<br />

Lucie Gordon-Burgess was 2nd in the WOW Factor 133cm<br />

heritage WHP with Priestwood Pearl, 3rd Premier League<br />

133cm heritage WHP and 5th in the Summer Open Heritage<br />

133 WHP with Pigbush kimber.<br />

48 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>




Who doesn’t love a Teddy?<br />

Local rider Tony Pollitt and his maxi Cob Polestar (known as<br />

Teddy at home) have finished their <strong>2017</strong> season together<br />

with a fabulous third place in the evening performance at the<br />

BSHA National show at Addington in the Amateur Maxi Cobs.<br />

Tony has only been riding a few years and has been incredibly<br />

consistent every time out. They contest the Maxi Cob classes and<br />

always get great feedback from the Judges.<br />

Tony and his wife Michaela work together as a very effective<br />

team and do everything themselves and Michaela can be credited<br />

with teaching Tony to ride and teaching him ring-craft, such an<br />

important aspect of the job in the ring to get the Judge to notice<br />

you from the start.<br />

To take that third place was a wonderful result after all their hard<br />

work. They also finished 7th at The Royal International in the Maxi<br />

Cobs, a fantastic result.<br />


Looking for a Party!<br />

Tracey Richardson fancied a challenge and he came<br />

in the form of a four year old show cob that she got<br />

from a local neighbour, her husband bought her the<br />

youngster for her 50th.<br />

Commented Tracey “I’ve always wanted to find a rough nag<br />

in a field to see what I can make of them and he was the<br />

one, a poor little hairy colt that has grown into a swan.”<br />

Tracey and Party Poppa (Tommi as he is known at home)<br />

started their showing career in-hand up to Christmas last<br />

year, having good results at Milton <strong>Equestrian</strong> and In The<br />

Spotlight. His first ridden show was at Notts/Derby, taking<br />

3rd in the Cobs and then he went to the summer show at<br />

Holme House Farm where he was In Hand Champion and<br />

won his ridden class and took Ridden Champion too; a<br />

great day.<br />

His next stop was the <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong> Summer<br />

Championships where he was 4th in the Amateur Elite Cob<br />

class and 2nd in the Novice Cobs. He followed that with a<br />

win at Northern Racing College in the 4, 5, 6 year old old<br />

class.<br />

Said Tracey “totally throwing him in at the deep end, we<br />

went to the British Elite. He went in the Cobs class first<br />

and had his first-ever ride judge, then we competed in<br />

the Novice Horse. Both classes went into the Evening<br />

Performance for the top eight combinations. Called in<br />

reverse order we were pulled 5th in the Cobs and then won<br />

the Novice class which was a Riding Horse, Hacks, Hunters<br />

and Cobs. What a fanastic feeling, I was shaking as the<br />

adrenaline had totally kicked in”.<br />

To round off this season, we have the local Ploughing<br />

Matches before Tommi has a rest before next years plans.<br />

Tracey commented “he’s got a good jump in him so<br />

Workers is a possibility at some point, just for now there is<br />

no rush, he’s had a brilliant first season.”<br />

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local success stories<br />


Abi Tolley and Owfen Nobbley<br />

Bobbley, 9yr Old Section C<br />

The opportunity arose for Abi to loan Nobby<br />

from Sophie Barltrop and after persuading<br />

her mum they needed another, they went and<br />

picked him up.<br />

In their first season under saddle they won the Novice<br />

C & D ridden class at Cheshire County out of 52<br />

entries. Then they were given the opportunity to buy<br />

him and jumped at the chance.<br />

Nobby has now been with Abi and her family for three<br />

years and he is the easiest, quirkiest pony she has ever<br />

owned and he has a home for life with.<br />

This season he has been placed in numerous HOYS<br />

qualifiers including 4th at Staffs County Festival. At<br />

the British Elite, Nobby ended his season on a high<br />

with a 2nd in the Open B & C Ridden, he was 2nd in<br />

the M&M performance class and won his M&M Intro<br />

to Showing class.<br />

Commented Abi “We had our championship in the<br />

evening where he behaved like an absolute pro and<br />

ended up being reserve intro champion, to say I was<br />

happy was an understatement.”<br />



One of the hardest working young riders in our region must be<br />

Eve Duggan. Her pony has performed brilliantly this season,<br />

notably competing in Working Hunter classes with Greylands<br />

Midnight Joker, taking a 6th place in the Novice Working Show<br />

Horse at the BSHA Nationals. That came hot on the heels of a<br />

successful BSPS where they took a 2nd in the White Company<br />

Premier League and an 8th in a huge HOYS qualifier.<br />

Recently they have been to Turnditch and Windley<br />

Show where they were 1st in the<br />

Open Workers.<br />


50 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>


It’s a Golden Ticket for the Sisters<br />

As told to Sian Lovatt<br />

For sisters Jo and Kirsty Snelling, the<br />

golden ticket to Horse of the Year<br />

Show means more than anyone else<br />

could understand.<br />

Jo and their 149cm 6-year-old black mare,<br />

Colour Coded, claimed their qualifying<br />

ticket at the BSPS Summer Championship<br />

held at Arena UK from 23 – 26 August in the<br />

Heavyweight cob class.<br />

The sisters interest in showing began not<br />

long after their old hunter mare, Jazz,<br />

started to scoop the rosettes up at various<br />

local shows.<br />

“It’s only when she broke herself did we<br />

realise we needed something else and that’s<br />

when Cody arrived!” Jo said<br />

Cody arrived with Jo and Kirsty after they<br />

saw her in a neighbours field, looking hairy.<br />

“She had only just turned two<br />

and was almost completely<br />

unhandled but something<br />

about her made us want<br />

her. We’ve done everything<br />

ourselves, from getting a<br />

headcollar on, to breaking<br />

her in and competing her.”<br />

Continued Jo<br />

Cody’s showing career started<br />

with attending local shows<br />

and its only when she needed<br />

to be hogged due to sweat<br />

itch did the duo hog her and<br />

realise underneath all the hair,<br />

they had a serious show cob<br />

prospect on their hands.<br />

This season has been their first attempt at<br />

the bigger competitions and they’ve had<br />

some tremendous results throughout the<br />

year.<br />

“We qualified for RIHS earlier in the year<br />

at Nottinghamshire County Show where<br />

Cody won the class and then went Reserve<br />

Champion of Show.<br />

“RIHS was an experience for us all,<br />

including Cody, as the weather was awful<br />

and it was Cody’s first big championship<br />

experience. However she took it all in her<br />

stride and handled the experience like an<br />

absolute pro.” Said Jo<br />

Whilst Jo does all the riding, it’s still a<br />

team effort, with Kirsty doing the bathing,<br />

plaiting (if needed!) and preparing. The pair<br />

have never received help from producers<br />

but just attend as many showing clinics as<br />

possible to get feedback on what they are<br />

doing.<br />

“We’re completely home produced! My<br />

sister Kirsty turns out to such a high<br />

standard, I honestly cannot praise her<br />

enough. Without her it wouldn’t be<br />

possible- it’s a joint effort - we’re in it<br />

together.”<br />

The BSPS Summer Championships started<br />

out as Jo describes “quite an ordinary<br />

show day”, Cody was initially pulled in<br />

second to last after the first go-round but<br />

when it came to the turn of the ride jude,<br />

everything changed.<br />

“Cody’s height always goes against her,<br />

she’s one of the smallest heavyweight cobs<br />

out on the circuit, but when it comes to the<br />

ride judge we always have an advantage.<br />

She’s a fantastic, well-mannered and light<br />

mare to ride. She never pulls and is always<br />

mannerly for any of her riders.”<br />

It was after the final results were<br />

announced, Jo realised the final marks had<br />

completely done a U-turn and they’d been<br />

pulled in first.<br />

“I looked to the outside of the ring and<br />

my parnter Jack and Kirsty both had their<br />

hands upto their faces, crying. I honestly<br />

couldn’t believe it – it didn’t sink in for me,<br />

for a while! We’re all just so thrilled and<br />

over the moon” continued Jo<br />

The pair will now contest in the<br />

Heavyweights section on the Saturday of<br />

HOYS. Following that Cody will go into<br />

the field, be wintered off until March and<br />

then come back into work to contest the<br />

qualifiers again.<br />

“I’d like to express my gratitude to my<br />

whole show team – Mum Jude Snelling,<br />

Tiger, my partner Jack and of course<br />

Kirsty who plays the biggest part by being<br />

the super groom. Without them all, we<br />

wouldn’t be here!” finished Jo<br />

We would like to wish Jo, Kirsty and Cody<br />

the best of luck at HOYS!<br />


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local news success stories<br />


