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Playhouse 90

By: Beverly Washburn / Hollywood Memories

thought I'd write this month about a show I

I did many years ago called Playhouse 90. It

was a weekly 90-minute show that was done live at

the CBS Studios in Los Angeles.

It ran from 1956-1960. It had a wonderful reputation as being TV's

most distinguished anthology drama series. It ranked Number 33 in TV

Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of all time.

The year was 1959 and I was cast in an episode called “In Lonely

Expectation." It starred Diane Baker, who is best remembered as Margot

Frank in "The Diary of Anne Frank."

The story was about unwed mothers and each girl had her own little

story line. I was to be the youngest girl in the home, and my character

didn't know how I got pregnant!

I guess the character I was portraying wasn't the brightest bulb in the

chandelier! I must say that it was a fun show to be working on and the

wardrobe department made us a contraption that we all wore under our

clothes. It was like a little vest with a pillow sewn into it.

In this episode, one of the actresses decided she wanted to wear spiked

heels. She claimed it would help her "get into character” when carrying

her baby.

The "baby" of course was a doll wrapped in a blanket. The director told

her not to wear high heels since her feet wouldn't show and it would be

too dangerous if she should fall while carrying her baby.

Well, the show was live

and she insisted on wearing

her high heels, and yes, you

guessed it - she tripped and

the doll went flying! The

camera man did his best to

turn the camera, but it was

obvious as to what happened.

In 1957, the show

transitioned to video tape

which made it easy for them to edit out any mistakes. I often wonder if

this incident had anything to do with it?

In the photo, that’s me with Jenny Maxwell. She is best remembered

with starring with Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii. I'm sad to report that

in 1981 at the age of 39, she and her husband were gunned down in the

lobby of their Beverly Hills condo during an attempted robbery.

She was a wonderful actress and friend. It makes us all realize just how

fragile life can be.

Until next time, remember: Do not regret growing older. It's a privilege

denied to many.

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and

is the author of Reel Tears. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@

hotmail.com. Check out her awesome, new website: www.


Marty Allen

Adrea Barrera

John Bielun

Yvonne Cloutier

Dianne Davis

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Linda Gomez


Ali Guggenheim

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September 2017


Fact or Fiction: The Guardianship Form & Lockbox

By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox

As regular readers are aware, Publisher Dan

and I have worked diligently to secure a way

for seniors to choose who they want to care for

them in the future should the need arise.

After 3,000 readers signed our Vegas Voice petition allowing your out of

state relatives or friends to serve as your guardian, we submitted them to

the legislature and it passed into law during the 2015 legislative session.

The sample guardianship form written by Dan was welcomed by the

Nevada Legislative Council Bureau to be used by anyone.

Likewise, during the 18 months of work by the Temporary Nevada

Guardianship Commission (on which I served as a member) one of the

recommendations made to the Legislature was to take the nomination

form one step further. The Commission supported the idea of allowing

people to register the form with the Nevada Secretary of State by the

creation of another Lockbox; similar to the Secretary’s existing lockbox

provisions for Living Wills.

This too was passed into law and the with Dan’s Guardianship form as

a template, an “official Guardianship Preference form” will be used as of

January 1, 2018.

The Vegas Voice recently received an email from a lady who attended

a “seminar” by an attorney and then met with him to discuss having a

trust drawn. She related his claims that only his guardianship forms

would hold up in court since ours was a fake. The charge for his form











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no tricks, just treats

at our restaurants!

is $100, however, if he prepared her trust (at a cost of over twelve

hundred dollars) he would throw in the form free of charge.

He went on to tell her that "the living will lockbox through the

Secretary of State was a joke and would not hold up in court," either.

We would like to be VERY clear about this. Dan’s guardianship

nomination form was reviewed and scrutinized by the Guardianship

Commission, on which sat several judges, two of whom are on the Nevada

Supreme Court. It then went to the Legislative Council Bureau attorneys

and with very minor revisions was modified into the official form.

Is there even a question that everyone should rely on the numerous

judicial and legislative opinions vs. an attorney who is charging $100

for a form that both The Vegas Voice and the Nevada Secretary of State is

making available FREE OF CHARGE to any senior that wishes to have it.

No strings attached.

As for that attorney’s comment that the Living Will Lockbox “is a joke”,

I would just LOVE to see him make that statement to Secretary of State

Barbara Cegavske considering the hard work she and her administrative

assistant, Gail Anderson put into maintaining and overseeing the entries.

Dan and I will be resuming our Guardianship seminars in January

and, of course, the official Guardianship Preference form will be discussed

and handed out without any charge. As for that attorney, I repeat what I

advised in my August column: “Keep your eyes on your wallet and

count your fingers after you shake his hand.”

Mixed Emotions

By: Dan Roberts / Publisher

Are you serious? Even they can’t be that


According to comedy legend (and our Vegas

Voice columnist) Marty Allen, the definition of “mixed emotions” is

watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your new Cadillac. I

now understand what Marty meant.

The opening paragraph was my response when our political editor,

Rana Goodman advised me that she was not chosen to serve as a

member of the new Nevada Guardianship Commission.

In all candor, I’m thrilled that my Ladylove will not be devoting

so much time and effort on the Commission. I’ve previously written

about the hours (and hours) that she spent reading and studying up

on the various guardianship proposals.

“Look at it this way” I cheerfully suggested. “Think of all that free

time. Perhaps you’ll start making dinners again.”

I quickly realized by her “look,” that she was not receptive to my

idea. I guess I can kiss goodbye the notion that my PILL (partner in

love & life) and I will be sharing home-cooked meals unless I start

learning where the pots and pans are.

But there’s another side (where the mixed emotions kick in); a side

that clearly demonstrates that despite her herculean efforts, the senior

community should be prepared for another round of guardianship

abuses and scandals.

Everyone reading this should be as outraged as I am that it now

will be left to the lawyers, judges and the guardians (both public

and private) to make changes within the guardianship system. Let

me ask you this question: Who do you think caused this cesspool of

corruption in the first place?

I am also offended that the Supreme Court order had the audacity

to request recommendations for the “rules for the qualifications of

non-attorney guardian ad litem or advocate.” What do you think

the lawyers and judges are going to do over this issue? You really

believe they’re going to make it easier for our senior volunteers to

review and investigate their behavior and actions?

I hope that this new round of scandals will not happen to you,

your family, friends and neighbors. Our solution? Starting in January

(when the reform law becomes effective) Rana, yours truly, and our

Vegas Voice family will, once again, be holding FREE presentations

on how to guarantee that you are not a future victim – including

handing out the new “official” guardianship forms.

(By the way, we keep hearing about certain lawyers offering

“guardianship protections for only $99.” I’ll save my rant against

these blood-sucking, ambulance-chasing shysters for our seminars.)

Anyway, as Rana climbed on her proverbial soapbox opining about

another need for her “Don(na) Quixote” quest, I was struck by how

incredibly asinine the Court was in its decision to exclude her.

I also remembered the crude (but totally accurate) quote by

President Lyndon Johnson over keeping then FBI Director J. Edgar

Hoover: “Better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than

outside pissing in.”

Although my Rana has way too much class to engage in that sort

of activity (but I, on the other hand…) I was nevertheless reminded

with another reality: Don’t mess with the “Guardian Gladiator.”

She’s not done yet!


September 2017



. Always try to keep a smile

on your face since it looks

crazy on other parts of your body.

2. My friend Herb started reading

about the evils of drinking, so he gave up reading.

3. Harry and Alice were out on a date. Henry said: “I want you for my

wife.” Alice replied: “What would your wife want with me?”

4. The three ages of men: Youth, middle age and “Wow, you sure look


5. A woman never forgets her age - once she decides on it.

6. Marriage is like a warm bath. After you get used to it, it’s not so hot!

7. Marriage is also like a long banquet with the dessert served first.

8. Wife: “Before we got married, you told me you were well off.”

Husband: “I was and I didn’t know it.”

9. An elderly man went to see his doctor. The doctor asked, “What’s

wrong now?” The old man said, “I can’t pee.” The doctor replied, “Don’t

worry about it. You peed enough.”

