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First and foremost, it’s our five-year anniversary, so Pulse includes A Look Back: Five Years of VIVE, our feature story complete with pictures of the past five years and insights from owner Diane Insalaco. Additionally, we are sharing more detailed information about the five-year anniversary party, which will be held on Wednesday, October 18th from 5 – 8 p.m. at VIVE. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!
This month, Pulse also highlights delicious fall flavors, new offerings like our loyalty program and 21-day onboarding program for new members, and three more GEX instructor profiles so you can get to know Pam, X and X even better and hopefully try out one – or more – of their classes for yourself!
We hope you enjoy this issue of Pulse. Remember to email info@vivehealthandfitness.com with anything you’d like to see featured in future issues, or if you have any questions regarding VIVE’s newest offerings. We look forwarding to hearing from you and celebrating five years of VIVE together this month!









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all is here, and with it come some amazing offerings for members to enjoy. First, we

are celebrating our five-year anniversary! We cannot believe how quickly the time

has gone, but one thing is certain – we know that our valued members (like you!)

have helped to motivate, challenge and inspire us to keep our offerings on-trend and the

Club upbeat! We can’t thank you enough.

This month, we are showing that appreciation for our members during our five-year

anniversary party, which will be held on Wednesday, October 18th from 5 – 8 p.m. at

VIVE. See page 3 for more details on what you can expect at this celebratory event. Also,

in honor of our anniversary, Diane Insalaco is sharing her unique insights and photos from

the past five years! See the transformation and “hear” from her on page 4.

As you know, when you make suggestions for improvement, we refine our offerings so

that you continuously experience the very best at VIVE. Thus, we’re thrilled to introduce

our loyalty rewards program, which gives VIVE members the opportunity to earn points

by checking into the Club, making purchases, etc! Members can then redeem their loyalty

points for various items, apparel, services, shakes, etc. Speaking of shakes, we’re excited to

announce October’s shake contest, which gives you the opportunity to vote on the best

staff-created shake! Learn more about the contest on page 8.

This issue also features healthy, delicious foods for fall, profiles of three of our incredible

GEX instructors and more! Of course, if there is anything you’d like featured in future

issues of Pulse, or any offering that you would like to see here at VIVE, don’t hesitate to let

us know; email us at info@vivehealthandfitness.com.

Thank you for your constant dedication to our Club and

for the joy that you have brought us over the past five

years. We can ensure you that in five more years, we

will look back and see even more growth and change at

VIVE, and we will once again thank you for playing an

important part in our journey. Here’s to an incredible

month and many more unforgettable years!


In health and fitness,

The VIVE team

New members



(limited to one shake)

in honor of our



2 I pulse

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Fabulous foods for fall!

Whether we like it or not, fall has arrived and brings with it some

wonderful foods that will help keep you healthy! These foods are

high in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients that can help keep your

blood sugar levels stable, help you feel fuller longer and may

help trigger weight loss.

1. PUMPKIN – Pumpkin packs in 3 grams of fiber with each

1/2 cup serving! It is high in potassium and can even help

replace your body’s electrolytes after your workout. You can

also add it to hummus, pancake batter, oatmeal, smoothies

and more; just be sure the ingredient label says pumpkin

only and there is no sugar added! Pumpkin seeds are high

in zinc and may help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and boost

your immune system!

2. OATS – Oats are high in soluble fiber and give long-lasting

energy! They are also high in B6, manganese and zinc. Oats

have many cholesterol-lowering nutrients and may lower

your risk for heart disease.

3. APPLES – Apples are high in fiber (4g with the skin) and

vitamin C. One apple a day can supply 17% of your daily

requirement for fiber! Apples are lower on the Glycemic

Index and when paired with low-fat cheese, a tablespoon of

peanut butter, or low-fat yogurt, they make a healthy and

filling snack.

4. BRUSSEL SPROUTS – Brussel sprouts provide 4g of fiber in

every 1 cup serving! They are loaded with vitamins A, C, K, and

iron and folate. Try roasting them and serving them instead of

French fries!