Clea Sidaway and<br />

Delami Dante<br />

Clea Sidaway and<br />

Stonedge Ser-y-Bore<br />

Clea Sidaway and Delami Dante<br />

were 8th in Lead Rein Sports<br />

Pony and with Stonedge Ser-y-<br />

Bore, 6th in the Novice Heritage Lead<br />

Rein and 6th best rider.<br />

Jessica Cheetham and Dartmoor<br />

pony Treworgan Dambuster continue<br />

their successful showing career with<br />

a 2nd in the Heritage Pretty Polly<br />

First Ridden, a win in the Restricted<br />

Heritage First Ridden and taking<br />

Reserve Champion, then a sixth in the<br />

Challenge Heritage First Ridden and<br />

a win in the White Division Premier<br />

League Heritage First Ridden and also<br />

going Reserve Champion.<br />

Imogen Sidaway and Knockboy<br />

Lad were 9th in the Red Division<br />

Champion of Champions 143cms<br />

Working Hunter Pony and Desert<br />

Orchid 143cms Working Hunter Pony.<br />

Jessica Cheetham<br />

and Treworgan<br />

Dambuster<br />

New Ride Finds Form<br />

No stranger to Horse of the Year Show, local<br />

rider Reme Wilson-Barnes and her new ride<br />

for the season Derrygimbler Atlantic Storm,<br />

a 16 year old grey bought from April at the<br />

beginning of the season has taken top spot<br />

in the 143cm working hunter class, not once<br />

but twice, qualifying both times, their first<br />

win came at the TSR Show at Onley where<br />

they went on to take Champion and then at<br />

Stoneleigh.<br />

Delighted to take 3rd place in the Le Mieux<br />

La Liga, they took top spot in the La Liga<br />

with their previous pony ‘Harvey’ in the<br />

133cms working hunter section.<br />

Imogen Sidaway and<br />

Knockboy Lad<br />



52 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

3rd SEPTEMBER shows<br />

Caleb Cooper and Alfie<br />

Darcy Keeley and Queen of hearts<br />

Wellow Charity<br />

The days youngest<br />

competitor<br />

Olivia Fitzpatrick<br />

aged Just 23<br />

months with<br />

Pony Princess<br />

Bumble<br />

Children's Show<br />

Josh Cheetham with his<br />

Handy Pony Buttercup<br />

Thanks to competitors and supporters, the show was able to<br />

donate £300 to The John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre at<br />

Nottingham Trent university in memory of Karen Wildgust.<br />

Darcy Philips and<br />

Coffee Bean<br />

Charmaine Wagstaff<br />

and Gingerbread Bo<br />


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Layla Robinson<br />

and Rosie<br />

Winner of Best fancy<br />

dress Eve Moody and<br />

Bloomfields Flo Rida<br />

Kayla Moore and<br />

Teddybear<br />

Michaela Allen<br />

and Ebony<br />

Skyla and Gem<br />

Millie Bowler<br />

and Rosie<br />

Ned Davison jumping<br />

with new pony Spice<br />

True Love! Jessica<br />

Haywood and<br />

Marley<br />

Taylor Henson<br />

and Magic<br />

54 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

3rd SEPTEMBER<br />

shows<br />

Amber Evans & Dillion<br />

In Hand Champion Mayon Dorning & Auckside Jo<br />

Ripley Riders<br />

Liam Johnson & Top Rock Matthew<br />

Callum Goodall & Mr Smart<br />


Chloe Oldbury & Peaches<br />

Res In Hand<br />

Champion Tegan<br />

Hookway &<br />

Montana<br />

Chelsea Price & Samson<br />

Gillian Sellors & Daffyd Cornflower<br />

Harriet Hopkinson & Jazzy<br />

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shows<br />

Morgan Pearce &<br />

Little Miss Montana<br />

Linda Miller<br />

Res Ridden Champion Helen Sandle &<br />

Flash Harry<br />

Ridden Champion<br />

Delilah Beck &<br />

Chetwynd Hemlock<br />

Morgan Gregory &<br />

Backley Firethorn<br />

Pete Revill & King<br />

Jemima Hopkinson<br />

& Amber<br />

Kirsty Heenan & Psycho Princess<br />

Reserve WHP Champion<br />

Ellie Hodgson & Toffo<br />

WHP Champion Maisie Fletcher-Bates<br />

& Telynau Harri<br />

Sophie-Jo Miller-Tait &<br />

Kilmoylan Blue Oreo<br />

56 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>


diary<br />

Sunday 1st <strong>October</strong><br />

Ardsley Horse and Pony Club Show<br />

Ardsley Horse and Pony Club<br />

www.ardsleyhpc.co.uk 07849941915<br />

Blueberry Events Stressless Dressage<br />

Blueberry Events, Askham Bryan College<br />

www.blueberryeventsuk.com 07872640482<br />

Danibeck Horse of the Year Show<br />

Danibeck Riding Club, Commonside Farm<br />

07976482818/07393375522<br />

Clear Round Jump Cross<br />

Eckington and District Riding Club<br />

www.eckingtonridingclub.co.uk 07890839350<br />

Horseware National Hunter Trials<br />

Eland Lodge <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.elandlodge.com 01283 575856<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Elms Farm <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.elmsfarmec.com 07791934738 or<br />

07867360201<br />

Edrc Autumn Hunter Trial<br />

Epworth and District Riding Club<br />

www.edrc.co.uk 07985113873<br />

Equine Grass Sickness Charity Horse Show<br />

Equine Grass Sickness Fund, Hazlehead Hall<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

07939171925<br />

Hvrc Open Dressage Competition (Esuk<br />

Qualifier)<br />

Arena on HVRC club field<br />

www.hopevalleyridingclub.co.uk<br />

01433 650749<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Ledston Equine Centre<br />

07827291115<br />

Dressage Day<br />

Newbold Verdon <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.nvec.co.uk 01455 824240<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Dressage<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Arena Cross Country<br />

Raw Equine, Laughton Manor <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

Centre<br />

07880971711<br />

Rockwood Harriers Hunt Show Cross #2<br />

Open Day<br />

Factory Farm, Factory Lane<br />

www,rockwoodharriers.co.uk<br />

07921858106<br />

Show Jumping - Lead Rein Up to 85 Cms<br />

Royston Horse and Pony Club<br />

07725311687<br />

Have a Go Show<br />

Sheepgate <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.sheepgate.co.uk 01205 870236 (office<br />

hrs) 07768 156 262<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Speetley EC<br />

07531354265 / 07714278097<br />

Ashley Ward Dressage/ Test Riding Clinic<br />

Turbury Equisport<br />

www.turburyequisport.co.uk<br />

07789 265 973<br />

York and Ainsty South Hunter Trial<br />

York and Ainsty South Hunt Supporters Club<br />

www.yorksouthhunt.webs.com 07807242321<br />

Monday 2nd <strong>October</strong><br />

Junior Monday Club With Helen Roddy<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Tuesday 3rd <strong>October</strong><br />

Tuesday Evening Unaffiliated<br />

Showjumping<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Wednesday 4th <strong>October</strong><br />

British Dressage<br />

Hargate <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.hargateequestrian.co.uk 01283<br />

734981/730606 M:07736613557<br />

Tori Peters Dressage Clinic<br />

Moorhouse <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre & Saddlery<br />

www.moorhouse-equestrian.co.uk<br />

01977 642109<br />

British Showjumping<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Evening Showjumping <strong>2017</strong><br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

British Dressage<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Dressage<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Helmsley and Sproxton Guided Ride<br />

(North York Moors)<br />

Ride Yorkshire Foundation<br />

www.rideyorkshire.org 07583 451825 /<br />

07570 112010<br />

Thursday 5th <strong>October</strong><br />

Training Thursday Pyo<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

React to Colic Evening<br />

Oakham Vet Hospital<br />

02476 840735<br />

Evening Unaffiliated Show Jumping<br />

(Lower)<br />

Richmond <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre,<br />

Breckenbrough Farm<br />

www.richmondec.co.uk 01748 811295<br />

Friday 6th <strong>October</strong><br />

Evening Dressage<br />

Caistor <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre, Moor Lane<br />

www.caistorequestriancentre.com 01472<br />

859341<br />

Novice and Nervous Evening Jumping<br />

Moorhouse <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre & Saddlery<br />

www.moorhouse-equestrian.co.uk 01977<br />

642109<br />

British Dressage Inc Freestyle to Music<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Sue Chadwick Show Jumping Clinic<br />

Turbury Equisport, Far Turbury Farm<br />

www.turburyequisport.co.uk 07789 265 973<br />

Tack Sale / Selling Space Avalible<br />

Wellow <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre, Wellow <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.wellowequestrian.co.uk 01623 860997<br />