10. Marty’s Words of Wisdom – Never lick a steak knife!


September 2017

Marty’s Top Ten

By: Marty Allen / Hello Dere

For over the past decade, Marty Allen has performed with his on

and off stage singing partner Karon Kate Blackwell.

You Gotta Laugh

By: Bill Caserta / Bill’s Blurbs

Praise the Lord: The pastor asked if

anyone in the crowded congregation would

like to express thanks for answered prayers. Suzie

Smith stood and walked to the podium.

She said, "I do. Two months ago, my husband Phil, had a terrible

bicycle wreck and his scrotum was completely crushed. The pain was

excruciating and the doctors didn't know if they could help him.”

You could hear a muffled gasp from the men in the congregation as

they imagine the pain that poor Phil must have experienced.

"Phil was unable to hold me or the children," she went on, "and every

move caused him terrible pain. We prayed as the doctors performed a

delicate operation, and it turned out they were able to piece together the

crushed remnants of Phil's scrotum, and wrap wire around it to hold it

in place."

Again, the men in the congregation cringed and squirmed

uncomfortably as they imagined the horrible surgery performed on Phil.

"Now," she announced in a quivering voice, "thank the Lord. Phil

is out of the hospital and the doctors say that with time, his scrotum

should recover completely."

All the men sighed with unified relief. The pastor then rose and

tentatively asked if anyone else had something to say.

A man stood up and walked slowly to the podium. He

said, "Hi, I'm Phil." The entire congregation held its breath.

"I just want to tell my wife; the word is sternum."

A Bill Blurb “thank you” to Marcia K. for her contribution.

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and

has a very “unique” sense of humor. He welcomes all funny

submissions at: bill@thevegasvoice.net.



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By: Evan Davis / Entertainment Editor

September was a very busy month for shows

that The Vegas Voice presented and I had

the pleasure of producing. Four to be exact. And

in October, November and December we will have another 8 shows

covering every part of town.

In the north Sun City Aliante, Starbright Theatre in Sun City

Summerlin in the west, and Sun City MacDonald Ranch in the

east. Plus, our Twilight Affair shows at the Silverton’s Veil Pavilion. We

are scheduled to have a couple of Holiday Shows, and a few surprises as


For this entertainment editor, its nonstop until the end of the year. And

come 2018, we start all over again.

With all these shows that we’re working on, I barely have time to tell

you what else is happening on the local scene. From Jazz to Country to

Broadway, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s start with the LV Retro Vibe on the 2 nd Friday of every month in

Rocks Lounge at the Red Rock casino, to the cool jazz sound of Jonathan

Karrant on the 4 th Wednesday of the month.

Then there are different singers every night at the Tuscany’s Piazza

Lounge. Catch them at Trattoria Reggiano in downtown Summerlin or

the light ballard’s of Rita Lim on Tuesday nights at Osaka Japanese Bistro

on the East side of town.

Looking for jazz? You can try The Dispensary on the weekends, German


The Entertainment Never Stops

Vegas Duo Revive “The Fantastiks”

By: Sam Wagmeister / People & Places

The barren black-walled warehouse was

reminiscent of a menacing film noir

scene; fifteen people were seated at the four tables

arranged in a square, heads bowed pouring over the manuscripts before

them. The room had fallen weirdly hushed.

The silence was broken by Jersey Boys alumnus Michael Erickson’s

deep, bellowing yet soft and melodic vocal contribution…Try to

remember the kind of September, when life was slow and oh so


Those opening lines of the opening song from The Fantastiks, lifted the

cloud that had descended over composer/arranger/conductor and nowdirector,

Bill Fayne. Fayne’s decades-long dream of bringing the longest

running musical to Las Vegas was crushed during production when the

Onyx Theater closed last year.

Unbeknownst to Fayne, Las Vegas hoofer Gary Colombo, recognized

by many for his Gene Kelly tribute, followed the ups and downs of

Fayne’s Fantastiks on Facebook. Colombo approached the folks at Super

Summer Theater who maintained a warehouse in an industrial area

near the Orleans.

A plan was developed to turn that space into a black box theater, a very

basic, stripped-down venue. Colombo, like Fayne, had fallen in love with

the show decades earlier; as a 19-year old he performed in the National

September 2017

American club

on Tuesday

nights, Golden

Tiki in China

Town on


nights, E-String

on Saturday

afternoon and

the Bootlegger

Bistro on some

Sunday afternoons.

Let’s not forget The Vegas Good Fellas on Thursday nights at Siena

Italian Restaurant on West Sahara, where Kent Foote brings the locals

together to enjoy his music and occasionally cut a rug.

An old standby for me is the Italian American Club on East Sahara,

where performers entertain Wednesday through Sunday. Two or three

times a month there are shows in their showroom and they just started

lunch on the first Thursday of the month.

If you want an in-depth list of performers and venues, please go to my

web site and check out the Calendar of Events or send me your email

address and I’ll keep you up to date.

You can read Evan’s entertainment blog and sign up to receive

his free email weekly Calendar of Events at www.EvanDavisJazz.

com. Email him at: evan@thevegasvoice.net.

Erickson, Fayne, Colombo

Touring Company.

“I’ve been waiting 20 years to do this play in Vegas,” Colombo said.

After Fayne and Colombo met, new life was breathed into the project. “We

are both really passionate about the show,” Fayne said.

The full cast and crew gathered in early September for the first reading

with spine-tingling results. “I’ve never been to a better first reading,”

Colombo commented of his 47 years theatrical experience. The cast

quickly absorbed the power of Erickson’s opening notes.

Fayne, who first saw the show in 1963, promises to be true to the original

script, adding “I’m a romantic; it’s the most romantic show I know.”

The off-Broadway production of The Fantastiks opened in 1960,

running over 17,000 performances before closing last June.

The Fantastiks two weekend performances opens November 9 with 7

pm and matinee performances. For tickets, www.SuperSummerTheater.

org or visit Prestige Travel, 7500 W. Lake Mead, Las Vegas.



And Best

Christmas Show Ever!

1 ST

For tickets,

visit The Vegas Voice website:


or call Entertainment Editor Evan Davis,


General $

Admission 20

VIP Reserve $ Table Seating 30

Hosted by

Frankie Scinta

with all your favorite performers TBA

Tues. Dec.19 th

Veil Pavilion

Silverton Casino

Doors: 6:30 • Show: 7 PM

Musical Director:

Gary Anderson and

The Vegas Voice Band


Overseeding the Course

By: Mike Landry / Golf Fore Ever

Overseeding Season is upon us. Have you

ever wondered why golf courses go through

the trouble and expense of overseeding?

It’s simple. Most golf courses use Bermuda grass

which goes dormant during the cold season and turns yellow which is not

appealing to most golfers. So, golf courses spend lots of time, energy and

money to overseed with Rye grass which grows during colder months to

seed fairways, tee boxes and greens.

I would say 90% of the golf courses in the valley close for 10-14 days

in September and October to allow the new grass to germinate and grow.

Once golf courses reopen, they allow golf carts on cart paths only for

10-14 days.

If you’re like me and have a bad knee, all this walking is painful so I

look for alternatives. Two golf courses that don’t overseed are the Boulder

City Muni and the Mountain Falls in Pahrump. And courses with 27 or

54 holes often close one 9-hole at a time so play can continue as normal.

See you on the links!

Mike Landry resides in Sun City MacDonald Ranch and is a member

of both the Nevada State Seniors Golf Club and Winterwood Men’s

Group. He can be reached at: airmikel1@cox.net

Our Pageant Family

By: Charlie Christy / Executive Director

- Ms. Senior Nevada

Loyal readers already

know that Ms Senior Nevada

is in its 33rd year of service to Nevada seniors. Our

Pageant Family is composed of former contestants

and individuals with a desire to serve seniors.

We also have individuals that step up and take

leadership rolls. One of those special people is

Mary Mancini.

Mary participated in the 2006 Ms Senior Nevada

Pageant and was selected as Ms Congeniality. Her

talent was singing and she had so much fun, she

was a contestant in 2007 and 2008. She has become a vital part of the

Pageant Family.

Mary has taken over the task of organizing the talent and presenting

the entertainment to seniors living in Group Homes. She often produces

three to five events every month; brightening the lives of those no longer

able to attend shows, but still enjoy the entertainment.

