Chicago Street Journal -- September 30, 2017

Welcome to Chicago Street Journal. To be in the next edition, give us a call at 773-998-1925.

Welcome to Chicago Street Journal. To be in the next edition, give us a call at 773-998-1925.


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February Chicago Street Journal September 2017


Getting Away With Murder.

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Americans are obsessed with the idea of murder. Our

thirst for blood is reflected in our entertainment

choices and our day-to-day reality, where, if you are

shot, stabbed or bludgeoned to death, you don’t have

the option of getting up and getting ready for your

next part. If you get murdered – for real -- there is no

reset button. It’s pretty much a GAME OVER type of

deal. And, although our favorite and most chilling,

weekly crime stories can tie up a case in one hour or

less, or in the case of How To Get Away With Murder,

drag it out for four seasons, in the USA approximately

one third of all murders are cold cases with

many of those cases going back for decades.

According to the World Health Organization a murder

is committed every 60 seconds.

There are murderers in our midst. Walking, talking,

working and sleeping with us are approximately

200,000 killers. Plus, if you really want to get away

with murder, then, Illinois would be the perfect place

to commit a homicide.

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September 30, 2017

Volume 23, No. 5

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Black Girls Code

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Amazon’s Quest

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2 September February 2017 2017

Chicago Street Journal

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February Chicago Street Journal September 2017


Technology – Developers are continuous

working on integrating tech and medicine

to save lives. Around 610,000 people

die of heart disease in the United

States each year, making it the leading

cause of death for both men and women.

Now there’s a smartwatch that prevents

heart-related conditions: iBeat features

tiny micro sensors that monitors a user's

heart rate for symptoms of a heart attack

or cardiac arrest. These sensors can notify users and can even call 911,

then utilizing its GPS for location tracking. Products like iBeat continue

to change the way we look at cardiovascular disease and prevention.

Media – Film and television production in Chicago is booming according

to Robert Moskal, Directory of Chicago Film Office, who indicates

that the office issued almost 2000 permits in 2016. With nine full seasoned

series headquartered in the city, opportunities for vendors and

talent is in high demand. Better get in now because expertise from

around the world have their eyes focused on Chicago.

Health – Although the enrollment period was cut by six weeks and the

current administration cut outreach funding by 90%, ACA is still alive.

Enrollment for 2018 Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare) starts

November 1 and ends December 15. Don’t miss it.

Credit – On September 20 th a class-action lawsuit was filed in Atlanta,

Georgia against Equifax alleging “that Equifax unduly put small business

operators at risk in terms of the cost of Equifax business reports

and the availability of credit and exposure to business identity theft,

which often is directly linked to the personal creditworthiness of small

business owners.” Consumers are permitted to obtain one free credit

report annually, but businesses are required to pay $99 for their reports.

The suit charges that Equifax is profiting off of their information without

their knowledge of contents or accuracy.

#EntrepreneursRock – Absolutely Anything Essential Gift Shop will

be celebrating its1 st Year Anniversary on Saturday, October 21 between

3 and 6 pm at 3521 S. King Drive in Chicago. No reservations

needed just stop by and celebration with complimentary appetizers, raffles

and specials. CSJ congratulates Kenya Reene, Proprietor.

Chicago – Beginning next year, Chicago police officers will undergo

four hours of training on its revised use-of-force policy. The department

plans to expand training to 40 hours a year for every officer beginning

in 2021.

Sports – Don’t they say think twice before you speak? After President

Donald Trump's criticism of NFL players the number of protesters went

from six players to 200 who sat, knelt or raised their fists. As the support

on social media continues to grow for former San Francisco 49ers

quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Nick Cannon is racking up the views

with his video Stand For What?

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Ron Carter, Publisher and Editor

4 September February 2017 2017

Chicago Street Journal

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February Chicago Street Journal September 2017


John Rogers & Matt Feldman

The Financial Services Pipeline

(FSP) Initiative is ushering in two

new co-chairs to help steer the direction

of the program, carry out the

organization’s mission and oversee

overall strategy implementation.

FSP Initiative was founded in 2013

to address the lack of diversity in

the financial services sector.

John Rogers, Jr. Chairman and

CEO of Ariel


and Matt


President and

CEO of the


Home Loan

Bank of Chicago

will serve as the cochairs

and ambassadors

for the CEO Leadership

Council. They will join

current co-chair Terry

Mazany, formerly of The

Chicago Community

Trust, one of the founding

member institutions of the


Rogers and Feldman will assume

the co-chair roles previously

held by CEO Leadership

Council co-chairs,

Frederick Waddell, The Northern

Trust Company, and Monica

Walker, Holland Capital Management,

LLC. In their roles as cochairs,

Rogers and Feldman will

provide strategic oversight in connection

with the initiative’s programming

and fundraising. They

will also work alongside industry

leaders from a collective of approximately

19 financial institutions

to manage the initiative and push


forward the FSP’s goal of increasing

the pipeline of African-

American and Latino talent in Chicagoland’s

financial services industry.