Saturday 7th <strong>October</strong><br />

Rare Breeds of the Year Show<br />

Arena UK,<br />

www.arenauk.com 01476 591 569<br />

Intro One Day Event<br />

Blankney Hunt Pony Club, White House Farm<br />

branches.pcuk.org/blankney<br />

Askham Bryan College<br />

British Eventing, Askham Bryan College<br />

www.britisheventing.com<br />

Arena Eventing<br />

Hallamshire Riding Society, Hallamshire Show<br />

Ground<br />

http://www.hallamshireridingsociety.co.uk/<br />

07813027161<br />

Trec Obstacle Training<br />

Highmoor Bloodhounds, Painslack Farm,<br />

https://en-gb.facebook.com/<br />

groups/520213014680717<br />

Horses Inside Out Applied Anatomy and<br />

Biomechanics Course<br />

Brooksby <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.horsesinsideout.com 01159212648<br />

Nervous and Novice/unaff Trailblazers<br />

Quals Show Jumping<br />

Milton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.miltonec.co.uk 07768853308<br />

British Dressage<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Dressage<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Arena Showcross<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Arena ODE<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Pony British Show Jumping<br />

Richmond <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.richmondec.co.uk 01748 811295<br />

Rosedale ‘Gentle’ Guided Ride (North<br />

York Moors)<br />

Ride Yorkshire Foundation<br />

www.rideyorkshire.org 07583 451825 / 07570<br />

112010<br />

Unaffiliated Dressage<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

Dressage<br />

York and District Riding Club<br />

www.ydrc.co.uk<br />

Sunday 8th <strong>October</strong><br />

Eventers Challenge - Arena Show Cross<br />

Aldham Mill <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

07415985978<br />

Supernova World Championships<br />

Arena UK<br />

www.arenauk.com 01476 591 569<br />

Atherstone and District Riding Club<br />

Hunter Trial<br />

Club Field<br />

www.atherstoneanddistrictridingclub.co.uk<br />

01283762939<br />

Jump Cross<br />

Eckington and District Riding Club<br />

www.eckingtonridingclub.co.uk 07890839350<br />

Unaffiliated Dressage<br />

Elms Farm <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.elmsfarmec.com 07791934738 or<br />

07867360201<br />

Unaffiliated Afternoon Showjumping<br />

Hargate <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.hargateequestrian.co.uk 01283<br />

734981/730606 M:07736613557<br />

Unaffiliated Dressage<br />

Hargate <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.hargateequestrian.co.uk 01283<br />

734981/730606 M:07736613557<br />

Unaffiliated Combined Training<br />

Hargate <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.hargateequestrian.co.uk 01283<br />

734981/730606 M:07736613557<br />

Unaffiliated Dressage<br />

Ledston Equine Centre<br />

Ledston Equine Clinic 07827291115<br />

Winter Dressage Championship @ Mill<br />

Lane Stables<br />

Mill Lane Stables<br />

07976938119<br />

Showing Barn Showing Show<br />

Milton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.miltonec.co.uk 07768853308<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 57

diary<br />


Trailblazers Dressage<br />

Moorhouse <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre & Saddlery<br />

www.moorhouse-equestrian.co.uk 01977<br />

642109<br />

Express Eventing<br />

Newbold Verdon <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.nvec.co.uk 01455 824240<br />

Unaff Dressage<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

In Hand and Ridden Showing at Northern<br />

Racing College<br />

Patrington Mill, Northern Racing College<br />

www.patringtonmillshowyard.co.uk<br />

07707725792<br />

British Show Jumping Senior<br />

Richmond <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.richmondec.co.uk 01748 811295<br />

South Wold Hunt Hunter Trial<br />

South Wold Hunt, Home Farm<br />

07742290845<br />

British Dressage<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

Gill Liggins Clinic<br />

Wellow <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.wellowequestrian.co.uk 01623 860997<br />

Unaffiliated Team Showjumping<br />

West Yorkshire Horseplay<br />

www.wyhp.co.uk 07876 473712<br />

Dressage Competition Sponsored by Colin<br />

and Declan- Farriers<br />

Wilsden <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.wilsdenequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

07501257978<br />

British Dressage<br />

Witham Villa <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.withamvilla.co.uk 01455 282694<br />

Monday 9th <strong>October</strong><br />

Ian Brown Clinic<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Ian Woodhead Dresssage Training<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

British Dressage<br />

Witham Villa <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.withamvilla.co.uk 01455 282694<br />

Tuesday 10th <strong>October</strong><br />

Show Jump Training With Be Coach<br />

Beatrice Stocks Be Coach, Aldham Mill<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.beatricestocks.com 07853245843<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Nicola Sheard Jumping Clinic<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Ian Woodhead Dresssage Training<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong>,<br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

Wednesday 11th <strong>October</strong><br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> Market<br />

Moorhouse <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre & Saddlery<br />

www.moorhouse-equestrian.co.uk 01977<br />

642109<br />

British Dressage<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Dressage<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

British Show Jumping Senior<br />

Richmond <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.richmondec.co.uk 01748 811295<br />

Sneck Yate / Cleveland Way Guided Ride<br />

(North York Moors)<br />

Ride Yorkshire Foundation<br />

www.rideyorkshire.org 07583 451825 / 07570<br />

112010<br />

Senior British Showjumping<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

Thursday 12th <strong>October</strong><br />

Jane Perbedy Clinic<br />

Newbold Verdon <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.nvec.co.uk 01455 824240<br />

Evening Unaffiliated Show Jumping<br />

(Higher)<br />

Richmond <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.richmondec.co.uk 01748 811295<br />

Arena Eventing Series 2018<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

BD Veteran Horse/rider Championships<br />

<strong>2017</strong><br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

Friday 13th <strong>October</strong><br />

Indoor Friday Night Jumping<br />

Selston <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

Www.selstonequestriancentre.net<br />

07947168518<br />

British Dressage - Three Day Show<br />

Sheepgate <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.sheepgate.co.uk 01205 870236 (office<br />

hrs) 07768 156262<br />

Leonie Smith Dressage Clinic<br />

Turbury Equisport<br />

www.turburyequisport.co.uk 07789 265 973<br />

Saturday 14th <strong>October</strong><br />

Oasby Horse Trials (2)<br />

Oasby, Nr Grantham Lincolnshire NG32 3NA<br />

www.bedeltd.co.uk<br />

Bsps Heritage Championships<br />

Arena UK<br />

www.arenauk.com 01476 591 569<br />

Blueberry Events Can’t Jump Won’t Jump<br />

Showjumping<br />

Askham Bryan College<br />

www.blueberryeventsuk.com 07872640482<br />

British Dressage<br />

Eland Lodge <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.elandlodge.com 01283 575856<br />

Ridden Clinic With Equipilates Trainer<br />

Five Pits Horsewatch Group,<br />

07778978811 (after 6pm)<br />

Unaffiliated Dressage<br />

Milton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre,<br />

www.miltonec.co.uk 07768853308<br />

British Showjumping Cat 1<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

British Dressage<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

British Showjumping Seniors Cat 1<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Unaff Dressage Summer League Final<br />

Richmond <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.richmondec.co.uk 01748 811295<br />

Rievaulx ‘Gentle’ Guided Ride (North York<br />

Moors)<br />

Ride Yorkshire<br />

www.rideyorkshire.org 07583 451825 / 07570<br />

112010<br />

Dressage Clinic - Emma Jablonski<br />

Scarsdale Equine Vets<br />

www.emmajablonskiequestrian.co.uk 01332<br />

294929<br />

Novice/nervous Showjumping<br />

Trentvalley <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.tvequestrian.co.uk 07821900838<br />

Summer Dressage Series Championship<br />

<strong>2017</strong><br />

Wellow <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.wellowequestrian.co.uk 01623 860997<br />

Sunday 15th <strong>October</strong><br />

Aire Valley Riding Club Dressage<br />

Aireview <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

07432503577<br />

Trailblazer and Unaffiliated Dressage<br />

Aldham Mill<br />

07790 629328<br />

Open Show Cross<br />

Badsworth Hunt Branch of Pony Club<br />

07745 658165<br />

Jump Cross<br />

Eckington and District Riding Club<br />

www.eckingtonridingclub.co.uk 07890839350<br />

Unaffiliated Dressage<br />

Eland Lodge <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.elandlodge.com 01283 575856<br />

Open Show<br />

Hargate <strong>Equestrian</strong>,<br />

www.hargateequestrian.co.uk 01283<br />

734981/730606 M:07736613557<br />

Hvrc Open Showcross<br />

HVRC Arena<br />

www.hopevalleyridingclub.co.uk 07570<br />

097799<br />

Combined Training and Dressage<br />

Newbold Verdon <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.nvec.co.uk 01455 824240<br />

British Showjumping Juniors<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Afiliated Cat 1 and Bs Club Showjumping<br />