Mary works with the senior facilities who request a show and then

whips into action. Mary notifies members, does the line-up, emcees the

event and even sings a number or two.

Her able assistant, Stormy Caprice brings her talented husband, “Video

Vinney” to video each show. These tireless volunteers are just part of a

group of dedicated seniors that make Las Vegas a better place to live.

Zen Fully Yours

By: Ali Guggenheim / Psychic Phenomenon

There's no doubt that the word Zen is an

American “buzz” word. Just Google Zen

and you will be amazed at how many products,

businesses, services, and topics appear. Yet ask random strangers what

Zen means, and most of them won't really know.

Zen's beginnings trace back to Buddha's famous Flower Sermon;

sitting before his disciples, holding and staring at a lotus flower. One

disciple, Mahakasypa was later entrusted with all that could be passed

through the special transmission between master and disciple.

When brought to China the teachings became Chan, and when brought

to Japan, they became Zen.

Zen is not a religion. In fact, God and religious philosophies are not

relevant to its practice. Zen is a philosophy that is based, mostly on

meditation (contemplative), and intuition.

Emphasis is placed on the experience, while, de-emphasizing the mind.

Its uncomplicated approach has no rigid expectations or any limitations.

The only requirement is for participants to walk their individual path of

awakening at their own pace.

There are various styles of Zen, yet, none are considered wrong, or better.

As in its teachings, there are many different paths to reach enlightenment.

Their "one size doesn't fit all" approach encourages individuals to seek

what works best for them.

Chan requires disciple

relationship with alternating

masters, even when seeming

irrational. The master's

objective is to pass on an

experiential understanding

of the tradition.

Koan uses stories and

anecdotes concerning

the great masters and

students answer paradoxical

questions, while Zazen

is a meditation practice;

emptying the mind and focusing only on the present

In Zen, questions are answered with questions, pushing you to figure

it out. Paradox is a part of its teachings. A paradox nudges the mind to

think "outside the box" by disengaging the rational mind and freeing

the intuition. It also leads us to a truth that cannot be rationally derived

through logic.

Zen is experiencing the present fully and delighting in the basic

miracle of life itself.

To learn more about Ali, spiritual consultations, coaching,

classes, workshops, and readings, call, give her a call: 702/373-



September 2017


By: Yvonne Cloutier / Musical Moments

Carman Miranda, America's Portugueseborn,

Brazilian raised dancer, singer, and

entertainer, was named Carmen by her operaloving

father. Between 1930-1950s she was the highest paid entertainer,

top female taxpayer, and the 3rd most popular personality in the


Carman was discovered in Brazil singing (while employed in a hat

shop at age 14) and her mother then entered her in a contest. Her angered

father, beat her mother for allowing it.

She was best known for her Hollywood inspired musical numbers

where she wore a costume featuring a hat decorated with fruit. Carman

was called the “Lady with the Tutti-Frutti Hat”, an image she was never

able to shake.

Miranda brought Brazil's sensuous Samba dance with a Latin beat to

a worldwide audience. Her Hollywood image of a generic Latina blurred

the distinctions between Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, and Mexico. The

Samba, Tango and Habanera dance movements were likewise merged.

She danced with such grace of movement.

The fashion industry was likewise influenced by her style. The Carmen

Miranda fruit image inspired costume ideas and Chiquita Banana

capitalized on her image.

Some of her many musicals and TV appearances were in: South

American Way, That Night in Rio, Springtime in the Rockies, Carman

Miranda Dokumentti, and the Ed Sullivan Show. She appeared in

musicals with Don Ameche, Cesar Romaro, and performed for President

Franklin Roosevelt. In 2009, a 1939 recording of her singing O Que E Que

a Baiana Tem was selected for preservation in the Library of Congress.

Carmen was discreet about her private life. She married once, separated,

and reunited, since she did not believe in divorce.

By: Linda Bateman-Gomez / Timeless Beauty

For many of us, when we go to bed at night

we look far better than when we wake up in

the morning. Surprising, since this is supposed to

be beauty rest!

Outside the fact that age has brought on insomnia, suddenly I want

to rise at 3:00 am. While our bodies may be (somewhat) rested, our

faces often appear puffy; especially around the eyes.

As I’ve previously mentioned, sleeping on your back (whenever

possible) will help and it will also decrease the sleep lines on your face

the next morning. Watching what we eat the night before however is key.

While eating out is a fun experience, those divine dishes usually taste

extra special because they’re loaded with salt. Throw in a dirty martini

prior to a nice steak and by the next morning you’ll looking more

Michelin Man than Victoria’s Secret model.

As with everything else these days, moderation is our friend. Cutting

out salted treats and simply being mindful makes a big difference. But,

if you do find yourself with a case of the “morning puff”, it's time to ice


The Brazilian Bombshell

Michelin Man or Victoria’s Secret Model

September 2017

In her final years, Miranda smoked and drank heavily, and suffered

from severe depression. Miranda returned to Brazil, then back to America.

She taped a strenuous song-and-dance number for The Jimmy Durante

Show, falling in the routine, getting up and finishing.

Miranda then had an extended party at her Beverly Hills home. Before

retiring to bed, she went to her bedroom, lit a cigarette, had a heart attack,

and died. She was only 46 years old.

A huge crowd attended her burial in Rio. Brazil and Portugal museums

honored her. She is on two Latin commemorative U.S. stamps; her

footprints are on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the American Film

Institute listed her as one of the “500 Great Legends of Cinema.”

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music

background, specializes in ragtime piano. She reports about

music on SCA-TV.com/Anthem Alive! You can contact her at www.


your face!

I take a bowl and fill it with ice cubes and water. I prefer soaking a

washcloth, wringing it out and placing it over my face, leaving it until

it warms, and repeating. Make sure it is really ice water and gently pat -

especially around the eye area.

If your eyes need extra attention, green tea bags soaked and dipped

in ice water and then placed over your eyes is also quite the morning

refresher! I find using a toner after icing is beneficial to closing the pores,

giving your skin a tighter and smoother look.

My company sells a rose toner that, of course I love, especially the

smell, but there are many good ones on the market. Getting up and active

will also help get things moving and eliminate that morning bloat.

The more we pay attention to what we put in our body and how it

responds, the less patching up we will have to do! So just be mindful!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company

based in Las Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty

products. Contact Linda at TimelessBeauty2020@gmail.com or

through her website www.fullips.com.

Like We Never Left

By: Rich Natole / Voices of a Generation


'm very excited about the return of our

show, “Listening to The Vegas Voice.” We

began last month on and will continue every

Tuesday from 10 -11 am, on KSHP 1400 am.

I'm also thrilled to be joined by my co-host, the man with the “Golden

Voice” - Jon “the Announcer” Lindquist to the show. We are so fortunate

to have him as part of our Vegas Voice family.

Once again, I have the great pleasure of interviewing local as well as

national stars and celebrities. My first guest? Who else but another Vegas

Voice personality and national treasure – Marty Allen.

And if you missed any of our initial broadcasts, take a look at our Vegas

Voice website (thevegasvoice.net) and just see and listen to what our

wonderful guests had to say.

Jon and I will once again, and as always, bring a fun and entertaining

interview show to Las Vegas. Please tune in and tell your friends as we

broadcast “live” on the radio.

Rich Natole is a comic/impressionist headlining entertainer

& host of “Listening to the Vegas Voice” Radio Show. For more

information visit: www.richnatole.com. You can also contact

Rich at: rich@richnatole.com.

“Listening to the Vegas Voice”


our new radio

show at KSHP


Every Tuesday


Hosted by

Rich Natole











And we’re

just getting

warmed up!








Ru-u-u-un, Vicki, Ru-u-u-un!

By: Vicki Wentz / Vicki’s Voice

As my parents began aging...and, ok,

me, too...I learned many ways to tell if

someone was (a) having a stroke; (b) developing

a cognitive function disorder; or (c) extremely drunk. Over time, I

became reasonably good at discerning those subtle differences.