We know it is not always easy to eat healthy, but the Registered

Dietitians at VIVE can give you ideas to help make it easier! Also, the

Recipe of the Month is a delicious overnight steel-cut oatmeal recipe.

You can make a few servings at a time and conveniently warm them up

each morning. Plus, it includes one of our favorite fall foods – pumpkin!

This recipe can be found on page 6.

Celebrate our

five-year anniversary

with fellow members

on October 18th!

On Wednesday, October 18th from 5 – 8 p.m.,

we will be holding our five-year anniversary

party at VIVE! We could not have had such a

wonderful past five years if not for incredible

members like you, so please join us for the


You’ll enjoy:

Catered fare from Pazzo (Route 315, Pittston)

Special giveaways

A photo booth

We look forward to seeing you

there and celebrating VIVE’s fifth

birthday together!

Full professional

guidance for members!

Our new 21-day onboarding program for new

members is effective beginning October 1st.

New members will now receive a health and

fitness plan that maps out the first three weeks

of their membership.

Week 1:

• A 30-minute intro PT session

• A 30-minute nutrition counseling session

• Group exercise class

Week 2:

• 30-minute Assessment PT session

• Small group training class

• Group exercise class

Week 3:

• 30-minute PT personalized workout session

• Small group training class

• Group exercise class

When you complete this program, you will receive

500 VIVE Points. Be sure to share this exciting

information with your friends and stop by the front

desk if you have any questions!


Starting October 1 st , members will be

able to earn VIVE points through our

new loyalty program by:

• Checking in

• Making purchases at VIVE

• Social media activity

• Referrals

• And more!

This means, the more you visit, the

more you’ll earn! Then, you will be

able to use those points on:

• Free water

• Free guest passes

• Free personal training sessions

• Free membership

• And more!


This is a digital loyalty

program through email;

no physical cards will be issued.

You will receive an invitation via

email to sign up and get started.



To sign up today!

pulse | 3




It’s hard to believe VIVE has been open five years already. It seems like yesterday when I

wanted to open a cycling studio because of my passion for Spin. However, somehow the

road took a different turn and that studio morphed into VIVE!

Opening a business during a recession wasn’t easy, but it has been the most gratifying

undertaking. Business is hard for everyone, but I have to be honest – it was the passion for

fitness and wellness from our staff that fueled and catapulted VIVE’s mission forward.

The mission was to open a full-service health club that would provide an exceptional

experience to our members and form a sense of community within our Club. VIVE’s

mission was here to help educate and teach members that exercise is a form of

preventative medicine for disease. We wanted to help people realize that exercise wasn’t

just for vanity reasons, but to help people cherish their health early on and to help our

community age gracefully.

When VIVE first arrived in the Wyoming Valley, no one had ever seen a fitness club like

it before because it combined top-level customer service with a holistic approach to

exercise that was different. Here at VIVE, it’s not just about signing a membership for us;

it’s more than that. As a staff, we truly care about our members and want them to succeed.

VIVE’s staff wants you to achieve your goals. If YOU succeed, we do, too.

We wanted VIVE to be the facility where people go before or after a hard day’s work, to

socialize with friends, to be an oasis in life’s rat race. Some people have labeled VIVE

as pretentious, but nothing can be further from the truth. We work very hard to make

our members our first priority. Sometimes it’s not always about the financial gains of a

business, but more about the relationships we have formed and how we have helped

people toward the betterment of their health. VIVE is truly my heart and soul. It took

blood, sweat and tears to get VIVE where it is today, and it is truly a special place. It has a

great energy about it, and I say that because it is the most gratifying feeling to help people

change their lives and push them to become all they are meant to be.

Thank you to all of our members who have supported us. Thank you for seeing our mission

from the beginning and believing in us enough to stay. YOU are our VIVE family. Our

members are the very reason we work so hard, but what they don’t realize is they, too,

have changed our lives in the process.