Northern Racing college<br />

www.northernracingcollege.com 01302<br />

816006 / 07392 085 785<br />

Outwoods <strong>Equestrian</strong> Unaffiliated Winter<br />

Dressage Series<br />

Outwoods <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

In Hand and Ridden Showing at Milton EC<br />

S81 0tp<br />

Patrington Mill, Milton EC<br />

www.patringtonmillshowyard.co.uk<br />

07707725792<br />

Winter SJ Points League<br />

Pole Moor Riding Club,<br />

polemoorridingclub.co.uk<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Dressage<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Arena Cross Country<br />

Raw Equine, Oakley <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

07880971711<br />

Indoor Dressage Show<br />

Rearsby Lodge Riding Club, Brooksby<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.rearsbylodge.com 0116 2871662<br />

British Dressage<br />

Richmond <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.richmondec.co.uk 01748 811295<br />

Arena Eventing<br />

Speetley <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.speetleyec.co.uk<br />

Sport Endurance Thoresby Autumn Ride<br />

Sport Endurance Peak and Forest Group,<br />

Nottinghamshire NG22 9EP<br />

www.sportendurance.co.uk/Events/Ride-<br />

Events/Thoresby-Autumn-<strong>2017</strong>.aspx<br />

01283810011<br />

Open One Day Challenge<br />

Tickhill Riding Club<br />

www.tickhillridingclub.org 07739311853<br />

Unaffiliated Dressage<br />

Wakefield Riding for the Disabled Association<br />

www.wakefieldrda.typepad.co.uk 01924<br />

241341<br />

58 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>


diary<br />

<strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

Summer Show Jumping<br />

Wellow <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.wellowequestrian.co.uk 01623 860997<br />

Wec Show Jumping Competition - Sponsored<br />

by Revolution Dance<br />

Wilsden <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.wilsdenequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

07501257978<br />

Monday 16th <strong>October</strong><br />

Unaffilidated Dressage Competition<br />

Long Lane <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

http://www.longlane.jejik.co.uk/<br />

07890762427<br />

Junior Monday Club With Helen Roddy<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Ian Brown Clinic<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

British Dressage Byrds<br />

Witham Villa <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.withamvilla.co.uk 01455 282694<br />

Tuesday 17th <strong>October</strong><br />

Tuesday Evening Unaffiliated<br />

Showjumping<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Paul Hayler Dressage Coach<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Junior Day<br />

Witham Villa <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.withamvilla.co.uk 01455 282694<br />

Wednesday 18th <strong>October</strong><br />

Dressage or Show Jump Training<br />

Beatrice Stocks Be Coach, Aldham Mill<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.beatricestocks.com 07853245843<br />

Tori Peters Dressage Clinic<br />

Moorhouse <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre & Saddlery<br />

www.moorhouse-equestrian.co.uk 01977<br />

642109<br />

British Dressage<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Tracy Hepworth Dressage Clinic<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Wednesday Afternoon Showjumping<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Dressage<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk<br />

07950 819267<br />

British Dressage<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

Evening Dressage Competition<br />

Wilsden <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.wilsdenequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

07501257978<br />

Thursday 19th <strong>October</strong><br />

Jane Perbedy Clinic<br />

Newbold Verdon <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.nvec.co.uk 01455 824240<br />

Training Thursday Pyo<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Evening Unaffiliated Show Jumping<br />

(Lower)<br />

Richmond <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.richmondec.co.uk 01748 811295<br />

Steph Croxford Clinic<br />

Wellow <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.wellowequestrian.co.uk 01623 860997<br />

Arena Eventing<br />

Witham Villa <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.withamvilla.co.uk 01455 282694<br />

Friday 20th <strong>October</strong><br />

Norton Disney (2)<br />

British Eventing, Whitehall Farm (Norton<br />

Disney), Lincoln, Lincolnshire<br />

www.britisheventing.com<br />

Evening Show Jumping<br />

Caistor <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.caistorequestriancentre.com 01472<br />

859341<br />

Extravaganza British Showjumping Show<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

British Dressage Byrds Academy Day<br />

Witham Villa <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.withamvilla.co.uk 01455 282694<br />

Saturday 21st <strong>October</strong><br />

Dressage or Grid Work<br />

Beatrice Stocks Be Coach, Aldham Mill<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.beatricestocks.com 07853245843<br />

British Dressage<br />

Brackenhurst <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.ntu.ac.uk/brackenhurstec 01158485226<br />

Dressage Clinic With Sir Lee Pearson<br />

Bromley Farm<br />

07515899766<br />

Trec Day Camp<br />

Evie O’keeffe Trec Trainer, Ingleby Hall Livery<br />

Yard<br />

www.trec-training.uk 07939471564<br />

Arena Event<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong>, Old Dalby, Melton<br />

Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 3LX<br />

Sunday` 1st Native Pony Championships<br />

Tuesday 3rd Clear Round Jumping<br />

Saturday 7th Unaffiliated DR & SJ inc Trailblazers Qualifiers<br />

Sunday 8th British Dressage<br />

Monday<br />

9th Ian Woodhead PM<br />

Tuesday 10th Ian Woodhead<br />

Tuesday 10th Clear Round Jumping<br />

Wednesday 11th British Showjumping<br />

Thursday 12th Veteran Championships<br />

Friday 13th Veteran Championships<br />

Saturday 14th Veteran Championships<br />

Sunday 15th Veteran Championships<br />

Tuesday 17th Clear Round Jumping<br />

Wednesday 18th British Dressage<br />

Friday 20th British Showjumping<br />

Saturday 21st British Showjumping<br />

Tuesday 24th Clear Round Jumping<br />

Wednesday 25th Ian Woodhead<br />

Thursday 26th High Profile Show<br />

Friday 27th High Profile Show<br />

Saturday 28th High Profile Show<br />

Sunday 29th Unaffiliated DR & SJ inc Trailblazers Qualifiers<br />

Tuesday 31st Clear Round Jumping<br />

Please note dates may be subject to changes at the<br />

centres discretion. All Schedules can be found on our<br />

website along with details of all our trainers.<br />

“Tuesday Clear round jumping - just come along from 1pm and<br />

buy your ticket. Tickets are £15 for 2 rounds this includes any<br />

help you may need from Caroline Moore (may be alternative<br />

trainer occasionally)<br />

Trailblazers Show jumping – starting at 65cm introductory level<br />

through to 1.05cm providing an opportunity to qualify for an<br />

Unaffiliated National Championships.<br />

Dressage – we do trailblazers, affiliated & unaffiliated classes at<br />

Vale View from walk trot introductory tests through to Grand Prix<br />

tests, you will need to enter at least 4 days before the competition<br />

and please telephone if you need to make a late entry. Payment<br />

must be made at time of booking to confirm your entry, and is<br />

Please note non-refundable dates may once be paid. subject to<br />

changes at the Centre’s discretion<br />

For more information on all of these events<br />

and more please visit our website<br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk<br />

Tel: 01664 823739<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 59

diary<br />


Notts Derby Horse Show Halloween<br />

Spooktacular<br />

Longmoor Lane Show Ground,<br />

www.nottsderbyhorseshow.com<br />

07854317335<br />

Combined Training<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Saturday Showjumping<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk<br />

07950 819267<br />

Dressage<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Indoor Jumping<br />

Selston <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

Www.selstonequestriancentre.net<br />

07947168518<br />

Sunday 22nd <strong>October</strong><br />

Showjumping 60 Cm to 1m<br />

Aldham Mill <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

07415985978<br />

Junior Halloween Showjumping<br />

Arena UK<br />

www.arenauk.com 01476 591 569<br />

Blueberry Events Unaffiliated Dressage<br />

Askham Bryan College<br />

www.blueberryeventsuk.com 07872640482<br />

Arena Eventing<br />

Eland Lodge <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.elandlodge.com 01283 575856<br />

Huntertrails at Osberton<br />

Grove Hunt Pony Club, Nottinghamshire<br />

Grove pony club<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Hargate <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.hargateequestrian.co.uk 01283<br />

734981/730606 M:07736613557<br />

Unaffiliated Dressage<br />

Hargate <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.hargateequestrian.co.uk 01283<br />

734981/730606 M:07736613557<br />

Dressage Clinic Gill Liggins<br />

Hazlehead Hall <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

http://hhhequestrian.weebly.com<br />

07877362092<br />


www.miltonequestrian.co.uk<br />

Also at Milton <strong>Equestrian</strong>:<br />

* We hold a range of shows from Showing to<br />

Jumping and Dressage * Indoor Arena Hire available<br />

* Lessons with our very own BSJA coach Selina<br />

Cawkwell * Livery available<br />

(Take a look at our website to find our more)<br />

Blyth Rd, Carlton Forest, Worksop, Notts S81 0TP<br />

Tel: 01909 733844<br />

WEB: www.miltonec.co.uk EMAIL: info@miltonec.co.uk<br />

Showing Barn Showing Show<br />

Milton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.miltonec.co.uk 07768853308<br />