Because of this recently acquired expertise, based on what happened to

me last month, I am thoroughly confident that I must be, (d) all of the


I called my children and, after relating the episode and my probable

all-of-the-above status, I just asked them not to put me in a home. Their

identical response? “Well, certainly not MY home!” (I don’t know where

they got that sarcastic sense of humor, but it’s very unbecoming.)

Let me just say at the outset that I am fine, everyone is fine, no laws

were violated (sort of), and there was no public indecency (sorry). In

fact, if anything, besides my possibly being all-of-the-above, it was clear

afterwards that my inherent athleticism is still with me...buried deep...

deep... deeeep inside.

It was late afternoon. I was tired. I had gone to water aerobics class,

done my knee exercises, gone to the bank, the post office and the grocery


But, being the “mother” of three dogs that are all - quite seriously,

as you will see - driving me nutty with their neediness, and since I was

driving right by the pet store, in the same shopping center, I thought I’d

just pop my head in (literally) and ask someone if they had a chew treat

I heard of called “Calm.” I figured a few of these with my morning coffee

might take the edge off.

So, I pulled up at the curb in front of the store - I know you’re not

supposed to park there, but I was just poking my freakin’ head in (what

are you, Pistol Pete?!) and grabbed some trash I’d accumulated, to pop

into the waste bin outside their door. I even left my car door open!

But, as I’m tossing the trash, I see in my peripheral vision my car...

slowly driving away.

This is where my athleticism shows up, because without thinking I

began to run. Didn’t consider that my knee is almost non-functional now,

or that the arthritis in my formerly-broken ankles may be terminal, or

that I haven’t run since high school P.E. at St. Joe’s, which I flunked...or

that I’m like a thousand years old. I just ran.

The car was going slow and sort of curving into the parking lot across

from the store - a lot filled with cars, one of which was backing out right

towards my oncoming RAV4. I screamed, “Look out!” as loud as I could,

and the guy took off (I’ve always prided myself on my voice projection

capabilities) and I powered on the afterburners, baby!

As I drew even with the open driver’s door, it flashed through my mind

that I was about to do something “they” tell you never to do - jump into a

moving car. (It also flashed through my mind that I was behaving rather

“Charlie’s Angels”-like, if I do say so myself.)

So, as my car traveled the final distance to several parked cars, I threw

myself sideways, hauled my legs inside and slammed down the brake

pedal. The car stopped - less than a foot from someone’s bumper.

A man standing nearby, who’d watched the whole thing in stunned,

wide-eyed wonder, simply stared at me and shook his head as he climbed

into his own car, no doubt thinking, “Women! Nothing’s been safe since

we gave them the vote!”

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North

Carolina. Readers may contact her - and order her new children’s

book! - by visiting her website at www.vickiwentz.com.




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September 2017



Back in Perspective

By: Adrea Nairne-Barrera / 60s to 60

The time for debating global warming,

political agendas and discrimination

should have ended a long time ago but sadly it did

not. As I watch the news and see the devastation across the hurricane

stricken parts of our country, I am praying that the light goes on for

those people still blinded by prejudice and divide.

So many claim to be true Americans, and yet they breed hate for the

very things we as a country stand for and use our freedoms to spread

their poison. Perhaps the destruction Harvey and Irma left behind has

awakened some to the idea that we are all in this together.

The survival stores are so heroic they leave me in tears. The mother

who died holding her baby safe, the people who made a chain in the

water to rescue a man from his truck, the man who gave up a generator

to a woman with a father on oxygen and countless others. My heart goes

out to everyone and most of all, my admiration and respect for those who

came together.

No one asked a victim to fill out an application to see if they were

worthy of help. No one asked their views or if they were conservative or

liberal. After all, what difference does any of it make anyway?

Let’s remind the world that we are all Americans that come together

if threatened; even if the threat is a natural disaster like a hurricane. Get

rid of all the preconceived ideas about politics, whoever you are. It really

doesn’t matter in the overall scheme of things.

September 2017

Make a difference now. Be the one who moves closer to your neighbor.

Be the one to lighten the load for someone. And perhaps, most of all,

remember the basic acts of kindness you have received over the years and

pay it forward every day.

None of this is news to our readers. We are a bit older and have years of

experience, adventure and knowledge in our pockets. But many of us just

observe. These are the relaxed years of retirement and we can be isolated

and complacent.

Whenever you feel the tug on your heartstrings, give help in any way

you can. Get back in the mainstream and be a part of something bigger.

Rescue a dog, be a mentor, help someone navigate a difficult issue and

provide your personal expertise. We all have something to give.

Now more than ever, everything matters. The world is pretty scary and

I felt helpless to change it. And then I was shocked into reality by Florida

and Texas. Putting life back into perspective, I am hitting the “refresh”

button and doing something.

Adrea Nairne-Barrera’s writing focus these days are on

observations, celebrations and complaints about life in the 1960s

to being in your 60’s. You can contact her at: sixties2sixty@


Do They Really Mean It?

By: Chuck Dean / Vet 2 Vet

In 1865, Abraham Lincoln spoke the famous

words, “to care for him who shall have

borne the battle, and for his widow, and his

orphan.” And 65 years later, those 17 words became the motto when

establishing the Veterans Administration.

They were perfect words commanding this nation to care for its

defenders. However, that care has been a long time coming, and in the

meantime, much unfairness has abounded; even leaving ailing veterans

dying on the VA doorsteps.

For way too long, many employees at VA medical centers have “done

their thing” safe and sound in a protective bubble at the expense of the

veterans they are “supposed” to be working for. Up until now, it has been

difficult to fire those who have cheated and rested on their laurels within

the security of a “civil service” firewall.

Even when placed on administrative leave, they were getting full

salaries and bonuses. Somewhere along the funky bureaucratic line of

corruption and greed many VA caregivers got into a selfish rut; and while

they were saying “veterans first” they really didn’t mean a damn word

of it. And now the House, Senate, and President have had to step in and

figure out a way to get rid of the “bad actors” that are lazy and corrupt to

ensure that our vets get the best that they deserve.

Finally, it looks like the end is near for the kind of goldbricking that

has gone on. With the recent approval of the “VA Accountability and

Whistleblower Protection Act” the ship will be righted, and it appears that

everyone - from the President down is going to make sure that the new

law will be upheld.

The new law will increase accountability by expediting the removal

of poorly performing employees and corrupt managers who are guilty

of wrongdoing. As ridiculous as it seems, before this law, the VA could

not terminate anyone in a swift manner; which led to a lengthy process

allowing poorly performing or dishonest employees to continue collecting

a paycheck, which is a disservice to veterans and other VA employees who

are working hard and to always put veterans first on their jobs.

Those days are gone, and it is one step closer to all veterans getting

the benefits and services promised to us. We vets can be thankful that

there are leaders in our government who do listen and take action when


Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and

through that experience was led to address the many transitional

issues veterans struggle with. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.


The Mystical Pueblo


When I was a little girl, on Halloween

Crystal Czerkas- my friends and I would gather in

Sarbacker our makeshift costumes to exchange

trick or treat information. We all wanted to know who was

handing out Hershey Bars or real nickels. As I got a bit older,

though, I tired of unlimited candy and wanted a real Halloween

adventure. So when some kids asked me to join them at

a nearby church cemetery candle lighting ceremony, I jumped

at the chance. We hid behind old tombstones and watched as

the faithful placed candles on grave sites. We overheard their

conversations and discovered they were lighting the way for

souls expected to appear that night. At first my friends and I

almost giggled. But this was no laughing matter. Eerie shadows

from the candlelight flickered and grew on the church

walls, and really scared me. Suddenly all of us jumped to our

feet and ran home as fast as we could.

“3 Ovens,”



as a giclee

This cemetery visit was very dramatic. But its impact on

me was due to the extraordinary beliefs of the candle lighters.

They were there to feel the presence of their departed

loved ones, and their faith was unshakable. It’s this capacity

for spirituality that sets us apart from other creatures, and

it’s evident in many cultures like those of our early Native

Americans in the Southwest. They honored their great spirits

and ancestors through traditions and customs passed down

through the ages. My Dad (Victor Czerkas) had great respect

for the unique heritage of these Southwest inhabitants and as

a family we often visited their Pueblos. So, my Dad’s Mystical

Pueblos series of paintings has always been my favorite.