“The work of the FSP is critical,”

said Feldman. “The strategic imperative

for diversity and inclusion

is clear, particularly when viewed in

light of the increasing diversity of

the generation currently entering the

workforce and those that will follow.

An organization that does not

recognize the reality of these changing

demographics and adjust all of

their business strategies to that reality

will be left behind.”

“My goal for the FSP beyond just

increasing minority representation

in the [financial services] industry

is to help create



within the Af-


American and

Latino communities,”

said Rogers.

“By focusing on retention

and attrition, we

can help to prepare the

next generation of C-

suite leaders and entrepreneurs

who will go on

to employ more people

who look like them.”

Rogers and Feldman’s

appointments will begin

immediately as they prepare

for the FSP’s 4th Annual

Summit. The summit is an

opportunity for all the FSP member

organizations to address solutions to

increase diversity in the financial

industry due to recent stagnation in

minority advancement. The private

event will be held October 20 at the

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

For more information about the

FSP, please visit FSPChicago.org.

- Flowers Communications


I Write To Differ

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February 2017

6 September 2017

Chicago Street Journal

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Getting Away With Murder.

What is the probability of you becoming a murder victim? Click HERE

to take the murder test.

Why is the "clearance rate" for murders so low?

According to most experts, investigations must be intensive, move fast,

and be organized. In a crime’s aftermath, the first 48 to 72 hours are the

most critical. But, in a metropolitan area, like Chicago or New Orleans,

where the murder rate is high and non-stop, how can a department give

its full attention to cold cases? And, when the case remains cold that

means that murderer remains free and a threat.

And, if only a fifth of the crimes committed are with legally registered

weapons, then there’s a possible connection. What should be the penalty

be for carrying an illegal firearm, given that statistics indicate that it is

very likely that it will be involved in a violent crime?

Also, police officials continue to insist that the community is the key to

solving crimes. When we help and harbor murderers and keep hushed on

crime, it is the same as giving our permission to remain under attack.

But in that same vein, who can provide protection to those who testify?

Who will be there to protect them and their families?

Thomas K. Hargrove of the Murder Accountability Project states that,

“Illinois trails all other states in catching killers.” Less than 40% of all

homicide cases in Illinois are cleared. It is also reported that Chicago

faired far worst, as it only solved about 30 percent of its murder cases in

2015. In a response to a question from The Scripps Howard News Service,

Hargrove indicated that, “The astonishing and disturbing pattern in

the FBI data set is the variation in how often murders get solved. There

are places in America where it is statistically unlikely for a killer to be

caught. If you want to get away with murder, go to places like Detroit,

Phoenix, Chicago or New Orleans. If you want to get caught, kill somebody

in Denver, San Diego or Philadelphia.”

Those getting away with murder continue to be a threat to society.

They’ve taken away the life and liberty of so many. Maybe we are the

key to halting the alarming rate of unsolved murders. Look to your left.

Look to your right. Look across the dinner table. Look in the mirror. You

may just see a murderer.

Sonja Cassandra Perdue is Associate Publisher for Chicago Street

Journal and Founder of Chicago’s Black Business Network.

With the number of cold cases reaching into the six figures, it is certainly

possible that via our sixth degree that we are all either related to or know

a murder.

Just a few murder stats for you murder fans.

A recent Center for Disease Control report indicates that 93 percent

of female murder victims were killed by former or current husbands,

boyfriends or lovers.

Over 90 percent of Black Americans are murdered by other Black


Because of the increase in transgender deaths by murder, the community

is calling upon reporting agencies to enhance their tracking

methods and to begin keeping an accurate count of the number of


Police killed at least 309 Black people in the U.S. in 2016.

21 toddlers were shooters.

The World Health Organization states one person commits suicide about

every 40 seconds. This may well indicate that for some of us, we are our

own greatest danger.

With the call for major changes in the US immigration laws, you would

certainly think that the stats would weigh in heavily on keeping the terrorist

away from all of us. But, according to the New America Foundation,

jihadists killed 94 people inside the United States between 2005 and

2015. During that same time period, 301,797 people in the US were shot

dead, Politifact reports. According to data compiled from the Centers for

Disease Control, more people killed themselves by falling out of bed during

the same period (737) than were killed by Islamic jihadists.

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Black Girls Code Organization Receives

$255K in Funding from General Motors

Detroit, MI — Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization that

aims to increase the number of women of color in the digital

space, has announced a partnership with General Motors, which

includes a generous donation of $255,000. The funding will be

used to launch and maintain a local chapter of the organization

in the Detroit metro area.