Bs Senior Showjumping<br />

Moorhouse <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre & Saddlery<br />

www.moorhouse-equestrian.co.uk<br />

01977 642109<br />

Arena Event<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Dressage<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

British Showjumping Seniors Cat 1<br />

Port Royal <strong>Equestrian</strong> and Exhibition Centre<br />

www.portroyaleec.co.uk 07950 819267<br />

Arena Cross Country<br />

Raw Equine, Riseholme College<br />

07880971711<br />

Showcase Dressage @ Middleton Park EC<br />

Showcase Media, Middleton Park <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

Centre<br />

www.showcaseshowingseries.com<br />

01132190455<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Speetley EC<br />

07531354265 / 07714278097<br />

Tsr North East Showing Finals<br />

The Showing Register, Countryside Live, Great<br />

Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate Yorkshire<br />

www.theshowingregister.co.uk<br />

Unaffiliated Dressage Competition 6th<br />

Points Show and Champ<br />

Turbury Equisport<br />

www.turburyequisport.co.uk 07789 265 973<br />

West of Yore Hunt Fence Hop and<br />

Breakfast<br />

Newfields, Mickley, Nr Ripon Yorkshire HG4 3JH<br />

www.westofyorehunt.co.uk 07796695666<br />

Monday 23rd <strong>October</strong><br />

Junior Monday Club With Helen Roddy<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Tuesday 24th <strong>October</strong><br />

Tuesday Evening Unaffiliated<br />

Showjumping<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre,<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Ian Woodhead Dresssage Training<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

Wednesday 25th <strong>October</strong><br />

British Dressage<br />

Richmond <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.richmondec.co.uk 01748 811295<br />

Ian Woodhead Dresssage Training<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

In Hand and Ridden Show - Sponsored<br />

by Buntons<br />

Wilsden <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre 07501257978<br />

Thursday 26th <strong>October</strong><br />

Dressage Bootcamp<br />

Professional Equine Services<br />

www.professionalequineservices.co.uk<br />

07791792711<br />

Evening Unaffiliated Show Jumping<br />

(Higher)<br />

Richmond <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.richmondec.co.uk 01748 811295<br />

British Dressage High Profile Show<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

Friday 27th <strong>October</strong><br />

Senior Halloween Showjumping<br />

Arena UK<br />

www.arenauk.com 01476 591 569<br />

Friday Night Show Jumping<br />

Trentvalley <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.tvequestrian.co.uk 07821900838<br />

60 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>


diary<br />

Sue Chadwick Show Jumping Clinic<br />

Turbury Equisport<br />

www.turburyequisport.co.uk<br />

07789 265 973<br />

Saturday 28th <strong>October</strong><br />

Julie Frizzell Dressage Clinic<br />

Elms Farm <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.elmsfarmec.com 07791934738 or<br />

07867360201<br />

Indoor Clinic With Craig Dillon<br />

Five Pits Horsewatch and Countryside Access<br />

Group<br />

07778978811<br />

High Peak Riding Club Unaffiliated<br />

Dressage<br />

Hargate Hill <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.highpeakridingclub.co.uk<br />

07816989339<br />

Unaffiliated Show Jumping<br />

Milton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.miltonec.co.uk<br />

07768853308<br />

BD Step in or Step Up<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Unaffiliated Dressage Series<br />

Professional Equine Services<br />

www.professionalequineservices.co.uk<br />

07791792711<br />

Indoor Dressage<br />

Sheepgate <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.sheepgate.co.uk 01205 870236<br />

(office hrs) 07768 156262<br />

Sunday 29th <strong>October</strong><br />

Danibeck Halloween Show<br />

Danibeck Riding Club, Commonside Farm<br />

07976482818/07393375522<br />

British Dressage<br />

Hargate <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.hargateequestrian.co.uk<br />

01283 734981/730606 M:07736613557<br />

Legup <strong>October</strong> Dressage Event<br />

Bromley Farm<br />

www.legupequestrian.co.uk<br />

01226 370679<br />

Show Jumping<br />

Maltby and District Riding Club<br />

www.maltbyridingclub.co.uk<br />

Trailblazers Dressage<br />

Moorhouse <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre & Saddlery<br />

www.moorhouse-equestrian.co.uk<br />

01977 642109<br />

Show/cross at Lrac, Louth, Open to All<br />

North Lincs Riding Club<br />

www.nl-rc.co.uk<br />

Combined Training<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Open in Hand and Novice Ridden<br />

Showing No Canter Show<br />

Patrington Mill, Northern Racing College<br />

www.patringtonmillshowyard.co.uk<br />

07707725792<br />

Indoor Halloween Showjumping Show<br />

Rearsby Lodge Riding Club<br />

www.rearsbylodge.com 0116 2871662<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Speetley EC<br />

07531354265 / 07714278097<br />

Sport Endurance Phoenix Halloween Ride<br />

Sport Endurance East Midlands Group,<br />

Nottinghamshire NG19 7PH<br />

www.sportendurance.co.uk/Events/Ride-<br />

Events/Phoenix-Halloween-<strong>2017</strong>.aspx<br />

01283 810011<br />

Halloween Hunter Trial<br />

Thornton Lodge Farm<br />

www.thorntonlodgefarm.co.uk 01347821306<br />

Unaffiliated Show Jumping Competition<br />

6thpoints Show and Cha<br />

Turbury Equisport,<br />

www.turburyequisport.co.uk 07789 265 973<br />

Unaffiliated Dressage<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk 01664 823739<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

www.valeviewequestrian.co.uk<br />

01664 823739<br />

Monday 30th <strong>October</strong><br />

Ian Brown Clinic<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Junior Monday Club With Helen Roddy<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Open Show Jumping Arena Hire<br />

Turbury Equisport<br />

www.turburyequisport.co.uk<br />

07789 265 973<br />

Tuesday 31st <strong>October</strong><br />

British Dressage<br />

Arena UK<br />

www.arenauk.com 01476 591 569/<br />

07774 018103<br />

Tuesday Evening Unaffiliated<br />

Showjumping<br />

Northallerton <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk<br />

01609 772942<br />

Wednesday 1st November<br />

Tori Peters Dressage Clinic<br />

Moorhouse <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre & Saddlery<br />

www.moorhouse-equestrian.co.uk<br />

01977 642109<br />

Thursday 2nd November<br />

Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks Demo<br />

Richmond <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.intelligenthorsemanship.co.uk<br />

01488 71300<br />

Friday 3rd November<br />

Evening Dressage<br />

Caistor <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.caistorequestriancentre.com<br />

01472 859341<br />

Saturday 4th November<br />

Bs Junior Showjumping<br />

Moorhouse <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre & Saddlery<br />

www.moorhouse-equestrian.co.uk 01977<br />

642109<br />

Unaffiliated Combined Training/eventers Ct<br />

Speetley EC<br />

07531354265 / 07714278097<br />

Sunday 5th November<br />

Bonfire Showing Inc Equifest Qual<br />

Aldham Mill <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

07415985978<br />

An Afternoon With Gemma Tattersall<br />

BHS Nottinghamshire, Brackenhurst<br />

<strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

www.bhs.org.uk/bhs-in-your-area/eastmidlands/nottinghamshire<br />

Blueberry Events Stressless Dressage<br />

Askham Bryan College<br />

www.blueberryeventsuk.com<br />

07872640482<br />

Trec Obstacle Training<br />

Evie O’keeffe Trec Trainer, Raw Equine<br />

www.trec-training.uk<br />

07939471564<br />

Pony Club Dengie Dressage Qualifier<br />

Grove Hunt Pony Club, Milton <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

Centre<br />

07936800995<br />

Bs Senior Showjumping<br />

Moorhouse <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre & Saddlery<br />

www.moorhouse-equestrian.co.uk<br />

01977 642109<br />

Unaffiliated Showjumping<br />

Speetley EC<br />

07531354265 / 07714278097<br />

An Afternoon With Gemma Tattersall<br />

The British Horse Society, Brackenhurst EC<br />

0115 8485292<br />


Saturday 14th : Nervous and Novice Show Jumping<br />

Sunday 15th : Trailblazers Dressage<br />

Monday 23rd : Pony Day 10am – 3pm<br />

Tuesday 24th : Show Jumping Clinic<br />

Wednesday 25th : Half Pony Day<br />

Thursday 26th: Halloween Indoor Cross Country Competition<br />

Friday 27th : Full Pony Day<br />

Friday 27th : Friday Night Show Jumping<br />

Sunday 29th : Halloween Team Show Jumping (60-70cm)<br />

pre-booking only<br />

November 5th : Bonfire Team Show Jumping (65-75cm)<br />

Please see website for more information.<br />

If you wish to book a place please call and pay<br />

over the phone to secure your place<br />

Please see website for more information<br />

Friday night running last Friday of month only | SCHOOL HIRE AVAILABLE £30 HOUR<br />