Known simply by his last name, Czerkas, my Dad focused on

the spirituality and timelessness of the Taos Pueblo dwellers

in this impressionistic grouping. Original art and limited

edition giclees are available, and each comes with a signed/

numbered Certificate of Authenticity. For more information...

please call Ray Sarbacker at 702/463-0966



The painting shown here is by

Crystal’s Dad, the award winning artist Victor Czerkas, the only

known private student of the great Russian impressionist,

Nicolai Fechin. Want more info....?


Seniors & Kids

By: Dan Hyde / Call to Action

Something extraordinary is about to

occur at Sun City MacDonald Ranch

in Henderson. This senior community is

about to embrace kids in need!

Most know that the “Ranch” is home to a state of the

art, well maintained and very challenging executive golf

course. What many may not know, is that we have a longterm

contract with a former LPGA golf pro - Pam Bowers.

Pam provides, at reduced rates, lessons to the seniors in the

community AND sponsors a Junior League for kids aged 5-15.

Some of those kids are physically challenged in some way. A

few, have ALS. The Men’s Golf Club of the “Ranch” is looking

to provide the necessary funding so that specially made golf

clubs can be provided to those physically challenged. The

goal is that they may golf despite their limitations.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the face of

a child change from one of despair into a broad smile of

happiness when they are provided a set of specially designed

golf clubs. Their “limitations” seem to disappear!

There is also nothing more rewarding than seeing us seniors

transformed in such a way as to enhance our appreciation of

giving back to those in need!

Tax Reform Helps Seniors

By: Victoria Seaman / Victoria’s Corner

Congress has a golden opportunity

before them that we haven’t had in

decades: to reform the U.S. tax code. As

folks across the country are struggling more and more to

make ends meet, the tax system continues to become more

complex, hurting hard-working Americans who deserve to

keep more of their money.

Our tax code has not been reformed since 1986. Can you

believe that? The last time it was reformed, the average cost

of a new house was $89,430. Not since the movie Top Gun was

released and The Oprah Winfrey Show began airing has the

tax system been updated.

For the first time in decades, we have a President and

congressional leaders that have identified tax reform as a

key part of their agenda and a specific legislative package is

expected to be released very soon. Among many of the other

proposals, it is likely that the plan will provide additional

money to retirees who are living on a fixed income.

We have a responsibility to leave this country in better

shape than we inherited it, and reforming the tax code is one

of the first steps to ensuring that. We must do everything in

our power to make sure Congress acts on this opportunity so

that the United States can reach its full economic potential.

Dan Hyde is a passionate and effective advocate for the senior

community. He served as Chair of the City of Henderson’s Senior

Advisory Commission. He can be reached at: dhyde9@cox.net.


September 2017

Victoria with Rana. Victoria

announced last month that

she is running for Nevada’s 3 rd

Congressional District

Victoria Seaman is a former Nevada Assemblywoman,

businesswoman and currently a Realtor in Las Vegas. You can

contact Victoria at: victoria@victoriaseaman.com.


Foundation Assisting Seniors Hosts Basket Raffle

The Foundation Assisting Seniors is set to hold their Basket Raffle at

2:30 pm with doors opening at 1:30 pm on Sunday, October 29 in the

Ballroom at Green Valley Ranch Resort.

This is the third annual raffle and the first time the Foundation

Assisting Seniors will be hosting the event at Green Valley Ranch Resort.

All proceeds benefit the Foundation and their ongoing programs and

services. The basket raffle will also include an auction, themed baskets

and a gift card grab.

“We are happy to be able host another basket raffle this year and know

the community enjoys seeing all the baskets our volunteers have put

together,” said Phyllis Washburn, Chairman of the Basket Raffle. “It’s a

great opportunity not only to raise money for the Foundation Assisting

Seniors, but to get the senior community together in a fun and interactive


The Foundation Assisting Seniors was founded with the mission of

improving the quality of life for the senior community by assisting them

in times of illness, recovery, confinement at home, coping with the loss of

a loved one and other senior challenges, as well as to provide assistance

with everyday tasks such as household maintenance and transportation.

Since its inception in 2002, the Foundation has responded to more than

100,000 requests for assistance services.

For more information on the event or for tickets, please call 725-244-

4200 or visit: FoundationAssistingSeniors.org.

Open Letter to Sun City Anthem Residents

Dear Neighbors:

While I’m the last person to get involved in Sun City Anthem politics, I

hope you’ll join me in voting for the recall of the 4 Board members.

My reason for the recall vote is due solely by their secretive actions

in forcefully removing a fellow Board member – Nona Tobin. I have a

fundamental problem in allowing the Board to play “Prosecutor, Judge &

Jury” in determining that Ms. Tobin violated the law.

Now I’m not saying that Tobin is innocent or guilty of the accusations

(whatever they may be, since the Board has not disclosed what they were);

it’s that these Board members came up with the charges, determined that

she’s guilty and then decided on the punishment.

I also have a problem that the Board acted without any notice to the

residents and everything was done in private. I remain incensed that,

rather than take their allegations to the proper authorities (Nevada Real

Estate Division, HOA Ombudsman, Nevada Attorney General, or any other

independent organization, entity or state agency) they simply threw her

off the Board.

We need to recall these 4 Board members so no future Board will ever

again act so recklessly. If there is any sense of fairness and justice, I hope

you feel this way too.

Living a healthy life shouldn’t get

in the way of real life. Our care

model is built on coordination —

between you, your doctor, and the

team managing your care. We

make health care simpler, so you

can focus on the things you love.

By: Mary Richard / Health Fitness

That phrase is spoken frequently, yet those

words can describe different scenarios. I’ve

heard that from some people at a Fitness Center.

They may play billiards, walk the dog, play cards or do some other type

of activity.

They may say, “I’m on the go all the time, take care of my spouse,

do some gardening or…” Often, these people do move around a great

deal during their waking hours. They may even rarely sit. They may be

physically active, but they don’t exercise.

Compare that scenario to another example: “I get all the exercise that I

need. I walk three times a week for 30 minutes.” To their credit, they may

be following a standard exercise recommendation.

However, when you look at the rest of their waking hours, they may be

quite sedentary, spend hours in front of the television, while eating fatloaded

snacks. At any rate, while they do the 90 minutes of total walking

a week, they don’t move around much.

Exercise is a form of physical activity; it is planned and has intention.

Usually, the intention is to become more fit. So, who is better off: the

person who is physically active but doesn’t exercise or the person who


“I Get All the Exercise I Need!”

September 2017

exercises but is not physically active?

Doing something is almost always

better than not doing anything. However,

we need to have a combination of both

physical activity and exercise. Being

more physically active has positive health

benefits, while exercise best ensures a balance of fitness.

Aerobic exercise is probably the most common form of exercise. It is

known to improve cardiovascular endurance, or the body’s ability to take

in, transport and utilize our oxygen level in the most efficient method.

Doing aerobic exercises strengthens the heart, allows us to breathe easier

and helps with sleeping.

Start off with an aerobics class gradually, especially if you have not been

exercising for some time. Join a club; take classes at any of the facilities

that offer a cardio workout. Start out slow and gradually build up.

You will benefit tremendously and feel better, stronger, and may lose

some weight. It can be done at any age.

Positive attitude and good health to all!

Mary Richard was crowned Ms. Senior Nevada 2006, was first

runner-up for Ms. Senior America 2006 and is a life-time dancer.

Mary can be reached at mary-vegasvoice@cox.net.



To learn more about becoming a patient,

visit MakeMedicareYours.com or call


©2017 DaVita Inc. All rights reserved.




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2 August 2017

Montmorency Falls

Shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre’

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September 2017



Memories Made

By: Stu Cooper / Happy Destinations

am a man of my word. Almost three years to

I the day that our grandson Jake was born, I

promised to take him to Disney World. We (the

three generations) made our first "adventure" to Florida.

It been over thirty years since I last took two toddlers to Disney. Yes, Jake

has a little sister.

The memory does fade as to the challenges encountered when taking

toddlers to Disney. Safe to say it was a very good thing that our daughter

Jessica and son-in-law Craig came along for the ride.

