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Chicago Street Journal -- September 30, 2017

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Chicago Street Journal -- September 30,

February Chicago Street Journal September 2017 1 Getting Away With Murder. $1 Donation Requested MURDER. MURDER. MURDER. Americans are obsessed with the idea of murder. Our thirst for blood is reflected in our entertainment choices and our day-to-day reality, where, if you are shot, stabbed or bludgeoned to death, you don’t have the option of getting up and getting ready for your next part. If you get murdered – for real -- there is no reset button. It’s pretty much a GAME OVER type of deal. And, although our favorite and most chilling, weekly crime stories can tie up a case in one hour or less, or in the case of How To Get Away With Murder, drag it out for four seasons, in the USA approximately one third of all murders are cold cases with many of those cases going back for decades. According to the World Health Organization a murder is committed every 60 seconds. There are murderers in our midst. Walking, talking, working and sleeping with us are approximately 200,000 killers. Plus, if you really want to get away with murder, then, Illinois would be the perfect place to commit a homicide. Continued on Page 6 September 30, 2017 Volume 23, No. 5 Call 773-998-1925 to be in the NEXT issue. Free Classified Ads. September 12, 2017 Be in Volume the NEXT 23 No. 5 CSJ issue FREE. - Page 9 TBT News with Carl West - Page 5 Black Girls Code Gets $255K in Funding. - Page 7 Amazon’s Quest for HQ2 - Page 9 Click HERE to place your ad in NEXT online edition of CSJ. 50% Discount Code for Digital Version. CSJ2017 Chicago Street Journal is looking for experienced Sales Associates. Start Immediately! Call 773-998-1925