Schedules and info available at www.tvequestrian.co.uk<br />

01636 813588<br />

Occupation Lane, Fiskerton, Southwell, Notts<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 61

competition entry form<br />

This month in<br />

stockists<br />

Tick the prizes you would like to win...<br />


Mill Lane Garden Centre, Breaston<br />

Derbys DE72 3AX Tel: 07838 769173<br />

Page 12 - WIN a lesson with Lara Edwards - Q: How many Regional titles has Lara won? _____________<br />

Page 12 - Win a bag of Speedi-Beet<br />

Page 12 - WIN a Trickle Net - Q: On average, how long does it take for a Trickle Net to pay for itself in<br />

the cost of saved hay? ____________________________<br />

Entry Form<br />

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2-4 Chesterfield Rd, Tibshelf,<br />

Alfreton DE55 5NL<br />

Tel: 01773 590777<br />

Name IN CAPITALS:<br />

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<strong>Life</strong> Competitions, The<br />

Loose Box, Shelton Lodge,<br />

Shelton, Nr. Newark, Notts<br />

NG23 5JJ<br />

Send in by 30th <strong>October</strong><br />

<strong>2017</strong><br />

Please tick here if you<br />

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legibly.<br />


Barrow House Farm/Woodcotes Lane,<br />

Newark NG22 0TH<br />

Tel: 01777 228260<br />

WANT TO<br />

STOCK<br />

Call 01949 851555<br />

or email<br />

info@equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk<br />


Main Road, Belton,<br />

Grantham NG32 2LX<br />

Tel: 01476 590077<br />


Lane End Farm, Markfield Ln, Newtown<br />

Linford, Leicester LE6 0AB<br />

Tel: 01530 242214<br />

62 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>



4B Market St, Draycott,<br />

Derby DE72 3NB<br />

Tel: 01332 897644<br />


The Mill, Mansfield Rd, Edingley<br />

NG22 8BG<br />

Tel: 01623 882260<br />

GABLESTOCK Witham Mill,<br />

Valley Lane, Long Bennington,<br />

Nottinghamshire, Newark NG23 5EE<br />

Tel: 01400 281337<br />

Harriet Haivers<br />

The Newark Saddler<br />

Tack & Rug Repairs<br />

Bridlework Made to Measure<br />

Saddle Fitting & Reflocking<br />


Willow Farm, Hawton,<br />

Newark NG24 3RR<br />

www.harriethaivers.co.uk<br />

Tel: 01636 678006<br />

Used English Saddles & Tack For Sale<br />

Rug Washing and Re-proofing<br />

Willow Farm, Hawton, Newark, Notts NG24 3RR<br />

Tel: 01636 678006 - Mobile: 07932 233219<br />

Email: hahahaivers@hotmail.co.uk<br />


Salmon House/Salmon Lane<br />

Nottingham NG17 9LA<br />

Tel: 01623 756342<br />

Martins Farm<br />

431 Calverton Rd, Arnold,<br />

Nottingham NG5 8PU<br />

Tel: 0115 926 8703<br />

Millside <strong>Equestrian</strong><br />

Southwell Rd, Nottingham NG14 7HG<br />

Tel: 01636 831111<br />


Blyth Road, Worksop<br />

S81 0TP<br />

Tel: 01909 733844<br />


Well known for our saddle<br />

fitting Parklands and <strong>Equestrian</strong> sales services Centre,<br />

Worksop both Rd, new Aston, and Sheffield used, S26 2AD<br />

covering Tel: 0114 a huge 287 range 5278 of<br />

brands including Parklands<br />

own Intouch saddles.<br />

Buckaroo Saddlery Advert February (March edition).pdf 1 11/02/2016 09:40<br />


Derby stables Rd, and Risley, trial paddocks Derby<br />

DE72 3SY<br />

Tel: 0115 939 2516<br />

We are situated adjacent to j25 on the m1 & are<br />

very accessible from all parts of the country! We<br />

have 2600 sq feet of retail area, so stocks are<br />

extensive. Parking is no problem and we have<br />

We have an extensive range of stock and have around<br />

500 bits from 3” – 7”. Our fine english bridles and<br />

saddles are available in sizes extra small through to<br />

extra extra extra full, in three colours; havana,<br />

Sam our saddle<br />

fitter travels to<br />

homes and yards or<br />

can see customers and<br />

their horses on site. With<br />

more than 30 years<br />

experience there's not<br />

a size or shape he<br />

hasn't seen<br />

before!<br />

black<br />

To discuss<br />

& aussie nut.<br />

your<br />

Riding<br />

requirements<br />

hats, jodhpurs, show and<br />

or<br />

hacking<br />

to arrange a fitting call Sam on<br />

jackets, riding boots the list is endless.<br />

07715 004199<br />

Personalised embroidery service with over 300 motifs<br />

to choose from and a large selection of jackets,<br />

saddlecloths, hoodies, polo shirts & rugs available for<br />

embroidery. Fast turnaround rug washing and repairs. Hay,<br />

straw, feed and bedding is always available.<br />

Clipper servicing and blade<br />

sharpening. We have a<br />

selection of dog rugs to fit all<br />

shapes and sizes and<br />

accessories for your four<br />

legged friend<br />

or call our shop 0114 2875278<br />


Waltham Rd, Waltham on the Wolds, Melton<br />

Mowbray LE14 4SD Tel: 01664 465000<br />

Hull Road, Hemingbrough, Selby, North<br />

Yorkshire YO8 6QJ Tel: 01757 638555<br />


The Mill, High St, Swanwick, Alfreton<br />

DE55 1AA Tel: 01773 602466<br />


Barrow House/Woodcotes Lane,<br />

Newark NG22 0TH Tel: 01777 229195<br />


OF SOUTH<br />



Wingfield Mill, Church Ln, South<br />

Wingfield, Alfreton DE55 7NJ<br />

Tel: 01773 832631<br />


The Oaklands, Costock Road,<br />

Wysall NG12 5QT<br />

Tel: 01509 889040<br />


Thorpe Road, Whisby,<br />

Lincoln, LN6 9BT<br />

Tel: 01522 694235<br />

Risley Saddlery, Risley, Derbyshire DE723SY.<br />

Tel; 01159392516 Email; info@risleysaddlery.co.uk<br />

www.Risleysaddlery.co.uk<br />


Main Rd, Westwood, Nottingham<br />

NG16 5HU<br />

Tel: 01773 607411<br />


43-45 Chieftain Way, Tritton Road<br />

Trading Estate, Lincoln LN6 7RY<br />

Tel: 01522 533822<br />


Bigby Road, Brigg<br />

DN20 8RA<br />

Tel: 01652 600690<br />


Dunston Rd, Chesterfield S41 9QD<br />

Tel: 01246 260336<br />


Nottingham Ln, Old Dalby, Melton<br />

Mowbray LE14 3LX Tel: 01664 823739<br />


Leverton Boston Lincolnshire<br />

PE22 0AS<br />

Tel: 01205 870236<br />


Cobcroft Ln, Cridling Stubbs,<br />

Knottingley WF11 0AZ<br />

Tel: 01977 679905<br />

FRANKS<br />



Broadholme Rd, Saxilby, Lincoln<br />

LN1 2NE Tel: 01522 703551<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 63

service directory<br />


To Advertise your business contact us on<br />

01949 851555 or info@equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk<br />