From Grandpa's point of view, it was an absolutely fantastic and

memorable trip. I'm not so sure Grandma Sharon would agree, since she

and our daughter were tasked with the diaper and clothes changing, as

well as chasing after the little ones.

I forgot that toddlers have a mind of their own and a huge amount

of patience and flexibility is required by us adults. Dinner plans at 5

pm, changed to a late lunch at 3. Walking by a puddle from a recent

rain shower requires a stop and a jump or two (or three) in said puddle.

Walking in and out of a glass sliding door can easily be a fifteen-minute


Once we understood the rules it got a little easier. My chief role was

to push a stroller now and then, sit with them on just about every

toddler friendly ride, take them to the hotel pool and most importantly,

take pictures of them with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto,

September 2017

Chip and Dale and any other character that crossed our path. It's these

activities where memories were made and I will always cherish.

And as I have said for as long as our family has been in the travel

business, trips like this are all about making memories. There are many

more memories to make.

*WOW, WOW, WOW!!! We have over 150 people booked on our

Carnival Splendor, Mexican Riviera Phat Pack Cruise January 27 -

February 3, 2018. Space is almost sold out. If you are thinking about

joining us call ASAP.

**Our next Vegas Voyagers meetings are scheduled for Sunday,

November 12 th 9 am at Buckman’s at the Revere Country Club in Sun

City Anthem and 1 pm at the Sun Coast Hotel in Summerlin. Please RSVP

to info@vegasvoyagers.com or by phone: 800/698-1101.



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Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses up to

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President Holds God’s Power

By: Kathy Manney / Around Our World

In October 2012, I wrote about the Cuban

Missile Crises through my lens as a young

Air Force wife whose husband was on high alert

during the two-week Cuban Missile crises. In 2016, I saw a newspaper

article titled, “Abandoned Cold War base has stories to tell” with a subtitle

“Wisconsin installation stood guard during Cuban missile crisis”,

that town - Antigo, Wisconsin.

Few have heard of Antigo, though it is home to our son and his family.

Our daughter-in-law was born and raised there.

The article began “The radar base is abandoned, overgrown with weeds.

Buildings with broken windows and sagging walls . . . obscured behind

trees and bushes.” In 1952, a military radar squadron opened near Antigo,

to protect Americans against the threat of nuclear attack.

The improbable materialized as the Cuban Missile Crisis. If you are old

enough to remember the Cold War, especially the Cuban Missile Crisis in

October 1962, you know this was an extremely alarming event.

The United States and the Soviet Union stood-down over nuclear-armed

missiles. Six-weeks before, sixty-six intermediate range missile launching

pads were spotted under construction in Cuba and more than 600 Soviet

ships heading toward Cuba were identified by American U-2 spy planes.

All-out nuclear war was imminent.

Seventy-Five B-52’s from several air force bases stayed airborne 24/7

during this national emergency. Small remote missile bases, like the one

in Antigo were fixed to launch their missiles toward Cuba.

My husband remembers, “There was an intense sense of team and

mission. Everyone working on the flight-line was lost in their own

forbidding thoughts. This was a global game from both governments’


“Top priority at B-52 bases was to launch planes on 15-minute notice.

To have fresh crews flying round the clock, two flight crews flew on board

each aircraft. One crew slept while the other crew flew the plane.”

During the missile crisis, the President “held the power of a god and

the responsibility of a man.” If he stumbled, he could bring about the

obliteration of half, if not all humanity. Fifty-five years after the Cuban

Missile Crisis, that still holds true.

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an

Adventure Diva. Her “Must See” travel journeys continue - always

with enthusiasm.


How to Avoid Buying a Flooded Vehicle

By: BJ Killeen / Down the Road

Between the hurricanes, tornadoes, and

monsoons, well over a million vehicles in

the country have experienced some type of flood

damage this year. With most cars, dented body panels and interior seats

can be replaced, so when you look at the car, it will appear undamaged.

But many items you can’t see can be affected by corrosion or other

water-related issues - like sensors, electrical connectors, computer chips,

and even wiring. Not to mention possible rust in the frame or floorboards.

How can you protect yourself from purchasing a flood-damaged


While most insurance companies will write off the vehicle and sell it to

a salvage yard, in some states, a salvage title isn’t required. This means

you won’t know if that vehicle has been in a flood then cosmetically

repaired. There are ways however, to protect yourself.

First, be cautious about buying a vehicle from eBay or Craigslist; even

though the websites are reputable, the sellers may not be. For less than

$50, you can run the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) through a

service like AutoCheck or CarFax to see if the vehicle has been damaged.

This also goes for non-flood damages as well, such as a car accident.

If you are purchasing from a dealership, many pre-owned cars

are bought at auctions, and a flooded vehicle may be sold there also.

Reputable dealers will be happy to run a check on the vehicle for you.

You also can do your own easy check. Does the carpet look brand new

on an older vehicle?

Does the car smell

musty? Does

the inside of the

exterior lights look

foggy? Any flaking

around the bottom

of the vehicle? Any

rust spots?

Finally, take

the vehicle to a

mechanic you trust,

not one selected by

the seller. Pay to

have a thorough


Spending $150 now

will be worth it to save thousands later if you made a bad purchase.

Remember, don’t be pressured into buying any vehicle at any time. You

can always walk away if you have doubts.

BJ Killeen has been an automotive journalist for over 30 years.

She welcomes all questions and inquiries, and can be reached at




Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com

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September 2017


Pain in the Neck

By: Kyo Mitchell / A Healthier You

Many people suffer from neck pain

at some point in their life. There

are, however, far too many people who

suffer from chronic neck pain when there are easy and

effective means to treat this pain.

Like all medical problems, to effectively treat neck pain you must first

determine what the problem is before you can fix it. While imaging such as

x-rays and MRIs are many times necessary, sometimes simple orthopedic

tests and a little common sense go a long way to help understand the

possible causes.

There are only certain structures within the neck that can cause pain.

If you ask a patient to look up at the ceiling and this increases their pain,

it is highly likely that you have a problem with your facets. Facets are

where two vertebrae meet in the back part of the vertebrae. The facets

have a lot of pain sensors in them.

The body of the vertebrae (the front and larger part of the vertebrae)

is supposed to carry most of the weight load of the structures above them

and the facets are only places of contact between vertebrae to help keep

them stable. They are not supposed to carry the load.

However, in certain trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident where you

are hit from behind, the head is thrown violently backward slamming the

facets together. This traumatizes them and the nerves found within them

giving rise to acute pain. Chronic pain is possible if the trauma to the

facets is not resolved.

Another potential cause of neck pain is

damage to the vertebral discs. One way

to check for disc problems in the neck is

to have the patient put their chin on the

chest. If the pain increases doing

this movement, it is highly

probable that the cause of the

pain is a disc problem.

The reason for this is that when you bend your head forward, the

vertebrae above and below the disc exert the most pressure on the front of

the disc. This displaces the disc backwards where the nerves are located.

Worse still, if too much pressure is exerted on the disc, the disc can be

damaged. The substance in the center of the disc usually has no contact

with nerves. If the disc is damaged and this substance leaks out, it is the

equivalent to pouring battery acid on the nerves.

For those suffering from chronic neck pain, there are treatments that

can help relieve your pain. A machine known as frequency specific

microcurrent can help effectively treat disc and facet pain as well as other

problems of the neck.

If you have neck pain, do not suffer needlessly. Help is available.

Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle

and Wongu University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell

practices in Summerlin and can be reached at 702-481-6216 or


Is “Full Coverage” a Myth?

By: Jim Valkenburg / Insurance Insight

When I had my insurance agency, we were

faced with the “full coverage” myth

on what seemed like a daily basis. The truth is

you cannot really have full coverage on your auto policy unless you

purchased every coverage available from your own insurance company.

And companies do differ! So, it’s worth investigating that phrase.

Typically, when a person says they have full coverage, they have:

liability, comprehensive/collision, medical payments &

uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. These are the 4 major

coverages most people generally buy.