4 I pulse

Gutting the former Roller King in 2011. This would become the future site of VIVE!

Initial blueprint sketch of the Club, circa 2011.

A local gentleman approaches Diane to purchase the Roller

King sign during VIVE construction. His grandfather painted it

years prior, so VIVE gifted it to him!

A first look at our Cycle studio, circa 2012.

What would become a Club favorite:

our Shake Bar and cozy seating area!

pulse I 5


Below are two new additions

to the GEX schedule:

• Tuesday/Thursday, noon

Chair Yoga with Tatiana

• Wednesday, 4:30 p.m.

“20/20” with Diane




to view all schedules!

20/20 class description:

The perfect class for anyone looking to shake up their workout,

20 minutes of old school movements/modern aerobics followed

by 20 minutes of mat and resistance work. In this class, you’ll use

a variety of equipment like weights, balls, steps and bands.





of the




A great exercise for your hamstrings and glutes!

Modify it to work your core harder!


½ cup steel-cut oats

2 TB pumpkin

1 tsp chia seeds

1 tsp ground flax seeds

½ tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp nutmeg

¼ tsp pumpkin pie spice

1 tsp honey

½ cup milk of your choice

Lay flat on your back, with straight legs and your heels

resting on a stability ball. (Image 1)

Using your hands to support you like a tripod, lift your

hips off the mat about 6 inches. (Image 2)

Maintain this position while you bend at the knees

and hips to roll the ball toward you. (Image 3)

Slowly extend back out to the beginning position. (Image 2)

You can then either begin the next rep (an advanced variation),

or allow your hips to come back down to the mat to rest before

beginning the entire sequence again. To get more core involvement,

try this exercise without your hands supporting you by keeping your

arms off the floor throughout the movement. (Image 4)

Try 3 sets of 8 to 15 reps.

1 2


Mix all ingredients in a jar and let set

overnight or at least five hours. You may

add more milk, if desired, once you are

ready to eat.



6 I pulse




This month’s

shake is up to you!

Flip to page 8

for information

regarding this

month’s shake


Face to Face:

Profiles of VIVE’s GEX Instructors



How long have you been an


I am coming up on four

years teaching yoga.

What do you love most about


What I love most about

teaching is watching

people do things they

once said they couldn’t.

The smile on someone’s face in that

moment is priceless.

Share a fun fact about yourself

(unrelated to fitness).

I am first-generation American!


How long have you been an


I’ve been instructing as long as

I’ve been a personal trainer!

What do you love most about


I love having an entire class be in

sync with each other.

Share a fun fact about yourself (unrelated to fitness).

I have over 15 years of experience in the fine arts.

We love our talented group exercise

instructors, and we know that members

do, too! Hopefully, these introductions

will help you get to know these

instructors better and inspire you to try

one of their classes this fall!


How long have you been an instructor?

I have been instructing since I was

17! This totals too many years to

count. I took a few years off in my

mid 20s to do triathlons. I stopped

teaching for a few more years when

my now grown children were babies.

What do you love most about


I love and appreciate the

opportunity to motivate people as they make fitness a

part of their daily regimen. I like the fact that, through

teaching group exercise classes, I can hopefully create

a positive exercise experience and time well spent for

a number of people all in the course of an hour class.

Share a fun fact about yourself (unrelated to fitness).

Outside of family and friends, the warmth of the

sunshine is my favorite thing. I also eat a little chocolate

every day, and when I retire, my husband and I will take

a much needed six-month trek backpacking in Thailand.

pulse I 7


Our front desk associates are mixing up their own delicious shake

concoctions for you to try! Stop by the Shake Bar to vote for your

favorite and see which shake reigns supreme this month. The shake that

receives the most votes wins, and 10 people who voted for the winning

shake will be randomly selected to win a free shake of their own!



You asked, and we listened! This month, you’ll notice that

we have an array of new VIVE apparel and products like

water bottles and essential oils available for purchase.

Stop by the area near the front desk to see what’s new

and exciting, and claim something great for yourself!

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