(Hons) PG Dip AM MAA<br />

Regd. Like people, horses<br />

can suffer from back, neck,<br />

pelvic and musculoskeletal problems, and<br />

can benefit from McTimoney treatment.<br />

Treatment involves careful analysis and<br />

assessment of the spine, pelvis and any<br />

other relevant joints and precise, rapid<br />

adjustments are given to problem areas.<br />

Consider taking advice if you notice changes<br />

in performance, movement, assymmetry,<br />

unexplained resistance or uneven muscle<br />

development. Falls, accidents and slips are<br />

ofter a common cause and competition<br />

places even more strain upon their skeletal<br />

structure. Horses also receive great benefit<br />

from preventative treatment and<br />

McTimoney can help them perform at their<br />

best. Kerry is based in Lincolnshire and<br />

obtains requests directly from owners and<br />

referrals from veterinary practices. Kerry is<br />

fully insured and MAA registered. Contact<br />

details : 07725 267837 or 01522 811937<br />

email kerrydunford@hotmail.co.uk<br />

Facebook<br />

www.facebook.com/kerrydaveymctimoney<br />



AND CAKES. Finest Belgian<br />

Chocolate imported then<br />

handmade by us into an<br />

exclusive equine line of<br />

Horseshoes & Pony shoes sculpted using<br />

new shoes from the farrier so lifelike<br />

representations. Horse head and Dog<br />

head chocolates also available along with<br />

many others. Top Farm House, Shelton,<br />

Newark, Notts, 07776 233539, www.<br />

cathyschocolatesandcakes.co.uk, www.<br />

facebook.com/CathysChocolatesandCakes<br />


R&R COUNTRY. With<br />

over 15 years experience<br />

R&R Country is the largest<br />

equestrian and country<br />

superstore in the Yorkshire area with<br />

a fabulous second store near Melton<br />

Mowbray, Leicestershire. Open 7 days a<br />

week offering thousands of sq. feet of<br />

exciting shopping packed with everything<br />

for the horse, rider and country enthusiast<br />

from clothing, safety wear, footwear tack,<br />

saddlery, pet, feed, bedding, country<br />

clothing, horse wear - plus much more. We<br />

also provide a full saddle fitting service by<br />

a qualified SMS saddle fitter. R&R Country<br />

is a recognised BETA qualified stockist of<br />

riding hats & body protectors therefore<br />

we can advise on the correct fitting of the<br />

safety item. R&R Country is the place to visit.<br />

R&R Country - Hull Road, Hemingbrough,<br />

Selby, YO8 6QJ, Tel: 01757 638555 | R&R<br />

Country (Melton) - Waltham Road, Thorpe<br />

Arnold, Melton Mowbray, LE14 4SD, Tel:<br />

01664 465000. Shop online with us at www.<br />

randrcountry.co.uk<br />




Suppliers of equestrian<br />

and country products, rider and leisurewear,<br />

animal feed and supplements, saddlery and<br />

stable equipment, pet and poultry supplies<br />

etc. Hat and back protector fitting service.<br />

Licensed to sell horse, cat and dog wormers.<br />

Situated off the A612 Southwell Road,<br />

Thurgarton, Notts, NG14 7GP. Any enquiries<br />

please tel<br />

01636 831111 www.millsidecountrystore.<br />

com<br />



COURSE. Refurbished course available for<br />

private schooling/events/hunter trials /<br />

driving shows and clinics. We have fences to<br />

suit the very young and the more advanced<br />

horse/rider. Open 7 days a week. Livery<br />

also available with full use of the course<br />

included.<br />

www.danethorpehillxc.co.uk Sharon<br />

Applewhite 07966458116/01636 703980<br />




DEFRA/Royal College<br />

of Veterinary Surgeons<br />

Qualified, Member of Worldwide Association<br />

of Equine Dentists, 14 years experience with<br />

all types of horses, Midlands based. Tel:<br />

07771783938<br />



Fully qualified and<br />

insured equine sports<br />

massage therapist. Equine sports massage is<br />







SHOP OPEN MON-FRI 7.00am – 5.00pm SAT 8.00am – 4.30pm<br />

For all of the above products and more.<br />

Delivery available please ask for details.<br />


Witham Mill, Valley Lane, Long Bennington, Newark, Notts NG23 5EE<br />

Tel: 01400 281421 or 281337 – Fax 01400 281851<br />

Email: gablestock@hotmail.co.uk<br />

the application of soft tissue manipulation<br />

in order to achieve release of tension,<br />

spasm, & reduce pain in muscle group areas.<br />

Regular treatments can also prevent injury<br />

through detecting problems in the early<br />

stages and aid recovery following injury.<br />

Equine Sports Massage is recommended by<br />

vets & trainers around the world. Massage<br />

is a non-invasive complimentary therapy<br />

which promotes the natural healing<br />

process, enhances circulation, relieves<br />

tension, assists recovery & enhances a<br />

range of movement. The use of sports<br />

massage is renowned for its physiological<br />

& psychological benefits. 07584629044<br />

kbowers87@hotmail.co.uk www.<br />

kbequinesportsmassage.co.uk<br />



ESMT.<br />

Massage<br />

techniques utilised<br />

amongst others to<br />

enhance muscle<br />

tone, prevent<br />

injuries, prepare<br />

the body for athletic activity and maintain<br />

it in optimum condition. In addition to<br />

reducing muscular tension and soreness,<br />

improving lymphatic flow and lactate<br />

clearance - all horses can benefit from<br />

massage therapy from the happy hacker to<br />

elite eventer. For a friendly and professional<br />

approach, providing tailored treatments<br />

for the individual. Tel - 07946 934 932<br />

efrostesmt@yahoo.com<br />



- DIP.FTST, ESMT,<br />

SMA. Equine/Canine<br />

Sports Massage<br />

& Neuromuscular<br />

Manipulation.<br />

A specialist in soft tissue injury &<br />

rehabilitation. Also offers Deep Oscillation &<br />

Therapeutic Ultrasound (with vet approval)<br />

Tel: 07909-990445 Certified courses are also<br />

available: Equine Sports Massage Diploma<br />

(for professionals) and Equine Massage<br />

Certificate (for Horse Owners)<br />

www.equi-therapyuk.com<br />

64 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

service directory<br />


room. Claxhill Farm, Carlton Lane, Norwell,<br />

Newark. NG23 6LF, Tel. 07977 629504<br />



fully qualified and registered<br />

farrier relocating back to<br />

Chesterfield and now taking<br />

on new customers in North Derbyshire,<br />

South Yorkshire and surrounding areas. All<br />

types of work undertaken from elite<br />

competition horses to happy hackers and<br />

everything in between. Working together<br />

with vets, physiotherapists and trainers to<br />

ensure your horse performs to the best of<br />

their ability. Use of modern and traditional<br />

methods of shoeing and trimming including<br />

specialist plastic shoes and bespoke<br />

hand-made steel shoes where required.<br />

Remedial work also undertaken following a<br />

consultation with examples of work<br />

available on request. Tel: 07584 068441;<br />

Email: grovehouseforge@gmail.com;<br />

Web: www.farrierliam.co.uk<br />



Carlton in Lindrick, Nr Worksop. Quality<br />

livery yard, DIY, part or full. Large indoor<br />

and outdoor arenas. Extensive cross-country<br />

courses, regular competitions and annual<br />

camp. Unlimited hacking and all year turnout.<br />

24hr supervision and security. Contact<br />

Lorna and Bill Walker on 01909 730247.<br />


on the edge of Clumber<br />

Park has limited vacancies<br />

for DIY/Assisted DIY/Part/<br />

Full liveries. British Horse Society approved<br />

yard - Secure yard with alarmed tack room<br />

and CCTV - Owners live on site, late night<br />

check and lock up - Rest room, toilet and<br />

wash facilities - Separate locker room -<br />

Portable hot/cold shower unit (small fee)<br />

- Floodlit 40mx40m manege with mirrors<br />

and jumps - Grass jumping arena with a<br />

range of jumps - All year turnout. Optional<br />

24/7 summer turnout - 55 acres of paddocks<br />

on sand based soil - Summer and winter<br />

paddocks - Horses 2 max to a paddock with<br />

automatic filling water troughs - On site<br />

instructor available for lessons - Assisted<br />

services available for holidays, sickness,<br />

work commitments - No yard politics, just<br />

friendly faces here to ride. Come and view<br />

the superb facilities for yourself. Call Alison/<br />

Nick on 01909 472413 www.clumberlivery.<br />

co.uk<br />


. FULL, PART OR<br />

HUNT LIVERIES. Small<br />

professionally run yard in the<br />

beautiful village of Norwell.<br />

Close to Newark with easy access to A1 for<br />

Showground, Arena Uk etc. Full, Part and<br />

Hunter Livery tailored to suit you and your<br />

horse to the very best standard. Facilities<br />

include: Indoor stables; All year round;<br />

turnout; Outdoor Manage; Secure tack<br />


Established, well run DIY livery yard situated<br />

on an arable farm, 8 miles from Nottingham.<br />

Use of well-known cross-country course,<br />

40m x 30m sand and rubber manege,<br />

show jumps and direct access to an<br />

off-road toll ride with miles of traffic-free<br />

hacking. All year turn-out in individual<br />

paddocks, separate summer and winter<br />

grazing on free-draining land. The yard<br />