And, if they buy all 4, they think they have “full coverage.” But there’s

more! Here are few of the common ones:

Towing & rental pays for towing if you breakdown and a rental car

while your car is being repaired. You would not typically have this if you

have other coverage from AAA or some other roadside assistance service


Gap insurance is available if you are “upside down” on your

vehicle loan. In other words, if you owe more on your loan than the car

is currently worth. It is always advisable to buy this coverage from your

insurance carrier rather than the car dealership.

Why? Because if it’s on your insurance policy, you can cancel it once

you are no longer “upside down” but, if you buy it from the dealership, it

is added to your total loan and paid over the entire life of the loan - even

8907_OctVegasVoice_Ad_FIN.pdf 1 9/22/17 11:58 AM

when you don’t need it any longer! Additionally, gap coverage is usually

much less expensive on your insurance policy.

Add-on equipment insurance covers non-factory installed items

you may have added to your vehicle after you purchased it (e.g., stereo

equipment or custom wheels or rims).

Therefore, if you buy all three of those as well as the basic four, does

that then mean “full coverage”? Not necessarily!

Some companies offer things like accident forgiveness

and disappearing deductibles. The list of “special coverages”

that are used for marketing purposes goes on and on.

Therefore, using the English language as a guide and saying, “full

coverage” is truly a myth.

Jim Valkenburg is a retired military officer and insurance

executive. He and his wife owned and operated their own

insurance agency for over 16 years. His primary purpose is to

give out real information that can be used to make intelligent

insurance decisions.


September 2017



By: James J. White, D.D.S. / Your Dentist

Recently I did a consultation with a patient

who was referred to my office from an

orthodontist. The young lady was 29 years old

with chief complaints of neck pain and pain located in front of her ears.

Upon my examination, I found many muscles that were sore with

palpation. Frequent headaches were a major complaint, many of which

occurred in the morning and then late afternoon. She attributed the

headaches to stress.

I discovered that many muscles of her jaw, head and neck were in

spasm. Judging by the wear of her teeth, clenching or grinding was

probably causing the pain and not stress.

Tempromandibular joint disorder (also known as TMD and more

familiarly as TMJ) affect as many as 10 million people. TMJ issues are a

result of a chronically degenerative disease that may take years to develop.

The jaw joints break down in stages and, as with any other joint in

the body, the sooner one seeks care, the better the prognosis to arrest or

stabilize the degeneration. The mouth is the most used organ of our

bodies, so it comes as no surprise that the jaw joint can be subject to

damage - especially if the bite and the joint position are not in harmony.

There are many causes of joint dysfunction: tumors, bony growths,

arthritis, to name a few. By far, the most frequent cause of jaw joint

dysfunction is an improper bite.

Noises such as clicks, pops, or grating of the jaw joint are signals of

damage within the joint, as well as muscles that are not working in

harmony. When muscles are antagonistic to one another inflammation

can occur with

resulting pain

(neck pain,

headaches, jaw

pain, pain to chew).

The following are

some symptoms of

TMJ at some level:

headaches, worn,

cracked, chipped

or fractured teeth,

breaking of fillings

or crowns, pain

around the ears/

jaw joints, cold

sensitivity in select

teeth, jaw joint noises: clicking, popping, grating, head, neck, shoulder

and even back pain and/or decreased range of motion (mouth opening).

The lady in this example was in the early stages of disharmony of her

bite and physiological jaw joint position. I was able to relieve her pain

through bite splint therapy and then a correction to her bite.

The take away message is not to ignore jaw joint noises or frequent

head and neck pain. Early treatment is the key.

It never gets better on its own. The noise may go away (sometimes

for years) but the noise and symptoms will return, along with increasing

teeth damage.

Leaving the Hospital? Tips to Prepare You for Home

By: Regale Harris / Your Kindred Team

If you find yourself in the hospital it can be

very exciting when your physician finally

tells you that you can go home. It’s important to

prepare for your return home to make sure your transition is successful.

How do you keep your home safe? What can you do if there’s a problem?

Before You Head Home

After your hospital stay, you may not be able to get around as well as

you once did, and you may need assistance. With that in mind, take a

moment to assess your home.

Practice using a cane, walker,

crutches, or a wheelchair before leaving

the hospital, if you can. It is especially

important to practice the correct ways to:

1. Sit down to use the toilet and stand up after

using the toilet.

2. Get in and out of the shower and use of

shower chair.

3. Go up and down stairs.

Ask your doctor if there are specific foods you should try to eat or avoid

eating. Then, ask a loved one or friend if they can help you get groceries

before heading home.

Make a list of your medications and dosage and when you should take

them. Then organize your medication in a pillbox so your loved ones can

help you take the medicine at the correct time.

Confirm bathing instructions with your doctor. Are there any special

instructions if you have an incision site or wound?

Preparations to Make Your First Day

1. If possible, enter your home without climbing steps. If you need to

climb steps, ask someone if they could be available to provide assistance

if needed. Make sure the handrails are secure and a light can be turned

on from the top and the bottom of the stairs.

2. Set up a “command center” near the chair you will be using most

often. Make sure to keep your phone near, all remotes needed and a water

bottle to stay hydrated.

3. Make sure everything you need

is easy to get to. Consider setting up a

temporary bedroom on the main level if you

must climb stairs to reach your bedroom. Make

sure a bathroom is available, ideally on the same


4. Remove small throw rugs, and make sure area

rugs have non-slip backing or are taped down with

double-sided tape.

5. Be sure a telephone is easily accessible in each room of the main

living areas. If using a cordless or cell phone, be sure the charger is easily

accessible and the phone is fully charged.

If you have healthcare questions, call 1.866.KINDRED to speak with

one of our Registered Nurses.

Regale Harris is the Manager of Volunteer Services and

Community Liaison for Kindred. She welcomes all questions and

inquiries and can be reached at: regale.harris@kindred.com.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”



astering the art/science of dentistry takes

experience, extensive post-graduate education,

and a passion for the art of dentistry.

We offer:

• Implants

• Cosmetic crowns/bridges

• Turbyfill dentures

• Bridges on implants to replace dentures with

permanent teeth (what a concept!)

• Restorative care

• Experienced registered dental hygienists

• TMJ problems

• A full service office

Today’s senior dentistry is amazing!

CALL for a complimentary consultation.

Learn more about Dr. White at:


September 2017

Actual patient

James J. White DDS

1140 Town Center Drive, # 170, Las Vegas, NV 89144

702/562-8833 • 702/562-7910 Fax



New Device Stops a Cold Before it Starts

By: Doug Cornell / To Your Health

New research shows you can stop a

cold in its tracks if you take one

simple step with a new device when you

first feel a cold coming on.

Colds start when cold viruses get in your nose. Viruses

multiply fast. If you don’t stop them early, they spread in

your airways and cause misery.

But scientists have found a quick way to kill a virus —

touch it with copper. Researchers at labs and universities

worldwide all agree — copper is “antimicrobial.” It kills microbes,

such as viruses and bacteria, just by touch.

That’s why ancient Greeks and Egyptians used copper

to purify water and heal wounds. That’s why Hippocrates,

the “father of modern medicine”, used copper to heal skin

ulcers, and why Civil War doctors used it to prevent infection

of battlefield wounds. They

didn’t know about viruses and

bacteria, but now we do.

Researchers say microbe

cells have a tiny internal electric

charge across the membrane surrounding

the cell. The high conductance

of copper short-circuits

this charge and pops holes in the

membrane. This immediately

stops the microbe from reproducing

and destroys it in seconds.

Tests by the Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA) show

that copper surfaces kill germs that get on them. That way the

next person to touch that surface does not spread the germ.

As a result of this new knowledge, some hospitals switched

to copper for “touch surfaces”, like faucets, bedrails, and

doorknobs. This cut the spread of MRSA and other illnesses

in those hospitals by over half, and saved lives.

The strong scientific evidence gave inventor Doug Cornell

an idea. When he felt a cold coming on he fashioned a

smooth copper probe and rubbed it gently in his nose for 60


“It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold went away completely.”

It worked again every time he felt a cold coming

on. He reports he has never had a cold since.

He asked relatives and friends to try it. They said it worked

for them, too, every time. So he patented CopperZap and

put it on the market.

Soon hundreds of people had tried it and given feedback.