February Chicago Street Journal September 2017

This partnership aims to increase interest in STEM career fields

for girls of color. Women of color are traditionally underrepresented

in STEM fields, especially in technology. Only 3 percent

of African-American women and less than 1 percent of Latinas

receive degrees in computer science.

Kimberly Bryant, CEO of Black Girls Code, comments,

“Although we’ve hosted workshops in the area off and on since

2012, we are thrilled to officially launch a Black Girls CODE

chapter in Detroit with the support of GM and other corporate

and community partners like Comcast and Wayne State University.

“Our regular programming, launching this fall, will lay a foundation

to fully engage girls of color in Detroit and is designed to

inspire them to continue their paths as future STEM professionals,”

she adds.

Since their launch in April 2011, Black Girls Code has had the

ultimate goal to provide African-American youth with the skills

to occupy some of the 1.4 million computing job openings expected

to be available in the U.S. by 2020, and to train 1 million

girls by 2040.

The organization was recently offered a $125,000 donation from

Uber, but Bryant politely turned it down because she says she

felt that it was just a PR stunt meant to distract people from

Uber’s dismal track record on diversity issues. She then went

and raised $150,000 for the organization through crowdfunding.

For more details about the organization, visit



8 September February 2017 2017

Chicago Street Journal

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February 2017

Chicago Street Journal September 2017


Amazon Opens Search for

Amazon HQ2 – A Second

Headquarters City in North


New headquarters will be a full equal to Amazon’s headquarters

in Seattle, and is expected to grow to 50,000 employees

as part of the company’s ongoing job creation

Amazon plans to invest over $5 million in construction and

operation of Amazon HQ2

In addition to Amazon’s direct hiring and investment, construction

and operation of Amazon HQ2 is expected to create

tens of thousands of jobs in construction and related

industries, and generate tens of billions of dollars in additional

investment in the city where HQ2 is located

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep. 7, 2017-- (NASDAQ: AMZN)

—Amazon today announced plans to open Amazon HQ2, a

second company headquarters in . expects to invest over in

construction and grow this second headquarters to include

as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs. In addition to Amazon’s

direct hiring and investment, construction and ongoing

operation of Amazon HQ2 is expected to create tens of

thousands of additional jobs and tens of billions of dollars

in additional investment in the surrounding community. is

opening the Amazon HQ2 Request for Proposal (“RFP”)

now, and local and state government leaders interested in

learning more about how they can bring to their community

can visit www.amazon.com/amazonHQ2.

Amazon estimates its investments in from 2010 through

2016 resulted in an additional to the city’s economy –

every dollar invested by in generated an additional for the

city’s economy overall.

Communities that think big and creatively when considering

locations and real estate options

HQ2 could be, but does not have to be:

An urban or downtown campus

operational excellence, and long-term thinking. Customer

reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations,

Prime, Fulfillment by , AWS, , Kindle, Fire tablets, Fire

TV, Amazon Echo, and Alexa are some of the products and

services pioneered by . For more information, visit

www.amazon.com/about and follow @AmazonNews.

With more than 380,000 employees worldwide, Amazon

ranks #1 on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies,

#2 on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies, #1 on

The Harris Poll’s Corporate Reputation survey, and #2 on

LinkedIn’s U.S. most desirable companies list. Amazon

was also recently included in the Military Times’ Best for

Vets list of companies committed to providing opportunities

for military veterans.

“We expect HQ2 to be a full equal to our headquarters,”

said Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO. “Amazon HQ2

will bring billions of dollars in up-front and ongoing investments,

and tens of thousands of high-paying jobs. We’re

excited to find a second home.”

In choosing the location for HQ2, Amazon has a preference


Metropolitan areas with more than one million people

A similar layout to Amazon’s campus

A development-prepped site. We want to encourage

states and communities to think creatively for viable

real estate options, while not negatively affecting

our preferred timeline.

Amazon HQ2 will be a complete headquarters for – not a

satellite office. expects to hire new teams and executives in

HQ2, and will also let existing senior leaders across the

company decide whether to locate their teams in HQ1,

HQ2 or both. The company expects that employees who

are currently working in HQ1 can choose to continue working

there, or they could have an opportunity to move if they

would prefer to be located in HQ2.

To learn more about Amazon’s current headquarters, plans

for Amazon HQ2, and to submit a proposal, visit


A stable and business-friendly environment

Urban or suburban locations with the potential to attract

and retain strong technical talent


is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than

competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to

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10 September 2017 2017

Chicago Street Journal



February Chicago Street Journal September 2017

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12 September 2017 2017

Chicago Street Journal

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