now implements the “Intelligent Worming<br />

Programme”. Individual choice of farrier,<br />

Vet, instructor etc. Contact Carole Fisher Tel:<br />

01949 20235 www.newtoncrosscountry.<br />

co.uk<br />



by woodland, just off<br />

A46 between Lincoln and<br />

Newark. DIY, part or full<br />

livery, all stables have rubber matting and<br />

water drinkers, 60x25 floodlit arena with<br />

cushion-ride surface , full set of show-jumps<br />

on grass , wash room and secure tack room<br />

, lorry and trailer parking. Please call Kath<br />

07957754260<br />


Kneesall’s finest<br />

equestrian centre<br />

has fabulous<br />

facilities awaiting<br />

you and your horse including 40x20 waxed<br />

indoor arena with mirrors, 60x30 outdoor<br />

arena, full set of show jumps, Monarch<br />

stabling, covered walker, lunge pen, stocks,<br />

solarium, hot/cold wash-box, post and rail<br />

fenced paddocks and indoor turnout. Fully<br />

qualified and insured staff on site 24hrs.<br />

Specialising in livery and training solutions<br />

for horses and riders of all abilities, backing<br />

and producing youngsters and re-educating<br />

‘problem’ horses. Contact Rebekkah 07791<br />

792711 or Andrew 07746 168813.<br />



A fresh approach to problem solving, all<br />

horses helped without force or fear. For info<br />

on private visits, courses and clinics, email:<br />

info@truehorsemanship.com or call 01623<br />

407634 / 07974 214990.<br />

www.truehorsemanship.com<br />


HARRIET HAIVERS. Willow Farm, Hawton,<br />

Newark, Notts NG24 3RR. Tack and rug<br />

repairs - English saddles bought and sold -<br />

Bridlework made to order - Saddle fitting<br />

and reflocking. Now Open Weekdays 9am -<br />

5pm; Saturday 9am - 1pm. Tel: 01636<br />

678006 / 07932 233219.<br />




stabilises the pelvis, aligns<br />

spine and strengthens<br />

shoulders to give core<br />

strength and a balanced position in the<br />

saddle. Top event rider Tina Canton is now recommending<br />

it to her pupils as a clever way to<br />

enhance their riding, both at her Newark yard<br />

and to students at Nottingham Trent University.<br />

“I am immensely grateful to have found<br />

this gilet and I can thoroughly recommend<br />

it”, says Tina. With most riders suffering bad<br />

backs, the brace is just the thing for riding and<br />

stable work, and a bonus that it looks just like<br />

a regular waistcoat. Angel Med Ltd., (Orthotics<br />

Manufacturer) 01476 516200/07968 510452<br />

www.angelmed.co.uk<br />




SADDLE FITTER. Purpose<br />

built Saddlefit centre near the<br />

Newark showground or home visits. Excellent<br />

Range of both New and secondhand<br />

saddles available. All Reflocking and aftercare<br />

to saddles undertaken. Te 07787532601<br />

/ 01636701790<br />




Vale View <strong>Equestrian</strong> Centre<br />

Old Dalby, Melton Mowbray<br />

Leicestershire LE14 3LX.<br />

Qualified with the Society of<br />

Master Saddlers (SMS) and<br />

also a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant<br />

(MSFC). Nicola was the first in the country<br />

to gain both of these qualifications. New<br />

and second-hand saddles, including Equipe,<br />

Kent & Masters and our very own made to<br />

measure Sovereign saddles. Onsite flocking<br />

and alterations. Yard visits or fittings at Vale<br />

View <strong>Equestrian</strong>. Discounts available fitting/<br />

checking for multiple horses on the same<br />

yard. 0845 3003566<br />

Sales@buckarooequine.co.uk<br />



Society of Master Saddlers<br />

qualified Saddle Fitter. We<br />

undertake saddle fitting throughout the<br />

East Midlands area. New, second-hand<br />

leather and synthetic saddles always in<br />

stock. Repairs expertly undertaken.<br />

Ring 01526 860436. E: john@tandcrobinson.co.uk<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk 65

service directory<br />


Subscribe TODAY to<br />

for only £22.00* for 12 issues<br />

Please return your completed form to: <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong><br />

Magazine Limited, The Loose Box, Shelton Lodge,<br />

Shelton, Nr. Newark, Notts, NG23 5JJ<br />

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Mobile saddle fitting service, Stocking a wide range of new<br />

and used saddles from around £150 to made to measure<br />

starting at £650.<br />

Saddle fitter for The Saddle Company, saddle reflocking,<br />

repairs and tree adjustments made on site.Experienced,<br />

friendly and reliable service.<br />

Contact Teresa on 07892 880197 or 01773 860121<br />

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If paying by cheque, please make cheques payable to <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong> Limited and<br />

post to the address above.<br />

*This price will not be affected by any increase in price for the duration of the<br />

subscription period.<br />

www.equestrianlifemagazine.co.uk<br />

We stock a wide range of<br />

equipment for horse and rider.<br />

• Riding hats and body protectors expertly fitted.<br />

• Good choice of jodphurs, boots and chaps<br />

for adult and child.<br />

• Summer turnouts, fly rugs and fly repellents in stock.<br />

• Rug washing, reproofing and repairing.<br />

All saddlery repairs on site by Society of Master Saddlers Saddler<br />

Sadddle fitting checks and saddle sales by SMS Qualified saddle fitter<br />

Open: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm and Saturday 9am-4pm<br />

The Tack Box, 43 - 45 Chieftain Way, Tritton Rd, Lincoln, LN6 7RY<br />

Telephone: 01522 533822<br />

HARRIET HAIVERS. Willow Farm, Hawton,<br />

Newark, Notts NG24 3RR. Tack and rug<br />

repairs - English saddles bought and sold<br />

- Bridlework made to order - Saddle fitting<br />

and reflocking. Open Weekdays 9am - 5pm<br />

(closed Mondays); Sat 9am - 1pm. Tel:<br />

01636 678006 / 07932 233219.<br />

S. MILNER & SON. 2 Society of Master<br />

Saddlers qualified saddle fitters. Saddle<br />

fittings at the shop or at your yard. Over<br />

200 saddles in stock, new & 2nd hand. Call<br />

01664 454839 for an appointment.<br />



EQUINE<br />


Backing, starting and schooling your<br />

youngster couldn’t be easier at Kneesall’s<br />

finest equestrian centre. Don’t miss out<br />

on the limited places available. Fabulous<br />

facilities awaiting you and your horse<br />

including 40x20 waxed indoor arena with<br />

mirrors, 60x30 outdoor arena, full set of<br />

show-jumps, Monarch stabling, covered<br />

walker, lunge pen, stocks, solarium, hot/cold<br />

wash-box, post and rail fenced paddocks<br />

plus indoor turnout. Fully insured and<br />

qualified staff on site 24hrs. Specialising in<br />

schooling and training solutions for horses<br />

and riders of all abilities, back & producing<br />

youngsters and re-educating ‘problem’<br />

horses. Contact Rebekkah 07791 792711 or<br />

Andrew 07746 168813.<br />


F Martin Ltd. MARTINS FARM, Dorket Head<br />

Farm, Calverton Road, Arnold, Nottingham.<br />

Everything for your horse and pet: plus<br />

riding wear and outdoor clothing: Feed,<br />

Supplements, Electric and Wooden fencing<br />

and gates. T: 0115 9268703 F: 0115<br />

9264995.<br />

www.martinsfarm.co.uk<br />


Est.1992<br />

so a wealth of<br />

experience to<br />

offer<br />

Easy parking<br />

Bakewell Equine Vets. Experienced equine<br />

vets providing an ambulatory service and<br />

clinic with stabling and surgical facilities. We<br />

provide AI services, digital x-ray, ultrasound<br />

scanning, shockwave therapy, dentistry,<br />

video gastroscopy/endoscopy, lameness<br />

investigations, JMB measurement and prepurchase<br />

examinations. Open 8.30-5.00pm<br />

plus 24hr emergency service 01629 810351<br />

www.bakewellvets.co.uk<br />










As a Physiotherapists I am highly trained and<br />

experienced. I’m an expert in the field of gait<br />

analysis, manual therapies, electrotherapies,<br />

exercise prescription, and rehabilitation in<br />

order to decrease pain and restore function.<br />

Physiotherapy can help improve performance,<br />

prevent injury, and enhance mobility and<br />

suppleness. Physiotherapy also assists in<br />

rehabilitation following injury and/or surgery<br />

with the aim of restoring the animal back<br />

to full function. It is not just for the elite<br />

competition horse or agility dog; every animal<br />

will benefit from being pain free, having<br />

symmetrical muscle mass, good range of joint<br />

movement, and supple muscles to enable<br />

them to move, work, and perform at their<br />

optimum level. It is good practice to have your<br />

animals routinely checked, and should be<br />

included in their overall management routine,<br />

even if there is no specific injury or trauma.<br />

Therefore small problems can be detected<br />

early and prevented from turning into a<br />

serious issue.<br />

Tel: 07760444547 Email:<br />

kellyedwardsvetphysio@gmail.com Website:<br />

www.kevetphysio.co.uk<br />

66 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Equestrian</strong> <strong>Life</strong>

stable<br />

equipment<br />

& footwear<br />

horse care<br />


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