Nearly 100 percent said the copper stops their colds if used

within 3 hours after the first sign. Even up to 2 days, if they

still get the cold it is milder than usual and they feel better.

Users wrote things like, “It stopped my cold right away,”

and “Is it supposed to work that fast?”

September 2017

New research: Copper stops colds if used early.

“What a wonderful thing,” wrote Physician’s Assistant

Julie. “Now I have this little magic wand, no more colds for


Pat McAllister, age 70, received one for Christmas and

called it “one of the best presents ever. This little jewel really

works.” Many users say they have completely stopped

getting colds.

People often use CopperZap for prevention, before cold

signs appear. Karen Gauci, who flies often for her job, used

to get colds after crowded flights. Though skeptical, she tried

it several times a day on travel days for 2 months. “Sixteen

flights and not a sniffle!” she exclaimed.

Business owner Rosaleen says when people are sick

around her she uses CopperZap morning and night. “It saved

me last holidays,” she said. “The kids had colds going round

and round, but not me.”

Some users say it also helps

with sinuses. Attorney Donna

Blight had a 2-day sinus headache.

When her CopperZap arrived,

she tried it. “I am shocked!”

she said. “My head cleared, no

more headache, no more congestion.”

One man had suffered seasonal

sinus problems for years. It

was so bad it ruined family vacations

and even dinners out with

friends. His wife Judy bought

CopperZaps for both of them. He

was so skeptical he said, “Oh Judy, you are such a whack

job!” But he finally tried it and, to his surprise, the copper

cleared up his sinuses right away. Judy and their daughter

both said, “It has changed our lives!”

Some users say copper stops nighttime stuffiness, too, if

they use it just before bed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve

had in years.”

Some users have reported success in stopping cold sores

at the first sign of a tingle in the lip. One family reports it has

worked to eliminate warts as well.

The handle is sculptured to fit the hand and finely textured

to improve contact. Tests show it kills germs on fingers to

help you stay well and not spread illness to your family.

Copper may even help stop flu if used early and for several

days. In a lab test, scientists placed 25 million live flu

viruses on a CopperZap. No viruses were found alive soon


The EPA says the natural color change of copper does not

reduce its ability to kill germs.

CopperZap is made in the U.S. of pure copper. It carries

a 90-day full money back guarantee and is available for

$49.95 at CopperZap.com or toll-free 1-888-411-6114.

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Age Related Hearing Loss (ARHL) and Dementia

The term presbycusis is the clinical

term for age-related hearing loss

(ARHL). There are characteristics

of ARHL which have been studied for


As people age, the temporal lobe of the brain’s

ability to identify and locate sound deteriorates.

As a result, the ability to discern speech degrades.

Patients report this difficulty becomes worse while

in a noisy environment.

Cognition slows down as people age as well

which leads to processing problems. For example,

it takes longer to remember numbers and dates as

we age. It also becomes increasingly more difficult to understand the

clarity of speech when a person has untreated hearing loss.

In February of 2011 Johns Hopkins and National Institute on Aging

researchers performed a study and found seniors with hearing loss are

significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who

retain their hearing. Researchers compared volunteers with normal

hearing, to those with mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss to be at

greater risk of developing dementia over time. The more hearing loss

they had, the higher the likelihood of developing dementia.

Long-term noise exposure can accelerate hearing loss; therefore, ear

protection while working in noisy situations or while doing hobbies is

highly recommended. When hearing loss becomes noticeable to either

the patient or family members,

the use of hearing aids might be


Fortunately, the team of caring

hearing health providers of Miracle-Ear provides

excellent quality hearing solutions for different

hearing losses and budgets. Patients can feel

confident in our team of licensed professionals to

receive superior service and outstanding products.

Miracle-Ear, has specialized in designing and

manufacturing customizable hearing solutions

that feature discreet, comfortable products

designed to meet each individual’s hearing loss

needs. Miracle-Ear boasts the largest and only nationwide network

of hearing care centers. We offer free hearing tests at 1,200 locations

across the United States giving our customers access to unparalleled

service across the nation.

Miracle-Ear has been servicing the Las Vegas Valley for over 30

years as a trusted resource for hearing health care, offering state of

the art technology and outstanding customer service at six convenient

locations. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We are sure you will agree that Miracle-Ear is the one to trust for all

your needs. That is because at Miracle-Ear, we don’t just sell hearing

aids, we offer hearing solutions. We look forward to gaining customers

for life and building a strong presence in the Las Vegas community.


As you near retirement, it's likely you'll have

many questions about Social Security. Here

are a few of the most common questions and

answers about Social Security benefits.

Will Social Security be around when you need it?

You've probably heard media reports about the worrisome financial

condition of Social Security, but how heavily should you weigh this

information when deciding when to begin receiving benefits? While it's

very likely that some changes will be made to Social Security (e.g., payroll

taxes may increase or benefits may be reduced by a certain percentage),

there's no need to base your decision about when to apply for benefits on

this information alone.

Although no one knows for certain what will happen, if you're within a

few years of retirement, it's probable that you'll receive the benefits you've

been expecting all along. If you're still a long way from retirement, it may

be wise to consider various scenarios when planning for Social Security

income, but keep in mind, that there's been no proposal to eliminate

Social Security.

If you're divorced, can you receive Social Security retirement

benefits based on your former spouse's earnings record?

You may be able to receive benefits based on an ex-spouse's earnings

record if you were married at least 10 years, you're currently unmarried,

and you're not entitled to a higher benefit based on your own earnings

record. You can apply for a reduced spousal benefit as early as age 62

or wait until your full retirement age to receive an unreduced spousal


If you've been divorced for more than two years, you can apply as soon

as your ex-spouse becomes eligible for benefits, even if he or she hasn't

started receiving them (assuming you're at least 62). However, if you've

been divorced for less than two years, you must wait to apply for benefits

based on your ex-spouse's earnings record until he or she starts receiving


If you delay receiving Social Security benefits, should you

still sign up for Medicare at age 65?

Even if you plan on waiting until full retirement age or later to take your

Social Security retirement benefits, make sure to sign up for Medicare. If

you're 65 or older and aren't yet receiving Social Security benefits, you

won't be automatically enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

You can sign up for Medicare when you first become eligible during

your seven-month “Initial Enrollment Period.” This period begins three

months before the month you turn 65, includes the month you turn 65,

and ends three months after the month you turn 65.

The Social Security Administration recommends contacting them to

sign up three months before you reach age 65, because signing up early

helps you avoid a delay in coverage. For your Medicare coverage to begin

during the month you turn 65, you must sign up during the first three

months before the month you turn 65 (the day your coverage will start

depends on your birthday).

If you enroll later, the start date of your coverage will be delayed. If you

don't enroll during your Initial Enrollment Period, you may pay a higher


A Few Things About Social Security

By: Todd Bauman / Financial Focus

September 2017

premium for Part B coverage later. Visit the Medicare website, www.

medicare.gov to learn more, or call the Social Security Administration

at 800-772-1213.

Will a retirement pension affect your Social Security


If your pension is from a job where you paid Social Security taxes, then

it won't affect your Social Security benefit. However, if your pension is

from a job where you did not pay Social Security taxes (such as certain

government jobs) two special provisions may apply.

The first provision, called the government pension offset (GPO), may

apply if you're entitled to receive a government pension as well as Social

Security spousal retirement or survivor's benefits based on your spouse's

(or former spouse's) earnings. Under this provision, your spousal or

survivor's benefit may be reduced by two-thirds of your government

pension (some exceptions apply).

The windfall elimination provision (WEP) affects how your Social

Security retirement or disability benefit is figured if you receive a pension

from work not covered by Social Security. The formula used to figure your

benefit is modified, resulting in a lower Social Security benefit.

As always, if you should have any questions or need assistance please

feel free to contact me at 702.897.9997 or info@toddbauman.com.

Advisory services are offered through Bauman Advisory

Group, LLC, “BAG”, a Registered Investment Advisor

in the state of Nevada. Insurance products and services

are offered through Bauman Financial Group, LLC,

“BFG”. BAG and BFG are affiliated companies.

BAG, BFG and Todd Bauman are not affiliated or

endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any

government agency.



September 2017



September 2017

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